Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 14, 1936 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1936
Page 7
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SUNDAY MORMtfG, JUNE 14, 1936 bAILY NEWS, Pampa, Texaa PAGE SEVfitf Million-Dollar War Chest Fund Drive Started TULSA, Qkla., June 13. (IP)— The "Women's Christian Temperance Union backed up its campaign against liquor with a drive for a million aollar "war chest" tonight. The fund, sought complete by 1939, .was decided upon at the or- gftnlfcatiori's national convention today, to finance a youth educational campaign. It will be known as the Frances E. Wlllard centenary educational fuftfl, hafned for Ffan- ces Willard, early Temperance leader anfl president of the W. C. T. U. from 1879 to 1898. As originally proposed by Mrs. filla B. Black of Pennsylvania the fund was for $500,000, but the convention voted to dbuble the amount, with the state organizations rais- lr»B half and the national body the balance. It was agreed, too, that every membet- of the W. C. T. U. would contribute a penny to the expense of the world W. C. T. U. conven- 11 titin to be held in Washington next year. "When a city permits a drug store, a grocery, a hotel, cafe or other , place to have a license for the sale of alcoholic beverages it is time to plan a youth's temperance council In every neighborhood," said Miss Helen V. Byrnes of Evanston, 111. Mrs. K. T. May was able to leflVe Pampa-Jarrat hospital Friday afternoon. Political Announcements The Pampa Daily NEWS is authorized to announce the following candidacies subject to the action of the Democratic Primary, July 25. For County Judge: C. E. GARY (Rc-Electioii) J. M. DODSON SHERMAN WHITE Fpif Representative 122nd District: , EUGENE WORLEY (lie-Election) For County Clerk: CHARLIE THUT (Re-Election) For District Clerk: FRANK HILL (Re-Election) R. B. "RUFE" THOMPSON MIRIAM WILSON Fpr Sheriff: EARL TALLEY . (Re-Election) BUCK KOONCE JT. I. DOWNS For Constable, Precinct 2: OTIS HENDRIX YOUNGER COCKRELL L S. JAMESON EARL LEWIS For County Commissioner, Prcl. 2: JOHN HAGGARD (Re-Election) A. G. (Pete) POST LEWIS O. COX. For County Commissioner Prct. THOS. O. KIRBY (Re-Election) EARL JOHNSON For County Attorney: B. s. VIA *OE GORDON B. L. PARKER For County Treasurer: D. R. HENRY (Re-Election) MRS. G. C. WALSTAD For Tax Assessor-Collector: F.. E. LEECH (Re-Election) For District Attorney: UEWIS M. GOODRICH (Re-Election) CLIFFORD BRALY For Commissioner Precinct 1: AKLIE CARPENTER (Re-Election) fOHN R. WHITE For. Justice of the Peace Flrecinct No. 2, Place No. 1: QHAS. I. HUGHES 9,. W. "BILL" GRAHAM WM, T. JESSE For State Senator: Slst Senatorial District CURTIS DOUGLASS For Justice of Peace, Pro. 2, PI. 2: E. F. YOUNG (Re-Election) i... ' .^ • For Congressman, 18th District: *PHN R. MILLER (Democrat) Hutchinson County FOR SALE! Bargains that are outstanding. ^ed Ice Refrigerators ' L $^.00 and up. Used Me Kee Evercold 1 $25.00 and up. Used Frigidaire $39.80 and up. • Used Tfucolds $40.00 and up Used General Electrics $75.00 and up Lpts of Other Bargains Used Refrigerator Exchaiige < 412 Smith More Indictments Returns have been made on in dictments here as follows: Edna Norvell, driving while intoxicated April 26. c. y. Carnes, driving whil intoxicated, February 24. G. A. Jar rell, driving while Intoxicated, May 12. Criminal Cases Next Thirty-first district court will open its third week tomorrow for consideration of criminal cases. the jury list for this week follows : John Cobper, McLean; Charles Cousins, McLean; L. L. Palmer Alanreed; jack W. Cobb, McLean Dwlght Stubblefleld, McLean; J. T Hicks, McLean; J. B. Wilson, Lefors; J. M. Saunders, Pampa; J. W Brumley. Pampa; B. J. Biehl, Lefors; M. H. Lasater, Lefors; J. A Ashby, McLean; E. E. Dlshman, McLean; G. C. Austin, Pampa; Homei Wilson, McLean; J. A. Bradley, McLean; W. H. Blevins, McLean; D M. Davis, McLean; L. L. Allam Pampa; G. O. Carruth, Lefors; Carl Estes, McLean; C. C. Mullins, Lefors; W. C. Breining, Pampa, J. B Collie, McLean; Clifford Allison, McLean; G. S. Witt, Lefors; C. E, Castelberry, Alanreed; Frank Lard, Pampa; D. E. Hessey, Alanreed; J. E. Kirby, McLean; W. A. Glass, Alanreed, Charles Mars, Lefors; A, L. Hibler, McLean; Byrd Guill, McLean; John Oldham. Lefors; E. W Griffin, Lefors; C. J. Henry, Lefors; W. K. Horton, McLean; J. L. Anderson, McLean; Jack C. Laprio, Lefors; A. T. Cobb, Lefors; D. E. Upham, McLean; D. N. Jones, Lefors; C. V. Harlcss, Lefors; C. E. Hunt, McLean. Visiting Relatives Morris Blrchfield of Lubbock is n week-end guest of his brother, F. T. Birchfield, and Mrs. Birchfield here. He is one of three students in the Textile engineering school who will make a trip to England this summer to present a suit made in Texas ofx Texas wool to King Edward of England. He made the presentation of a similar suit to Vice-President Garner last year. To Mineral Wells Mrs. Juanita Parks left ycs'tord.iy morning for Mineral Wells, taking her small daughter, Jerry, for treatment. Jerry, who makes her home here with Mrs. H. H. Heiskell, has been ill the past two weeks. Otis Parks accompanied them as far as Hollis, Okla. New Cooling Syslcm A new air-conditioned cooling system, one of the latest models available, has been installed by J. C. Carroll at the Courthouse cafe on Kingsmill avenue. The new plant makes the temperature in the cafe 25 degrees cooler. The air blown into the building is drawn through water before reaching the outlet. Condition Improved Condition of Miss Maudine Woodworth of Kingsmill is greatly improved following a serious illness. Her sister, Mrs. Floyd Coffin of Jefferson City, Mo., arrived Friday for a visit with her. -• - ••"•• Minute By Minute At Station KPDN SUNDAY, .UJNE 14. 8:30—Sign On. 8:30—Church of Christ. 9 :00—Master Singers. 9:30—Samuel kissell's Violin. 10:00—American Family Robinson. 10:15—Micro News. 10:20—News commentary. 10:30—Radio Varieties. 11:00—concert Hall of the Air. ii:30—All Request Time. 12:00—Uncle Bud's Hymn Time. 12:15—Radio Matinee. 12:30—Musical Disks. 12:45—Vattdeberg Trio. 1:00—Mr. and Mrs. Powerpenny. 2:00—Mrs. T. F. Morton. 2:15—Rosarlo Bourdon Symphony Orchestra. 2:30—Singing Convention. 4:30—Ed Williams Concert. 5:00—On Tlie Mall. 5:15—Dream Girls. 6:30—This and That. 6:00—Maxine and Ernestine. 6:15—.Jimmy King. 6:30—Emerson at Eagle. 7:00—Little German Band. 7:30—Sign off. MONDAY, JUNE 15. G:30—Sign On. G:30—Uneeda Car Boys. 7:30—Better Health. 7:35—Waker Uppers. 8:30—Overnight News. 8:45—It's Your Own Fault. 9:00—Shopping With Sue. 9:15—Singer of Sacred Songs. 9:30—Better Vision. 9:35—Frigid Facts. 9:45—American Family Robinson. 10:00—Lost and Found Bureau.' 10:05—Micro News. 10:15—Laundry Ladies. 10:20—Announcer's Choice. 10:30—Mid-Morning News. 10:45—Fireside Thoughts. 10,:50—Marches. 10:55—World Book Man. 11:00—Texas Centennial. 11:15—The' Harvesters. 11:30—Emerson at Eaglq. 12:00—Moments of Music. 12:15—Melody Men. 12:30—Miles of Smiles. 12:45—Noon News. l.-OO—Miles of Smiles (Con.). 1:30—On the Mall. 1:45—Battery Boosters. 1:50—Interlude. 1:5S—Furniture Fancies. 2:00—Milady's Matinee. 2:30—First Afternoon News. 2:45—Familiar Melodies. 3:00—Teatlme Tunes. 3:25—Texas Centennial. 3:30—Vandcberg Trio. 3:45—Dance Hour. 4:00—Farm Flashes. 4:15—Green Brothers Orchestra. 4:30—Foxtrot Time. 4:40-^Texas Centennial. 4:45—The Southerners. 5:00—Later Afternoon News. S:15—Dancing Disks. 5:50—Office Supply Notes. 5':35—Interlude. 5:55—The Musical Tailor. 6:00—Dancing Disks (Conn.). G: 15—Radio Night Club. G:<15—Cheery Cricket. 7:00—Thoughts for You and Me. 7:25—Complete Baseball Scores. 7:30—Emerson at Eagle. 8:00—Sign off. sa-Jarratt hospital. On Two-Week Trip Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. Jones and son Roy Lee, Harvester athletic star, left Saturday on a two-week irlp In which they will visit the Texas Centennial exposition at Dallas and relatives in Dallas and Corslcana. Leave for Oklahoma Mrs. Tuke Salisbury left Thursday to join her husband who Is employed at Oklahoma City. Nurses Visit Here Misses Mary and Margaret Sen wind, who have been' visitfrig n the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Schwind, 424 Sunset Drive, for the last two weeks, vill leave today for Fort Worth vhere they arc nurses in St. Joseph's hospital. Miss Mary is a graduate nurse and Miss Margaret will be graduated in another year. Several social affairs have been held complimenting them during heir visit here. Son Is Born Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Moore of Lefors are the parents of a son, born Friday night at Pampa-Jarratt hospital. Daughter to Gotham's Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Gotham of Kellerville announce the birth of a daughter yesterday morning at Pam- Wlns a Prize Mrs. Myrtle Bardsley, general de- ivery, Pampa, is a winner of a mall prize in the General Foods Centennial History contest, but letters addressed to her have been returned unclaimed. Mrs. Bardsley is asked to send her correct address to C. A. Wiggins, Associate Advertising Manager, General Foods Sales Co. Inc., 250 Park Avenue, New York. Warranty Deeds Ida Grace Brown to James Brown, west 70 feet of lots 1, 2, 3,'gnti ,4, and west 70 feet of the south It) feet of lot 5, block "l,' )3rpwn"ijddi- tion. ' ' ' C. P. Buckjer to W. A. payls, part of plot 16, .suburbs ,Qf Pampa. Williston Benedict to T. A. Horn, lot 9, block 1, East End'addition. T. A. Horn to G. H. Rogers, lot 0, block 1, East End addition. Stuckey Construction company to C. A. Stuckey, east half of lot 9, block 8, Crawford addition. A. B. Turner to E. W. Southard, lot 13, block 48, Talley addition. H. J. Vincent to Andrew C. Jones, westerly half of lot 1, block 5, Crawford additl.on. Lovell Cook to J. C. Carroll, section 90 and 79, block 3, I. & G. N. survey. Wallace T. Hazeiwood to Katherine Douglas, lots 11 and 12, block 1, Country club' addition. Wallace T. Hazeiwood to Kalher- inc Douglas, lot 21, block 2, priest addition. F. C. Maddux to Wallace Hazelwood, lets 11 and 12, blocK 1, Country club addition. N. F. Maddux to Wallace Hazelwood, lot 21, block 2, Priest addition. Olln E. Hinkle to Dr. R. A. Web'lj, lot 7, blpck 9, North add-on. Checks Received Abcut 60 checks, totaling approximately $1,000, have been received at the county agent's office for dis- tiibution to Gray county cotton farmers. The sums, ranging from $1.02 to $55, represent the difference between the spot market prjce and 12 cents at the time the cotton was sold in 1935. Intersectional Games Scheduled By SMC Ponies DALLAS, June 13. (XT)—Schedul- ing of important Intersections! football games for the next four years nnd appointment of a varsity track coach to succeed Victor Hurt, who has resigned from the local staff to take over the head coachship at 'fulsn university, were announced today by James H. Stewart, business manager of athletics at Southern Methodist university. This year the Ponies will play Fordham unlveislty in New York City Oct. 10 and Vanclerbllt university at the Cotton Bowl here Oct. 17. Vanderbilt also returns from an October engagement in 1937. An addition to the schedule is a return game with U. C. L. A. at Los Angeles Nov. 20, 1937. The Mustangs also will go east to battle the Pitt Panthers at Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct 12, 1938 and to play Notre Dame at South Bend, Oct. 14, 1939. The new varsity track mentor will be Dr. Lee Brooks, a professor who was a former sport star at S. M. U. and who last fall served ns football scout. Craig Wood Wins Ontario Tourney FONTHILL, Out., June 13. (/!')— A record smashing as well as par smashing on 68 on the final round enabled Craig Wood of New York to come from behind and win the $1,000 first prize In the General Brook open golf tournament today. The blonde belter stormed down the stretch two strokes under par and one under the record set last year by Ray Mangrum of Dayton, Ohio, and finished two strokes ahead of Tony Manero of Greensboro, N. C., the United States open champion and winner of last year's Brock tourney. Wood's 72-hole total was 285; Manero's 287. In third place at 289 came Zell Eaton, the young Oklahoma City pro. Ralph Guldnhl of St. Louis, who shot a final 70 to post an early 290, took fourth place while fifth money went to the leading Canadian, Bill Kcrr of Toronto, with 292. Pampa Mother's Plea for Penal Inmate Rejected OKLAHOMA CITY. June 13 «P) —As Ray Terrill, notorious Oklahoma bank robber, ncared the end of a 20-year sentence today, his mother, Mrs. Rosa Patten, Pampa, asked the state board of pardons and paroles to release him 67 days early, but her request was turned down. Fred Cunningham, state pardon and parole officer, said Mrs. Patton had asked in a letter that Terrill be released July 18 instead of Sept. 24. when his 20-year sentence would terminate, with time off for good behavior. Mrs. Patten charged her son was in need of immediate medical attention, but Cunningham declared Terrill is a third-termer with a record "so bad thai we could not allow him time for the 07 days he was in jail before his trial. Terrill, caught in the cross fire of guards when a group of desperate felons broke from McAlester pen- itcniary May 13, is in the prison infirmary with a bullet wound in one leg. Paavo Nurmi's Record Broken PRINCETON. N. J.. June 13 m— Donald R. Lash, sturdy ban-el- chested University of Indiana runner startled the footracing world today by smashing the renowned Paavo Nurmi's world outdoor record for two miles. Sustaining a burst of speed believed beyond the range of any American distance racer, the 22- : year-old Big Ten champion reeled off the distance in the amazing time of 8 minutes. 58.3 seconds. To make it all the more dazzling, Lash turned in this performance I on a thoroughly drenched track in a driving rainstorm. A wildly cheering crowd of 30,000, saw Lash finish with a sensational last-lap drive to clip exactly one and three-tenths seconds from Nurmi's mark of 8:59.6. Hurricane Swirls In Yucatan Waters MIAMI. Fla., June 13 (IP)— A potential hurricane—the first disturbance of the season—swirled over the treacherous tropic waters to the south today. The storm was charted by the weather bureau northeast of Yucatan, in the lower Gulf of Mexico, moving slowly northwestward causing extensive squalls. Efforts to locate a Mrs. Rosa Fatten here were not successful last night. No person by the name of "Patten" is listed In cither the city or telephone directories. Baer Is Started On Real Comeback Mrs. Carl Bencfiel was able to be taken home from Pampa-Jarrat hospital yesterday afternoon following medical treatment. SALT LAKE CITY, June 13. (K>)— Max Bacr. dressed playboy style but stoutly denying he is still one, breezed about town today with the word for orie and all that Monday night will see him started on a "real comeback." Baer will fight one "Tony Souza of San Francisco in the main event of a mixed boxing and wrestling show. Ancil Hoffman, the ex-heavy- i'.^eight champion's manager, reiterated the refrain sounded at all stops between here and the west coast: "Max is really serious this time." The match here, Hoffman said, will mark the beginning of a barnstorming lour to build Bacr up for another crack at the title Bacr lost a year ago today to James J. Braddock. PONTIAC'S Popularity Makes Possible These Popular Used Car Values 10-PONTIACS, all models 10-CHEVROLETS, all models 7—Plymouths, all models 4-FORDS, all models TO-MISCELLANEOUS MAKES From this large selection you can find the exact car you are looking for, from— 211 No. Ballard St. Phone 365 LcBeuf Coining Paul M. LeBeuf, former Pampan now living 'in Philadelphia, and his family will arrive here next week pin a vacation trip. Mr. LeBeuf fprm'ei|y'was with the Pampa'Of- fice Supply company, where his wprk attracted national attention arid r.e'su|ted in his going 'to Phil- pjiiladelphia. ' ' " '~^. •» : Harry Davis of Amarillo transacted business here yesterday. With The New PHILCO Foreign Tun|j^g System Philco's exclusive for,ei£# ^uniiig system not, only increases forejg,n stations you .Can get a^d enjoy, hjjijb ,efl#kes you to tune •them Jjy $am,e— pjic&iy, Ss^ily, accurate•Jy '. y^e a $agh -you «## £$ jLondon, Paris, Bevlui an4 niany other .pvepseas stations. 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