Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 5
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 5
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JC.UATUR MERALtJ wcPNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 15, i«0. ucUATLIR H £ R A l D ACK * L SINGER UNIMPRESSIVE IN CLOSE VICTORY OVER EDDIE MACK IUTTTO IFF TEST 1ST MEET Stars T*. econd Round fturney 5. LAWSCN ES. Oct. 13,-stan, 16 remaining con- Nntionnl WomnnS In second round (iy with the eei- |y players of nation- i eliminated. match achedulsd us between Mau- lew Jersey. Canadian *lrs. Dorothy Camp. [Philadelphia, three en title holder, , r of Santa Cruz. Cal.. t national champion' ti Virginia Van. wu |le Hrlen Hicks, New with Barbara ' Cal. It, defending her nit. [the third successlvn trai well known but Miss Helen LAW, tr\tx, Mrs. O. 3, Mill 1 '1st of the tourn* |ilny turned back Iflsi Oahktwh, Wls., was . Brent Potter ot S»n Hill defeated Miss fWnler, San Gabriel, he Western enthuil- wlth Miss Hermlne lingame, Cal., Another pch was scheduled be- Lifur, Los Angekl, treen. Culver City, liable of Detroit and nttlea, Buffalo, If, Y,. Ithe remaining match, [ON PASSKfi Mich"' Oct. JS- i Saturday's jrsinit lo develop Into » nnd Conch Ktpko lit KM! on pass (ltfoit»» S r LD ^;i IHAMP SHOWS umE UTILITY UON-TITLE 00 ! BELIEVE IT OR NOT. --By RipJey. Are Even As ";; n i Cliicago Crowd iit;s Bronx H«ro i; t \.^ IS SLUGGISH Oct. 1*.--Chi- ut;:.n8 followers, having i; r ,l time, wetf convinced Wed- WJ d»y the New Yorker Irtks the a b i l i t y of previous U tw *ij[ht cKumpions nnd were ,t i Idea to undacstuncl Slrittci 1 '* in of the ti tl(l through n knockout of SnmmyMnn- Ohlcngu debut was ft n'n-. [y'wtiibltlon with tho champion win- glnji » si"** W-rotintl dcclolori frotti Edjj* Mack. Denver cotlefrlnn, in (i out. Slngor wftlghecl 13X 136. Mack 8lugrl»l Although Mftfik demonstrated Htllc ttfat to win the fight nnd cunrincd III sdlvlllcn almo«t entirely to the tttttt»tvt. Hin|,'«r was able to win only thtte roundu. Mftek took two tad five *«re tvon. Tho bout wa* Hlngur'ti secund nlnc» I btwdfl ttic title and the champion's w^riti'ii fioped (or a dtnlslve vlc- lory to oHacl Al'ii knockout by ,flm ay McUrnln in hln Hint Htfhl, Sing ir, howtver, phowod nollhor Ills re ptitid jnntchlns ability nor boxing illll (uwl ihd victory loft tloubt of his u a title holder rtlther Increftalng his prontlge. Shoiwrt Fljrht Onftc t»:»l rotitul was the sixth ho took th» lead for Hit Clrml tin« In thu tllfht. He ntagi«»ruil Mack rtih » «lif( \fil bonk to the jaw ant «ugg«l iwny with both hands untl A Dtnver collegian ap^arcd readj . » drep, linger tacked the nklll to I jM over a (latiihtng punch and Mack Ml intfi » clinch, bunging on with I Worn (lie end of the rnund t jiirlntt us Ki'Oit as he received. Hack rrik the offensive In only 1twr miinilB, winning Ihem both. Hi (pttiMl u cut 1 civfir fllflifcr'si eye wtrl; in iht siTond find uutpilnlcd thi lth»mplori (tir the bnlnncu ot tin; joe likin. A«;iln In the eighth, he stir Jprlstd SlnKflr w i t h an attach and so' [''"fhiirtitiion hncN on bin heela wjtl L twh tinted ortemilve. Singer com- lpMn«(t (n tlit rnforeff that Mlieh vvm IhnulnK, but hlH clitim wn* dlsal I lOWPli J HlMt H|H(C*T I Singer WM warned on two ocean I ·ms (in hitting )ow and drew boos ilium thi 1 crowri (or heullng with his I zlnve HI id for ftttonipdng to wrestle lilsck l- tbc lldiir In the clinches, J With M»«K hnchlng ti] during Inwjt of the flfclit nnd Singer stand- I Inj; off nnil shadow boxing or Innr- Jlnc In wllh wild swings which ml»»- |M iholr muck, the bout was a tame I tflnir nnA the npplnnflS was limited I to "Bronx cheers" and booing. I 3ln(()^ appearance failed to at- I trtct the expected capacity crowd, a · Intel »l t,8H (un« paying IW.lMt.B' I to nKnssa thu show, IwLDCAT GUARD INELIGIBLE FOR I GAM L^ 1TH 1LUNI I _. iJflF l/lWtlfl tV,,»,l * BVAffaTON, Oct. llf--l,om» ot Har- T Kiel, reifular Kuard, robbed HorthvMtern of additional strength (w Saturday's game with Illlnol*. Wh CsptAln tlruder In the hospital 1th tTfl»H pox. Tlunndll Inullglbis W the »ntlr« fiquad nursing fresh ·M»1Mlon«, Northwestern'* title h*M rwicliwl a low obb. Knnt wan "ltd ifwllxtbte under the threo-yoar "I* t«ci«wc cf * ««n*mn's compBtl- with Contra! StiitB '1'nachtirw' In Pitlnhonia. provlous to ftt Northwestern, JLAU6H6 IS OWE. HALF EQUAL 2 OR. FACIAL MUSCUS CAUSE TVtlS FftEAtS Of NftluRt HIFI.KY KXl'LANATIOK OP YKS- TElinAY'S CABTOON Hocks on the N«lon Klver on location near the Nelson Hvcr, wltiuh empties Into the Hudson Bay, Northern Manitoba, have observed boulders trie size o( a houiie ftuallng on Ice floes during thu «ti-lng breakup, nnd the attending high water. These phenomena of nature are caused by the spray of the rapid a turning to Ice beneath some great hammock of 'stone, the warmer high waters of spring carry- Ing away the entire moss. Doffs Tluit Cnnnot Bark Prof. Bel] of King's college, the discoverer of the Island of Juan le Nova, a little pure coral Island situated off Madagascar, found that ttie native dogs could not bnrh, nnd that they drunk salt HGIL water. He is also authority for the Htatement that dojrs HAWKS IMl-KOVKD l'l» CHIIflf IVf.,.1.1 CITY. la., Out, :l-lowa *»«! fw n victory over Purdue Sat- M4»y to orr«M ltn two lntor»ecllon- |l Qiffalj, an'! Conch Ingwertten ill JTM'"* hh sqiuitl on tifiw pass plny*» P 1'» RKMnut the Hot lor makers, TMi Iwwrw iibowipd th»lr best form * Iw yesr In Tu«Rtlay's workout L*n .fontiviiid »nl Kri*. s«l fuil- thp Attack ngnlnxt n testers in action NORTHWESTERN AND NOTRE DAME GRADS MEET FOR CHARITY :lu l.'nltnl f'rri-O CHICAGO, Oct. 15--"All-Star" football teams recruited from Notre Dame and Northwestern gridiron umlnarles of former yenTM will meet in a charity football (fame at Soldier Field Thanksgiving day, The game, arranged by Coach Rookie of Notre Dame n.n\ Coach Wok. Han ley of Northwestern, will ha a part of the twin bill played for the benefit of the Shrlners' hospitals for erlpplml children, with Oregon slate and West Virginia, meeting In the sncontt game. Th* Notre Dam«- Vorthvrestern gnn;e will be played at fl:30 a. m. with the college game at LI o'clock, Dlcfc JIanley placed Tim Lowry, 1B25 Northwestern captain and all- America center, In charge of recrult- ng the Northwestern team and Lovr- ry already haw obtained acceptances from Paddy Drlscoll. Moon Baker, Waldo Fisher, Bill Calderwood, Truck Borghflrm, Heinle Anderson, Molmer, Johnson, Erlckson and other former Wildcat stars. Rockne has kept sllsnt on his probable lineup, but has promised lo announce It later this week. HOOSIERS PREPARED FOR GOPHER PASSES BLOOMJNGTON, Ind., Oct. 15--Indiana expects Minnesota to use a "flanker" pass oHnnse Saturday and Conch Page l» building a special dotonwe to stop the formation. The ·flunk*! 1 " I" one of Coach A. A, Staftjrt nrontlons which Frit* Crlslor, 'ormer Chi capo assistant, Is introduc- - at Minnesota, With the return of Jack Hansen. 1B26 varsity end, who hnd beftn out all ecason due lo \n appendicitis operation, and Dautir, Edmonds and Sauhwkl, the Hooslcrs now have their full strength available for the first lime, Suarez to Sign For McLarnin Bout Today NEW YORK," Oct. 15--A contract Cfilllnjr for n ten round bout between Justo Suaroi!, South American lightweight sensation, and Jimmy McLarnin. baby-faced slugger of Vancouver, B. C,, at Madison Square Onrden Nov. SI probably will ba signed Wednesday, according to information received by United Press It was understood that Sunrcit. win, lose or draw, would still fret hi* fight with Al Singer for the lightweight title next spring, USE SHOCK TROOPS? itiv r'Hjtcrf prr»».\ LAFAYETTE, Ind,, Oct. 15-Coach Klier's Interest In Ms second string team composed of nine sophomore*, a Junior and senior Indicated that Purdue may start a "ihock troop" aggregation against Iowa Saturday, Whll Ktier devoted his attention to the reserves yesterday othdr coaches worked to produce more drive Jn the varsity backfteid. George Lott, Tennis Star, In Elopement illy Wn'(fJ I'ftiia.) BLKTON, Md., Oct. 15--Qeorgc Martin Lott. Jr., Chicago tennis star and member ot the Davis cup team, and Miss Abigail Staple tor d Allen of Ablngdou, Pa,, were on a honeymoon Wednesday after an elopement. Miss Allen, who is 21, and the daughter of Mr, nnd Mrs. Ralph C. Allen, mode her social debut In November, 1S28. She comes from a socially prominent family. Lott gave his age as S3. FEAR OVEHCONF1DENCB MINNEAPOLIS, Minn,, Oct. IB- Development of a scoring punch and efforts to avoid overconfidence art featuring Minnesota's drill for Saturday's game with Indiana. Coach Crliler believes the Gophsrs defense needs little work but he in not eat- latled with the offense and Is working on a passing attack. A Santa Fe Ticket to California Will tctfctt you through Phoenix on Santa Fe rotli "all the way" from Chicago and Kansas City. You leave on the Santa Fe and arrive on the Santa Pe. Warm day* In the d«i*rl and along a sunny Mashor*. · · · · Golf and horseback riding keep the pep up and the pounds down. In the 3tivage slntt; do no bark, and do not acquire the habit.except under the Influence of man's compau lonshlp. Bf«l Clovnr Gromt Thickest Tli«rn Ar« (Jats The 'great Charles Diarwln first dia covei-od this fact to be true bucuus the oats kill all the field mice, which would otherwise destroy the homes and nest of the bumble-bee. Reference: Compton's Encyelopo dia, page 358. Tomorrow--Grnnt'e Boa] Nftme. Central Illinois Deaths MBS. ELLA WOOJXRY MAROA~Mw. Ella B, Wool ley of Maroa died at B o'clock Tuesday evening while talking to her sister, Mrs, Ross Miller, when they were seated on the porch of their home. Mrs. Wool ley had not been In good health tor several yean, but Tuesday had been In good spirits and 00 far as nor sisters knew, there wag no occasion for alarm because of her condition. Ella B. Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Williams, wan born March 21, 1838, in Maroa, and her [10mo was in that city all of her life with the exception of about 20 yearn when she lived In Minnesota and In Canada, whare her husband Zebulon Woolcy, to whom she wna married rob. 2T, 1881, died In 1423, Mrs. Woolley leaves one son, Odin Wool toy of Decatui 1 ; alao her slaters, Mrs. J. H. White he ad and Mm. Rose Miller of Maroa; Mra, J. C. Collins of Gettysburg, S. D,. and her brother, Martin Williams or Clinton. l., and * daughter, Mrs. Bescle ICemery of WlllJngton, O. The body wti removed to the Wiliam K, He** luneral p»rlo« and rep»r*d for burl*! A funeral ierv- ce will be held In the Hell chapel Thursday morning, and the remain* will b* tent to Willington, O., th« wme of her dnu^hter for burial. MISS MARUABKT IIAVKY TAYLORVILLE -- Miss Margaret Davoy, 42, well known resident of his county, died Monday Afternoon n her home near Assumption, She tad been 111 lor come time ~ from a complication of dlteases, She leaves three slaters and two H-othera, nun. ,Jy; Dan and Richard oth of near Assumption; Mrs, Wil' tarn Dunn, Misses Surah and'Jmfa Davey, all of whom twsiue Tiear As sumption. Funeral services were held at 0:30 o'clock, Wednesday morning, at Si, Mary's Catholic church. In Assumption. Burial was In Assumption cemetery. WINNIFKED WALKEB MONTICELLO--Funeral services for Winnlfred Walker, who died Thursday In Bloomflold, N, J., were conducted Monday afternoon In the Faith chupet Jn Montlcello by Hev. J, E, Evang, pastor of the Methodist church. Burial was in tne Mont Ice] lo cometery, MBS. EMMA BESS PANA--Mrs. Emma Boss, 71, died at the Little Sanitarium lit 9 o'clock Tuesday morning from a heart all- mant which hud caused her lllneat tor more than * year, She was tb« wlf« ol George Bess, prominent farmer of [lonamond, where shi had lived for the pant IE month u, Surviving are her husband, one son, George Hill of Los Angeles, Douglas Farmers Busy Harvesting Soy Beans TUSCOLA -- Thrashing of soy was In full force Monday afternoon and combines were seen slowing their way across the brown 'tetd*. The warm, sunny day* of the weekend were · (treat boon t» soy bean growers who are anxious ;o get their grain harvested at thli :lme. J, O, Dickinson left Monday evening (or New York city to take a car- cad ot poultry for the firm for which he works. NEW LIFE FOR OLD CARS .There is »tlll a lot ot real drlv. \ng left Jn your car. Let our expert mechanics overhaul your motor, Tou'll be surprised at the new pep and spetd your car will have. The cost Is small. Drive In today. J, E. DOWNING GARAGE 2(!T Went Main Phone Fr«d Harvey dining another exclusive -feature Mekiyewrf ulliMRf sisrvollem tony. , B. THOMAS, Gen. SANTA FE fir. I Jeffetson Bldg., Peorla, III It's All Gasoline-Nothing Added to Damage Your Motor Good /n Any Car from Forrf (o Pierce Arrow NO TRACE FOUND OF YEGGS WHO CRACKED MONTICELLO SAFES MONTlCELLO-No trace hat lound of the thieve* who Sunday night broke Into the Smith ganuis hare and took |33 from the *»ft, The *ufe In the office of Attorney W. A. Don was also blown open, but nothing was Uilten. Prank Frlstoe of B'm^nl, who wi»n arrested Snttirtlay, on A charga ot poMcMiiig liquor, Iff botng hold in the county J*ll In default of a 11,000 bond nw*ltlnff the October Krftnd Jury to convene, CASEY AND NEOGA ROTARIANS ENJOY JOWTJJATHERING CASEY- The Casey and Neofa Rotary clubs joined Monday night In an inter-city meeting In Toledo with some 60 men at /that city as their ffueHts, The men were nerved a. dinner In the Methodist church, followed by a program. Talks were madfl by the club president*, William C, Turner of Cnsey and Charles Allen of Neoga; Walter Seldler and F, B. Swengel of Neogm, Supt, J. Bruce Buckler of Cagey, and the editor of the Toledo Democrat of Toledo. Song* were sung by the different clubs, led by Ted Van Horn for Casey And P. B. Swengel tor Nepge, Postmaster Harry Pottlr »nd A. W, Stmpoon of Marshall were also guests. VtWtT INTUBCOLA TUSCOLA - lUv, aiMl lira, Char- It* Atchlson, *Dd Mr. and Mra, Bar) Atehlton, il) of Mt VMIHM *J4 Mr, and Mm, C, 0. Atehlsen And family of Gary, arrived ftshtnffty afternoon to visit Mr. MM) Mm. Chtrlan Moorehead end family. On Sunde the nntire company drove to Ctrro Oorrfo where thiy hw) dinntr In the home of Mr, *nd Mrs. Plrlh Ruin. The two Atnhtnon men *r» hrothorn ot Mrs. fain nod Mrs, Moorermd. Another brother and his family of Dwcuiur, met them nt Cerr» Oor(o. Tht rnturnnd htme with Mr. and Mm, Moorih«»«l Sundiy tven^g, »nd l»ft for th*lr rcftjMetlvi homes Monday S f ' K V l f | The Sign of Genuine Battery Service DtMlwr Battery 347 E. Mwn St GASOLINE The Pure Undoped Anti-Knock Motor Fuel PER GALLON Make* Your Motor Eaty to Start- Winter or Summer Ha» Plenty ot Pep! (TAX PAID) Never A SpOrk- Knock Not Matter How Much You Crowd It L»rkin 100% Pure PENN. OIL Hade of the highest grade Crude in the WorW CHASSIS LUBRICATION Complete Including Sprlnj Spray , SERVICE STATION L. W. BLISS, MGR. 750 E. PRAIRIE AVE. Wm. Petm stimulates and r»* f Ktbet your taste for dtm · » · You smoke In clean comfort . * » No ash showers your hands and clothes . * . The ash holds. Why? Only choice long filler, unbroken leaf goes Into a Wm. Penft . . . No scraps and sweeping*. Like other modern 5-ceftf cigars, Wm. Perm is machine mode. But tt reaches the roots of clean smoking. For long filler Inside cleanliness demand the Cigar with the Long Ash . . . At the show case Insist on Wm. Pmn . . . Refuse a substitute. . - .World** Ut«Mt . M*mifMtttt«rofCI|*M W^Perai The Cigar of More Enjoyment iMEWSPAFEK SPA PERI 1

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