The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 14, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1859
Page 4
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PATENT MEDICINES. >• 'i-utuj.^ . j-*-. • yrm XsJKr EV3BisaN»*»>»^o35Kj£HSfl.3:^ri ! t — _..-.. . J . . ?*"„„. ^». 1 tfoaatxtf— The money market continues u it JIM with exchange firm at mrod brooch, rained at $5,090, to the wife of 0«pt. Hndson, in acknowledgment for the conrtetiea ffiBoan w Telegraph Cable. im to »ome Eossian fa laying the Atlantic Kew* from I>tke> Pe«k. . The Express from 'Denver City , Berea d»ys ont, bringing $1400 in dnst, arrived her* this evening. "The accounts received tare of the •ame nature as those previonBly reported. — The practio»MlK» of wprklng. the nine*- ia established. , The *rat supply strain had arrived. Provisions command good prices, and ready sale. The Utah mail has arrived, bat brings no ' . , ,, .. , • The republican! have a majority of three in the OonrtitnUonal Convention. ~ AFTERNOON KEPOKT. letter trout Havana. ; .•:£•'•! CHASIIBTOB, June la The steamer Isabel, from Havana, with dates of thelOth inst., arrived here yesterday. The nankins of Mr. Roberta, formerly 0. S. Oonsal, have heen forwarded to Philadelphia, by the bark Hamilton, which sailed on the 6th in. Tne~bark Ardennes was daily expected to arrive on the Cuban coast, with a cargo of Africans. The ship Lire Yankee arrived on the 2d inst. at Havana, eight days from Mexico, with aeventy-nlne Asiatics. There had been bat few deaths on the pas•age. HA VISA MABKIT.— Sugars were quiet; the stock at Havana and Matanzai amounted to 400.000 boxes. ' Molasses was unchanged. Freights inactive. Later from California. Usw TOEK. Jane IS. The steamship Star of the West has arrived from Aspinwall, with California dates to the 30th nit. She brings about » million and a half of gold. Qeo. D. Brush, the treasurer of Calaveras County, has been discovered to be a defaulter to a large amount. Advices from Victoria state that the gold mines of Vancouver were yielding so largely, that parties were leaving Victoria for that lo- « per cent., and goldmine same. Currency li tUIl tight. b« the itate of .things throughout the jort 2$uiMTttrn jjn> honvtx —The. market for floor and wheat stiffened np tm lor 'he Influence of the Hew lorknews.- Floni- changed hands to pearly 400 bfcli at'prlces final? •attaining (h* upward tendency of Saturday evening." Wheat advanced somewhat, and •omerhat over *,000boi were »oM. Ho. l>t the close bringing 1,16. JlwrecelpU «ro light and §om« think that the stock onihand In (h* conntryii becoming pretty well dralB«4 out. _ 'Oat* »M rather quiet -«t an -advance of 1 lo 4c — • Barley »nd Corn were Tory dull. Ho transactions ta either occurrtaj eta change, 'and none outside that re have been able to hear of. Pot*toe« are slllllnde- •end, the receipt! being ratber light. Other articles iai Batter and Eggs are mere easy. " "Wool is rather quiet, as very Mtle Is coming In «s ye*. We note Bales or 800 Ibs at 2&@80q t»day. .Milwaukee U'holeiale market. HOIDAT Evairaio, June 18. FREIGHTS— unchanged b'ot firm. Wheat oYto <h- wego or K'ngston and 4c to Buffalo. Flour through t» Hew York 60c. No new'engagemenU. ', TtODB— more active and firm. Receipt! 4TI bbli; shipment! 4^16 bbls, Sales 800 bbls City Mills 6,60; SCO do Portage City Mill! at C,25[ 110 do Portage City Winter at 7,00. EYE JMtTR-steady at 6fO®!JM. WHRAT— 2QSc better. ABeeelpts 1,230 bus; shipments 250 bos. Sales 800 but No. S at 1,08; 180 do un- inspected at 1,10; 600 do No. 1 on track at 1,12 J<; 680 do No. 1 f. o. b., 1,13; 680 do'do at 1,16; 680 do In store at 1,14; 600 do do In store at 1,16; 2,000 do No. on f t.; 300 do extra milling at 1,30; 60 do white winter* at 1,60. CORN— DO rales ; nominally unchanged. OATS— Improved. Eeoclp's 880 bus ; shipment* 206 bni 8ale> 600 bos at 43. BARLEY— quiet. Receipts 16« bus. POTATOES— Steady. Receipts 12S bus. Sales 1,000 bus to arrive In ten days at 65. BDTCEB— salable at 9®llc. EGGS— in dcmind at 8@9o. WOOL— light ; sales 200 Ins at 26 cents, and 100 Ibi at 80 cents. HIGH WINES- steady at 28V@27c; .iltj lo bbli at 27e. HIDES— unchsnged. Receipts, light. Railroad Rocelpu. BSOSIFTB BT Lt Oaosss A MtLwnicn RAILROAD.— aprl6 1018] MHERfFfS SALE. STATE OF WISOOMSlJi, 1 Oircult Court, MilwKikee Co.| A William Gotta, Charltsj Yanke and Juliana Tanke, his wife, rV nU S?$^ 1 ' }• Ju(I PMnl of .ToraXJlo- DarldAdler, sore*nd Sale. Samuel Stoyer, Isodore Hoctstsder, and i.'ermaaL. Pagsj. I K VlRTFe «f a«d pursuiotto a judgment rendered la sal J Court In the above entitled action, dated the 4thi d*y flf Jtane, 1889, I ah, II expose for sale and sell al Public Auction, at the Post Office, In <he city of Mil- wauke*, on Saturday, the lOlb day of September, IBM, at the hour of 2 MI. of th« day, the following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof ss may be necessary to rahe the amount or said judgment, interests and c sts, together with the «- OW>* Wt . Steens dc Jenkins, o- *o mayz) l sly, new TKOBK. ' CHANDLER & HICKCOX, Attorneys &Ounaellors at Law AO. -t] KNEELAN*> 1M,OCK, [ MILWAUKEE, uaut oa*»DVa», .taprJ6]. .'.. .iui*a aiotoox. i. H. Maura. CROSS tc. PAUB1SB) 4 COUNSELLORS' AT LAW. No. jie, Allmny MILWAUKEE, apl ... KEE... ..... .-; v 880 bus oats; 8SO bbls flour; 30 sacks do; 77 bat potatoes; 62doi palls; 69 nests tubs; SO tons pig iron; 16,490 Ibs Iron ore; 14,209 do sundries; 228 do hides; 7 oords wood. Kconrtc «r MILWADUI * HiBBnuirri fUii_»OiD.— »1 bbls flour; 1^80 bus wheal; 166 do barley; 4S do potatoes. of sale, to wit: "The following real es-lite, being and lying in •' the county .of Milwaukee Ind Slate of Wisconsin, and described as lots numbered three and four, (3 and 4), In the subdlvl Ion Into city lots of Ihe East forty acres of the Booth We« quarter of cecQon number seventeen, (17) In town number seven, (7,) North of range number twenty-two, (82.) Bast In the Slith Ward of the city f Milwaukee." Otved Sherin's Office, Uilttankee, Jnne 7,18S». ELIIOU, Oarxixs A QRIDUT, l A. J. LAMG WORTHY, Plaintiffs Att'ts. Je6-d8moln2ir , i A. J. LAMG WORTHY, f Sherlfl Mil. Co., Wis. A: BI,OOpnOOD, & COUNSELLORS A.T LAW, Arcade Eulding, 17$ £ a »t Wattr sf.. UiltsauJttc. O. W. PrenunJ formuly ) PioiHiire* Codr, Albany, V Sew York. j | ttLttan DLOODOOOD. F. DtoonoooojU U. 8. Court Oommuuionef and Oom- mlsiloncr for nov!9-il6ra B.I. riLKIi ...................... JOSIIOl stint. HAllMlfiK & STAUK, iiiorneys ; & Counsellors at Law. J3?~ OIBce, Kb. 2, Mitcholl'i New Ilnnk ilail.Hnp.cor- «rof Michigan! and East Wat»r «tr«U, Mll»«ake«. •.tn20 I PECTORAL rOtt THE EAPtD CURS Of C °V& Coughs, and ..! Hoarseness. ' • foond Inflotnja, and U» JOMOiol6urt symptoms of aOoId, Isyon* Ojoaar PiotoaiL. Ita constant nwtn By pncaei and ny family for the lut £^>-^"»lttopoaw. Mpfr rtor Tlrtuas for th» tnatmsnt of fhafl complaints. KBKK r . •ommend your madlda* to our our pwpl*. T"r skill, and rtt", 3d Ja'n, 'l»&« : «nnned DM li doors ^Sff^S/^S^SSsB^. Isssj uian onsi half the botil* in..-*- aa comnletolv vrail* TOOT medlefneat an th* *>ti««._« -* . _ 1 L y 7 Juagment of Foreclosure and gale. [Sewn. 87 ATE OF VISOON81N, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee O. f John S. B.iyd, ) against John W. Jones, Sidney, L. Rood, Jasper K. Goodrich, Phillip Trrlise, Bristol Brass and Clocic ^ ompiny. Alfred Q. Peckham, William U. Uerrlll, Dennis U. Fitch, Ueorgr A. Allen, and Charles E Hale I N virtue «f and pursuant to a judgment 1 rendered In »ald Court in the above entitled; actlor, dated the 33 day or Jnne, 1859,1 shs'l uposc foi sale and sell at Pobl c Auction, at the Po.t office In the city of Mil- waokee, un Katurday, U. o l tlth day of >cp- tembor, 1869, at the hour of 2 r. * or that day the following described premises or so much thereof as may be i escssary t.. raise the amount of said VAN Attoraeyg; [and Counsellors at Law. WfSCOJ/SlA', Will practic e In th it bfl e various Court! of the t>cvcnth Judi- pra cial Circuit bflWiiconiin, and will faithfully attend to til business Intrusted to us, remittance* promptly m&i.e. Land )Varrants located in aelcc'e-l Und> thote at a distance. . UCTgmu A Boiiuru^ilinkers, Riev J. R. SuiETSTUB, K»q., Mllwanker. Lnrxu. i Ui^ka, Milwaukee. SiLSMAS A BOOTH, " MATTOGIB * IUIBOS, Ohlc&go. Hon. J . OATDI, Ottawa, 111. P..,m. Affairs on the Isthmns were' quiet .The dates from Valparaiso were to May 1st. A battle was fought on the 29th of April, between the government troops under General Vidaurri, and the revolutionists under General Gallo. The Utter was defeated and fled, bar- fnglost two thousand killed. This battle ended the revolution. The government had opened the northern ports and business was reviving. The dates from Lima are to the 12th. A alight revolution had occurred at Areqnipa. No particular! are given . Guayaquil was still blockaded, but was expected soon to be raised. Bj of ttoe OverlsoidMalL. ST. Louis, Jane 13. The overland mail of the 20th arrived ou Saturday night. The proprietors of the San Francisco Bulletin had been fined §100 each for publishing the confession of Mrs. Sickles. A party of Lieut. Scale's men was attacked •t Pah Utah Spring, by a party of Mohav* Indians'. The amount of gold dust shipped from Vio Tra WmuT ra »or lxtmo>.— The Eochestcr Union says: "An old fanner of Caledonia says that th* recent frost has not injured the wheat, and he does not believe that a Uay or June frost can Injure that plant. He states that in 1816 there was a ate sp^g frost In his section, by which the etalka of wheat were actually froten, and the yield from the same fields was forty bushels to the acre of prime Gentsee.*' the m ° Dth loth The 0. 8. sloop of war Decatur arrived at " "Port- encamped neat Belknap, for m. 8000 the .purpose of exterminating the Caddo'Re- serve Indians. The Governor of Texan had called on the C b. troops to quell the distnrbanoes, and Major Vandorn had arrived in the vicinity with three companies of dragoons. On their way from Fort Washita to Belknap, ran dowu and en- Tt^Ti ? large bod * of Apaohe Indians, and killed from 40 to 60, and took 28 prison- 6T8. A special despatch from Independence to Hie RepnbUoanj says a party of soldiers surprised about eighty lodges of Camanohes near Pawnee Book, and killed twenty fire men ai d twenty women. Douglas county, Kansas, elected seven Be- publican delegates to the Constitutional Con vention; Bourbon and Sykens each on« Republican and one Democrat; .Atchison and Riley counties, small republican majorities; Johnson and Wyandotte, small Democratic majorities Lawrence, 4000 Republican majority The Utah mail of the 19th has arrived The Valley Tan ha? been transferred to John tUrtwell, Secretary of the Territory. "NOTICE- TkJOTIOB is hereby given, that the Milwaukee ft Ohl-L 1 * cago Railroad Company, {not having been able to agree with the owner or owners of the lands here! "-alter described for the purchase of the same, or as to the compensation to b. paid therefor.) wli , pp i. ,„ the HOB Arthur McArtliur, Judge of Uie Circuit Court for the County of, (or tojany other Circnt Judge Whomay be present.) at the CouTt Hou>e in the City of MUwankee, State of WHeonsin, on theSSSthof Jnne 1889, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that dav. to at, CBILLT.—Coming out of a warm morning In the leafy breety month of June with the Thermometer at IB above rero at sunrise, and the light wind playing with llgh. skirts of light robes worn by lljrht hearted summer's children, with the sky bright and blue above, and the warm sun bringing out the persperatlon on the brow, and at one step passing Into a cold sombre SOtb of November, with the sun struggling to same through a thick cold mist and tit hoartt north wii d bawling to TL.U to wrap your mantle tight .bout you, and qulcktn your pace to keep npjthe heat of the body, would be considered as doing a thing among th. ImpaasibllJUes; bnt we hsve come the next thing to its realisation today, for a fragment of November has been shoved along Into the present month. About 20 salnntes after eight this morning >. heavy fog bank swept down from the north, and in a few moments the sky was hidden by a dull snow like covering and the oold wlnj ,ent folks home for heir shawls and woolens in great haste.— The mercury fell inside of 16 m'uutei from to full 22 degrees, and continued low during the day. U onder If that polar Ice al Toung's Hall has anything to with the weather. judgment, Interest and cotto, together with the expenaes of sale, to wit: " .»ll thi.i piece or parcel or land, iltuate In the county of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, known sad described ag lot six (6), In block e'ghtv-a.jt (86), In the IhlrJ Ward of the city of Milwaukee." Dated Sheriff 1 ! Office, Milwaukee, June T, 1859 Drain A GUHIK, i A. J, LANGWORTBY. PITs Att'js. f Bher.ffMil. Co., Wli. Je8-d8m-cptn2w 1088] SUEKIFF'i SALE. BTATK OF WIflCONBIN I Circuit Court, Milwaukee;y. f [,>ewsj .INO. A^ SAVACJK, .lie., Attorney and Counsellor at Law NOS. »* 10.PHOEMX BfJlLf IN,,, MIHVAUKKK, ................... .WISCONSIN V., l'?nn , Ohio, Indiana, 111 arid I Ch ~ p - T - - or Phthjgic, and Bronchltia. »b. 4, 1S58. 7IIOM '•,. c. ii.-- ii :r, . .,, It Onrommloner for and VtrcuU i',.uri i «.c>,. j««J.,n<v - OIJS'i'AV Vt>N 1>K1IJX('H ATTOIWKa' AND OOUNSrlM.OR AT LAW, pire Block, «1 Kast WaU'r it KILWICUI, wr.sctijcsil J. V. V. PLATTO, Attorney & Counsellor at La\v. Office In Mitchell's Bank Building, No 8, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. jmnl7 HOOKKii & S & ( ouiiM-llors 'ai Ujf-.c,, .Vo*. 8 f 4, /1/ia..y Wo.-' /.-,y " Joseph Vlnton, 1 _. . */*i ni1 [ Judgment of Foreclosure Theodore K. Kectler and I and BaJe, EUiabtlh J. Kectler. j I N virtue of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered In salil Court, In above entitled action, dated the iM day of June, 18S9,1 shall ei i>ose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Offi e, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, me totU daj el September, 1BS9, at the hour ol S r. «., of that day, the foliowltg described mortgaged premises or so much thereof as may be nece-sary to raia: the amount of aaid judgment. Interest nnd costs, together »-|ih the expenses ol saie, to aril: "All that pie :e or parcel or land situate In the County of M Iwankee ajd State of Wisconsin, known and described as the north half of lot eleven Ml), In b ock one hundred and ninety, eight [193]. In Roger's Addition, In the First » art, ol the City of Milwaukee." Uated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, June 7, 1859. Dra MetvorologlcsLl. Jun 18. 8 A. M.—Wind N. W.—sky bright—bank rls> g In the Korth. Barometer 2S 19. Thermometer 75. 6:45 ». «. —Wind N. bj E., strong - «lty all of a m »v. Barometer 29, 27 Thermometer £•» 1* u —Wind N. K.; asy cloudy. Barometer 2'J, 85 Thermometer M 7 p. K.—Wind N. K. by N— sky mlstv Barometer £9, 40. Thermometer 47. MARINE RECORD. 1859. in t GaiBin, Pl'ffl Atfys Je8-»m-l.n2« A J. , Bh'fl. MIL Co., WU. Judgment and l<al*, of Foreclosure 1020] SHERIFF** BTATE OF WliOONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. ( John B. Bcyd, 1 against ] John Jennl sgs, I Thomas T I'eeve, Gilbert W H»-, Percj S. Isham, Wiliiaji, k,. Patten and | tdward u Uia^K.. J I K .I'tueuf and pursumt to a Judgment ren lered In • il.i Court, in the above entitled action, dated the 8il day of .'ur.e, 1S5U. I thall expose fur sal- aod sell at J'u-j ic Auctivi., at the Post-Omce, In thr City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the lOtU dar of Scpicmber, IW9, at the hour of! r. M., of that day, the full,,iringdescribed mortgaged pretuisrs or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise M>e amount of said judgine ijnterest and costs, together with the ex- t^ensf-s of aale, to wit: "All i hat pi ere or parcel of land situate In the '-•aunty of Mllwjakee and Staw of Wl-consin, knc,»n and describe ma the south half of lot two [«J, In block sluy.two [621, iii the f^venth Ward, of the Cl'y of Milwaukee." Dated Bh,rifl"s Office, Milwaukee, Jnne 7, 1869 . „ A. J. LANOWOKTUT, Hh'ff. MIL Co., Wis. Mtlwi-uhr/t J..HI W. OJJ1V .WlLUOS PhiTT. (JAltY & PHAT'l 1 , Atturnc)* aaid (Jonuiollorv al Law. Office In Young'i Block, Corner Main aod Wisconsin street, tttm ADKER, ... ..I.-liiO-dSm..^ W FCONS1N D.A. i. UTHAM w. (JBAflUi I I'll A M A «. It VXA >D, Atto TJCja s,l Law M.J BohclUirs It. Cbuncrr.,, No. I n street, Milwaukee. jtkol-. ! ,AN Ko ( H. AND HAG UKALKKS 8.8 \VE»T M A • F U M'ltF.I T, MILWAUKEE, ........ (aprt«) ........ W I |>CO • 81 .•«. a L>Bi«T t OaiHAH, l lras.,Alfva. ) «*orl of M11 waukee SHERIFF'S HAL.K. STA1 E OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co f Haoa Ilet. ry Jureena, j against I Judgment of Foreclosure and Daniel K. Cotton. & Rod way, Auction and Commission Merchant*. LAND AGENTS AND MONEY UBOKKRa, *O. 18 WISCONSIN M l£ I ET, \\l ILL give particular attention to tht sale nf Furnl- TT turn, Dry Ooodi and every desrrlvtiuo of Merchandise, at their Sale ronm or in any part of Uie Oity or County. tV Liberal « vanc«s on co i Btgnmenla, an u prompt returns made. N. B.—iionda. Notes and Mortgages negotiated JanU MH.WAlJKKK UAZAAK. C, OELORME&OUENTIN 1£9 Ka*: ITalsr NK.XT r>OOR TO MEMR?. •int/ Qouds, Toys, WDJow W»re and Yaakee Notioc Also, Embroidery Goods and Zephyr Worsted. AUUIVED. Jtrxz Itrre. Jane 13. j IN virtue of and to a judgments aa'd ! A Court, in the above entitled action, dated November .i. -«, try laid B«llroad Company and appraise the ssjtfe, and Uie damage or injury which the owner or owners shall hare sustained or may sustain by reason of the taking and using of taM lands by said Company oversTnd above the benefits and advantages which such owner or Bct:r J * A Btronach, Otto, Manlstee, 90 M lumber. JCSK 12lB. SclirG'jIdo, Ol.on. Two Creeks, 18 M lumber 20 M snlnyleJ 72 cords < ark. Prop Hnoier, Dickson, Chtcaro, 60 bb's hleliwlcaa Prop Mayflowrr, Langler, Bnttajo, 123 tuns mdi Prop Chicago, Herrlck, BuffaJo, 76 tuns mdz. Prop Fountain City. Peck, Oollmif wood , 6 tuns mdi, 68 pks* sundrVfft, 17 par». Schr Col. taispard, Wilson, White L»ke, 35 m lumber Stmr Gaiel e, Butlln, Two Elvera, 7 bbls sundries, 206 pkgs sundries. Cleveland. Doupiil, Grand Haven. R , e cosr«on of the Railroad, for which said lands are uken, pursuant to the provisions of the A£tofUieUgi.|,iureta. corporatingaafd Railroad Company, .nuthe se Te Sl * C l,"T ll * toir ' h * Tet0 ' • n<1 W the laws of said 8 tSet tfwlt^" *" * M 0a ' aA J »** described M follow^ A strip of land eleven hundred (1100) feet lone and onehunured and thirtv (130) feel in width" onti^ng S^ ^ *wenty-elght one hundredths <8.2S) of ao •ere, being the land occupied by the located and Icon- «ructed line of the tlilwaukee and Ohica K o Railroad Company, «ro», the following describir^uf^iS^ . Dlne <»> and «* (10), In tTwn *»enty-two («) e «.t, beginning Lake Mi Stmr BUnr City of Cleveland/Souieri. Grand" Hsven, 12 tuns mdi. 8 bblB liquor, 4 boxes wine, 4 packajws sundries. fichr Pobert B Campbell, Wallace, Gre.n Bmv, DO M lumber, 75 M shingles, T5 M lath. JBBE 12TH. BchrSam Hale, Heckler, Oconto, 40 M lumber, 14 M lath. Schr W B Ogden, Johnson, Buffalo, 4'iO tuns coal, 85 nbli vinegar. Schr Morning Light, Head, Chicago. CLEAUKD. J OKI lira Prop Plymouth, Blckson, Buffalo, 1,693 bbla flour 9 casks ashes. ' Prop Potomac, Oebhard, BuOalo, 2,300 bbls flour 250 bus wheat, l« kegs butter, 12_pkgs sundries. Stmr C evelanii, Squler, Grand Haven, 5 tons mdi 322 bbls Sour, 2 bbls sugar. Jusri 1°TB. Stmr Traveler, Sweeney, Chicago, 4 tons mat, 10 bbls beef, 9 do liquor, 12 do oatmeal. IT do e B8 a, 206 bn, oats 02 do potato, a. 3» bbl. snndrlw, 69 thence - - e «« lake sixteen and twenty hundredtus (Ifi^O) Aalns; themcesouth.slxty.two degree. weattsVo W ) far^-two anfl three-tenth. (42 S) chains to toe east and' west Quarter section line in section nine (»;: thence west •" "W section Une alxand ' and • OBth one bun- conveytdby B. Dougss the east side of , , Chicago. Schr Ool Snepard, WUaon, H hlte Lake. Stmr Gazelle, Butlln, Two Rivera. 2 bbls vinegar. MARIJVK 111, 1857, I shall expose foi sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Court House, In the City of Milwaukee, on S&tnrdai-, Use id day of July, 1809, at Uie hour ol 2 r. at., of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, to aril : "All that cer'.atn pi ce or parcel of land^ situate, Ivlcg and being In ihe County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, and belng.a part of the north west quarter of sect!' n 17, In township 7, north of range 23 east, an : being the K. X of ihose certain 25 acres, conveyed to John Adam Mueller and Mana,hls«lfe,and Frederick Mueller and Charlotte Wllhdmlne,his wife, by James H. R ,gers and wife, by triuranty de.d, dateil March 11,1846, auu recorded In the Oflce of Register of ecds of Milwaukee Count;, In Vol 8. ol Deeds, pages 76 and 77; bounded on the north anil south by the respective north and south lin- * of said north w^at quarter of said BnttloD : on the east by the west line of 8S acres, b O.T also part of Slid north we« quarter, aet on In a regular form, from ihe can pan of said quarter se tion, and on Ihe »esl by certain r.'>rth and south line to be drawn through th' •-. ntre of aaid 25 acres, being by e«Umate M 00-100 acres, be the same more or less." DatedJ-herlff '» OHce, Milwaukee, April 24, 1S59. Bh'ff. Mil. Co., w'lj. VVAL1, PAPER J. J. McftRATII A: CO.. 21 \%is<orvsi> isrrozTuts, WBOLSBIUI tio amiL i r. i. BO Pl'ffi 4U'y,. f may24-la«-6w CIEODIT CODKT, Hllwankee County, Win. i Magdalena Slrgl. I against v Jacob Uaff. ( Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c Competent workmen sent to all parts of the Ottj and Country for Decorating and Paper Hanfrinp In all lU branches, all Work warrante l. fch28 ANGUS SMITH ~ Storage, Forwarding; A. MK.HCIi vN'I'S. Proprittors of the I. A Hi; I i;i.KVA Tint \V AltKlloi si;, At the terminus of thr Milwaukee A Missis«lp|.l arrd the Milwaukee, Waiertoirn i l»:.r»l>oo Val'nj Ra:lr.>«ds t£f~ Liberal a>lvanr^s on property *ti it<irr, or for shipment to fC.\stern M^rkt-ia n^i'£l-.itr If. might add Toloous of «Tl<Un«a, but th* BOA oon- rtndni pn»f of th. 4rta«*f thl. na»ij b brad la Iti •Bbstsnpon Mat oJi-i., Coninmptlon. Probaoly no on* remedy has «T« am know. whM etnd so many and rack danfnous casH as this Sou n» human aid can Meh; bnt «T<n to tbo>. th. Cfiwrj Aatoroi affords raliif and oomtnrt. ^^ Amoa Hocsa, Nsw TOM Cm. M.rrh a, ISM. DOCTOm Am, Lowiu: I bd It a dtoty and a nlwnn to tafcrm yon what y.ur Cherr, tear* h» doni for my ""• Bhs h»d bwn Cre monthi labonoff nnder tho d»n- gwoos symptoms of Consumption, from which DO aid •• oould pmrnr* an her much r»H«f. gha wai ««*1I1T hfl. ln«, nntfl Dr. Strong, of thl. etty, wh«n w. han »m« to, sdTlos, recoonuodcd a Dial of yoor madldn*. W> bl«, Us kindnen, a> we do your ikill ; tor ib» ha< rMoTm.1 (rom that day. Bh« li not j>t u ttronj u ibn umj to b*, bnt Is f«» (ro*B h«r oough, and calls h*n»lf wnll Tovn with gratitude and rveard, ORLANDO SHELBY, or BUUTTUXS Qmiumptives, do not o«pair UU you haw trl«d Arn't Omai PmosLii. It Is mads by on. af th. bx*t ehsmistz U th* world, and It. TOTM all aronnd ni th, hif h mtriti of Its Tirtn*s. — Ptalodtiplua Ltdgc Ayer's Cathartic Pills. rpflB sdenoa* of Chmlstry aod llcdicUe haT« b*»o A taxed their utmort to prodoe* tkis b«t, mc*t p^fect porgatlr. whicU u known to man. Innamermble proofii ar* shown that th*» POLS ban vtfata** which rarpaa In sxcaUan** th* ordinary mwUdnv, and that th.y »la an Bwcedantolly upon th* sitom of ill mm. Th.yar.iaSi and pleuaat to tak*, bnt pow.rful to cure. Tholr pen* tratinf propertiM stimulate th* rital artlTttkaof th. bodj ramor* th* obstructions of its organa, purify tha blood, and sxpel dls«M. Th»y purg« out th* tool humon which breed and grow distemper, nimnimt* ilugglsh or dljor d*nd organs into than- natural actfan, and Impart health; ton* with strength to th* whol. 1711.01. Not only do Uuy Cttr« th* >T«T7-day oompiainta of »rwy body, bat al*o IbrmldabKi and dang*roua dJj«*M* that bar* baffled th* bait of human ikllL Wnil. th.y prodoc* poworthl tffecu, th*y an at th* tarn* tim*. In dlmuilah*d dara, th. •afcrt and best phyaio that can b. *mplc7»d far children. Bdng sugar-t^tol tb^r ar. pl*asauit to tak.; ud bring pur»ly Tagarable, ar* tr». from any risk of harm. Cora. hare tmn mad* which surpaa, UlUrf war* tb»y net rab- itantlatod by man of rach oialtod poaitioo and ehar»«j» as to fcrbld th* insplcion of nntrutk. Many .minenl dngymen and phyiidani bar* lent their ntnei to «rtir> to th* pnblie th* reliability *f ray ram«liM, whil. othm bar* aunt ms th* assorue* of th*fa- tcarlrtlon that mj Preparations eontrfbut* Imm.nnly to th* relief of mj aflUctcd, suflwing <*Oow-in*a. „ Th* Agent b*lew named la ptoaatd to romiah jrmtii mj American A hnana*, containing dlnettora tor BM and ontincatos of their cnrm, of th* following complalnti - OortiT«neas, Batons CompUmts, RbTOmatlam, Drop«, Haartbnrn, Headacli* arlitng from a fcul itomacb Nausea, IndlzMtion, Morbid Inaction of th. &->-«!• >od PaJn arising tnerafrom. natnieoey, Loa of Appetlu, all Ulcer- ons and Cutajuoua Ditrssn which raquin an «»«-timnl medicln*, Scrofnla or Klnj'i BrlL They aim, by pnrlf. Ing th* blood and •UmnUtlBg lha syrtem, cur* manj eompUints which It wrmld no4 b* inpjn«ed they could reach, snch as lwafn«*. Partial BlladneaB. NraralKia and JJarroa* IrriUWlity, Dvangnmsnti of tha UTCT and Kid n«7s, (loot, and other kindnd eompialnta aiblng frnn • low Mato of th* body or obstrnctloo of. Ita function* Do not b* pot off by m>prlndpl*d deal*rs with *ame other pill they mak* mor. profit on. Aik fcir Aim's Pnu, and tek* nothlnj •!•». No oth«r tbej can el»yon compares with thii In Ita Intriaalc Tain, or mr«ti»e powera. Tha lick want th* beat aid th«r» la fcr them, and th*y ihonld have It. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER, Prutleal and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Has*. Paxes 95 Cn. pva Box. Fm Bozo roa ) i . BOLD BT JOHN RICK, Milwaukee J. H. REED *OO_,Chlc»eo. »n,l A; ---town tn the Dnlted gt*.toi. r:Mr- D& HOOFLANB'S GERMAN BITTERS, AKD DR. HOOFLAIVD'S BALSAMIC CORDIAI,, The yreat standard medicines of the present aye, have acifairtd their yreat popularity only through yeari of trial. Unbounded satisfaction 13 rendered by them in all sates; and the ptople have pronounced them worthy. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Janndice, Debility of the Nervous System, Diseases of the Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a, duordcrc-J liver or ictaknea of the stomach and digestive organs, are speedily and permanently cured by the GERMAN BITTEHS. The Balsamic Cordial has acquired i reputation surpassing that of any similar pr-- paration extant, ft will cure, WITHOUT KAIL, tht most severe and lony-standing Cough, Cold, or Hoarsenesa, Bronchitis, Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and has performed tha most aitontihiny ,-iir'i ever known of Confirmed Consumption. A few doses will also at once check ami cure tha most severe Dlarrhc&a pru<-teiiin<j from CULU i\ THE BOWEL* These medicines are prepared ,/y L>-r I' \[ JACKSON A Co., .\'o-. 4H Arrh Str-et. P^ii.! delphiii, /^i/., and art soUl by druggists i'\d dealers tn medicines "veryicfier', <t£ 7o -~T,>* per boitU. The signature uf (' Vf J«I-K-I«V will be on the outside wrappfr *jf tiicfi bottlt l'i the ALmtinac published tinnua//;/ ^/ -,W proprietor!, Called EyEHTBoDT'i ALM\X. . t/uu tcill find tesfimony and ••umrnm<jaf'fr>f notices from al. parts of the country T' l i«st Almanacs arc tftvtn aicay by all our it/enu BISCOVEEY OF THE AGE M JI. m * >• 1 •> -,( A - • ] y SHE i . 1 1 r H I \ V ! G OK A TO K I'I.'M' \ •:;-'!' KY I)K. - \N," .i , ' ijiiin-lv 1 . M' «f.rr -»J*w KUTTaKK. J WOULD call the attei.llon of Fma,,||e» to mj j tlor/s o DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. n " '•'•' r.* lit,- J., •!!&•• 1'^ \ BiLii*«L* .' -TU.-H *,i I' I !.*.>. i. \\" 1 li i. A T M t N J' V (o!ifi<kij(i,i| T Ifie liua»!o I'riVtle H. •<(,!!.,. you iff - State of Wisconsin, to Jacob Half: plaint, on the subscriber, ^^&'SSS£Z^^&™£ auf £ J?1tS y •"^SS'tSSaSgs ^^KasUfaWa^sssctt J^» Mt«n .one hundredth* (16100) ofSYwreSf looRiasoio OowAxr, je*-lawtt CIECClt OOtTEj Hllwauk« Oool >, Jrsia 10rB—Propeller Ouya- hoga, llarsden, Chicago; Propeller Puts! urg, Beckwith; from Milwaukee, 650 bbls Door, 100 bdl. rag,, 8 kegs bntter; Prop. Hohaw, Pheatt, Milwaukee, 1 TS9 libls flour, 869 Ude.; 21 bbls snndiles; 6.v.acks ragi. OujiXsai nunt BOT» A LO, lOra _Schooner Oeo. W. Holt, UcOaw, Mllwauket. he?*iTr!!f»f TAT '*^ tl "" 1 * 8 " iSaB — Thta " el " D « made Meadt cam?? 0 ' •° U '' barbor resterday. Captain com- at their office. In said c.ty within twenty days »fter the nervlce of this summoni' on you, exclusive of tb« day of >nob service ; and If yon fail to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will apply to the Court for .be relief demanded In the complaint Dated May 16, 18S9. m»y22-law8w BODE 4 PAINE, Plaintiff's Attorneys, Jill. [New. Maa Losi^-The schooner Bmnuel Hale, from Oconto reports baring lost a man .overboard, on the firs' of June, offKotth Point. Hi, name was George Hardy b s age WM 26years, and he leave* a wife and two chll' dren. 'lllard, PlainUff, against M •old, _, .vBBon, !reerick MneBeTt flldnlv 8hepar4»ndAuputtt«ftWood,Def.ndanS! y SSy °yfwWBain, to the above Bajned defendants •TOO AM hereby Summoned and required^toTn! lli S*^ t '*! *W» ««iO'>..wliK!h i. filed «01erk of theOlruUt 'ooun, for the Im ftt their office, ' — - jciV i ex- BY TELEGRAPH. New ifork Market. N*r Toss, Jane 18. 464] SUEKIFF'S SALE. STATE Of WISCONSIN', I Oircuit Court, Milwaukee Co f Christian Wlnsenrled, Johannes SchmuU, Frederick Schmotiand Ohrlstlan 8chn>uti. Joseph B. Treat, James W. giearns, Benjamin t Stiles The President of th» Farm, r» * Miller,' Bank, Sex. ter B. Brltton, K. W., Horace H. Freeman and Elisabeth, his wife, Caleb H. Patterson and — Patterson, his wife. Judgment Foreclosure. I N vlrtne of and pnrsnant to a judgment rendered In said Court, In the abort entitled action, dated March 6,18o», 1 «hall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office on the corner of Wisconsin and Milwaukee streets, In the Oity of Milwaukee, on Sat. - — "- - of September,u£ or Mil- at the hour of 8 T. u., of that day the following described mortgaged premises or so muchjthereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said Judgment, Interest smu costs, together with expenses of sale!to wit: "The south .mat quarter of section number flf- teen |1&J, tn township cumber leren [I], north of range number twenty-one iSMeast, excepting nineteen and M-100 acre heretofore sold by Christian Winieorled and wife to Thomas M Rldd'e; said premises being situate tn Mlivau- k«e Count; and State of Wisconsin." Dated Snertff's Office, Ullwankre, March 10,1859 *-SM" a »»«»o, I A.J. LANGWOBTHS, Pl'ifs Att'y. ( sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wis. mariO-lamem-last «wlaw HUTTKK. 1 am dally reerlrlng by Eipress, choice lots of Ilutiw from th<. best Dairies lo Ihe Btal^, which for quality and flat or l« uosnrpassed. Prices always to currra- pood with the "market rules," aod quality «-nrranl«d Orders sulirlu-d and ifrot to all pirtj of th« cltj free JOHN W. bEDY ABO, Grocer a'd Wloe Dealer m «>' 28 UI East Watfr ttrett. St. Louis Sugar inured Hams J AM cor.nantly receirmfT a.upply of thost celebrated Hams, thf bp«t In theUi ittd States. Those who lore good things tn m} line would do well to call and examine my stock. JOBS W. LKDTABD, Brocer and WITC Dealer, "a*/ 48 161 JSast Water slrret. HOUSKi TO KJiN'l'. W E have sereral Hrlck and Frame UOUSCM to rent exc«edini.'ly cheap. We have for Bile a vast quantity of Beat Kstate. consisting «1 Hou-es and Lou, Improved ao<l Unimproved Farms of every s>xe to suit purchacera, School Laods carefully selected at an • rly day. Time will be (riven for part of ihe pnrchaie money, clear titles aod warrantee deeda. GitGOSY A CO.. J' 3 284 Ea«t \Vaierst. AMERICAN CORNE~fBANDT IB NOW READY TO FUBN18H ANY ^ Dumber of Instruments, from one to . for Balls. Parties, Pi , Ac., Ar,, at reasonable ram. Apply or address American Cornet Baud, or at Hennated'* Mmslc Store, ITa. Kant Wai>r st je4 «M> • Mtstsaandall j ££8^^^%*8&" 3x?u3&&.°3&i ?IS™% 0 * O «K; Hudson OSWESO MAEKET. • Dinr», ! " OiWJOO, June 1?, 8*4] SHEKlfF'S SALE. STATE OP WISOONBIS, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. f James F.mott, against •m,. B er ^ K S m f Roed ' BenDen *• I * nb i Hlr«ia Farmer, The Globe Bank, Ida Jane lewis, executor and Ephralm Mariner, and John J? oTton; ex"d 0 /^ 1 ^ 1 U1 rT 1 'estament of I?li." :-'te2I??'.,^ I ft» L ^'.:s»«b Mwis, FV , **»«d otheruntoown deccaasd, and ichabod Bmlth. tie a judgmeBt rendered In enl "ledaStion, dated March expose lor sale and MBa^t Public Auction, at the PosW>ffloe, in the Olt, oflttwaukie. on Saturday, the 2nd day of Jniw 18W, at thehoir of «>.,,., ofuSt day* thl tof- lowlng described premises, 10 w,i : *' w "The south half of lot numbered nine (»). In block numbered Ihlrtj, seven (3T>, In Third Ward, of the City of ill! *..akee, County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin." Dated BherUTB Office, M>l» aukce, March 1»: 18». WHOL.KSA1.I. PAPER WAREHOUS^I llaiii'ord, Blackinarr<& Co.. (LATC HABBI80M, HASFORD & OO.) Connected with HAKKISON, HANb'OKD & CO.. aiANUrAOTUBEBS, OUTASOOA FALLB, r,U!O. FT AVE opened at5 Albany Block, Michigan street, op MJL poslte Newhall Honsej a large stock of Boot, Neva, Cover, Colored aud Envelope Paperi Atw, Ledger Paper*, flat Cops, folio Pott, Utttr and Jfot* Paper*, Which will be >old very low.- Constant additions wli be Dad,-to the st«ck to meet the wants of the trade. !•» ^Inters and others are Invited to call and «• amlne our stork and prlrms!. aprlO DEiLIE II Domestic Exchange and Specie. T^, h |?!l e ' tr J^',? 1 " 11 '^ Sl klBd3 ° f OoWand 811, Coin and BnUlon. owM p*'' i de * ta f ln 8 P«ele and Exchange m^ en1»t qpHUU JAPOHIOA, 80 tnn. for sal* by feb» i - . O. HAJUUN6MOH, ", - *t 8 cents, per ion law NO. 62; L. beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to Dr. Chas. H'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and LiverPills. We do not recommend them as universal Cure-alls, but simply foi what their name purports, viz.: THE VERMIFTGE, For expelling Worms from ths human system. It has also beer, administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animal.' subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of LIVER COM PL A i NTS. all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make i speedy arid permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, and never known to fail when administered in accordance with tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty I ears, and; they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc rheir manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's ~ . .if ii,d *I»Lur!l,)Y by Ur , N V utbrr, • ,, • P r ,( \1^ i, A MuM pLlK.M'IV.C IN\E\TlM* • 'ruu.»[.i i r he i'ur- .1 (»t-o t.*. I» fii f iij,.^. ,.-i>.t, ->\.T<? ;.r -ii^rly K^nwn 1" TAKK E c .:: .,/ ii« A IMS!! •tl( UJ->T DiADI • T HI rn b) Kin«;s DJ- r » ! . K' I H - , i ' K H v, 4 f.A I" I" I M r A.' • K H i , 'I it by niriu cv^r n.,--. t-u I.. or any .MIC »•;» ^f '..- e , e cret fainit ,,( y, u ,h ' -t N t ' K ,N A > A CCRK Dr, U.e »U<QU,MI -i a.itt.ii, »cd :it- bu-.j in rmdvr anrl .fratt-fully tjiiiplasi AMOS Jt .«O.V have devoUftl thei eiy lo tt\-,& peculiar class .,1 ru \tiry la.- oi>n tMjuenlly bt-en . n. leh-.w' creatures, is TuUy i^tldei ACliii..wir.l^e«l (jy cf.Q vairaceot p.-il.r-tUa »QI! ,tfi,- • laiijr *rr;vin^ m i.iwn from tii par. a af the coumry t ,h.' .xpre?a tmrpu^c^ouly of consultaiions, while thf ir.xcrti«iu.i Lave i-ern .'rownoil wuh UM- num ^i^oal *. vant.t«e*,, y t -t from vhiU they have e^tper en.-t-.l n - '}u:rui^ tuti il>c causes i>| lUuae ,uf e ci.'.«i» , ^iruin liifir m-tft sinnilt- conditioa Ui Ui«i iU'.|ten>ua ai.u inveteraiv.) Jiey h .vt- ..i la., r-1 ih«- p. tui.»ililjr nl iheir prvTcnti..i. .ir, ;it.,t ,;kt:wis^ invsirtaMy found that thf nit aa-i iL.i.lKuani r-<rms .1! Uineast! Coulij aimoit b<- ruceo tn one m tht- foI.owinK '•antes DrirU-ct, • r ttir ul vtlt-cu of un-fhillfui *n.l tivatin.ut. ih.rt.for-, ua. Aiios 4 So* r t ,t . « m luA^'T.^!!:^, in ti.e *el«ctuin of thrtr r safe, elleiJLuai aiiU L-amjous .-uursc; "tijilt.. bvcsxiioiv of r^iue»iie» whtcit t-ear an e<]ulvoc ter, AJ wt-ll is iiiMae W(H.»L: prematur? T .Djut I uf Tllr. THH ^ \ r i .-< i.M' U.i 1 \ K > i the I jn 'a of j.,ri ?;.tr ble -:u<l of Uic.r rt-n ouijis of liumao tu.B pr«veulion ui ihu*e iiitJivuinal.*. jilica is tne In »p- AU.!:I- i u-f >iii,i are ir_ Pers IIH in .1 n y : :*rt of t;.o ire;*!.., I oy f. rw ua.u« a curr^t . with « reinitt.ui,;*- for MV.icincs, Ac. Address Or. AMOS A riON, corner Mam an I gu-i atreet.ftmraio. N. V j*u7-.Uw|y 11 l' ii v k.-.-ll Ar..- 1 '.Hi. - I'KKV ?..N'! ^ 1 ;> PlllCV.NTl 1 r> t'ltj' V ....NT:* I V? • I M it ,-i • It V . .{ rf • ry hy iht- a.Mrvta grievous AltttctiM rcaliey th« .-ccrt-t i...- ( .f ||f e , and wh'c extensivety norrouiui us, ..-all alourl lo laterfcrencr; 111 thur extermination. may t .iKi Tli • STREET, aearly opposite the 1 c'ustotp _, FOR TABLifi*; good order and qojlte new, brated Vermifuge and Liver Pills shall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great remedies of the day, they •vill continue to spare neither time in procuring the Best NAJ.E- STVTE OF WISCONSIN, 1 'Jlrcur Court, ftlilTraulcee Comity. ( fiJu t -> Shrpar.1, sgaliut iJhrtst:jri Ucnry Meyer, » E d Mar K »rel, his «lfo, Jam« 8. Br n-n, Davt.. (t. Power, Edwunl Huse, Willum P. JK-ml, Neljon W c h ler, Charles A. Korffler Detruer »'«o ImcK, B. Kodjia and A. W.Qrtiwoi,] Admlnl'trators of u,o estata of John C. LeRiiy, Jf ceased, Onnand T. Crane, Ubmrlo t. Bode, Admtnis trator of the ,suite of Char.'es Q. gchre-ner, Ueccas ed, James W. Areiell and Hei man Q. C. Kemper I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered ID said Court ID the above catltledactlon^dated Farirua- ry 8, \S5t, I shall expose for sale ami sell at Public .luc- tlon, at the Post-Offlce, In Uie City of Milwaukee, on .Saturday, the 0(b day of Jwl», l-M, at the hour of 3 p. »., of tbat dav, the lollowmg da- seriled mortpage.! prtmlsta or so much ihcreof aa may be necessary to raise the amount o( said udpraeDt, interest and costs, toifBlhe,- »nh the expenses of salt, to wit: U~l,ot number sixteen <16") anil the cast half of lut number fifteen (15), la block forty-flvt* (45), In the Second Ward of the City of Milwaukee, being on Tamarack utrett, between Fifth i,nd Sixth itrnpts, all to Ihe County of Mitw ukee and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff's Office Milwaukee, April 9, 1S59. A. J. LAN.,IVOBTUY, Sheriff Milwaukee Co., Wis. Til K >i. u.l' KiinM rilK M'\LI' K1MM ll.i. 111,si. |.'.!...•< .-"ULD ilT >I.L UK! .,l,!.ST-i HOLD HY ALL OKLl,MMT:i ."OLD BY U L L-Kl.llt-Jl.HT.-. 1U MAIIK» r ST., 4MLI 11Y u A.NI> 111' 'I. A sll BY 1. AM) HV >1 1.1)1 I.-. Wu .,, .» 1)4 3T . ,<T Lo .. 114 MABJiiT ST.. ST. LOUIS. AM) .1| AND J UI.I..\VAY. 11-' HltUAU'.V \y_ ' OOOl SAI.r (New. I t j. f John JTIarqiii.1. Architect, JUNEAU, BLOCK, Q ,. URVKKltNOES; material, and compound them in the 'most thorough manner. - Address all orders to P.8. •baa Hem UsttncUr, nmm BROS, f«"? ««"«• \ STATE OP WISCONSIN, Ulrcalt Court. Milwaukee Coun Jatnes S. Brown, Joihua Hathaway »cj Thomas L. Ogden, * against A. Patterson Smith aniUAlfTed Edwards. Foreclosure. I N virtue of and pursuant (o a judgment rendered In slid Court. In the above entitled action, a-teil March 17, 1S59, I shall esposefBr sale and sell at Public AncUon, »t thn Post 0»ce, In the elty of Mllwsuk.-o on .Saturday, the S& day of July, isco, at the hourof 2 P. H. of that day, the following ; described uiortgafTtd premises, or so ranch thereof as may bene- ceuarv to raise the amount of said judgment, Interest and costs, together with the expenses; or sale, to wit • "Block number twenty-eight (38), ot Clark'sj "addition, In the Eighth Ward, of the city of Milwaukee and county of Milwaukee, an«I State of Wisconsin.' . ; Dated Sheriffs Office, Hl!#sukw, April ijt, ijjjj. DAVID B, OODsa, i -A-J-LANOWORTHV, | gherlff MIL Ce,, Wis. ' „. Hi* l«ast 13 retails f 4'J ]>rr , el uni, tn ,l )B i a j|. the inmll '.„,„.» orone ,,„,„„ ( ,er h..ul^ t,,, ,,, 'my percent. m.)r» u, ,,r ..... >,u,,,, ; .r tw-., dollars ucr i,..itu. ; „,- ,.r« >.nt. tuory IQ ;.n>[,(irtt,.u, <n,l rv r «:t,»l . ' O. J. WOOD.* Oil, P.-O,,, „.,.,„, Ynrli, i,m DIP «real N. V Wire It.u mil 114 llarkee «., St. Lou,a, Jlo ^<»W by C. UARMNttTON aiiJ »n,l J-MOJ Ooods Doaiers. S 1 O H T K J N OR. P. A. C A DWELL, Pnnuerly of Toronto, 0. \V. t now of Chicago, ill., the eminent *nd akillAil nperstor' .»n ;ho Elf E VND F.Alt No. 93 Randolph, corner of Dearborn itrcet l« worlrtepr miracles In the way of restorlntr LOST S/OffT AND HRARMQ Opwarda o( TWO HUNDRED have been rece!T«l by Or C. i? thin the last four Te ei9, many of whom havo been Wind for months end yi-ar«. h»vi» Imd their tight restored Instant!? by .leiifate. and ,.»•••»—•. • , while others, »ho h»v« been lag' rers from disease, nave been miraculously cured t>y mlM unij nntla treat- ent. The best prouf u to how Dr. t!.'s lervtne* srs sppre- _ J», lie U ctslly rQCelTlnR new patients from all pans of the country, and illsmljsing, u cunal bis early received casnt. f oFte \3 required for an etimlnatlon or opinion. (o ClLUas for services that are not tucftsiiful aa wtli le statwl when the patlentjsj reoelTed. Dr. OadweB*! tob« had gratii on ap- febSOHlAirtm -3 '— ~- ^

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