The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 6, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1894
Page 5
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4. .,. ALdOlf A, J»WA, * Jtfirfce, .»J roMHH*,***—*. The Show That Has Made all America Talk, -+Coming Back to Algona, Friday, June 15th,*- Towering like a Oolosmis above all others, and now beyond all comparison, the Largest Grandest and Best Exhibition on Earth. MAUOMAN HIPPODROME EUROPEAN AERIALISTS, GYMNASTS, ACROBATS, RIDERS and Arenic Specialists of every description, ever exhibited in any Country. GLORIOUS REVIVAL of the CIRCUS MAXIMUS Terrific Gladiatorial Combats. Absorbing Trials of Strength and Endurance, Grand Gala Day Sports and Spectacles. 2 and 4-HORSE CHARIOT RACES, Standing Races, Jockey Eaces, With Lady and Gentlemen Riders; Novel Elephant and Camel Races 1 , child-delighting Pony Races with Monkey riders, Laughable Donkey Races with Clown drivers; and other Exciting Racing Contests. CAESAR'S TRIUMPHAL ENTRY INTO ROME A Glittering; Dazzlln* Mctureof Oputance and Splendor! A Panorama of the Undying Olorlet. of the Roman Empire! One Glorious Incident In a World of Dazzling Features! Fortunes Expended in one Surpassing Pageant! MORE HIGH-SALARIED PERFORMERS AND MORE NOVEL FEATURES Than any Two Other Shows, All Exhibited under the Largest Tents Ever Constructed. LUND IN The Strongest Man in the World ^^"^ ^^ •!• ,^ ^^ M. M. ^ y Lifts 3,500 Pounds with ease; supports a platform containing 20 men. The Wonder of the Age. Miss JOSIE ASHTON Equestrienne Queen of the Arena. Direct from the Leading Circuses of Europe. Akimoto's Troupe of Japanese Equilibrists Princely Entertainers to the Imperial Court of the Mikado.—Now Seen for the First Time on the Western Continent. MIKE RODNEY America's "Youngest and Greatest Somersault Rider. Positively without a rival. HERMANN BROTHERS Emperors of the Plying Trapeze; Throwing Double Somersaults while Swinging from Bar to Bar,,at Dizzy Heights. MOST COMPLETE ZOOLOGICAL COLLECTION IN THE WORLD, Prince Chaldean, Magnificent Long-Maned Percheron Stallion: Mammoth Bi- Hornod Gnu; One Hundred Dens of Rare, Wild Beasts; Schools of Educated Goats nad Ponies; Mirth-Making Porcine Circus; High-Bred Horses in Astounding Drills; Double Herds of Ponderous, Performing, Dancing and Clown Elephants. WILL POSITIVELY EXHIBIT IN ..... LARGEST LIVING GIRAFFE The Tallest Beast that Breathes. Stands full 18 feet in height. ONLY ONE IN AMERICA. MONSTER HIPPOPOTAMUS Blood-Sweating Behemoth of the Nile . -Weighs four tons. The Mightiest Amphibian on Earth. Famous French Five in Number Europe's Most Celebrated Quintette of Acrobats. Especially Imported for Ringling Bros.' Shows. Their First and Only Season in America. Free Daily Pageant of Glittering Splendor The Procession leaves the Show Grounds promptly at 10 o'clock on the morning of the exhibition. It is over a mile in length. Ten of the Magnificently Carved arid Decorated Dens of Performing Wild Animals are exhibited Free and open upon the streets. Ten Kinds of Music, Including MOSCOW'S SILVER CHIMES and a MAMMOTH STEAM CALLIOPE, make the air merry with melody. No Postponement n account of weather. The Procession moves, Bain or Shine. Two Complete Performances Daily; Afternoon at 2, Night at 8. V .DOORS OPEN ONE HOUR EARLIER. ONE 50-CENT TICKET ADMITS TO ALL THE COMBINED SHOWS. Children under 12 years, half price. Special Excursion Hates ,011 all Eailroads. AEGONA REPUBLICAN To the Public: We beg to direct your particular attention t© the fac't that we are closing out our entire stock regardless of cost or value, Mr. Arenberg is going to withdraw from the business; on account of sickness in his family he is obliged to sell out hip interest and take charge of their business in DesMoipes, This is positively a fact; we are compelled to throw the stock on the market and sell it at a sacrifice, He- member, we offer our entire new stock, bought this spring for this tracle, and we want you to take advantage of this oppor- tTOty, especially when you >pan A LGoifA, IOWA, JUNE 6, 1894. mendous reductions, Come and be convinced ,, Sellim yi f'i t LOCAL MATTERS. Mrs,'J. J. Wilson is just home from a visit to Emmetsburg. Chester Call came home from Grinnell ,the last of the w ; eek. The Rahm postoffice has been discontinued for the second time. It was not needed. Any of the ladies failing to get their dishes from the Rink are notified to call on Mrs. Setchell. A. E. Howland, formerly our representative in the legislature, attended the celebration yesterday. Attorney J. W. Sullivan was at Mankato, Minn., last week, attending to important legal business. The invitations are out for the wedding of Chas. A. Palmer and Mrs. Nellie Hall Palmer to-morrow night. Secretary of State Me Farland is reported as having been engaged as the Fourth of July orator at Mason City. Mrs. John Goeders left' Monday for Colorado Springs,* taking her brother, of Liverjnore, out there for his health, Geo, C, Call is giving some little attention to the work of repapering his residence, the improvement being very satisf a ctory, Austin W, Creed is now acting as express agent between Eagle Grove and Lake Cbrystal> Minn,, going through Algona every day, C, B, Matson has a new cabinet for papers, that was presented tp him the other day by the general agent of one of his insurance companies, • One of the finest bands in this part of the country is the E.mmetsburg Kid Band, It was the recipient of many compliments yesterday) and all pjthem deserved. The Algoaa Tub Factory, is doing a rushing business these days. The majority Q f the creamery supplies of "Northwestern Jpwa is purchased here. SpurbeQk is on the road part of Reed as the speaker. The probability is that the first named will he secured; H. A. Paine has upwards of 500 tons of baled hay in his barn at the Northwestern depot, which he is holding for better prices. The hay Avas baled last fall and winter and is all choice hay, and, Mr. Paine expects to realize a fancy price. < '.. Charley Bossingham drove up in the north part of the county Monday, and soon after putting up for the night one of his horses was taken sick and died before morning. He rode home on the other horse yesterday, and now that is sick. It is a strange case. The Social Union Friday evening will listen to a paper on Kindergarten history by Miss Cramer, one on Historic Ornaments by Miss Coan, an original recitation by J. J. Ryan, a German song by J. T. Chrischilles, a United States song by Miss Zoa Wartman and a chorus by a class of children. Cashier' Wm, Ferguson, of the First National Bank, got off on his projected eastern trip last week. He will make an extended stay. Mrs. Ferguson and little son Arthur, bad preceded her husband several days and the family went east from Chicago together. As reported in our Bancroft department last week, Geo. Hohn has established himself jn the restaurant business at Bancroft. The Bancroft people can depend upon it that George is all right, He was a typo in the REPTJB' WOAN office for several years and has been under proper influence, ' The lodge of United "Workmen is increasing rapidly in membership this season, It began the season with 14 members and now it has 45, When a man jpins this order he adds $2,000 'tp the value of his estate, as that amountis paid by the grand lodge at his death to his heirs or whoever be ,may name in bis —'-— Al£ Chapin drove put into the coun, try Friday evening, tp the sqbPPj of his girl, tp bring her, home, As, they ed, 'town the »ag slowed up, ' pa, jBjtumpjea m<* *eu». Alter aisengag* $$jjgf a$$ffi M^i?iiMxl& |rs, who, W(fM!f,wnw »**»» *vH*m *»» dead ,attfl.rcli§4 dPWAtbe tewfe^ .The .Farley Wa.x Wp,r,kj* @xhl T , T ,. Jiven Thursday ffwwngjrt. Call's Q r era #ppe m$w the dirgetjpjf pj Miaa out of the county jail, and the fact that they did not carry out their design was due more to a good sheriff than a good jail. Sheriff Samson is entitled to great praise for the vigilant watch which he kepf over these men. Bui few officers wquld or could have held them in such an abominably poor jail The men are in for two years. There was a large attendance at. the Congregational church Thursday evening, on the occasion of the annual pew renting. The amount realized up to yesterday was $1,447.50. The record is the best in the history of the society. $1,600 will probably be approximated. The society raised $1,550 from that source last year, Or $100 aboye expenses. The Des Moines News tells of a bicycle race in that city on the 30th, in which A, B. Edmonds, of Algona, won the first prize. The ground covered was from West Fourth street to the State Fair grounds and return, the distance wheeled being nine and one- half miles. The time made by Edmonds was 25:44 minutes, and that of Moore, who gave him the closest rub, was 25:55. It was a very pretty race, and tested the stuff of which the men were made, Mr, Edmonds seems tp ba keeping his lead as a champion wheelman, - One bf the important coming events in Algona will be the celebration of St, John's .Day, by the Masonic fraternity. This celebration will como June 26tb, and the lodges participating in it will be those on the Milwaukee road from Mason City on the east, to Sheldon on the west, and including the Bancroft, Eagle Grove, Spirit JJake, Mjjford, and other Jpdges off the road. It is proposed tp celebrate on a scale not hitherto attempted, and the day will be one of the great days of the season for Algona..; The dedication of rhe Algona Catholic church came off as announced, on Wednefd&y last, There were about twenty^flye priests from abroad in at* tendan$>; The dedication service prop* er wa§V'conducted in front'-of -the church ^edifice by Pean Carolan, of Mason JjQlty, At tbeir conclusion the lAt TAYLOR'S Night Gowns -AND- Shirt Waists, I 2O CUT OUT ': -: <>lp , ^y; .•->$ ::= .&* •^ ^^^ "— ^"^ •-•" •*! ' ^^ ^""^ ^^ " p^ *"* "• "vys!*!* Those of our readers who improved the opportunity of attending ths ^ i%l WORLD'S FAIR ul last laud matters in DB> that though was Jppfc .' ~t'ir -n™ *i^lSfE.&». ) . • Vi . VV /'. f, 1V n M&$®w$m ti&9tewm \tnnvana\fVanftaaan infct n!n/» 1f>, m^m* packed with worshippers and a &e.iyice ^a.s led by Rev. Father A large audience will always remember it as one of the grandest privileges of tbelr lives, The Peristyle, The Court of Honor. The Golden Statue ofttie Republic, Administration's Beauteous Temple. The Collossal Manufactures Building, Transportation's Golden Doorway, " 1 .Wealth ot Orientalism, WHO PAH lyiiToRBET THEM? .ii* < 3 1^*4 ^^WT^JP^^^^pP^^ 1 -* 1 1, ^ , * ^^M^S^^Wu^^; : 5 Kt^i ilvvx*^.'TiVnVV' 1 *' 1 ' 1 '' n iln'&'AX i ««^'*.''' Vi-'ie'? -:,'>1 " »any <**nt ^fW** SJ"T, -«T'>*'^0»# { >'Wto;iin9 MQ«ffirBi'.W' HA ! -jfflmit/ii. T ?fllM T«:ni»UwsKi -> - ^TiwjOTjunKiBW r-* »u^ *!*•»? »*,J1R^B« J . *M*!B ' teapSJd^to^i' 1A 'ynnivsi'ri/rmniMma >manti/%n! vf^SMem^^.V^fs^ SAVE THIS COUPON. ,:^|tS " •$$ •Xs-a It epntafns gome rYp an v *.£'* '1^ §r§.an<l Mftwys ge^t yepy« 1 »PMffi9 jfpato ana gras '.A K* .'n<\', *ypA

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