The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 2
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World Briefs UN loader completes trip DAMASCUS. Syria (AP) - UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim wound up a six day trip to the Middle East today, saying he was optimistic that the mandate for U.N. peacekeeping troops on the Golan Heights would be renewed "In light of what I heard from Syrian President Hafez Assad, I am hopeful now that we will be able to reach a solution," Waldheim said as he left for an airport meeting with King Hussein of Jordan before flying on to New York Airliner collision avoided DETROIT (AP) — Quick action by an American Airlines pilot Wednesday night prevented the mid-air collision of two huge jetliners between Chicago and Detroit, officials said. Twenty-four persons It passengers and 10 stewardesses were shghth injured aboard American Flight 182 when tin' plane swerved violently to avoid a collision with a Trans World Airlines Tri-Star. but only four remained hospitalized today. One brush fire now surrounded LOS ANGKLKS (AP) - Exhausted fire fighters have almost surrounded one of two massive brush fires and hope the weather will help them put down the second fire. The two fires have charred more than 100 square miles of brush and timber in the Angeles National Forest north and east of here in the largest outbreak of brush fires in the nation this year. Houston youth held by police HOUSTON (AIM — A 16-year old boy was being held by authorities in connection with '.he strangulation death of an 8-year-old girl The body of Theresa Louise Pierce was found in a wooded area in northeast Harris County Wednesday Sheriff Detective Robert L. Minench said there was indication she had been sexually molested. Beirut fighting tappers off BKIRCT. Lebanon (AIM —Street fighlmg tapered in Lebanon's eight-month old civil war between Christians and Moslems today and only scattered gunfire was reported. The casualty toll was the lowest since the latest round of heavy fighting began last week. A cease-fire committee succeeded, at least temporarily, in minimizing the use of rockets and mortars through the night Sharif in world competition RIO OK JANKIRO. BRAZIL i.\IM — Actor Omar Sharif tries his hand at cards this week in an international bridge tournament. "Bridge is my passion." the Egyptian burn film star lold a news conference. Wednesday "Everybody should have a hobby, but when you iiave a hobby, you should be crazy about it." There are four other players, all Italians, on his team which will compete from Friday until Sunday against teams from Rio. Sao Paulo and Argentina "I'm now making only one movie pt?r year," Sharif, 43, told reporters. "1 found that 1 had no time to live a normal life when I had to make many movies." His latest? "An Ace Up My Sleeve " Actor breaks shoulder in fall SAN DIKGO (AIM — Actor Victor Buono is recovering from a broken shoulder bone sufferH when he slipped in the shower, friends say. The bone has failed to heal properly and. as a result, the Old Globe Theater has canceled plans to stage "The I.ast of the Marx Brothers' Writers" :n which Buono was to appear in January, the friends 'Busing' judge visits school BOSTON (AP) — W. Arthur Garrity Jr , the federal judge who ordered busing to integrate schools in South Boston, paid his first visit to a city school since his ruling more than a year ago He talked with teachers and students during a tour Wednesday of racially troubled South Boston High "The court," Garrily said of himself. "received total cooperation from everyone at the school, the staff, faculty, students, state police and everyone else." Astronaut meets with Peruvians LIMA. Peru (AIM — Astronaut James Los ell, a veteran of four space missions, meets today with Peruvian Gen. Francisco Morale* Berrnudez. the president, and will tx> honored as an "illustrious guest" of the city Lovell, his wife Marilyn, and their children Susan and Jeffrey plan to help promote a Peruvian youth group, "Acuario" that aids retarded children. i Turkeys are dumb birds \ LOU1.SVILLK. Ky. (AP) — His proper name in the i wild state is Meleagris gallopavo silvestris. Uit : you'll never hear anyone called tliat as an insult. The I turkey, which will be served up across the nation • today as the main course in meals of thanksgiving, is ; also the means by which many Americans insult I each other. "It could have something to do with the f: way the bird looks and the way it acts," said JJave ; Maurer, retired professor o/ linguistics at the I University of Louisville. "I've raised them and they • have to be taught to eat," he said. f ; No turkey today for vegetarians : ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Diners at the : Commonplace restaurant had all the trimmings but • no turkey this Thanksgiving Day. The menu at the i vegetarian restaurant was sweet potatoes, : cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. There also were • iiut-cheese balls bechamel, rice stuffing, homemade i wheat bread and wheat germ buns, date-walnut pie, : hot cider and two dozen varieties of tea. Signs on the wall asked customers to "please bus your own dishes •" At the Commonplace, patrons are welcomed in the kitchen to observe or help. Second cups cf tea are free. If anyone is lonely, the employees, 19 to 29, provide conversation as well as dinner. Prices for the main course with bread and (eg art* 11.25- If soup and salad are wanted, die meal costs $2.25. Diners are urged to bring musical instruments because the restaurant's phonograph is broken. S®#i8«(iS8i»i^^ California jury convicts Miss Frommf SACKAMENTO (AIM Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who dedicated her life to mass murderer Charles Manson, was found guilty of attempting to kill President Ford - a conviction which may send her to prison for life. The tiny red-haired Miss Fromme, who boycotted the verdict as she did much of her trial, was found guilty late Wednesday night by a jury of eight women mid four men which deliberated more than 19 hours Miss Fromme's attorney said he would appeal the conviction. Their verdict gave the 27-year-old Miss Fromme a notorious place in history as the first person ever convicted of attempting to assassinate a U.S. President. She was prosecuted under a special law enacted after the 1963 assassination of President John F, Kennedy. Miss Fromme, appearing pate and weary, spoke to U.S. District Court Judge Thomas J. MacBride before and after the verdict, but did not B*AZOS»»OJ»T confront her jurors. "You understand why I won't be here." she told the judge, apparently referring to her repeated refusal to attend her trial unless Manson was present. Slu % wore a green pants suit but clutched under her arm the flaming red hooded robe she had worn in honor of Manson. She wore a similar red outfit when she walked (o A park near the California Capitol on St'pt S, a pistol strapped to her leg under the flowing robe Wit' nesses at her Ihrw-week trial recalled how MU» Fromme calmly stepped from a crowd and pointed the ,45-valiber automatic pistol at Ford She was wrfstltniA the ground by Secret Service agents who ouoted her as shouting. "It didn't go off " Hut the trial's star witness, President Ford, whose testimony was rm>rd<xl on video-tape In Washington at the r«Hjuc»l of the defense, had a fu«y memory of DH« incident and couldn't say for sure whether he heard the gun trigger click an Miss Fromme took aim The weapon wax found (o contain four live bullets in its clip but none in the firing chamber Jurors, who were reported deadlocked for a time, apparently reached agreement only after long debate on whether Mi*» Fnimme really intended- to kill Ford or, as the defwuut contended, wa» merely wtkinj! attention for her cause a new trial for were solemn ax they delivered their verdict In a hushed courtroom Thent were g«»p» from INT spectator »«;tion a* th« word "guilty" wa» read by the judge'* clerk, Walter Flt/pa trick Then, at the r«jue»i of Jolui Vlrga, each juror wa» polled un wltftlwr he or »hf agreed on th* verdict Kach answered firmly, "yt-9 " After Jurors were The jurors, mostly middlfvaged and wmmm BffAZOSPOJtr ••• • The Facts ews eport FREEPOUT, TEXAS TMUUSOAT >.', llf» >•»*< . sunurtomtl back to t-ij«r< ami **' her Mrnlrtvcing fur !.)«' I'l Stiii »pukf out ()ri«?fl>% d^mflrxling a witnrM and <« tap* rf*:<irtk-f lt>f alt h*f f u en f i » a t to n « •* i t h >«U>ut Mrti-llfidr told rrfintng ITi* !4)ll'»l (<» (ST Frummi- t«i a t/p (<» !>;<• f(!a»in?u«i o! tvc wmUii «"> ahw!* her, > the MliV lettir lie fist Fresh look into Kennedy death urged WASHINGTON AP< Thf IWiJ UUO Eh* fir a <Vc?rtrrS5t to ;: .4.5 flf.rt £r M A ivc-a full s is tiirr«Jrd Kr-;.;T, tnv » iii.".ji * a.t '.rWJfSl SJ'xr flXAt'V i !"..;J15 al <nrr She sij MX? rrUtct;! (d "TaXc ;! death, (he t*M»'» tr.r" the* pl*n to •> < S >T.JI for '.hr ,S^n Kf i:>ynimi'.!«^" iletrflTHlir if Shcfr A KIUUIITKNK.U Yi)l NGSTKH, riRht. is comforted by ;i concerned fireman after .! i!rt-;is<' lire Wediu-iday caused extensive damagr to thi- l.ui'-. tvumi 1 ,<! Ha V. 'tnvui SI in Krc--|-«irt Mike M.ijilrs IL'. \v.i-. .11 hoir.o .ilmif when tu> (HI! .1 (MI; con Liming gri';Lsi- mi th<- (in 1 ID make vim-. 1 s<i.ip Own »vi;i '<> .HiutiiiT nxiiii 1:1 '.if iivu-.- 1 ihi 1 popping souwt I mm tin- M.i?ir;u uriMM 1 was mistaken for (,nr of his (>-'s Miki- tolii Fire nm.'f Murliii Str.iub ,>n<i .1 Fact* rrporl'T »Vh»-i; '),*• lad returned to the kitchen, it '*.is .it'Li.'r !>:>••: S'.;aii!> -.aid ?» kitchen ;tti:l UK- ifimr.i! ire <t*m.aij!f with i> *.»* U;** vvt?rt«.l jnjjj*"! o#H !fc«* t'.Fr fitfhti-rs .ir.swrni! IP, U-v. trun t*u UJUM !?•»• i-arUrr 'ifw •A.JI r»-t*irlf>! *t !.' T! ).< rn »f!«) an rix-|«»t>t pnrcti •>«(! Vtu-hrn -,^. «;«• JtAn Hi-?:r-. A!-.Ju<i Jr rvi<!« w MV '*»"> 'A >u.;h s' . -A.I-> •.<-•,>-rr*> I Jw {WJxfcr Their c orn n;rnt 3.1 a ftr-*K CUtljrf plivr Wr<!nc»f.Uy tn^ht '.ha! ') IIM (Is KHU sM \l I M at Wj{''*itW.itJti ' uu^ft! In i fs v f » ! i jj A '•. r n f •* F '>* ' t'rt)fi*rntn$ Juan Carlos installed Si>viint;. 'A.IA dxhi. ,i rrdrctifXi <4 'Ir-'.idfis «• tr-nt, the y>-ars ot Franco rule Hir <mipa- *frnlct|»»!!»! »,r. r«J at tht' cro*(l (rmu .1 rhuwil car Ingulf Uw church the lu^Xf^t Hjihrnnj; •>! tutfi^n in S(Mtn'.i histor;. '*,i'.rhi-(l .ti th«- <(uin h '. •<-. \ u.'fnti- Ktinijw ) no th.i- .il <irrhl>i>hop »' M.itlntl. I'c MAOiU!>. Spain AP> Flanked b> European rnyalti <iiii| three Common Market presidents. Kin»; Juan Carlo* rverived 'he htghi-sl blessmg of thi' Human c,-it)m!u Church a:id fhr cheers of tbouxiwis <>t cuuntrymrn N*L>) ;us Spam paid official homage to its M.-A Ie;i<ler .Shouts of "l^):ig Live Spam ' ami "Ijtitg Lur tlu 1 King gri.-1'li'fl tiu- 'f! >car-tiki monarch am! fm wife t^uo-i Sofi.i. .is they nxii- through the capital':* strt.x-t.s to Mass Holy .Spirit at the |i;ih cs-iitury Church of Las Jrronimi.'.s .ih»-a«) of a S-f.itol mv !br ,'rndt m*-i AIT- i'ii-M'!*.-i;! V^li-ry full military p,irude >i Fsl.niu! <>' France Wi-.t 'M-m-ir I'rr-^'l'-n! Thecfrerronv, one v*tfk after Ihf ifc-aih of tl «• natiim's W.ilti-r .Srfafi uinl IriNh I'rc-'iidrnt I'l-.irtiluil O<!,ilv(^ ( ,h autmTatir ItMikT, (<en h'lani-o. >'h>rl i*a- (lankt-il tr, !).*• Outu 1 .if K.l>!i'iur>th Hrit.un < rci! F,urorx.''s ww VH"* of Spam .unl lh<- king «. n-pri^entatistv .ind I'ruu •• II iinn-f >•'. Mufuro ! S X'ire en tu bfgin mtivmg Inward more democri'icy Presiifc-nt R'n'kfffllcr A a-, atx- ro'* li.irk Kt-nr,«}> cvirlrncr !.>u! nr* <Vvr!up«TirnU." Kuril *j>d K'ird H 5tiS!> > ni« i nt i i rajnr liurinjt .» *> inirsuti- ic-wicn in *hirn hr mitJiriict! (in [4,i!vi to ai'l NV-* to plot .nnassmalioni of forp»>£n IcaiVr* ami 14 ul hr wnulfl nil nominate A Supreme four! junticp until he r«:<urn^ from hi* trip to (Thirui |i>mi(niri:t .ii hi- Set! !>-,/• amrtfxww )(*' -.i:^ hr Thr Federal loans promised for stricken New York BUT IT SAVES MONEY BLACK BOOK EXPENSIVE A hs^txr jur> '* in 'luring (U'lyt h-ld rm^tl Vir hoped (hat lhr> fti (if ,-ivMuli inn tiw which c-uru-s A r.f 10 yr,ir* Mut | NEW VOKK i AIM -- President Ford jaspromised billions in federal loans for 5^W York City. City residents face *£h«r taxes. As a result on this Thanksgiving Day, the threat of city default has bct-n put off until 19/8. That's a big change from the crisis atmosphere of the past six months when default was around the corner every two weeks or so. Immediately following Ford's news conference Wednesday night, Mayor Abraham D Beanie said the help came only at the cost of much hardship to the city's eight million residents and he warned that the city's problems weren't over. He said the President's promise of federal loans of up to $2.3 billion in the current fiscal year and a like amount in each of the next two years only "marks a crucial turning point." Fords announceiiieiii Jid mark a change from his repeated stand that the city would have to save itself from bankruptcy without federal aid. In explaining hia decision to offer help, Ford said "New York has bailed itself out" and the federal loans would not cost taxpayers outside New York a single penny. He stated that steps taken by the city and the New York State Legislature in the past several days had actually erased n deficit that amounted to $3.85 billion for fiscal year ending June 1975. However, there is no state or city plan to eliminate the deficit that quickly. Ford apparently was referring to an agreement reached with New York City banks and city labor unions under which the city would delay paying off a Unit tl 6 billion in new securities to aid the city, bringing total city union and bank commitments to alxmt tM.t billion Hut the complex package of aid arrived at in New York was aimed at curing the city's ills over the next three years, and no one involved claimed it would completely erase the budget deficit by next June The city comptroller projected a $ ( JOG million deficit for the current fiscal year, but more conservative accounting done by some fiscal experts suggest an actual deficit of well over 13 billion New York Gov. Hugh Carey echoed Ueame's statement that the federal aid package "does not mark the end of our djfficulties. Painful burdens remain •ihcad of ua all." Included in those burdens are steps needed to balance the state's budget. However, the governor said, "Talk of collapse and chaos should now disappear, in its place, we shall talk of the work of rebuilding and restoring confidence in New York City " Ford also stated that the city's problems had reached a point that "threatened to bring about municipal bankruptcy of an unprecedented magnitude." The remark showed that Ford and his advisers hud departed from previous statements that a default by the city would have only limited Impact. CAKNON CITY. ,V>v • AP' II crxMling at earth is y.*jr gaim.- you may already In- hsteii in a little- known "black hook' used in effortn to curb !rmi». <>( millions of dollars yearly in Nevada casino* rhi- book I* !(*• work of u private detective »ho won't talk about u, and is different than Ow stair'* official "black i>o«k" of underworld types Iwirred from ca.MWwt The slate'* b<x»k is aimed at kit'pmg out unsavory types who might try to muscle in on club management The private "black book" i.s litcrall) a handy reference manual on known or Miiiwx'trd slot "niirhfinirv" curd or dice rhc.'tlcni gambling rbip thieves aiMl others who use tricks lo increase their minis o! winning j( gdliii)llli(( In most cases, the book furnishes a photograph, phytiicul description and met tux! of operation of each person listed. Other detail!) can include the type o( car the person uw.-s, and names of any known associates. Tlu- book is about four inches thick and is ' prubabty hur! hrr champs ti) Ni)t «>(tiiij( th<- truil and refusing to tako l)w t-Utml in brr »'*n A crummcd with hundreds of names and photographs j!) manauers spot suspicious activity that can be checked quickly when club managers Names in I he book can also be checked against mimes of applicants for joins If either job hunters or suspicious characters are listed, they're likely to be booted out promptly Hob Griffin, a former Clark County sheriff's officer, atariwl the book about niius years ago as part of his private detective agency services. He sells Unhook at a rate which can top $1,000 u month to casinos throughout Nevada Griffin Ucchunj (u continent mi tin- u-nk He .ml he considers it confidential and didn't want any publicity on it. ' Tti<- jury aU«>i feels that w»K-n ihv flvfcittUnt <kws rwt j[n»Mr in court, it dhows a lack of interest in the casr," Virga wid in an unusual move, he had ankixl the jury nnl far /in nquittal, hut (or con viction on the assault charge, "because that's what sJic did " U S Atty fJwaync • Kvyi'S. who iiisi.sied that Mis* Fromme wus twnt on murder when (the approached Ford, told reporters "I think the verdict reflects a lot of thought I think the evidence they heard substantiated their verdict." The jurors, nequealered, throughout the trial, refused to speak to reporters. The judge urged news media not to take their pictures A cadre of U.S. marshals guarded their hotel when jurors returned to collect their belongings The marshals ordered reporters off the premises before they would allow the jurors to go home.

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