Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 1, 1964 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1964
Page 2
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editorials Gnrdea City TeleMi Saturday, Ntrfmry 1,1t*4 Not So Dumb Finley ' I *nere are few persona within the drawing area of the Kansas City Athletics who haven't heard of Charles O. Finley. He has. been making news for several weeks — during a time when only the most avid of the hot- stove leaguers keep tuned to winter events of major league baseball. Finley has kept himself, and in turn his ball team, in the headlines. No doubt the Athletics will be playing in the Kansas City Municipal Stadium again %iis coming season. And fickle Finley's winter-time shenayiigans should pay off with bigger-than-ever crowds. * * * This newspaper, in the interest of economy, removed the big sign from the front of its former building and erected it on it's new, remodeled home. Now we are making plans to take it down again. With only the non-excusable plea of innocence, we had erected a sign which was in violation of the city ordinance due to its mostly-wood construction. It had been placed on our former building prior to the establishment of the sign ordinance, so was permitted to stay in place. But it could not be removed and then put back up again. _ We have no complaint with the law nor with those who must enforce it, and we will not ask for any exception which often is done in these matters. We bring this up to inform those who will think we have nothing better to do with our time and money than to re-erect signs. TI THIS WEEK in Topeka we visited, at the urging of an old friend who was running the place, a Goldwater-for-President headquarters. We have this report — Gimmick-wise, Goldwater is running. like crazy. At this headquarters there were* for the taking and "wearing, Goldwater skimmer hats, aprons (his and hers), vests, buttons and pins of all sizes, bumper stickers, sweat shirts (with Goldwater's picture), posters, placards, and place cards. And what's more, there was gold water in bottles. Gold water, an exotic cologne, that is, with political overtones. *' * * WE LEFT the headquarters uncommitted to Goldwater and unsprinkled with gold water. OUR FRIEND, mother of two, has taken on the crusade for Goldwater with complete dedication. She has, in fact, put it ahead of her three-year long crusade against Communism. However, she insists being for Goldwater is the best way to fight Communism and Socialism. We stood in awe of the woman's zeal, although we could not share it at all on some matters and only mildly on others. She reads, she writes for information, she debates and discusses — and rants and raves now and then. All in all, she made us feel like a weak sister — a calm, complacent and smug one. 4 h * * w ' ' HER OLDER son, she says candidly, thinks she's a nut. The younger one kind of likes the excitement, — especially when there's material to hand out — or to wear. Her husband-is philosophical. He says when the wife is off on one of her causes, she isn't dinging away, at him. Besides, because of her involvement in the presidential race, she has turned the gubernatorial campaigns over to him entirely. He can be and work for anyone he pleases, she says. Garden City Telegram • u bllt»*4 Daily !«••[»» Sunday •<* Flv« Holi4«vt V**rlv •» The TeUaram >f ukllttiint Company T.l.pbon* IR » »3I M' !••» Thcyll Do It Every Time --- By Jimmy Hado *M SO THE CAR CAM STAV OUT MrTTILL >i=rvSlOeANOFREEZB«« AND YOUR SILLY TROPHIES.' SHE FINOS OUT M8ERRV MT A MOOSEHEAD, AT AUCTION/ THROW THEM THE &NS WHO COLLECT STUFF ALWAYS UVE IN THE SMALLEST HOUSES »F.£. S&* Drew Pearson Reports Aviation Lobbyist Tells Of Bobby Baker Activities fornia and gambling concessions "How Jong have you known Levinson?" asked McLendon. "I n«ve known Ed Levinson (Editor's Not. _ Drew Pearson's column today is written by his associate. Jack Anderson.) WASHINGTON — Senate investigators summoned Fred Black, the softpspoken lobbyist for North American Aviation, be- M the Dominican Republic for hind closed doors the other day Levinson.) to ask what he knows of Bobby Baker's alleged association with gamblers and call girls. Black acknowledged that he and Baker had participated in business ventures with gamblers Ed Levinson and Ed Torres of Las Vegas, and Benny Sigel- baum of Miami, also that an alleged labor racketeer, Mike Singer, is on the payroll of Serv-lT, a vending machine company in which they own a big stake. . Black also suggested that the whealing-aiid-dealing Bobby Baker, now out of a job and out of influence, is broke. "I have Ica-.ed him small amounts to eat on since this thing broke, about $1,000," "I think he is owns Las Vegas's glittering Fre- was the closest relationship you moot Hotel, plus investments in can think of except for tether other Nevada gambling empor- and son." iums. Torres runs the Fremont When the canny Senate coun- for him. Baker once tried to get sel brought up the question of horse race concessions in Call- call girls, Black begged off. * f wvinsoni ^at was ""**" "De yew knew anything of Baker's association with call girls?" McLendon asked slyly. "No, I have no personal knowledge on this," Black swore. "Do you have any information that Baker gave names of call girls to people who wanted Baker met them?" pressed McLendon. "I don't think Baker had any interest in call (iris or any other •aid Black. "We both Kir' 8 -" the lobbyist said, to this Sading to a . "Do you^toow/' peraisted Me" uuuum« iu « Lendon, "whether he ever went •t . n»rtv to any of those off-color parties, Senator? « did you go to any?" f Nevada V "I didn't go to any, and I to «° !• don>t think Bobby Bater ever any such party. But Bible's aides acknowledged that their records showed Levinson had dropped by the office during the Kennedy JfiJ 5** W€aKness - Today in History . •ccounUDl lor the IntemaliOMl ° vested by "Thl. ia . insilted "There check. asked why he is still on the First Meeting t For High Court i deal " Black P ayroU - The y said nc has " f 0 "' By THi ASSOCIATED PRESS "s nothing in te « rt «»* hasn<t run "?• " nd S5 Today is Saturday, Feb. my -. ... .-»..., .. Saturday, Feb. 1, soon as it does run out, he will 1964 There are 334 days left in be fired." th< baum, and Torres into the deal?" M Bak€r any money? darnanded Lennox McLendon, the ,,j ) cnew you would ask me cracker-barrel soecial counsel, y^,, replied Black. "So in- who is running the Bobby Baker ouired and I was told no." investigation for the Senate The paunchy, pleasant lobbyist also told how he had borrowed $175,000 from the Fidelity Nation Rules Committee. "No, I guess Simon got them in." said Black. "Did you know that these people were gamblers and rac- sen. Robert Kerr, D., Okla., to thT"unioii keteers?" rasped McLendon. Duy 6,400 shares of the Farmer "I go alone; a<; far as Levinson ^ Merchants Bank. He has Is concerned with gambling, but passed out 1,600 shares apiece he is far from .being a racket- to Levinson and Sigelbaum, is eer," retorted Black. still holding 1,600 shares for "He has quite an interesting Baker. On this date in 1790, the Royal Exchange Building in New York City was the site of the first meeting by the U.S. Supreme Court. Chief Justice John J On In 1864, President Abraham - • . . „ . . .. . . .— called for 500,000 volun- al Bank, controlled by the late teers to s<Jrve three yea rs Sen. Robert Kerr, D., Okla., to buy 6,400 shares of the Farmers In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt signed legislation creating the U.S. Forest Service. '.Ill Ik. »HU I .!.•»!« Mllil* _______^___ r-KKMH UP SUBSCRIPTION . , u, rim • mouth In Garden City SI.66. Payubla to earriei la advance. iiv carrier tn other cttlea where service la available. 3Uo per week. Uf ,<.,!, i. oiner addressee In Ktnuey. Lana. Scott, Wichita. Un?eley. Hamlltpa &<turny. Grant Haskel and Gray countiea. $9.00 per year: elaewher* fl&.O* PU V.rni and area college students. S5.UU for S-month actoooi year. ,,nn; claia poatage paid at Uarden City. Kaaaaa. • service Is required to have publication-day 4«- huvt local carrier service, local carrier rate* background," don. suggested McLen- In 1949, «ntits«d men served with officiers on a court-martial for the first time in U.S. his"Well, I am a gambler at heart." said the lobbyist. "I "How did all this come about?" demanded McLendon. "If you want to bring a dead lory, man into this," said Black. "Bob Ten years ago — The Kerr made the loan possible. He York Giants traded their New 1951 crap, play the horses, as thought this was a good deal and pennant hero, Bobby Thomson, gamblers suggested I buy the stock." to the Milwaukee Braves in a "How did Baker get into this?" deal involving six players. know. gives me a kick. But, so far- as I have been able to tell from the bankers, lawyers, and utility people out in Vegas, Levinson the counsel. Ke?r suggested that Baker be in it as a one-half Member of The Associated rrea* has led an exemplary life since owner," replied Black. "You One year ago — Canadian Prime Minister John Dief en- baker accused the United States of unwarranted interfer- Tin Aaaociated Pres, u entitled exclusively to the use lor reproduction ne has lived out there." know the relationship between ence in Canadian aifairs m a $^K^»»I^^

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