Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 6, 1971 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1971
Page 12
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A-12 Alton Evfening Telegraph Wednesday, January 6. 1971 THE JACKSON TWIM By Oirk Brooks EV1PBSTLV HIS GRANPSON WAS HES THE OLP FELLOW THEY ) Tf?YIN3 TO GE1 CALL A CraeO^ERS".M c C!?A'3Ky. -c-'HIM COMMITTED HE UVEP AT7HE ENP OF MY ^ SO HE CAN BOY'S E&PB? HOUTE ' A AWAY. IT'S 4 >OJ WB?E ONLY TPYING ALL JTO BE KIND, SON, BUT >CXI MY -N SHOULD HAVE TUI D US FAULT J SO HE CCULD HAVE BCEN HELPEP PPOPEPLV CHIN UP, YOUNG FELLOW, HIS TEMPERATURE '5 PISING.' LOOtTS Litre T^-— HE MIGHT COAAE- BACK AT AAAk-E IT' x SEVEN TONIGHT MOOSE By Bob Weber DID -YOO POT THE LADPER UP THE , DADDY? EVERYTHIMG ALL. SET, BLOSSCM / << "ifV MY DAUGHTER IS ?A '•> ^ // BREAsKING OP ~w THE BASKET BALL. PLAYER/ . - THE WIZARD OF ID By Parker and Hart WILL. &e HE UEXVE LANCELOT By Coker & Penn . . CAN'T WKANO BUKV HIS BONES' >\"'|i IN THE PACK i-MPP UI«E C7THEK VOQ5*: /-6 TIGER By Bud Blake THB ON THE THE £HOCOLAT£ THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola tell Me i 6UESS IS ACE MORRAL, THE SKI MASTER, >> A WIRE WAS AND GREG BROUGHT EVA'5 BOP/ S, INVOLVED, POWN.. AND SAID SHE FELL.. AND ) S(?ACIE/ BROKE HER NECK.' By Peter Hoffman "PEOPLE SAID SHE PIP HAVT: FUNNy MARKS "I GUESS MK.FIORIN WAS AWFUL MAP, ON HER NECK, MR. DRAKE' BUT THE CORONER THOUGH.' THE/ SAY HE PISOWNEP 6REG AND WHO ISN'T A DOCTOR CALLED IT ACCIDENTAL PAYS HIM TO STAY AWAY FROM ROCK CITY/" DEATH.. AND IT WAS 'ALL HUSHED UP/ * ""^ TheOaiilyjGuardian — A F I^ .gWWTe CACH EHJJ»«E fOUNO IN R\168U8 1 ..CHIEF, IF SALLY , BRISKER (S ALIVE, ^ MAYBE THEN SHE SHOULD BE / SHE CAN CONTACTING r ANSWER SOME SOMEONE ,_./ QUESTIONS! SOON.' BUT WHAT ABOUT NOW, C00B ^-WHKT eNOfr GROUND INFORMATION 00 YOU HAVE ON THE GIRLS DAVID CRANE Flossel YOU TO X N/VNCT; YOU-U. H/M= ME UP /\NO /AROUND YOUR BREAKfvAST, IN NO TIME >WE INTERRUPT THIS PROGRAM ^ BRING YOU A tVE/ATHER 6ULLETIN, 'CITIZENS OF 6OULOER 5LUFF SHOULD 5E ON Trie /ALERT FOR /APPROACHING RIVETS By George Sixta SHORT RIB.S By Frank O'Neal By A. LUOKUM H OVV IS OIL RKFINED? Win The New Honk of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include /in Code. In case of d u p 1 i c a t e questions, the author will deckle the winner. Today's winner is: Robert Licari, Northport, N.Y. C rude petroleum, like timber, iron ore, and other raw materials, must be changed into things people want. The process of changing petroleum into more than 2,000 useful products is known as refining. As the New Book of Knowledge tells us, a modern oil refinery is a large ma/e of tanks, spheres, arid towers connected by as many as .100 miles of pipe. Petroleum is not a. pure substance but a mixutre of hundreds of different chemicals called hydrocarbons — combinations of hydrogen and carbon — plus various impurities. The hydrogen atoms are arranged in various patterns around the carbon atoms. The more carbon atoms the molecule contains, the thicker and heavier the hydrocarbon. Gasoline is made up of a mixture of light, free-flowing hydrocarbons. Slightly heavier hydrocarbons make up kerosene and fuel oil. Different hydrocarbons boil at. different temperatures. Hydrocarbons arc separated by a process called fractional distillation. Pipes carry oil into a furnace, where it is healed to over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Almost all the hydrocarbons in the crude oil become hot vapors and pass into a cooling lower. At different temperatures different hydrocarbon vapors turn back into liquids and collect on separate trays. Then they arc drawn off through separate pipes for further processing. To gel olhcr products from crude oil, special chemicals called catalysis are used. Together with heal and pressure they can make one kind of hydrocarbon change into another. In. addition to gasoline, fuel oil, and kerosene, about which we all know, it is estimated that over 500,000 different materials can be made from crude oil. FUN TIMK The Kiddle Box 1. Where was Moses when the light went out' 1 2. What driver never gets arrested? 3. What starts with an E, ends with an E, and has one letter in it? ANSWIWS 1. Ill (he darkness. 2. A screwdriver. 3. An envelope. ' I'LL, CHECK THINGS OUT-BUT THERE'S NO PROBLEM/ HOW COULD QUINCY By Ted Shearer CHARSEP MEA BUCK CLEANINS AND PRESSING «- PIPN'T SO TO THE CLEANERS... YOU WERE TAKEN/ TO THE CLEANERS. HENRY By Carl Anderson BLIMP JUST GOT PAID FOR POLISHING- HIS -7= DAP'S CAR ! True Life Adventures FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bcllen '..THIS APPLICAMT IS A BIT IOEA.K OU FORMAL, EDUCATION« i ...I £ATW£E£D THAT reow -me FACT • HIS IN .A> V<QUSJ<3 ELEPHANT IS 1_<OSIM<3 Tv l 'in)"'T, l ' I i','''"" i T THE -BATTLE. UNTIL HE SUBSTITUTES W 0,1,1 H, B I,,. !<,„„„, - • World of Knights ' i Answer to Previous Puzsle IM T'ESFEKA^IOH ME -pl THE CLUB ACROSS 1 Arthur 5 Knight 8 To knight 11 Notion 12 Eggs 38 Not in fashion 39 Feminine nickname 40 Stone (Latin) 43 Largest North • American country 13 Name claimed 46 NoTicc-able LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE ffort 48 Distribute alms 50 Medicinal plant 51 Thus (Latin) 52 Russian, name 53 Low haunt 54 Spanish cheer - JFACR055 koP 1 HEAR THE KINS WAS OUTUT£ 1/STM6HT. MAP ?SM&5 FURIOUS/ HE'S REAUtV It POS CASTLE. "WHY I WANT 10 • (iO TO COM,F.<;F," < WINTlittOP By Dick Cavalli C I'VE WRITTEN A FOEAA '/N HONOR CF WINTER. I CAM. II CM'* lOCIIK HI .AIM* AND KONNV NOc.>f.':•...>. * PIC*';. - <-j\VAt .11 Why do you foci you should go to college'' Write a letter about it and you may win a New Book of knowledge Yearbook. Kntries must be addressed "College". Tell Me Why, and ghe your name, age, address (/ip code). A n s w e r to yesterday's Puzzle Box: Sacramento. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send YOUH 'MIDDLES, JOKES, "Hiddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner is: Herbert Bowen, 11, Kingston 7, .Jamaica, W.I. by Naomi /ta;i \ iA- j , .14 River duck 15 Musical compositions ] 7 Piles of hay IQCoeurd' - <• Idaho 20 Possesses 21 Upper limb _______ _ 22 Pertaining to a 55 Arboreal lorum (anal.) home 25 Arthurian city 2'J Retired for rest HO Pinches 31 Nigerian tribesman 32 Female deer 33 Spurts 34 Equal 35 Egg yolks 37 Gradual loss ,»„„,„ DOWN 1 Set of implements 2 Roman date 3 Tidy 4 Arthurian knight 5 Strikes vid- lently (slang) 6 Yellow bugle plants VWifeofAegir (myth.) 8 Tropical fruit 9 Monitor lizard 10 Foundation 13 Swedish seaport IB Small pics 18 Coolidge's nickname 'i\ Poisonous serpents 'i'i- Elaine 23 Wood-wind instrument 24 Stagger 25 River islands 26 Untruths 27 Encourage 28 Hipped 30 Triton 33 Tournament 34 Knight of the Round Table 36 French river 37 Be victorious 39 Tournament weapon 40 Conduct . 41 Wheel shaft 42 Foot soldier of India 43 Spiral of wir« 44 Pigeon 45 Cry of woe 47 Equal (comb. form) 49 Suffix forming •adjectives • BV ONIlt D FKMURfc SYtiO- •aavzzna •/ '3NiN 's 'aaonnawvH - c 'vxsviv 'i 'AWWOW - i 'wnaa '01 'avoa '6 'SNIZVOVW -e 'vnaaawn - 9 'VDINOWdVH > ')ISVW 'I— (Ntwspoptr tnttrpriu Atin.)

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