Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1959 · Page 47
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 47

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 22, 1959
Page 47
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ona BETTER JOBS By ft, C. HOILftS Iab6(» Ndf A ID-11 PAMPA DAlETNEWT" SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1959 51st Year m 14 Destructive Tax the most destructive tax to fall Is rarely recognized by government or governed u a tax. It is so \velt hidden, in fact, that Congress has" nev'er passed a law compelling its collection. It appears on no legal books. It isn't even subject to bookkeeping profit and loss columns. The tax is called INFLATION. And it's 4 killer. Let's get it straight; high prices do not cause Inflation. When the merchant or businessman raises th« prices of his product or service, he isn't creating inflation. When he dbes it, hs is reacting to an inflation which is already in motion. High prices are the result, not the cause of inflation. It would be M logical to claim that thermometers cause the weather. If this wers true, then we should manufacture thermometers which would be fixed in such * way that they could register 72 degrees the year around. That would control wouldn't It? the weather, In like manner, when the government rises in righteous indignation and. demands that prices be controlled so that there can be no Inflation, we have a cause confused with an'effect. You can't control' Inflation by freezing prices. You can't control the weather by breaking thermometers. increase th« supply of whatever we use for money in three ways, all of which dislocate the relationship between consumer items and the means to procure those items. The three devices employed by the government are: printing more money, borrowing to meet Its obligations; expanding credit by means of the federal reserve banks and the other banks that it controls directly and indirectly. Now, there is one factor to these vicious practices that most government manipulators never seem to recognize before it is too late. This is the factor that in the end, government itself is Inevitably the worst victim of inflation. It is true that persons with fixed in come Are the first to suffer. But it is also true that governments not only suffer as a result of the very malady they cause, they are the final and the worst sufferers. History shows us that more governments have been wrecked by inflation than by any other single cause! This is true because, tho Inflation is a tax and can correctly be so labeled since it is a collection .hat occurs by virtue of government manipulation, the government does not receive the money that is thus collected. No one does. The government thinks it does. Well, if prices are a result and [it runs into debt, borrows money, an indication of inflation, then! then inflates the currency so that where does inflation originate? To seek its origin, we must truly understand its nature. its debts can be discharged with "cheap" money. But the "cheap" money Is costly as the costs of ev- Inflatlon occurs whenever th everything the government must buy supply of money (currency, gold, tend to rise not only as fast as the credit, checks — anything that can'prices to consumers rise, but fast. be used for money) increases fast-jer. er than the supply of goods and 1 In 1359 it will cost our govern- services available increases. J ment $4,220 to keep a man in the For example, inflation almost al--military. In 1058 it cost our gov- ways appears or used to appear, | emment $4,ISO to keep the same when a gold camp would have a'man. In 1957 it cost $3.885. In successful run of high - grade ore. 11955 it cost $3,181. In 1050 it cost The inflation would be localized in $2,960. Most of this enormous in- the immediate vicinity of t h e crease of $1,200 In 10 years is at- camp. The supply of gold would tributable directly to inflation. be greater and more plentiful than. Thus the government must raise the supply of goods and services!Its taxes to offset the inflationary In that immediate locality. Conse-'rise it has itself occasioned. The quently, the law of supply and de- result Is mounting resistance on mand would function. every hand and an increased in- Since the dayton Awendm&nt fd the Sherman Anti-fmst Law was passed in 191.4, people have been claiming that labor should not be undef tho Sherman Anti-Trust Law because "labor is not a commodity". Section 6 of the Clayton Anti-Trust Act of 3914 says labor of a human being is not a commodity or an article of commerce. And people like Wal,ter Reuther and the wrilcrs of (hat amendment, under the influence of organized labor, have led the public to believe that employers buy labor. Employers do not buy labor. They buy what they believe the human beings will produce. They are paying for production — a commodity or a sen-ice. They are not trying to buy human beings. 1ft is human, beings that are not a commodity, but what human beings produce is always a commodity or a service if it has enough usefulness that someone wants to buy it. If unions can be exemplod from the Sherman Anti-Trust Law because of this phrase, which just diverts attention from facts, then any commodity or service should not be subject to the Sherman Anti-Trust Law because all wealth is produced by labor, whether it be brain labor or physical labor. It is just as rational to say that the executives of corporations should not be subject to the Sherman Anti-Trust Lfiw, as to claim labor shouldn't lip subject to the Sherman Anti-Trust Law because both of them are selling a service or a commodity. This statement of the Clayton Amendment has been used lo giv<? organized labor an advantage over unorganized labor. Walter Reuther, when questioned about whether our anti-trust laws should, in justice, be applied to labor monopolies, did not answer tho question but repeated the oft-repeated statement, "Labor is not a commodity." As if labor contracts are a contract for human beings which of course are not a commodity, rather than for the fruits of labor. This method of evading the question of whether the prociuc's of labor are subject to anti-trust laws has caused untold harm in the United States. It is a trick in reasoning to keep inexperienced people from realizing that what any and nil labor produces should be subject to the Sherman Anti- Tnist haw or none of it should be subject to the Sherman Anti- Trust Law. This is true because, as stated all commodities, all sorv- When You Sir Down With Them , tut «IM A*t MEN WHO mbsuft<.i*e&e$$, pem&N*. FRIEND ITM£tf&A«y ft VWif C&AMUMI4T ULAE&ft Looking Sideways Robert Allen Reports: Demo Site Hassle Be A Sizzler! IWOT Nft*' BOLtOtf YORK, N. Y. - You are ft fine, Upstanding law-abiding citizen, of Course, and it is unlikely that you ever would want to hire a cobra to accomplish a murderous purpose but if you ever should, you come to to me, see, and I'll get you this lethal little creature. You will have to pay a fee and get it back to its owner, intact, naturally, but for a set number of hours you can hire a cobra, or n comic mule or a dead - panned white horse fal- though he happens to be in a hit at the moment) or even a waltz- Ing mouse. The real man to see isn't me at all. He is Fred Birkner, who does business out of an old stable on the West Side of New York and the corporate name is Chateau Theatrical Animals. You can get his goat. It's for hire. Birkner has everything inclucl- Fair Enough Whereas, A Bust In The Snoot Might Help! ' by WEST6ROOK PEGlER Just the same, if sh« WAS my old lady, I would take her up stairs and close the bedroom door and I and honest and * real t a d y, through and through. Mrs. Ike, too, you neve? saw would say, Mama this hurts me her sewing a union label on anymore than it does you, and I would thing or helling around the coim- paste Her a sweet bust right in,try, tearing a.ll over the world, he snoot. Maybe she w o u 1 d| rubbing snoots with some B ™«,squawk and sniffle and go poutingj dress queen of the South Sea Is. grass- around for a few days, but in the ong run it would be all for the lands and interviewing those bums in Moscow. Mrs. Mamie stuck best because a man has got to be j around home, if somebody has to a man and show them their place.!talk to Walter Reuther, okay, that* Or otherwise we might have an- j g the Secretary of Labor's D«other Eleanor Roosevelt on our partment, or Tito, again okay, let hands and perish forbid 1 should Foster Dulie, handle it ever be responsible for anything! if it was my old lady you Can ing fleas. Not on his person, you H' ke Uiat just for lack of the man-iask anybody that ever knew us understand. But there and ready i hood l " keep discipline in the'go ahead and ask them if ah* - " ' family love-bower. lever we.U out shooting off h«r It does not make any difference j beautiful rosebud bazoo for $2,500 to the world if a private individual j a night, more like a whooping for hire. No TV" writer or dramatist for the theater ever has written a script calling for live fleas, but in case one should, Birknor has them. He takes pride in being _ able to supply anything alive | w a.vs said every man's life is their!human relation's, all"those'Wnd"flf short of an octopus with a ten- ow n rag doll, if you are just .a,deals, she would think you were nobody suffers;out of your mind because fthe is hasn't got the self-respect to pin;crane than a. sweet, respectable then- old lady s ears back. I al-JAmerican wife, Democracy and tt'fl Vn Qairl ovnr*' rri a ti' 0 Mt* <« fU*J« i_ . .. _ _ ^ tacle-spread of 14 feet. If you in- WASHINGTON — That hassle at [of the Club ia to enroll 750 con- the forthcoming Democratic Na-; tributors to raise $750,000 to pay sisted, he probably would take a private » , •- i ••• "T- - i. ,* \/wi iituna i/CL-ctrUBO eWlc j but you. But if you set yourself; strictly a modest, refined lady. walk on the floor of the sea and "P for public office and the peo-i Sewing a label for Dublnaky aft- catch one for you. He hates to |PI« elect you to be a man then;er the old man gets elected to be have to say: "Sorry - we haven't jit is "P to you to be a man andja, Republican governor of the got such an animal." "" f """ -' " ' Also, you have to give Birkner time for some items. Lions, for example. They are not in the owe it to the public that elected''here, that Dubinsky Is o. stable, either. Nor gorillas. And you to repudiate her if she starts : It is legal to be a sociallst'Te'ga.l in such cases as an order for an jmessing around in the public eye. to sew labels in ladv-pant's for animal not in his care, he can jLike sewing a Dubinsky label in the newsreels, I am not'amiin* f\ir*\r thtvMlrrli *» filrt r\r\A f\v\A nnn fl. ff\ T*H J tit r\ t' anfn a A t* *vi 1ns4<* «.-.«*._ i . . . . & " — — *.„.- r ii , i JT •" * ••'-I***. 0*' * v*nv* wj. t it e no one of those mom-and - pop; glorious old Empire State. I was situations like the radio where never so disgusted In my life, the w,fe is always the brain. Youlsaid what in the H-eck roes goes on a socialist. Gold would not be rare in such ability to pay the taxes. Ultimate- icr / . < ' oni(? from human beings, case, but a can of beans might be. ly, with these practices in vogue' -Under such circumstances the the ta\r s cannot and will not be price of beans would go up and paid. When this occurs, the g-ov- the tradeable value of gold would eminent collapses. go down. Hence, it would take H is time for the government - more gold to buy beans than would to stop blaming the i;ii.<=in»ss men have been true if the gold were for high prices'as tho the buKinetw scarce and the beans plentiful. man enjoyed high prices and was Nowadays, since it is Illegal to. responsible for inflation. IV.e ROV- nse gold for money, this type of-eminent causes inflation. The gov. Inflation is not with us. But we'eminent is responsible And only 1 have another typ« of Inflation that when the government s'ops ma'- i.i far more destructive and wide- nipulatlng credit, bonowing mnn- 1 spread. e y ant [ increasins- the air.ramts <.fj Our present source of inflation j currency in cinnlation, \vill v, e i Is the government Itself. This Is: have an end to Uiis woist of all j true because the government can (taxes, from which no one benefits.! anrl uccnn.v human bci;r:s ,,i.- not a commodity does not mean \vh.-i they produce is nut ,-, ,. nm . modily and is not «i!>joct to .'•'••»- iilatiim when it n tj, e i-.--.suli nf a combination and a coi.-rj.ia^n t'>J,iAO away fr. iT | .v.; i; ,- h^niaii beings ihcir in il,enable i,;j,iis to help divide la'-mr anil help c.-itaf)- Ii ii \-aities. And wiji'ii sc ,1 tlonal Committee meeting, over : off the National Committee's debt the site of the 1960 presidential from the 1956 presidential c a m- convention, is going to be even paign . . . Republican House more sizzling than has been indi- Leader Charles Hallcck, Ind., will cated. i be his party's spokesman at next It is now definite there will be month's banquet of the famed a high-powered sectional f i g h t Gridiron Club. He atrreed to that against the recommended selec- after Governor Nelson Rockefeller tion of I^os Angeles. declined to give the GOP ad- Prominent Eastern, Midwestern dress. Still being sought is a prom- and Southern Democratic leaders incnt Democratic spokesman. The lave entered into a coalition for Gridironers invited California's that pin-pose, and agreed on a Governor Pat Brown, but he Umi- cader and strategy for tho Nation- ed them down because of the ses- al Committee meeting here next sion of the State Legislature week (February 27-281. i The Democratic congressmen frorri \ ^, m ^ jmnc , , ,. Pennsylvania's Governor David the home districts of President Ei-' sometl " lcs "e needs time to send Lawrence, veteran National Com-: senhower and Vice President. Nix-i ord P r mip^ ge ' *" mitteeman from his state, will on will be leading speakers at that! Has he a head this potent opposition drive, victory dinner that concludes the' Mohammed Fl Speaker Sam Rayburn. Tex.; National Committee's meetin House Floor Leader John MrCor- here next week. The two mack. Mass.; Senator f; e o r g e tors are Representatives , flick through a file and find one ,a girdle or some dam lady-pants what is legal for you. Trained, what's more: j kind of a thing with Dubinsky's But it is not Republican All but the octopus. That he has puss putting on the smirk like C an s.iv that aeain and neither on file nor in hi '-—- " -—'«-•"•-- —-- ----- •• - - • Krfm> flnn you a He has. Tomar is his fa- ?d Is the while currently in "The Music v, horse jSmathcr:;, Flii., chairman of the Quigley, Pa., "and Georgn Ka'sTm! ! conviilsed S "'° ^"^ h ° rSn ^ iSenate Democratic (\impaijfn Call''. : Committee; Illinois Xational Com- FOKKIGN FLASHKS -A "Black , nuttecman Jiicob Arvey; New Book' 1 j.s to be the answer of Cu- York National Committeeman C'ar- b:i's revolutionary government to mine De Sapio; Missouri National charges of drum head trials and indi- audiences in "Happy Hunting." the Ethel Merman show. Mohammed can signify simple thing-; like yes, m> and go dulse ..vour.veK ami will yawn if he must Init considers s k^p. I! i spying 'See, you thought you elect- guy gets elected to be a Repub. He evrn'ort a Rrpubl-.-nn. but the headman governor after this I want oner, al- .that sleeps on the other pillow is: to know first what kind of a wif» any and one of our kind of girl, and we: a he is and if she runs with Dubin- he ? now thnt |tl?lirc on having the last word in sky, I tell vou what I would do :-ut down Me any nrgumonta over tiie jrrape-ll would say", Mama, come here I yr.!,,-ii. ',i,..,t. fruit in the governor's mansion or want to straighten you out about even the White House." |something and I would slap her • Tl me;in U '> I 00 ' ' lopsided and lock her up in her T never meant anything more; room, bread and water for a m m.v .i.e. week. A man has got to be their I would go so far, I would «bso. own man In this world lutely lay it down after this in ' r-,- .- , ,.,_,- r - r r ,_, every nominating convention, even! on the ballot I would make them! specify what the pnr'.y tho guy's' wife belongs to. I would comb! her record in the newspaper clips' I way back to kindergarten. If I ! found she ever carried a banner for the CIO, for La Guardia. if she ever signed any petitions for ^^"'didT 11 M" 6 r ! Every self-deluded American fel- 1 then ii- it ,„ )' r mak «'low traveler should be forced to vou .,;; , ' P bC T SC reai! "My Ten Years as a Coun\on 1,111 i !f,|] , ne a em . r;ln hp n ( M __ ^ _ " in is his one oversight. en me up vtth rebras though hf didn't have any and 'one of our kind of girls and couldn't find any. wanted them even cut ord"r — to on? Birkner, said, he could furni.'h. He took n light b r i?,e donkey and spr.iyed stripes on it. Finest M'brl ;.,iu ever saw find not nearly as vicious ns a real one. The finlm.-ils he c-,---Mi't krep'Jn the stable he keeps at Kingston, N- V., on his farm. That's whv this in tho Comnutteenian Mark Halloran; executions of Batista supporters. : n.ituie of an extra performance former National Chairman Frank 'Hie "Black Book" will be a de- j' He may be a horse but he is also able rights t,, ),„!,, \-\\w-'. and jobs are ciirm;;- :i!)| e b-. ; ,,i<e of •'">. th'Mi «c tin. lev.) and are ;,;>;imlon:a i^i"-; of the O'u-istun ii'i: iiitn-. i c<m.-:pir- c.iMe systin: idcol- niifi ,1, i\ish Hankerings 2nd Berlin Airlift Not At All Unli rpl^ions and tiie Declaration of Iivlcpendenco; then we are say- in-7 that all mon are |. :1 | r,-,\-nH with equal rights, as the Ucc-lara- lion says. Tiie employer is interested not in ihe amount of wages a worker gPts. He is interested only in the unit cost. In fact, he likes to see his cmployca get I.U--P h-.'iirh' c- wc?kly pay, that McKinney; Indiana State Chair- tailed compilation of murders, tor-1 a -hem. He loves acting and ' AIrs Truman walked in t, as soon n* exterminators liiroii^li, it io,.k them a year that, but anyway when .she ed in and started cmmting- laundry and die, km? the' i I man Charles Skillen. lures and other atrocities commit-! j The strategy decided on by the 'fd by the Bati.sU regime . . .! mopes in his stall between '-hows. Like firehorses thnt went into a group is aimed at; Brazil has decided to withdraw its' ''ec'ine between fires, Mohammed Giving the convention to either, Contingent from the United Nations) tPMf)s to °° moody nnd depressed Chicago or Philadelphia, insti.'inl i neutrality force in the Suex Canal unle the foolliehis xrc hla^inc: of Los Angeles as proposed by a area. No date has been set for the i nnn - " le orchestra is there in the pit whanging out the lum What has Birkner subcommittee hand - picked by j return of the Brazilian unit embattled National Chairman Paul Turkey is establishing an atomic Butler, energy program. Several score. If the coalition is unable to mus- Turkish scientists are being sent formcrs to shows, both stage and ter enough votes to do this at next to the. U.S. for training in reactor | T Y" week's National Committee from su PP l >i ri K gifted animal por- When their de£"' niands became unbearable, h*> "t tinned himself in to the FBI and "tp-n- vnlunieerei.l to work as a counter- 1 » e spy. His book (published by Vik; r o- mp. i> !PSiS , proves ill the com- SCMlal niorallt - v enfo «' ri roiiry ° f vast on worn- of the sion, demand will be made sos- construction and research. Also that being sought from the U.S. are .. final action be delayed until later atomic raw materials and equip. this year. The. point will be stress, meat. ed that the lD5fl convention "I've learned," he said, "that the m;m:ie you w.Ok ;\n anirml into a «hr>'.v tiie humnn mni .-ui'f-n. !"']'."< know tti i a baby in a show ivinmr dix- ikely I'ior lain!. l to fii;:-.ii IJy I1KNKY .MCLKMOJtK !e Opinions ,Mad« Public: tip Is s rra.-k-up, \vhPt'i'-r a The first Berlin airlift was heroic is stiahnj; a trim, m- <!e|j\ sivl captured the admirntion of five tons of flour ;ivl p.,t-i!<-i the worlrj. It was a dramatic, de- Of c/niMe. then- Vi..-; itn-e fiant gesture in the face of a cruel, enable the of N, to la-,- • sud'len emergency. how next And what of n second? And nc ' w 'hi' 1 '; there's pretty good reason to be- ladies, an liove that there wil] he another our »"'•-opinion;".•one if Russia holds fast to its threat to relinquish its Berlin oc- i. s , n ,., ( . a , na ,., cupation powers to the mongrel [orbicN -, <!,>» fro- , Ea-n German regime in May. rows- i,o,,, - -n •• .One airlift would seem enough, son? It M-. ms to n If unaimed cargo planes are the the duty of any i -.| Free World's only answer to Rus- s hip line to tell its „„ «an bullying, then the NATO fore-by way of Honolulu it necessary t». i u g °° d they d °' m ' ght but to sta >' awa >' from t»««e mon- just as well be rented out to movie strous, merciless ice cube.,. Better producers for use in remakes of a late arrival then an early burial ment '" lhe Baylor. Amendment War and Peace," or reduced to .. ' Is clarifip-) and time to m-i'<e the fancy drill unit size. Ri( , h(ird Bwne who ^^ p&] products of all labor subject to the If another airlift is the West's adin on TV is troinjf \n uorira- answer to the Soviet challenge, I Lincoln in a B roa.lwav play The tru,st our leaders will give due play iln»sn'i haw 'jn -i ' Hn-UU r thought to Ihe pilots, engineers ami scene, prol« ( bly U-ouiWthe aulh-' «',', ,"T """" navigator, who are certain to be or that no Wesin,-,, TV l" „ f '"" whole ''° i "''" f "' ' killert carrying it through. They'll |, eV er hi. by a l.ullH T-,o John '"*""'>' U '"" M lmve l " '"' be jusi as dead as If the We»t had Wilkes Huo.l, w,,i,l,| he ouMi.ui, ,*l" < "l. Up .._ l ! ) _ tt !l Kusslan ^ Ajmck-jby a Lim-oin be was 1 10 1 determined until her lfi,V>. In this intensifying- FLI CTIOW with JAMES C. •'' '''in "f :>•! -iniv, . V. •• ;i !(i world SJS'PIT instead of the Dihtrirt nf (''nlunibin "inslruft- 0(1" National Omm'tteonian Me!- IVHV so i K!.!:\I th" |;i..••-•! r, ei ..>\i labor m ni.niica to i-laini JIK- iiMt t,, conipletej) , Arnent-.m sv.stem and skippc-r to go Ori( ' nt «l and Furopean ss- class legislation and It is time the confusinc state- or re- by J-ai ulm ' ' „. * w '"" ler tu lae ','1 as \atii,.n,i TV-it co;i!il even at next week's meeting. Powerful party leaders have ! , long been after his scalp ami are S r.»udy to oust him at the first iclKliu-e. ... .. I'OIJTICAI.S - Kepublican In- l " bor Iea ' !(TS !o eNlcnd thpir P- W - sul,-r.s HIV savins flatlv t h H t et '' , IC " ofiu ' lal ' ! '"» has long -m.-tirun ( .i mil . e „, Uu , ir lyiiU p rt>h | ( , pm j, t ,! Mll S^i l.)__org,-jni/e ull employed l,.lll^fll. , olJVt-llhoil, IS llr-|W,-f|l ('ill, ;igi) BHil 'Philadelphia Also that mi i|r> i>iua the will IK- made mil,I Apii| . . Aft "ilr;;enl' they are ;,rv, r are unsuTpai,!, ,l i-iaemh; ;,-•> that ar.y .:ieic iser] prod'.K lint! ir.'.Hii (ii.I\ i!H':-pa»:-d en>ts an !».es winch. ihi:v Uu'inselvcs will ire. 'Hie "urgency" may well be for another reason—the ambition of persons. Tht' i: -M'S wi»ii« i,t our into a y si d nothillH cL-i ,n Truth:':!!; in I'iir -' K But hr was a\:i lab!? i > us. Ii'.» n in <t'cr pride r.rvi r to s-iy «e i'.avcn I or can't "r! soineihing in the ; mal wor'al." QThe J9a»npa iaiiy VOUR NEWSPAPER w.,)-|.l i.s ii, as HOO,| shape H .s n is. e r an iii,p.,,i.ii.s,u x stait that when you Mop .u iemcinher that Demovnau, 7ou Club U fmnllv «,. when the men who «r« running it Ull g romng u hajj lva ,. h( .,, Kth , were 1,-n-ager.s. then, wasn't a $io (J ,000 mark w,U, lo,, nu-mbe, s ma-a/m,- 01 n.-wspap,-r niiimng a contributing $| 1100 e u-ii Amo-i • column to which they could write th « firgl t ' " i'niinr, o.inpulsory. a fi i"lit"i!'ii' pi-.i>f) r vi. is time f<, i- Ami-ii.-.i to Mopsy a long, n, y movcm 'lit. for advice. ;Sam Rayburn Purpose lake iuoii cor that I RENT THI5 SPACE OUT FOR PUEHJCITy not a political' " If you diitibt that time flies, let I a runa * a u e W, believs tbat freedon. ». , gift n,m Gou . ^.^ - Itom government. Freedom u nol acense. n mtoii be ^oiwi.t- m " p0 "' 1 " ut Ul81 U wi " be Jlt "'i wt with ui« trum, expresseu u» »ucn great mow KU.uec as the Golden v^f a " U '° lllol>Ul « hef ' u ' e lhe Rule, The Ten Commajidment, ^d the Dedtr»ti"n of Independcn, e. \ a '! kees vvl11 be r " akl Thi, newspaper ,. dedicated to promoting .j.u preservlj]- VOI'P *** " "* A " lcrK ' an ireet'om a« well 94 our own. For 0 ,,i y U )ien 0iai »un.seli «fui »lj he |>i<xJuc««. can be :eveiup to ma utmost SU»SC«IPT10N RATE* t ini.iiii.V IT v^'pu^'".^,',,;'!,*. <!!, 0 ""p. kr j'* d ",' V',"i^,|*j :i «* :' f f' "" jU-d.liin; iun« »Unu p.. k-riir ..iii.l,)* r«t«ll i'i,,.ii,,j ;•',,". "'-', .„ No IDHM ..r.j.r, vxened (: . | r ,,-»lin», »« r>td ir i onh .b'ltion 'o tiie K'ninii-.-r Julietie J. „ up by M0 Scouts from H il over fie i u ;;;;ry create hamJ;ciuUs win, h die sold m the g-ift »hop there. Their di»- u* . nation, and taleut. 2! j.-,, .... r • _ ;' : •' •.£-:•,. '-!e f "aniarac tr*« i 22 I'M. r,,, t. ,..-.; '" '' 36 M- '-..u firii ^G:r;;nim» j svriDi..! ,, ',- PII-S: u-nt .?f 47 \>j;*;3bl« 26 Hcbi-t'.v " ....*„ t \ "•'' Anuriean 45 Ma'ies ascetics ,, Tr .,'."' v „ ~ .. . r,.-s'.,.iKe» 31 He a Silver dulijr •S ') I ,-. , - ., ! 33 Pio;n,.,n!ory 35 Undei - standir.g i F't ) 39 Expt-rn-n.-ed ii 14 i7 i 3 '* i i 40 Smell '" "' 42 Isaiah tab 1 45 Sing ;i -,g ',o,,;e ^ hiibd;'., ...n 5! Plov.r- , n •,3 p f . fr , .„ S";!'.,;, -: 0 ,-j a 1 -- < ' ' : '• . 1:, ^ ,-.-.j DO UN I L««v« out u ii !b 1! 5f - 1 •ii .)!.i (i-r.) ?n M,- UC 38 £*eimty 3^ -t«-niic-t (C*r f i! ii .,^ iT-pr 1 ??"] •ir s 3^ [ Vi fii j ft > MR IT ^ 38 *ff •I H 'v ir j ) ^ fe K V — — •* lj -p Www H mam 15 - •••4 ?T" 52 •< «•* HP"- ii mm I 'B WMM 11 W ,n. «•» ^

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