Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 4
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tJECATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 15, 1930. ·OFCATUR HERALD WABASH ELEVEN IS BUILT ABOUT BRILLIANT QUARTERBACK · - . . _ _. I ~ T ! - r " « " r t ill^ · IIIAA ARAIITV *** EDDIE MATHEWS LEADS BLUE FOE OF FRIDAY NIGHT Giants Have Promising Outfit With Many Sophomore Stars VETERANS DEPOSED .,,, to Thn lOrnld) CRAWFORDSV1LLE, I n t l . . i, t5,--Pinning iheir hof« on ft fleet-footed qunrteibnck, a few Mattered linemen nnd a mob sf sophomore* that infest both th* backfleld onct the forward wall, Wnnnoh coltefie'a football tlovon Invndoi thu Minikin unlvurs- ty grlil camp next Friday nlffht to ivenK' th« cruahlnff setback they were InniW by In* llllnol* (uIItin on tho looal field l»»t urs of tho tllllu GlsnlB an thfl qimr l*i bark rnimtlonul n fullow by llm nrinio o( lid- did M'.th*w»-l* caw** a l»t of troii- b1« for Iho Blue, for the apeedy llltif Scarlet (l«ld froneral has bean unu*u* ally brilliant thlt year. Last ytar li wan i.nly ft fair poi'former, flRhtm, deep* Mtely for tho quarterback po. with [.onaberry, another member 11. thi 9i-ftrt«t Hfiuart thin (mason, but i n far tl 1 1 yoivr h« him floored * toudi down in evory gamo YVanasn h« playti'l after long runs of from 4L to 05 ynvrt'i, faeh of thnm lorrtiiiM after hu itx'iiived a punt fiom tit* loi of an opponent. 8oph» Shin* Win cvory ftam* the Lllllo Glani hftv« fniroKod in this fall, »ophomor?- Mvft * hown more and more ptoml* of mrting veterans from their posl tlorut nnd l«»t Friday night's Uwrl ·with I'M) Indiana State Tenenoi which the local club won. 12 to ( was no excnptlon Vo»loh, churik\ llrmmfin, nnd K l t ' ^ h n i l , I n n t t v 11'" poundi't. lie 'i * !|itiinu)iu'i, a j u i i n n t ly hevc benton out two IMC l«tUi men, K»hb«t|t and WotOfel, for thi tachl xnd ((unril berths on the rljthi ild* oC the lino Kelly, 200-poumi sernnd-y«nr pivot num. l« tfMng At bury, t*gttlnr center, a race for h! poult on, Th'i wln)W, which aro by no niaani- capfthly flltntl n tf *n yot, are most bit terly foiilfhl for by thrua MOphomorci j and A Junior, Palmer and Harmon, ·ophit, tvith look S»M«I In "'·· position* while irt«t we«k l'o|i*, who llti t been trying to land tho canter po'il- tton Jill sea»on, wa« switched to end, wh«r« h« plnywl a driving g*nw agnlnHt the Tanxihero, Bynn. n Junior, «lt»o looks gtwwl. whlln Ward hnd Johnson, seniors leew to be edfteil cteiir out of the picture by tholr yo»n«»r rivals, Tim rtUnn of Neloon, sophomore gwuil who c««elv«d a »houUl«r Injury in the first t(nmf of th« Benson, hiw martn tho flaht for that (jn'dtlnn nwr* I I L L I N I HOPES AGAINST NORTHWESTERN OCT. 18 VJORTHWESTIBN Invftdra the TM flllnota itadiutn at ChMnpaint »nd Urban*, next Saturday, Oct. U, M th* football opponent for the famous nilnl homeeomlng. Horth- wwtern hu » veteran team and li regarded a« one of the leading contenders for the Big Ten champion* ·tup while Zuppfce'* Orange and Hue players are Inexperienced. ttevertholem It Is generally expected that there will be a thrilling struggle. The usual gala preparations an being made to provide entertainment (or old grads and other vlsiton Th* Illinois and Northwestern band* will vie with each other. It to ejtlmattd thai M,OW fans will attend so that with » capacity ol 10,040 xftts are assured all-comers. Yfmuskus and Berry are the cWei running threat* of the mini Boot Mid pwrlne are both likely to aee ·ervlce as quwiurback BODIMMI And SehultJ m hwd-hittlnj THOMPSON AND O'DOUL GO TO BROOKLYN CLUB Phillies Trade Hard Hittinj Stars For Two Pitchers, Outfielder ELLIOTT TO PHILS (UK *»)t«i I'rtH.) NEW YORK, Oct. 18--With the 1»31 baseball »eason etlll eevea months nway, Brooklyn fan« a)r«»dy nr« talking of a big seaaon ne*t year. The caiiBe of the optlml»tlc hot stove" talk wa« ths acquisition by th* Roblnit Wednesday of Prank "Lefty" O'Doul and JUaFayett* "Pree- co" Thompson. The two players will be transferred from the Phillies to the Hobln* in exchange for pltehera ,Tlm Elliott and Clls* Dudley, outfielder H»J L«* and a «aah tonald- eratlon. Tho acquisition of O'Doul, natlona league batting champion tn IBM an fourth In thla year's rankings, gtv** the BohinB the hai'dest hitting out field In bnBobu.1) , Thn 1930 averages reveal tha O'Doul batted ,883, while Babe Her man and Johnny Ftederlck, -who wll play alongside him next year, W 361 and ,3U respectively. Stag; Discover* He's Too Old For FootbaH lll\l I ildill I'lMD ) CllICAno, Ott. IS^Coach A i taBB Is rtady to admit that he 1 too old to play football with th youngsters he coaches «.t Chlcag The 68 years old coach attempted t lltuntrato blocking during Tuewlty drill, but earne Into contact with pair ot ltne«B and Injured his bad He directed the balance of-the drl (or Saturday's game with Florid from the security of hi* electric ca parked on the sidelines. Believe Zuppke's Green Illinois MISS ORCUTT TO Nl'AI.WV Boiling Scores Doi it n UI 104 110 1d» O. Ill tin , . H'J 1S9 W l n h i K N .. rt 111 ll'J u. smiiii. t: m lit S t i l v u l y ..IU1 Lit 1i Haul I «' HO Iti I'UI.M ^hiirluuh . l i t I U id t, null 1 1 IK k I US 1U U. M i u k w o l l l!,l I M I-* t'lldon . uu i n tS6 acWHoiiHI i l l IV1 117 . In ttwi baekflold Poter»on. »oplm more fullb»ok, *howst piomlne of n pacing ICgan, 1020 Irtterman, while Swrrtout, kophomoiu, and Fulton, ·enlor, but » aeruh until ihlw yem. ···tn HUoly to vlay more ball thlw year at th« halve* than Kngel and Sullivan, letter winnsrn of last yoar'n BJortt »nd Weingmtner, btcklo and K*"*^' 1 °" 1lu! ' f l f t ' MP '" tha lln*. who nuvoi lall to lurn In · ·tronic defcnalv* gama, »ean to lit- th* only permanent fixture* on tho ·whole taam. H U T SI'l- ,1l«tll)tt . , 1 0 0 I t O »I ( i i y i l u h ..111 111 ICE M ( h w n l M O SU W li* Millie ,.,li« I I - !» 1 7 7 Tulnl f i l l 70U 0 lli WOPl' U U ' I U I I L U 1 ) 1' 1:1 i '(i 1 1(I (l Mnran ,l(o IM U M I l l K l l P I . . . I 1 C 1*0 1 1 1 iitlinniiil , 100 10 » M l i t h i t U K ,141) l U Id H l i L n U U a M N I t K H H Coi.tlti ... 101 1W J" Jttmat .. isii Ht ut .1,1 n 1:11 13" Tut 'itl 010 410 1«M Tol J»b 'J I Iflf Jl no: 3 T I 311 nuo (Hu « « u . . . . . N, Wls.'Out, llV-Wllh Saturday'* homucomlng gam* with Pennxylvanla expected to attract a oap»clty crowd, Coach Thl*tletli- walte (» prlmlnir hi* Wl»con»ln teatn for an Imprewlv* ( *r(ovnimic The varttty dtmwt'd well a K n l n n t r j i,n play* ' i n practise exporliincod somi) dlfflciilly I n breaking up tnleml JitniU Tutiii , (H4 Ota on rilVBT HtiATKtl 1 ' ivitmy ,..!« na ll f - Knlli . + * ^3 10A HP KcKtioft ,11S 110 It llttolitr . 0 I I ' l- n 1B« To I 4(1 JH II JJ 111 ID ·I'fttOl Mm! lit Klti ii TO tWV f'lltlfll I'M" ' CHAMPAION, Oct. 15-CaptMO Otaf Hobln*on will load his tsam for tho flrM tlm« thli s no won when I - nol« moot* Northwwtorn in tho 1M1 not* homecoming Saturday. Boliln- »on\ in UN wl mrly \n the- ^n«.n. #orlmnui«*d in p i t n i h * uvl ^Hh Kohlnson at full. Wcrtv ami ifnti.... k»w halves and Chattln. quiuUr. Hu- Illinois hnckfield nhowMl tmproMil form. r. nnttst I III, i,IL Bt U1 I I'll 11 I " HID A i;« . tli'f'lll U I II li«n inn I'll'110 * » Totftl SH K I S t I S -- riiviio 101 rioM. 111 Kli'lv XI I'(Mil- H I s n i l l l i 1" 1 Tutnl 041 l A t ' K N - IVnlltnf IT) Tl till I". I t t 114 1 1 4 110 IIS 1(17 170 u JO 111 E inn Ti.l '17 It lit IK ui'hi n I'll Mill. 67 An HE U4 II 1D» IT :!1 ,15 3(0 6T IT I ,lnl 1,07 Sit fi7) lilt I'll V Iltltl ^ h l t l i n 114 HT 4 C I me ic4 Itn 114 1 2 4 4JH 140 US 111 373 II ID I E ! 390 utlvl (lit ItUun llar cott olul in in h 11 VIII till IPT 615 11,0 01111 1 5 1 I I I 11V 117 ill 91 1)1 t i t 11') fll 'tit » t ( 190) 'Jil 117 aso 303 »7 HI II? T» IBS 42 ilt *(,4 IH) I l l I t s HO nt tin ;t» 1BO 101 |E 71 77 M'K'lBl* tl M [n(li,r IFH'lll 41!) 4 0 1 IDS I7C JIT Tit nn iiii 100 Mti 111 34C 711 !? 0* £4 091 4H E10 111 tKt;ATV1t ·Pnl Lhi'J'r 1»« UI l i f t lil , n'in'I 1«a in: i f i o si (Vim 1 ! itto ut; i n I sj R p ' r t ltd 11* im tS( !!t» 07 \Vn'H»l H i n i i v 111) Ml K I 7 17 r iu t , m '· I " T 1 1 ' . I 1-- M, f Tutu! tO» »7D TS7 !(i M1SH VAt.J.RT 8 B -A f \ ffrh . |K4 Ifto 1 frO I, 1(17 ltd .1 l:»111 W Wh- 17(1 I S O . mil J H 141 1^0 B t i t A 173 li 114 4 'lutflln K I D lift ~n t t Hill . 110 3«1 !13 « 1'iniin 1711 111 1)1 1 I'Hrvnl IliO I K I t t | S'hnni 171 177 'OB ! )HS1UKH H'l'AKH Ix , . m l u l Iraon lCi IM ntii ir.n nii mlok. Ibti I'll nirnn , tuti 'im 'nlnlti .«!» "'1 I I lillfy i i K c,n/ , 17'l uo iVIUl . , 110 lf'» opKllIrt 1 1 ^ I 1" Imi 1:0 IT" tl*i .. lu -in l i t 111 I M k*liv ·UK olkil I S ! KV7 Din '1. UI 71 lltti 3i iij D7 asf, UI 11'' I'll Jll' Dl, 1(1 171 101 , SJ, l i d IHO 161 FFSLKB TO PLAY (flli I/nllttl Prttt} COLUMBUS, O , Ot IB--W*i Fe ler, Ohio State's star end, Is nur inff a sprained wrist and hat h arm In a cast, but is expected to b ready for duty agalnat Michigan Sa Eleven Underrated In Early Dope i *. cTM..d«d OM To Topple Northwestern Saturday WILDCATS CRIPPLED tan fjniiwf PICM ) CHICAGO, Oct. Itt--Ppwiiblllty of wo current favorite* for churn- ilonutilp honon meeting defeat av* added 1nt»r**t today to the wtck'i Bib Ten football compel- lion. Four conference and Iwo inlew- Uonal (amen are ocheduled with lltnola, Minnesota and Iowa, tru* nly t*»mn which have not met con- erence foee to date. receiving then Irat Biff Ten teat*, The schedule v*. Illtnol*, at O«»io SUte *t »t low* City. Mlnn«*ot«, At va. Wta«on«ln, «* CW' Champaign. Michigan v», CDlumbua. turdiw v*. Indian* v*. Mlnneap«ll M'CARTHY TO GET $40,000 A YEAR AS YANKEE PILOT in*i "i'''' i'"»i * NEW VOnK, Oct. 16--Joe McCai thy Wednesday «urv«y«d thn MjOOO · 000 worth of bo M ball properly ht will hand)* for the w-xl two yean and prepared lo go to nn early »how- Ing of the aound new* picluiwt Uk- tn when h* fllRned a managerial contract with ih« New York Yankees, MeCntthy, tutn^d loow by Wllllawi WrlRlcy, JuM before fhn Chicago Cuh» had failed 10 win Ihc Nrallona! li"iin« i-hnmploni'hlp. ii«r*tl wild Jacob nupprrl, Yankee own*r, to n conuurl which ttif manoRT d«;larci1 wss hta "bc-'t one In biiniball." Neither Rupi^il nor McCaithy woulrl soy ho .· tmich l!n* niw man- itijrt H nullity would be, and thin rrti cenen WAK quite In line with r Xpert n- .ionu JJjii^bMI v , d t o f n uoM it wouM Hi; $10,000 yearly. FACE STIFF TEST IN COAST MEET Pairing! Bring Start TO. gethcr In Second Rouni of Tourney COUETT VS. LAWSCN ·4 Florid* v». Th* NorthweKtern-Iltlnot« game regarded a week ago a» a certain victory (or Northwestern, now loonun a* a major te»t for the prc-xeason titular favorites and occupl«H th* feature position In th* w««k'n bill- Ins. WHdUftt* CrtpplM NorthwMtern ouffer«d a heavy blow In the low at Captain Hftnk Brudcr, star halfback who Is con fined to the hospital with small pox and with the balanc* of tb* squad carrying fresh vacclnatlonn the Wildcats h*v« been unable to prac- tise all week. In addition, Beb Run- Ml, first string fullback, and Hirry Ktnt, varsity tackle, liave been ruled tntllglblt and Coach fianley will be forced to revamp hi* lineup. Meanwhile the llllnol* team which ercaped early Mason atten tlon by "Mlk»" Tobln's clever publicity work, baa demonstrated thu It la ndt *s "green" as It was paint «d and now looms a* a danxerotn obstacle for Big T*n champlonihip contenders. Coach Bob Zuppke al ways doe* his beat work with new material and Illinois tcamn are especially hard to b»»-t In hom'i- coming games, Give llllnol* ClMnce With Northwestern handkatpi'l by the mlsfoi tune* of the psst \ f f \ i and Illinois keyed for victory n triumph for th« IlKnt JJuturdn; would not be surprising, In the other winter once JjQH tlty I tK'rut l*n ANGKI.KS, Od competition l*ceij IS remaining in (Iv- Naiiomil ita\t chsmplorxihlp In xrwm.t rouinj mutches W^dncnday wiih tttr r f , In Inly i h u t many player i ol n*ti«n · ) note would b« ettm A fi'Murr JS-hol* ii fw W^dni'xdny wtii iiPiwwn Htu rem OKiill of N^w Jemfy, C»n*«|M chum pi on and Mr* D'lroitiy Cemp W1J HI; i 'I of VMlaM]Mn. thi-t limes ra')')n»l open tlt)i h«td«r, Mntlon Hijlllnn of S»ni» Crui, anothfi fonn*r nnilunul champion, wnt pnirtid with Vlrfttnla Van Wit of Chicago, while IMcn Ht«ki, Mt» Voili, wot matchi"! with tJerbin !*« of UuhlHnd, CM) inn Oilkti, tit I* for t drew n )"is -fcn'linj! hn till i (I w*n known In the other *c-n(«en« gam^ L,i,, r ,ly rorw|.»tlioi-. Mln-t H«l*n U* Michigan, Purdue and Mln»«i»U aie wf) ^ JjnH An|? », w M r ) t o ,, M , favored to defeat Ohio State, lowu and Indiana reapccllvely with th* Michigan-Ohio Slat* game most likely to produce an upatt. Ohio wae defeated by Northwest- urn last week whil* Hlehlgan triumphed ov*r Purdue, but the Buck- ty«i have ununually fin* sophomore _ Th«y handicapp«d by bad break* Northwestern and with th* Important game cut, may com* back first , IJDH ArtK»J« Mm O. 8 .... Knnaos Cliv. in«')»lli«l of th« touru- niciit, who Ti)'*')ay turned back HNI Rornko W»ll nf O«nkMh, Wl*., *u p:jtii! wlili Mm. Drtnt Polttr of 8wi JDJI- (''il Mr«, Hill def»*t«d HIM Wall 4 nnd 3 Mr*. L«ona Prtnnliir, Ran OabrM, Cat, norm of the Wtiurn *atbuil »t(, wax paired wlrh Mil* IbmlM Wochfr of Burllngam*, C*),. another al!-W*m«m mulch WAN nchoiiuled b* twoin Mr*, Greg 1,1 fur, Lot. Oreen, Cxilver - IJSs- "«· Michigan, a current favorite for ^ ^^ H(gWt ^ ^^ ^ honors with Penn one of th« best Intcrsec' llonel coni*st8 of the i*a»on, with WlmonKln a slight favorlt« to win. Chicago's already weak t»atn h*H be«n shattered by Injuriwr and if Florida approaches the strength of other Southern victories to conference territory thi MaroonB appear dtHtlnd for defoat . MlM Peggy Wattles, Buffalo, N. T. ·were paired In th« rematnlni; match ANN Hv l'nl(ri( ARBOR, Mich,, Oct. Michlgart "itpect* Saturday'* vrlth Ohio StiM passing du*I hlK this we«k. and Coach Klpke on PA'H drfcnrt ifiiM.Kit-Kirrv UM I L I J H ) Jy "chilli iua 11 IK Total* a i VII,Li CAW' \11iert» 141 iHUk} . , 1 1 ' ^ 117 £,T3 tins 1714 US 10H 3 l b U S Itlt H I [ J l I I 'i 2J" 142 II" till UU I I I ] J l l i 701 160 «M III - I' 1 ' 1 i t s liiu n y n i .. V f t l k u r . .47 156 lilt ·$ ILAUK CATS -- uiorlrt .151 ISO Ik* W 111 , . t t W \li I*' DT . , 117 tH 4fli 3ttl IdlVln ... 1« «» 11' **' vnt . ITS l«1 l«!l ''Ol Vatali "i« ~**l "" * 101 ILL V1IKNINAL K . B . MOT SIIOTB SJil ui unfit no isi Hi J l l l l t l H n h SOI 144 IM ·!» VuhilXl UI VU7 Hjj »l lii'l-i 1 "" JJ'P 170 I » J 61 Tumi M » *H "5 :L * U u l u i i K l 11* 151 110 41) hlllrtnlim 17T 1SI IB7 J« BlXUH.ill 114 m !OJ lil Msflivnlt I M Hf J C N *' WonllMk 7V 1*4 n l i t . , 13 , lor, n inf. WILDCATS-IRISH MAY PLAY BENEFIT FORJNEM0LOYED (My MUMf fll-1% ) CHR'AGO, Oct. IB.--A movement t« linnafcr the Notre Dtimc-North- we^tern utilvcraity foothtill ffame Nov 22 from Dvchc stadium to Sol- dlfi Field and use apprtslmntuly IJJiU (W atldltlomil revenue for relief (it iinuraploycd uppeurcd approaching in desa WedncsfUv aa numcroua Individuals and oiguntiatlons exjircab' ed tholr appiovnl. A meeting of the South Paik torn- .il»«)onora was tnllcil fm Ilii' w- nouncod pmpOBi! of offciltiff IICP uae of th* big stadium, which scuta 110,- »0 pnr-iona EnoiiRh of, the comrnls- ....neis to onrrv tha proposal said In advance they wmilcl voto for it, Nolra Dame and Northwestern toams have established themselvun In early names aa two of the most pow- eiltil football elevens in the country It is considered certain the game between them will attract a capacity crowd, ttigurdtesH of where it Is played, Dyche stadium ut Evonston will seat only 90,000 persons The revenue from this will be turned over to thi two Etrhools just as It would bo If the game were played at Evanston, and the remainder will b* given to four or more charitable organizations. Under the proposed plan, the additional revsmie made possible by playing at the laigpt field will bt given to the United Clitmtir-s, Catholic and Jewluh chailtlcs, the Salvation A i m y und the Central Association of Chanties of Eviinston, A small vacuum cleaner In used to dean peaches befoie packing In Ohio, \\l in every Public Taste- Test of the 4 Leading Cigarette Brands? Kowln Tot nil .,11,11 I SI JHf Titllt 'ini 102' itnii .1 tut J31 BUT S 'I'nL KG 117 ISO 17' t i n 107 10J U5 10) 110 lit! 1!S 1 III 130 1 10 IHO I f i l 1 f 1M 1"4 |l 11 1« I D (7 (i?1 AJ7 til VflD Grade Troiblt Slices Four Regulars OH Blue Squad Th* inollftlblllty acyth* ban* of oil coaches, »wept all the witj' ^.own from Northwi-ntftrn Tue*. day utd itruok Mltlthla, wher* it cut four flr»it tenm ftnd two i«c- ond t«»m nwn off the Big Bluo h»lf- , IMC*, h*(«J» tlw llrt "f *»*»* h« mlmilnic from tho W VrMny ntglti nnrt pon-lhly If they cannot »t*f« 11 o conwtmck, Oity Arnott, mid, who work* MI half * f"«t pMdlnf aitmMHatlon, to Anwth Mlchey Mr* »thfT rnil, and Oayto Ci|Hn*. IPMnl and «ent«r, are thf ,^ r rlr»t-«trtnt men cut oil. t n Addition. Opal Atchftion and Burr. «ub»tU«l« gunrd r«»p«ctiv»iy. win bo i . Johiwon v«vl unable to "* h * woultl (Mtuy « tht no'**' SPECIAL TRAIN to Champaign-Urbana 18 SATURDAY, OCTOBER FOOTBALL GAME ILLINOIS vs. NORTHWESTERN (ANNUAL HOMECOMING) SI.68-"Roond Trip- -SI, 68 Oiod rolnft a»d roturninR October S2.52-Round «fiod «oln« Ontnber 11 and IK B«turnlnK to and Inoludlnjr. Ootntwr 19 Special train leavsa D«catnr at 10-10 a. m Returning leav* Wrlttht Street Con campus) 4:10 p. m. (01 after game). Trains Uavo D«crttur at 8:08 a. m. and 11-18 a m. Regular train Iwivinfr Urbana tit 6 on p. m. Weekend Excursion Butt of On« JUgular Fare phis 2Bc Round Trln (or thft lest ot the year to all points on the line, For Further Information Phone 2-0533 Illinois Terminal Railroad System Your Coal.. Try one load ol ERIE SOOT- LESS Furnace Lump at $4,75 per ton delivered and you will never bum anything elie, ERIE SOOTLESS i* mined only in the Moweaqua mine and i* *old only at the mine. We have no dealer*. Order from your truck driver or from the mine, direct. No dirt, no rock, no toot; all heat. Moweaqua Goal Mining Co. Phone 193 ' Moweaqua, III, BELIEVE IT or NOT FANS . , . Here's the Answer to your Question Uvery day, the Utten pour In. "Ho* doM O. C. get that w»yt Why does O. G, alwiy* win? You've proved they do ... tell u§ why?" iWetl, fans . . , Just road thlt itory and see why OLD GOLD come! out on tap. CHUMP! LITTLE m WILDCAT C INELIGII GAM1 rt K«Bt, wgi MortawHtarn o tor ·aturdty'i WKa Captain B With until pox ·ad th* *ntir« re*ch*d a tttn with Cent Mttajte in Ck matriculating · HAWK) IOWA CITY for · vie to offset dtttttg, and Wlltag hit tqu w ui* tgaini JM lowans eh * lh* year li *llh Lao Jen sv leading * team. TKA-TASTEHS PICK OLD G O L D . . . AsW«» pltOUtrtph rtwwi tt«t«f« In " V T I 7 K L L OLD GOLD hfM WOU W again t This time with the world's most expert tea-tasters. "No wonder you ask 'Give us the low-down.' "Believe It or not, OLD GOLD win* because it was deliberately tailored to the tatte of American smokers! "Long before OLD GOLD ever appeared on the market, LorlUard took every other brand and a dozen blends of its own . . . wrapped them all In plain white paper . . . and asked American smokers to pick the best. "One blend of Lorillard'a won every taste-test. That blend became OLD GOLD. It still wins every public taste- tent because It Is the only cigarette deliberately planned to bring enjoyment to American smokeni" N O T C O U H I N

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