The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 14, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1859
Page 3
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INSURANCE co: BOOKS ANI> STATIONERY. BUSINESS DIRECTORY I^MloirmgUlt «*•»!•*»• H»i»e«»nd M»nttlac- JtrtabiWunentt we wsKimg «>• belt mad most U>«lrr«ipeeU»e tines MbuJinesi. 1 j, M, GROSSMAN, AllCHITBCT V TOONQ<S mew and 8pedflc»Uoni lor all ktndi t)f Bolldlng« d at Bhort BoUce and OB the bust JUbenl terou. jelS I ISAAC KINttSLEV A STJBAMl MPB SO. »1 *»OT WATBB OTEm, 8*8 AHD STEAM *IP«3, ^v_'. i GAB, STiAM AND WATER DOCKS, ,"— fltOBK ANB OHKOK TALVKS, * OUAGE OOCKB, 4o., Always on band, «larg»m»»orlment of IFoik done In » worlantvnllkeaMumer, at abort notice je»-dly N. OKISWOLD <B OO.. SjrTAU, DC4LB8 tV LADIBT, GENnjCMKK'flANuCHU,DEEN'8 . BOOTS, SHOES AND CA1TKBS, MASOK STREET, OupOBitc the Walker Hon«e. mySl W E 1 N B K K N N E K , i Ann DiAua IB BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, NO. 24 SPEKG STREET, - OppoBite American House mylj . Boot & Shoe Store, NO. 48 EAST WATEK SlUEKT. JOHN PHEL.AN, HEKP8 always on band good custom made Boon and Shoe*. All kinds of Ladtas' and 6tnt;emcn'l Boots and 8boet nude to order In the latest style and vtmntcd toglTe •atiatactlon. aprtS JOHN KO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, Has joat received » tall snpply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass K Manufactored »rcfer«l«idi N«»"rprk,-i ;»mn«porf«d entirely by veoel, Ji comes b perfect order,; anti enables me to tell at low rates. I have permanent arrangements to sell this brand of Glass hereafter. JOES KICK. Harper Brothers, (KstaUiAtd in ISIS,) BOUSE SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAL I'&lntcrv, f;lazier* & Pivpcr«IIninror«, 1KTTATOEB OF WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 39 O !V E I I> A STREET, A FEW DOORS KAST OF TffS UAEKE1 HO CSB. 476 JCXNBS & WWITKHKAO General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES Pl'BI.lC, AC., OVF10E, corner of Reed and Oregon streets, Meyrose*s Block, Fifth Ward. W1U attend to the baying and selling of Real Estate, Izurarlng Goods and Buildings in reeponslble Compa Dies, Attend to the Collection of Account!, Making ml of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases. *c. All Collections made on accounts placed In our hand will be promptly paid over. a. O. JO*ES -ty2ft HOBK2T SCHNOBCKKL A KKUNOTIO, OOMM1SSION MKHCHANTS, Real Estate and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Ornoi—No. 4 Markel Sqnare^ opposite the Old Post- Office. mar27 D. COJISON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to Office, No. b. Suite Bank bunding, cornerot tnartO-dSni v Wa,UM JSO. L. rX)RJJB BIMOB LfcTT . E>OKAN & Lfc:VY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law. Offtft—Empire Block, 2S1 Eagt Water St., , [mayMJ WISCONSIN CAPITALISTS W ILL find at my office a Register, open U, tlieir Inspection of Pond* and Mortpnge« and other securities offered for gale. Persons wishing to obtain Loauff >>r hiivuiy Ilundft, Mortgages or other secarltiefi for sale, may find it to tbeir Interest t& fil^ v-iUi me tbnir applications or statement*. C. SCKLEY, ylt Opposite Walker Hc.usr.. O^OJJ CHANCli. HOUSE AMJ LOT FOB NA1.K i;iIF.A>'. c HE uoderslgned will sell bis iionse and Lot, now \ occapled iu & Tav. n bj blm, situated on Main St., Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and tiie R. h. M. B_ B. Depot, The houar Is located on the best business place, and tbe Uonse as well as tbe sitna- tion of tbe lx>t, wonld answer for any branch of business, especiallj- for Wholesale Store, which branch li already now projected at that very locality. Those vho like to make a good bargain, are reqnmted to apply at the undersigned. JOHN BAETH. Racine, January 26, ISM. JaniT-don Lumber Tes^els for Hale. 8ch»oner Fashion, 824 tuns. Schooner D. Newnall, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Kagby, Iffitnns. Tbe above veesebi will be sold .at very low prices for satisfactory security Good title. TATLOR * JEWETT, Buffalo, New Tork. Enquire of B. B.Jons, Mil *>ukee, Wisconsin. WOOD AND HAY VAItt*. O. H. LAMBKKTON H AS just opened, (or the benefit of all who may become his Customers, a Market for WOOD and HAT,U the N. E. Corner of . West Water and Clybonrn Streets, (Office with Messrs. Mabbett t Breed.) His Stockof Wood taUrge, Dry and Bard, (Cut and Split or uncut) Eli Mock of Hay ti of the BEST QCALITT, and BALED EJ GOODO&DE&Each wjn be delivered to any part of the City on the SHORTEST NOTICE and the UOWE3T TERMS. K. B-—'Wood Pedlars, and those who sh'p large quantities jf Bat irlll always and It to their advantage to bey ot as. We will sell so that dealers may make a handsome profit by setting OD the itreet. maylS O. H. LAMBERTON. GENTLEMEN'S PUKNISH'G. NEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTT'S. Q P 0 95 H Z H. K U S S L. FKOTI ROUNDS A I.ANODON, General Advertising Agents, 185 RAWDOLPB 8TBEEJ, Who are antliortced to receive Advertisements for tills as well as all of the moat Influential and largest circulating papers throughout tbe entire North-Went. O«] SHERIFF'S SAI-E. (New STATE OF WISCONSIN, J Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. 1 James 8. Brown, against Ernst f. Henberg, Joalah A. Noonan, PeUr UcNab and Andreas Keye. Foreclosure. TH virtue of and pursuant ti a judgment rendered In A said Ooort, In tbe above entitled action, dated January IB, 185S, I ahall expose for sale and sell at public auction, M the Post Office In tbe city of MUwaakee, on SatWrday* tbe Sd day of July. I8S9, at the hour of 2 p. M. of that day, the following described mortgaged premise*, or «o ranch thereof as may be ne- nusiij In raise the iunonnt of laid Judgment, interest and costs,, together with tbe expense* of sale, to wit: "All that part ol the west half of the south-ert: quarter of section number nine (9), in township seven (7), of range twenty-two (22), wounded w follows, to wit: commencing at the • seuth-wMt'corner of aald west hair of the south- weat'quarter of section olne{9); rannlngthence east fcn the south line thereof ten (10} chains; theneeaortb ten (10) chains; thence west ten (10) chains to the west line ot the said quarter ' iscdoD, and thence eontb ten (10> chains to the place of beginning, containing ten (ID) acres, - "•'-', , hoirever, to »ne Isalf thewldih of a m the iwnfli'fcna west boundaries thereof, • -. •" - rone Chain In width." "~ -" tnthe neatwlttyle, No. KIT The Nester »f tfc^RoOkf Moontaiiis, From facts nart-kted h'yhlrfliteir.' ' Jnsi fceeWed by • maylO ,,i,.,-,,.,t ^.SrRtOKLA^0 A.00.; ~ f Aiv> STATIONERS, \17E TT brated fencllB .from the manufacVrj of J. J. Bebbach, In B*gehJbArg;*i\r»rl»i 1%i niejr-»7* oarefrillr assorted, and each grade Is distlnguUtara If a popolar, brand. Particular attention Is called to \,be "Opposition Pencil," (ronni -black gLuaJamUta4liB"Ekipt'« Pencil," (round redjgiltp alap io the "Engineer's Pencil," (hexagonVnt.) 'Alrof •* hlch Vlll-be ftinnd inperi- or to any olher peaoilia ^bf market. , Always oh*nand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grade*. A 'discount allowed to thp Trade jiroportronecl to extent of orders. -.-.I ,; i •IK'MC-.:; . .-» ;.- . . ap»2» ALLJBKE'S OP ., .OrUlcal Dictionary of EnylisK Literature ana - , ceased; frem tktT&fOSU'A 1 fo&mttflafXf 1KX- dlt ofOu nintte*<,tn i-tntur)/. Gmlain- iny 7h.irty Thousand Siogrnphitt and IMerarjf ffoliam; «4tJi Forty Index** ofSu'jtcte. frici *S. I NDESPEKSABLY u cessarj- to all t>bo Read, all » l,o Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lsiryers, Scientific Hud Lite tary. .Men, Merchants and Fanaera, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. FUBN1SKKD BV If tint, call Immediately and* gel Uiem Insured in the following 'Tint 'Ula»a," old established and prompt f ,, 'JtfryA. INSURANCE COMPANY. > * ' '" OfHarlfordi Connecticut; *1 N 0 O &KO BATED I'M 1818, ' OtllEWtford, Cannectlc'at,'' „ 1NOO-RJ?OBATK0IN1B10. "Cash Capital anil Surplus,. ............ ,1798,682 00 Of New York City, . . Cash Capitol and Surplus,. ,. . ...... : .$li077,ttO 40 -< AIID iWTSIJRANCfe COJMl'ANY, - OfNewTork. • • IJiCORPOEATKD IK ISS5. cfca«ti Capital and SiirplnJ... .'. ........ t8S3,950 81 ' PH02NIX INSURANCE COiiV 1 AN IT, ,. -•=•"•• Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash. Capital «nd Surplus,., ............ $419,084 06 L.AMAK FIRE INSURANCE CO., •Of New Tork, • Oi in Capital and Surplus,. ........... 1 .»269,C69 33 ttESOLUTE INSURANCE rOMPANY, Of. New York City, , Cash Capital and Surplus, ....... „ ---- 4240,889 £8 CITY PIKE IN SI' RAN CK COMPANY, Of 11 artful <l, Connecticut, Cash Capital nnd Purplns, .............. ..|SO*,281 48' 1 solicit business for the above named Companies, entirely upon their own merits and responsibility, anj refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies Is- 'sned without delay. W. HEKEV HOLLAND, Agent. Jons Hou-iKD, Ais't. Northwest oor. Wain and I>. P. MiRsmii, Snrveyor. Wisconsin fts_ Milwaukee. septS <V €0., BOOK & STATJOJVliKY JltltRRItS, 185 Mast Water xtreel, [From Theophius Parsons. L. L. P., ITofeasor of Law In Harrard Unlvecsltj'.l CiMHKll«il;. J»i. .",, ISM) I>KAB SIK : — I have had the fir*t raluuic of y»ur UK-- tlonary for tome days, and htfre hat stied m>ceif that your p an is excellent, and that you ba^e carried :t out with very great industry and wiLh pt>od judgment. — The fnllnesi and accuracy of ju inform stjcoi coDcerninp modern autbore and hejr jrorLs, are indeed rtmarkh- ble. To any one who dedre th • knowledge your b ok parpc.rts tc give — and what educated m&ii dots Dot? — It must be of Interest n d value. Reapectfullj . Ac , THKOPUH.U? PARKKH. f. Austin Alllbvne, Esq. United Stale* ti. «fc IMns.Co. .•vjjCAPITAL 1100,000 OU SCKPLUtf 29.65800 Office, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of East Water and Michigan ntrcets, il U. WA CKJCE WlSCOXSJJt. DtREOTOBfl: J. A. Hclfeniiteio, E. Aaiiuerson, M'.sn Kiieelau.1, R. H. Dnpgelt, .•iu'i.uel llak,, U. U. Oouauian, H 1 r»ti^t-r, K>lu-iu Townscnd, S.-iomoii A'tler. i. A HKl-PKNSTEIN.PrMldcDt. Q. 1). DOC8MAN. Vlcr Pre«t(lpnt. W. T. PALM KB., General Agent, t. O. Wiarr,Secretary. .,,,.;.; h. fr. DAOOKTT, Treasurer. . H. U PiLMtE, Attorney. *iarlO .N and after Honi 1 tlce a Passenger i, and nitll farther no- wlll leave Milwaukee frem th« depot,foot of,8e«»8d »tr|et,for Pine Lake, Ocononkriroc, Wattrtown, I^weH. Timbiu at 4.SO P. m.,arrlTlng in Milwaukee »t tT t Milwaukee by (He MUwaakee * . e* MU.R. R., «? d Mu - * *""•' R* Jt,, or by Boat; ean proceed to the atove places. ~ ectfons&Temud* at W»tertown with stages for •Hamden, Lowrille, Detora, Yorlt, Arlington, llrlslol and fpr. all points to the West andlJorth West. Passengers arrlTlng ai tbc Jnnctlon from the above places make connections n the Mllnuikeu A »U«als- slpnl K. K., for JSnesville, MadUon OE.I Prairie dn Chten ond at Milwaukee, with roads to the South, West and North. • aprS iB. S. MERRILL, Superlnteadent. i 18.39. SUMMKK i AKKANOKMiiN 1 !. — VIA— MICHIGAN CENTKAL — AND— G-. Western (Canada) Railway. mRAINS leave thebreat Central Depot, JL rfreel Chicago, as follows : ! 4M>0 A. HI.— DEfeTOIT ACCOSL110DATJON, (Handay) excepted), arrive al Detroit 6.00 p ll. 7:l)O A. M.— CINCINNATI KXPRKHS. l8ur.,Uyi excepted.) Arrive »l loiltiriapollj 4;00 p. Ki; Cincinnati 8:80 p. u. 8:OO A. ;»».— LldHTNlNU I!.XPRE^«, ,8and«>» ex. cepteJ,) arrives at Detroit 7*0 P. «.; Suspension Bridge or Buffalo 4:0^ A. u ; Albany 3:«0 P. «.; New York 9:00 p. u.; Boston 11 P. u. U:«»O P. HI.— Nil. K" AOCOiillODATION, elcept 8:oi> p. m.-NKW TOSK AND BOSTON EXPRK-.-, (excl'ptSaturdny.J Arrive ai l>etroit 7:tS{». r-; Baspenslon Bridge or BulTalo tail t. v.; Albany «:«0 A. «.; New York 1U:00 «. « ; Boston 'l:W1 r. v. 8;OO 1>. ffl.— CI80INNATI AND LOUl.xVILLK KX- l'ttlfc>». (Kici-ptSalurda.) 1 .) Arrive at CincJBn»ll «:(" *.«.; LnuliTille 4:OO p. «i. '• One train on Bun Jay it 8:00 p. u. TheSKM) A. *. an.LSrOO p. u. trains connect «t Pari. will, Ihi-llufTalo 1 Lake Huron Railway, for Bun'ai, and ull points «•• sl.fni Tofnu- with Grand Trunk Railway, li- Kingsu a, Of,->tciisburk-, Montreal, yuet'-o af.«l alipoiuL; in Csnail.-i KK.-I, Nor'tierii Term^ut, N--w MIl.WAl'KKK Baggage cher> "I ttntmth. Through tickets Tm B-Ur at tlie prlnnpai l(.ailr.'r»! offices In Hie Wesi, »» J at tlie (Cunvral orti.-e, curiif-r Lake A Dearborn streets, opposite the. Tremont U -ust-, t^hicigo, *oo. at tl>e D^pot, root of Lake Hrort. R. N. RIOK.Sup't. H. J Kro r>!»'. , Oer, P»««. *»-'t »prla . ,, «lO HULKS. '}' (14 MUuftam 'Fr&pori v ' /;; • i :OtjASDA>TBB i 1 P- MUjNl>AY, 1>KCJ -if,: 1868, , Trains will run a> follows, viz : GOING WB=T. Leave Kacine :or Davis— Kreisfit & Ate., GOING KA •? «. «. 5 r. «. Passenger, f Freight.^ Aco., S:80 i. u. Leave Raoine foe, 1 Leave Belbit forKacln Leave Davis for Kacint Passengers by laklag th^ 7 A M. train on the .Shore Kail mail at Milwaukee, cotsnect at Kactne with train to Darts: arrivlux at Davis at S^W P. u. stage k'nVcs Oavji lor Kreeport un iirnval of truiu. S:«ij A. ai.-traln from l>aviv connect at Racine ftith afternoon tralnal on the i.alte Shore Kallpiail North «'n-l South. JSP" *rtli:I»l lorwariiril will, •u- l j-:ii'-s. decS ' liiibhlir ll \KIUf. .--jiwr.. i^n-l.'nt. Pittsburgh. Fort Wayiit 6: Chicago a: AIL fjUIId ue* arM JUcet Houti- now *»[ c n lo New Yor&, A bostttfl, PittAbur^'h, PliUa.tcl5>hin f lialumorc and Washington clly,, Uxiukirk, Buffalo, Nia^;*i i. PalU.antl all cadteru cities. Ciuciaiiu.u ( Colupt>as, Da.) ton, ^pnu b '(!e.'i, Urhina., Zac^ivilL-, M;ui-cuMll>-, >..« ark fcu-1 Whctl'i.t', ami aU uil-.-rior to^viu i/i OJiif, .vcn !!^ OIK I -t| li- K. fri •»(•, .Un Mail ami ( Ui'j p , \Vtiii r-ut one ' of ar a t.> Hiti«l TMHOTTHH To Pitutbur^., PMiadtrlfiiDi, I coonecting d«reCll> wt»h tratna nia Central tUlirt.n.t, u> ill f< Oh vei&D'i A Co!uH)l'C3 Buffalo, Nlftfam Fail- V\.rk £ Kile K.iJir ^Jd Person- j- n(i -^at wm lin-l d=jilruble, botli lr--Lj if,r .».( vm Viriety niiU t>e.%uLy ul tl.-t co Toad* pass, ILS well rw*- tlie Iras and Uie aLiD»y-vQ<-«- of r- - li'i- Kailruad t<- ClCVct:tr 1, l>u:ik.r-. vm Nrw T..rk 0^'Hrii a-.t N , :-. .Vw Y'iri aiM «o«u.n. .ute Ov tar L!)C- mnst ,:i j.p'ni .*f , stance, Lnr-". :. Win-.-l the r-:.: - ! .'in EM of rari uther t ft>r t tranaportau hlocft bj Uua route me UUAUI p nay (ttlicr r-ul*:, TI i. • Lf for « ale p.^iU- TT-I LlUr .- 1 *' f A<rut, r*. M.I i, a < li «'«>. 111 l|llrll<-Il Itliilillnt. tl |< liluu- KJRRk'l* t .\PITA1., a*li Paid in, $ I III K K 01 i > i!F O. D. luvis, .M. fr. GoKOCKli J HrnriHLin. J. H. CJEDES, 0 t>>*cT('CK, K. TOWNHKND, A. I.. WAI.IUTH, Secret*! U. L. PALMCK, Atloruey. 63?" Plrr and Murint Riaki tai. en *t curreut raid. Detroit A Mil. Kailwa*. THK Steamer Cleveland *t" u^« her place id hue of the Oetroti A Milwaukee Kfcilv), -»n Monday, the 14th Marrh Pmis-npert wishing through tickets can l»e supplied oti antt alter Mondny ucxt, at 2Ao tnjt Water sirrrt, <T at the office on tlif Jock of th--'Detroit A iltlwauke- iLailira; Co.— T»n« oo.k-c ut the Umr of tlr.i»&riurt: will lw iriv*n. Thu will Cjakr t),c shortest, che&[>eat aod iiu:cr.t-*l r- ulc l fk aJi pomlfl KH <l tuarS VV. A- ,'BKSTlflS ii. KuUs^aAOiTT, -lot-BPH F. HILL, JAB Mruui, Gk> [Prom B. IretiBJUs Prime, D. D , Editor N. V Ottserrrr.'] NEW YOKK, Peb S, 1S59. GnrrLKMES :— The first volmne uf your gr^at Diciinn- ary of Author*, I hare perused with astouiihm*iii B d delight. It IB jusl whatl hare locp destr*-d to hsre, and hav t souptii for In ram. of clergy men, studentA, and all liiers-y and inteMKent mm, maul sneh to have jusi f ts work- and the) will h&vrtl, wheo they learn I at U Is In tbt world. It d*-§-rres the mo» cordial rerept'oo, and I irust ihai the -,aihor and tht- pabllsber* wll have the largest reward for their enterprise aod labor. Youre truly, B. OhildB A PetTBon. IDL wn.^, Jan. 2 ,>859. MY DRAB BrR : — With b tier knowttrdte of yoor hook from repeated f- aati open It, 1 «m ash&m.ti io hare written you BO rommoDpif»ce an ackD' vrledgmtrnt of Its flret rt-c Ipt Of all the fitorehoDKf of tniere«Ung aod readable mall *r Uje "Dictionary of Antf..r-"stf i t tnc the most capUvatlcp. 7'hcpoo-i lasif, ib/lus:rv, and sldll of arranpt-nient there.D maniieaitrcj . n til i, o\ h« su -pa8«ed, nfiti H nil oiit.lte .or you a repot&t,on vcrv enrlable. 1 shall try t< make amebdi in p-"iot for m t apparently iD&ppreciativr first acknowitdgmcDt oi tt,t acquisition. ** (th many iiDcere thtiikb for Lhf pnztr I lia rt n. ine t-ook, I remain, my dear sir, Y- am, fa tMul'y, N P. WILLIS. 8. Austin AUibone, Eaq mu>19 l{. 1. 1* 4.1 H eft, t. T '» NSBHl', j. H. KPIO<O», MI J..V HiKi'if- liBIKBKhO, \:t t > r AN-i» nit J-: IXM K undcrbiened .a prepared to inht- Mnnnr Riskii .inl Fire J.jskj on . r-.ducc in store, m the North lonj: esta^ltfl'«-'1 ''"n]j..iny cutillrs i«59. 1 *'V.K SI' MM KK A UKANU ICM K N 1. . •ea.' L'ltittd Xu.V^ J/Ji UE Tfjl^ rrtiable and «LI au.l NoHib-Wn^T, an.l tli an-i Rur -t m run K i T "ilrl. ' F U RNIT U RE SALES o< CO, OTJT? NOTES, PLERZHEIM & B EING about to dissolve the>r Co-Bartnerahip arransi-nKints. their wholo ^t .. k - M. r-i ,< <~ ••• • reierve. The best and largest itock of FURNITURE! EVKtt OfCPEEKB IN THIS CITY vr GRBA^T SACRIFICES, FOR THF NFXT SIXTY DAY--. THK VI04 It j* ||B--iYY .\Xtt TI I *T IJ5 «,<»M> ! 218 and 220 East Water Street, MISCELLANEOUS. ii. w. Ki-:i>ia^A VKTEKlNAIt \ si IJ«.I o\, A * It I I \V A I Ji. I- K, \t I s< 11 > N I • DRY GOODS, &C i J KORMKUI.Y IIKCI.I..TI.;!. x 0 . rripi-nlfulljt .ni rmi iv? • "••<•• " ' •' '•••- . • > • - • • fc ,., .M.. »,,! r, ,„ ,->:. ; '• W "'""•- •• •"-• l • • • •" ' ' HV, 1 » " •' ' •'••!• ' ' SPRING AMD SUMMER DRY GOODS! times profess ini.a, i We f^el jnnnri.-.] nor lo !h f ir--ner-\j J 7 •> JuJgt llMhr.,.. K'Uy. An.l ew V.lden, Jin.-. K-ll The Late-1 fsfcveitie.i DETROIT & MILWAUKEE '»J»M'!l novx HORATIO HILL. al tfic-eof II A J. I litll i'it> Insurance 4'o.. or run \ni i ri.i \. AUTUORJZtD O»I'IT»1. ..*!«l.'0" PAID fP CAPITAL AM) iSSKTTl 1 ,. i:T,>V. (Jffift, Frank/in BmWitu,'. .'•(. 4U» Walnut itrrtt. niUai/rlpM". T HK «ul)« I.a* b.-rii ^i-[ '-.; tr.' aifent forj thlt Comi-iny (. I \l,'.*H.iV, -s »>- v > • nllj . R.»k l»k n on ai> favoru:.!. '• rm« «• nil. r rr«p 'n^He ('"mpaitlr < JA^It-- - « Hi TF, A(Tri,t. Offlci. d rn~r (.f Km»t \V»ler • n.l Huron ptn-et*. tip • thlrf, ..v t-r lb»- Marine I ftr.ii may'-ip BY STATE AUTHORITY, SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. •I.K I', f I. i ri;-.\ i U:,, Wiuona, Read's Landing. Red Wing, I'Rl^CuTl. .-T. PAI'l. AS.. ,-T VNTHu^V lit. i 1 AK I Ni i- « '!»H «» ii i of T i ut* . V 1 ^T T K A I "V I.I * V 1 s 11.00 A M . \ t > , A p r i* I . I uv i' Jan—v,| r J P. M . Pr»in.. i, *-cl n^ w ih ih I'-.* '1 II \V \ IK. 111. P M MviLx.n Rates ul Fn.-i.-h P.cduc-d A°;;ua by r4in< <•«>.'- M iu an &:Ui I*. M lun ad ar.v oth^r an the Jtrr-v^l of th- S-'^ P M Train. I.KAVF.S TIII.WA i KF.E ,^ *\ Jo.n V.-- v;||. *i .'^ p M ; M»»i'*on f'. M ll ;-.n>t« • n t ! •- M.MI«',J. K . -r _ns Kouic H 1LLIA.M JKKVJ.- (i«-n'l Suj-eriu: t i-n! I i: x i' K i. s •ii .1 »» t C A.- I li < . WISCONSIN CiKNKKAJ. INSURANCE AGENCY LACROSSE AND MILWAUKEE I HJ . IN EH JI PUBJLISJHKD BY CAKTKKS. A LICE AND ADOLPUUK. Aunt Judy's Tales. Parabk-s from Katurr. Moi«s In tbe Sun beam. Fanny, the Flower Girl Oncle Jack the Fault Killer. For sale br TKRST * CLEAVKB, maylfi 167 £a?t Water al. NEW BOOKS —AT- II KKV & CLEAVKKM, JC7 EAST WATEK f-THEET B AETH'f Travels In Central A'rtra, 1 vol., ahndp.-!. Livingston's Travrli In 8ontl,.rt, Atrlr*. 1 vol 8p»ergeons Sermons, oth sern-. Higher Christian Life. I N S. < . | (II A It'IF. II «»4Cv t-IHK j Hurtfonl. C"nn i CASH ASSET? «341,liiC »- | NORTII AJIERir-A> I IIIF INS. 4 (I., Harlfor.l, Corn.. CASH A8PFTH (AM,SCO M I TOT.STKRN T| AXS. »IHF l^*. (<>.. Of Plf.sfj"..!, Mass. OAHH AMSTTS t20i,C«9 41 ?8 1 i i i u-i>;ul. OUH CASH APSKTH FIHF. I>M HA.\«-F. Of Cor.way. Mans. I26S.4.M 47 i IKI: i-v*i HA-y< i: < o.. SHIPPKKS OF PKOUl CK C AN supply tbemselves wi'h Bills of l^dtnp at TEKBY tCLEATEKV, may20 16? K»st Water »treet- CASHAB&ETS.. <:«• nPA\v. OA8H Of Philadelphi Sl'IUN(i A KKANdKM KN'l . l.l; 1 •• iTll-WKWTEKN IMT»:!> NT ATI-. S ^1AII. A tXPKF.NN A\I> d\ir M.I. KAIL l.<iI'TB T< > I .A CROSS I ; On the I I'FlAt MISSISMI'I'I HI\EH, du »r. I n'ler M'-WUr, A p'll ;M- Two Through. Express Trains Daily. 1.KAV1U Mll.NV AUKKK. PKUM UK.I'OT rO<^T OK rilK-TM'T STR.ET. M rou, [>ati > ' - r fhc. IN.. •• A}.rll. wi.rrr DEPARTMENT 1 .. \ K r i A i) 1 . il N i ' . \ J . \ ( . t . HAHDWAKt: - . ' j r ; J \ f \ I I .N < . - \ i FA Ki- BOOKS. O UR stock Is the largest In the Weft. We sell every Book M the Publisher's price. We can furniab to order any book which exists, either In the English or otber languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Presa. Jan20 8TB1CKALND A OO. 1 T\»*ADI'ThaTlng been made in the condition of a Al certain promissory note, bearing date December 3KA.J>.I85T,ezeeotei by V;B.Hlbbarf_iand_ John 8. Harrlsiand al» tn the conllllon.of a certain Tefsel nwrtemflf the same date exeouted lrr«»ld :H»o»r<l •ad HarrJ* to »ecBr«aie jaymtnt «? >li **°*''; vH jjjj{|J? aaawtfot^MtM^-fWm Tuesday, ,the-Cth day of JCT.?, jUttiSSE^le o'clock ta the forenoon of that ji«y j MJ oi* ^flC J 7E f 1 "* 1 * hridge. in ^he city ot Mllwau- fcae. thetiaasAnAr. Killiafli Sr BivpheJtf, ber TBiirts» - ' ^ ? f»"^«'"v^r^a clwr cables, and *U other r«ppertolnlor «nd tejpngin^, to ,__^r_,— j.__ _ n nig oote and . JOSJEPH JAMBS, , , i Mortgajeea. , BjW.W-EMWJ ' ' IptirnBaf^ Coiraru, Attorneys, School Rooks. W E have *very r-chool Book in demand, arid them at wholr»i!.le or retail. OFFICE, NO.'/, MART mai-29 J. \Va.('ralu, Aeenl, I-.1.0CK, CP STAIR*, MELLLNERY IN JaniiO BTRJOKLAND A 00. Bargains in I>ry BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! «KTH are prepared In our Bindery to Bind Magumes, TT Periodicals or anything elae In tlie form, of > Book, In neat and durable styles, al low rates. )an2l) STBJCK1.AND t CO. Stereoscopic 1 Views. W E bare rccired a fine lot of Sterescopie Views embracb>g views of Interesting localities In RUSSIA,' SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KOYPT. NUBIA, GBKECK, irtTSRST, IRELAND, AC., &C Also a large variety of new American Views. New and very desirable styles of Stereoscopic Instro- enta. STRICKLAND A CO., Booksellers and Btatloners, aprl^ 184 East Water street. SIXTH VOLUME WISCONSIN REPORTS For sale at HTB1CKLAND t CO, feb!9 184 Eut Water street. THA. IM.Mt.SCK ."TOCli uF 13 r y C3rO ,-AT-J i\o. 187 K; si U 7 alcr Direct, MUST BK CLOSK1) OUT I Tra.n* amre »r Milwaukee »' v !)::ju A. M. AND t3:3O I*. L'loa« rniin • Oti'.i'.s ar« nm.l - at l.i»Ori.«M . | Twin- tlitily cnch wiiy ivilli Ihr .11 in- nf-'-tttu l'-'rk''t * 'om |>;in > *- ftrtt' Hii*l I niti'il Mild-- llnil I.iiii' ol Si nun Hi-- Io .V from Si. I'nil I i ; nnd ititrrmcdmir |I<MI>!-. I t&f Passentrfrs, ty taklm this miitp, *.i, f^TeliiO :c ad^d 15 hours Llnir. frym Ch'cafr, .if l.a CroMf o.r Kl. 1 aul, uvrr ari.7 "Lbtr itetl t;*uridftjii tlcrpled. i Milwaukee, Aprn.S4, lt-'-9 ! tOUI> II. (.OOlHtU II, I apiW Manager. i C7HAN6K OF TIME- NEW YORK&ERt fw\ . IY..K K»rr '..*-• -. !•-.' - • 1 N*» V-,r» A \r .- iU ....-v i •» II. QOO t F M« ii f O N at; -1 K'V r A ; tire-, n i p*-r»f> ' talleff In distanc Milwaukee to route. K» th-ut U» .T.I tif.l ! ' i'' ;.-r ; f Z'-M in m ik - ('Hi '•»* <.r.if fr Hi i'— -jDilt-nn f nil.i \ti-n.t) • «• '• n^' i;iat nt-if:t- 1- :-> rfi.. 1 \ I . 1 . c > I 1 Bi:!-f « .. f— I""*" i n; « '' '*' 'j t, ni"nth.y h i « i 11 H A Ll., ' rrr.'l A,rl M rU»C''-"' »pr!C J T' SU«)[>Y, Ma-trr i-r Tnio-j-orin: --n HIE .\URTI1£K.\ O., i :«i i..\ vi u \ i I//;. !>'.( .'A i.r. u •> t i; I i . >(»rTli\V Ki.L, JK.. • "It will In MUwabVr, »t \\ '.'& i. 4.--20 p. «. arr-'i-dt' an-l ™*£.\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY depart &t ( Wilt, iJiirlrijit tfi<- prr»T»tii S?vson, run their well S. MKBR11.I.. °nn'l. B-'in»l ^icrew ITEW AND FAVORITE ROUTE PIKE'S J'KAK. A NEW MAP, thowlng tbe Route to tbe Gold Ee- gions In Kansas, Just febl» t received by 8T KICK LAND i CO., 124 Eaat Water street NOTICE TIIT IKSPECTOU OF FISH, PPOlNTEDby tbe Common Council of the City of . Milwaujcee, In purfcaance of An Act r>f the Legislature, approved Mirch IT. 1S59, hereby give* notico that be is now furnished with the pioper weights and brand* for i be doe performance of the duties of his office. By the Baid "Act' It Is made the duty of all persons dealing In Fish to give notice to tbe Inspector to have the same duly inspected and branded fat-fore packing. M-. Smith will be found at the New Warehouse of Messrs. John Furlong » Son, South Water ct.. Walker's Point, where aB notices are requested to be left. Milw» ikee, Hay 7, 1859. maylO JOHN SMITH, Inspector. «.o. UTAH .................... , Ryan & Jenkins, COUNSKliLOKS AT BCII/DIN&, Corner Salt Voter and Uidagan sis., may5 James £. Swain, OP THB LATE PTEH OF MAG IE & SWAIN, WILL remain at the old stand where he will be pleas- en to welcome thejpatrons of the establishment. «prl2-<ltf CHARLES QUENTIN & OO. /^HAUl'ES QPENTIN A CO., corner of Salt Water \J antl r- ason itreets, Mllwankee, Wisconsin, have for •ale Real Estate, in the City of MUwaukee,ln large or small parcels. Building lots In every Ward oft t. Olty, of all ekes and prices, for boilness ttr resident and on »a»y; terms. Aleo, small Farms of from 6 to 10 acres, near the Olty, for gardening purposes. Also, several thousands of acrea of the best farming lands In Wisconsin \n qoMMUti to «nU any demat.d. feb29 ' r WESTERN UNION * ponsiti State Telegraph. Connections WUU nil Hues East. fTtH,Triscflrisln«»t» lines ronfrom Mllwtnkeeto 1 LaOros«e,?ond<ln Lac'and wanpun, on EaUroad Bootes- ! Alto f«m MUmnkee^to Janesyille, Madtoon, vrater^irn and Prairie-flp'.CbHa. Btatlora atalllm BV 111K —so- i DKNSlil I K( M I it AM) Till I TIM U i >'>»rming \v Great Bargains maj be Exp< cleds aprl7-dU JOJiF.PII C'AKY, Assignee. I:MTI.D NTATKS .'HAKSHAI.'S Lycurgus Edgerton, vs. IVlntbrop C. Lord and George Lord. 1 In thr United Stairs DIs- 1 trict Court j Wiscons n. J In Equity. District i f I N pnrsuance and by virtue of a decree made, by the District Court o the United Sutn for the DinrKt of Wi'consln, on tlie ult.tli da} of May, 1B59, In the entitled cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, at the office of the United !• tales Mar h&l in the City of Milwaukee, In this .District, on Friday, the fifteenth day of July, 1859, at three o'clock In the afternoon, the following described property, to wit: "Out lot'ti, 1 number iwenry -oue It!}» In tbe village of Wiupacca, In the Ooniity of ^aupacca and 3uu of Wisconsin; also a sufficient qaaotlty of WatiT I'cnrur to be taken nat of the WaupacoA Hlver, at the dam erected across said Klrer, In ihe vllage ot Wanpacca, to propel three run fit stones Jor floutlng_ parpo«e^ at Ati seasons of tbe year." Marshal's Office, Milwtukfe,Ma> 17, 1SW. - - - - M. J. THOMAX, U s. Marshal. UNITED wTATKn 7>I AlJhH A 1,'S SAJ.E The Farmers Loan A TnxatOom } pany, I . A Superior Rill- 1 road Oompaijr, Cityof Milwaukee, John Stewart, Jolmnn C. A. Aller.llng, ChrlfitlBn Uahm and Oottfrled Wooucb. | In the U. B. DIs- }-trict. Court for the | District of Wisconsin. I In Equity. I f N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by tbe A. District Court-ol the United States, for the District. of Wlscomdn; jin the nineteenth day of March, 1859, Ir) the above entl;led cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, on Tuesday^ 2uddiy<if Angmt, 1859, at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, from the steps of the Cononv Uoaae, ID the City ol Milwaukee, all anil •ingolar.the mortgaged premises mentioned ID the bill of complaint In ^Md cause, aDd'deacribed as j "All the following, present and In future to be acquired, real aid personal property defendant, thellllwankee- and Siiprrior.Kailroad Company, t at Is-to esy, ajl.of the flnt division of. the Eailroad of said Eailroad'Com- paoy defendant, . from theOlty.of Milwaukee, to tbe Olty Of GreSnBij rn aald State' of Wisconsin, -a distance of one hundred and twenty, milea. Including tbe right Of way; and land occapled by said first division of said rosd, isobjtct to the rljht,.tiue or .claim, jtbloh Jhe taid defendant! '-• Stewart, 'Allerdlng, Hahra ; and Wootach, or either of tliem, may huve had at , , -of-roaliing«ul decree, to land upon which sail Hull-; ' rosd Company nas located and for Which not' -' compensation haa been made to,) together wl: the superstructure aod'track thereon,,.and alljralls.and other matcHa&Uus«4'iher«on, -brjage»; rif 1 —^ 1 ^' -• -—-'-'- ite,ifccewary. depot pany, and all ^rolltoe •tockj- enjine»,.'tepderj r .c*rs^ tools, materSabvinachtoiry, ttitures, »Dd-all other'per- wnali property .appertaining .to;«a^!arat.(U-iiilprt?ol laid road,«wd all rljrbts thereto; and-1nl«reJts trfbe'^C- qnlredby said defendant, the Milwaukee and SnperiOf Hallr oad Company, t together wilt tho name ibdfuna- tlons appertaining to the said first d|vfc)qn of said roadt all tolls, rents«nd Income to be Mad or'levied there•from, and «U corporate and other franchises, rights and-privilege* °f-the said Railroad Company In orto orconcemlrKthes&Die.". 4, \ * t, - ,< t Mar»bal'*pffice,MUwBukeeyWls., April 6,1859 .' ,; t f , ' • M-t IHOHA8,J A United States MarshaLDlsWct of'Wisconsin; ' KKMOia, VA« DM» 4 Hinn.Toa,OomplHa floUoltdrsi apr21-dtl, ,-^a i"jit "~ '-.t." ''," -'"' g fluid, Spirit* Turpentine, al' • DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (No* u|.cbe'l t/, Lake Michigan.) "isn hnr-rrtOrun Firtl-t'bi™ fteamrra, ''City of Cleveland," & "Cleveland," O (Thoroughly reotted for this route.) N AND AFTKR MONOAY, Junr Oth, 1859, Pas- Tralrui wijl run as follows; OOINO WKST: Hu[>. f part . \ . •Detroit, depart,. ..',. *0swcgo* arrive. . .... St. Jr.hns, arrive....^ Orand K«pl '«. sir.. .;. *(irand Hs ven, arr . . i . Mllwankee, arrive. . . .i. . Mall. r. n. Vrtft i. u. 7:00 ICkirt) r. w. 8:10 6:01 ». u. Mlieil. A. M. 4.-21I F. M. 1:80 7:10 NlRht x urejS. A. M. Id-.-iO f. M. 8:00 11:80 A.M. 12:80 8:05 4: HO Noon. | Dunkirk, ^Jihtauk* c Uilwankre, rtepan . . . i . 'Grand Uayen, dep Grand Rapids, arr .. i . St. Johns^ arrive Mail i xpr'ft r. M. 8:00 A H. 8:00 . 4:20 Owosso, arrive * 7: •Detroit, arrive [, H-'^ 6:4n 7:55 8c». Bridge, arrive ...\.-_ r. n. 0:65 Mixed. A. •. dep't 5:80 Ih56 11:20 6.30 i. u. 4:00 Night Kipr'j. Noon. 12KIO P. H. S:30 10:30 A. M. 1:18 2:20 6:20 A. «4:50 •Rrfreshments—Hojel In Depot at Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 P. M.— for Saturday Night's jdpress passenger" west, but 3 i. H.trsmj will B^I leav| on Sundays. : Tf»lris leave termltjl dally, Sun.lays e^cepted.- < »S W !-.(,<), I A K F.S ! OawesQ, ami Chtracn, Milwaiikr,- an.I Intrrm- '»i.- i i <Tts, cuDnectlUfT M Oirdfnpl'tir^h »,tll Lh^ CRdll * VKUMONT CF.NTRAl. BAILBOAD ROLTK, Q(riien«t'Orjrh. Itur'.mjrt-'n, (^oft-ir.l, Man- I cheater, Nanhua, LuwVence, L<i*^ll, W^r.-.nt^r *nd j ! Hnftion,and at Oawejro with the New Oswi: 0 I.!" 1 *" ft ' \ Tliirty First Class Canal Boats no the KnTarge.! Cunail, J i between |Alb«nr i Xaw York, " k Connecting also al Dunkirk with XKW r<M'A" ASIJ KK1K KAll.k(>Al>, And formlnif a Trl-Weetly Oiilroi.1 Lice I.elween (bicagos Property forwarded »y this Ur.e *ill l>e iuhjecl to but One Traushlpment. f3T Merchandls- market ",\. T. CO. KX. 1*11 liSH,*' wilt h « forwarded from N-n York by in tfirprc89 f'rright Train onfr the A'rio Y"ri' & Rrie AnJ promp'Jy forwur.leil from Duakirk^ J. MTaas, Agent rt. T Uo., ITT Broadway, New Tork. J. L. Wanasa, Agent N T. Co., 8 Coentiea Slip, New Y"rk. CBA4.S. TAPP*S, corner 6tb and Ohfunui it., Phlla. llovKT i CoAWPl.RD, O^W^L'O S. Y. 3 I). CALH4&U.. Ageul, DunUirli, N Y. ;uwr.>&D A Cu , Ci.-vela.uil, 0., i, Agent N. T. Co., 91 Slate »t., Bott..n. A. CrBBiian, Agent V. C. Line, lod Slate St., UOSUID. J. F. U'BCBCB, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. Y. Ovo. PABXSJI, Agent,Ogdensburxh, N. Y. U J. H1GUY, Ullwaukee, WIs., offica LaCrosse * M. K. R. Depot. J. II. l>. J. Office near M. i M. R. R. Depot. N. B—Shippers are requested to see ona of th« above Agent* before making contracts, as they are prepared to offerivery lov rates, and their connections with the Ogdenspurgh and Oswego routes, and especially with the New York * Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed 1 facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. m«rl8-J6m-lajtwlj,w .-1.1, we wrml.l ,»T -n^ , r»n.l w- ^.iv- r.-v.-illll^ lur^ -f f' >-l* Uilt -»n -atcm i K H ,v ( rU^^ff^ -[.~k r^!, I| inil, or w>ll ma ift^,-, U ftirun i.r l O-Ui anil ^^ Tnr \ny Kin.I nf Sa.l.t.-r-', ' ^rr !•,'« T' ' t.-LI-Ml T] r.-^l^i-l t.i |tl.1l,Iy An I ( .r .'• i'jt.*, Ar . .t • . Ml., • IV- • .-is' I .: - r.l.'r, •J Hi, M 1)31 j , U E M O V A L \V . F . B A Y L F. to uow open for Poatio Bo- : j CONNECTIONS. AX »ETBOI f i < -6RKAT WI3TBHN RAIl-WAT " all olnta East— MICHIGAN P8NTEAL nnd SOtiTHBRN RAILROADS, and CLKVE . the MISSISSIPPI, tACROSSB; CHIOASd, WATKRTOWN and HORI- OOR -RAliBO AD8, fir all Important polnti West and NorthVesi^atid on JJlisissIppI Slvfl-, and wlthSKamers n Lafce Jil jhlgan. „ ireal Western KaUway go on the Hallway FUKT BrsuiKisi at D. A M. R. Dock, leaving ~rt{k;«(8k | OA it, 12S» Noon and 7:30 F. H. , NIGHT!TEAINS flare 8LEKPING CARS attached. • The Company's Tlnie-TaMeB can be had at any ol tbe Stations. K . Oen'ISopt. . j, enop. ' WiUTVak i roaBtsJTicket Ageoti, 280 East Water at WU.GJUHUT, FrelBbt Agent at Oomoanyi Dock.. 'H. 0. WiLSOir, General Western Agent. D. A M. K. Office*, 1 Jnne, 18S9 Je9 JJLQUSttS TO. BKNT. nave «er«ral Brick and Frame Houses to rent .on Very reaio ^^ -•• -• IX e terms. We have also for tale nUty ot rial .estate, rO'Slrtlngof Bouei. I and'iblmnrpTed Tarns, School Land*, (<-."" We" have CO acrA Sear^hfe City, with House, Bam, IRY FH Vl,»;\'«* BOOT*. J HK (JKNUINE AKTIOl.b: " .MANCPACTCIiED BT JOHN P H A L E N , T HEionly one authorized to roann/actare the abvoe named Boots, at 7£ EANT WATF.Il SfTBEBT. The Phalen Boot Is one o! "the most unique and e e- They are made of the beat of stock and most Bnlshe j workmanship, and are warr»nt«d to cure Corns, Bun- Ions, Swelled Feet, Swelleil HeaJ, Hlmiu atism. Gout, Hemiraber that the Salt Agent for Uhese latt Invented Boots to tils City, Is to be found at Ti East Water St., wbere, : alaJ, may be fonnil a general assortment of BOOTS i SHOES, GAITEUS i<J., For Gebtleman anil Ladles that there la In this market* airmanufacture'i nnder the sapervlslon of tbesubscrl- o«r. [may261 JOUN P1IALKN. Pic Blic & Pleasure ExcursionSs —or- OMNIBIISSES AND HACKS. •w-k . nTipj ni«hlnit to engage DackJ or Omnionjej for P «5"pu™se S ! "siting the O.rdens or for Plo NIC uDplleJ with -first cW »ehicleaonlhe * D Mi mo>t reasonable* unni. A line of . TJBEOCKWAY, Joot of ilaaon itreet. F . B A Y Hi! r^m.,Vf.l In '•!» nl,| ,- >o.j isii I:AST UATI.K {I >j [«**tte J. A. &tne*Ui-Sl fcry Anil hsvln« m.vie sacli I.I.I t.nng l" -A. T T 23 UK \ r ip> an< • : i-..-' \ i. IVo. I- 1 K I' O H 1 li A 1 1 Lhal tie lj n <tv * j.i.-viixr-M. (nrnish U..MII ^ <h •.-. '• ilratile ityle of Picture mi.iwTi to tie -o-u HIM.-, in.' %L iuch Astiiundmtf Low Prices \t to I"') ' "IP-•' t • n for 1*24 < u. M I.I. M/.K I'JJOT04.ll J Tllv For only 11,1X1 the or«: one. in.I Nl,- ' r 'J.- Uupi » ,TI 1.1.A I .N F.O f V PF.S, \ M Ml*01- 1* » I'll* Ai J In fact every other -'KI^H of Picture, u .•.orr-H- jioiiding lo-* prices " ITIPEKI.*l. t»»IOXO«.UAI'Il.«i, Colored in either Oil or W»t.-r t.'nl"", »n,t dni»h^.l n the highest style of thr *rt.j T ll Ii ST K K LOT V PIX , A Dew and popular style of IVtur-. i:uiore.l ID OH. which far cicels in Accuracy, li"lii"e» »uJ Beuuty .11 Unlah, any other Picture ever oiferwl to tho Huhho.— These Pictures have only to be seen to he ».1mire'l All who»redealrou» of aavlng money «r« fetpectfullj soliclteil to call anil examine Sp^cnuwnji »t the Old dtaud, No 1S6 Ea*t Wntf itrtet, ilUirniikte, IrUrwrunm. m»rl8-<l6m W. t. B-AVLEY , A, ti«Jfr Slenm to the Principal Tow^n« in i n. us ij jflL isr 33 . ENGLAKD AND SCOTLAND FOE $30. 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B.-Pa»senger« by this line atold the risk anil delay of caUin« at Halifax and St. Johns. m»y<S ATLA.NTH ( AHLK FA 3.1 ^T^. l.l-.x SI i r- IT 1 " 1 ' «'^ "•• '••• • •- ••, • V. • , - - ,.••••-,.,,- 1 .,-,,. , ; . o . $ ;> J •• U. JJ. •' >\l \11 -> >«>. 'JUS U i o o •* : r )• « \ \ < o., H V S i ' i - i i i ;• i • v i '.* inorf. Apply .9 o u :\ I 1) ;t is 4 r o I N I )'i , U K I. iprtng M ., <> r \» |>4i^l I.- kiuvrhriii KKEPi) CONSTANTLY ..n hap./ i ... .-• A Maliugany, tllacn VViunui in.I nth.-i H.,., ,'elher with H»k's (Ic-uiln- Huri»l l!n»,'a. The nIB,-^ •>! L.'it'-'t^ ..'.-mi-tirry it niy plarr *".-ri> I )i;i -.. i|»* .,in* jf '.Ji^ rcy to • r.iU, in- 1 r 'iiifht Ooilln T, im- itootl amcie, in store, for ,MC. UA7TON ,

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