Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 8, 1897 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1897
Page 3
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TITRSDAY'K ELECTIONS MUNICIPAL OFFICERS CHOSEN BY THE PEOPLE. 0*w<M»*tlo Mayor o< Chicago BleettA, wlib * Majority ttt 1,838 — ft«g«lt* lU««trli«r« la tltlMoI*—X«t«*t Return* from WUconRln and Other StAte*. t , April 7,—Carter H«nry Harrison was elected mayor of Chl- fi*f o at yesterday's election by an <yver- wheliaing vote. With him was elected the deittocratic city ticket. tTlns democratic landslide carried with It the north, south and west town tick- eta, The vote was as follow*: Har« CARTER HENRY HARRISON. • tison, 142,243; Harlan, 66,675; Sears, 58,871; Healng, 14,982. Harrison's plurality,' 75.6C8. , " The" city council la changed from an overwhelming republican body a democratic, council. . Total8~Demo- crata, 89; republicans, 21; independents, 8. ——--_—--.;-:,-..-. — .—..... Township elections were held clal dispatches show the republicans - elected .their tickets in Dwight, Round Grove, Pleasant Ridge and. Falrbury, Livingston county; Cerro Gordo and • Bement, Platt county; Martlnsville, Clark county; Rountree, . Lltchfleld and Hillsboro, Montgomery county; Clay City, Clay county"; Monmouth, , Kankakee,'Elgin, Decatur; Ross, Ed- gar couaty; Harvard, Alden and Dun, ham, McHenry county; Sycamore, Mo- 1 weaqua; Liele, DuPage county; Bloom' ington, Paxton, Jollet, Princeton, Pe- .orta, Mattoon. , Democrats elected their tickets . in Harbel township, Montgomery, county; ;Hafltland,; McHenry county; Freeport, Mount Vornon, Carrollton, Havana, Charleston, Klnmundy; Salem, Marlon , county; Napiervllle, Louisville, South Litchfleld. ' '.A'.- f« nft r. t,\^ j* Jfl <<•-, JU«HCP Ixing of tlir» pijjtrwn* rniirt fa re-fleeted by upward of 40.000 plurality. Complete figures in the Detroit election give Mftybtiry, democrat, 650 majority over Stewart, the PIngtee eaftdidat*. Out of sixty cities in Wihteh mayors Were sleeted, the Bil- ver party carried twenty-etght, and the rtpqbHcans twenty-seven. In five party Ha*s Were not drawn. ElMttoM in Minnesota. &ti Pael, Minn,, April;I—Fifty villages of Minnesota elected mayors Taewlay. Party lines Were not closely drawn. The republicans carried Albert Lea, Anoka, Bloomtn« Prairie and Hokah. The democrat* won at, Fergus Falls and Wabasha. The populists carried Willmar and the reform party took nearly all the offices at Tracy. Pro-license candidates were usually successful, though Albert Lea declared for prohibition. . late Return* from MItsonrl. St. Lbula, Mo., April 7.—The * city election was a quiet but vigorous triangular contest The vote is in the neighborhood of 90,000, as against 118,* 000 last November, The republican candidate, Henry Zlegenheln, has won, late' returns giving him 12,761 plurality. Elsewhere In Missouri all the elections show democratic victories In towns which were carried for McKln- ley last fall. Bllrer Mayor In Denver. Denver, Col., April 7.-^The mayoral contest resulted' in a victory for the present Incumbent, Thomas McMurray, a silver republican, who was running as an independent against a democrat and a straight republican. His' plurality was 4,000 to B.OOO. The rest of the city officers are in .doubt Rhode Island Election To-day. Providence, R. I., April 7.— The annual election of state officers of Rhode Island seems to be no doubt that the election of the full Republican ticket Is assured. . . , .' • • .. . Army Worm In Wisconsin. Milwaukee, Wis., April 7.- : Offlclal reports received by the weather office j from volunteer \observers in • parts of 1 Wisconsin show a serious condition of the small grains, as a result of unfavorable weather In January, which froze winter wheat, rye, red clover and timothy. Advices from Barraboo say the. army worms can be seen everywhere, crawling over the dead leaves. i* HOW KANSAS VOTED. ' ' ,",!•- The Women Flay an Important Part In * -< t ' ' the Elections. • * ;* Topeka, Kas., April 7.—The allied * free silver party elected to be mayor of Mankato, Kas., J. B. Rea, a some• what noted character. The Wmen dr Kansas were an 1m- '. portant factor in the municipal elections, and a large percentage of the vote everywhere was polled by them. In four of the six first-class citfea of ', the state the republicans were vie-. * torious. Topeka, the repubican strong. hold, went republican by about l,600.In Wichita ajttd Atphison the republican , < tickets were elected by small majorities, and in Kansas City, Kas., Robt. S. Marshman, republican, is elected may,- or 'by probably 600 majority, and the j- ^republicans elect a majority_of_thel£ r ^ candidates.- Leayeirworth elected a : democratic mayor, and at Fort Scott '- the fusI6nlsta elected a majority of \- their candidates. At Seneca the pro* , hibitionists secured a decided victory, jr/ Glrard, Stockton,, and Larned the,"wet" element was victorious. The town of Galena went democratic,, but in a majority of the small cities the fuaioniats combined against the republicans under the head of "citizens' ticket," and aa such were successful in Coffeyvllle, Empc-rla, Marysville, Great Bend, Newton and Sterling. Republican victories are reported from Hutch- inaon, Klngman, Wellington, Eldorado, Burlington, Eureka, Columbus, Belleville and,Hiawatha. BE8DJLT8 IN WISCONSIN. • Jtisportt Received Show Democratic .' - Ualns In the State. ,, , Milwaukee, Wla., April ^—Wisconsin voters re-elected .without opposition, Houjet D. Marshall an associate justice of the supreme court to succeed f Shlmaelf. Judge Goodland of the Tenth circuit and Judge Bardeen of the Sixteenth circuit were re-eleoted without ^opposition. ijK ~ Republican mayors were elected In tiiese cities: Merrill, Ripon, River Palls, Viroqua, .Mineral Point, Sturgeon Bay, Black River Falls, Lake Ge- usva, Sparta, Tomato, Menomonle, Plymouth, Chippewa Falls and New LJs- fcon* '•.:..'. ••-''.•'•..' '••-. Ttoe democrats secured mayors in ffce following cities: Watertown, Hudson, Medford, Prairie du Chien, Beaver tiawv Chilton and Fountain City. License or no license was the chief issue in, many places. The following went "dry:" Viroqua, Evans- Fenaitnore, Bayfiajd, Elroy, (for the first time, in its Black River Falls, Wyocena, St. Croix Falls, Phillips and Lodi. • License .was voted in River Falls, Hudson, Brodhe«d, Prairie du Qhlen, Waupuii, Beloit and Gaies- «a- vnie, WiM «u* OoBtajt Mieii,, April 7,— M *, caa- repiihiicaw leadem it the Meeting of the Women Snffraglsts. Jollet, Iji;, April 7.—A meeting of the women suftrage advocates of Illinois was bold in this city Tuesday afternoon'. Lena..M. Beck of ,Bloomlngton, Ind., had charge of the meeting, and she stated that the work in Illinois was in; the nature of an experiment, and that its continuance would depend upon the financial support received. The National Prohibition Convention. 7 Newcastle,^Apiril - 7.—The national prohibition convention of Great Britain, in session ^iere Tuesday, discussed papers written by Neal pow, Prof. Hill of fowa, and Mr. Spence of Toronto. Fraternal greetings were received from Washington by cable. United Press Assignee'* Boud. New York, April 7.—Frederic G. Mason, the assignee of the United Press, has been granted leave by Justice Beekman of the Supreme Court to file a provisional bond of $36^00 until the corporation's schedules are "filed, when the amount of the bond will be fixed by'the court. : Italian Admiral Is Weary. ' : Canea, April 7.—Admiral Canevaro has asked the Italian government to relieve him of 'his command, and the Marquis diRudinl has replied that in. the event of a blockade of the Greek ports the admiral's request will be granted. Murder at Las Vegas, N. M. Beloit, WIs., April 7.—Mrs. B. II. Crane haa received the Information that her brother. Albert Langataff, a former Beloit man, had been robbed and murdered at Las Vegas, N. M,, where he was engaged In mining. Abolishes Slavery in Zanzibar. Zanzibar, April 7.-r-The sultan of Zanzibar has issued a decree; abolishing slavery. • If Zanzibar is unable to meet the full expense, lit is believed that the imperial government will a&- elst. '. f " ._ • •. '• ..' •;,Turks tor the Frontier. London, April 7.—A special dispatch from Constantinople i says that the council of ministers has decided to call out and send to the frontier forty more battalions of army reserves, ' ( WIU Bealde at Ottawa! Ottawa, ©an., April 7,—Mgr. Merry- Pel Val, the papal delegate to Canada, will make Ottawa his headquarters and will take up (his residence in Sir Ponald Smith's cottage. : : Concession to Americans. Tegucigalpa, Honduras, April^?,— oagresa will grant to & flyudicate of Washington oapitallsta a concession to lld an electrio railroad on the Fryer system from Puerto to Truxjllo. TO 1IKL1' Till CUBANS SENATOR MORGAN ADVOCATES INTERFERENCE. fntroflticisd Favoring Bitten ot io« lBiart;«nts by the Called States—Appropriation Bill* Reported— The Forwtr/ Reservation*. Washington, April ?.—Mubh bad blood was developed in the senate Tuesday over the; Cohan questlofa, and there were, numerous stormy passages and acrimonioufl personal charges. Early in the day Mr. Morgan (Ala.) called up his Cuban resolution, which la as follows: ' ' "Resolved, by the senate and house of representatives. That a condition of public war exists between the government of Spain and the government proclaimed, arid for some time maintained by force of arms by the people of Cuba, and that the United States of America shall maintain a strict neutrality between the contending powers, according'to each all the rights of belligerents In the ports and territory of the United States." . . Mr. Morgan spoke for some time, in a dispassionate manner on the resolution, but was aroused by Mr. Hale (Me.) to a series of sharp retorts. It led to the declaration by Mr. Morgan that instead of sending a lawyer to Cuba to investigate the case of Dr. Ruiz, as was contemplated, the administration would do well to send a ship of war to Havana and demand redress. Mr. Morgan will continue his speech to-day, and has given notice of a motion to proceed with the Cuban resolution to a final vote. Most of the day was given to the bankruptcy bill/Mr. Stewart (Nov.) speaking in opposition. The discussion drifted to the financial question, Mr. Chandler and Mr. Stewart having an amusing discussion on bimetallism. W1U Exempt Mineral • Washington, April 7.—The president has decided to take no action in the matter of revoking or modifying the order'of Mr. Cleveland, setting aside twenty-one forest reserves in the west, until he ascertains whether congress will legislate on the subject. It is the general understanding now that the senate will tack an amendment to the general deficiency appropriation bill, empowering the president to modify or revoke the order. There Is said to be a legal question as to the president's power ifhder existing., law to make a revocation of an order of his predecessor. . Bryan Heard In .Court. Washington, April 7.—The supreme court room and corridors without were crowded Tuesday with spectators, attracted by the appearance of William J. Bryan as counsel In a case. The case on hearing Involved the constl- tutlonajlty of a law of the state of Nebraska enacted April 12, 1893, entitled "An Act to Regulate Railroads, to Classify Freights, to Fix Reasonable Maximum Rates to be Charged for the Transportation of Freights," etc. Several railroad companies were arrayed against the state board of transportation, the Union Pacific at their head, with James C. Carter as chief counsel. • To Exclude Undesirable Aliens. • Washington, April 7.—Secretary Gage has taken steps looking to >a more vigorous enforcement of the 1m- migration laws^_ agajnst^the_admlsalgn Into this country of alien women of immoral character. The question involved Is whether on information received subsequent to their, arrival and admission they- can be arrested wherever found and deported. [ The secretary has directed Commissioner General Stump to make A test case, in which the rights of the immigration officials In the premises be clearly defined. ' ' i i Flood Message Not Necessary. Washington, April 7.—President Mc- Klnley may abandon his Idea of sending a special message to congress asking for the relief of the Mississippi flood"sufferers. Such action, it is thought. Is rendered unnecessary by the passage by the senate of the Bate resolution, diverting for the relief of the flood sufferers the unexpended balance of the appropriation nolade from time to time to meet contingencies In connection with cholera and other epidemics. . dear Taruu to Paris, April 7.—A rumor Is in cJr.- culatlou hexe that the king of Denmark, at the Instance of the cgar, hai been asked to arbitrate tiie Oreias question. Appropriation Bill* Reported. . Washington, April 7.—-The sundry civil and the Indian appropriation bills were reported to the senate Tuesday by the committee on appropriations. The only change of importance made restores to the Indian bill the provision for the opening of the Uncompahgre reservation in Utah. Several amendments are suggested to the sundry civil bill, but they all look to the correction of clerical errors. Hard Winter tor Modocs. Redding, Gal, April 7.—:The remnant of Captain Jack's tribe pfModoc Indians, now living in Modoc county, are In a pitiable condition, verging on actual starvation. It is reported that their number has been reduced one- talf this winter by death, due to starvation and exposure. There is no reservation, and no appeal to the United States government. CHILD MAY DIE. JJftlvy Bnrns On* III* Brotfepr's Kyes with ft Tohtr. Chicago, April 7.—Edward, the 10- moiiths' old son of Richard Freer of 295S Thirty-ninth place, had both eyes burned out by a red hot pok«r in the hands of bis brother, 2% years old. The children were playing in front of the kitchen fire. The mother had occasion to go ttpetalra tor a moment, aad it was during her absence that the accident occurred. « . The baby's screams brought Mra. Freer down to the kitchen on a run. When she reached the children Russel wan sitting astride the baby, crowing wrtth delight and forcing the red- hot poker Into the baby's eyes. The police ambulance was Immediately called and the ohlld^waa taken to the Morris Porter hospital. It Is f«ared the child will die. H1QH WATER PASSES ALL. FORMER LIMITS. Iowa's Wheat Ontpnt Reduced," Ottumwa, Iowa, April 7.—IOWU'B winter wheat crbp will be about one- fourth of last year. Nearly all the winter wheat of Iowa Is produced In the Des Molnes River valley from Ottumwa to Keokuk. The counties of Wapello, Davis, Van Buren, Lee and Jefferson produced about 200,000 bushels last year, Wapello alone producing 60,000 bushels. Thirty thousand acres were sown in Wapello county this year, and there will not be over 15,000 bushels of the crop. The grain was killed by late snows. There is little Bowing of spring wheat The Question Now I«. Whether the Ing* Will Bobilde in Time to Fermi* Seed Ing—Appeal from the Citlseac Relief Committee. Bent to the Senate. Washington, April 7.—The president has sent to the senate the following nominations: Theodore Roosevelt of New York, to be assistant secretary of the navy. William' Barret Rddgely, postmaster at Springfield, 111. Alonzo J.: Tyljer of, Tennessee, collector of internal revenue for the second district of • Tennessee. Park Agnew of Vir- glniavcollector of - internal-revenue "for the sixth .district of Virginia. Capt. A, S. Crownlnshleld, to be chief of the bureau of navigation in the department of the navy. Rev. William G. Cas- eard of Maryland, to be chaplain in the navy. Will Flfeht Insurance Law. Indianapolis, Ind., April 7.—The life Insurance companies doing buslnes in the state have employed ex-Attorney General A, G. Smith and other lawyers and will, resist to the Supreme court of the United .States the order of the board of state tax _commissioners that paid-up insurance policies and policies having a cash surrender value must be listed for taxation. The companies Joined in a circular letter to their policy-holders advising that they refuse to return their policies for taxation until the courts have passed on the question. No Bodies Yot Recovered. Bvansvllle, Ind., April 7.—Four weeks have elapsed since the terrible wreck <?tt the Bvansvllle & Terre Haute railroad at White river, in which five lives were lost, and not one of the bodies has been recovered. The work of repairing the large cravasse made foy the raging river after the wreck has been completed and all train service has been resumed over the main line of the" road. . Cljrarmnkers File a Protest. , Indianapolis, Ind., April 7. — The Cigar Manufacturers' association of Indiana, at a meeting 'here, formulated a protest against the Dingley tariff bill In so_f ar as it affecta the cigar indus- fryT Nearly every cigarmaklng establishment in the state was represented. It is declared in the protest that thq. growers of tobacco are .already the most favored of any class of agriculturists and that their demands are unreasonable' and are not Justified by the facts. -."..••• -a Draper Attempts to Commit Suicide. Jacksonville, 111., : April 7.— C. L. Draper, accused of the murder of Chas. L. Hastings, tried to end his life by henging sometime in the night. He had not placed the noose right, and the result was terrible strangulation, instead of a broken neck, as was intended. Fellow-prisoners beard, his struggles and gave the alarm. Draper was rescued and physicians summoned, who soon revived him. He Uill stoutly maintains his innocence. Want Hunter to. Retire. Frankfort, Ky., April 7.— Dr. W. G. Hunter, -twice the republican nominee for the United States senate, ami unable to win on either occasion, has been called upon to surrender his leadership to Bome man who can lead a united party to victory. If by Thursday night he haa not won, and cannot put bis nngers on enough votes to elect him the next day, the leaders of t(he republican party will hold another caucus and select another nominee. Hutherlln Trial Ha* Begun, Plymouth,* Ind., April T.— The Jury |n the Sutherlln murder case was sworn in late Monday night. The evidence Tuesday was mostly preliminary, showing wtoere the murder was committed and where the body was' found. Dr. Glazenbrook, who conducted the post-mortem examination before the coroner's jury," gave testimony as to the location and nature of the wounds inflicted. Memphis, Tenn., April 7.^-Thfl feature of the flood in the Mississippi delta is the gradual ^spread of water over an area that hitherto 'was never overflowed. The upper crevasse, in Tunica county, is 2,000 feet wide, aad so great is the outpour that water from below the break IB being drawn up to and hurled but over the fertile valley through the crevasse. All of the country east to the main line of the Tazoo & Mississippi Valley road is flooded, and in many places the water has gone over the tracks, filling the Yazoo river. The fall In the main channel at Helena, Greenville, Vlcksburg and Arkansas City is due to the filling up of the delta and the lower White river country. The, supreme..question is the duration of the flood. If the lower levees along Louisiana and southeastern Arkansas should hold, which It Is believed they will not do, the emptying of the .delta and St. Francis basin will be .slow. If they break and' the river continues to fall at Cairo, the upper St. Francis basin.and the delta will be clear of water by May 6. If this should prove true, there will be. no difficulty In growing cotton. But breaks In Louisiana and southeast Arkansas will hold water in that territory until the middle of May, far after the usual time for- planting cotton In that territory.. The river at Memphis IB'sta- tionary to-night. ' HEAVY DAMAGE DONE. Citizens' Relief Committee of Blecnphls Mukes a Statement. Washington, April 7.—R. C. Graves and J. S. Menken, representing the citizens' relief committee 'of Memphis, Tenn., organized for the purpose of relieving the people of the flooded'coun- try tributary to that city, have arrived in the city. They have prepared the following statement, which they will submit to the president: ' ' *> 1 "From Marion, Ark., north of'Mem- phis, to Greenville, Miss. f there are now at least fifty towns and villages under water, and" a territory extending from 100 miles north of Memphis to 200 miles south, and. five to forty miles wide, Is submerged and devastated by the flood. Hundreds of thou- ands of acres of cultivated; soil, with growing crops, are Included In this submerged territory, and there are from 50,000 to 60,000 people whose property has been destroyed and whose business has been suspended thereby. The amount of damage to property is Incalculable. In addition to the growing crops which have been destroyed, thousands of head of working stock and cf cattle have been drowned and starved. . --.-.---.,.--•-= "This flood is the greatest and most deatructivve that has ever devastated the Mississippi Valley, the water being 21-2 feet higher than the highest stage it has ever reached before. Continued Thursday, For one day we will offer one hundred dozen Towels at extremely LOW PRICES for the purpose of reducing our very large towel stock. A Towel Event Honey Comb Towels. 25 doz. large size Honey . Comb Towels, excellent ' quality .......: -.. Special * Deluge at Ifargo, N. D. Fargo, N. D., April 7.—The situation Is appalling. . While the Red river rose only three inches Monday night, the Big Coulee west of this _cjty .took a- secoml~Bpurt_and_wenL up-fourteeri inches, flooding the entire west side of town and driving hundreds of people from their homes. The Tvater is within a- few inohes of the floors of the principal business houses, and a rise another foot would practically put the entire city afloat. Will Call Extra Session. Little Rock, Ark., April 7,—Goy. Jones has decided to call the extra session of'the general assembly to convene Monday, April 26. His proclamation, setting forth the special legislation which he desires considered will be issued the latter part of this week. The date la fixed earlier than was expected on account of the imperative demands of the people in the flooded districts of eastern Arkansas. Drowned in South Dakota. Redfleld, S. D., April 7.—Henry Strulve and two sons were drowned Monday on Qua Bull's farm, six miles south of Frankfort, In this county. This makes six deaths from drowning within two weeks. . The floods exceed anything ever witnessed in this county. The water in the rivers is eight feet higher tha^ the highest water mark heretofore. Bleached JCowels. 25 doz. extra large, pure white Towels, extra fine o quality, cheap at 12J£c . i. ftf Special Sttle Price, uv Muck and Bath Towels. 25 doz. heavy all linen Huck and heavy double thread Turkish Bath tow- 01 els, values up to 15o rVSoP Special Sale Price, V S V Damask and Huck Towels. 15 doz. extra large and heavy buck and damask towels, some fringed, others hemmed, beautiful good», representing values up to 20c ............/... Special Sale Price, Damask Towels. A special lot of 10 dozen very handsome Damask Towels.'Bomefringed, oth- - - ere hemmed, large size, /^«j extra heavy, values up to f. I C SSc.lSpecial Sale Price, ,*** v Please remember THIS TOWEL EVENT is for one day] only, to-morrow, Thursday. Early buyers will secure choicest selections. 30 WegtSdSt. Opposite Randolph Hoane, No Compromise YVHu Cubam, Madrid, April 7.—-It is Denied hers that tne Spaaiah author}have ecter^J iato uesotlfi-tious for subiaisajjoii of t&» Oubsiit Taa WUl Ueuiaud au . Tangier, Morocco, April 7.—Acting upon instructions received from Wash- ingtpu, Unitea States Coiiaul Burke has aeut an euergetic demand to the Sherifnau court for $aspl$ reparatioa tor the threat of a Moorish soidler to elioot Viee-Consul Castletotw at La- It is «Jeis»6«l ^ Us^vy of In Bt, LouU. St. Louis, Mo., April 7.—Music hall, in the exposition building, the largest hall in, was taxed to its utmost Tuesday afternoon by people who had come to hear Pwlght L. Moody, the evangelist, who. was assisted in the services by & picked choir of 500 voices. This is the first time he haa been here since 1876. Meetings will be held afternoons and nights for four days. Anti-Cartoon BUI Faued. Albany. N. Y., April 7.—The Ellsworth anti-cartoon bill has. .'passed the eeaate 'by a vote of 85 to 14. It haa yet to come up in the assembly. Perfumery, 25c an ounce, • Former price, Good Soap, 7cacake, ' 'Former price, 103 Parisian Toilet Wash, 10c, Former prict-, 25c Pencils, 3 for 5o, Former pric<",'3o each Two Sc pkgs. of Gum for W,P. Hallett, aoW,3rdSt, -.'. Fishing Time Is Here, aad you wilt ail q fish, &n,d f os sjMMrfc or profit, time ii f V, •- iwnsnsnfifi&if frit

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