The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1971 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1971
Page 2
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'„* • ,<, v -• - • Wrd BIRTHDAY: Mrs. John Nolen, second from right, was honored recently on her 93rd birthday with a dinner party In Danbury's St. Anthony's Catholic Church. With her are, from left, 0. T. Winn, Mrs. Wlnn, and Garfletd Stockwell. all members of her family. About 75 relatives ; j-jj. attended the party. | v ;Mrs. Coburn heads fire auxiliary LAKE JACKSON — The Lake Jackson Firemen's wives held their regular meeting recently. Fourteen ladles were present. New officers were elected. They are Nancy Coburn, Sm«rt S«nt«s| TOR EXTRA r( FAST SERVICE president; Mary Helen Israel, vice-president; Edna Cadenhead, secretary- treasurer; Jo Ann Rouse, chaplain: Lenora Mitchell, parliamentarian; Sandy Dunlap, historian and Paula Israel, sweetheart. Mrs. Norman Wood won the quilt that was made by the members. Food was collected to be given to a needy family. The next meeting will be held Dec. 14. ICE BLUE AFTER SHAVE 6ot _ Reg. S1.39 0- 97 C PAPER MATE BRECK 7 ox. CREME RINSE R*«ular. With Body. For Blonde* 79 C EVEREADY D BATTERIES Reg. $1.19 CREST I Family Site Regular. Hint • Reg. $1.09 I VASELINE I INTENSIVE CARE • Ball) Beads BaUi Oil [ 18ot fox. I Reg. S1.19 Reg. $1.59 !89 C I99 C HAI KARATE 4 ot AFTER SHAVE Reg. $1.75 $ 1" SECRET Spray 7 01. Regular 5 ot Antl-p*rtpir»nl Reg. $1.59 TROUBLE GILLETTE RIGHT GUARD Bronx* 9V 3 oz. Reg.-ji.59 I 4 °t AFTER SHAVE FOUR ACES JOHNSON & JOHNSON jlAQUAVELVAi KODAK ^J| Collection Set | _CX m FILM HI Re 9 52-74 PROTEIN 21 ; HAIB SPRAV SHAfcPQO CONCENTRATE i Regular, ( .. Extra HpM "w Reg. $1.50 $ R«9WUr, Pry 4 0«y I TOM GARREH'S 5 PHARMACY 9 & . -"7 4& - 'A.-T .'- St, Michael's Women elect Mrs. Jasek LAKE JACKSON — The Women el St. Michael's met recently at St. Michael's Catholic Church Cor an , election ot officers. Elected for the coming year were: Mrs. Leon Jasek. president; Mrs. Dan Navjar, vice-president; Mrs. John Marsh, secretary Mrs. Joslah Hall, treasurer; Mrs. Earl Sherman, member of the board of directors. A couples covered-dish supper was held Nov. 17 and Bunco was played. Outgoing president, Mrs, John Reding was honored at the party. Other outgoing officers were Mrs. John Steffek, secretary. Mrs. Juan Longer ia, treasurer; Mrs. Mike Latino, board member. Board members serving one year are: Mrs. Ralph Poole, and Mrs. Ross Terry. Projects are underway for the prisoners of war and for .stationery and toiletries to be taken to the Veterans Hospital in Houston. 171 ; FREEPORT - Qlrls receiving their Fly.Up Wings and World Association pins at a recent ceremony were; Shelly Graham, Julie Howard. Paula Blnlon, Tonya Decon. Janel Long, Dorothy Mullchy, Deane Hatson, Tina Von Mlndan, Robin Amason, Oelrdre Pitts, and Lisa Rogers. Also receiving membership stars and being rededlcated were: Sara Waggoner, Veronica Oamlan and Emonetta Jones. The following girls were Installed as patrol leaden; Sara Waggoner, Julie Harvard. Shelly Graham, Eroonetta Jones. Their assistants are Janel Long, Deane Wataon, Veronica Damian, and Dorothy Mulichy. Approximately 30 persons attended. Their leader U Mrs. Eleanor Hembree and assistant is Mrs. Norms Pichoff, Ways to tell if guarantee phony COLLEGE STATION — Do you know bow to spot deceptive guarantee? Happy Birthday to: SUE CARR. HOLMES WEE.MS. MARY LINNETT DE CARU. DON HOLT, DOROTHY ANN KL1NKOVSKY, NANCY LEE WO.MACK. TIMOTHY WH1TT, MORRIS DODSON. SUSAN CLINTON. DIANE HATTHORN. CATHERINE HECULER. JENNIFER FIEF. LEWIS HART. KIM BYRD. Happy Anniversary to: ALVA and MICKEY ANDERSON. The Federal Trade Com- mbsion has set up guidelines to help consumers know what to look for in a guarantee and how to know If it U deceptive, reports Doris Myers, Extension borne management specialist at Texas A*M University. According to the guidelines, advertising b deceptive if U fails to state: What product or pan b guaranteed. What characteristics of the product are covered. What the buyer must do before the guarantee will txr honored, such an returning the product to a certain location or paying Labor costs. How long the guarantee b effective. How the guarantee will be carried out—if it promises repair, replacement or a choice. The company or penoo respomiDle tor the guarantee. Good advertising will tell you what you need to know about products and services, Mrs, Myers reminds. Remember to buy from retailers you can trust— those who have an established reputation of standing behind their products. Also remember it pays to have guarantees in writing. SANTA IS ALIVE AND WEU AT., JIWUJMS won LAOCiPLANTATION CIMTIH Guard for **? Tall Career Club'j jpccwlJy ii»<J col- leclipa lor Mr. Tall. ScientificaUy engineered with longer body and deevei for proper fij and appear- ancc. Tailored ol fine polyeiter and coiloo bkndj in toM colors aad etegani tlnpet, See ogr new Palace Guard tail man fashions today. Clyde'* SflMpRs ^iiWWHriiiBp VwUHT DEAR A8BY Befriend your hubby's buddy By Abigail Van Buran '* m * **""• i*«wi. v. »*wt I**., i«.) t«* .M B T : , My hUBband "'" cau ^ Norm) taken an interest In a co-worker. [A buddy-type f be say«.l She's divorced and ha. a child ind tota lems. For somo reason, I don't trust her. Norm say* she's a good girl who dates occasionally, but If she has nothing to do on weekends, she gets bored and lonely. Anyway, Norm told her she was welcome to drop In at our house when she wanted company. (So far she hasn't '"""I «« «P w> It. I He even offered to tune up her car and Last Saturday he suggested that Instead of fust (he two of us spending the evening alone. w« Invite this girl over to play cards with u*. When I told him I «nta«d bete* alone with him. and didn't particularly want her he became upset, Abby, I am sorry thU girl has problems, but «w dkln'i cause them, and I don't think It's our place to entertain h*r. Also, Norm ls not a garage mechanic, and I don't M« why he should be tuning up her car, Do you think I am being unreasonable? NORM'S WIFK DEAR WIFEs UnreaiaiuHer tto. Sh»rt«l«hl#JT Y«*. Slaee your Kotb.nd hat i l*MWy.|yp« IrUttdUlp g«i»g wttk Ifcb gtrt. make b«r ywtr troddy. | M . ww art laHU **r «w. and aik • ttaKfe maat (Ttwj may UW ra<k ' CIRt SCOim Janet Doolan and U« Ann Kwn of Braioria Girl Scout Troop SI have received their God and Community Scouting Award in a wwtBony h«W w««ijy at the Brawwia United Mrthotlui Church by Itw William Cunningham, poouor. The two are live only UraiuHa Girl Scouts holding *uch an award. The Bare Facts It jriw don't tnwt SJr. ll'» twtifr to have k«r to l»om« wbm you can watoh h*r. V«. may dbc**tr laat a good glri MtM-t h*d . |«4 * bad \*tk. C,J*« her a DEAR ABBY: I read only two things in the The obituary column ami Dear Abhy. (And in that Why oo earth did you print that cheap barroom dory the man pinning $3 to his wile', pitfe*. «*> ^ g^ Wm „ dollar back wylng »be r«m charged anybody more than 4 dollar? That Jtory tuw been around «taor WocU War l, Can you honestly My you didn't know you *«r« b»io# aadt TIM IX WtS, Mr, and Mr*. Ronald R Phillip*, Uke Jack***. »«, nounc* the birth of their wo born at Community Itopital Nov. », He weight*! i#t«n pound*. jc*«u and one fourth ounce*. Mr and Mr» UitWrt W Griffith. ANOI.KTON. an. the birth mf their ma 4i Cptnmunity ilcupiijl mr 77 |fc *,r<«h«J Wfl* l»*Jt»4*. thr birth ot their Km at CimunuiiU) Ji, It* tt«ttf))ed , Han awl ooe Mr 4 (it} Mri Kirk DEAK TIM: U I hid »<wJd»1 »4*c had a>«. | ,«, t*t»* b*4 DEAR ABBY; WUh regard to lhj| minister wbo tenptai by other w«n«n bvcauoc M» martUg* bad cold: PoUowtag a family crtti», 1 look my problem* in my pastor only to find that I left «y Iwart »ith Wm IJowW* trouble. I fact there U a real need wltWn ti* church for *cuwti wowetas. U would (iw the ministers mot« lime to be *iib their wivw aod faaiik*. io*i**(J <rf h»»to< to cktotc M much time to troubled famj In MOW ca.»«. roantvingl NOT TAUCtXG bwn at Cwnmunltj I ,Vwr J7 <JU Uirrr fx^iflxii, Ii ouncnt Mr *t*i Mr» W»n«i W. McCr»y. KHKKI'tMt. »o GO' i PP08HV ill Cnsis Hotline :v i:^ .M M :U ^ DSUGS • StrODi STATf FAKM INSURANCf F0« IHSURAMCC CALL B»US J, VSDKKWTi 1*31 «H.VZO*PrJHr BLVU. U*H f |*» life ltm*w*» C« tAl »»™ In Mil t«*»»» b KMm Qtttn ttH+nutfa*. DEAR NOT: Y«or H lu* Brtrr beta m»k« w cnoch «»«. I'm brl«». (Or BJM H?| DEAR ABBY: Your »n»w« to WISER NOW~"N*t w iw an angry word with an «»«ry *wd If* the tcctw.1 one that makts IV quarrel" -«»» Jiat Uwutrful! , Thon word* are the a«wi*r to niUrty pr«6bov« I wa» m impressed with it thai I am embroidering U oo ctoth *ad shall frame U! And every li«x 1 icok «l it I »il) tw <bd (or »U the time* I kept my mouth »hut. and no IwcjCet »iJ) I f«l wtthy wjuhy for m* raving »pokro up Thank yeo Slacwtly. URA1NK DEAR ABBY: My boy friend called m« up Uwt ni«W ami it turned out to bv a rather lengthy coarerwltoa t» 1 *», (n a rather UQuitive mood. Well, itnce the «11* bc(»«n ua are toll calb, he *aid. "Ufi tung up, ud you call me back 10 you'll pay for the m( of the call." After I thought It over I becam* my <mgry bccau*. 1 thought he WM being cheap. Un't the expcmc of ioU raft* part cf the cost of cowtwjg? BcaJdes. I've ironed and mead- ed hte dothw on occwton. and have had him ottr let meab, M I think l'v« reciprocated, I told him that a geirfie- man should not even roectwo the co»t o< ptwoe eai« to a lady. Anyway, that incideot rui come betwwn ut I »aid I had never heard of such a tWog. lie Mid if* beieg done by other people. What do you think of a boy aaking a girl U> call him bock to *av« on the toil charge? JUST ASKING DEAR JUST: it d*pe»4» »PM fan, mw, party ka», »»d Uw rtUU«MU» M«e<a Uwm. WC hof/day bazaar sef on Dec. / / WEST COLUMBIA - A Holiday Bazaar sponsored by Alpha Eta Chapter of B«ta Sigma Phi will be held Dec. U. at the American Legion Hall in West Columbia. Santa will be there to viill the children and parents arc urged to bring them to visit and have their photograph* taken with him. The sorority will have booths for baked goods, gifts, and decorations. A gingerbread house will be given away. Tickets may be purchased at the bazaar for 25 cents each or four for 75 cents. Individuals or groups in- Utmtcd in setting up booths in addition to the sorority's, other than baked goods. should call Cindy Brandt at 345-3767 or Connie Ama at 34M858. Proceeds from the bazaar will be used in service projects by the sorority. BROCKMAN'S ISCLOllKOtHIl* OM rm» aota our FABRICS SEWING NOTIONS 10% BROCKMAN'S COVVMU* JACttOM u'll find gifts ttiat ate as meaningful as tl\p white dove Peace is the meaning of the White dove, Diamonds are given as a symbol of Love, Let us assist you hi making your selection, /Jouvfevc 107 MOUTH PAJtKING PLACE

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