The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 1
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Thanfcsgw'fig: Mixing old and new traditions Oft the t-vf of the fiatj'ntt'« With birthday, American* planned to rflehraip Tteiik giving in 'a vwrifty i/f tradition-honorH way* At tht* Ft (."hall*. Arl( . rHocalimi center, win? w f«fiw«-s will sit down to n .. dinwr, iht-ir first in u w"* him! The menu will hav«- «um«thmt( AMP turkey and drming awl <orn ,i!«i w •jftMiial tri«} lit*- and iihfiihjj Tlw .1 7*00 wn»:tli>& apd M»i <>mt>l'>vif> t»f >' -fail MI ' 'hu'.w will d(n«« on 2,SciO pounds of y l;»fortitf)5U'I> , UH> inmfltir* won'l w>«Wf to i*nj«»y tiw <iruw*!t<.kft Official* there t'on*l<kr ail tamo's rn'tr*:; IMn <»!*» <>iw< half inehf?» long potential lit -tfi, PrfisMenl Ford plajmrd to attend *'.'* 8 <\uM Thanktglvinft dinner with planm-d tr> •Aft* a<!v»wrr* on OH- 1ST? fm-at budge! awl to (Jo Mwm* Mi>*f>ii>g tti pr«T ft ration for hi* trip to (')itna In dill's sii'i frwft* «rmtnd U>e ration, church, flwnlabteanrl /r-ik-rnal »rg//n>;>.«lJ«ra will f*-H (h* old am) the j:w<ir, (he hungry nnd lh# horn**!'** Halvatkm Army crfifcr* in Chicago, ffrr ^.ampli;. will sel o 1 ,)) 4.375 Jurkfry flirmers «( Ihrw m(v<T< ity ('(•ot<?n« It) NVu, V'ork. th< 1 VoluntPW* fif Amttira will S»TV<' muff thwrs 2,tMt difiix-r* id UK- dpsliiut*- '.n New York's Bo'Af-ry AJM> in N'rv, York, th<- 1'fth annual Mft'.-y » Thfl!ik*$vittj( Ihty intrude will Mep off <iR<f«?r ;i predicted umbrella of light ram Awl In ihiii )!;»• annual f; Bki?ntfinni*il theme. A dozen para dors will carry a £r-fVxj(-I0fl# banner on wh/f-h «vpry word of the {Jt'claralion of Independence is reproduced. Today will he only tlw (hirel Thanksgiving in 85 yean on which tiV'r« wax snow on the ground in Kansas, N't-hraska and Missouri. Massive snfMsiorms across the Midwest delighted <-hildrr-n and chilled travelers whs encountered highway and air travel ddays The National Safety Cotiwil *'Stim.-i(ed that 45fl (o V/j per.wms would die on the nation's roads between Wednesday evening and SunrLiy night. fSKY~an3 i Seo KAIH sml \ n fUfrf : 4 11 tl 1 I.I ()!»>!)! It ; mp<i f'n High C >*!*)I r<car to. iu* s«-isf?.h! in j mut K''ti iHVlhinh Kfi tn s v ' .o: • X"\ l " ••- V Mpi • BRAZOS The s Lake Jackson Clute y f f Freeporf ESTABt ' JtUI-:,*« tn f- f I «ti Mi ! I i/i JJ ft! ; l>j'*s !«xU;. 1 H a rls ; AftnJ « i* jl fft J.<>»5 f-'fl \ 'j I'f a <!1 4.'».t J 15 {> (!1 st S a! i K Thanks for of Braawia County Citizens block rezoning plan in Angleton AN'!.,LK!<»N fiititrtv t r. : nv Tvrnmie '.'jldtron of 22 1 W S';e*.'t them bi«x:k 46. l''i-17: bl<x:k -49, 1-4 and !.j-:H. fj'ir<:k >"j. :-5 and 15 IK, and bi.X'k 5S. H. OTIIKK Bl'SINKSS Ir. o'h«,-r business, the v.hsi«- she Cit\ Council Kr-.^r.f and North Han- ci'.v attorney -*as in- othrr ?:'!',!.. Jr. •- /Vllgir^.! \'J f^ii 11 Tti- P5ar»v,.-.r r<x k acd tile ha if Mock •«: and "M Ij i, ( ft'i , Tits .'*! 1 1,-f 'I-i-'i-t ;<•-•«-; Ju^w-tiwei o! WyaU I-1 j{.irs«Tf>, hx oi H«4i» 'i Ji-i lurt-tl*- dR >U!»J«ri UM >'if ,': » ;'!'"•.;:.( r;(! (.he c*J(! ,-t/..r-.h'M.4 f, BV "A. ' ft* *£ Itn Counfy fo open fa/</s on beach cleaning pact i!^•rn^ What abwt hundred ^^''.^•-:- : '» ','• who teft the game? ,,',;;;:;• ;i ; !(J '-.: ; %;.;;";: \^;,; 1 '\L*" t t, < V.ur ! » r rhw .»r»d Ui okHcx'! ijM- fn>:n SiUf-r tarrols the !>f-.ich("s arid 1r.'*n (rt il tu .1 cctitr.ii U'f ! I'TI [>>nr.t -in tin 1 STUDENT BODY ASKS SUPPORT FOR BUCCANEERS Tf,r iir.i.-..-v .• ! Hi.-, .-.u.-n-r- .-l I -J I ":-!;r; k : n.^ \ \ \.\ >:.,•, •-;. <impu«v.. '>n!i j,i.j jj; .1. ;•.•?', !(>•• Mv ,.\l:«-j ii.ilid^s o 1 . J p ;r. :ri,s s.r.ur;t.v. .i! Hiijifwr Kicid in Kfi-t-pr.trt '-..T !tn- H i- H i " n ., ! • >; nor;}, from (. .-i.n-M H if r, *;'.»•>: !•(. "C," had the «ntir«r ; Orange Street - N'orlh r«-inr.cci /. '.' rung ' ' o rn rn ISM o r. ' i r'-o'imrTiCT.'Jittsfjn. '*i'.H the <v\cepcion of So' 1 ; five '.nrro^h i.! J'acir.i! '''rang* irK North Hancock sJructtd to draft an or- dii:,;nc" providing for '.raffic tij:;!.rol ^igns d'fi-i-'ing north t.ound :r,jf!:t. in ;)><_• right i:-.".e on H^h-AdV i'j !o turn naht at d-Cjr Mr'.*: <.";'••• Adjnsnisfrjior Daie Grantham said a nuiriber f minor actidi-nts have bt-f.-n caused at that ic»;-ation v.rn;n cars pas.s on fht- r;gh! around the v«-hic!fs vi'ftitirij? to make S«-!* fiar.vl iurris at Cf-dar Sf- -•: f'-iiio.- Chief l.)t:-r*'i>xi Kcrifif-J;.' nad rfCjui.-s'l.-i'i the ":; {;n-,r;»; Orange :vl!<"A::x i'.-!..^ -.u-rv ! KICK BIDS •>*;is HisJructeO ti. FBI investigating six Supreme Court nominees AP ir.c full '.'f UK- Bar irn-.-y general ; it.! t:v«f American isociah'.n for Murh Shjnii* ii <"l ^Tr-'..'iJii1 !'• *h<" ;r,i"i»M- r i4'i )«i, ,»,.<•;;. tn '..'I' ',-» ( V-.i i TsfEN and j HEARD t v " " '""" '" J |«r IUU! M II\M Ml I .. rs i! !' ." ^ ! i <• •> i " r .» ! !,...•,»! - s .« :>•'•'• (<'f 'lie i'n%.'f.!:..n i-f I r\;rlt> In (il!.tli"'e e'tjri'rii'nce .IM- ix-tsied (f< •*•«»• »i ( t> tl*" H KU-- \ MllSII I' \S / \KI I I \. ilr-.nj: .t.uhli- iflllN ttil^ llnrfitjl .1 S Mir !U v t nflly M.'( il|i!lie ('inKf'"'' '"f the AAIVV Kenei.ti the puhhcit) ch»tre.H Mix'e .MI.I.V lii'.V* o 'ill f/i (XT tvitne oh.iii u>ilin^ uill, JKI staler ,iM>i it n -iun! 1. II urn! IMlltV ^.-ItKDI HH K !..nk tn U * liter \i»:tui)i Mith rt'lalurt m Aruoiui They ,di>o hruught greetings to fellow mi'mhers of U's Lutheran rhurch former pastor HI KHKN KWU and wife who are alive and uell m Sun City ^ \ IHliiMA ANN SI.AUK erf I.J, ;t junior l>ii)iu,Kv MUijiit .it -Sam Hou.sluti l.iiivci»itv Hliere sine s i.t«eii .,1'k'L !'.•<( lii'lii in the upper ll\e cent of her class fur ip m Alpha Chi, the university scl );-«t:rh r Air |5.iM !!<«• > i>n ,l> I'lStiiJWTiMUxi ii, {or i«,"u.h ;ui nv.filfi)•«'<' .jM-ii .Hi ivantip-K for f'Msj i"b<- r.i'a </.;(Hiijl«-t iljily 'A -tri (>mp|(.»J (••<•» '!>•• fuir.i.'i.hc*) So llrsn t'* thr a .HI inli-nus ^viii'i .n ', '.v.o, !rl IT, V(>( i! ',, ^ \in.i.V-«r ''» (hv >*•,«,(,. •' M!i!;l !ht- rmi i if i'dV-j Atiiitiiof hui! !«-.u)injj (hi: in'.uhvi t nHilr.ti! stiH'e Jais 1 rn:, whi'ii the iiiti-ritii CniUriH'5 '.ka-. Ir! iliC IK"* >pn.'llU'«lUm)i sH out liuit the n/ntr.n Un »in right >,tri) tnsck ,i l!m» ihrw is thi 1 amount tn t«' char>j«! for luuhng rrfuM- (rivist the oi-nlral (.-Sli'ctiun (>omt un "hi- r«-,u h to !hv final di-,(»iva! .irtv. 11«s charge iv baMHJ tsa Ihr cvilvic y.'ird i>f refim- (or Shi 1 first null' ;u>il hnv> snui'.'i aiktiltt'itul (IT i.Meh inilo tfu-rcaftor tu DAYS TO CHRISTMAS An ut hi' r uitiktl '<! thi- contract thi>. j is that iJw vYtnlrartor -n.i;i iurr.ish Itabilitv in Mir.»ncc coverage of JU.O.UC*.' Ixxiily injurv for f.ich [XT!>»>n and fur each uccxK'iU w property da • X'll'Wll S'.UvIl'Mt Hi".!) Pn-.Miiciil !'U;M v';iNlii«:i : ,' a.skiVi fur Mipfn-rt "f the !S:iC^ !/> .ire. i .ifn.1\ Arc.i an M !.,i!i'.- i •,»•'. Sn^iriis. <".!'•!;. nil >.!>>) ciin help h) ik\"i>r.iiti^ !'K';r^ \", (in H r .1 / o > ,\ iimi •• C«,-!li[S iif \if],\ i:'n.i- ,,iul silver ,in<l '.r, j.l;n iss^ >ire»nuTs .irul ivitiuiis i*n tiH-ir e.its. C.iv'ihi.' 1 . iiU!:i%;i.i!;»n '.Vixirirs..!.!) KIU li.) 1 - Fails c.iii ais»» UIMI the M'h':.j|> ioU>r> ,,nd Tttc county al •Pica*? mm to I* ty ,1'ul :i< i Moil of ,iil, i'.,>hh'!i I stn-N.-vt.xi. is ior i,in> !<) I comt' la Ihe ganu* jn-i I "Shout and holler for ', I tlu- Hu<:s V.-- ....... ........ -..- ...... ...._ ...... _, Court rules some police records open to public HOUSTON W\PI The Ulh Texas Court of Civil Appeals ruled Wednesday that certain portions of pulici 1 offense records, are available la the public under the Texas Open Hcc.irds !..v- The court held mat portions of uffeiiiM? reports describing the ulfense committed, the location of the alleged crime, ideti tilication of the complainant. and the investigating officers are public records It also said the police blotter, show up slut»t, and arrest sheet are open to Uie judge paiwi added, !iiMW«, ti»t U»« pv-i soiutl history and «rr«»t records of suspecll 8r« nut to Uw public Associated Justice Curtiss Brown, in writing the opinion, said the portions of the offense report which deal with purported confessions, officers' speculation about .1 suspect's guilt, officers' views of the credibility uf witnesses, and ballistics reports are not public records. The ruling was made in a suit filed in is/4 by the Houston Chronicle against the city of Houston, The suit was filed after Currul .M. Lynn, then the Houston police chief, denied news reporters direct access to offense reports. IAIUI contended an opinion by Texas Ally. Uen. John Hill gave him the "option to disclose" such records. Sit the ; e\ten>ive itit-.i the ti.'uu-r i ,':i!i. inn fur j-'iiri'l' 1 - ruiU'i',:),)! :un !i. >ut ; i i-ii n-'. Ju •! ict 1 V> lii'.ur. ' i ih^i^'.n TI.e i-Bi .> .•.•.s.d-.jrtrng the j'.rol-e- at U,e r>tqu«tt Of !lx* W/iiU- ll.uise, thf MiUI\.fV Xl\d The names i>: llmse u.'idci in\trM'.>i<utiiin coul' I'm 1 . It' dt-!i-r:;!:!u-d j A iuii flflil ll)\e.-,! vihivi! r:i:rn;a!l> s>e\etal d.i\S. is A final tHvt>sJi> >top to make Mire t.iiHli..iatf» fur top goveninient ju'w ha\t! no *kel«.*Uii):> in their cluiets OIK- source said the While lira! requested FBI in M'sligalums ol four poteiUuil itoniiiu'os. but llitn added lw'i>. The fuel that the Fill is investigating six candidates does no). necosanly mean Ford has limited the iield to six For example. Cabinet officers, such 06 Ally Uen Edward H. Levi and Housing Secretary Carla A. Hills, were investigates! prior to their nominations to those positions and uould nut ivectl to be nuestigated again for a SupreiiH- Court nuiuinatioii During his news con- fertince Wedjiusday night. Ford confirmed thai he is cwisidering Mrs Hills and auolher woman, l ; S. the effect i:< - First I .ads Kenneds- .ire :;etiii; lk-t;> Kurd's !i'i'!/>.i)g !"ur con.sirten-<.!.' Kurd said "1 the r.'imir.jti.jji of a am sure iwtt> *ou!d t)t? 'ivhn \*-.a;!d t>- the ver> plt-a>e<* but I a,n not !:r>; ever tn U- chti^eii fcr makui(j any ctdritni'ment ilie rutih court .i! thi> tune at thi> time a The Pn>ideni >asd he Ai'.hougii j\i'M:r:i; a Ir.i- Pn>ideni >.asii he i.i.:miii!tnie«i ((.• nommale a will nut announce his wiuv..i:i. K'.'fii 5.>:(i 'u- wife choitc ivf'irr he departs <lra! of ii'.fluei'.ce " tnu to Asia Hut he added. 'tea! of influence " trip to Asia Hut he added, 'I'P.e P[«"snit-i;! i'iited that NS'e are e\(xiii'.ii;g the Mr* Hs!i» Judjje prr-eciv and 'AC will Keiuu-tis v»«-re i'ii ust> ut autmiit the name as! s^hich rapidly as j.*;.>Mhje " 'Antigone' next college offering "Antigone' b\ Jean Anouilh will U' presented Dec j, 4. :», and u at Brajiopi.'rt I'ollege. The play was first presented in occupied Fra.-.ce duri:ig Hitler s era. and iti theme of tyranny against freedom, the spirit against the fU-sh, created such dramatic impart that the famous actress Katiierme Cornell had it brought to Broadway. The background of Ihe play concerns the two sons of (Wdipus, late king of the city of Thebes. The two s*ms had started a civil war ami both were killed This vei-sitm o( the pl«j> come* (rum a Pans that has suffered under tht heel o£ tyranny. The play's parallels to modern Umvs are easily grasped, are exciting and provocative. Creon urdm-is that <wc of the brothers who had in his opinion provoked the civil war to be left unburied. Antigone, an individualist clinging to a higher law, covers the body of her brother with earth Creon's acts to punish Antigone and uphold the law create a tragedy which eventually brings about his own ruui. The Saturday Review wrote concerning the play: "Us dimensions are noble, its intentions uncompromising U stands out like an edifice of marble in Sbantytown." The play is directwl by T o m my K. i n 11 e y . Technicians ate Sheryt Croix, Brady Burnett, and Jerry McCulley. Chris Cormier is stage manager. Box tJlsce opejw Dec. l for rea*rvatia«i!» calts Call ai(jl31 between 10 am and 'I p m.

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