The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 9, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1914
Page 5
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r .Thnrtday Erenfag, July 9,1914. T H E D E C A T T J R R E V I E W PfcgeFfv* m T S Home Club Unable to Flanagan's Curves. Hit the locals to win. Score; Innings: R. H. B. Brooklyn ... 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 3--5 13 1 Cincinnati .. O J 0 0 2 0 1 0 X-- 6 10 0 Batteries--Ragqn, Brown and Fischer; Schneider, Benton, Douglass and Clark. I 1 Pana, July '9.--Pana was unable to eonnect with Flanagan's curves in the exhibition game with Dubuque Wednesday and lost, 10 to 2. The stick ·work of French and Jackson were feature* In the contest. The Maroons started off all right and scored in the first. Thirteen hits were mustered off Hawker. Flanagan made a home-run drive in the eighth with two men on bases. The Pana Maroons will play on the home grrounds with Hillsboro next Sunday. Hlllsboro will bring up e special train for the ocasion. Wednesday's score: PANA-Peters, c. R. Snyder. SB. . T. Snyder. Ib .. Delaney, 3b.. ... Stewart, cf. Chynoueth, cf. Smart. Jo · Senator If .. Dude, rf Hawker, p -'Totals DUBVQCE-- E\ers 21 French. BS. .... Rowan. Ib Wheeler, rf. ... Isaacs 3b. Swanson, cf. ,. i Jackson If Hammerscnmidt, Flanagan, p. Totals By Innings: Iubuque Fana A B. R. H P O. A . 3 0 0 8 " .33 2 5 27 14 40 10 13 2T 11 5 0 1 1 1 0 2 0 4 1--10 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 -- 2 SUMMARY Two bale htu--B Snyder. Delaney. Trench Jackson. Three base hits--Frennh. 2. I8jac« Home run--Flanagan. Bases on balls--Off -Struck ^ wild p Double" "plays--French to Time- of game--1'40 Vm Hawker, 1: off Flanagan. 3 By Hawker. 8: by Flanagan · Flanagan But Pitcliers' Wildness Almost Loses Game. Cincinnati. July 9--The wildness of Cincinnati's pitchers in the n i n t h ln- filng Wednesday put Brooklyn within one run of tying the score, which stood 6 to 5 in f a v o . . o f Cincinnati when Brooklyn finally was retired with three men on bases. Brooklyn hit hard, but «hsri) fielding by Cincinnati enabled PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES 1HKEB-I "IT** TABLE 42 43 Club-Da\ enport Springfield Feona .... De'-atur 4(* Dubuque 3t Quincy 3.'J Bloomington 28 D a n v i l l e 26 "Won. Lost. Pet. 4D 2G .653 31 575 32 .14 37 43 46 48 .57 .Ml .4Bd .434 .378 .331 Win MS 5S1 .579 5-17 r,oo 442 Lose. 045 r.t!S 500 .5J3 4S6 .421' GAMES FRIDAY. Danville at Decatur. Bloomington at Dubuque Peoria at Davenport. Quincy at Springfield. WEDNESDAY'S BESl'lTS. Springfield. 7-12-0; Quincy. 4-12-0 Batteries--Miller and McNeelei. K e u n u r Tretter and Grav. Second game: Springfield, 3-^-2. Quino. 2-U-U Batteries--Ellernidn and Jacobs. Tietter and Ehrgott IN MAJOR LEAGUES. Club-Philadelphia Chicago .... Detiolt Washington St Louis .. Boston Xe\v York .. Cleveland Club-- Xew York . Chicago .... St ].oul- .. C i n c i n n a t i . ThllBdrlphla Pittsburgh B i o o k l n ... Boston Club- Chicago Indianapolis . £u(f.ilo .. . Baltimore Brooklyn Kansas City Pittsburgh St Louis .... American. Won 44 « 42 411 ..' 40 Kationojs. Won 41 40 ."f; 4J Federal. Pet .00:; SIS S4S -i41 "i-Hi 54S 114 "rtl 478 171 4ixi .420 Pet WO 3311 5.1S or. 402 ,44ti 4.U TOTAVS GAMES. · National, Boston at Chicago. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh New York at St Loulfr Brooklyn at Clncinmtl. Americao. Chicago at Boston St IxmiB at Washington. Detroit at Philadelphia Cleveland at New York. Federal. Kansn City at St. Louis. Indianapolis at Chicago OTHER MAJOR LEAGUE SCORES. National, ' St Louis. 4-S-3. Ne\\ York._3-5-» Batteries --Doak and Wingo M a t h e u s o n and Mevers. Philadelphia. 10-12-S: Pittsburgh. 7-8-1. Batteries--Marshall, Oeschger and Killifer; O Toole. Conselman. Mamaux and Gibson and Coleman Boston. 7-11-2. Chicago, 4-11-3 (11 innings). Batteries--Tyler and Wh.illnB. Cheney, Zabel. L^endpr and Brpsnanan and Hargrove. American. It I,r.u!s -Q-L' W a b h l n g t o n 5-7-1 Bat- Choice Any STRAW HAT l« fli« House. (Values Up To $4.00) $L5O He-men £te taalkl? ~ 2tta^I$eti«n jtt fid?? Uttb fjabeti Ste 5efo in ber Sparfajfe fteben ? " bcit)«s Oer $aU. ic befinfcen Ste fid? in fefyr guten fyaltnifien.* 0nn Ste ]ebod? breimal tSgltdj effen, abec ybbei. fein (5el in bee Sparfafte Ijtnterlegen, fd wetben Ste m9$Ii$ertteife etnes fd5nen Cages in bte Cage geraten, toeder Sas eine nfedj bas anbere tljun 311 fSttnett. ^aben Ste ftdj 6tesojjl femals flberlegt? 2Tlan fann eben nie toiffen, toann ,,5eK in ber 'Sparfaffe" yim Hetter in Cer ttott? i»irb. Desljalb lafje matt fid? o^ne Derjug etn Konio erdffnen unb ftdjere ftdj berart We brei tSglidjen 3% mf 5yor«iitlig«tt. i THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR · ' lEWSPAPEIlflRCHIVE®-- _ ter!e«--Baumnrdntr. Mitchell ud Ainew; Boehllnt, Easel, Harper. Bentley and Henry end William*. Philadelphia, 8-4-O; Detroit, 0-3-0. Bat- teriei--Plank and I/app; Dauti, Reynold) and New* e Tork, T-S-0; Cleveland, l-«-3 Bat- teries--Warhop and Nunamaker; Mitchell, Coliamore and O'Neill. Chicago. 4-7-1; Boston. 2-9-2. Batteriei-- Russell. Faber and Schalk: Leonard, Bedl- ent and Carrlgan Second garrfe: Chicago, 5-13-2; Boston, 4-T-2. Batteries--Benz. Faber and Schalk-. Coumbe, Cooper and Carrl- gan and Thomas. Federal. Bt Louis 6-10-1, IndlanapollB. 8-9-2. Bat- teriSs--Groom and Chapman; McConnashy and Rariden Brooklyn, 8-11-0: Baltimore, 4-8-4 Bat- terle§--Sea ton and Land- Smith, Conley and Rusnell. Second game: Brooklyn, 4-8-0; Baltimore. 8-S-2 Batterlen--Lafltte an! Owens; Qtilnn and RuEsell. Buffalo. 5-13-1; Pittsburgh, 1-6-8, Batteries --Moore and Blair: Barger and Berry. Chicago 5-9-1, Kantae City 1-6-3 Batteries --Flsk and Wilson; Btone and Easterly. Dressen Helped to Take Game with a Triple. RUBE The railroaders made It eight straight Wednesday eventag, when they Sweated the Decatur Bridge company, 3-0. Both twirlers pitched good ball, but "Rutherford had poor support. Dressen helped win his own* game at the stick, konckine out a three-bagger., The score. , % Innings: K. H. B. Railroaders 1 1 0 I .0--3 3 1 Dccatur Bridge Co. . 0 0 0 0 0--0 2 2 The batteries: For Railroaders, Dressen a,nd Cryer: for Decatur Bridge Co., Kutherford and Watktns. STANDING. Club-- Won. Railroaders S I. T. S 5 Decatur Bridge ... 5 Coffin Co " Wabash * Loader 2 Muellers 1 Wabash Clerks v 0 BELL'S nnor_p Ossie Schreckengost Was Once Great Player. Philadelphia, Pa, July 9 -- Ossie Schreckengost, who won fame IB the battery partner of Rube Waddell, when the latter was the star pitcher of Connie Mack's Philadelphia. Athletes, died In a. hospital here today from a complication of diseases. He was about forty yeare old. He was released by the Philadelphia club f i v e years ago and quit the game shortly /afterward. Schreckengost outlived his famous partner only a. few months, Waddell dylns in Texas-last March. In his career 'Schreckengost played on teams _at Wllliamsport, Pa., Fall River, Mass.. Augusta,, Maine; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Yoxmgstown, Ohio; [Cleveland, St. Louis. Buffalo and BosV " ton. After leaving the Athletics in 1909. he plSTyed for a short time with the Chicago Americans Lost 0 Pet. 1.000 .714 .625 .·626 .671 .186 .125 .000 ENGLAND'S NET STAR OUT OF IT London, July 9 -- H. Roper Barrett, the main hope of Great Britain's team ·or winning the Dwlght F. Davis trophy, announces today that he would be unable to go to the United States to taka part in the match in the event that England was successful over Prance in he next round. Private business compelling him to stay in England was'the reason given. ROCK ISLAND" GETS BALL TEAM Cedar Rapids, Iowa, July 9.--At a meeting of the Central Basball association officials here today, the Ottum^ wa franchise was transferred to Rock Irland, effective July 17. The player limit was raised to one man to each club and the salary limit $100 to each player. OFEANA. J H Moothart and family And Mrs R Hockaday and Miss Dade Speer spent Thursday *\itfc J W. H a w \ e r and^ family in Pe- Mr« H. H Wise of Decatur, visited Thursday ftith her mother/Mrs J Malone. Mr and Mrs M. C. Cooper passed Sunday w i t h relatives In Decatur O D Philips and family visited, Saturday and' Sunday with relative? at Cerro Gordo Re-v. J. F. Howard was in Decatur Monday afternoon JUri G W. Hall and children, Dorothy, Marlon and Paul of Martin's Ferry, O , are here visiting the former's sister, Mrs, J. H lloothart. Mlb* Minnie Bennett 'of Argenta, pa«ed Saturday and Sunday with relatives here. Mr and Mrs Barton, and children of Champaign, passed' Saturday and Sunday with *Irp Barton's father. Dr. C. Webb Miss Florence Moothart returned Sunday from a visit with relatives at -ffftna, O. Miss Delia Morrison of Clinton, spent the Fourth with her parents here. Misses Mame and Ora Webb axe vlaittne with friends at Charleston. J. H Mothart and daughtsr Grace, spent Sunday in Indianapolis Mr and Mrg C W Cooper and Herman During the Hot Months Enjoy an Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph On Your Porch Or At Your Summer Home A convincing demonstration without obligation any time. Haines Essick Home of the Edison 217 N. Water Both Phones 1256. Cooper of Decatur. were in Oretat Sunday evening. Mrs. George Long nd granddaughter ot Decatur, spent Sunday with lier brother, William Spangler and family, Mrs. 8. Francis and daughter Barbara, of near Blue Mound, vlslted^Sunday with Mn. Mary MendeahaU. Mr*. Carl Reynolds and daughter Marlon of near Argenta, spent the Fourth with her parent*, Mr. and Mrs. D Holman. Harry Ktrby vAHed Saturday and Sunday with the Klrby family near Oreana. Miss Flossie Ixmff of Decatur, ipent Sunday with "William Spangler and family. Mr. and \Mra. Wright of O^ecatur, »pent Sunday with J. Shaetid atria family. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Turpfn and daughter BeiBle and Mr. and Mr*. J. sfollwagen attended tho band concert at^daroa Thursday night. Mrs. U Hubhard IE spending thl« week near Cerro Gordo. Dr. E. H. Thoma* of Argenta, wai A professional visitor here Sunday. __^_ Its Speed, Power, Economy, Ease of Operation and Durability make the At its price it is tbe world'* greatest automobile ralne. A fully equipped, roomy S-ptt- tenger family automobile. The car that YOU should own, Come and inipect it. Dawaon Automobile Co. tit N. Franklin St. 1 IT'S HERE "SAX $395 F. O. B. Detroit Top Continental Motors,'4-cylinder, 15-20 H. P. / Atwater-Kent Ignition System ·96-inch Wheel Base--Standard Tread 28x3~Tires. Wire Wheels Wind Shield 2 Gas Lamps Oil Tail Lamp 25-40 miles per gallon gasoline. 1,000 miles per gallon oil. A duplicate of this car has just completed a trip from "the Atlantic to .the Pacific over the Lincoln Highway-- the first car to d6 so -- and in the past 60 days has 'covered over 8,000 miles^on the original tires and without repairs. This is equal to more than two years usage and speaks highly fo^ the car. Its built to. stand the wear and tear. W. L. SHELLABARGEfc SONS N FIRE PROOF GARAGE Decatur. SPECIAL VALUES On Clothing and Furnishings For Friday and Saturday Men's Underwear -- Porus knit and Balbriggan i union suits, short and long sleeves, special price -«.i. : .-...-.-«.... Men's Underwear -- Separate garments in Poros Knit and Balbriggan, special price .......... ..M ...... ;.».. . . .-. Overalls-- 75c values, special price 48cj $1.00 Overalls, union made, special price. One lot-of Men's Socks, special price, a pair ,....-..-..-.- ..... ,,, . . One lot of Boys' Knee trousers, good values, special price ...... .._._...; ..... ·-_· . 200 pair Men's Pants, $1.25 and $1.50 values, special price.....,, ---1 . . : . STRAW HATS 18c 69c 5c 19c 89c Boys' straw hate, sold for 25c, your choice lOc. Men's straw hats: $2.00 values, special price. r.T.-.. ; . : ....:. M . : .. $1.50 values, special price .1. .,, ., 75c values, special price. .-. . . i Men's and Young Men's Shoes at a saving of..-. . ... ....... ... . ... ...i-a Men's suits, latest styles, finely made; a fine selection of new patterns, blue serges included at special prices $4.95, $7.25, {» t O ? Q O $9.98 and .;. . .^.,._. . ... . .1, .«^,.»^. . . «P A^-^O LOUIS BURSTEIN 455 NORTH WATER 3T. x "The Money Saving Store." The ideal fuel for all purposes. Absolutely, clean. No dust. No dirt. No soot. Is made in Decatur at our new gas works, and fe the pure carbon, which means the SEAL HEATING 5TALUE IN COAL. One tone of coke will go twice as far as a ton of soft coal. One ton of coke will go an far as a ton of Hard coal. Only $4.50 per ton delivered. Try a load and be convinced. . ^ Telephone your order. Bell No. 1; Auto if67. Decatur Railway and Light Co.' rW'SPAPERF

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