Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on January 31, 1964 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1964
Page 7
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Guest Speaker at Trinity Lutheran The POWER of FAITH ly WOODI ISHMAEL A guest sprnkPi- vill n Sunday's service; at thr Trinity Lutheran Chtircn. The Rev. Homy Bi>s retired minister, Lyons, >vho is public relations rcprL'sentativr for V.ethesda Lutheran Homr in Wafortown. \Viv. will spepk on the story of ' T-vo TJoi'icsdas " Reverend Buss will use colored pictures to illustrate his talk. Home Meeting Series Planned He will also speak before thP Bible Class on bringing the mentally retarded to Christ. Bethesda is a home for the mentally and physically handicapped and has some 600 lenidsnts. "Religion in the atmosphere of I the home", will he the theme of the series of home meetings to j be conducted by the St. Thomas ' Kpiscopal Church parish as small grmips gather each Sunday evening in the residences of ; members. i The first of these will be Sun- | day in the homo of Dr. and Mrs. Viiull Need. 511 Bancroft, at 8 p.m. and guests and visitors are welcome. The discussion may follow the subject. "Redemptive Christ". vStinday's sermon title by the parish rector, the Rev. Henry E. Wright, or any other topic religious or devotional that the group desires. Nelson It; Junior Warden The Veslrr of St. Thomns Episcopal Church announced the election of Charles Nelson as lunior warden for 1964, and tho appoint ment by the rector of Dr. John Rlggs Jr. as Sunday School superintendent far the new year. GROUNDHOG >• SUPPER February 1st Starting at 5 p.m. Adults $1.25 Children • 75e PIERCEVIUE FEDERATED CHURCH La it Sunday Sunday — was observed as an Evangelism Sunday. Instead of the regular sermon, The Rev. Herman Mnyer presented a lecture with visual aids. An evangel'sitt program wns presented by ''Ijrencp Heron en. chairman of 1'ie evangelism committee. New officers were installed last Sunday. They are Dale Snf- fels, president; Arnold Schveer. vice president; John Men;, elder; Lester Koch, secretary, Albert Thiess, treasurer; Irvin Stonh- ens, financial secretary; L'a.1 Weiss, steward-ship secretcry William Drees, trustee; lr\vin Algrim, hoard of education ; and James rcr.vgill and Arnold Mayer, auditors. Woman Plans World Flight COLUMWKS. Ohio (AIM - A 38-year-old Columbus housewife is brushing up on her instrument flying before trying what no woman ever has accomplished — flving an airplane alon>e around the world. Mrs. Jcrrie Mock, an active pilot for eight years, says she plans to circle the globe in a single - engine Cessna airplane within the next few weeks. She estimates the trip will take approximately three weeks. It was 27 years ago that Amelia Enrhart attempted the trip on what proved to be an ill-fated flight for her and her navigator, Capt. Fred Noonan. Mrs, Mock's proposed route is similar to Miss Earhart's,, but with slight variations to accommodate present air regulations over various countries, and to take advantage of newly established eletronic navigation facilities. "The trip should be routine," Mrs. Mock says; E very week the Rev. Allen Clark's ministry reaches 20,000 people, half way around the world. His "ministry by mail," known as Home Proyers, is broadcast to Eskimos by a missionary of Frobisher Bay, Canada, and read by G. I. s in Korea. It is used in hospitals and churches for their patients and shut-ins. It began in 1927 when Mr. Clark had a circuit of three parishes near Hanover, N. H. The bitter New England winters made it impossible for him to hold services in a small chapel back in the hills. He hit upon an idea of sending the three families of ihe chapel a mimeographed home service each week during the worst winter months. The idea caught on and others wanted it, and by 1930 it was being printed instead of mimeographed. By 1958 its circulation had grown so large that Mr. Clark either had to resign from parish work or give up Home Prayers. He chose to stay with Home Prayers, and it was incorporated as a non-profit enterprise with an interdenominational board of trustees. Home Prayers consists of an opening prayer, a Bible reading, a 450-word sermon and a closing prayer. There is no charge. 'Twice a year we 'pass the plate' by mail," says Mr. Clark. "If God wants Home Prayers to continue, He will provide the money." *iP Newsfeotures _ (»«ra>n £lt? Friday, J««w*T II, 1f*4 Life Pftfty Vegetable Crops Set Price Pace WASHINGTON CAP)— Mainly ! because of weather damage to j vegetable crops, the cost of living rose two-tenths of one per cent last month, the Labor Department said today in reporting an unusual increase in December prices. It was only the third time in the last 10 years that the cost of living rose in December, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. The rise took the consumer price index to 107.6. This meant it took $10.76 to purchase items that cost $10 in the 1957-59 base period. Food prices increased 0.3 per cent from November, primarily because of sharply increased vegetable prices after Southern crops were damaged by freezing weather. An increase of nearly 3 per cent in sugar prices also contributed to the rise in grocery prices. Other factors that made it more expensive to live in December included a 0.3 per cent increase in housing costs, and increases in public transit fares and gasoline prices. i t In • yearcnd review of prices situation, " a spokesman said: "Prices of practically everything were higher over the year." The spokesman said food prices could be expected to go even higher in January's index but that expected decreases in clothing and household appliances wou'd probably help balance it off. Views Vary About Riches By ROBERT PiTERSON We're all interested in growing rich. But we soon discover it's an elusive art and that the rich aren't disposed to share their know-how. The other day I came upon the memoirs penned many years ago by the late rags-to- riches newspaper tycoon E. W. Scripps, which has a chapter bearing the trite but ever tempting Ittle. "The Seciets of Becoming Rich." The wall of Jcrico fell to Joshua and the Israelites in Biblical times around 1400 B. C. Man Loses 134 Pounds SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — Charles Robinson has proved he can give up solid food. Next he's going to prove he can quit cigarettes. A 36-year-old cook weighing 544 pounds, Robinson entered a hospital last fall and has been on a liquid diet of 140 calories daily for 102 days. He lost 134 pounds. His goal is to weigh 200. Back home now, Robinson plans to continue the liquid until March. Then his physician ex- reels to allow him some solid food. "I'm going to celebrate then by shaving off this mustache I grew while in the hospital and by quitting smoking," Robinson sad. "It won't be hard to quit. I used to smoke three packs a day, but I'm down to one pack now." ; Many of Scripps' so-called se| crets are'he standard bromides ! concerning hard work and per' severance, but the following i which I've culled from the list are provocative and deserve tc be recirculated for the present generation (the comments in parenthesis are mine): "1. Never do anything today that you can put off until tomorrow. There is so much to do today that this should be given full attention. Most things that don't have to be done today are not worth doing at all." (There's more here than meets the eye; many of us waste valuable time ' on problems which don't have i to be tackled immediately and which, if delayed, might solve themselves.) "J. Never do anything yourself that you can get someone else to dc for you. The more things that someone else does for you, the more time and energy you have to do those things which can't be done for you." (It's true — if you hope to be an executive you must .earn to delegate to clerks and assistants those trivial, wasteful tasks that devour time.) "3. It is better to pay wages than to receive them." (Our economy needs both wage earners and wagcpayers. But those with ambition and administrative ability can generally climb higher as employers than as employees.) "4. Alwyas buy — never sell. By so doing you run only one risk rather than two and diminish by one-half your chances of error." (Anyone who has been The New York World's Fair of 1964 marks the 300th anniversary of the use of the city's name. —Whether buying or selling, us* Telegram Want Ads! St. James Minister To Colorado Conference IdflM OverfcaallM. Complete Mal«f««a«c», lorlii«, Valvt M- Mrf«cl*9, Irak* ••»•)'. Tmitiip, Trans. Rtpalr. Oil chenqt, Uk« 4 WI»Urliliil. ALLEN'S SAFETY CENTER •INTERNATIONAL MUMIIRS With A WrittM ••w«*t* fer •> LM« m VM Own »M Ccr! 414 M. Ilk SM Alk»* tuna M ft-7211 The Rev. Paul Schairer of St. James Luthcnan Church will attend a home missionary c^nfer- ence in Evergreen, Colo., beginning Monday. This conference is for all pastors of the Central District who are serving mission congregations. The Rev. Otto Hesla, regional director of missions, will be at tho conference to give information concerning the mission program of the American Lutheran Church. St. James Lutheran is a part of this mission program by virtue of the fact that the loan funds for its new facilities were obtained from the American Lutheran Church. Revei-end Sc'uurex- will return to Garden City Wednesday. Orangutans In zoos, where they are often restricted to cages and get little exercise, live for an average of about four years. Thus orangutans do not breed often in captivity. Life span of a free orangutan is estimated at 50 or more years. If you do net liovt... A CHURCH HOME... eomt and WORSHIP WITH You will find a friendly welcome at the Calvary Bible Church New meeting at 1*02 JON Street in the East Village Addition Pastor—Gorman Feley playing around with the stock market the past few years will see the wisdom of this principle.) "5. Never do anything, if you can help it. that someone else U doing. Why compete if it Is poss* ib'e to have a monopoly in some other field? If you must com pet* do yours a different way." (Folk* thinking of starting new buii- nesses should ponder this one carefully.) "». Never »p«nd as much as you earn." (You'd think everyone would practice this dictum. Yet nearly half of all folks who reach 65 have little of nothing in accumulated capital to show for their lifetime of toll.) "7. Never hate anybody — it's a useless expenditure of mental and nervous energy." As physl^ cians will tell you, a high percentage of patients with psyctilr atric problems harbor so much hate toward others and dwell so long on imagined wrongs that'' they are not able to concentrate on their careers.) "8. A man can do anything ha wants to do in this world if hi wants to badly enough." (This familiar philosophy has been voiced by thinkers from Plutarch to Peale and has probably been more effective in sparking human incentive and self-confidence than any other maxim on record.) If you would like a booklet "Financing Your Coming Retirement" write to this column in care of the Garden City Telegram enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope and ten cents to cover handling costs. The Dandy Will Be CLOSED For 10 Days Starting MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd WE ARE REPLACING OUR FLOOR COVERING WHOLE HOUSE' CL'IMATE CONTROL OPEN HOUSE SEE THE NEW "ALL ELECTRIC" HOME OF MARVIN AND HELEN HELMERS 1308 ELIZABETH, SCOTT CITY, KANSAS •<**. *,',, > CHROMALOX ALL-ELECTRIC •• SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1—10:00 A. M. TO 5:00 P. M. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2—12 NOON TO 5:00 P. M. season • • COMFORT CONDITIONING SYSTEM Heats and humidifies Cools and dehumidifies Filters and circulates Ventilates and deodorizes Perfect indoor weather on hot days, freezing days, humid days-is yours with the Chromalox Season • Aire Comtort Conditioning System. You get roonvby-room controlled perimeter baseboard heating in winter and comfortable cooling in summer , . . plus electronically filtered air and properly balanced humidity to fit the s«a$on til the time. Install the complete system now; or only the electric heating section and add the other components at a later date as wanted. SMOOTH-AIR UNIT L'nlU dtilributt tttim or cool, eon- dilionti *l( without dull*. ltl< Mltfilllii NlMI... CfNTRAL-Alft UNIT Chram«!oi Clllfil-AIr Unit pit- yidw »M[-»tou«d dictronic filUi • mi «nj himldlfatlon. It |,nt,v ijtflbuui wnm »r cool m ttuMifli Uit lyettnt. SYSTEM .NSTALLED IY: WHEATLAND ELECTRIC GENERAL CONTRACTOR: KITTERMAN CONSTRUCTION CO. DUCT WORK IY: APPLE SHEET METAL DRAPES IY: MUENCH'S FLOOR COVERING IY: BRUCE'S CARPET AND TILE

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