Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on January 23, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1936
Page 4
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LENOX TIME TAHT.R. LENOX, Crocheted Potholders in a Lantern Design By GRANDMOTHER CLARK The Mind Meter By LOWELL HENDERSON Potholders are necessary In every kitchen so why not malts them attractive when you do make them? These potholders are crocheted with leavy string crochet cotton forming Jap lanterns and In colors red, green, yellow. The design is the same on •II three but the colors are reversed, giving a very attractive and plensing effect. The finished holders measure 8 Inches each. No padding Is required If made with heavy cotton. The instructions for making this set, Wo. 732, will be mailed to you for 10 cents. Instructions with material will be mailed for 40 cents. Address Home Craft Co., Dept. B, Nineteenth and St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Inclose a stamped addressed envelope for reply when writing for any information. Oppression and Reproach But Add Luster to Merit Distinguished merit will ever rise to oppression, and will draw luster from reproach. The rnpors which gather round the rising sun, and follow him In his course, seldom fall at the close of it fp'form a magnificent theater for his reception, and to Invest with variegated tints and with a softened effulgence the luminary which they eannot hide.—Robert Hall. © Bell Syndicate.—WNU Sot-vice. The Similarities Test In each problem of the following test there are three words. The Urst two words bear a certain relationship to one another. Write in a fourth word which bears the same relationship to the third word that the second does to the Orst. 1. Fish—swimming; bird— 2. Ball—baseball; puck— 3. Wall Street—New York; The City— 4. Wright brothers —airplane; John Fitch— 5. Horace Greeley—Journalism; J. P. Morgan— 0. Arrow—bow; bullet— 7. Baseball—bat; polo— 8. Ferry boat—river ; liner— 0. Mendelssohn—music; Longfellow— Use only these words: flying, London, mallet, poetry, banking, ocean, steamboat, gun, hockey. THE Answers. Flying. Hockey. London. Steamboat. Banking. Gun. Mallet. Ocean. Poetry. BEDTIME STORY By THORNTON W.BURGESS t HUNTER LIES IN WAIT FOR LIGHTFOOT I F EVER there was an angry hunter, It was the one who had followed Llghtfoot, the Deer, across the Big River. When he was ordered to get off the land where Llghtfoot had climbed out, he got back into his boat, but he didn't row back to the other side. Instead, he rowed down the Big Ulver, finally landing on the same side, but on land which Llghtfoot's friend did not own. "When that deer has became rested he'll get uneasy," thought the hunter. "He won't stay on that man's land. He'll start for the nearest woods. I'll go up there and wait for him. I'll get that deer If only to spite that fellow back there who drove me off. Had It not been for him I'd have that deer right now. He was too tired to have gone far. He's got the handsomest pair of antlers I've seen for years. I can sell that head for a good price." So the hunter tied his boat to a tree and once more got out. He climbed up the bank and studied the land. Across a wide meadow he could see a brushy old pasture, row down the Big River, and he had guessed just what was in that hunter's mind. "We'll fool him," said he, chuckling to himself as he walked back toward the shed where poor Llghtfoot was resting. He did not go too near Lightfoot, paying no attention to him, but going about his work. You see, this man loved and understood the little people of the Green Forest and the Green Meadows, and he knew that there was no surer way of winning Llghtfoot's confidence and trust than to take no notice of him. Llghtfoot, watching him, understood. He knew that this man was a friend and would do him no harm. Little by little, the wonderful blessed feeling of safety crept over Llghtfoot. No hunter could harm him there. He knew it. © T. W. Burgess.—WNU Service. Dace's Children Fight Sanctions Uniform International II i SUNDAY I V nernatona -» • N LESSON*! 2 By RHV. P. B. FITZWATBR. D. D.. Member of Faculty, Moody Blblu R OMANO and Anna-Marie Mussolini, youngest children of Premier Ben- Ito Mussolini of Italy, shown as they handed In their precious posses- slons of gold and silver, playing their part in Italy's "flght" against sanctions Imposed on the kingdom by the League of Nations. * MOTHER'S * COOK BOOK |gPAIPA KNOWS—I Not Retroactive "Look here," said the irate travel- «tng man to the small-town hotelkeeper, "don't you know that roller- towels In hotels have been prohibited In this state for three years?" "Sure," replied the hotel man, "but that there towel was put up before the law was passed."—Capper's Weekly. _ t The Real Test Little Horace was wearing his first pair of real pants. He felt that at last he was a man among men. He strutted up and down and finally he went up to his mother and asked: "Muvver, can I call pa Bill now?"—Pathfinder. boy, The Eaty Epithet "Father," said the small "what is a demagogue?" "A demagogue Is a man who can persuade people to listen to arguments with which they do not agree." Truth at La»t Film Star— Yes, I said I wanted • home with at least ten children. Friend— My dear, what makes you •ay such foolish • tilings? Film Star — The publicity department. — Film Fun. Try Bouquets Throwing mud at a good man soils your own hands. Don't Guess But Know Whether the "Pain" Remedy You Use is SAFE? Don't Entrust Your Own or Your Family's Well-Being to Unknown Preparations T HE person to ask whether the preparation you or your family are taking for the relief of headaches is SAFE to use regularly is your family doctor. Ask him particularly about Genuine BAYER ASPIRIN. He will tell you that before the discovery of Bayer Aspirin most "pain" remedies were advised against by physicians as bad for the stomach and, often, for the heart. Which is food for. thought if you seek quick, safe relief. Scientists rate. Bayer Aspirin among the fastest methods yet dis- coverea for the relief of headaches and the pains of rheumatism, neuritis and neuralgia. And the experience of millions of users has proved it safe for the average person to use regularly. In your own interest remember this. You can get Genuine Bayer Aspirin at any drug store — simply by asking for it by its full name, BAYER ASPIRIN. Make it a point to do this — and see that you get what you want. IMD "That's Where That Deer Will Head For," He Muttered, and back of that, some thick woods. He grinned. "That's where that deer will head for," he muttered. "There isn't any other place for him to go. All I've got to do Is to be patient and wait." So the hunter shouldered his terrible gun and tramped across the meadow to the brush-grown pasture. There he hid among the bushes where he could peep out and watch the land of Lightfoot's friend. He was still angry because he had not been allowed to shoot Llghtfoot. But at the same time he chuckled, because he thought himself very smart. Llghtfoot couldn't possibly reach the shelter of the woods without giving him a shot, and he hadn't the least doubt that Llghtfoot would start for the woods just as soon as he felt able to travel. So he made himself comfortable and prepared to wait the rest of the day, if necessary. Now Llghtfoot's friend who had driven the hunter off had seen him WAFFLE TIME W AFFLE time is any time with most folks, but during the cold weather waffles, hot cakes, muffins and gems are more especially enjoyed. The following recipe for the hurried housewife will be most welcome : Quick Waffles. Take two and three-fourths cups of pastry flour or one and one-half cups of bread flour and one-half cup of corn starch, add four teaspoons of baking powder, one teaspoon of salt, mix well, add three well beaten eggs and one-half cup of vegetable oil. Mix well and add one and one-half cups of milk. Beat thoroughly and bake on a hot waffle iron. Serve with maple or canned sirup. Jiffy Griddle Cakes. Take two and one-half cups of bread flour, and one-fourth of a cup of corn starch, five and one-half teaspoons of baking powder, one and one-half teaspoons of salt, one-half RESPONSIBLE By DOUGLAS MALLOCH cup of sugar, one beaten egg, one- half cup of vegetable oil and two c«ps of milk. Mix and sift the dry Ingredients, add the oil to the beaten egg and mix gradually with the milk, giving a good beating. Serve with butter and sirup. Less sugar may be used if desired. Health Muffins. Sift one cup of flour, one-half teaspoon of salt, four teaspoons of baking powder, one cup of bran, one cup of milk, two tablespoons each of brown sugar and vegetable oil, mix well and stir in a half package of finely cut dates. This may be all prepared except adding the liquid, the night before. Bake in well oiled, muffin pans 30 minutes. Serve canned grapefruit and see how easy it Is to prepare a wholesome breakfast in a short time. Oyster Potato Balls. Take seasoned mashed potatoes, make Into flat cakes, roll into each two oysters and dip into beaten egg and crumbs. Place in a baking dish and bake and baste until the potato is well browned. Serve with a sprig of parsley in each. © Western Newspaper Union. "Pop, what Is a polar bear?" "White rug." © Bell Syndicate.—WNU Service. KY THIS TRICK By PONjAY HARRAH Copyright by Public Ledger. Inc. I longi- Longitudo Defined Tommy, my son, what is tude?" "A clothes line, daddy." "How do you make that out?" "Because it stretches from pole to pole." Better Choice Judge—You can take your choice, $10 or ten days. Prisoner—I'll take the money, Jour honor. Bayer Aspirin To Settle Estate Will accept clear Iowa farm as part payment on 15000 acre S. E. Montana stock ranch. ABTHVR T. McINTOSH & CO. 160 No. La Salle St. Chicago, 111. Guilty, Without a Doubt 1 had the right of way, yet you «ay I was to blame for this smashup." "You certainly were." "Why, officer?" "Because his father la mayor, his brother la chief of police, and I'm to marry hla stater."—Stray Stories. QUITE PROPER ANNABELLE'S ANSWERS By RAT THOMPSON DEAR ANNABELLE WHAT, IN YOUR OPINION IS THE MOST ENJOYABLE MOMENT OF ANY SHOW? HAM-LET. Dear Ham-Let: IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CURTAIN GOES UP AND RIGHT BEFORE EVERYBODY STARTS COUGH- INGI Annabel!*. DO not think that I could drink a part Instead of play It, making drink my art, Nor think that I, my very soul undressed, Could make a woman's virtue but a Jest I do not think that I could do these things, No matter what the recompense It brings, And not look farther than my weekly pay, A little farther than my ease today A thousand theaters I would behold, Would see them now, and see them when I'm old, Where youths and maidens alt In semi-dark, On whom each word and gestur leave a mark. If I were showing little children' eyes To drink Is clever and to sin Is wise, Then I would wish to seek some secret place, Ashamed to loolt all children In the face. I do not thlnli that I could speak a line To some one's child I would not speak to mine, Nor speak to age, however gray and sere, A line not fit for anyone to hear. For they who play with hearts upon the stage, Or mold the mind upon the printed page, Cannot, whatever their excuse may be, Escape their great responsibility. ffi DoUKlas Malloch.—WNU Service. In Tufted Taffeta __ THE VANISHING COIN , Institute of Chicago. © Western Newspaper Union. Lesson for January 26 JESUS DECLARES HIS PURPOSE LESSON TEXT— Luke 4:16-30 GOLDEN TEXT— The Spirit of the Lord Is upon me, because ha hath anointed me to preach the gospel to I the poor; he hath Bent me to heal I the broken-hearted, to preach dellv- 1 erance to the captives, and recover.) Ing of sight to the blind, to set all liberty them that are bruised, to I preach the acceptable year ot the) Lord.— Luke 4:18, 19. I PRIMARY TOPIC— Jesus Preachej to His Home Folks. JUNIOR TOPIC— Jesus' First Ser-| mon. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC — Choosing a Life Purpose. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC — What Jesus Came to Do. I. Jesus In the Synagogue (v. 16). On the Sabbath he went Into the Synagogue according to his custom, He no doubt went that day with a new and definite purpose, but how refreshing to know that It was according to his habit. Many young people have been safeguarded from the pitfalls of the world because of the habit of reading the Bible, praying and going to church. II. Jesus Reading the Scriptures (vv. 17-19). 1. The book handed to him (vv. 17). It was not only his custom to attend the place of worship, but to take part in it. This privilege was not confined to the rabbis (Acts 13: 15). Jesus, therefore, used the liberty accorded him. 2. The passage read (Isa. 61:1, 2). It Is not entirely clear as to whether this was, providentially, the Scripture reading for the day, or whether It was specifically chosen by him for that occasion. 3. The content of the passage (vv. 18, 19). a. The mission of the Messiah (v. 18). (1) To preach the gospel to the] poor. The good tidings which Jesus proclaimed are peculiarly we: come to the common people. By "poor" In this case Is primarily] meant those who were poor In spirit (Matt. 5:3). (2) To heal the broken-hearted.] The gospel of. Christ meets the needs of those whose hearts are crushed by the weight of their own sins or by a burden of sorrow and disappointment. (3) To preach deliverance to the captives. This meant deliveranctj M This new evening gown Is an emerald green taffeta creation, with ribbon sash in the same tone, tufted bodice, bustle-back and winged shoulders. It was molded by Miss Beatrice Kunhart at a charity fasti- Ion show in New York. • AKING a coin vanish would seem to be a feat of difficult legerdemain. It can be accomplished, however, In a very simple manner, without resort to long practice or the need of expert skill. The magician begins by showing a few coins on the palm of his left hand. He picks up a small one— say a dime—with his right hand, letting the larger coins He open in his left. The right fingers perform a rubbing motion. The small coin melts completely from view. The magician, not caring to lose more money, puts the remaining coins in his pocket. The magician does not pick up the small coin from the left hand. He only pretends to do so. Actually, he slides a larger coin over the small one. People, seeing the little coin gone, think the right hand has It, but the small coin went into the pocket with the others. The rubbing motion with the right fingers was only an Illusion. WNU Service. Where Our Weather Is Enjoyed FOR.BKTRA, "You allowed that young man to kiss you. That was very indiscreet." "Not at all. I had looked up hla financial standing." No Regret* "I'm sorry—I quite forgot your party the other evening!" "Oh, weren't you there?"—Stray Stories Magazine. WRIGLEY PERFECT THROUGH A Woman's Eyes By JEAN NEWTON ON DOING IT "FOR RELEASE" S HE does It, they say, "for release." She had plenty of troubles that she doesn't want to think about, so she seeks release—in her particular case it is gambling— whenever she gets a chance to "run away""from her troubles. It's not a new idea, this one of getting "release" by just "running away" and sort of "losing yourself." It's a very old one and a very sad one. And the story has been told In many different terms ever since the world began. The whole gamut "George may wear the pants their household," says housewife Hattle, "but that doesn't mean an apron won't fit over them." ffl Bell Syndicate.—WNU Service. from the bondage of sin and thi| Devil (John 8:36). (4) Recovering of sight to th blind. Christ did actually mak those who were physically blind tl see (John 9:6, 7) and also openel the eyes of those who were spirltj ually blind (I John 5:20). (5) To set at liberty them that! are bruised. The power of Christ can free the most utterly hopeless ones. 6. To preach the acceptable year of the Lord. The primary allusion is to the year of jubilee (Lev. 25 8-10) in which all those In bondngt were released. b. The special enduement of thi Messiah (v. 18). He was the ao olnted one predicted by Isaiah, thi very Messiah. III. Jesus Expounding the Scrl tures (vv. 20, 21). 1. He closed the book and snj down. It seems to have been t custom of the Jewish teachers t sit while teaching. 2. "This day is this scripture filled." This statement Is no doubi but the gist of what he said, thus declared that he was the Mes slab. IV. Jesus Reception by the Peopli (vv. 22-30). The critical hour had come. Th people were amazed. They admit ted his gracious words but were un able to admit his claims. His ceptlon was characterized by 1. Ignorant prejudice (v. 22) They said, "Is not this Joseph' son?" as if to say, "This Is our fel low townsman with whom we havi been acquainted for years. Surelij he cannot be the Messiah." 2. Unbelief as to hla superna ural power (v. 23). They challeng him to exhibit examples of divii You can. stetft coithoot B oood , but its difficult to stop cjith out one 3-8 from the most petty foolishness to the most vicious crime has been labeled as a "release" for some man or woman from their troubles. But "losing one's self" in something never was release. It is always just another kind of slavery. And the reason is simple. We cannot run away from ourselves, we cannot find release from ourselves. And it Is within ourselves that our difficulties and troubles must find a solution. So the problem Is not how to lose ourselves, which is Impossible, but how truly to find ourselves—and overcome our difficulties, our- Ac-3 the first step in finding selves Is to face our problems, sauarely and courageously, and put the best we have to work on them Doing our best In that way we shall be truly released, truly free. t) Bell Syndicate.— WNU Service. power. 3. Personal jealousy (v. 24). Jeaj ously often prevents us from s( Ing the essential worth of men our midst. A prophet Is not acceplj ed at home. 1 Jesus adduced two outstanding examples of the willingness of " elgners to believe God. a. Elijah was sent to a wl at Serepta (vv. 25, 25). Many « l(1 ows of Israel were passed by, doubi less because they would not received the prophet. b. Naaman, the foregner, of tbj many lepers, was the one clei (v. 27). 4. Violent hatred (vv. 28-30). comparison of the Jews with flu eigners so offended their pride toll they tried to kill him. He shows™ them that: just as Elijah &" brought blessing to one who llv In Sidon, and Elisha to one in Syria while the people of Israel went 01 suffering, even so the Gentiles wonw] receive the blessing of bis sa v '"" power, while they, the chosen ' tlon, would Buffer la unbelief-

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