Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 3
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OECATUR HtRALD - WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 15, 1930. [Y ACTION DEFINITE DIAL PLAN [mbers Anticipate fance From TLEJIHANGED ' of oonatruotlon i [Police, Sheriff Raid 12 j More Places; Arrest 12 1 "Th'Jfil L** Stojey CmpanT Series Tuesday Officials Home EIGHT LODGED IN JAIL from Trip Abroad HERALD unlly lnn for the BUbwuy now if the council IK not r°nt from any that hav d be tore except thnt iM n lowaor property new plan (if fern ft* inco as nny con«t(tnr«d wi the jitimn width sililpwatks and pro* ructions to traffic. A sidewalk line will let- ·rly iblilrni of meeting is the Jtrcfttcjst on» con- jhe city in utidortnklnjc of thn suhn^iy," Mayor pd mil. "Construction he m p t IftrftBly by th» lwny [·oin]finy. 1. I' l. Aid Power jt iilprht com- wl»h to routn biisen suhway. there (fire will Id d l t c f t l y by JU «»· d xlinuld be expected W irtijccl'jt cotit. or not th« ntlits high' ( mnv he expenteii to wilt he cin n |r tin- ddciirtmnnt'ji plnn of hy-ptxis rwit*. ((oed ic acifuVtmenl winy (eel lulu nut be (txpoctM to CHRISTIAN WILL HAVE DOMING SUNDAY , of Antloch rt east t( NfltaM 131, nro t* h»v« · y. There will b« i-e in Ili6 church. BMtot of pcrHOntt from D«*' tcled to ittt*mt th* hoffl*- tf ohwreh Is wdll-knowti TV-Mr, fathnr o* Mm- J ·ther of Decatur. 9im(1»y, *** d. The propram follow 1 ^'30 oVlook In t ny the Hftlttbow I- Sermon hy Rav. pastru- of Ent r-h of Pocfltur, nt 1 |lhe ovr-nln^. Miiulo e church. T nt fl-30 ft of varioiw Chrtn- ..,, in t h « county will #t- 'by Rev. 1,. H. Hobhp of hy Nolnn prothe" rtomecomlnfi. J. f. ^ l '" in Iho mornlnff »» rv ' A'. 71. Hopper or Sulll**" inoon Hiatortcrtl *k«l i ni" ! Miislr hy th* Tl» r ' i Mnle qimrlet to Attend ^tional Dairy Show ardt, dairy Inapoetor of th' jnrtmcnt, will he In sl iy to attend tho n** 10 ". The nntlonftl «cWTM' lit together woijjl*''-' 11 dairy cattle, Mr. "hsW In intcrpjitod lit Mti ow, Pubst Cr«»tor her. Mid to have m* record of prmJuelof ' milk In * tMtftiCB ut Is almost » MIOM ni" E ^ , 'RJSn CE.ITK TO In tot district ot_tlu hoot will m««, T:10 s'«l«ek. »W« wlD 'E ogram, r«fr«ihoa«M *·" whether or not tb.*flit afliwnclaj p]« B , roj' jt'» coat. It w*. vatoly by member, ,,( oil Tuesday morninjr, the city will b, AW ; to torn the .tat* hlshwuy fiom the Wftbwh th« er and Light Co, ' and Tncy from the utate M*. c onoouraged th» coon. the- subway plan »,(.,,,, ted by Mayor O, W, Definite Vfen e tor the project in,. financial plan la work. in mode clear that th, »l-way can be mot with- cncumberlnft th» city " Hill, oommJMionw of ome hop« that w« win jft some of th* BtiiU'i money, but It it only A portion of th« gaaoline ut of th* cltlM and Ir, fair that cities (Hiould cu-e sornn benefit from J rtfiiwrs Confiscate Large i A . K . s ·, jr., f- S( .,-tmv« i-i.-,. 1 Quantity of Alcohol i X^,^^^ p ^. I anfl BreW ' PWlUi'nt In clitirne of siiiloa of tlu 1 conninny, rcliirnuit Tuoaday from n t i l p t i b i u d d They United [''rnnci 1 , KoltiiiKl unti Oi'lfftuin. bluing hurt! ne«a unii pletvsure DU I dp. Twelve tiiotf t»Ul* were ' made u p c t c mill j,ftnnoo.i invl liduot wat found . Twelve prrso»», were «r- nina iht of , The n^w raids, inilicating custmy ,-»'4'' ·- i i r r t i u i l i l If'*' I*""' "' lt-d ihl« w c . h lo SO «n.l If 1 - *'·"' chniijc*] it) ttiil" Wiir- ijntu wllh piwi-'-Hloti «f Itnuoi', The otlinr WHO d i n i n c d w l t l i (;oii(ifO(fi»ttnB tn drink, Kl«l" of Hi"' eleven «i- irntod dii tlie s i l n l c i-Knii;t' wo i e lXljf fd )n llic ion"'*' J" 11 I" l i ' f n i i l l of ,|. h .r iii|ii(l rini fiH-'it w i t h in- At(| ilcp'i'ii" 1 ' iHfl'-liptl 'he n»w th i-t li't"" 1 ' nlkl None oC llu tln-ce experienced o.ny Clcw-utnltifito in the ocean cioss- :n. tlioiif;h t h e m w;w some rothei wcHtlier wlien [Jr. ami Mrs. croH^t'd in England, Mr. ·ller l e f t Det'Hlur two weoUrf i' Mi 1 HOI) Mm, Sl.'iley tiilltil. I l i i B i ' bn.thctH lit l l o w p i x friini I h c l f niaiiclnlex wrv lu'eHcnfett (he two nip-n on t t i r l i t'etiim tn their »(· Decatur May Be Convention City For 7. B. Ass'n. NEW ELEVATOR ATDALTONCITY NEARLY FINISHED Latest Developments In the Grain Handling Machinery Installed 20,000 BU. CAPACITY under construc- City, for the Sltiley The new t]rv tlon In D;ilton company, |)H)baljly will be thin weHt, A, K. .Stale) 1 Miilil IVecinra- dny, W. C, McOulie, t.irniur nnd grain .dcnlet of neai Mnroo. is auiie.r- vlslnR MH erection. This will tin tlie latest tiling In country etcvuiors, M''- Staley says. It is itOflKtiect lo handle ftruln mplilty nnd economicnlly. f t jfl culled tt "one- riiun" clcvntnr, M will hnve a Ity of 1!11,0(10 bushels HIOIMKC. one of the moot fen- blema dtscuued la It* ihn Illinois Municipal mombora of th* £iea- rf to attend In Sprier .t(J,ny and Frldfty. It J* m I ho I(JIK«*J'« mooting Tay be evolved that will le fur c It let to racolvi e t;aa tax money. that Is achieved, or lim la worked out «n oac'd subway win not Krtal burden to the next in. I simply will not be f\r:il went to ·ni-,iketi;ilS", In luy'liNiii Ocniliir. On'' stqipril ft' t,1"l K" 11 ' W i i l n n t whnir i«. iLCHieh nf Hie l«i vl«hl*l ti quiitiliiy of riti;oiiol itnd H i ton u l l l ie if hri'w, tit A l l filled by the D c e n l u r Mriliuiil sooelv id the [111- noN Tiiberriilosl:i nnd Puhlk 1 Health nflpnicldtlcn td conrtiict t t s neit »"· ( i i t H l r u n v e n t k w in Decalitr. The i n - vitation will he tnhcn i n the 19SO (11t|1 '' |'lil'l|ihrtt1Iillll ti ffw km 11"" ]»«* J'it» f wds H f i e ' t i i l '!·! i i i i ) | i l e l n r of tile iOic I'lir/klnl ImU'l f u r her ick'tisc (..-niiliK I I'M I N - d i r i - .!ii:(1i-e Jftdtcs t i A Urn 11.1 III Nnrlli W'liiddiril llutiwn Jn W, N i n i l i W n L i t l f i ' r i l , tlu rni'l- «. cunfi 1 -' 1 it«l more than a [fullon of iilrolifpl Jtcul »in I'll t'tl KgirlU Uflle John S m i t h mill K d n u Miut'lliill. till lllllil 'll . S l K i l t l l ' l W l l l l i n n W t l l l WH · M l l l k U,' f l S W l ' r t I 1,111 I til- p l U C F VP *l ·- V s FI| i I Hi I" n n r t Hnillli htid c i t s j anil siiiiip- IMP.: i"'}iiun cVutrjjoii lotl|;ei' *i{iilr t U,nn. Ttiey w e t c lochert up. In n:., Ivirih VViwKlfoid ilMTl Mtx Ttii't and h l K wilp-, in,-F in i c t c i l on (lorii-ssli I p o l h [miti-.itIT! f l i f t l I h e ly fm |n iiiniiiii u-ic ot" the. fftiiiJIy. n» -iM|)tte.i ( cotivi-nflon by Lr, (,'ecil M. .Twcii, ·ulilerji, (null KfsiohiUon ulno wa.i pasupd bv thi' Mti''im lloilnlv Tisheri nloslsi and Vis- Nnrscii iisiiiodtitlon t" ·Ihe f f i i m l y vrt\\ supplied, prilln- ( I n i l i i i i r W) riuitrl.i ot hrcw, n I J i ; t i l i n i." u ' tn'i'iv mil 1 -!! woi'ldtift .1 ( i . c K . i l l d d jut; (Mirdy filled With ulii'.fi lu (;'ill»n hcrf of win* I" pro- i-,'i' r-t ( I ' l u i ' T i l . i l i i i i i , n q m i r t uT nl nir'ol »nil ( i l i t i ' i ' i HW ei)!J't Ijci t'f 'flip lucw mid i-ti.i'ty ( I n 1 tIM tl il(il '.·,, I'f W l l l O W l ' t C (! Ilii".r.l liti till- | i i ( - » t | t T . T I l B rC! ftfc Imii.jrfil '» ipf'iicc Itcwdqimi'tc In luinglnj; [In 1 n e x t i l j i l c convenlioit of I he (is*- Hoclnlltin t n I j c c a l u r , CIRCUIT COURT TO RECONVENE FRIDAY Grand jury Expected To Make Report; Now In Recess H p a r t i l l 1'iJiiM w i ' l HTIXIS r'tie li'i I- dtiy niot'nlnK u t t c i H ii'fosa of a wwh while .liKlg* -f.iinefi K. F!(iWw-lii h«s bcin n l l i - n t l l D R « t-nnfercnCT for Aoii'rlnuri )iiiun u v l'orni in Nfpiils- v l l l f , Kv '1'he f:t tiui j u i 1 ' litt 1 - iwi'ii in i f i i ' s i . ! ,int) (ij'iiliftbly «lli have ils n-potl I'he iimchlnery will lie powered w l l t i 1111 nil b u r n i n g Diesel motor. The le$;si uf (in; fliivutor hava hesn mailii Itir^i' lu move f*ruln swiftly ft'pitn tin 1 dumping bins to stoifljjfi qunrlet'ti. Thi niTiicturi 1 embodies Iduitjt tluil Me, M i ' l i i i l i ' 1 mid M i . Kln)- ey have linil In nil nil iitid under dls. 1-iiinlon fur some Km' 1 . FIVE EXAMINED IN GUIDANCE CLINIC Psychiatrists Who W e r e Here In Spring, Return Condition of Central Illinois Benefit Mutuals In August Shown to The II«mld} SPEINGPIELD, Onl, Ing of mutual benefit in Illtnoln for Augunt are revenloU by the monthly reports received by the Department of Trade and CotU' niei'CP. Those lor September are not na yet tubulated. Sinco ik mutuul Is obliged to maintain no legul reaoivt, and since thu euacoament of each member $1.00 lor death claims IB the extent of H.i lUUllity under nuoh cevUflcata 1L 1 * loal aaeettt are Its membership. When a membership fulls below Lhe 2UO minimum the department of trade and commerce notified such an aauoelaUon to bring it up. Slml lurly when the eiii'antec fund fulls below j4,000 notice caning atten tion to the l(ipa« go en out from the The mutual under the law 1ms six monttin In which tfi faring ii| Ha KUarunlee fund, anil t.hreo month u In wlilcli lo iiitllc claims. luuhily Jnalh claims (iw ftl ting seKlenifttil. Kiffh- Lctn Central !llhio)n untioclallons i*i. port in August no dwilh clalmn out. slnntltntf, The avn liable rn poris from 3R Onlml Illinoiti nm tual a follow: Nanin of C'ompmiy Lucultnn A 1 titi) i on t Mutuul Union -,,*. ____ AUnmuni Cential Benefit l,2TO.ei J Central III, Mutual Keller. t Champaign County Mutual,. Champaign Christian County Mutuul --J Pane. Jolnnial Benefit Association Ueuatur Consumer!! Mutual Aid Guild Bloomlnglon Egyptian Central MuUtal .--........ Naogit Bweka Mutual Benefit Corp.--__81iilbyvi1le Kxeelalor Mutual Benefit Amtn^,Qittty Great American Bonollt Corp,-..Clinton Tlitni Mutual Relief ASBII. Champulgn International Benefit Coi'p. Dceiklur Tho Ironclad Kit km Jasper (jounly Mutual . .......Mewlon Marlon County Mutual fiihllet.... tiutem McLean County Mutuul ,, l)e:alur Mld-Stiito Bonnfil AnHOuiallon. .. NBOR*. Monarch Mutual --VaniiflUu Mouitrle County Mutual .Sullivan The National -.. -- ---Sulnni Nooea Mutual Jieuafll -- - - Nnw UouRlas Courtly Muluiil.. -'North Annsi'ifiC-o. Protec, Aasn,--S Ohaw Provlilenl Relief; Assn-- Siielbyvltk People's Relict Assn. . . , . _ . - . Tnytoivill* F'o.ilal Kenefit ASRO, . Centrnlta prtiirle Ktatn Eenetlt Corn Decaf HI- Benefit Ansn, . / , Benftfit ANnn. . , . _ . . . - KheJbv Conniy MuiiiiLl -- Hhelbyvllle Rhelbv Mutual Union Society S h e l b y v f l l e 650,00 SB8.W IH'bm 1,320 100 3,Tf.l.(6 2,007.08 138.9(1 MSl.St J, 480.60 524.18 950,37 1,016.01 «.1T5.,'J8 4 ,04-1.01 M6.13 1,200.16 105 00 1,004.!!;! 1.SSM4 1,."2lt.4] 2,623, Rft Vivi' ell iklveu vvf'r*' e^nTTilncd hy llhilil Oiildanei' hincaii avllvlttei 1 in Dei-lit .it rti liool.-i WcdnesflW. The clilldn'ii vvere rliofiCR by Ihelr leach- ers in n m i i i U n t i o n w l t l i school ail- t h u i i t i ' M HH! purents IJCCJIU^L' they W e t f I l l l U i i l l i l l 111 HOIll 1 ' W H V . So:tifl fif tl'i- - J i i d l i e u who will be I'Miiniticil iliniii); Hi' 1 t l u i ' e Jay MISS- ssiiin ot the biiKMii (Ins full, are prolv lem t arii-s IJFI ansi- Of seeiulOK In lit of] liiLeieJ-t tn school, ilellntiiinncy. 011 g u h n m n i E i l or uliniitiniil. Some of the chililien uri: [hus'i' r x i i m i n f J in pt'evl- uiis fjfMhions of l!in I m r c a n In Jl*cn- t i n . t'*iir lilt! most ( K i l l , \uiwcvfr · Hi* c l i l l d r e n wlm w i l l In- taken before tho hitrcnii f x j i u r t i Uii'i vi'ur nn- not 11 TO b I cm cnsi'si, e^pci i n l l v , bin are ehllili'-ti nfi'tliiif.' ''iii'i'ful s t u d y Bnfl e^jj'H-l lulvli'i- ] io ipnliM" In adjust thi'iwiflve'i tii lln'it 1 f u t u i e . Tl'.f Hirer ii,x|f-Hn i i l n rniidiii'tiJil tin' t i i u i U i n r i 1 I m r f j n i in Dcr.'Un lnsl -Slielb^lile .Hull Ivan Rnlem l l n i t e d Illinois Proteelive V u n d a t l a Stnndard Mutual .., ..... ftullivn-rt Mulunl Rtlli;[ , Superior Mutunl BcncfH Ifnlvirmi] Benefit (Vssu. .. Wrnlern NnUonal Spring rlclri 777.03 3,TSfi.iri 1.SIT.1B 1,80000 4JJO.QO 3,1120.00 4..97S.OI) 17.50 1,023.32 500,00 SOO.OO 10,273.00 6,100.0(» SKW.OO StKt-OO 1,10000 i, U.IH3.00 asi m 2.0J2 BBS 1,377 ·108 2,64 8 JM 1,W5 1,083 2,291 3I7 2,3 Bt 1,094 OUT 1,783 19d 105 S.279 a.rvoo .1,507 1,008 38S 3.31K I. Oil 1,800 SOO ·2,1-K, 1.13S SEWER TAPPING PERMITS TO BE GIVEN OUT NOW Arrangement Made With Bonding Companies For Permission INTERIOR INSPECTED Approval htm h«cn Riven by bonding *;onipunlwi, who aii t Den for the nun true to rit wlio built f! mauttieaxt newer, fur (he tn|)pinn of thi sewer by |)ixi|i*i'iy owiiern along HH length, «tiJ ]«rnilH for n, a king t h e connections ciin he »n- re'] from t h e city sewer dcjiait- me n I. A conferiinuc b«twc,fin th« roil- Marauding Hawk Shot Down As It Raids Farm Yard th* clly officials airi'ftfJ lo the tionnRRlloNK to be. mut\f. Portable Radio Station Coming Here Thursday p o n d y nooo ftftt'i- Judge Ltoldwln re- On Thursday mid r-'uday, , f j a k l w l n ivlll hen i molloni nori pfi.*s on ultfiiony nueslions. Next Monday n H t u r t will liH mailo on Ihe default bul- d l v i n i e dficki't. taies boltisr rlijckeleil ,'or threo iliivs. U.S. COMMISSIONER OF FOREIGN TRADE TO BE GUEST HERE 'Mli llrlit In .lull Tnl^l ' , l l l i l tlipl KlVli hd/lll r.'Fiiltiit i i i i - l v,cm l. J;ill. lt)« w l f i - | .\lbi-il t; 'ISUiii, iotelwtl trtlOe rntil- ««· i i l i v ' ( I in luiinf to appt-iir f i t r j n ,,^] 0 ,,^i O r fh' 1'nileci Wiiti'H I ' r - t ' ; n l lu . l . i . l u c .linni'9 CJ, Alleli'Ml F)] l t , ( ) ( , t l | ,,f rdiiiiiiPMCi;, St, Nmits, cm i' (lu Jl Oilirm (nki'ii In t l i i - f w l j [ ) )( , t j, c Kl |,,Hi ul itt|;j'ei.fnUllve)i n l k i TIM 'l-.y w i l l HIP i t i t i l i i l (icl.| ,,( |),, i n i m . foinpank'i lining tin ex- iiorl bwlnefi'i. In a lunchuon · tl lii'sj \\,1 r,n mill Ainirt Ri'('il h u l h j tl tin- p f . f n t t u club, Thursilny nuon cn|ii-il. W C P P - i i i r i . - t i - i ! In H mid Iti jv) V . Kills Will ue npoattor in llii- M' Soiiili K r . t i i i d i n N i i w i . ^ ((i-iiiii-, i.i-i'tilnp tiefocp the monthly meeting I ' " ef ln'i-i win ttiiiml nnd both wei'F ,,f t l i r 'I'ranMportatloti otuh of Occa- 'hui:t-il w l t l i )niri-}"iiriik In eliy H i n t ' ( u l m fii ball loom of the Hotdl Or- it!P M,n i u i i i j i Tln'y wi'iv locked id limiln. Tils 1 d i n n e r will ho at G:tB ·'!· MH\II\\ jull ' t n'rlix-k. tdllovved by Ihe prnKi'atrt, Mi', 'I'jftm K pinil Miiln'l liliini were tiillM will npeiik on WH nxperlenfes ' p i ' o i'l 11 Fiiiil In nl!l N f i r t t i Full- in U r l l l u l i CciluirililH In South A m e i - vlp'w luvmn I lutl i hn 11 e l i y nod lew. » I'ali" IPH-II- ssioti i'hiiiK'("' ftlcil nttftlnfi) Diti Int; T l m r w d n y nflernoon, he wit) Mi"H! h.imct went tn c n i m l y J n i l J lit- i i v u i i d W c fur ctrtifui'i'nci'S )n M- iM Miilicl wn |i,||,nm-il nn bond. port. Ij UN Int'us. lAMnld',,. .n^n* 1 'It" VrllllT In" M . SCHOOL BOARD WILL i-'ii'ii,';;^;':;; 1 ,; ^rc'r 11 "" MEET AGAIN FRIDAY l,l(|inr llciitriiycit i AlniMii K Duwi-li WHI i i p n - H l r i l I n 1 MifnilM'ii« of Ihe Deculitr »e,lioil W H Anith S i M F i - i i i h »tii'i'l. c i t v n n d ' bmint will meet aomcUmo Friuay aft- *«'r ( r n i t i i i i l - i dmrvcd him ' w i t t i [ «'"i'iin to dlsi'usii the onmml rrpoit »H»csislii|,, |{,, W (iji luckuii up. ' " r ''"' st'l'ool d b l i t r t ' s iiellvltloa, fcltlc Iten.nifi utid C, K. KUmd ' l ' lli ' ^ a si'ftilil ineellnu uaffi-J for u i » ' I J i . K .1 M I - K F I - , .\li--s' Si ml nnd Mr:;. Jtvinicwin. Tlit-y w i l l aLiiLiy tlie rcKiills of tlidr mvFstlKHtionS ot each child nnd will mnke veciim- monttationii to the pnrrnlK, tetiehorfl, unit rhllilrcn as lo htiw «aeh problem mny he tticl. M1LUKIN PRESIDENT ON SPEAKING TOUR Dr. Jesse M.'White Will Be Instructor In Two Institutes l)t .Ics.M' M. White. j u M i d e n t or .Innifs M i l i f t t i n n n l v e r s K y , left DerH. liir ctirly Wt'Unt'iiilsiy inornintc tip tip- pear I I'f'n* th« two u o u n l y InatiUltiis ·lit n ^ i i u i . t o r tirid upettltfi. Ho will ret u r n to Ri:;(ilur Tliursdtty night. President Whltt! will .t panic in the Clurlt county I n s t i t u t e In Mara hull. tlire« time}) d u r l n f j Itie Weiinesdny scHnton, He will leave tlicrc Wcdncs- duy i i l y h t to (jo to Vai'ii w h f m ihe liilKa.1 county tcacln-is i n ^ t l l i i l e l« tioinc hekl. Jle will t|jcn!( (.hreit Uimm before thst body on Tlmrsdtiy «nd will return to Ducitiir tollowiny; the i;loHitiit sesdlon. He will be In his ('f- "Enil anrt Hoh," ra'llfi and vllle comedy tenni f i n peraoni untl liieii traveling radio aiatlon W H A N , unu of the most unique tind cfnvipints purtnble radio a IJU Ions cvi:r iicvi»ed, will bti In Detiilut on Oct. IB n n d 17, with a aedeo of intet'estlnf; progmms tlnuii^h the courtesy of the She)! Petroleum vnrgioi'allon, sponMirt) of the travelling ritdio stwtion. A !ii(,'My mousing fen hut: on Lhc pi-injiunis to he offered hy t h e s e two yountf iloneers in "(jovlnble" radio entertainment, and onr whleh hua nr-ver failed to brlnff forth Joiirt t- plauso, will be their Imltatloon of well known ndio announcers StuLlon WHAN I* Inatullftl in widely known mnko or automobile, It hna appiaratUH to receive short or lung wave broadcaata and irjvnnmit oti shni-t wavtv. It lit nlfjo qulnpe(i ,111 Biwh a way Ihiit it jlfki up, al various tlniiifl, brofiilCH^w from re^H- tur Silat.iona unit put* them on t h n air Ihrongb its own umpIifU'r !in(t BREAD D E L I E R Y STOLEN FROM STORE *'"* tnl-i'H in it i-iilj n,\ (i liouse lu f i f n l *ouPi' :, Tin- llciison womnn *iii cliiii'KFil w l i h |tf*iieiiMlon lo n ' · I j w i i t i int mid loi keil up, lil»K ht.i hotiuj nddr^sw M ·! |niil'. wtm rhnrp'tl ivllh con- t n d i l t i l t , MlUf ()tll- I'h-ldtMHMl In nil tin- fnu^oldi; plnceji, enouKn "innr M.I-? 'scunl to inw im evidence l! nl the ti-itciitulFi 1 iva'i ili'M( toyed on '" |l f l f t l l l H " s ^ u t l i M , i i r a u l : inuicl w h h ' h 'VMS' '"i'« nn. h tt ( -ii niiidv went nlnnei1 "' tlm i r n r i v \ t l nifn who Kilned TM"!" im Hie t i i j i l - i ot Sunday ·i'iii i ^ u rnniie)- f-mployed of 'lli'i n ;-,vei uuii'ni to under V ' P I n n t trii-f 1 tifi-ti win itlnit i'"t :-· ..... ' . AHomey John W. . - . . , [ , - l j j , ( ];,; -j._ \V11lfl, Ulr I n f i l l nii in il Kiilltv, v IP -J-itf i-, i M J i t i N . Mn-ft of _ i n n t i ' -11,11 t,, j j j i , |)r!f.i;ln]-. t l i e °Wlnf |-,|| [.iiwinn.i (n 57 Wt'ilws. ih I Mir f iirm TU:if Inns filler Nnr.- ,,( i| l h , jiK.inii-^n'rf i r r e - l o d in -J" ·" i I'd - nf Siiiuiiiv niphi nni! "iMil^y tiav* nleflded Eulltv. *tthH «*i TM « v .,. nui,;i» will be placed in i m i t utuler ilUoinuitlonu. W. Kviin» mild -^fttily W |lt llflt f ( r finir or flvr u t u e r '.A.': * Aitimii-y John W. Kviin» H l l n - * I* tWTtty f, fin, (| ]»,(() ,,,!,,[( .\ftrth % / f ' t '""" t| l '" III" home Tucii- to v m n f l v n writl|tM ' vncdtlon t r i p ,,,,;"""Kttown. o,, and ,. he hn Sto^" w111 Crlttntts. Thursday io on Ohlcnjjo unlll lie will lenve for ihf pilmnry piit'iiOHU of Hie tejioit. Missionary Society Meets In Urbana Home Th^ Womnn'n Fni'eljtn Misslonnry Mocliscy of St, Pftiil's Methodist cluucli met all dny Tuesday In Ihf liome of Mr» Charles Kempiin, TO-t Wosi HlKli -tli'Si't, Crtaana, A pot hick dlnnev was nirvod at noon. There 1G members tind seven vlalttn'9 present. Mrs. Maiy MnMolt lind (hni'Ko of tdc devotions, Ihe nub- leut of the ICHIIOH being "Tlli'oush Iht" 'I'eiiifile Door." Mrs. S, P, I-tlptgtnN wns elected Little NiKht Hour coun- o"11or, Mrs. Smn Whltn, Mrs, K [f. Kern, Ml'!'. C, O, CowtflH and M i ' i , W n l t e r Roberts ((five reports D! Ihe tirnnch m r p l i n g which WRS Don- ilurted In Kenojiho. WIs. Mrs. H. J, i:lvctis will br hosteKM lo tht i Jioci'jty in Ita next meelinfi. Westminster Federation To Have Meeting Thursday Tlie Women's federation of tli is WfiitnlnslFi Presbyterian church will hiivu l E n rusiilur meeting 'i'hui-M- ilixy In the church. The bu»lnes;i ni(iclln« will bo conducted at ]0;]j «'i;loi;lt. liUnchron will bo served nt noon. The educational dour wilt be al i l:3ti oVIoult, dnrlny which lime Hor- ivt'i' McDftvId w l t l f;lve a tnlk on "The l.iiws of the Ulble," Mrs, Duncan viiil l.dve cltii'se of tho missionary IJODGK Vtnil'ti STOLEN A Dodge coup's owned hy ilarold tiiHhHm, K3G North Churrli atreot wits tttolen Tuesday night trom the WO block West Lenfliind avcmtn. C f i v l . V . Biiclter, d r i v e r for Cooklin's bakery, icporlfil to fiolice I h u l u box containing 30 lonvea uf bread wtiM stolen Tucwiiiy from Hie Eront Of n store tn 2'1H Roilth JMtClellnn avenue. Police leurned t h a t the bn'ud w^s [ilwrftti \n itu oll Forrf cm n few minutes u t t e i Ilic biead titiuk iitsseii IIM.O VOK A-SSAtrr-T Vance Heedy, IM. or L.onR t - v u c k , U in city Jail rhni'ftod with an (it- lempt lo nssaulL Dorothy Holley. The nlleKcil as8:iult Is auid lo have 01) Oct. 9, _ - - -- Abe Martin Says Pneumonia Fatal To Roosevelt Pupil Winnie KjL|;Bdale, RooSfivcH J u n i o r Mlgl) nchool pupil, died in St. W m y ' K lK«)ilal early Wi'iineailiiy nicirnlne. uffsr an lllnnss of Ihrea months. Cause, of he.i' duiLtb wa« Kl v ' (!lt a" pneiimonio from which she had been oeillely 111 for thi Innt thren weeKfl. Sh« wna the dntisht*!!' of Mr. nfirt Mrn. .lohn HaKadalp, 1^04 N i n t h C h i i i i ' h 9lii*!t. She wika burn on Uuy 8, 1913, Ifi Oiu'umi, Kliu liml lived Ir D e u v t u r for Ihe iattt nevcn yeats ivml uft-ejuled RoodoveH Jtinkir F-IlKh school, She had not jjone to school this vear on aocount Of her illneso She wws n inembsv of the ('ituml Avenue Baptist nhureh, She leavmi her tiarcnlH fli)d Ihe (ollowlnc; broth- erx end alters; .latmeK and Enllna inle both At home, hotly w«.s UKftn to ,1 J. Mtirnn Sons chapel wliefB If wltl rcniHtn. I'Vlends )iiair call Iherr. Invite Decatur A. of C. Members To Chicago Meet Members of t h u Occotui' Association of Commerce are invitod to at- te.nd a meeting in Chicago, Wov, 5 and ti. lo discuss regulation of automobile nnd airplane traffic, according to a letter to Adolph Mueller, mi- llonal councillor of the association from the chairman of the Noilh CenUal Division, of the United Slates Chamber ot Commerce. Growing travel, the IIKO of huge t.uiclti and buses on Ihc hard roadp, and 1hc swiftly Inei'cawlng arnmint of Btr tiuCfie occasions the falling of this inefitin;. COMMUNITY CHEST HEADQUARTERS NOW ADORNED WITH SIGNS Community Chest Hondqtinrterii reueivad two hfimlpnlnler.) name pbleS nf Ihe t e n i l K i t n r y Incutloti Wi'diicailflj' whan ti wnrltniun Irani Meyer Son (ippenred «nd lilufGd the nnm on Hie frunl windows. Volunteer worliniiitt fire now bftlne slHitoiifJ In Community HhcHt hf!!tdf|inrTerH to aid In m u k in If final prepni-nllonTi for the opening of lh« d r i v e on O«tl, 28. /Jleratur? and Information la hc- Ing moved lo t h e temporary head- SPREAD ASPHALT ON SOUTH MAIN FRIDAY Repairs Oil Birt DnscoJI Plant To Be Completed Soon truclorn and Ihe City Council w»i held TucKiluy morning, at which allow It the ouniracturtt were willing. Thii con- traet-ors in tflrn wold t h e y wore If by allowing the connections to be ininle, Ihi'li bondx were not Jeopardised, out for a othfr donn L. Carroll, employed' hy ·"'» livlnpf a mile *nd i ju*r- ler n or 111 of II neon, nhof, w huitu ha.wk W«dnc«d«y morning and brought It lo TJccaliM* to if; If it H-Q an cinflt. Tins bl)d mcKHiireil four fiitt, wn'- imd n. half Inchea from wing tin ID wins Up, *nd 22 Inched from t h e t i p jo( UN be«h to lh« Up of lu tan. it ".van deep brown on th« bftt'k *nd JHwhl on tht bnrn«t mid uni)eritiil of tllf t h e wings, with * sprinkling of bi-own feather*, U weighed twn ponniln ,inil 10 nnnoi'd, Mr, Cnrroll dlioi it «n Ur, Vollmer'fi Form a/ it Kwuopeij out of a chicken yurd Another of lht liune blrdu ban been about thn fnvm with this one for some time nnd f/nn ut t h e n ) carried off B f JIM,-pound ehlrkftti recanlly, The foot-1«lon« of Uii ttawk were as nherp ,m nerpJ)iN, curved snd two Inctjtp* lont;, Home Hinalt plgn nrn mlssiriB fiom ilio pt'nn and it la IhoiiKltt (liol the two hngf blfdn narrled them owuy. A conferflnci: with (lie Idler In the d u y tttial^btened out I hut niatiftr (ind u p g u o v u l WDK given foi 1li« -ittin«eUuii». Thi 1 interior of t i i n Hewer hit* li!ii' inspci:]ed by the enfflpier.j thiouwli- fl length nii'1 di'i;l»r*i1 reiidj' out side work remains 10 b^ before th* entlrt system s for (he f l n n l iiisgiection by nnd the City Council U. 5. To Appear Here On November 9 DECATUR PLACES EIGHTH IN STATE IN CONSTRUCTION Four DowntUte Common!* tiei Enjoy Increase Owing Month STILL UNDER 79 MARK oniui- csnU'iJ "iiflith nmong I1JI- dUew In lit* volitmn of building hy p*rrnlt» tn«u«l tn iwoi'dtns: to th« monthly rovliw oi the Hlnt bulldlrg nJtt) ittlon of t h e IllinntH HUW mint o( Lnbor, Them w*rc 37 |wtnti« )»Ktl(!| In Decttiii!- huvlnjj nn cwltmatiiit VH|IM- tion of (72,300 in Hcptetnlwr, »e,. to ih» )«|K(rl.m»!nt 1 n r«poci, (;*nrrH nipirm IJ|t on the turlmoti'il vulun* tkin of building pi.'tmlln liwwtl for pitatc, us A wliok il urine th« lo;t month, nhowerj a conald«r»tl# Increase wviiv thone of ptnr.eding th* report i*9l*i, of hulldinK nuihorliti!') m f«ptimb(ti' was cfdlmalitd Bt$17.04J, fp9« lo be flxpendfrt on 31«3 build- iitun, Tht (t$w!it »r *«vtn p*c oi»al, h'-)i»w t h e lots) of ih* flionth of l^Kt ^,'cur nn) an I n r f f u m ? »f S7 7 pej- i;ini, ov»r Augiiilt. A c/inintrl ^.iJi j*jgj)*'fJ by *h*p i'llkf. elm, WftiJii^day to bi'iMR t o l iti-portt) tiam 43 IMtnolc Hti" Dcnilur on Nov. 9 (hn frtmouu p V ,, B | ^»\. niost of Ihe inCtv» r -» "Preftdenl's band",the UnllndStated iNi.ivy band from Wanlifnijton, 1), *'. Nn\ 9 fttlls »n fiiiniluy, and two concert* will be j(lven, » matinee APPOINT NEW MANAGER}»- --^ -^5; y% preparatory lo lornipl OF ARMOUR'S BRANCH M. J. uf ftllo hn« been I tic Armour and Company tiu;iinen,s It) Deonlur, su^ceihdlnn SI, HnyJen who reoi'iiily r»ij,rie.d hl^ position litre. Mr. CoHtello 1ms had 1+ ycorw experience In the pmching and comea to D e t n l u r dftcr a !onK reenrd of aci'Vice with Ar- our Comtany. \l? hr!H hi'i'ti v i l l i Artti'iur * Cum- naie within a «·«!(. The concert t» to hi* given for h t n v f f t of (he Elks dUl« fund 1'flping children. Tht» in pnny its i(i-iici:i) «;ilr*siiian, provision ! ( j t ( . bcuf sak'srnan, «nd n.n»lsl- i'f In branrhi'M in Chicago; Tenn : A t l u n l n , !a., anfl BlrmliiKhnm. Alsi. J.T* WHS !t|Mr.nil H w i t h hemli|UHi lei ! for nbnut n. y w i i . mnnthii, just punt si ii (tint. iDimiiKci tamne.h In St, Lon ot the f«w con«rtn Ihe will s^ivfi out^ido of WArh* inifton thlK ycnr, at! It in wlway* un !;iind to pJ«y for White Moiw on'l other otflolsl Kffali-w in the Cupltttt. W. J. HcinK id io Bisncni) chnrK" of (HranBenvnlit lor thi* conci-jt, w i l i e r it. to lie bncltetl jiy ihe rr\- club. In i« ot Knn^ts tivy l f(ir iwvrrnl hu» been tus- (he Ainioni Uti't * Di-iijuol l art spreading a^phali on Wi tn South Main street Friday morning- Re- palrH for t h e i r asphnll healing etjuip- menl in t h e p l u n i In Kont W l l l l n r n sired is expelled to nrrlve thin CVB- tilrijt. It will tukn n ttiiy 10 fjut Ihr plant I n f o niipintloj; i'«i)(]!))on. A hnlt hlotk of res-nrfiiciriM: ro- matn« tt be dune in the ,100 hlnck and new .tiirrnrlnv csh'ndK from the M;i- t'on County (Joiil e i i t n i j u n y properly Ui tho Ufti-atur Paekinti company plant, north of the Illinois Central, and Irani Cleveland avenue lo Ruth slrcec, south oC 1l)i i ullrond, Pji r ,r.(2T of "l.illle Tweiily-nei':ivJ ' streul.. alonn I lie- Sliitey viadui:i, was coiupteted Tuiistiuy. M wltt lie ojjcn to truffle in Iwo wuckx. 20 BIDS EXPECTED BY PARK BOARD FOR IMPROVEMENT BONDS be Hi« appointment i» Iho DouiPluc stiUitm hecanie uffi'tllvc Monda,', ami he is now Installed In his new t|uarH'rit in the Armour Comnany office In fill North Chur«h strrel. W. F. M. S. Mcetin? Is Well Attended; Officers Named A lur^e iiunilrer ot wom«n a l t M i d ed t h f 47th annual meotina of tlie Women 1 ! t'oi-Fiyn Mlssionnry so- cldty. fj( DenMkir rtlfitriet of tli'* MelhOiltst church, h")(i Mil dny itiv In Rv*t Mclhodist were elected itt followij- t MrK. Harjlh G. B»ch PARTITIONS IN NEW DECATUR BUILDING TO BE DONE THIS WEEK Oii Vithar, niiildldB ihi new pecatur Chili huilUtntf. expert to finish thn pavtltion work in the build- inn this vrifM, Plniin'rlng and flnlxn- Ing will then be all loft to do In lh" bullfilnp, They fxpccl io hftv* ih» KlrtH'tm* rosily for occup»nc.y by thn Itttt wri^h of December, CarjienWra weri- but Ming pet-ti- on Ihe flrsi floor, Wedn^Mliiy, i tf- vax Tjy pxti»nnion of re.itdnnilit ncilvily, During (he pro- 12 monthfl. however, non- 1-iiKldcnUnl ufllvliy differed ]itx in hiilldinK, th* report ntntod, f'ltit'H (lilUid' 1 tit* IttnlrapolfS htnu. r o p n i i i i ] »n ej'Un.JiK'pl volijini 1 of 'x- ijendiiu^i 1 whli'h wa* ^,1,fl per c'tlf. below that, of last month *wl ntiprox- ImoK 1 / 'i |iir ':nt, bdow that o( » year ago. Nine of the reporting down- KLutc i Itici- (ihowd an lnfren.« over I h n f;rct;(diii)f month and five-- AJ- iiiii. 1r'-eptiri, Jollet. [Vnt'l* and Qi,fn;v- -tvporWd Itti't'-n; cd a* romptired \\lih * year Four Jltt Four of til* cities oui»14« th» met- loiiulilan areii -APoti, llaltivla. Pw- t l a und ^pl'in^fkki lojml'L l voHiwe of bulldlut; (Inring the laxt nine nionthfl nxppaiMne I h u ! of ih» conp!?- jmmilnK period of u i'i»r wco. Nuni ot th« ftl4f!n In lh 1 i(ii!li'tpolf!an arm nhowK a volume us hlRh »* la^i y*m. Tii* foliowtnK t»hle show* ih« number of Rcrtteinb^i 1 bulldtng p n - irwuel tOKfthi'.r with ihftlr total valunUon in 111" elU;,- M'tioiv dom No. 1 A l t o n .. A u i o r a . Bat a vis Canton DunvliJ" Dcrntiir fit. J 'I'he fourth floor has b*en anil plumber* or* nftlin% the bttlh- tiib-( and other fixlnniK In t-h* rooms on iliaf fintir, which in to b? the «!or- mitory of t h e rhJ, W n l h t r coniiiflons are 1101 ihi best for plniitrrtnft, th* planter not up us rapidly a* 'he ron(rac-| j.j, f . fCankakee Ifi .13 .;tT .Tfl S9..1M 1 2,.1SO 40.W1 ., tl " ) £.960 would llhc fnr IT in. * i Mollnc Ticiisun'r *uiTitiiry ri p e»1ur. . John S. '! 141111 Town Briefs I Quincy Jtoi-k H. Lcifiktiu, Docntur. Vomit,' rcoplo'a seeretnry- -Jlrn, C, L. 1.11 i-iimore, Dt!Cutur, Sti|tt. of Junior.i · M i s M. M. Blair. r.uvlnj;loii Xecretiiry of tleid SurpoM Mi? A. t'linrles Purr. I'tico . 1 Seeiistjiiy of Ijlierftture - - Wrj) H. About 2ft hldji nre i-njii'uted n e, received by the Decntui' park district i SlbblU. Tower H.i udvertlw.! Swristnry of board In rtmponsc to mcnL for s«nld bide for SIW.OM)! Purk Improvement bonJs, Ifi.W. The bld» will he open ml in the niBttlnlf of the purlt buat'i! Thut-Ktlay afternoon at 2 o'clock, tho closing time. Ret tor tlie receipt of hlu^, no action will be token Recretary of Sl J. *'. Brown. Piitu) Mite Hose* Mr». Cilnlon Extension ofTenioria, Mrs. Be un, TODAY'S MEETINGS T)»ijatur scrl* No, B07, P, O. K. Illinois tribe Ho. fiOfl, I. O. K. W. Auxiliary No, 14, S. of V. DaiiRhtflMi of Nohnnna. Commoilore cunip No. J,H9 M, W, No. 892. Machinist*' helptra. Patriarch AlillUnt No, IP Mary 1. Hamsher Mo. 70, D. U. V. Inlnl lithe No, MO, T. O. R. N, 97S, A. . 9 .SS , TO 17 S.W.1SO fi(l,M I M.OS1 DENNIS P. T. A, CLEARS $90 ON PAPER DRIVE A A * - Mro. K. M., .»d be, «t Degree, FUNERALS KNOBLOCK. Oncat. B The I'ttrentO'eu.clicr nuMjcJotioi) of Drnnln ncliool cleiti'^d ftK) on ihe paper drlv« condDCtei) thl» wc»k. Urn. T. C. Suhuditl til pr 'side tit of Ih* P. T. A , nnd Urn. HVnett Uoyd f* iclinlrnian of the way* Anil mean* commit tee, Th*y w«re ·msistod hy loom t)O»t*Kiie«, ill's. J.uuivii Shaw.'. Mr«. a, P. MtUun. Ml,-. Us!l» Blnk- r-ney, Mi». J, ]·', WJImeih, Mm, Guy on t h e bids after they are ojuni;d Thursday. RceonmiondiUions probably wilt be refevred lo the pnrlt dls- Irld, allorn«y for lef;al in vest ijfiu Ions, ^, ,, _ J . , -- -^T *-- · ^.-- n -- T Jail Man Accused of Stealing Automobile (.'luirlos Decker arrcated In Deoa- tiir for Springfield nlttllorilfca is helil In this Sanctamon ronnty jftil bnublft fo supply a $1,000 bond. Decker la eliarKftd with lhi iheft of »n a nl (i mobile frotn p, E. Felnm of ]]]lopo)is. Biggest of Special Rugs For New Staley Office Building Arrives Mrs". lr:t W. (i.'tntT., Sieland. |Thuisi!;ty rnornlnfi. In Si. HlitIM 1:111 M I N K. T. K^iins, He-, c.-iihoiii? ehuJ-ch. Body »em«!Bl In ciitin j 1MH KaFl MHOIH* ^ln l ^pt whevc frlenUs Tlii-i'i' n,;iriJ iveic mi h,it«) ,,, r .y eiill. will be in lo i:ilK tu tlip women iihom 11n;lr| t v u m i e t y . . Tiiey were JJIss Vinitii Pruxel ot Korea, Mrs. H, Oiln .:ady of Ohinu Rnih liauner, « nurse from unit China. Three new missionaries!, le.nvin){ for their fields for the first time, were on hnnd also. They were Hiss Florence Puimer, n former DC- c a t i t r teacher, who la K")ng lo Jndln, Mlfw Bealric* Terry of Blue Mound who IB Koine lo South America, and Mian Marian Walker, who goei? lo the Philippines, The rest ot the dny taken up with reports from various commit' IRCK. Luncheon wan jwrved In the chiu'rli al noon and a banquet IB lo be served tonljfhl. Hospital Nurses To Attend National Meet KNOK1.OOK. Oticat K., S oVloi;k Thiirsdaj' )i)orninK In Si, Pal rids'* Catholic church. Body remain* In h« liom* in 1301 East Moore atr*et. Burial will be in Calvary i'e)net«ry. GIBBS, Rev. M, C.--TD* body wms removed to the Dawson A. Wihoff funeral home, where friends may culi after 5 o'sloe.k Wcdneoday, Tlw body wilt be taken Thursday (o (he First McthodlNl ohi)rch whore It, will Rulph Mm. H, S. Al»ip, Mr, Ho In stair from 12:3 when the funeral until 2 o'clock will begin. ' MARRIAGELCENSES Howard, 18, NlanUc, Wllma DUney, IS, N! antic. W. Q, Ealon. legnl. Derjttur. Sad is Viola Conttrd, leri), iftnti Cuba tn nfiM the winter. Tho license number Is (Ufl-BCS. "Tltpr might be some trouble about a planner, hut no apftrlntent wuz over too dinky lo ftcconimodtil* all the love on' contentment o 1 the usual family. It you witnt to bo absolutely sure ftn' not tnfe »ny chances in «it- tin' on (lie Hiicker l l s f , jnst buy n home. A K. Ptnley has ree.elved the n«w nig lor tils private office and dfrec- 1 t(j)'n' joi-rn Tt la IB feet wide and 33i feet long, the largest of the 33 rugs ordered from China .tor the offices of tlie txecutivee of the company. Two nit if vugs am to arrive, nor for t h t 'ficft of T. (.', £urwell Viet; and IrAfllc manager ol 1h* and tho other for hit ft- room oC Ihe wiles department, Tlic general color scheme of (he rLig I D - M r . Stalfy'a office in bhm with a Iluwcred design. It ia a beau- t If ul example nt Chinese weaving and [Its well Into the jtrtiora) v tone of the furnlflhlnffu of the room. It took months or patisnt weaving to make chls Hip. E, K. fi'heitei', vice-president In charge u' salca, found a new nig tr his j!fle, upon hb telutx from Europe, Tuesday. It is red, with a design of flowers, Tnerp will be no formal public opening of the building when all of the vuE:t arrive, Mr. Stalty said Wednesday. He announced lu the spring that I* would be Impossible (u have an opening da'y on which lo throw Ihe building open to ttie public at largo. Ho utillcipnlus that w formul op enlns would faring tfomcndoii) crowd.'j to the building and Ihe con- ^*quert v,vnf nnd tear on rugs, floors and tin rut lire would equal that which the offioe foroe would R|V! It In I (ic normal course of several y«nrs. t'oi tliat rcuHon there will be no I.EI rtiojtnr day on which th# pub, He will be Invilet) to sec the bittldlns "But »·· aft always (ilnd \«, the peu) li through at any time when tbn bv.ildlns [a on«n," n»- says Mrs, MftFBiiTKi' Bclhei, superln- tcndenl of nurses In t h e DectDr and Maoon Coimly hOKplUl, and Mice Dorothy James, Instructor of mirse*. will lerivc Thursday morning lo »!· tend the arm u at convention nf 1)11- notn SUle Nurses' nnwocint Ion In Rockfoni. Get. J5-18. Be ttie cat)ir. 2!, J a n * Ma^Furland, 20, LOCAL NOTICES Weaver Tire Co. wirestou* Tlrei. Doctors Otirt O. Stanley and Dean F SUinley wls!) to announce their office, location nl 9*0 Cllhcns Building. Oiitolier 12'. IB30. , rcpufrlnK. Roy R- Wilmn. Mr. ti. K RluKley, 927 W. North street, ran n "liousu for Rent" »(i tn Tho Heruld which brought him be Iwficin 25 and 30 culls. Of course hn found n Innnnl for hto property, BIRTHS ADAMS-- Born to Mr. and Mr*. Robert Adorn*, Blue Uound, in lhti Decatur »nd Mocoit County lius- pltal, Oct. 16, a dnuiihter, RICHARDSON -- Born to Mr. nnil Mn, W. W. Rlohardton, 311B Kn»l Locust Htrect, Oct. 9, » d»uglitci\ BARNES -· Korn 10 Mr, and Mi* John N. Barnes, 1005 South Mafftt street, Oct. 11. a ion. WALL-- Born to Mr. and Alonzo n. Wall, West Main road, Oct. in, n son. GALLIVAN-- Born lo Mr. utiil Mm. Wltlem Galtlvan, JvMdnk, Oct. ir, in St. Mary's honpllnl, a daui[h ler, Wire) R.IK lc)rRTBrh fmi'vicf tn» he en OBtabtlshnd betwctn Bu«no* A (fi'oup from Iho Ml, Klon ierion rhurt'li will :ondui-i. school service* In this !ir)i' Wi1f«ri* home Biinday »fl*rnoon from 4 iintH 6 o'clock, Gulistan Rug Prices Drop Reflects General Decline in Commodity Price* A. A M. KanmlfUiiiati, one at Amerlcui'i larKect nianufaolurer* or domenilo oriental ruitK, ))PV« Informed t«alur« of a nalion-wld* price reduction on their of (iulUlan and Amlttu-a Kvk«ltt*ii, Inc., on* of their dealer*, announce Ui*l tb« new low price* Are noi temporary Mte price* but ir* pcrmanont. The txll Iu)fiUn I* now prlucd al. ll£H unO the A.mktr«. Mr*. Aires Spain and Chi!·»n eitleft and wlltt *I7U, htv« Other »lr.i«« h the Mint n proporllontlly. Thane fwnoui »ho*n-*y|)* doinwtk orionlali hftvo iklw«yi b«vn K tiaturt lln* At KnlttUch, Int,, UMHIur'j l««d- floor covering howf. They »rt cti«U)ni«r* ugntntt a h«ity purchniM follow I iitf the announe« mnnt of then* reduced price*, The new pric«* »r« ptrnwmint and the wl*e ruR buyer ctlt afford to take plnnty or time tn making the betil veltctloiiii, Since n*w fait »tocl«i have been r«c«)v«d and new pattern* are arriving alnimt dally, K£kel*en« aCford/, the wJdeot (election* ruK», , available nn the«e beautiful Vlolt the itsre « 217 N, Main ViEWSPAPEKl

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