The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 9, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1914
Page 4
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Pure four T H E D E C A T b R R E V I E W Thursday Evening, July 9, 1914. DUGGAN LEADS LEAGUE HITTERS Official Figures Show Decatur Has the Hardest Hitting Team in Three-I. TEAM FIELDING. Clubs-- PO A E D "· T P P B Pet Davnport 1"IR 773 83 19 . S fl r D a r n l U e .. 1(0(1 7 f b 66 24 . 1 O'-l Quincy . jtuO Mi 93 3T .. 14 Ojb Decatar . 1691 728 lit 46 .. 9 955 Sprinfffisld . niXi 701 Iftfi 2S .. 4 934 Dubuqufi . . I*i71 702 11C 37 .. " 9M Voorln . 1J" 1 (154 102 27 1 7 W Bioominston 1C71 7.U 1JJ 24 . 10 01$ FIRST BASEMEV Names-- G PO \ r I ct GoU 1, Quincy .. 40 4J4 2} J 9t'6 W i l s o n Ua\enport .. (d ( ,, 22 6 D 1 ! Stalo UanUllf* . 6(J r II 14 6 r '^l W a k e f l e l J Spilngdeld 57 0 SO 7 iv L'ster Hloomlngton .. C2 I ' » 40 10 'M Beam I'toil* .. u 4"S 58 8 l-l How an D u b u q u e 41 4 1 21 8 **· DuKgau, IleWltur . 63 642 33 11 982 D u n c a n Q u i n c y .. 14 14J b 3 M LEADS HITTERS IN THE THREE-I SKCOJ.D BASEMEN i,\f I Isime -- t p p i n f , D-nenport llul u q U L Iii] I Qu nri Manda, Dccntur Vofc.fl D in -D i\ J f n t a l n I ( 01 IT G i f t r Bleu u n g t o n Erloweln, LJitbuque H o l l o w n v Springfield C l a U o n i-P r ine Dan O r O A M 1 1 1't _4 i - i , o 1 _ li 1 £8 190 191 00 100 1" 52 H I 1 i T? 97 91 ·t 101 11' 10 Ju 27 The hard pounding Commodores, by their consistent hlttlner, ha-ve hammered their -nay to the top of team bat- tins averages In th« Three-I league, I»dmg Ba\enport, the second team by eleven points and Quincy the bottom team, bv f i f t \ - f l \ e points And in addition to that, they have climbed from seventh place in team fielding to fourth and are comg to keep -ight on climbing Ml of this is according to the latest official averages issued by T Piiil \ppel the league statistician ,it Quincs DIGG4N LEADS LEAGUE In addition to this Elmer Duggan is practicallv the leading "lugger of the ie»gue w i t h S74 a\erage Gurt«, the Bloonnnston second baseman, is lead- ins but had played in forty less games than Euigsan Gum has missed getting a hit in onU one game since in the league Blitz has made the w o n - derful climb in the l»asue according to the official averages, climbing from 217 to 300 Lister of Bloomington has taken the big drop, going from the lead 7ith a .404 average to twentieth in the list -with a 283 average FOUR 300 HITTDRS Of the twelve SOO hitters in tne list. Decatur has four of them Springfield has three, Dat-venport has two, Bloomington and Dubucius hav c one each Peona and Quincy hate no 300 hitteis Quin"y had one hitting 336 That TV is Catcher Snxder but he was released after catching seven game! SCORE SHEETS LOST Owing to some score sheets being lost in the mails, the a\ciagcs do rot include any gara^s plajecl in PeoiK since May 24, the last game that Di - catur has played up t h e r e nor does It include the, Dubuque Qulnc series of June 27-29 The i\ erases il=o show Decatur to be hitting the most extra base hits has also made the most hits and most runs of any team in tin- league The Commodoies lead in two badgers, are. second to Daxenport in three badgers and third in home runs Decatur pla\ers~ h a ^ e also secured more bases on balls than any other tf-am Biltz is the leading home run hitter of the league w i t h si*, to his ciedit w h i l e Duggan is tied with sei eral for t h i r d with four Ward of Quince has f u c homers to hia credit THIRD BlSEUbN N a n -- O Flrfiir^ Ich D a v e n p o r t G1 N i ics Dul uqu . (u f 7 1 n r n c " H r t n l i m b C u i n t j . Gl '-PI Irk' [Gld 40 U i i a l u r . 35 Jai.k'' i b ^omlijt n CO f ' e n i M n Db Pec U Sfl 120 44 i " l 63 57 S' R1 89 110 20 28 E Pet 3 %! 12 llil 12 ))1 S 020 926 II 2 MIOKfMOrS ti Dai nf,ti 1 eona , Fa k Cnni i p i I d r k i l ln i l u r i n l l i IP V i i ^ 1 Kirp! I t \ ( H i t L\ ci * I ' u i e U e n t z m t n p n - i K i r * S i - d , Donka D° Llom P O A 121 1-0 R4 IM f I 10H 31 110 \ ( l i 9 4 0 1 ~ 20 IS I Bassej Din 1 le , L h i m JMii le ', lU n O u r c v I t i l l z DM i t u r I f nck««n B! m f Ui n '·i n u i 1 UK i* 1 or m nj,i i . 1 r » In i --i r - T. OL1FIELD^R1 I O 1 -!0 IS f4 "il 135 IT) 1' OFFICIAL THREE-I AVERAGES 1 Tnhn on 0 r e i t i 11 Dirhi.-r , liLk«on I i m | Mile- J?l niln I 1 i',on t. al ace r A\ ool, v F n x t e r Hil I n q t r C a.* ton TE\M BITTING AVERVGBS. CLUBS-- tur . Springfield . Peoria ..... Danville Dubuque Bloomtngton Quincy 4 B R. 11 53 2135 S41 SSI OS ·004 2?S 624 i" IS47 23S 464 '0 .1626 229 394 "0 1915 200 43S 1S13 2029 1957 SB H R T B S H 4fi IS ?5 TO 35 211 433 202 45S 22 3S 14 26 87 16 775 211 13 627 9 t57 5 675 9 T7 S 609 19 5S9 71 73 89 S4 72 82 S B 74 139 70 165 179 14=; 177 .OS 114 so 270 300 -52 2S4 -SO NAMES-Gurtz, Bloomigton INDIVIDt 4.1, B4.TTING. Wallace. Daruille . · Brecn. Springfield Besker Davenport ... IVelday. Decatur ·Wake-field. SprlnBfield Wheeler, Dubuqus . . Scfceier. D««tnr Bromwlch, I5aienport IJa\ter, Spr ngfield BlltJ. Decafcnr . . \Varlng. PEOrla Joh'i=on, Peoria .. Will on, Davenport Beam Peoria Mai da, Dccntnr Rowan Dubuque . Lisle" Bioomtngton Isaacs, Dubuque 3Iain, Danville Staley, Danville .'. HUlmger. Decatur-Sprlngflelfl Gcaham, Davenport 1/rnch, Decmtm Breuer. Peona-Dubuijua E. Daringer Peoria ... Keupper, Quincy KahU Quincv Bame», Davenport H Daringer, Peoria Fountain. Peoria . Holloway, Springfield French Dubuque Ko«PPlng, Davenport "W»itz, Davenport Ja«ksotn Dubuque Eyers, Dubuque . ·Wboles', Peoria . \VTilte, Danv ille . Klrmajrr, Decalnr Klrscn. Springfield Ketter, Quincy . Keupper, Bio Jacobs. Dub-Spr Ma^o^, Peo Simpson, Dav Clajton, Spr-Dan Berkel. DM- ·Wilhlm. Spr Kalier, Dec. Dang. Qcy C. Jackson Bio. Ohlin, Dan O'Brien, Dav. Erloff, Dan . Donlca, De" -Bio Duncan, Qcv. . O'Briea, Bee. . J Jackson, Bio. Turner. Qcy. wansoD, Dub Golvln, Qcy Telle, Peo . LikaJf, Dev Selb, Dan. . Cummlngs. Qcy Shannon. Dee. Craigr, Bio Falfc Dan ScheiS, Bio. Lucas Bio O Berta, Bio Jufle, Dub . Lofton Spr. Haxnmcrschmidt, Dub - 31 HeJidrlx, Dav Waldorf Bio Sqttles B!o . Crouch Dav Conger, Qrv Miller, Qcs McCann. Spr Bluejacket Bio ^. ^ . 19 Eller, Dan Tretter Qc 'Erlewein, Dub -Peo SHdfllston. Dav 5Vosrel Dan.-Dav Sullivan. Dub "Lamiine, Dub Vtahahn, Dec. - S Marks, Bio Timmerman, Peo Gregg D«b ^Maney, Peo. Alberts, P«o U*y. Peo X*Jlvelt, Spr Devey, Dan 10 N«»l. Dan - 15 Holland, Qcv 20 Mverm «eT.-Dec. 'Cummlnss, Dan -...., 21 'Well', Dav 14 ^^olafio. Dub * . . . . ^. ig Flanagan Duh 10 MllUr, «pr 13 lie rir =fl-kl i n n M i i n l O Pi en PITS' 1 JLJ T u e D ^.i hercr "\\ heeler D 1 uc] 40 7^ ·il 1 2 10 41 c vicunas N a m - -- O Simpson D a ^ e n p a r t . -^ ~ 1 15 0 5 6 11 1 1 P i t 1 0 1 ( J«cobi Sorlngfleld 283 a McCann, Sorlngdeld 256 4B O'Brien, Decatur . 199 4Q Telle Peoria 219 Marine Peoria . , _. _ _ Hammerschmidt. D 294 49 82 ST 30 25 It, naiuuiciai;uiiiiut. \j -i't Slmpion, Dinvllle.. 532 C3 . Sn\dcr, Quincy . 60 5 R Shannon, Decatur . 1ST 39 17 Ketter Quincy 10? 41 17 Fowler Quince . 1S7 52 22 Scheid, Bloom ton 20S 52 16 Main D a m l l l e 82 B 2 Keupper Bloom ton 346 S7 14 483 443 437 412 403 402 i04 .175 .304 293 270 231 .182 163 1 C , InnlnH caujht. S B . itolen b a s e i C 8. number of runnen cautht steallnl, C N runners caurht OJ( bases OFFICIALlmfRES ON ATTENDANCE The local baseball club has received the official figure* of Fourth of July attendance in all the Three-I towns w h e r e games were plased It shows a s follows Children Peoria 25! Quincy 62 Danville s " Iloomtngton 134 Adults 3U83 2,216 1,768 1,462 LLIIt.R D I G G V . I r rill i .. _ 111 o h n m i i i n I l r i n l u r £4 108 0 linen llr n l n r 41 220 i ' a i i n t ·= im rtt D h J 1"^ 11 n · I t i i - H ' 1 ] r I i ton I I _··. "N ^ a n n '-pr n e f i c l d 30 1'2 k i i i n - -1 841 0% Nan .«- O l f a r j lla L f I i n ' - I in 1 il C VTCHINr I I I C O R D « Ic SI f cn Pb i\ 4 0 2 4-. 67 f5 4- 1 Total G D S 9129 The total receipts were $2,842 05 and each clubs Bhare, a f f e r the leagues m o n e j fn taken out Is S2H3 4S TolAyTEYES IS THE OBJECT OP THIS FREE pnEscruPTio-- THI IT ir Yorn EYES GIVE YOU THOTJBI.B. Thounnmlf! at people «il«er from eye troubles becnuse ther do not know wbnt to do. TUev kno« Borne K«io(l home remedy f o r e i c r v other minor nll- mcnt, hut none for thrlr eTe troul)le«. They neftlec-t their eye" herniise the tronble in not mifOrient to d r i v e them to an efe wpeclnllst, ^ho ^vonld, nn^- wav, cbnrjse them a henw fee. \» R last re»ort theT BO to an optician or to the f i v e and ten-ecat Mtore, and often-tlmes Ifet Klnniie^ thnt thev do not need, or which, after lielnK n«ed two or three monthn. do their cTen more Injury than i^ood Here U a almple lirencrlptlon thnt every one should uicl B gramn Optonn (1 tablet). 2 onneea vrater rue three or four tlmen n dnv to hnthe the eyen This preiterlptlon nnd the ·lmp!e Optonn n'mtem keep* the even clean, nhnrpend the v l f l i n n nnd quickly overcomen Inflammation anil Irritatloni weak, wBtery, mcnrorkrd, tlre«l eje« nnd other Blmllnr troubles nre Krently benefited and often-timm cured hv Ita use. InnT reportn shoir thnt we^rera of elmmeit have dlienrded them after n few week*' UIM». It In Rood for the even nnd eontnlnii no Ingredient vrhirh would Injure the moat fteniiltlve cyen of an infant or the aged The Decntiir Drug Co. or nnT drucslRt cnn f i l l thl^ pren- crtDtinn promptly. Trv It and know for once what real eye comfort i«. Unusual Play Gains for Washington. St Loul s Globe --A most peculiar I/lay came up in the game between the B r o w n s and Washington Wedneoday, In which, thanks to the hardness of Moeller s head, \\ishington was given a life Fosters hit to Piatt, ^ ho tossed to L a \ a n forced Moeller at second La\ an threw quickly In tha direction of the outstretched hands of Li an., but the ball had scarcely left Lavan's ham' before it struck Moeller, coming into second base HiT ON HEAD Th8 spnere hit him on top of the head and g-lancad up and ahot"oT«» Lcary s head eighty feet away. Th« tall rolled to the stands, which shows tfce speed with which It was traveling as well as th« refractory power* of Moeller's skull Foete-- held second and Moeller held hi* head This store is a store of high quality. The same discrimination is exercised in the selection of little trinkets that is given to watches, precious stones, pearls, and silver. This discrimination la oar pride-your protection. Little trinkets in rolled gold--bangles, chains, stick pins, hat pins, hair ornaments, collar pins--llttlo prices, of course E. E. BARBER JEWELER 105 X. Water St. "NATIONAL HERO SEIUSS" NO. 5 Leif Ericsson--The Discoverer of America T HE FIRST WHITE MEN to tread American sou were Leif Ericsson and his sea-dashed Viking crew. This was nearlya thousand years ago, when the Scandinavian peoples ruled the seas and held the secrets of navigation. The history of the fair-haired, liberty-loving sons and daughters of Sweden,NJorwayand ? Denmark is rich in song and story. We have millions of these splendid folk in our own land, and wherever the standard of Liberty and Human Progress has been raised they are found in the front rank, bravely fighting for the Right. Better citizens car greater lovers of Personal Liberty are unknown, ror centuries our full-blooded Scan, dinavianbrothers have been moderate users of Barley-Malt brews. Who can truthfully say it has injured them in K anyway? It is the ancient heritage of these peoples to revolt at Prohibitory Laws, and their vote is registered I almost to a man against such legislation. For 57 years Scandinavians have been drinkers ofthe honestly{. brewed beers of Anheuser-Busch. They have helped to make their great brand BUDwEISER exceed the ' sales of any other beer by millions of bodes, Seven thousand, five hundred men. all in all, are daily required to keep pace with the natural public demand for Budweiser. ANHEUSER-BUSCH · ST. LOU1S,US. A,. Bottled only at the home plant. Decatur Brewing Co. Distributors Mt Pulaski, III. Means Moderation FERRE BROMLEY We Do Vulcanizing Exclusively lires retread, blow outs,, rim cuts new beads, etc. Let us make your old tires as good as new at a ^mall expense We have the best equipped plant in the counti ind employ experienced ·nirkmen All work guaranteed mileage i l l i m mce We invite inspection of our plnnt and the work we do. See our line of tire accessories FERRE BROMLEY VULCANIZING WORKS AUTO 3641. 323 E. MAIN ST. BELL 826. United Doctors HAVE INSTITUTES IN MANY CITIES Decatur Institute, 217 N. Water Have cured more deep-seated Chronic Diseases of tht Nerves, Blood, Skin. Kidneys, Liver, Stomach and Bowls than any medical institute in the United States* as affidavits and testimonials from cured patients will prove. FRIDAY BASEMENT SPECIALS 50c 10 quart seamless gra-v granite water pail, Special Friday None sold to children, delivered with other goods only 29c 40c large galvanized foot tubs sncclal Friday il 25 galvanized wash boilers, special Friday .. 40c value 8 rolls toilet pape"-, special Friday .. .. 40c pot lid set. 8 lids and rack, special Frldav 35c double roasters, special Friday 18e 10c lemonai* glasses, special 7c oc wate 1 * glasses, horse shoe Oft brand, special Friday *·*» 50c large near cut glass bow IB. tpecial Fridav ... ICc dust pan) Friday 6c 2 Quart nay granite covered buckets ipaclal FrWajr. 8e 40c pure aluminum skillets, special Friday .. 52 00 ! quart Simplex Ic« Cream freezer ape- C4 tttk clal Friday » I iU« 20c 2 Ib. butter Jar with 4 fin lid special Friday I W»» 50c one gallon glass water pitch- era, ipeclal Friday 30c large wire fly trap, 9flo ·pecial Friday SUB 75c comblnets or slop Jan, white brlstol ware, special Friday Scovill Co. BOOKS For Summer Reading Hundreds of Titles to Select From Be sure and include a special package in your vacation outfit. Haines Essick BOOK STORE 217 N. Water Both Phones 126». NEWSPAPER!

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