Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on December 31, 1938 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1938
Page 2
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MAIDEN EFFORT by Samuel Hopkins Adams © Samuel Hopkwl AdunJ WNU Semco THE STORY CHAPTER I--Kelsey Hare, joung archl tect convalescing from a breakdovm. meets Martin Holmes. struRRlinR aulhor. in n itorm on a lake near Moldavia. N. Y.. and lalcr settles down with him at his estate. Holmesholm. Finding Holmes 3tuding a newspaper picture ol a Park avenue debutante. Kelsey learns that a story by Holmes has been rejected in a $15.000 contest run by Purity Pictures. A. Leon Snydaiker, president, for a no\cl suitable for picturtza- lion. In which the winner of a Mysterj Beauty contest will star Kelsey buyt the manuscript from Holmes and rents his house. One ol the conditions of the deil is tnat Kelsey adopt Holmes' pen name, "Tern- pleton Salcs" After Holmes departs on a trip, a telegram armcs for Sayles which Kelsey lca\ts unupjnccl. Clunk, odd man servant, places the debutantes picture on the mantel un top ol the telesram. k.nnf-ie.11. "--»«r r-urn Avenuu van straitens, at breakfast ivilli their niece Marion, arc horrified to find her picture in the paper as one of ten remaining contestants for the Punl Pictures award, and learn that Liggett Morse, admirer, has entered Marion s picture on a bet. Alter threats of being taken abroad until the "scandal" dies down. Marion riceidcb adventurously to BO through ·.illh the contest. CHAPTEH III--In the offices of A. Leon Snydackcr. heir to the Pccketfs Persuasive Pills fortune. Marion finds nine other beau- tics St-c makes friends with Gloria Clamour, flip professional beauty contestant. At lunch together, they meet Moby Dicksteln, Sndackcr's press agent and factotum. Sny- dacKcr Is overwhelmed with Marion's beauty and "class." lo which he is extremely susceptible, repeatedly calls her "Darrling." and awards her the leading role Marion refuses lo accept without Gloria, and the two girls and Moby plan Immediate departure for the estate of TempleWn Sailcs. who Is to bo leadlne man t CHAPTER IV--Moby Is referred to Mar 1 tin Holmes for Information on Sayles. nnc ' , , - , ,, Gloria flirtatloublv lakes the call Mean- torn had dropped clean out." while. Hare is Interrupted In his renrllim' . - . by tv.o feminine callers, one of whom he rccormizes as the pictured beauty in the paper. After they leave, he takes the pic lure from the mantel, and uncovers the on nis stiouicicr a smaii a gaping puncture near the bow. "Dock gone; boats gone," he reported to the depressed company, gathered for breakfast. "Lake's higher than I've ever seen it. I picked this"--He set the damaged canoe on the floor--"out of a bush." "D'you think it's likely to keep on?" queried Gloria. "I don't see any break." "So what?" "Lord knows! Cottagers across the lake are moving out. I hear that Becker Brook dam is overflowing. Oh, well, the worst that could happen to us is to be marooned for a while." "It would be perfectly sweet to be shut in for a couple of we.eks with this congenial company," remarked Marne. "Noah's ark, with the animals not too carefully selected." Her glance drifted to Kelsey Hare who continued to cat his egg with an absent expression. It was as near as she had come to speaking to him since Holmes' revelations. "I'm off it," asserted Moby Dickstein. "This is no place for me. I think I'll wire the Big Fella and be moving to the Park House." . , , "If a car can get through," quali- yc " r , ^, '^ , , - ficd Martin Holmes. "Th! road this! and wheedlc ond chcat side of the turn looks as if the bot- he pointed out. "Fiuin w h a t Gloii.i lias toUl i. o, CM; i'-vl I h p ":i'ii\ "V.'o-cil. it's hr.n'ly and plea ant." slv admitted. "I think I'd holtoi toll \ou MIIIIC- llntifU" he pursued after some ho i tarry. [ "For my own good, I suuptj^e " "He flushed r t her tono but ^'ont resolutely on: "SnydncKer is onto the saint 1 ." t "Which game' 1 " "Yours. T h e Van Straiten blutl ' He's found out that it's a plant " "Oh! Has he 1 "' The t i d i n g ? loft her thoughtful rather than p u - tuibcd "How 7 Did you tell him''" "I didn't say how," lie returned. Ho was not go-ng to give nwny Mob Dickslem, dnmk or soli?r. "No; I didn't loll him. But I as- , sure you, it's tii:e." i "So I'm just plain Mi." Adelma ' Ashcan lo him. As to jmi." "1 don't knou. n n v t l u n g al out I thai," he mutleu'd, icdricn ng j again. , "If you don't mind m curiosity, , why arc you telling me tins' 7 " I He stared out ir-to the storm. ( "You've h.-d a pretty tuu;:h job of , it lieie," he said slriv iy " '/ou'vn hnri to put up v.ith some r;i\\ st.ifr, J including"--he grinned ruefully--"a , pretty ration nclor opposite j o u . On | the whole, you've been game s'-out I it. I don't like to sec you ge; the i wor^t of it. Hi\\ mnUurs Maud be- , Iwcen }ou and Snydackcr poi^onal- j ly"--he stopped to swallow sime- j thing distasteful--"is none of my business--" I "It certainly isn't." ' j . "--but if you can fi;;urc out some | way to back up your blulT and carry on, you'd better get busy on it before the tni«hly A. Leon gets back." "For a genilc:van \\hio has been livi' g on another man's nlins," she '.minted, "yon seem awfully particnla: about who I rin." "I don't care who you are or why you're pietcnding to be someone you aien't," he broko out. "What you aie sticks out all over you." "Don't tell n-.e. It might hurt my feelings " "And for a girl of our bicedmr: and your antecedents--oh, any fool L.ould tell!" he insisted angnl as, suppressing a gasp of astonishment ;hc undertook to interpolate--"for to have to fake MOMY-SAVING HINTS 01 by JOHN BARCLAY, Hearing Expert K * Correct Regulation of Dumpers E V K U V f u r n n c c s h i u H | . o equipped \\itli th'oe dampens --the ash-pit dumper, tin* tin i damper, and the chock ('|i' .'. The ash-pit dumper is W-.ui.'1 near the base of tin' fu"ii..rf 1. low the grate level. The lint et ' ! v or turn damper is loi-al" 1 1 i i ;'IL- smoke-pipe between the tl.ixk damper an;l tha boiler. The check damper is in the pmokc-pipe between the turn damper and the chimney. The turn damper reRulatca the amount of air that pnssos throuch the fire. It snould be closed as tightly ns possible up to the point where odors do not seep in to the basement. The ash-pit damper when open permits the air to enter the ash-pit. When closed this supply is cut off. The check damper is the Hap-liUo dumper in the chimney pipe. This damper when open retards the Check dan-fr , ·/ r.f the fire. When close '. It increases the burning | Fcr best results, the nsh-pit ami flicck dampera should work toKC'thi'i. When one ib cloned the otlioi- .should bu open. In mild \\wither when n slow, lasting' fire is d e s i r e d , the c h e e k d a m p e r should be open nnd the asli-pit d a m p e r closed. Vv'hen more heat is needed, the c h e c k d a m p e r should be closed part way and the ash-pit damper open slightly. In e x t r e m e c o l d weather the check i damper should be tightly closed nndihc ash-pit damper wide open. U;- using your furnace dampera in the manner suggested, you can keep your home comfortably heated at all times with a minimum amount of fuel consumed. Youi invention 1 " retorted Moby, dumbfounded by the impudence of tins claim. "I invented her. Why, I've practically got a copyright on her." "You're batty," said Mi. Morse, beginning to be annoyed. "Who's batty'' Did I build her up, or did you?" "Build her up? To what?" "To stardom. Thai's, what From practically nothin'." There was a hurry of fouistcp* on the stairs. E'rom her w.ndow Maine had seen and recognised the cai. In an excess of 1 omcMc!nehs for her own world she cast beitolf upon the plump and receptive neck ol its representative. "Oh, Lijjyy!" s'.e cued and him. Who is th's i;nj ?" demanded Mo- New Year's Can Be Different! By BEULAH V. GIULASPIE Director, Scaliest Laboratory Kitchen L\ it 1 - , telegram, now four d.ijs old, apoloRiiiii;; for a "mistake." and demanding Saylei' immediate presence In New York for a conference with When Moby and the clils arrive on location, Kelsej learns for the first time that the Holmes-Saylcs novel was tha winner. He confides his prt Moby retired to gather his belongings. Gloria and Martin went to the kitchen to inspect supplies. Stepping out on the porch for a look j at the sullen skies, Marne was fol-' lowed by her screen-lover. "Look here," he began without ,._ __ ..._ . _ preface. "Do you want me to liicamcnTto Slobj and Is pcrsuadrd to con ' i__..p7» Unuc the hoax on Enjdacker and the girl? ,,,,,/ so that Holmes can urn the S15.0M "Whv CHAPTER V--Snjdacher's anticipation o' the meeting with Sayles is not shared b\ Kelsev. tthom Mibv advises to say "Yes 1 to everything. They meet at a Mold.ivin Inn. and arcuc the title of the "super creational" picture, finally chansinK It frorr "Virgin Effort" to "Maiden EITcrl." Whei Kelsey learns he Is to play the lead, thi embodiment of the insidious Sayles. h' threatens to quit, but Gloria pleads ulll him to stick for a month Meanwhile, Hare and Marion develop a defensive, almost in lulling, relationship CHAPTER VI--The picture pecs Into pru ductlon at Holmcsliolm, v.ith Kclsey doir; a hopeless job as hero. Marlon remain cold to's "darr-Ilms." even t- the gift ol an evening dress and cmci.ik necklace. Moby's pubhcitv hints at romanci between star and magnate. Kelscy's SUE plcions grow, and his relations vnth Maiii.- become more bitter. In desperation at hi; i acting. Moby frames an enactment of . rescue scene. He sets Hare on the shore conceals the cameras, and has Marlon fa! ovcrooard from a canoe Kelsey remain calmly sitting, and it is Clunk, her scli , appointed bodyguard, who rescues the fun ous girl. Muanuhlle. Holmes reads the pr. ptrs about the picture, and is furious as h thinks Kelsey Hare has double-crossed him CHAPTER VII -- The girls dlscust "Sayles," Gloria admittinc she likes him , Marion insisting! he's a couard, v.hleh Glo ria reports to Hare. Meanwhile. Manoi avoids Snjdackcr. v.ho orders Moby to pro mule his suit. Moby tells Marion she i! practlcall engaged to Sn dackcr. and can not understand her refusal to play the garni 1 The rescue scene Is done again, vvitl "Sayles" and Marion paddling. "Sayles' stops the canoe at the spot of Marlon's fake drowning, and proves to her that It is toe shallo'v Marion, furious, threatens to quit CHAPTER VIII--SnydaCKer lights «ili Mob v over his failure with Marlon, ant tires' him He offers her a diamond, an' promises to mnrr her as soon us he scl: his divorce Marion lau?h? at htm. Sn} dackrr Imncdlalch calls oil nil productlo-i Krcs cverone c:.cept Marion, ailowed hall pay If she stajs on at Holmesholm. Moby now eloquently drunk, argues again, claim- Marion's society ba^k^round is his cwn bjilduo. and is rehircd at a raise In oav cn/\** j. c. r* i.v--^i ortci. dppiuti. dtiti n jn\ dicker's suite In his absence, awakes canto find a man takinr a shower in her bath room Hearing him eroul. "You h u m a n worm, come out of t'.cie," she rails Clunk Clunk recognizes Martin Holmes, who in turn recognizes Gloria's voice frnm their telephone conversation, and thcv become friendly. Holmcr bitterly explains the Sayles situation, aril Gloria tries to protect Kelsey from Holmes' wrath Later, she encounters a Mr Gnrmire. a Iauer. who mistakes her for Marlon, and bargains will- her for compromising Snjdacker Gloria pljys up as the hcsit broken fianceu and =;ices to SLi'.lc for £15 000 In cash, to be delivered secretly in a fcv, das She plans E?crctlv to split w i t h ?.'nrion and Holmes 'Why should I?" she answered, taken off-guard. Then annoyed at herself, amended it to "Why should you?" "To clear the atmosphere." "It is a bit thick." "Two weeks of it would make it a lot thicker." 'Beyond endurance. But after "I haven't wheedled." brrke in Marne, flaming. "And I haven't cheated." "Nor faked?" said Kelsey quietly. "Are you talking to me about i fakins?" "Well, it's troRic You must nocd your job terribly, to do it " Dis- comagcnient darkened his face "However, you make it plain that you don't need any help from me, or, at least that you won't U.kc it. \Vould you get along better if I Icll?" She cocked an car at the roaring creek. "Leaving the sinking -- hoi'se?" she inquired. "I get the analogy. Thanking you on behalf of self and fellow rats--" "No; plense! I'm sorry." Her all," she continued with an effect | hnra shot u j t ^ t n ipuch his sleeve, of striving to be fair about it, "this is your place. Temporarily, any- ho\v. I should be the one to leave." 'That wa?n t fan." "Not quite. I'm sticking." Foi qu-te ^i while; in fact, to the nianie's ciJont thought as she m.nked the outthrust of his jaw. "Mobv's fed up with it," she volunteered. "He's leaving this afternoon tf he can get through " The qurstion of traffic was solved nfter luncheon by the arrival of a Particularly trim and smart roadster. From it stepped a pink and U'.'.ti^h man who stared uncertainly nuuut him until he caught sight cf Moby Dickslem emerging for a look at the dripping iica\ens. "Hullo and all ha.l and all that," :,aiu the arrival. "Do you belong here-" "Yep." answered Moby, suspicious of the stranger. "What got you past the No Admittance sign 7 " "I want to see Miss Van Straiten." "Oh. ''nu do' Do von know hor'" ^ei lanuy, i Know ncr." "Know her lonr;?" "Since she was a kid," replied the newcomer. Moby loaned forward, lowering his voice to an eager and confidential appeal "What about her? On the up-and-up, now; what is she?" "Apparently she's the star of this erazy performance." Mr. Liggett Morse grinned. "Yeah. But what was she before?" "Miss Marion Norman Van Stratten," returned the other explicitly. "What's the idea?" "Can that bunk. I'm asking you., on the level. If you don't know, say so." "1 ought to know. As the star of this fool show she's my invention, you mirht snv " RADIO SERVICE At Minimum Cost .. . BY CERTIFIED EXPERTS AT J. II. NICHOLS CO. STORE IN DKNTON EVERY MONDAY Phone No. 10 DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova. Md. PHONE-- HILLSBORO 16-F-22 PHILCO RADIOS COMPLETE LINE BATTERY ELECTRIC From $16.95 Up Phone Hillsboro 16-F-22 L.M. ROYER CORDOVA The same ICQULCU Long Distance telephone rates that apply every nisht and all day every Sunday will begin at 7 P. M. Saturday, December 31 (New Year's Eve)--and continue all Jay Sun Jay and Monday until 4:30 A. M. Tuesday within thr Unilcd Slales and lo Canada. These low rales save you a* imirh as 4Q% of regular daytime rates. W H Y N O T SEND Y O U R N E W Y E A R ' S GREETINGS THIS YCA1 BY LONG DISTANCE? The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company of Baltimore City Markel Street (Bell System) Denton 9900 CHAPTER X Small streams back in the hills whispered togelher by day and conspired by nighl against the peace and security of the solid earth. Ravines which had been dry since the memory of local man, became sluicewajs for little torrents. Clunk, studying the skies, held troubled conference within himself, and put in his spare moments secretly tinkering with his flat-boat. For three days and four nights the downpour never lot up. On tojj of weeks of bad weather, this turned ! the countryside into a swampy slither. Making an early morning tour of inspection of his drowning prop-' erty, the owner of Holmesholm re tnmnd from trip lnUr front carrying ' FOR THE Social Season AHEAD! You must have perfect skin, well cared for hamL^ and a coiffure that does justice to your personality. And our experienced operators are abla to help you appear fresh and lovely at all times. P H O N E J 5 9 MISS D E N T O N BEAUTV SHOPPE Clear The Deck CAR SALE IS ON REPRICED TO MOVE Others Will Be Coming In--We Need The Room--These Must Go! OPEN EVERY EVENING Last This Week Week $145 $125 1G5 115 1932 Ford V-8 Coupe 1932 4-Cyl. Ford Tudor 1932 Chevrolet Coach 145 125 1933 Chevrolet Coach 185 1(55 1933 Ford V-8 Phaeton 145 125 1934 Chevrolet Master Coach 265 215 1934 Ford V-8 Delux Tudor 245 245 1937 Ford V-8 Tudor, Sportlight and Heater 495 445 Ppntiac 345 32.i Lincoln Zephyr Sedan 595 1933 1936 A Large Assortment of Good Used Trucks Orders Taken Now For 1939 Fords Preston Motor Co. LANE BRAUCHLE Preston, Md. Phones: Dpy 1C; Ni(?ht Gl n uuu "The npme," Liggett Morse " "He says he invented von." stntcrl the aggrieved First A s - r i - l a n t . Marne returned to earth -iml «·'!(!· "I expect he is rernnsiMo for m being here." Lipgy took his turn "And tie claims that Vir invented yon Maybe he believes he b u i l t r?n !m f'ty and sculped the Venus do Wat- er- ncme." , Moby?" atkcd the tjirl slyly. "You see. Lig?y believes I'm a hundred per cent genuine." Moby looked troubled. "I dnn't get it. I don't get cither of you. He says he's always known you." "So he has." "Far be it from me to gum your game, baby," said Moby. "I KUCSS I've been shotitm" off my face too much." "I don't know what you've said, but ou might as well finish it. Toll him, Moby." The Dickstoin jaw wobbled. "The whole thuij.!?" "The wiiulr t l r n q . If you don't. I will. He's a stinn-;, experienced man of the \vorld Ho can stand it." "O-kay, baby If you want it that way, you get it that way. This gal," he infnrmrH (Vl " « p nnrl°rini' Vr (Turn to Page 7, please) H«iltcst f.nlifirnlan; Kllc/icn O LD acquaintances slimiM not ar forgot (hiring tills o n l . v i ' r Ir another year--lint It is :i 'I'ui '. memorable entertainnm-t i i. menu gets away from IL» ·- !( foods. Hero's a New W.' .·· Dinner that will turill \ o n n · . NEW YEAR'S EVE Dir.vr.i7 Shrimp Celery As^-m u ; u. \ ° Fried Chi( ! n ·Creamed UIK' r, ', · Chestnuts I'.- i !·· Hot Rolls Butler C n n . \ ' * Molded Tomato ? ii i ' New Year Ice Cicniti v . 's Marsfimallow i;. e Coffee with Crr.i n C R E A M E D CHESTNUTS 1% pounds Few ^i.uns chestnuts pepper liiilcspoons 1U cups milk butter % teaspoon ! tibl"spoona salt llo ir C..t t\vo U-lnch gashes In the : i;io of a letter X on the flat aide il c:u h chestnut. Place in a baking .,:·. ,,ith 1 tablespoon of melted but' i Shako to mix well and bake In . in-} hot oven (450* F.) for about . ri-'iritns. Cool enough to handle, , -..cnc shells and ruh off skin. Cool :'. rmillng salted water for 20 to 39 -iiites or until tender. Melt the r» i .ii.lng 2Vj tablespoons of butter IP a double boiler, add the flour ant mix well. Add the milk gradually anf cook, stirring constantly until thick cued. Add salt, pepper and drained chestnuts. Reheat. Serves six. TO YOU AND YOURS FOR A HAPPY AND MOST PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR AND WE CORDIALLY INVITE YOU TO CONTINUE YOUR FRIENDLY AND APPRECIATED PATRONAGE ORMOND L ANDREW Special Representative CONTINENTAL AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Wilmington, Delaware DENTON, MD. TELEPHONE 1C gg^^ We are about to meet an interesting young chap who without previous experience is taking on a big job and a heavy load of responsibility. There will be no point in our asking him at this time what his plans are; ha doesn't know himself. Of course, we are all counting on him to help in solving Borne of our problems. But we must not forget that he is also counting heavily on us for our cooperation. Therefore, let's just pitch in and help all we can without asking too many questions or assuming to know too much in advance about what ^e intends to do. To our friends and patrons we extend beat wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year. 1 he Peoples Bank of Denton, Maryland PROMPT DELIVERY. Sinclair delivery trucks buck any weather to keep your tank supplied with Sinclair Super-Flame fuel oil that is as pure and dean as when it left the refinery. The quality of Super-Flame is rigidly controlled every step of the way from oil well to your oil burner to maintain absolute uniformity. Modern refining methods assure maximum usable heat units per gallon. Call or write us today. CnvritfMrl 1» tyjflMblr Ktt*\ia Canton (/«.) AGENT SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY (INC) P. G. GROUSE Phone 172 « * Denton, Maryland \_

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