The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1971
Page 1
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!l WHAT to read IWAWSVWW) got hack on the winning (ruck ISM .' «Kht with a J7'M win over AH-ln. The Hut* Sown llmuioi) n ,,, while Itiaionrmrt U at home at! n i nut Spring ". llriiiuh NIK) AiiftlPtwi i§ wi the home court againU i. T The family daily paper of Brazoria County BRAZOSPORT F Tuesday. November 30,1971 Frftcport, Texas Dally io Cents , iTi'it.M. PAW ^ »i><> tin- name ill itw game ^ ut>n mill Itwii uver the tvmly put UjgrtJirf Otrtr UlttlU Wkd !)**<• »«-»ull* iff thw gn-ri! tl»Mtti|,> (or a dktpld} that attract**! S.W iMTawn (ij !)< Mle Stor ^ V\Vtt,\tttlS l-«J!!i ifiij » I nl;r> 0 MmvUj Ihr !• /i. Hof Line TK»'l (S! » ' TV |(i»T *<f jir-.;-. --••V". j t t.frv*-! M'- l*T4!.-f-i '« f:.-'»TJtfi:<- :•,!•!•.,! * '.*,p-1 , Dock .idle ships proposed the rV«'t t^ t'nifKt *n!< (iftt f flour !/»<• ru « j'.l'*' -,i| Thr 1 1 h-inr-r! iUtl H .» tr* in Ihj! at r j i <. In (*' i!mi|fi v! ..M! m '•!* (orthf un-iit>e !r'Vr.j! nn Srxi (••»! u r,i«- -,i|rt!r llul jn iiv.(*x(i(»i i>< trat slioas the (Mirk!. »l<nij;h' - <! o((. M> •» 5 eon and Demos discount tax bill veto threat WANII|N(i1t)N <AI'- I'.mf-rful |[«u*c nnd SnMtt- , Ms ^l* t I) ^^ ^^ !« Wl'STvH'vH"!,? 1 ! N 'T'* Ulf " al 7 lH VHO "< a l^" 1 ^ «X m,«i» w.J«.Sr'N,,» ™«™£l%?lw^t!Z fS ,"°Tr"'-' • lh * ''"^^•""WngSenateamendmenUand the (ax Dill a* a velvet Klovt* allftntj l., t,i,.v ,<,t ...j..,......... ...... ' . . ^ ">n,i«.««.'. <.ui»rni(in rnuiti rnlin/-:, 1,4u.<.t.,.((,1,1^, i—...-.1,1 iL , ... .. : WAXIIIMilUN <AP- l%««ful Itou* .,nd fewi, Deinocrm* vi«-w Prwidciil Nljujn 1 *,Y.H VMO t»f st pewlittK ts* bill a* a vr|v«-| gMr attempt t,, knock out c«mp«tttn (Mjtf>rij)« a/id tat r«7|irf pruviMMit h«- dot-m't like- f> Ark , Mild Monday Ifn r»,t th<- fi,»,( o,,,,. a aatniani\M.i- thai h*» lx*fi rttuck-' Niton mw fur thrw t*wr» Monday with | u » durf Capll.d Hill M*)-u< ««rk M«ct;tti!«rf. wftu n)i«i|?wi t«, (HI wwsmeri that tin-foil a par? «*! N,,.^, t hrt , M~.jii.,mi. pf.*'*"' •»«« U*-jl I lit viU>t»>|J fi.nru frirfii the ttwv ami) S«,«Sr aid »» ty.,« <ult^<ir»4tMi Irt a j-jiist (,.»ifr»«:,i:r Lvfriinttlcr Mid a . «>ne liianj;*' bii<.k(-<) \,\ »,.- <{.•}»! MrJ,J.. n Di-mv/raijc jwrtv v.r*iM Mllri'* iii(ttvt((u.-tl« it, car mark Jl of (heir inc., mi- tari-s to - (;J < .(fjii-.dt;/^ It v, f<l ,W help U,Ut [*,r1i.n. btil >' In iJ/-|wMic;ifiH vsho rcrwrtttJi;, luive a »•« UK- Food stamps renewed to pamii* r/l jiil IIK.OII-I- t.v>. ">.<-»ii|)!f«i aiKj Hi-..- U). tr.-<jn«, t;j ht IMS V.|IK|J lixraKr in RJirtin * (iaa| .iffMh \\hiH- UtAiM' pji-^i M-r.-i'.ir, )f,-,r,;.|(i | i illlt-f ll,«'.-!ll^ -J,;![, |., R ;,,,li^ • fail (o remove.. .ihc Ujdgct-bu.MlriK Senate amwidmcnUand the iwhttcjil ch(-ck^ff rider, ht will be unable to give Ws approval to Uifa fwrticular Ir^slalwn." MacGreg/ar (old n«r*»mcn the amt-ndxnents "ballooned" the lax bill * piwiwwtf if, over »40 Wllion, would Increase the W«T;.| <k-fint and "thus arc highly inflaiionary." Mill*, chairman «( the House Ways and Means Committee Ic.-ads IIR- Hr/uw conferees. »e ha» said if Nixon vetoes the bill it •*ill U.irrifx,ssibl(f to fwvs a tax measure this year. .Vn Itu-wl) H, D-l<a.. chairman of the Senate Finance f.Vjmmuitf. and f«rad of the S<.TI,I!C conferees. wllwJ Nixon's threat an at tern pi at intimidation and exprfswl doubt the l'rc!nd<'nt vkoul'l ;-fli> the bill !'.«( IK- ad.i«i -I teliitve we ought to g;v«. ..i; " '»< l V f > «» JIM (rr tr. Jlir::.' tllfaV.v ,-SR'. .:.' '»' •- f ': ;«',' ,-n-:i(.,rr } ;,, t^ 'l ••.Jl.'.f.;!:-. i'/ ,-!!,. -.: 'i.r? ;'. .*.;.'.hr.i*t I i in ihr rc-» rufi^ (In- (<.lltr,nM IU..-AH eard Ian-well <Hindai> ut Cwjiitv Airjxwt In I J Cllnl. V S. I.IM, J (1 KIM S ( Vt»4i\. II s YOUVamiK V (.HI'.. Korran* in (light to their ' h<«nc» and the Korea I'ji'ific Chemical t'd . folhuiuin , ( . training here in Do*'* ',« 'lulvi'thdcne pru-csis iK'cki-r. a U Volunt«t*r fireman and a Dow employee, had worked with th»> nu-ri and entertained (hem in hr* home during their In c month* m lira;u&|>ort l.AVOUA \MMONS and DOHOTHY SKAI.S. FI» motrwrs arranging a nonprofit dance (or all Junior and (•Swiior high school student* tlu* Thursday at KI J Cgiii- niunily House, /or the pur|x»e of "plain fun," seeking the loan (or one night only of black hghtj, and a popcorn machine. ' Mrs Anununs muy be • reached at Z33-S7oa . . 3> U Uoti Catcher YdlKKH, wlH>n «»k«i how the camtu- and fclnw world-s are faring, rrplying Itwl nc'n pigs having l>cvn dumped in a U resident's yard, ami now bring held at the dug pnuivd MAIIY I.IKTAK of Uratoru and IY\THI\ K\ ANS of ,Swren>. candidates for "OinMmas .Swwthearl" at Wharlon County Junior College The winner will appear in Vi liar Ion's Christmas Parade this Saturday Mary, an art major. and former president of her high school's Future lluinemakers of America, is daughter of Mr. and Mr*. MSTAK. Cynlhia. who was a member of the National Honor Society and won the Betty Crocker award in high school, is daughter o( Mr. and Mi>. H. W'. KVAN8 4r. . . . India demanding troop withdrawal * ''£*;*& l r,t ^ t l>. HI It I Kilt n\ll ;; ;> , ;,. ;,- ...J ;, 4, ; ,. t . f , ,,, ' •}'.' !'.; j.;,,'-.* r,. ;4 ,...., >,-! ..! t -;j^ n X-.v-r^i-ir, '.;i:J.'-f : :.', 'Jrr f jf.-l >':<Y<l-<". ',iI;--.-'.i; !'.,'!! I '.|!.!', ^ *.' - J ' ^ ' .'.-." ^'; .5.-. Jir '»••. L;,'.,,- J»,;* ^,'1 > ; ;; '* ft • • '.! r i'?^;/ ,'\^ < i.-.;;./•, f ..... -^..lirv • t -. • " ; ; >-"'t^ '.« ?!:»«- ! ,- s: j-, ,,.,^,^1.!, „• .,', Sky pirate still sought by FBI ar;n> spokesman m fjactra. capital of Kast Pakistan nw Indian attacks tr, the northern Sylhct region the M>inensmgh s«-clor m the ix/rth, and m the Jossore region to the MU'.|)'AI-,( He r farted "iicrif fighting is continuing" at Kal;m.i>ur. in the M>mensir,gh arta tjut s.nd the Indian.s uere n-jjulw-d with hea v\ casualties in S> Ihf-t ar:d in Jes,v ( rc HOUC-..T. the -ipofceifnan reprjrierj lhai Indian forces in the J<-sv>re ?,«ior had occupied the to»r. of Jibannagar widening the fro-' there and threatening J'a^issani control of HZ souare milt-, r,! ;erntr>r> that thnm.s mtn India lit- alw> cJairnwl tha; a three- prong attack launched Sunday in u> fmtfijpur region, on the northwest border, had been con- taiwd <,', two M.-J..-, tAj! vjjd a fierce bailie continued on the ttiirt! Imli,-, IMS adn.itti-d v Jf T-,e of it* trwps have tx-f-n fighting inside r-is'. rat. war, bu: claims they ha%ecros«y) ((„. Border only to rV-Y-.r: ';,.-niM-i\« after attack b\ the Pakistani WORLD AMJ .STATK 5 D AMJ .STATK J BRIEFS '.fir ! H! MSOCI.'CO 11- is. 1 - i. >:'.. r. t.., ;.-.'-,(•-.>.• ,-.,:i> •..., ,,-, (,.„. -, -_'"••-" '''•-•..: 'i r'.^lSr .^ ».;,-. i,-i- ; -•<..,. ;,,-!,.•,.! f '>:••• <J.TW.-. tj.'j ;S T tiM.irit-f j;^,a>r"/h as'. J4,,' '.:/..'. »t - - ' >;> >r u'.r, . ,.s ..-.- J.-' 'A :-.-'.,! ,,;, r •|'V . ; J. j ;,(.!..., ;,.< , •.''..f. f, ii.-J ,'. U-»-.r? I ..«-•»: ffWl. '.!.f ,. , . f.... .. * i j.. '"r:tr , * , ft,.-i " , ' • t J<:v-'>. ,r- . ' K :;..-ic).i>r. bu! the :f! !'•• hijirker {ji.,!:r.:v,,: *hH:h apfiarimtlv Mint '.f!,< :!.->• >-,.,I[.M- of .. hij.v-tii'r f.) Officers look for break in multiple slaying case V!!r» rr'uii.,n ( ; |r<. !T . j !!_i! l>r «:!':!, mutljpir ii-.sirvVf* I-^M- aliii-h trv-v fvj.rir .^ ^ n I tame li> *c-r«- smunj; th<- if.- 'Vfarrv ir.ti'ting m Hiustio M'0cla> If, -*iijt t^'v >-,i!itt1 ;,• inform.>Ii«r. SH,I() MT»»XV, J,iw-ii sjid !lw «<f(irrt» rr.r! !«> rxrhanKr ir.formalior. gjlhrrni m «'.ich of the CAU- in iitttrr to i-iUMivh vunr tv jx- *<4 [wjtti-rrs usrfd in tho *l,ivmi;H "4 VTJ tn jjirls. in .1 thnv cmini) .in,, Wlut wedi'J,vrMcnU) w,,s 'K.iih .*< tin- ik-|wirtn>t'))',> li.ui K«ilhcr«\J infnrmatuin i«i tin-". and wr • yi.*ir. ( ' h.Xiif! !».>!() h.v! !*-v!. • jroitint; .i!i ii! !(*->; iin-.i » > ,: k. :• -.^ adi. the Harm ('(-.;'.'.> Vherilf » Ix-]4 i<r. thr multi)Nr >i.iun>;s .!.-<-.(-» srn!K-.-,lii! th.i' S}»cjiff < \' Krr-n ^»u! S!, ,!«!.,;. tw- (•»(«(-(•!« jn .<rr<"7.! in [),<• nei! li~* ii.i><. H; !hc I ..'-„•!.<: >!rn .i>£» >st Mivi WI!KI: .vr/ri i,i..:i.i Ann M \>IIIS(,tHN — t'ri^-idc-rit .NiXf<; mil jrrnt ir, Peking or, Keb :'! !r-r laUf -*ilh Chines if.- '-'-r.! ;-; historic rsitiiior. hi- ft,»f.L-s "will U'-conie a jourtwy (or j«jcf " The White Houw anrjfxjnced the long- it. j.;<-c! dat< (/n Mfwiday in a ter«.<: >lali-;n<-ni released hJIIit;:' :iv.<-::a-:!-, in I'ekira! w \ >n i s <;TO\ P'.n*(-fii! H(xiM> and ScnaU- Urtr; ,t-ra!> ue-* President Nixon ." threatened veto of a p<tx}ir:fi tax bill as a velvet plove a'.u-mpt to knock out campaip- inuncir.g and tax relirf pr\<viiions he doesn't like SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS The richest nations 1.4 Wolc-rn Europe respond tixlas along with Canada and Japan to a I" S proposal to resolve the worst in tern-itional mimelary crisis since World War 11 Initial French reaction was that Washington had offered nothing new, W.VSHISr.TOV — A majority report of the Senate Judicvan Committee terms 'totally unfounded" charges made by opponents of William H Kehnquiit's nomination to the Supreme Court. The committee report also recommends the confirmation erf Ix'wis K Po-*ell Jr. to the Supreme Court and terms him •'thoroughK qualified " SAIGON — Alwut 3UG South Vietnamese paratroopers made a new thrust 20 miles inside eastern Cambodia ttday. landing by helicopter aljout four miles southeast of Dam Be L'S b-52 bombers and South Vietnamese fighter- bonibcri softened up the area in advance of.the landing. "I U'llOVl- Ihill It Is )U!,| ,, matter i>( lime now until we put it jll logctlwr Yi-ilerd.iv w .1* a rr,il gcnn1 ila>," in- »,nd Jom-s »aid lianicl whu lus \atvn imrkllgalmg tin- disappearance of Colette Wilwui from the first h.i.s taken a room in Houston so ilrscrled ait-a on .» ^mcii) 'isi-nt ntM-r^'isr Kern Mid he lud the isjine ,tral deM-nptton u! .i Misjxvt irum j woman whi! w,is ,'it> itiH-i-d ;i! a Hoii'.'.in-, (His Mop lu-r this inor.'.h Uil i->^',i[»xi .iflcr tltc ir.jr, tr;i-.i In (;»•; IKI to ixTfnnn an j<-| irf M.H|O;IU Mik» \\ilsoii dis.ijipc.irei) JtiW I" Her sVi'lrlon nut;u> the iikiitl found Kridjy in northwest H.irris t'txinty li> deputur. loukir^: (or addiiiuiul I'ifdeiicr iiirroumliri); tht- disrovcry of (iioria l>i>i:;a)« > .>.' l»»)y two djys earlier Miss (ianulck. o! Huu>uin, last seen alive Ocl ''f. Hor Ikniy with the head M'(.«rjti\l. was, found tiy a treasure hunter in the iMiUtixi n v M'r\oir area Horn speculated that • I'.-^ri .»n ,K-n-> rn-.,r t!u- . ! -«-.i!i,e: uhrrv t*.*',l> tuiviio >t'rr il:Mf,\rn\! nn-d !" t»- ,»Jne divf-o\ert-d ;» coflir i,ui •-ill of di'terioritmp flesh .ir.ii r.ili- •.iKiDM'.i.s! of the .irt-.i • bur the n-injiiis i*i th»- two -..tin jj:rls «<!>• fiiund However. Jwes said hr !.,ui not hi-.ird i rum the 1 '.\!!l,ll CV.illHUtT Mi),. In >iftcrniine if '.In- rcm,tm> . .^!<1 IK- I hf o(f ic«-r> s-nii thfv aUo ('•mid ,i sm.ill child's red l«illi'i«-r sueatrr cut troii! n.ii.-,t to thniat. ni'.ir the cj/i Jimo said tlvat the sustxvt Kern has in mind forced .1 -V vt-.\r ,-,|d uaitn-M into hi* car Nov 14 while she was waiting lor her husband to pick her up Artifacts appraised for splitting treasure AISTIS -Al' A 418year i»ld treasure recovered off r.iilrr hl.ukl was examined Mond.iv hv fmir exjierts who will jiivc their eshniate of n> v.tiue in I' S District Court Judge lU'yivaldo Ciarja of lU'swiisville Tin- judge ordered the appraisal to asiist him in dividing the treasure between thesl.ite of Texas and I'l.itoro 1-tii . an Indi.iii.i firm thjt rivover»sj the (rvasurv C.irl Clauson, r'londa ir. a nne .ir c hi-olo^ 1st. examined the treasure for T.-\.i> Dr and Mrs Kodonck Webster of the Abner rijiietariutii of Chicago and Henry Unjnthal. curator of mvdivval and modern COIRS of the American Numismatic Society of New York, represented Platoro Plaiorvi claim* in a suit in,',, .s coun that former Uind Commissioner Jerry Sadler agrevd to a :" 56 «,plit of U>e treasure Nidk-r has s.nci he went through (|K> moiioivs i.t making a contract with I'laloro in order to p^Tsuado the firm to rvlurii the treasure He never actually signed a cvintract. Sadler said Trviett Lattimer. executive director of the Texas Historical Survey Committee and a member of the Texas Antujuities Ccimniittet'. said the judge intend-, to divide the treasure U'twcvn I'laloro and Texas l-atnmer said he did not know if the judge would permit Texas tu keep the entire treasure and give I'latoro the money value for half o/ it Texas will appeal anv _ • ' i«.•»!»» win appeal any estimatedto ^ r sa Y 5 Du Ponf created company state ^uMStoMi^tewJtfX* ^'ll?'' 11 "' !h " ' Ud I>ndan8m>d DU Pont ««'»«'»« »hu-h would use the line were Du , wmer n s . ^ ,^ ri division to the U.S Circuit Court o( Appeals in New (|)rleans. Lattimer said. The circuit court already has ruled against Texas in a challenge of Garza's jurisdiction in the case If the circuit court upholds a division by Gana. the case will be appealed to the. U.S. Supreme Court. Lattimer .said Platoro recovered the treasure in 1967 tt was from the w reck of a Spanish Galleon that sank in 1553 during a hurricane The treasure consists o/ more than 700 silver coins, 25 silver discs weighing up to 20 pounds each, cannons, crossbows, a seven-ounce gold bar, three astro-labes forerunner to the sextant and a tiny gold crucifix that alone has been estimated to be worth {100,000. A study Nader has accused the Du Pont family and their chemical firm o/ creating - a comjvmy slate' m IH'laware which exploit!, the bud. the people and the natural resource* The president ol Du Pont Co said the report was inaccurate and distorted TJu-800 page Nader report said the Liu font family's influence in Delaware is w widespread Unit -Professionals working for a nonprofit Catholic onjamtalion heavily ftnaticed by the Du Fonts were fired after a fundraising ex- de«.-idixi they had endangered Du Pont support The dismissed workers run! protested the presence of N'.itioiial Guard patrols in Wilmington for nine months after Martin l^JtlH'r King's a.-.sjsjsiiiiitioii • One man was passed over for an annual bonus and subsi\|ucntly ri-signed. and "about five" other Du Pont employes were threatened with dismissal when they organised opposition to a pipeline being installed through tlK-u- sautheasteni Pennsylvania neighborhood The pipeline firm and the petroleum w companu-s which would use the line were Du Pont customers -When the editor of the Wilmington newspapers, which are owned by the family- controlled holding company,. resisted Du Pont control, he found a newly appointed executive editor installed as Jus boss The new man came from the Du Pont public relations department The editor resigned in protest - When the estate of one member of the Du Pont family wanted to claim a previously disallowed tax deduction for personal properly seized in Cuba, officials asked former L'S. Sen. John J. Williams of Delaware to introduce enabling legislation The legislation was passed. Williams denied in a telephone interview that his 1964 proposal was special interest legislation. The president of the Wilmington Morning News and Evening Journal issued a statement denying that the Du Pait firm or the family controls the newspapers, the iwo ' largest in the stale. The Du Pont statement calling the report inaccurate did not mention U»e specifically.

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