The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 13, 1973 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1973
Page 6
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Exp«rt glv«s tips on mustard stains COLLEGE STATION ~means home nirw, crowds and mustard ; down clothes MwUrd is one of the tarttnit stains to remove due to Us chemical make-up, awarding to Marilyn Brown, ttwmmter education tlothinf and textile* specialist, Texas Agricultural Extension ?rv»co, Texas A*M ' 'nimsily System. "It's a combination of salt. *«*, oil, vinegar, tannin, i - writ and oxMited cil - i of '.HAWAIIAN CLAXOLKS '.SCKXTKO MARBLF P«M.ARS-AB s which mean* it needs immedkle treatment when you get home. "Remove mustard in washable, hleachable tabrkt n>- rubbinc detergent into dampened stain. Then rim*. K stain isn't removed, soak article in hot detergent solution for several hours, or overnight, if nece**ary. "If stain remain*, launder in hot water using chlorine bleach However, since chlorine Ueach can'i be used on alt fabrics, tesi it ftrst b> »PP*>WR bl»\»ch to a hnliten part of the garment and examine it for Hbi-r damage and color or appearance changes "As a rule, chlorine bleach can't be used oo two < fibers, such as >» w |, »U( acwaie. spandet idas»tc» and poly cat IT." For mustard in non- bleachable fabrics, the specialist recommended the same method, "except launder in warm wnter and omit the chlorine tOeaca." And for mustard in non- washaW* articles, sponge ti» stain with alcohol Again, test alcohol first, as a precaution. Also, dilute toe atatai with twu parts of water for use on acetate > K I N I I N G B Y SNAP-A PART BUSINESS FORMS 01R ECIORIES/BOOK LETS 265-1771 1229-DHwv. 332 Little goodies ore must for using tools on, with By BARBARA A. CURRY in a [»»«• -e*«. nt.e. it t A CwKT A complete list of all these goodies would match the index in Bartlett's If storage Is a problem and >ou'r« dV termbedly organUwl, pacify yourself by buying a couple of clear plastic boxes with n»c«. neat little compartments. Stxw boxej also acki a fanciful touch while holding • passel of tubes, cans. sandpaper, tape, etc. And don t throw out wide- mouthed Jars or cof (e* cans, WALL FASTENERS Anchors NAILS Finishing Noil * Toggle SCREWS SHI KIDS, I'UUUS «nd ANCHORS, made «< lead. liber or pl&itic ihoold b« u*ed for solat waJlj or In thlvker hollow wall* or <w attaching »nij!l<-r future*. All of tbei« (aitrotfrs ei.. pond agauut the uuid«s of a hole you've prrvtomiy drilled when a * c r «. w u icrewi»d m, or in the ease of IJw plank- it caa work a* above but will alia e.»pAud sonwwhat Uffemd thinn«r iurf*ce» loth ».» Sh* hollow I'Uiilsr flicking to to# W will ifww ike ctejrth Witn c*n g*t tiw taut yuu fleet! l f?*5* lo crack lbe - H'* mon nail taut u h#«d that make* Wiling It a whole W easier, but the heatt »Uo »h«wi even U you try la paint over tl Moatly ( tnt tt to make a ilartvr Wl* fnr KW*», or on rutt^h wwk where apparamre ik««a'| matter, Th* finishing nail (toeut't leaver it* head »tk-k tog out uml won't »htm *l <UI if you take an«jU*-f aai t after the IU«t nail i* te), put Us now t o» tM ««>e«Sl»«l bead of th* (iail> in tn# watt arui |*)tu>tl a ttnjpte o< tiavt4 it b*lo* tft* IA the h«^ with of wu«*d (Uk«, wee ior « uttooth *tw Of m. A pU<l*f >'UJ*f». mio 4 u 4 chun A to Hollow, wail nu»4* uf tncUl. are. not jurj>ri,«n<t.Y, u»*d for aili Fa»te»er». Wall. TJ» tern i* u*ed to cover a »id* variety of d*\ H.-es that IUBK or boW heavy and lij-h: obfect* to solid or bard walh Thee* are dl«er«nt Jenjtttw sttvi <ii- am«t*r» iutted tu different projects AH work, pretty much on the tame idea-"- pjRiion. Th* ma*t popular and luefut are di.*cim«tl here. with water putty. It to po<«(ij«f»«| fuetM Tin* rtifwrtiom wiy u wtij wtlhout fhrtnUa^. wal, (ili ami buUl t<><ttbisr tvrt from e«rawfer Ote la When It u ttry. y»t4 (ran Into it, w* e* aaU u tti U*« u> (u tu i U U'.'l c!*w 1*4* SE us, w'lh Of All WftiflS It it a* «to ajKivjri. thi*kl« aiai >uur»eil, a,i.k (or a M««-/ Tint li a bramJ R4t««. bis «fv*tyb*x$> k n u w » What >ou t!w diameter a»ii th* hok y»3 it in You can s!rt artUin^ a note Th* diameter M itM? WTO* 4.1 »*» .Jrill btt there u K» o* p«j,itB, In or !«fcit;» t . U b<ett«r for it'* aJjeittty muctt tu *moa(h. U. you *« 4 . eillwrf *;W> 4 tiftii* jfc? of n tlAt •lisjfwi-i on* Ef:.if, t£« t'httiipl t ' b«l w$«s Eggs provide low-cost protein "" IW 1 * '/> put A t*ffi jftsoc 4tftircn*C)jt (or Aii ikfin*«ivr ia (wuwixf^Atf tf^^i»» jf'unir^ K-. .» , _. fc.l.-k. ^'^ "" w t9t «iTy w< prwf MOFJ-iy UU7F!T '"J^J*^!,'^ f>* 4 5 (JcnJ io Ine fujlh «»! erf aoemntr. _»». ; _ .» — j^» ......^.t , ._ , ALWTLV - Ho* to put a (Jcni to the high «»« erf {sfwrtdlnj wrtnuom c«aH hat MILUHJTLET DRESS PRINTS A ffi.GE SELJECnW OF BEAUTl- I FUL COLCRS. 45" WIDE. 100* COrrCN & POLTESTER BLENDS. [ MACHINE WASH AND CRY. YDS 3AI F OHLC 100 POLTESTER TV hetewwtfr CJA ftad Us* j 0 ft n C SALE STARTS „ Fll., SAT. FAKE T»t»« r |!«iia 4im'i Ut t fcj at With (K|»T f«0t»l.1 Jar DOUBLE FUR wiof. icot?»T:xtt.>.wctaj«E ASHABLE. A HlAL BUT AT TUB LO 1 *' TOJCE, wtli k* tw », fc«« (a» V«*r (9 sis. 5ft* *h««« 1 ±i ftttiftf SPORTSNEAI PRINTS I +i- WIDE. 5U5. PO.TESTER. SO* ] COTTON. PEftR\ PRESS. REG. 1.73 YAHD. Alpha convention begins Thursday in San Antonio Th» DriU JERSEY KNITS ICO* ARNEL & TRIACETATE IN MAJOT BOLD COLORS. 45" TOS4" WTDE.ON BOLTS .MACHINE WASHABLE. DON'T MISS THIS. A LOW LOW PRICE Of YARD SHOP AND SAVt MILL OUHE • II BROADCLOTH 45" WIDE. SS* POLY ESTER. 34S>COT- TCK. MACHWE WA5H & tRY. REG. $ 1.19 YAKD. NOW YARD PLISSE tco?, corrcfi. 44" WIDE, >o.v- OfD»E WASH A Wit. HO C4OK. C«EAT FOB WANTS & i5*CRT3- WEAK. SOUCK & miKTS, wilt? Aipfea .St«(<r Co in S^r. An KU Otrvc^a dt YARD HERCULON tnftobm Dr CccilM , t<r CUdji l'o(i Gri/fUh. Mri WUli« B St*n«ta«n Md Mn J*an Tanner *ii o< Ms* ISU «iii b* at U» cmr.iinJicn The eifubtt b*» been wt up by ytn Jtim e< Th. t** Nmi UPHOLSTERY A KJCE ASSaiTMilNTOf WKf'rR- EKT DE51GK5 AND WEAVES. S4 WIDE. CT< HOLU. LAMES. TCI; CAN'T AFFWDTOH.U5S TlttS.REcJ 13.99 VAtX'E. h'OW CULT the conneistwn Mn Wyco/f. chapter pffildtnl. Mri A J Kwrstrr Jr . Mn V Uaie Crwr ««d Mn L S Rrc* filfont Ttwy their own p $000 Ttw knit) tgg U nww a (jujfjly pfwfcjtt «{ price i« provide e*.M«tial tn th* <fc*t •mi: » rx^rt. T.saa, WyOfi4M. J^li It. Ifll Women offend TAHA convention A R«J«l.ttet ii|( xVtSXK tfc* «««:'<** SUMS of .4.8*'**! w&i »*<«i«) is. Area women attend DRT garden party trirfK>,a»(f ift 1.1.1 SO* *'x*j« H intuit *t 5**.* . 'jf >'*»«$!«(>! ixtl VNt l.«".Se»* s^ I., sir t- t •Hf'* cfeve«| tw/ FMHEITS CAKES- Mitt oont/n 5^ A Ptt. MRL'S BAKERY 1004 t MIABtMY IRBY'S RECUNAROCRCR H's the best sent th« best price yoy can g«t -delivered for Father's Day! HOM£ FUKNlSHJf-tGS 26^2555 YARD DRAPERY DRESS PRINTS UARf A HUGE SELECT1CW OF COTTON * COTTON BLEWD3. 44" WIDE, MACHINE WASHABLE. A TERRIFIC SAV« INGS AT PRINTS YDS r ^ ~ III Birthday to A B CHKISTKNSK5. ISBEL CLARK. KEtXY PELTIER, BIULY SCHAATT, RJH1U PLUMMER, BECKY RASMU&SEN, BARBARA GUPTON VICK. RALPH MOCK, Mn K W OOODE. HURMET BENNETT. CHARLENK TIELKK. ROBERT STOKES, TODD TEETS, ROSS DORSETT, TRAVIS R McAUIJEY , C«lcbrcl)ti( an aanivcrury: Mr. tod Mn HAL HUNT, BEN and KREOA WOOOALL. . . Sock Skirt CUTTING BOARDS I NON ROLL ELASTIC 40" K 1?" RULED Di 1" SQUARES, FOUS FOR EASIf LAMES, IXW'T MISS THIS BARGAIN. 3/4" TO 1" ELASTIC FOR MAHY USES. i YDS 100 •f Ike «r4lMry? Kcc U >•• CM llarf M empty Jbw prcicraMy OM wilk NOTICE! SUMMER SHOE SALE NOW IN PROGRESS ENTIRE STOCK OF LADIES; MEN S AND CHILDREN S SUMMER SHOES NOW ON SALE. wake • (lUrt out •( U, Perfect fat wiuhiflf ta« c«f , M. 1*1 town**- er wcariNg t« Qit brack. Jt I « I I N < I I f^-- •*•" ^u U7M, MILL OUTLET IR CONVENIENT UVMMV J£KT EDDYS SHOFq DO V 'NIC WN i ARE j A( K ', O N HMUN t .*/••!. v

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