Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on January 31, 1964 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1964
Page 6
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Living Cost Doesn't Heed Rule By SAM OAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-The (fcst of living isn't following the rules this winter. It has risen to a new high at a time when it wasn't supposed to, on the basis of past average behavior. And rising prices in some basic materials pose a further worry along the same line. A Today in History chance of any drop in the index mnch steam and causing is even more unlikely than! marked flurry of inflation, usual. . . ! Consumers haven't been. In urn* line*, workers have happy about any of this. And been helped in meeting higher now the statisticians are a bit perturbed, although putting most of the blame on the weather. They still hold to the belief that the rise in the cost of living will continue to be gradual rather than picking up George Washington Monument Authorized living costs by a rise in their take-home pay. And Congress is talking about increasing tte take - home pay for countless others by passing a federal tax cut biU by the end of next month. What pushed the cost of living to a new high in December of 107.6 per cent of the 1957-59 base period was largely the damage to winter crops by unusual freezes in the South, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. But also rising from the fit? What's worrying them now is wheher prices of basic goods will start rising again after a period of near stability. Most such goods are in adequate supply, and most producers have plenty of capacity— some of it idle— to turn out more goods if demand requires. All this helps hold prhes down on a competitive basis. But If •conomie growth takes off at the rate some predict, the excess capacity can disappear. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Friday. Jan. 31, 1964. There are 335 days left in the year. Todny's highlight in history: On this dale in 1848, Congress authorized erection of a public monument to George Washington on public land in the Dis- ing, personal care and reading j and recreation. trict of Columbia. It was com- j only twice before in the last plcted in 1884. and opened to j i 0 years had the December in| dex topped the November figure. And the January index is expected to stay around the record high. Biggest increases last year came in June. July, November and December. The yearend figure of 107.6 compared "with 105.9 in December 1962. Every November figures were hous- Demand then could rise faster the public in 1888. On this date: In 1795, Alexander Hamilton resigned as secretary of the treasury because the salary was inadequate for his needs. In 1917. Germany announced it would begin unrestricted submarine warfare in World War I. Keep Your Balance? Young Hobby Club Need Balance For New Stunt By CAPPY DICK Today's fun-project requires plenty of steadiness on your feet. It's a lot of fun, if you play the game correctly. To start, stretch a string straight across the center of the floor. Place a heavy book ("A" in the illustration) on each end to hold the string in place. The first contestant starts at "A" and must walk the line, heel- to-toe, without stepping off the string. If his foot misse the stiing, he is out of the game and another contestant starts. The pillows are to be tossed at each contestant as he walks the etring. If his foot misses the doesn't step off the string, he wins 100 points. If he completes the walk, heel-to-toe, he wins an additional 500 points. Additional rules are these: If a contestant is tossed a pillow he could not possibly catch and he ignores the pitch, he wins 60 additional points. If a poor pitch is made, the pillow must be tossed again. In 1944, the American invasion of the Marshall Islands began in World War I with a landing at Kwajalein in the Pacific. In 1950, President Harry Truman announced he had ordered the Atomic Energy Commission to produce the hydrogen bomb. Ten year* aqo — Frank Leahy resigned as Notre Dame's head football coach due to illness. Five years ago — Communist Hungary said it would limit the activities of the US. legation in Budapest because it considered those activities detrimental to national security. One year ago—In a special farm message, President John F. Kennedy asked voluntary controls bv* farmers on their milk and feed grain production. Bus with the Betas COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-There's at least one big reason for the popularity of Beta Theta Pi fraternity men with coeds at Ohio State University — a 30- passenger bus. The fraternity purchased the one-time school bus during the summer, and it's sent out each school day at lunch time to cir cle the campus and bring the Betas back to their house to eat Each week, they also select a sorority to transport, and the bus stops also for coeds from tha house. component of the index had risen during the year, with services showing the biggest gains. Consumers are used to food prices varying with tho seasons and with the violence or benevolence of the weather. They also have become used to serv- ces rising steadily in recent years. higher incomes, from longer work than supply. It has happened before in periods of increasing prosperity. Right now many people are helped by These come weeks and higher hourly earn ings, from increased interest paid on savings, from larger dividend payments, from higher wage scales. But for most folk the long battle between the pay check and the cost of been licked yet. living hasn't SEAT BELTS Imtolled *V JJO Mott Pr. Only **v7 Con ALLEN'S SAFETY CENTER 414 N. ltd TOMORROW: A novel idea for improving wastebasket's use! New Stamp in Memory Of Late President WASHINGTON (AP)—A five- cent stamp in memory of the late President John F. Kennedy will be issued on his 47th birthday anniversary, May 29, Postmaster General John A. Gronouski said Wednesday. The president's widow chose the date and will choose the design. Contrary to popular belief, the bloodhound doesn't follow a trail sniffing the ground and emitting eerie howls. .It runs without baying, having been trained to silence to avoid warning fugitivei or frightening lost children. THANK YOU On behalf of Melvin Holmei, Herbert M. Brecheiien and myself, I wish to thank our many friends and customers w» were pleased to serve while we operated the Fry Equipment Company. We have sold our Allis Chalmers and Krause con- tracts to Merrill Implement Co. and we would ap- peciate your continued patronage to this firm. DALE FRY TO BUSINESS, , CHARLIE BfiflWN .^ THESE SLIDES SH<W YOUR BI66EST AN& M<35t DAMA6IN6 FAULTS... &£CA<*5£ OF TMfiR IMRRTANC6, THEY Will KSH0a)NlM£Q(jQR . OR A PINK FAULT? MICKEY MOUSE HOW DOYOUUKEMY NEW DRESS, /THAT'S JAW* (COMMENT/ 0068IT V LOOK MCO*MN«T v» ... .•!» - BEETLE BAILEY THBRS'3 SO MUCH TO PO I DON'T KNOW £ TO STAIST.' I'LL JUST CJ.OSE EYES AMD PUT MY HAMC? POWN ANP GO TO WORK ON THE FIRST I TOUCH .' Yt>U LEFT YOUR OPEN / ETTA KETT DAD.7 PLffASE TELL HIM LOVS WINGEY HAS TICKETS FOR THE BASKET-SAIL GAME.'-HBSAIDTO ASK YOU IF YOU'D LIKE TO (SO. WE HAD A«UABRRL AND HE'S ON THE PHONE/ POGO YEARS OF BUILDING LEADERSHIP YOUR —Whether buying or selling, u= Telegram Want Ads! The Crestview — 3 Bedroom $788V cash Price with walk-out expansion area ... Monlh | y p ayrne nt in basement 28' « 46 *" Homes HOME BUY IN KANSAS „ — T Fine quality homei as low as $41 per month including delivery to your building site, erection on your J lot and foundation; and all faith material* /or inside and out! Low cott, liberal financing lor everyone-- •ith or without moneyl You can Include end finance the complete plumbing, kitchen cabinets, electrical and beating lyttema at tow additional cott. lOO's ol other plins to choose tram, or use your own I YOUR LOCAL RIPRISINTATIVI: IP. %. MfCOIMICK, Mi U», Lekbi, Ki. n» II S-4JJO ••— Stud iw nwrt intormiuoni HAUL- p e p». K-10 ADDRESS TOWN OR RFC- _ITATI atwa* 1 ..6* »*-* SNUFFY SMITH / 1 M P E RJ A L ON DISPLAY IN OUR SHOWROOMS NOW... AMERICA'S FIRST PERSONAL CAR ON THE LUXURY LEVEL fre th» limited tuition Impvitl C/w> C«vp« *' y<x" ntighttoihood /mpWa/ D«tlv"9 AUTHQMZfiO BfiAUtfl WALTERS MOTOR CO. • 118-24 Stevens 30 AA -BRING .. TH 1 VOUNG-UN NO, I JEST THOUGHT I'D COME OVER AN'VISIT A SPELL AN'" SAIRYH ARE YOU FOLKS RXIN'TOMOVE OUT OF TH'HOLLER? V BECAUSE THE SPONSORING GROUP WAS NOT ELIOIfLE TO P0*0-UNDER THE EXISTIN6 RULES... THBM We WAV EXPECT AN ANNOUNCEMENT PBOM YOUR OFFICE THAT APPROPRIATE ACTION HA* BEEN TAKEN ANP you THAT THE CON - TE6TANT IN THE SNOW BALL QUEEN CONTEST K NOT LESALLV ENTMSP MISS BOVP., I-AH-HAVE EXAMINED MER6EN, YO HAVE LOOKED INTO THE MATTER ABOUT WHICH STEVE CANYON THE RYATTS BLONPIE PUT YOUR FINGER IN MY ^ ELECTRIC T PENCIL -< SHARPENER) fejv. lllr 1 OKAY-NOW I GO BACK AND ( GET TO WORK HE DIDN'T EVEN TELL ME WHAT I DID WRONG.'

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