Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 26, 1955 · Page 3
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 3

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1955
Page 3
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The Dixon Evening Telegraph— Dixon, Illinois Thursday, May 26, 1955 WASHINGTON I?) — A shiny brass bell, silent itself, produced clanging discord today as the Interstate Commerce Commission set up a ceremony "to commemorate the passing of steam locomotives from America's transportation scene." Arrangements the centering around a richly embellished bell from a retired locomotive owned by the Frisco Railroad, went forward to the accompaniment of some pretty loud off-stage hissing by the friends of steam These friends insist that coal- Page Coal Burners Are Still Kicking Congressmen Protest Proposed ICC Memorial ICC Chairman Richard F. Mitchell all off the ceremony, whkh he descnbecl as "a stunt to publicize the diesels." Among other things, Kilgore demanded to see the vote by which the ll-man ICC had decided to participate in what he described was The National Coal Assn. hau pealed to President Eisenhowe: intervene, questioning "the etl I and legalnv of using a govern | Sees Child Killed ( HAFU.ESTON, iV. Va. Hor-tfied, Oliver Newman looked from the front poich of his home beside New York Central Railroad and taw his 2-year-old daughter .Margaret, who had been playing e yard, sitting in tne center of the tracks. A freight train was taring toward her. Newman ran toward the tracks but too late. The train struck his daughter when he was only a few feet away. She was dead on al at the hospital. diesehzed, piovided a marble and Indiana limestone snail lor permanent installation in the main lobby of the ICC building. The shaft, steam locomotives that served so long and so well," is topped by the retired locomotive bell, poi ished to a mirror-finish, and em bossed viih the official seal of the ICC. The seven-foot monument wae moved into the lobby several days ago and swathed in red velvet awaiting today's unveiling, tc which members of Congress, gov eminent officials and a long list Woman Claims Ownership of Lost 840,000 WAUKEGAN, 111. If) — A middle- aged woman claims ownership of bundle of money— reportedly more than 40 thousand dollars"— ,-hich a construction worker found and turned over to authorities May 12. Waukegan police Capt. John Brake said Wednesday he has m- estigated the claim of Mrs. Jane '. Siskind, manager of a Wau kegan book store, and said he is satisfied that "the money at one time did, and probably still does, belong to her." Mrs. Siskind declined to provide details of her claim and her law- ver, Frank Daly, was not available immediately for comment. Her formal written ciaiin 10 tne money was presented to State s Attv. Rob ert C. Nelson, who had deposited m an Antioch. ill., bank the money- Albert W. Sorenson, 34, turned over to him. The money reportedly was found near Mrs. Siskmd's family horn on South Genesee street in Wau kegan. Sorenson said he found it "outside and away trom building but never has made public the particulars. Smoked Ham, Turkey Top List of Foodstore Specials By the Associated I'ress Smoked hams and turkeys will dominate the list of specials in the nation's foodstores for the approaching Memorial Day weekend. These holiday favorites will be priced below a year ago. meat report. In general, turkeys will be down a couple of cents a pound. Smoked hams will be available at levels 10 cents a pound or more below those of last Memorial Day. Canned nams also will be Frying chicken prices will show little change fiom a week ago. Sirloin steak prices will be high- No Steering Wheel MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. (.Ti — A safety checkup re\ealeil Harry Bacon's car had no steering wheel, only a horn ring. "The. «heel came off so I use this," Bacon explained. He was ordered not to drive until he gets ;i new wheel. dm JJ- almost l/z is \ ^<jSiw^ \ Oil Creme base j) " ALMOST Vt is Oil CREMI BASE (PATtNTlD). The oil-rich creaminsss helps protect your hair's natural texture and luster while waving ■ so gently. Curls are softer, more natural-looking from the moment , first combed out. ONtY NUTHI-TOWC 6IV1S DIIP-OOWN WAVJNO. Fantastic new Customizes developed by Nutri-Tonic, causes more thorough waving deep inside hairshaft. for firmer, ionger-iasting curls. WAVIS IN IITTII AS 10 MINUTES. Also gives fastest permanent, start to finish, because of exclusive deep-down waving and patented Oil Creme base. There's i Customiti Nutri-Tonic j PeriaiMnt "j«*t riftir f»r you j PERMANENT WITH Oil CREWE BASE (PATENTED] wh*rey*r toiletries ore x>ld er in manv places, but bv and large popular cuts of meat will ; sell for around the same prices as i a week ago. The American Meat Institute i comment is that contrary to the usual pattern, pork continues in relatively good supply for this time of year, with retail prices ranging 13 to 31 per cent below those of a year ago. Both the green and the yellow types of squash offer good value. Asparagus, carrots, beans, cel-y, escarole, endive, com and new crop onions* also are lecom-mended by the produce specialists. KidneySlow-Down May Bring Restless Nights 0D0H0D0/ Mi. Sfj^ creamy ■ IM.i l H« AFKicAy yxmn - ' j rabbit xo rootjct The watermelon is a native of The rabbit is not a true rodent, topical Africa, where it still grows | but a lagomorph. because it has vild. It was carried to north Afn- two sets of upr-er front tret/., or.e :a. southern Europe, and south- behind the other, while a rodent vestern Asia at an early date. | has a single set. mm Highly Improved 120 Acre Farm I Sells at Public Auction i Tuesday, June 7, 1955 at 2 p.m. D.S.T. Farm known as the Fremont l)eets farm located East of Dixon on Alt. 30 to Prairieville, then 2 miles West on gravel road then 2 miles North, in excellent farming community. BT1LDINCS consist of two modern houses— One with cicht rooms and bath and new gas furnace with hot water hpat : One with six rooms and bath. NEW Grade A dairy barn, 34\(U, attached milk house, feed and silo room, cement *ilr>. »w three car earaee. Extra shed with hay loft, single crib. Hog house and feeding floor. The LAND is all tillable, highly productive in a high state of fertility. The farm is divided by roadway with SO acres on, one side of the road with all impro\ ements, 40 acres on the other 'side of the road unimproved. The farm will be offered in two separate tracts, then offered as a unit and will he sold \vhiche\er realiars most for the sellers. Possession will be given on or before March I. I95fi. EVELYN DEETS EDGAR DEKTS RORERT DEETS NOLAN DEETS . HARRY DEETS Owners / of railroad presidents were in- much a 0art of the rail toad picture tirular form of motive power." I of railroad presidents were in- . |i ,rm, nAt T l^-T^ 5™%r™?n-7t m «X" I THIS FARM AM TIME and that "death and burial seiv- The White He use has made no j "ted. HOOVER i vS^AT?Os S^ V ^> I This is a rare opportunity to buy a xerv desirable farm. For ices for them in a government pronouncements on the subject. , Aitei the piotcsts arose. ICC of- ,,VW,WI ; FURS BoVt n^«a"™irPfc".d^tif th«e I more information call Auctioneer collect, Polo fi-2 183. building are highlv improper. Itisco's idea ! finals said there was no intention ... » . CrDl/irr *«•»» bmh-r >•„«. i>,<Bn-< p>iu-.« mild ■ Chorus of Protest The idea of a memorial to the j of injuring the coal industry. They »MLt»anO 9CKVIVC ( Will Store Them Until Next FalJ t^^^j'^J^^^ZM"",^ I MELV1N HAMv • LYLE DIRKS WARD &- WARD Sen. KUgore (D-WYai joined a steam locomotive originated with j noted that between So and 90 per ,21 II A I I ?C DiaJ ! FORMAN I Auctioneers Attorney chotus of protest by coal-state con- the St.- Loms-San Francisco Rail- cent of all lailroad serivce is now First St. nHLL 3 2-1511 Restyling and Repairing ters a,Jh DUtY^ I pressmen, making an appeal to mad. The Frisco. nu\v completely | dies-el-powered. H ' ' ■— EEE1 Ei— Mi^^i^W^i^i^^— WW IIIIIIIIIIIIIW ^^^^^^^ '""^ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHilllllilllllllH j Law-n and Garden ■> B ach Balls 98c cfr^ rrTl km I j Sta fresh and creamy in jar * / mm jBf j ii9*,'l" i R^ 51 00 Hordw° °d 8 Co"v0' Open tpiWhaiWI.WIIiamJiUlil^M'imQ 24 Hour L'f.W'j" » t *io» l^r's* $1" zsiZx CAMP ST00LS f,T" 77c SSrtTwij ScW f-p-h'° 5'i SsIZj rrSCil pSc jugs \t. t "««" S^aiSflP F«taT 4,iana Tooth Paste 2-69c •fi? CASTING ROD 1" E£ ^■fSSg^lJ K *eme ^ T ] ™™ 6 98C ' 5% DDT V^^r /^^^^pLT^^ GameraS Sl-00B«»«l«Houb!gaiit V Special 1 %nmnrwrJ INSECT BOMB 98° N»3^iJJi3*m ™«* Summer Cologne 69» Vroi ^PLMBwAjhVbJh\% For Ccid Drinks and Lunches t^T^^^^^^^^f^^^^T^^^AXimmi FldSH Barbara Gould Mm%mWmJm\Jmm\M 1 Spot'weed 1 $8" ICE CliEST S6'5 10 p■m■ mmSESSSmmmWEEm \ Bulbs s200 Cleansing Cream .... T° J COLOGNE 1 Killer ' FISHING POLE 39= Air-Conditioned for Your Comfort Skin Bracer Zi5tt\5T5§« l^tJ^L ■ No Mixing $i|98 W J L^9wJ ^teare^—^. 0 65c alka seltzer 54c ~ lu WwWwi XXIXX JS**1^r-^y\ 1 ANACIN TABLETS 98c ^JJ ZZIX3 r™.™ ±S IKMTi^T 85c PHILLIPS MAGNESIA 67c vlWvm^T^T^ IcOTY iBilSf ^i^'Ir^ 75c BAYER ASPIRIN 62c f||8Blfe^7 4 I tJETJL • CAMERA tO majce 1 75c PEPTO BISMOL 59c iMt\WiMilwH$^J*JI Tj lw» ^ uomi«r 65c ALKA SELTZER 54c 1 ANACIN TABLETS 98c 85c PHILLIPS MAGNESIA 67c 75c BAYER ASPIRIN 62c 75c PEPTO BISMOL 59c ■ - - ^ ^m*. ... I' !j| Hammond K y',~NCJ\ 1 Slug Shot I M M Dust for All Types lIO ! m Garden Plants W t=3?^^J I 49c i J| Suppiex Flexible K S Sprinkler g 1 A i m Gro-Green I Jl Concentrated K ■ Plant Food Liquid H 1 29° I I I CEDAR SPRAY | Ifgj 1 & MOTH KIT W llllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll No. 1 Gift Request BROWNIE HAWKEYE FLASH CAMERA OUTFIT Here's everything they need for perfect pictures indoors or out. 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