The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 14, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1859
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b K«^4^«ir^ft »- T|f^'^J|^^^ M ^Bp''^i^**^^^' s> * w ' s ^- jwis 1 "H."iL j 5TTT >-Tft-r* 7WT ^. JL JL. JL-.* JL . U.YJL JL XtJKEE -NEWS. THE JDAII.Y NEWS. ST j.«. Bumnrxor .JOEITB wiw.or; . «rc» El'l -MO, OX SU80* ETKKET, KIAIt WAIJCBB BOC8X. DM)/ l*»;pur, published every morning, except Monday. Ti.-W'eitly Fftper, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Pkper, every Tuesday morning. $7,00 TEEMB OP »AllT PAPER. OaUy Paper for onr year, payable In advance TEKalflOPTEI-WFEKLT PAPER. Trl-«' «*!y Paper for one year, pambleln advance »8,BO TtRMS rtF THt WTEEgJVr PAPER. » eeklj Puper tor one f Kar, pay-able in advanc*...H,00 Ten lines, or loss, of JJonpareil rank* a square. 1 square, I month...{ 8,00 5 do. , S month!.. 10.00 1 do. 8 months.. 12,00 1 "square, a day.. I do. S tlayv 1 do. 8 days 1 do. ildftv:- i do. f> da : I do.' S w?t» I do. 8w ks. .J1.00 . 1,60 . 2,08 . 4,50 . 8,00 , 8,60 . 4,00 . 6,00 . do. 4 months.. 15,00 .. 1 do. 6 months.. 16,00 1 do. 8 months... ?,0,$0 1 do. 1 year. . . . 80,00 K « H 11 d S A I AtJVI UEIM>«; a u g «l o H 1 AS Kundolpii Street, art au&ioneerf to T-«- fiet .iWt><.rtf«ef»CTif« /or <M« and atf tht Leading fapfr t vj tht A'ortAiresl, and are.Ue OKLT m,d fx. MILWAUKEE,;rUKSBlY MORNINO, JCiVE 14, EAt —The clfy of Detroit spent thre thousand dollars 1n entertaining the Milwaukee Light Guard and their guests, on the occasion of theb visit lastweek. Detroit has learned Milwaukee a long lesson in liberality and at tention, which lesson we hope to be able to re cite to onr teacher some day. We are pleaeed to hear that Hon. Chas Summer is reoorering. He is in Paris, where he 1ms Lad his spinal marrow taken out, turned, scraped, soaked in oil and replaced—his moscular membranes operated upon, his nerves takeu ont, aired and replaced, and is now in B fair way of reoorery. He will resume his Senatorial duties he savs DP AoArs — Hiram Cole has btwu arrested in New York, charged with poisoning his reputed wife to death, while confined in child bed. He in the person "we shot down in the Streets of Chicago two years sinrp, wliilu en. deaVoring to effect his esoape from custody, charged with a nearly similar offfnco. Most of our readers will recollect the circumstance. /LOHVELT majority IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. MARK M POMEROV, Editor. flprord. (or Junt 18, '68 ii, 19 )(pr, n p " MASON AND DrxoN's LINE."—C B. Town & Co , 93 Baltlmor« street, Baltimore-, st-tide us a quarter column ndvortisrfuii'nt of a new weakly paper named as above, with a requist to pnulisli six months, and take for it §12 worth of jewelrj. Town & Co. air asses than we took them to be. and we will allow them to humbug some one besides UP—if they can The pross, as far as heard from, i PUTTIMQ ON Ai^s.— Last 'night we went to St. James' Church, to iiear the talk on Richmond. B was 'public, but hardly were we seated beforn the sexton laid , hands on,.. cur shoulder, and said we must leave the church or be put out, as they would have no reporters tor the A'fwj there 1 Rather than get up a muss in the House ot God, -by scooping out the crowd, we left, -but hope to be excused forgoing back in" disgnistf. We shall have a word or two to 1 say on this to-morrow- .As one of the interested ones said he would be Q— d d— d if Richmond didn t get "scooped,' 1 w« intend to se« hoVr they do it. imp'restdoo bag { OKVMittiosr.— Somehow tho ontthat-wt) ehonld be ab. Fix.—In Janesville, a receiver of the Gas Company sent notice to consumers that if they did not pay him the gas would t» shot off, and lln> company have sent out notices that they iiitirtt he paid, or thry will shot off. Th« tronble Is one thu JanesvilU folks •'should make light of." Things liavu come to a pretty pass, If Janiavl'le people can't have gas, B}' I'ajlng once Instead of twice, A.S such a Bhave does not look nice. A man who w« understand resides in •Van Regan, III , made a standing jump this orenoon, of thirty-.••' •'•• < i - aa( j three Inches n three jumps I 'I,,.. i... t was p-rformed at lie Hyatt House • .lack Howe, one of onr Janesville boys, jila,. jumped thirty-five ft«t i)d niue inches in Hie same tnannor Tliolast » asiouiMiini;. and tlie former seems aluiBst sent from this gathering at Milwaukee, .next Wednesday, afid .we have received seyeraj epistles admonishing us to dp so at bur peril';' : It willl» thfelfiinlt of Appletoni if Appleton" isn't represented. But the truth is Appleton's editor hasn't a' decent hat or trowsers and tblsi idea of going doWn there in,Inginrii{ isn't raol-i Jifying to the fa> lings,, it isn't. ; Will ihe city fathers make art appropriation out of tbufund foreqnipment al|d repairs'?— Appleton Cttxtnt. Never mind Snm— don't feel embarassed _ ' but cunie along.; We have a pair of summer pants, well ventiated, and they shall bo placed at your disposal If yon havo to ponni in "Ingin" rig,:hojrever, please sta'n your legs a sort of copptra^ color till yon get here, or you will be taken for a "Hottentoot" In dis- gnise. | ADVERTISEMENTS. B Y A V T H O K I 1' Y . ln— lane»rille Tines Th^re is a young man in f ! office who can make &w standing jumps of twelve feet teu H- lias jnmp-il thirteen le-H two and nounce General Kinp's pondut-t in going of)', | a 1|H " inches on a plauk, and can do it apain. s t ». " for Trlrgraj.h and r,nnr>,fr<,al ,i<ntt,ri set Fourth Pope How TO TELL —Circulat" a subscription pa per 13? The library ot the Lawrence University, at Appletorj, cnntainF 5.000 volumes In the chess fights. KipOE alwar§ beats Berlin Berlin had better "castle " and leaving a lawyer to deliver an editor's address If the General tliought there was no , one in tlie profession email t-Dongh to lake his place, he shoul i have pone ofl without saving a word. Thu address will, in all probabilities, \v dispensed with, unless tors choose a speaker from among their own i WUl> > 1 OIU ' ••ountry friends coiur here day after n amber EDITOBIAL CONVKNTIOS—WHO WILL ENTERTAIN THF. EDITOBS'—The following editors and puliliiih.r? ar« al.snnt from the citv. and will 1... Juiing the Sf>sion of tl, e ConvAition: Messrs King and .l.-rmain of the f-'mtinel; Vtg, KKAD |T — The Manitowoc Herald thinha the atte|tion the editors will reooive here to morrow, iiu " all in your eye.'' It says • ****!*" "But when they r «mind themselvvsJ as they have had occasion to do hundreds of {lines before, that Milwaukee has long nrtglect^l its own vital interests, because her basinefss men have pursued a policy whioh has iuduol-d the preater proportion of the trade of thu west to seek other markets the riddle will stjggest its own solution " ' There is a great deal of truth in the Herald's re i arks, thonghjIhM city pn-ss her« will see that everything U all on the square. It is true, that some of our busiu. ss men don't know unough lo break eggs about what ia for their benefit, but with pthers, the feeling is altogether, widely diff-re|it The fferak, editor will I* w. II takt-n rart of, or lie will L»ve liberty to set ligiit at oiir expensn, or do anything else he may see tft to while iu the city— free gratis for nothing; Of the Condltloa of the M-utual Snmrance. Company of Buffalo, rn-the 8d of Febraary, 1359. Made to the Secretary of State, Wlaconsir, | to the Stat- • ' Haiti »«D LOJiTIO-1. l.lben»me or the Company is T\e Mutual Imur. <ine« Company ot Buffalo. "• Located In Buffalo, 'State if New York. I. CAHTAI. . 3. The amout of autboriied „ "P" 1 ' 1500,000 3. The amount paid op M3.290 *• II. Aasna. 1st. Cash on hand. 2d. In the handi nf and due from arcnts t others 4,315 87 8d. No real estate, 4lh. Conilii belJ by the O,, It. 1. M. H I!. K. loads, 12,000 2. Toledo, Norwalk &.01eve bonds.. 4,000 8 H. I. R Tt bonds, 8.00U CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. NOTICE. Contract Department. June 10,1869.' f T Ot/ollow >i$ t* A schedule of lots and parts of lotj la Third War I of City of Jlllwiultee, which have oeen declared puhlio'nuisance. In consequence of stair- fif "*i! er ani1 fllth '"eroon, and the amount tetopru- .rifi !? c . ' the amount of benefit, wblch «ai,i lots »1 I derive by filled .afficient to abate lh« said nuisance. W IS, N H o JOHN VcGB*TU, iiccoasiica. AMUSEMENTS. V O I \ fe > *_J8_1 L L OB, KANEJ^AROTlFvOYAGES I- < > K 0 N K VV r- K K , COMM-KVCIM, Thursday Even nag, jnnr «>, Lot. » I , \\ Block, licnetllj. 79 7it 73 79 ,io 00 al lIlghneKt the I'rlnon Consort Prince of Wiles. »,,,| 1.^,1 ^ K ra ,,' t Mimrtuorj, 14 Hex..m a [., pror.oUDOi.,1 t)y .lni.-rl.MO tn.l Km subh.i e .rrwTtlon ut irt -v. r -<hl an prou- (jram.T nf the inVon*,,,; au d LalLrop of the the e<ii- j A,-M» We are half-lncliupd to the )>ellef that A NOTE—While the Light Guard were at Detrpit, Company I), of Buffalo, who were to entertain them al the latter city, thought they would send ont a guard to reconnoitre, and see if they were "all right " A Lieutenant was there/ore despatched to Ltetroit. but on his arrival there he thought it best to ke-p shady, which he did, returning soon to Buffalo, and reportine that the M. L G were 'sound" that they would do—even for Company "D " «.«. , HE wot'Lii.v'T BE DAREL —The Klnd,-rlioo); The Bedarbug Rifle Company, U&plain N.Y , .Vofes u-Ug of two boy> aged ahoui 12 Him. will bave a parade and ball. Monday ' years, named Band and Kinney. who a few evening, at Hilgen's Spring. ! day? ago were playing with an ai on an island ,-, R , ,, 1'! ,, . , i t'-'tween the bridges, near Hanna's factory, in (jov Randan deliver? thf oration of',, .,, , ,. . .. _, •' j the vilUce of ^alatle Thev got into an alter""! j oation, wh^n Band, havinp possession of the ai approached Kinney, wbu wa« eittmc on I u -morrow they will by the local of In.- .SV.i/, titk-n cure of 'rte Iltinofat. There are still in Milwauk".- or^r a ilozen editois, bul n all slmtild to. w, should see that they were w,-ll uk,-n cat,- vl, or bust iu thr attempt, au.l the editors i.| the Dmitxrat would .lo tli.- sain*. Thos^ absent are the ones ill-it will re.pra it —ihe r.- s ! will |, ar ^ co c-HU?*e Hi ooru j.laint. hf city of Boston Laj appropriated 815.000 for th<- celebration of the fourth of Jnly MfNlCIJ-AL COI III — II,s H OV(|B J ( ., IU FDOTE PRESIDING. —Monday, J ul)r . 13 _£., drunk xnd disorderly , fined g3 and '•o?t- Committed for ten dav.. Pall-irk Gallagaher and f'atii,-k .Sullivan the day at Portage on the 4th of July are to have a grand time they sav Jap Ephraim Knowllon E«q . of Mineral Point, was cruelly beaten the other nicht by two unknown ruffains, for some unknown cause. The amount of lumber sent to market from the Cbippewa river this spnng. amounts ot the enormous sum of seventy five millions feet log, and told him if he didn't move he would chop hie head off Kinney refused, and dared him to do it, whereupon Band threatened to ont Kinners finger? off. and, being again dared to execute his threat, raised the ai and cut off two of \,\f companion's rineers druuk ami disorderly- Gal ^ penally Richmond on the late Convention*. I will f,rove whjit I promised about William Adams D. 1) . of K'ashotah. Proposition —Uf. Adams was actuated by Borne not good spirit, at least. For hitherto we have l^en good friends He was glad 1 rame to Milwaukei, Snd probably agreed wllh l»r. Coir, in the ojiioiou so often expressed to me, in 1857 1858 «nd 1859, that 1 -'could do Milwaukee. St. I'aal'a Church, and the dioc-se'' very gn-at good, ujuder God N'uw whai has I'hangrd. him I,'went t<> th c Convention in 1857, at Madison, and was not transferred from j Massachusetts, and therefore was not a canoni- ral member of th)s L»iooese. But in 185>> I l,ai! bet-u transferred, and tvas iHr,, u»,i,,,r»a// v be]ov~d and popular and yet, «„!,. and marl tin3. I wa^ ./'/ ..HI n/tt.j»» in all (A/)i<;j. Cot 1 have l»-come so afriiiitotned to thi.a marked 4. Sto.-Vri: (T. .". 5s 10,000 worth ^0,187 50 0. M. (U 9,000 . worth 8,155 96 S N. Vorkos 6,1*0 do 6s 19,600 worth 26 90S 75 &. Debts due tt> the Go. secured bj mortgage on unencumbered real estate, worth double the amount of mortgage "per schedule" bearing 7 per cent. Interest 6. Debt* otherwise secured by stocks. mort|raB;es and Insurance scrip of Una and other companies^ and Interest on same.... 19,000 E40, Jel1-J3t K | j NOTICE t'ontr-t. l f'eriartment, Milwaukee, June 11, '5a. ( B V r- I l .L i re omtio.i or the uoiumon Couodi, a>Iopt.-.l Juav Slh, ISO-, Uie recomtn-ndallon nf ilia 8tr-el ilotn- musloners to arH«. North all«y to the estllbll»^„| <r a,l- *<"•'">! mter,,t,n a i running through block 163. in the t=eco.-i,l War,) t a *'" '" -'nib.t-u, vnoun * | ordered, ' Ur. Kau«-<K»r-^. ...... ! That said alk-j be gradfd to the ft/ ^r» It thls g offl« '° ""' ™ na " Ue "' lhe °"y Kmrtn'T ,,n die' In Owners ol property In said alley are h.jr-by oouar,! lo make such iraproyemeni. with'n 20 ,u,s from ihu .late, or the 8te'*l Commliaioner? nf the Se.-;,t.,l W^r-l will cause the s.sme to ba .lone rind rhar ? e<] i., -h^ ,... ipe'tlie Inft according to law. Jell-,l«l K L'U. l+ARBI.SiCH, C.,mptr,,ll.. r T . P. FAILING'S ARCTIC' To B e,h., r » ltn IE,,.,,,,,, »rankl,n A^-rlc^ ' lr ««"n«' ia» .. *.,,„..,,-• , lhe "s-iuin.auj. 1>,, W ., ih,. i>e:,..i, r,n , „.„,„, „. ' Hl.-Jl.-y. .J,- 7. Dtbta for premiums, con- slitlnt; at bllli receivable. 8 All other 9. contie4 \ti3 c!aim« due the (Jo., »»l? s . ie*, ve-sels, 4c V. Personal property owne.l by the Co , Hteani Tujr, I'uuips, Ac. .... Total Ai^etJ 116047 19 41,013 74 33,824 T3 8U.6M 87 2D.63U 71 NO'l'ICK. CITY 0 '»PTBOI.L*H'< Drrii-t : Conlnct Department, Milwaukee, June II. 1S59 ' f ^ BALED proposalii Till te r»,:e,ved at th:,ota,-e ,n I 1 ' U)Th "" <1 »y. Ju "<- 1«, '< 10 A . ,.,r,,r r,ir n l»h,o K the followlnt; named ,. rtlcles for the use and repairing ., I Br direa, TH . Ua-Ung, per Ib; Boll, an-. Nuts o ,r Ib Spike, per Ib; B«bbet or Compoal.i,,o Met»l uer Ib' » rooght or forget Iron per Ib; Steel work per llr Jac« Bcrew^ per piece. »o.l work per ,l»y, BtMoif op je29-d4t K. L'H. &B The .nt.rr. Ar lie Kth.l.inon. c 1 O<V F. A . C,,mptr.,,|.. \ 0 ^ N'OTK C.rv Cui 494 6W <JS III L1A9IUTIBR. 6. The araouol r.f tUbllUiea .luo t . Link, and otli -r cr^^ittis. None.pxcept- ng what .a C'.ntalne.! u V., 10. 0 Loflara adjusted ao.l due ' do d.i and not iur. S. Losses unadjusted. 8ap- po«d to be at th* eiteot about 9 LO^S. 9 in Huspcna-. S\m; us So 3. 10 All oilier against the cumpa.Dy. Individual balances, uoclaim-.l 'livi tien^a, ani rfd^mption .if ?crip uncalled for , I 1UK f l, fio.u T-.i None. Nona t jchedu'e .if ,.iU O'.ii i,-IK •oniastrrrt i , IU»oV.i^n Ih.- Ninth Wa-.| . r tn, ritj ,,f \i ,w.u«—. .n , amount which e»<:h iut, Ir niioy ^n taul 3 r« bent-nit-] 6y jrav. "mif inj «r»-i >u i „!,„ curbing the i .(.walk, a » p-i pi in sn.l'itm Ulty Knijlueer. ai (ollows JOHN LAl.'BK -HKIMCK H itL'KCiCKHTr. CITY ADVERTISEMENTS N • r i (. i- n »i=tii.i. -'i o Jili 71 ci .: 4 iU •.'U '.'14 L.)t 15 i; 19 .'1 i) •n li 1 benefit^. f«0.liO *I.:«J $1. Sullivan's fin.-, $] an,l ,. o . G Lien vic.latiu^ lOtll s-r-n,,,, of laws f, tin- prevention i.f tires, tin^d *](i HD J cnstc distinction, which 1 hav,- once or twice received, uf all the flcrya, ^vnn f^om the House of Bishops, that the e^l,,,,,,,, h~lps now to bnild in- up. and th^ not •• Invini; rorr^tiou violating 3d s~,-!i u n, evident i makes me .freat " : alter charp.- to I,, iuclud-d in th, | For -xampl- \Vl..n I • W a.s but a youth" th.-r.-fnr.- di«- j and ja«t ordain-d (! tw..nty,«..ven y»ar« old, I went from Illinois. )iavin« ,-/,.,.,., mvirlf 10 the G-neral Convention in Philadelphia, in 183.'), proved tirst, ani thi f rum misK^d. Sarah Canfi^l 1, i:,r,..nv fi,,m dwellinp-houge Trl^d bv 11 Th- Kiea,te>t »m.,unt t.f lir $6,00.1 e r.skj I- ihr niun' I m!t. bul ir i..rur -»»e'» ','t h. . I riika fill. OWl IJureai iflu if ill- iiiu»; lioiii. ior- u I. irMM Mii^uut ..f [.recaiuma received iu 3;»te if rlik i..rur »n< ^ »r ? ... |Ii .'18 JU .'H Jlii ! ll .M-; •il-i •/u <II..HI t" IIII Tli- market Mine .-f n. Bloe.b'.Kjt-rs. U. tf [>nri by ita rhar er c '."Olp.ny h.ii ^n th* Mu' u 11 CAp.ra. aij'l thr li ur..,rt!jr jf I'lvul^nd, i ptr C.«Q t i»n tta uutstan<]inv irrlp Tn- charter . r a. t .,f lnc.,r|.ortn,n of .»:.! lumpa A.|l A piecr N.-U. H. a i XT A Tl lit U ISI <t\«il .- n; a ET A R v '.•< I _-u,l[y. Sentence not | with the Ii, 0( .e,- Illino:- and the Bishop NtiELT REATEN — The other day a v-iled lady drove np to the hotel where Paul Morphy Gove of the Ozaukee Ttr,, ff re- ' was stoppins in New York, and wap shown fuses to exchange papers with Farrar. of the I ' mn t '" 1 ' a( l'es parlor, from where she sent a West Bend De»,<,crai. Dick's heart is all ! card to Mr. Morphy, saving she wished to play TfcO.HLn.VTHE nf enquiry" i,n r-ould ^nd four a rjd ther* wern only thrrr in on BII I rhoK- myself — w , OJUl!uu Kemper. to »<-e whether R-v J C Richmond shafl b. ti,e-Re.'t ., 1 B ,, hop ! W -"' ' f " unj - r i t.ook of stone, or he never would take BO cruel a step PICXIC ExcmstoN—Yegterday the children attending the German and English Academy, with their teacher? had a pleasant picnic ex- cnreion, which all enjoyed a game of chess with h,im. He accepted, and for an hour there was a hard battle, Morphy barely winning the game He could not find out who the stranger was, but saye she is the most formidable player he has yet met We should not be surprised if she took the starch A> EA.B.LT FROST—Miss Caroline Frost, of Rochester, a girl not .yet thirteen years old is the mother of a fine boy weighing eeven pounde. An early '-Frost" lhat 1 of Paul some of these sed to call on him again a ' * h * not Last "• •"'f. Paul's Church. ,,r St James' Churuh v. i- a ivntury a«.', with prayers ii. man, and «en! it 1(1 to tli- Hous- of Hi- witL a iD.-mi.riKl fr«tu m-. au.l n, D r Act rj, . »t^ TrrMU-y the «utn f.f t I'.uru .t prrtn unia rrrt-.v, I f'.r UK fr ir I5i». . i^r .th tin- rtr<j i r^mt-ni of 4--t j>i Vrj act '-. repulal- I nf nrai. r i i ..l^-l t i 'i --y FU t L II. UAKUINKK. i.. N< ' 1 H h. I '7 1". KP-» .j ,» . M'» I i)-i,.rt, 11T ,,i. M i j : ^ -tl, lV Jr I. : it »ai »v-nu^ »n>l N< T ! «' Jc.n,.-, -li- pu u tr, - . .. that W t Hn-.l, ,,r \i » 4U ".t a well filled, and HI:. , ( .ra>. r, and appointmeof j tran «| a , it Secretary, «tr . ou r , f ti,e Epi?,-opal CKT,.•!>« relating to the way t-. settle difficulties between pastor and church, »as read After some preliminary remarks and arranire- -d for Ih- h>- fomni.'-n Prnynr inlo th* German tongue I had, Mar.-h 1, 1035, prea<-h-d Iht- r.r,t (irr- man sermon trotn at American tougne in the :.- il. v- : i .la > » 'r- in i ai.) '» •.' I * 'I n., II, :-,,,.. , -.-,, K I H N< B. S. Heath has associated with himself, jn the publication of the Menashs Conservator, J. B Hyer, late a foreman in the Madison Pafr-ioJ offioe. BKOES JJ.IL.—Joseph Hickler who was awaiting trial in the jail at Dunnviile, charged with bnrning th* Allen House, made hie ee cap^ on the night of the 3d, by boring through the floor. Tj^a' is not quite a.- remarkable as the young lady who became grandmother at the age of 22—the fact we believe is related in Beck's Medical Jurisprndenoe— Mad\s<nt Patriot. Chief Beck says hie -juries-prudence" never j stated any Bach thing. j J65" Miss Effit- Carstang, of St. Louif, has «jued Mr. Henry Shaw, of the sam.- place, for breach of promise. She estimates the injury to her affections at the tidy littlp snm of glOO,- OCifi and the jnry brought In a verdict for the fall amount OU, '"Shaw ! " New News Depot, corner of Main and Wisconsin streets Late papers kept constantly on hand. New York dailies in advance of the mails A choice, selection of stationary and new books Please give us a nail. WM.E. TUNI.-4CO. MATTILLE IBO.V —The Iron mines at May rille. bodge County, in this State, are the best in the Went Experiments al Chicago has proved the Mnyvnie i- !1D to U- so good that hereafter no other is to U, used for water pipes. A cor.'rart has just been closed for 500 tons of 4 and 6 inrh pipe—to be delivered immediately SKEVED HIM EIGHT—The proprietor of tbt Sau Francisco Bulletin was lately fined one hundred dollars for publishing the obscene confession of Mrs. Sickles. The Sentinel and the Free Democrat did the game, while the and Wisconsin, not caring to pander to vieions and depraved tastes, refused to pnblish so disgusting a statement. FOETUSATB.— A man named Wells, his wife, three children and ox team, were for innately drowned while crossing a small river in Iowa, on their way to Pike's Peak. He was from Monroe county, this State, and though their fate IE a sad one, it U better than it would have been had be reached the Peak. IKCREASE OK EIVEE BATES —By a new arrangement, all the boats running on the Mississippi, from St Paul down, bore agreed to a uniform tarifl for the transportation of passengers and freight, and the ruinous competition, endangering not only property but life and limb, is now a in great measure done away with. , the billiard player, hag offered to play Roberts, the English champion, an "internafocal" French three ball carom game of billiards for §5,000 or $10,000 B side, Roberts to come here. His agent came over in the Asia expressly lo see abdnt it, and was much gratified at the frank and handsome manner in which Mr, PJujJan met him. CABpLESSEBBS.—Albina, a little daughter of BpberV Evans, of Mount Pleasant, was sbot.: by; her brother on Thursday last. Bfe^ WJuTJwenty one yea« of age, had been out ^hooeng -blackbird... and was care- iaasly handling his gun, when it went off, lodging • teary charge of *hot in her «bdo- Honicofi ITEMS.—The Araut says the trial and excursion trip on the new steaml)oat was a good thing Seventy-five couple went up the lake, taking along a band, danred all the forenoon, and a storm coming up, iiVy vomited ell the way home in the aft-rnoon The ladies balancing to the right, and the gents to the left of the boat. There was another break in the Horicon dam Friday night. It was discovered and repaired before much damage was done however. The frost about Horican last we«k was s "ripper." Hon C. H. Larrabee has oflered all tbo saf- ferers by the late fire their lease of water power and lots, for five years, trte RKJIOVAJL —On and after Monday, the 13th. m s t , the retail etor-k of Bradford Broth-™will lie opened in the stort No 199. East Wat^r stro-l, lurmerly owupied by Me* Chandler & Jennings next door to the |e ry store store of Matson i Loomis. wher.- w shall continue to run off onr stock till th whole is disposed of We hav,. 8 tjH a ver large and desirable stock of goods, which wi be sold at prices that w'll insure their sale Our wholesale dry goods business and carpe trade will be continued at the old stand, 155 East Water strete. till onr new stor.- is com pleted. june)2—d3t BRADFORD BROTHER., NOT VEBT SrsiPTCons —The allowance lo the keep of French soldiers is six sous for tw meals a day. French soldiers in garriso "lavf, every day of their lives, two basons o loop, with strings in it which they call meat and perhaps a few blta of onion or vegdlabli by way of giving a flavor, basid-s this, each man haj 1 1-2 Ibs. of coarse bre d. When on service they have a little wine, but otherw except on grand occasions, each as reviews tney have none, nor any spirits, beer, or coffee We wonder how the .Milwaukee Light Guard would like it for Co . misaary Eliot to lay in such a set of supplies? hphete, at Bearristom, on th 8f . hoo , HoOfc and ,,,.„„ ,,,„ Ho)j Cot ^ mun ^ ,„ fi , c ^ pun, f |,,,, K a p,| ,uS,,n.|.T s.-hr,-,l fur lying hard. faced . ,, menu, th. al!egat,on« wer- preferred, and I,,j Dois MVHrJn . the fare- began. Th- firs, one was for rrt Th nei* U-.«tlfi-d that h., was in si-bo<,I — that Mr R weut inui the veitry room som-- , what eicited -c.a , placed her , n a oha, r -s a ,d ,he had .«,„ lying t with a little irirl— i ,v i , *• I their umeuea laburing men, and thirty German w.iin. n ID n.-3t, whit- raps. Lutherans re- iv-d III- unleavenvd bread, fasting, and on -repeated it-. asked her s..M,in, and cryin,)- ,,„„,„, t., retract— f.he did so— lie th on lh ei r kl) and I in their han.lj. <"iJ/A'./IO cnf, ,inj 1'atholn- Clnr- IU74J n.* Ta- r..i . \l , . , Ma-. 1-.VJ > re atar.l .--• T "li i: i<ir »'> x t. i T-*..'. 1 :.' i WISCONSIN. Drrult Court—Mtlwaoke J-il.n B Baaat-ii. Johi, Hrnrj lil^r-. Ani:a K'-hlman KH^n I.M «ilh»m W. r.,lcinaTir.. ttetiry St^rtn, Her i.aD Strnn. H^nri K unkrl, ar,.l Prt-drr ck Kru^r-r. C.niniy. j il be r.eoenie lorn, *n-l yrnv .il l- Ir^ut.uw n • . •-^t •. . N .: •>••••• :u :,-I *i. « i • u :h- :••- «t>—t n JOHN I.AI'BENHUMhK H SCVCKKRTT, 18 11 slapped her lightly in the face, and pushed her back into the vestry-roorn. It made an impression on the school — witness' four bnya looked at each oth-r seriouslv— witness left > WorUiy a,- I.amb j..r I.- »aj. .l.iu I.,, u . 1 wa.5 wull knowa to I* the (*-st scholar that the Church tl.rn bad — e , school-went back-Richmond dismi.^ed i . Th " BI " b °P ! '' the whole House of Bisho p, the school without a blessing U-cause a sin had been committed by a scholar—antf said he most go and pray. Witness BOOH after took liis children from school and quit at- . did au Hnhcarti of thCng. The i<im-tr \t always Chairman of the Ci>mmitt~-. Th, /J...A.,j,., •iamfj a <<m,mittet,. tent ,t lu l>,s uthtr Ilnux, and left me eut'" But Dr Hawks, In the tending church-did not know "as the ! "*" "^ ° f ^"'^ a " d ^ depOti ^ " Kw school ,ell off-did n,,t know as the.irls ' ""' '"'"".':""" "" '^ "'"" *' '' ^ ' ' ""'" obj,ct,d-d,d not know as Richmond ! '" "'" f "»•"'"« " ^as not that - 1 distinction f More it needful for I r d.-(;re^.-i UD 1 v . I N virtue ..f sijtl ^uroj^i. I l 4 J,i I ji ;i - .1 r ^:..i. . . i , ;i 4lli <U> >f Junf. l.-5y. 1 snail ri^,,—- ,r .*;r \i, - t* , it Hublu Au.-tiori, ai thr P. it lirti , .n :;„. i ltj „,' \j , ruuk^r, n Mi lurdM V, the I 7th da) of N«-u- trmber. l^id, at thr f,.,ur of •: r. u >.t -hai .lay, ihv tficreof nn may be necessary lo ra --••- ihr amtiunt •>! laid Jn.lirmrnt, inlrrr-t an.l c. su, t.n'^t/ii-r witfi in? ^ i t.»?n*«-3 ul aal»-. to »lt " 1-otJ numb^ri-.l "oe (ll ami la II . 4 14 4 i4 14 i 1 '4 H-r._B- •;l ,ii. ,<•!!- .1 u ilfiDINU! ('.,[ numbered flfly v ; ' v Oitj- of Mllwauk- .. In r>l vi « in iNoT SATISFIED — Last week, a hard work ing sailor returned to this city after a five years absence in Calfornia, with bat little more rash than he took away with him. He left a wife and two children when he Went away and the first thing on his arrival wag to seek out his family. He found them in the Third Ward and, after kissing his wife, BSW with aston'sh- ment that bis children, like sheep in the east had doubled in the fire years, as in the place of two there were now four, and one quite •mall. He looked at his wife. HathenJooked at his babies. Then at his wife, who stood •rilently by. Back and forth, from one to the other, for full five minutes hegazed, then broke omt with:-" Well, Mary, for a maU woma , l< without help, you've raited hell amazingly!" GEEAT DESIBITCTIOK OF PBOPEKTY BY A MAD boo.— Last week amad dog left this city, and trotted off through the towns of <)ak reek, Franklin, Caledonia and Raymond, in fcacine county, biting everything that name in his way. One man in Franklin 'had orer a thousand dollars worth of stock bitten, and one child was also severely wonnded. A large number of dogs were also bitten by the crea- ore before be was shot. Along the line of listravel, every one is killing dogs indiscriminately, not knowing which haw been bitten «Hd which haveaot. The. life of one child is orth more than all tha dogs this side of, to•bet, and we Jwne every dog not mauled, will ie.JdlJedr— jost lo mai» 4 Mfe thing of ft. and only to sav« NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. had ,-ven npok^n ill personally of an? of his j church—like! him as a man. a olmsttan and | man. but disliked Ins slyl — tbought the| church was as prosperous as ev^r, and knew ' of no one else who had staid away from church on any arcinut. The girl's father testified that Richmond! ^- Blt (Tt:lJ T »RMIJ'rGE AND UTFR PIL1> called on him—told what he had done—the ! parent said the i e a<-hnr should corral her— . but at the time did not know as be had sirnck I HDO-ID,. frou, UK. .1l'LA>E'S A smfru'ar couibitoati.,n. l*ut the followlnir will >ho« very fffertual.aj The lateness of the honrcompels us lo omit I>r H'L-l^f-, by I lnain t Bro the testimony till to-morrow, but ,1 is similar I """"""~" " my aut '' »" u m '^ " '"T »-">".", '" ti. the abov^ mS '"' lh " M » rti <:l«' knowj, wherrrcr I w<-nl ,u>ao.g my c,-Djldere.| u my duly, ind make ll (rien.'j , /., r ,tr I'UU, vreiitred I h»ve f,,r a, uietlme l»»ck _______ t t A ahort time ICO I beam- »e. t u.lnted wlU. "*"*" " i the c»>« ot a young (tlrf. «rh , a, , nje.1 to be tfoubleJ AN ALTERFI) MAX.— (jov Randall has at j wllh > """•m' »"d llrer complaint at U,r ..,„ • lime, and for , 0 ,i,- ,«-„ urontli. Through my m '*-'" f >^con.i War-1 /.f the » Q ,i fUile 'A »,ao..n»iii, ex.:-ptmj! i.i tuu.-'i -.f l u t numhereil t» ,.'! af./rta«!d u a.. Id ly the nnl J.,hu H Kil-ri a.u.1 Anna, his wife, t.y deed of Auirust -Jtlth. A D 1-^5, to AUKuat Ouentl.rr ac.l c. l.ivimzel aJso, a'l that rrrlnu oUier |,ie<-e n( l»i,d, UL.- .n tf.«- I'oui l> of Wa-|, n|( on. nn.l Staitr- nl '• lacotisin. .n the i*orth-e»at 4 arler nf the oorU.-eaat ^u&ru-r of jectlon nuu.bert-.l trenly- f.-ur ^24), in lownahip numbered nine \9), a-orth of rarjftynumbered twenty, eaat, ii-sonb«d as comm-ncmj at the north-eajt corti-r of ia.i<l aetrtiuu ; running thtn.-e south on the tc^tlon line eifrht (4) rods, running thence weat an a HL« parallel nth the north line of a* d lection f..rtj ^40) nidj ihen.-e louUi no a line parallel aith the eut of >aid section twtlvellii ri--ls , thence wm; on a line parallel with the north line of old section forty (4l>) rod! . then.-e norlli on K line parallel to the eaji line of iai.1 section twenty t^U) to the aection line, and U.ence . »st on «aid »-cti..n line to the place of be^lnmcg. bated Hherlff 'i office. .Milwaukee. Jane 14, 1S1V >UO«^. Haowi A Ouon, ^ A J LANGWOKTHY. ITU's Alfy.. | Sheriff »Iil Co n ia last promised to Income devotional. As he is j hld bte " ' on- of the republican bell weathers of the r^"i°" "'" J""^'"^ "•>« l"tti« of l, r . SlaU, it is hoped that where he leads, others j ; may follow ; but unless his prayers have more weight at the White HouMe above, than his appeals for State dues have at the While Hous "~ ffhicli she salt wa_,, ihe ...... , p»aaed a large quantity of »orma, »nd ll.lull that oue box more o f] the PHI. wll[ r M i or , |,,, r lo p . rfcc , h ,. u|i . Her name ind re.idenr e tan It ieimed by cjllng on at Washington, the Light Guard should not ' E ,' L ' Th ""' Drup *" l > carD « •' R»'K" >»J Monr... depend on him much Good jok- that about , meeting with the Trnstees of the Fox River Improvement Company, but Governor's can joke as well as others. He says in excuse for not going East: EXECUTIVE OFFICE. ) Madison, June 4, 1859. ( FRIEND STAEKWBATHEH :—I am compelled at last to give np my journey to Detroit with ?on. A meeting of the Trustees of the Fox River Improvement, in which the State Is interested , has been called for the fore part of the week, and I cannot be absent. I regret this very much. J had made all preparations to go with you some distance, but must forego the jleasore. I will pray for you all, and think hat will bring you through. Youre, A. W. RANDALL. ARRANGEMENTS FOE THK RECEPTION IN NEW YORK.—Captain Coles, Company C Seventy- first regiment has issued the following orders: COMPANY ORDKH No. 3 COMPANY C, AMERICAN GDAHD 1st Beg. N. Y. S. M., N. Y., June'6. The members of Company C are hereby di reeled to assemble at the armory on Saturday morning, the llth inst., at five o'clock, in full niform (white trowsere and gloves. J ' The band and dram corps will report to th» Orderly at half past five precisely. The company will parade to receive the Milwaukee Light Guard. By order of W. j. COLES, Captain. .HEEON S. COPEIAUB, Orderly Company C will breakfast their guests at the Lafarge House, and take them tolome of the -ity theatres in the evening. Th« vicitora will tmilnnnder military order* all day^n Sa rday and on Tuesday under escort of Company D, American Guard, Captain D. C. Ifcs. brut, acoompantedby Dodworth's Band Wm All along th« line of travel the Light Guard ave met with the 'most flattering attentions, 4ind in New ed. will be equally irrhasrn will be careful to aak fnr DR. sTLANE'S OELEBKATKD.J VERMIFD6K, maqufactur- ed hy FLEMING BROS, of! Pituburuh, P.. All other Vermifui-es In coicparljou.are worthless. Dr. M'Lane's genuine Vermifuiff.aJso his rcl.-bratcd Liver P.ll,, can now b« had at all resprectable ,lru e stores. N ane genuine ifWiout Uie tiyafltvrf o/ 1 2 J Jfl4-dAwlm FLEMING BROS. NFHVOI:S:DFBII.ITY. This Ii a complaint verj common, especially among females Boofland't tietman Bittert nerer falls to cure this disease. The >^»tem, under Its o«e, In restored to Iti original strength and visor ; the appetite becomes good, the spirits fcecorae cheerful, and In body and mind you feel trie ful^ restoration of health. For sale by drugglttt and dealirs In medicines .verywhere, at 76 cents per bottle. I d»wlino CrrV CoMpTHOLLiB'a Orno*, l COS-TRACT DEPABTMEST, June 14, '59. f H EALED proposals will be received at this office, un- tn Friday, Juo« UthJ at 11 o'clock i. M. for ootng the unfinished port;o»i« < f the fol ovrlng work or"«red by the Board of Ald*m»n, Oct. 4,1843. and concurred by the Board of Councilors. Oct. 11, 1858 v'z: To grade Been street andrnldewalu to the established grade, from Florida to »lrpnla street. In the Finh Ward, and the street planked with two 8 feet tracks of plank and the sVevalki^latiked. JeU-d8t R L'H.jUAHDINER, Comptroller. 1O75) KHK.Ulf K'<> «IAI.K. STATE OF WISCONSIN, | Circuit Court -Milwaukee County | John Jacub Laubrnheiuicr, ] • gauut i Korsten Kothe, sad | fnpbla Kutbn, his w le. | Oarl August Dtlctmano. juii^meot w Robert W. Pierce, ,' .„.! 8 a l e . Napoleon B UasWt-ll. | ^aoiuc-l D Luacobe, i Kdwln t aimer, and i.\eiv« l forecloaure N'OTK K. C'TY C'iS«PTR. .1 KF.-a i»-y:, Contract Departi ' >Iii , J .,- ;;, v ve |_>? r.anlullon of th« O.iuin.. ; '.'..un -.'. ( ../ji» JJ 6, !t59. the r^nmmen'latioji ,if the .-*lr-^i L s.oo'r* uf the Dth Ward, t,,na,, Wa,hm«t.,n an.l sidewalks graded an i si.Icw^.tt^ -,iaj.<--I 'r avenue to the ff-st line i W*ik-r s f .,:,i t I !:t » »a order-.l That Washington street and atdrw iiu t to the cstabilahed grade an«t u.| c wauj [.ian*^.i '^ m t 4th avenoe to the we-t line ,t W^ik^r'i v.t.l.-.. ,in arcord<nv-tj t•> the plans 411 I ^p^iri.!.-!:: ris ' -- r City Engineer owners of property on alM ( v- n^me.l •Ir-^ts n: • • .. r i hj notlSe'l to make said .uiar-jTementa wlt.-i.n *-. , • --tie days fmm tha publicnuiin if tin.-- n -t e r Street Commissioners (if th - -itfi WM-J. w . i ;-..- -u- i same tn be done and charged t.i th* r-^pec-ti v - ,, - ,, J conlintf to law . jell ISt E. L'H li IRINEi, O'.mpir ..,-, Nt>TU i',. ClTT CoVFTHOLLKH'S 'FT-- t. > i Contract Department, June 11, 1 v'iy i I TIIHE fullowlnu is a schedule nf lots fr-.tirn,: .n i'-,er , A ry streei In Plankmton's addm.m n -he N nth : W%ri -./ ' K d t'ity or Slllwaukee, frnui ^ixt^enui \, ! " • ii,.. *in< the amount xv'iii-ti 4-.."i ..r will u« i^. ne£.<J by tfridlnK <aul itr«-t *n.l -h- *uie walkf, plsntlng and curbinit ihe »»l«a in I p»v n ,( tn* i irutters, a&d gravelmrf ihe street aa p-r |.i ins -f ''Ity | Engineer JOHV LArBFNHKIJIVK H BrECKKRTT. i ."ireet Comm ssh-jter-) ftlH K ' B [itr I UU: . :>-if - II. Bmgt.anj j I N virtue; uf and pursuant to a Judirnenl rendered in «aid l ourt, In Uit above entitled acUun. dated Clie day of June, 1S59. I shall rlposr for aale and sell at fublic Auction, it the Post Office in the City or Milwaukee, on sa Urdu)-, Ilic 1 7 ib daw of September, 1869, at the hour of t T. u of that day, thr fallowing described mortgaged premises, or so much trurnol u may be necessary lo raise lh« amount of said Judgment, Interest and costs, together wilih the expenses of aale, to wit : " Lot numbered two (2), In block let ered A, In A. Poertner's Addition, in the 8uth Ward of the City of Milwaukee, l ounty of Milwaukee. and State »f Wis- onsln." Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, June 1«, 1SA9 Oot»», BRUWX t Oct>«, : A. J LANGWuRTUY, Pl'ff's Att'ya. |' Sheriff Jill. Co , WM. Jcl4-iicno.lin2 w 1 Judgment ( f and Hale. [Henri Foreclosur 10»6] BTATE OF WrSCON, Olrcolt Court, Milwaukee (founty SALE. [!Vew« Brown, Thomas L. Ogdcn acd Joshua Hathaway, against A Patterson Smith, 3harle« Sohley and iarrletbls wife and othe «. j ^.w^ifi^.tV""? "> » Jodgmen : Judgment of Pureclo sure and £ale. 1011) Sllf-UIFF'S SALE. STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court—Milwaukee t'ounty. ( Henry 3. B-own, and i Miriam Holton Brown, against James P. Whitney, and Vertssa, his wife, and Henry Cad well. j I N rirtne of and pursuant to adjudgment rendered li said Court, In the above entitled action, dated th. 4th day of June, 1859, I shall expose for saje ai,d lell a Public Auction, at the Post t ffice in the City of Mil waukee, on SATURDAY, THE UrH DAY OF fKPTKil BKH, 1=5», at the hour of 3 r. u. of that day, the fol lowing described mortgaged premises, or ta much thereo u miy be necessary to raise tlie amount or said Judgment, Interest and costs, together with the eipecsts a sale, the following real eatate, lying and being in the County of Milwaukee, and State of Wisconsin, and known and described as follows, to wit: " 0> ounenclng twelve feet south of the northwest corner of lot nine (») In block, twelve (18), in the Fourth Ward of the City 01 Milwaukee; running thence; eut on a line pa alltt with the north line of said lot to the east line of said lot; tbence south on the eut line of said lot twenty four i24) feet; tbence west an a line parallel with the south line of said lot to the west line of tafd lot, and thence north twenty- four (24) feet to the placo of beginning, ami the bulldlngi thereon." Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, June 14,1850 OJDIS. B«OT» * Ooois, | • • Jel4 Blow* t odou, l A. J. LANGWOETHY l'u"s Alt'y»4 f Sheriff Mil. Co., w'ls. 8TAIE OP YTigOOMHN, i Ml '" ot « <»<>»*• •*"• ln pen«eipfi»Je,towlt:. . "Block nnmbered thlrtsr-five (FS), In Clark'* ' - , r* Add-on, In tbe.jBihvff'vd ot \afcKj of HU. tbereori. w * tortfr £SS?£'£$S& ^S^'^^^S^F^"^ i^M?"'-?'.. 1 ?*"'^^ f»d[«<»U,tog«b«wlU,t&e«. HI.QTdsred.ThaYiifd ?££»£££ h«rJ brfor. me ajt tie Probate 0«ce, to thaCltjof Vllwaultee, on •ie 6th day of July, A. D., 185>, at 10 o'clock AM. Block. 14 16 14 Iti 16 » 'J U 9 In 15 15 15 lo 18 15 1& 15 IS 14 U n « 14 14 13 11 12 19 12 12 Jell-d8t Lei 1 J a J Bene(5t4 44.M a 21 •a, 87 6il 25 44, 31 41,17 4444 6T.68 66S.IXI M.S8 63,21 M.'l 4'J.ll 7K38 63'at 5li&4 49 ':2i 50,i4 50,21 57 >« 51,54 53,21 49 Jl 49,64 Bl'i.-k. I..,i 111 * 111 lo ].i W.-'iil .K i-: -.1 Jl 41. '-t H II II i; it u n n u u IS u u 3 1 1 1.) 12 12 23 34 1 •1 .1 4 a •i 2U 41 M 49 .',4 4.1..V1 5".54 49 ..'4 ;.>4 51.54 30. S3 49 .M 1(4 4K.S8 26 .'ill it* as ss,2i 'omiitr'iller. . .-w» o K.. L H . (j AJilM N K ii, Nt > [ U h.. Contri.-t Dt-pj NOTICE. Cm CunpTEOLua'.) Ornus i Contract Department, Milwaukee, Juno 11. 1359 | B Y rejoi"tlon of the Common Council, a.lopt^t the «th day of June, 1859, the recommendation nf ih- Street Commissioners of fie 3d Ward, to irra.le tno south alley through block 162, it is ordered : That said alley be graded to the estab'labeil jra.ln according to th* estimate, of the City Engineer on Hie In ibis office Owners of property on said alley H above menu oed are hereby notified to make said Improvement) wiihi SO dayi from thlj .:»te, or the Street Commissioner* of the «nd Ward will cause the lame to be done mil charged to the respective lots according to law 'g'-« E. L'H. QAUD NEH. Comptroller B Y r-.,, US'J . t*. Jan, ,„ „, Slxlll , „.„,..,,. to ,, ;r .,,,, yi r , c id.lni..n t NOTICE. Ctfi Courrioua'3 Ornci, i • Contract Deputmeat, Mil., June 12, 1859. f O BALED proposals will be received al this office until (J Tuasday, Jane 14,1SSD, at 8 p. n., or cleaning, repairing and furnishing necessary materials for the sewer running through blocki 33 and 43, ( n the fecond W»ra of the City of Milwaukee. Jeli-dtt M.*H. OABOINEB, ConipU-oller. mCANN-S PATENT PAKC&MKNTLETTER COPYING IU. Boois, a good lapply at,low prlcfs. for sale by T8RUY i OLKAVE8, 1ST Kast Water street. . NOTICE. within t&ieeyetn from the date of this notice or ih at he fund* deposited tor the redemption of aald circula ti«nctet »1U be;glTin up la tas said Baniiog Ana. MUmltdree, H*roh IS, 18B*. •„ • • ' H. HAEBTEL, nn-of W,lk«r', UJ.t,.,-," , 'i!|,-.| Vnd" ilar'h ji.lewalk between Xii plank th^ north ^drtwult,) Avenue lath ntr«t une .if Wu.k.-r'' is nr'lereil That Wilier ur-^t an.l <nl>.wallis i^ ;r'| -o :h,> iatablisheil <ratlt*, nurtn n.lewaU. 5^t\r-,.ii Klr.n tn.l 3l*th Avenue. .-p:nrt?.(, *u.l tli« mirth *Ml,.*itJk. Tr-Mn ^i it Av^aur lo th- »"'t lln,! ..r IV'ilkrr'l Fi.inl i.l.ll- llon be plaukfd in «t:i--.'r.i:iii.:e urilh Lhrt r-«tlm :lt..- if Lhtf City Engineer -in Ul« '" tlie C inpir'.i cr'* iilloe Owners yr atfenm of property mltm-nt-d in tho abov^ name;! improv-p-menta ar« ner^oy :o matte Lht« 4ame in accordance »tlli 'he atmiate if th^ City ffn^i- neer on tile Hi this office, within iw«nHf-,in«i .lays I'roca th« publication .if th'i no Ice. .r th.i Street Cnniuililslun- en uf the Eighth W»rd »ill eause the same to be lono and ch.irgi.(l ty the re.ipeiuiv- u.t,, *ix-.inline tn l aw ' elli ' 18t K ' L'H SAIIDINKR, Cnrnp-nillo' ( CITT C...«pTH.iu.itii-s Ornoi, l O.mtrnci Department. June 12, 183» f jjiKALTD proposals will be ree elve ,| ml [hi, ..fflce, until kj Wedoeaday, June 15th, at in ^ » for fnul\n$ ID 'he establtihe-l <rail- tlie 'iiittiiiH'ir.l portion of Ja~olc- son street! and sidewalks, from Detroit .ireei to China- go street. 3d Ward; also for plauklng, .-nrblnu mil repairing plank sidewalks; the same, having iieen .jrder«.'U by th» Board of Aldermen, Aug. i), 1S58, »nd ooncurre<l tn by the Board nf Cnuncllora, Aits. 15, .158. K L'tl. S.iaOINSR, Comptroller Pwtldent otth«P»opl8'»Btjik. JeOS^tt OlTT CojlPTltOU.»'9Of. IC» I Contract Department, June la, 188». ' ( S EALBn ; ropoaal. will TT e re- eived ,t thi, office un Cil T.esd.y. June 14, 1.SB9, at 3 f . ,.., r or ,h e ° c ^ itrnoBon of * sewer In the S««ond W j Street, between Jifth tod Sixth street,. . B. LI &AHDINEK, Comptrollo iLliiiii

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