The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 9, 1966 · Page 17
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 17

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1966
Page 17
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Wednesday, March V, 1966 9k* ttgtasut &*» If For Extra Cash At Tax Time Use Sun Want Ads 31. Articles For Sale Singer Auto Zig-Zag «d only 4 months. Mokes buttonholes. 40. Real Estate Wanted , 45. Lots For Sale LISTINGS WANTED! jons GRAHAM RSALTY |"g<f ' ?HONE Used - . sews on beitom, many fancy witftool ottoenments. 5 year suorontee. WE WANT YOUR UST1S SS7.00 cash or JS.SO per montt. Free home iricl, SSJ-11&6- Col: ••Joke" Rutter Realty 6 M. As^Del. Bavtown, Texas •B3-4062 or merits 552-5367. Inventory Clearance Sale SK1L POWER TOOLS CHATEAU REALTY Nsrcliie p.m. ^ESTATE SIZE HEAVILY WOODED ' IHO.WESITES — Ceocr Bsyou Pork on' 7 ' 5io*o^oe< Rood- D oved streets, utilities. • V.ooei homes (CrHice c« ill*}. JEFF E. i '! FLEMING. REALTOR, 5S2-72Z2 end 583 | ! iDEAL FOR MOBILE HOME — 66 X 200; •o! (opprox.)- wooded, ell utilities. See; ,v^..«*xi5. E-asy terrrii. . : wcCANDi-ESS. 5SJ-)219. Mrs. Malor.e, Reattor, 1601 JS3-I2S2 or 5»i-5»» after RES. Nowf< iCT.W J" Sender (No. s?]> «y»i ISS.9S V~h.p. Router (No. US) «4 « M9.9S Recipro Sow (NO. S77) «!.«;. W.ti 7'V Heovy Duty Indwtrlal LIST WITH STEWART REALTY It H. Ashbe! M3-7CT7 42. Acreage For Sale : MIRIAM AND YOPOS — 1 Two :orje ccrrwr lots. : ?cr ctet3:!s cell 583-Z?e2. OFF NORTH MAIN — JS X 107 Ft. lot: r.eor new Ms* sctxw!. Priced to sell. I HASDiN ROAD — Alrriost noli-ocre witnj Irees ar.i -A-ir^.fn wc^rr^ disrc?*ce of e!e- : s'lvlRLY^keALTY. ss3--,7si or 566-5972 Sow (NO. 553) W9.W 4Vi" Heovy Duty Industrial Saw (No. SSSj tJS.K Sobre Saw (No. Sl«) SJJrS APPROXIMATELY - 4 ocr« wi «, „„,. ; Bayou Vi"Conipoc] Drill (No. S41) .. Home Lumber Co. £00 E. Texas Ave. SSI-SIS! ARCHER RD. — Near N. Moin, figt of; SoytO'ATi. 2 or more oc'<?s. pcve<3 reed. . 47. Houses For Sale APPROXIMATELY J ceres if. cily limiii. Half rr.i-e ofi Kiwav '.« o". v.ob.-y S:.. S9.00C. Co!l Jin-,'/. jSj.jr.l cr 5S3-3S11. SAKNSS. «>__- 31-B Building Material •ar. Forced to- set; ] ,uutr .w: I:»M.U. r Service^ No EQUlty, OS-: i SiJ'^s oa,• rTi^Tits of 5*5 mor^Tn, 3-&ed-j : roo.'rjS. tX3Th. itvins : screrered porcn. room, larae kitchen, j 'BAYTOWN SUN CLASSIFIED RATES - Phone Minimum Ad 3 Lines __________ £1.01) 582-8323- Words Lines i Days i 1 I 2 3 i 4 ! i Rate i .33/3i .32 1 30 I .25 i .22 I .21 To 15 15-20 20-23 25-30 30-35 35^0 40-45 45-50 50-55 55-60 3 4 D 6 7 S 9 10 11 12 1 1.00 i I 1-33 i i 1.67 i 1 2.00 i ! 2.33 i ! 2.67 ! 1 3.00 i I 3.33 i I 3.67 i ! 4.00 ! 1.92 2.56 3.20 3.84 4.48 5.12 5.76 6.40 7.04 7.6S 1 2.70 ! ] 3.60 i I 4.50 | i 5.40 ! ! 6.30 i ! 7.20 i ! 8.10 1 i 9.00 i ! 9.90 ! i 10.80 i 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 3.30 1 3.78 ! 4.40 } 5.04 ! 5.50 6.60 7.70 8.80 9.90 11.00 12.10 6.30 I 7.56 ! 8.82 j 10.08 I 11.34 ! 12.60 I 13.86 ! 13.20 15.12 ! CONTRACT RATE J3 per line, 4 line minimum per day, 6-months CARD OF THANKS ^0 per line, n.inimum $2.00, .20 psr line over 10 line* LODGE NOTICES 1-25 per insertion 51. C«rs Wonted S S S WE NEED CARS TOP DOULARS PAID FOR CLEAN USED CARS Qualify Motors I fM no E. 52. Trucks CHEVROLET A-I oxxs (583-1856. PICK UP TRUCK, J»53— DODGE PICKUP, 1965 — Extra >,000 miles, $1^600. Coli Jim Hale, 582-8302. DODGE PICKUP. 17S7 — Good condition, rodio, heater, oood tires, J275, 5S6-SSK •stter 7 p_m FORD PICKUP, I«2 — Hoif-tws, t Ft. Styleside bed. 6 cylinder, 6-o!y tires, biinxers or>.<i heater. 25.000 miles. A-! AUTO SALES. 915 N. Main. 42^3735. Hichianos. FOR SALE — Srre~r. Phone ' , 5 p.m. acre lot O.T East James ;J-»!5 o.- SS3-$;2- after; 47. Houses For Sole { 47. Houses For Sole 47. Houses For Sale B = V6RLY REALTY — S Sovtti Ashbei ALUMINUM SHEETS — 25 In. by M-In. I LIBERTY COUNTY — 181 ACTM on !*gt hiQri grade. .009 in. thicxness. ideal few i c c r.K of Tr-n-rv R ; ver S^S ptr ccr* insulation, roofmo. sid>n B . .25 eocr.. Coniotft-r acrec'<js' BOS GRAEME, Aaent be seen at Tile Bavtown Sur, 130! Memo- i jj-,-3)Sr rial Oriv*. i j MONT BELV1EU — 7-Room tiouse witil j CORNER S. KILGORE AND l.AKEVIgwj pnHne"^^"' H^I^B^^'*"' • D3 — SaacioJS solid brick ar«l meson-1 • — • • • • _ Lokewood, 3! aneied den. cen- ALL BUILDING MATERIAL NEEDS ' Sec us for oil your remodeling and Dmld- i Ins. Estimates Free. NOTHING OOViN. ! up to S years TO pay. \ BAYTOWN BUILDERS SUPPLY i New Location. 315 w. Nozro. Ola Gray! Lor. Co. Yard. 532-7628. ! • i SPARKY SEZ. . . i -LAND HO" i! irs lo^d You're;: f= r ier?'s ] £*:y not". JB ACRES OH HATCHERVILLE RD ) it's osout ftoif way to Ocv'on end yoors r AA«.EL!A, 1721 — *!w 2-bedroom home on en easy :e.*rrrs ' o^p-'ox.-rrsotely 1 acre. Priced lew far SPARKY BOND. RM!!M- '• S-i CX sa!e. y}7 S .V.cin — SiO-^iS ry ho-r.e ccmoletely redecorated inci'Jd- N QRTH HOLLY, IK — Lokewood, 3 IliyillOlluO ina new corsets, it's on almost -i acre' ^ ecr , K>m .^ ,,, baths, paneied del. cen- correr In Of~r Par* School District 1To! hea , „„ oye rsli«! wooded !ot. Drive ., \A/-iL CIL D has 5-rooTi ccrcae apartment to help, &y toaay ot ,a can os for inspection. RAY-,Home With tibOW KOOtTJ i&y toaay BORM JOHNSON. IKC., 220! Market. FORD PICKUP, 1951 — Ratio, heater. rear bumoer, good motor and tires. Call 5oo-S5J». GULF, 780 E. — Priced J7.?SO. Clean as a whistle, 2 bedrooms, good loan available. TENNESSEE, 2002— A real aorgain SlV 875. 3-Bednxxns, extrci large aen, near all schools, churcnes* FHA loan available. DISCOUNT BUILDING MATERIALS.. ! VALUABLE 3V.-ACRE TRACT — Excel"BEST PRICES IN TOWN" ; ;«it -cie-: =: *o' ir.."-itrier.7 or homt-iite Try Us en; See !<=.$• C f Gc'TM Ri -n H:•*—-,• 73 CHANNELV1EW LUMBER AND 7.^ NCC D LISTINGS — ~LL TYPSS SPORTING GOODS !.-.?'F=!TH R=AL"T' S'-rfcs o' M3-!?3? UI20 Market GL 3-7:33 j corner Sot. 5™a ! ! s t r,o:es. NOTICE — NOTICE — As moncstng brok j er for V. A., we riave several 3 oearoorr. ' homes for sale with linte or no down — 2-BeCroom r.ome with over- payment and small monrhlv notes. Ccllj :oe, tr.oin link tence on nice us toacy ter further intormctlan. """ • — Two bedroom home on I acres of la^d. Two-cnr goiiige, good| water well. 6-5 call Jam Hale, EDDIE Sli-7221 COX, OR Realtor 5AA-S040 582-8302 S51 total rnontri n HOME REMODELING Free Est;mctes. New IGeas; reliable contractors. CL'RBY LUMBER. 5S2-3251. INSULATION—Rockwool (butts! per 100- 1 economy S2.50. medrum, 53.50; fuSJ true*, f is.50. BRlTTON CRAVENS LU.V.BER CO. ! 24O5 Market. 5S3-S2=5. 1 IN 1970-Don't sory I ccult! heve mod* c Ki.Hr.g on Ttus Isnd! 32 Acres orr N- Main. S?reei_ Just woiTirtg for* y5u, "Buy y»ur castle from o King" Of Goo<l rsrrt Kie. Can property. ! shoppins center. Priced ior Q'jicX BORN JOHNSON AGENCY, 22B1 566-7867 nights. ACRES — ACRES — ACRES Gorth Rd., 23 ceres, lust minutes from : Bcytown. j HIGHWAY fo — ? ocres with ttigtrway l frontage at Crosby. i McDonald & Herbert I Days Nights Aluminum Screens ! Mode to order. Old screens rewired. ; GULF COAST BUND & SCREEN CO. &&06 Boyway Dr., Baytown, 5A6-53U PAINT Five Year Gucranfee on outside white. Reo. SS.55. now i5.?5. Insiae wall points S5.« now SiM. Sheley Lumber Co. 1209 Morxet St. S31-17JS REMODELING??? Call us for "Turn-Key-jcb." We hontfle; BURLESOK COUNTY — 171 ocres cur own fincnoog, I Coliege STCTIQ->. Pron^se - two '"caas; BAYOU CUMBER CO. 52; Two bcrns; twrbeCue ^o^ Hwy 14A ond C«icr Be you Rd., SS2-S321 i Crpss - fenced ?cr ocn. CaU Ctem Kov [537-7433 or SS2-67-i6. I BEVERLY REALTY CCX, 5S3-1751 I BEYOND YOUR DREAMS I BUT WITHIN YOUR GRASP i 1£6 V-APLEWQOD, In beaytiful _ . . • .vootf.^?cra:ed into these lovely ; -c~es ere tr<e wonderJuJ feciures found i -1 exciusi^e castorn boilt Sovell homes. ! Sve^y mccern d&vice to moke your life i more e™o/cb!e plus the spaciousr**sr ! you cr» loaktns for, LivJ^>3 room, sepcrcie room. 3 lovely bedroom:., 2 bcths, i ;na breckfcst arecs. Ptus double carage Ion »a--q» lc!S. YOU CAM BUY ONE Or ; TH£S£ HO.V.eS TODAY. ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth Ot acy! Plenty oi etfaow room, 112 OO^IHSJUJ Ave-, on 2 ; ."s acre wooded lot. Four years aid, extra nice 3-bedroom horr>e- Lcrge den, new aH - set built-in kitchen. 2 Saths. Fenced occit yord. Poved street. No city; taxes. Priced for quick soie ct S13.950.1 BUILD ON YOUR LOT ,' i Built on your lot or ours, from yowr plan ', or ours, homes built by maMer craftsmen ', and designed with you in mind. Cost kept . To a mi timum by pre-planned construction analysis. Stop by end see how easy it Is to own the very best at the lowest budget price available, Saytown Realty, 2317 N. Main, 5S2-2139. OAK, SIS W. — Highlands, Very nice bedroom home. ce~lfcl neoi one conditioning. FHA cpproved. Coll Jcy HendricK. J3&^0 1 -0 or cox -j Throw Away Your Paper 2! PLUMWOOD SECTION III NEW BRICK HOMES — In most convenient location in Bay-town. Near schools, churches, playground, shooping. Neighborhood is auiet. no through streets. Unique desicns, 3-bedrooms, 2 baths, 2- cor gorase. Call KENNETH KRASOFF. Builder, 1601 Narcine, SS2-M17. '< QUALiTY DOES NOT COST, i DAN SAVELL. BUILDER, PONDEROSA SOLD OUT!! iT PAYS, i Watch for new homes under construction. 552-7249. UOE AYLOR, Sutldfrr end Devefop^r, 42-A. Out of Town Prop. PRICE REDUCED sl.000 and corne see mis ftome today! 1803 RA1NTREE. It hos 3-oedrooms, 2 baths, den separate living room, ?car garage, completely carpeted, end central air a~d heat. "'Buy your castle from a King' 1 34i-58ol or 564-73S4 WALKER REALTY iOUTH BURf4ET OR. 454 — Three spa- cot» bedrooms, 2 barhs,, oig living roorrx, dining room, Stitcften ond family room. Two wood burning fireplaces provide real jrtecsare plus The comfort of central atr and t>eat. Custom draper. ies, are fusf one of ttie many Inferior features you'll enloy. Beautifully land- scoped lot gc« to the wafers edge with boa* ramp, shelter, electric winch, pier. Boyway '66 GMC Truck $J,795 Many of lest year's options are standard for •£*. 8AYTOWN MOTORS 700 w. Texas s«-»i«i 53. Work Cars LOTS OF WORK CARS WE CARRY OUR OWN NOTES Peliy Motor Company 907 W. Main 5S2-S2C2 54. Automobiles BUICK, 1«8 — Super, an power, air, 4- cioor, good tires, aootf second csr, 5295. DONT MISS THIS! CHEVROLET, 1»65 — Impola Sport MOO for lorse eouitv and assume payments of SSI )5 P..-TI. month, hone 532-6349 cfter BEST BUY IN BAYTOWN — 1504 Ho vc^d Ciecn cs a whiiite! 2-bedroams, SCHILLING, 701 — 3-Becroom Home 00,3313 N. Main _ , n.-ce" deri Ke-eo your children protected; career tot. Tote! move i.n co-^t. SJOO, pay-! 'in tn^ n-'ce'y ie"ccd yard. Overs*red lot.' ments only S75 monthly. This >s a home -Teor' : s^ t B r > wim oood loon ava=tci?:e-. Call ED-'vou will enloy Hvina J n - Coll today. DAN "" COX. ^ecilor. 56^7221 or S66-S060.-' SAVELU SUILDER. 5^2-7249. STARETT LUMBER CO. BUILDERS Of Better Homes For Less Your Choice ot Large wooded Lots TRADES CONSIDERED Coll S31-«18 BE RIDICULOUS! Me*« offer, go ahead s«e what happens. Nice 2-fcedroom home. Owner transferred by big compcny. 3os Shady Lane. Heart of Baytown. Eddie Cox, Your Realtor ifi-72S IA4-50A0 CURBY LUMBER SHSETROCK: 4X8-'.V SheetroOt GULF AT COMMERCE HOUSE ON DAT LAKE ! CcM -Virs. W. w. Ooies in Doyton iCL E-2S1S. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE. 835 S. Seventh St^pcT 3-3etfrooms. fenced bock ycrc., Sv-'y ai a !ife!i.-ne. It won't last Ions. S7,- 750. Good loan 0VQi!ot>Ie. Drive by and take o !c«k for yourseii. then coil Eddis! 523-133S. auick. EDOIS COX. Reoitor, 566-7221, 566.5MO. REAL BARGAirf FOR YOU Two-bearooms. carpeting, new 2-ton air conditioning. Cyclone fenced. See 307 Sch-Ming. shown by oppoinfmenf. Cali ROSELAND OAKS — Lovely new con- MAKE A MILLION! 31-C. Musical Instruments 43. Business Property ! COLBY, 1?(B — 3-oe3room brick, ; C HA 'osrt cva ; lcbie. i Te!eor>one 523-1359. Good Business Opportunities ! —- — 3731 Highway 145 — Nice home, lot size e-noorcry horne on ho!f ocre wooded SO x 250 Ft. Priced for quick sale, 54,930. Ai-TO HORN — S^O. Socrifice price. Our iosi your gciri. 564-7311. a*Tpr 6, 566-8471. i EXCELLENT BUSINESS LOCATION —: CSESKWOOO : TO X 250 Ft. 31 Aleionaer Cr. '.n busy i 3 SC2 '. f.'O'ifC orec. Cc^t '~r J'j-> Ce-'c;:S- • [GRIFFITH REALTY, 532-20^: or iSi-1933.; ! - Home lust completed. , Soths, buvit-i-is. detached 7arr:s? S:i.7CO. Wooded home Sites. .VAI.K.SR HOMES. INC., 583-3230. lot. 3-SPGCious bedrooms wiTtl more closets then you ever dreamed of. Large living room wrrh cathedra! ceiling end sculptured carpets throughout, wood burninp fireplace in den and cf! electric kitchen that is mosJ- uniaue in design. Centro! air and heat for adcfed comfort and the 2 } bcths ere soocious end beautiful. CcU Iltodcy "'as. ! EXCELLENT BUSINESS LOCATION — 1 DENT DRIVE. 107 — Just off N. Main JUST $13 MONTH RENTAL — On a nex!3i; Borryrnore. S^:d : ng snd o.'operrv »;;h j -.eer t;» n-w high school. Clean Luwerf Piano, rentdt coDlies to purcrtcst j nice livinc c^crrers c*ps*C'i*s Forr^c'ly i wh^stifr. ^-b^rooms, nice family room. •ice. CHET'S PIANO CO.. MO E. Texas. ; a tiower snoo. S1I.9SO wiTft Te^Tis i Sitra !crc;e lot. 100 X 135 ft. Nice neigh-i house ! 2vc!!aDie EDDSE COX. Rec!;^r, I ^-7?2! i-erhoid. C-soci Soon cvaifaale. SI0300. EO-lr:tr ! 3.- 564-5060. JDIE COX. Realtor. 556-722! or 566-50*0. for an insoection. 533-3252. SS3-2JW. . CHATEAU . S53-7335. POINT >n slab, aoac we!l, uiver. 523-1556. Small n&ot furnished | SS.fXffl. Maud' 32. Articles For Rent 43-A. TRUCKS FOR RENT Drive yourself. Equiopecl with hvtiraulic iift sc'es (new trucks). Local one one-way 210) Market. SW-Ssli. BAYTOWN RENTALS (Next to Kiigore's Reaav-Mlx> NEED IT?? — RENT IT!! Chemical Sprayers UNITED RENT-ALLS Pruetl and Peorce, 532-8039 FOR RENT Reducing FquipmenT Power Tools. Power P«f Hole DisgeTS: SPARKY SSZ. - Floor 5o~ders end Polishers s R^-ME.MBER Sewer CJffonina Equipment I GRAVES DSSCOUNT FURNITURE—21? ! N. Mcln. 50X13 fr. !-!_ Buil^ins wir^ ' livi^-7 GijorTefs. ao&c: D-JSiness iocs:;oi fcr ; i rr.oc? cnvt^-ia. Pr-±e rerf-jc-?d for ct?ic'<; ! sale. Bor,< fi.tsncJn<5 ova:icb:e. =1_E Prop. i BAY HOME — wtrterfront prcaertv, 1S3; o-je'locK-ns *r;? .v.orvj-; •TWOOD, 9M — In Beautiful Gray- • 50ME PEOPLE EXPECT THE MOON. it has cncrm! Brie*, oversized 3-! But . . . Here's the best buy under the sun. Tw&story brick home, -5 bedrooms, aH-eJ«- trlc icitchen appliances, big fcmliy room, 2-car garcse. 2 bolhs. real fireptcc*. 5-3 ceres wooded let "m Cros&y. Next door to the Fair Groynd En Crosby. Price S24.500. EDDIE COX, Realtor, 566-7231 or 5&6-5O60. SPOOCL-S family room, ol!-elec' r-tr kircr^rr. tfrsrt^osher, TOO. Piep.fy car- =>«r. 2 f-j!f bcf^s. nmalc closet i&act, cen-j ?rci cir and" heat. Yes, ott drcpes 50. Tw^o-" car ocr^ge, fenced iJOCK yord, plenty t-'e»i. sVyfcs, Owner transferred. Steai This wiTsc-Jt 30 : na To TOIL EDDIE COX, Rectta*. TOT *ui5 details, 5So-7221 i -.-.,».- r- - «., w * -_~ ; ,«., ~- iC2 irswootf, 3 bedrooms.!sa.950 buys IhTs nice 2-B; merif. 3.-.-ck ,,^m«-, s-t^rt&n*. *-.*2 oa.ns, j'c^ -q^^v. S77 msnthf/. Ca.'J for appoint- j Nice cfen, cvctor.e fenced _y?rd, ueccm KJGHLANDS TOO GOOD TO B5 TRUE! 2-Bedroom home. centra! sir end hec*. *-ccr garc^e, ooct- house, wsrksftop. Lowered on TA-O fu;? cc-'es- Sec'-TifLri tre^s and s-^r-jb;. Oh. f forqa*! it ^s a~? cversizec DCT!e s ed d-wi with >"eal !'reo!c;e: Drive by iodsy ana COX. Realtor, 5f^-?721 n- 5eo-556C. :^.?rt. 43U-2S17. HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. HIGHLANDS — 3-&*c£room home, central ! hect. cna'm \\r^ fence, S67S. equit-/ take' up pcvmenl5 less man ren ! trees, all oil royalties go. Drive by end 'tofce o IQO-C- 1100 Sunsei Dr. EDDIE COX, Realtor, 566-7221 or 566-5060. WANTED MEW OWNER - . i Tc f!M this cute little home with love end HtGHLANDS — Nice 2-bedroom home. 1- cere 2-bedrooms, s«>crote dining room, cc-- cwrcrjc-. work shop, 1 Deccn end orner > v ersi;ed family room, beautifully land- ALAMO J Ysu":! rc-n^rr.bcr Brawn's Trover Camp. Mowers. Tillers, Edoers. Hedoe Trimmers ; toe. !?'s fcr sc:e. Locoted e ; rrees, S6 000. !A. >V. HA.MT/, Realtor, 115 S. U:>?^'i! o-' -J2 v er , scooed yard. Plenty paper shell pecan Irees. Walking distance to schools, and cri'jrches. shoppies. Good loan available. TOW Bars ortf Ccr Tops j BAY WAY AT WOOSTER CURVE Fans, Ladders, Chcin Sows i 'dec! for rr.c-ira s^'e c- o'n^r wc;te^f^c-n: Rug Shampoo Machines | bus:nc«. " J -*0 ."t. en Bcvwov. \£7 Ft ca ; Televisions Troyel Troiters i bcv. 275 F!. on CTJ^V iw 'deo- bc-ar ccsin. : Ccmp Trailers Utility Trai'.ers i Priced very icw :o rettie e^tcte. ; ~~ ' i SPARKS BOND, Reciror ! j TRINITY SAY AREA — 7Vz miles Bcrv Chambers County. T'l - Ci*v Becc.*"-: : S: ?5U S3. -oSSS-i-SE! ^ "F^XS^^^ ••eci. So .-95. 5S2-2213 sr inquire 307 Hater.; JUST Trucks We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS LISTED — ivr-jrc^!=-$. 3---«JrEx;rns, rc^r. Ca~De*l-"G. qir cc rest, T roes. fenced bac5 HiGHtANDS — Baf^e-ceil R ro? TVS . r •; rrcths, rernoaeled. 't ceres. eleme-stary.'- 566 - 7221 EDO1E COX, Realtor 213 XV. Jack — BUY eqtrity. Clean as a whistle. Notes on!y S77 month. 6C3 W. James — Heart of Baytown. Your drecm home. 4 bedrooms. Built to last 100 years. Lot size ?00 x J50 Ft. Drive by ond ta*e a tootc. 115 Crow ftood — Oversized bay home been graciously designed. It even has a swimming pool. It's iust too big for the family, CaU EDDIE COX for other Information on oil these fine homes. Eddie Cox t Realtor 566-7221 or 566-5060 EVA MAUD ADDITION - See These First ! 250» Tuscan Lane — 2233 Tuscan Lnne OPEN FOR INSPECTION See Other Homes Now Under Construction E. F. Luquire, Contractor 1 New Spanish Home 2204 EAVES — EVA MAUD wrought iron gcte opens Into private courtyard. 2200 so., ft. of luxury living urea. Large paneled den, nylon carpeting throughout. Be sure to Yis- it this home today. Starett Lumber Co... SS2-73Z den. especially | WEST L OBIT, 209 — Two-sTorv, four bed-; .vitn plenty of trees. 201 Hem uionino, central i roarr ,, 2 Boms sip living room. den. sep- Tioder.i. You'll love it! Price Next to Kilgore Eeody Mix 2101 Mcrke! — SS2-Sii5 33. Sporting Goods i 3d. 3-bedroo-—.. o;i ' cen!-ai neat ; '.v= NEED LISTING — AL.L KiNDS j '^-ir or ca:--»ts ' ^ - -^ '-' =' -49 r S3- jfireo-occ. Bavfror 1 ment. »i-j^~^ F ' .^^j ' arcrte dining, breckfast area, big kitchen, i **V J "; screened bccfc porch, fenced bccic yard. carpe.5. j rwo _ CQJ . goro3ft. Let s JciK Jerms. f 532-5603. or SCHILLING, 40? — Heart of Baytown. 3- Bedroom, extra Rice, corner lot. For juick sale. S5.950. Comer lot leysucKle. AH SI 5,500, gooa J3EAUTIFUL LAKEWOOD lot. S'^own ^...- crop.;;; 3-3321, JA 7--?43j WEEKEND RETREAT! . JUST LiSTED — 56« Boywcy or.. Clean ;-_-.\_ ! cs a wtiisric. 3-bc4raorr:s. I Dcthi. Centra: j '-t s a"f'' : oir 3-id hect. Approxi-nciely % ocrs lot,j,..~ '; ; ?e"C?c Oad< yara, slcnty of trees. Sa:t- j " "~, J ' • WOOSTER TERRACE — Two 2-hedroOm rl }b';c:-. homes for saie. S10G down, SS5, . .! monJ!l!Y, l-ictucing Taxes and insurance, i ••-• 'rame house, STCO down, S7S rrontn- menisJ Call Hourston 713-AAO 8^3345, can available. 5»i-7221 «*-JOiO Eddie Cox, Your Realtor BOAT — 14 ft. RedJiecd Soot weii. !irt)e wneei trciler. Sen Sec 9106 wooe Ra., Mtanionos. or" h ^ f !'»»-'«"' ° CT ' • 'acm Icntl, *ij| _. ; ^ou5torl w veefcend ot ooctin'lv wcorieci, scndy'^ sr end w'rn ccc&ss ts Lake' JUST . . . n;cc size *;•! rocrr,) i :r,2 f cabin. Cnbin end !anc! tc'at 1 ^ome • crcie for becn/ti'yJ ^XJ-•ne - business site ' co^bincticn Priced ct S14.950. QOcd loon ' jovcilcble. cDDIE COX, Realtor, 566-7221 j ! or Lo<*- CABIN CRUISER — 25 Ft. Chris Croft. See at Stail NO. 5- C«sor Bayou Yacht pnce 51.995, Terms. Ceil Mrs. McLean Basin. Must Sell. Si,25G. 42S-Z2IO, cfter j S**-S7*4. 5. 42^3307. t -| GUN REPAIRS Custom Barreled Actions. Doujjlcs or j Ape Impcf/af Barrels, precision chcm- : bered. HUNTER'S 6W E. Jcc* „_ _ 45 - Lots For Sale MOVED INTO BAYTOWN. ' a lice D r eTTy 3-be<^room brick f? Yr>is cr;e has certral hect, air con-[ ^rrto. on modern kifc?ien, 2 full baths, j forn! ; v room, >-car goracre. Yes, all j ii'v:ir-?s 50^ Pienty of sixide trees, toe. Wcs! s:7.iX>: br*ce reduced rodav to S15.SOC. ;>;.-; DEN Boytown, Te»o; HIGHLANDS — Ph.""s3 W S3;5. NOTICE CAMPSTERS — N^* Thermo- Electric refrigerators for your camper, 12V - 110 V STANcR TRAILER SALES, W. Mcln. 552-4531, OUTBOARD MOTOR —U h.p. Buccs- netr. Six - gallon cruise tank wtih -jaucjc. In perffrcr running conSirion. Wilt trot3e for ccrtop canos cr scii for S9S. Coi' 533- J166. e I SrcwTiwacd. Don't miss this good buy. I E3D1E COX, Reciter. 556-7221 or 566-5060. '• i-A PORTE — - iNSedreor. iivob's *x>rr,e with trees. H • ''" w F = J?" ALTY i LET YOUR I Drive Sy "14 Cr> . tara* closets, inside utility, in- carr-.. centre! heat end air end two Cor WANT TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS? — Here's your ctianca In fast growing Hicnlcnds: ill S. Main —The Morion Byiiding S'jpply, ell lend. build- Ings and becujiiul 3-bedroorn home situated on rear of property. It hcs chorrr., built to last a 100 vears. All modern conveniences includinc com - Dlete electric JcitcMen. central hect end air cond tiontng. Home well insulated. Screened-ii 24x23 potio, nice utilty room, 2-ccr carport. All dean cs cj whistle. Second dwelling at front of! properly rented for S75 month. Would mcKe a fi^e doctor's office or any other nice business. Drive ny and take o loch. Priced fcr immediate sate. S2ZSOO. Cal! EDDIE COX. REALTOR, for information. 566-7221 «r 566-5060. two __. _^_. - - - . _. snode trees, bearing pecan and Dear trees. By owner. 5S2-890Z Real Gone Owner! PRICE REDUCED sl.OOO Owner has moved to Montana, needs to sell this home immediately. Three bedrooms, 2 baths, 2-car gorge, separate livics roam, large den, all brick with cenlral air and heat. See 107 CALDWELL, in Lakewood, today! "Buy your castle from o King" 566-5061 or 566-7384 54. Automobiles FORD,1*S7 — -00d*d. «50, Phooe 426-3307, otter 5. GRIFFIN ENTERPRISE — '<* plymuati. sU ci-tmoer, t^aor. rodio, healer, new tlr«, red clrcn. 15?5; -57 Foro Statioo- WOQOO. *-door, oir. SWS. «OO N. Mcin, across frcm O'Briens Grocery. MUSTANG, ins — z-Daor, isMtnoc. zsr with -t-soeed. CaU oner ot 60S E. Hunnlcutt. S. 583-2377. See MUSTANG, IMS — 4-specd, dr. smal' eouiiy assu-ne ooyments 495-J4S9. Mont Betvieo, c*?er 6:30 pan. MERCURY, Its* Go3S worn esf. Phone 5S3-tMli. — «-Door, s?sao. PONT1AC CATALINA, ttit — 4 door, light due, air and power. SI.ISO. PLYMOUTH, i?4i — sports Fury, power and oir. win tofce >ro6e. Coll SM-°a« orter & p.m. PLYMOUTH, 1954 — Good tires, bolta-y and brekes. Extra good shoot PONTIAC. 1W4 — BonnevHI*, hardtop. 4-door, locoed wiib extras. CaU 5S2-SSU. RAMBLER AMERICAN, 1»63 — 330 > door sedcn ftiisheti In bficuStfu! she*J beige, rc&o, heater, standard trons*ni:s- ston. Or* - owner, new ccr trade-in WXe new one! pricrd to sell. LU.V.US SAY- TOWN DODGE, 2SOO MarKet, 5S3-7474. SELIGMAN. CHARLES R., J«. — 12155 Park, wr. Setiarnan, b* our guest to attend the showing ot "Inside Daisy Clover" now showina at the Brunson Theatre. Present this ad at the ticket oKice for vour two free- admissions. TWO CARS — -60 Btriclc, 2-door hardtop: '62 Corvoir, 4-door. Sotti reel cteon. n Airhart Dr., 533-1172. VOLKSWAGEN BUS — Radio, heater, low niileooe, perfect, si.150. Phone 53263$1 or 5S2-S167. •5> CHEVROLET iMPALA — «-Ooor sedan. AM power, factory cir. A 3303 family car, S595. 566-7503. S 54. Automobiles '61 Chevrolet impata w«. RadJe. btoiM-. liotrt gtau •»• wiiitmalt tircv. PfcMtv « extrot on* ill Mw mMogt wWt« arigbKrf point m Srt*n a-14 wtuK. Just Ike am. Nea! Dickens Motor Co. "Where Quality Is At*?vs Caosliltnr- 54O-41iS Ucder The Bis 5M4 Mlwoy 14< 1959 Chevrolet impaia A REAL SOUD UTTLE AUTOMOBILE! 4*Door. autacnoffCv ratfto and beater. BrMue wifft mefctking raferior. This is « one owner cor. Test dri** if s Mtid per- today. Page Dittman Motors Hoyt Page Frea Dittmaa Jr. Hwy 14* at Foylc S»-»n: "It Mokes A Difference Where You Bur. Let Us Prove It." '61 Plymouth Six-cylinder, (cur-door sedan, radio, teoter, white wertl Tires a:»d autofRa- tic transmission. Air conditioned for cool caarfori and «s a real buy ai ooJy... $695 DON DITTMAN Ernie Dittman Motors 5*3-2473 7C7 S. Texas Classified Display RED MGA ROADSTER, 1«» — Real good condition, clecrt. Phone 954-8234 cfter 5:00 p.m. CORVAIR, 1?SO — 4-Door. DUtomatic, A-l i condition, radio, heater. See or 509 Scott, call 533-21W. WE. WHOLESALE JUNKERS! Thcl's why you find only Ihe BEST USED CARS We're Reody Jo DEAL BUSBY SIHCK. "Where Customers Send Their Friends" 518 W. Texas Ave. 583-7171. »6-i MERCURY 4 - Door s e d u n, automatic transmission, radio, frsatcr. Keally a nice one 11 J-B Motor Co. Shop Under The Shed 2012 Alexander Dr. CORVA1R. IfdS — FuUy equipped, o-r conditioned, tcfce uo payments of S53.64 monthly. MUST sell. Leaving for Peace Com. SS2-J2S3. CADILLAC, }95J — Sedan, oil power a.r conditioning, one owner, 566-7014 or 566-7717. CHEVROLET S1SCAYNE, 1J40 — 4-door, S cylinder, radio, heotcr. standard, air conditioned, must sell or trade, make of- *er. 504 Scott Ave-. : CHEVROLET, 1JS8 — I-Door. Good condition, S22S. Call 583-3511 or 582-dS#». CHEVROLET, mi — 4-<!oor, new tires, battery, carpets. Reo! clean car. One owner STRIPLING OUTBOARD MOTORS, 713 E. Humble, 583-3053 or 583-2085- CHEVROLET, mi — V8 sport coupe. "Baytswn'i Beit Used Cors" Buck Turner Chevrolet 10 E. Texos JStSlSff '64 Mercury Caraet *-*»r, « cyliniler, radio, hearer, standard thrmsmisston, air conditioned. White finist* with neat dean inferior. An absolutely immaculate car wilt» low mileage. $1495 .... Quality Motors" Orvol Dunham Lon Williams 5S3-3917 70O E. Texas Three '64 Chevrolet ; IMPALAS Two-doors —' feur^doors ami-'ane beautiful contertible.- air" conditioned plus FOR SALE BY OWNER i 12 Live Oak Large 3-beaToom, 2 bafti home, recently remodeled, almost new wall to wall carpet. Central hect, 4 room air- conditioners, built-in dishwasher. Detached double carags. Small western cedar utility building. Large corner lot, several trees. Ideal location, cpn- venie -t to schools, churches, shopping, area. By appointment only. Phone 582-2857 or 532-5431. SPARKY SEZ . . . ••A POINTER IS A DOG", but POI.NTE ROYALE Is a waterfront area oi beautiful -W homes. WE HAVE THREE PRICED Sr&SOC to $24,000 Sparky Bond, Realtor 907 S. Main 332-S24S Nights ond weekends 5B3-tS73, 5i6-7751 Thinking Of Building? Coll T. F. Odorn Builder Of Beautiful Homes Highway 144 537-57: SOLD OUT We hove buyers for executive homes. LiST WITH US LOANS: FHA — GI — Conventional McDonald & Herbert DAYS iS3-!7<W NIGHT; 353-437; WHEN THEY ALL BEGIN TO LOOK ALIKE COME TRUE _ I WRIGHT BLVD., lTO-3-beSrooms. esrway in Lckewood. This baths, den, central heat — hos 3 bedrooms, sunken | J? ra .^; _' _ cre __T!T _ j ro^m. pcneied den, built-in kitchen, ~ -- - . OUTBOARD — 62 Mercury 700 r like new; appearance, cornolete ne^v overhaul. Go-or-j antfcd to days. S325. SS3-S570. I SPRINGFIELD RIFLE — Model 131 cal. 45.73. bayonet and seaboard. Ph. 5S2-4472. g*. The ; to list, so w _.,_ e features ere ju-si too many 1 T/^JJJ » ra d e at! ire !Orfa> for en rns&eclloo. f v - h _. vve 1202 OLIVE — 2 Bedrooms, 2-cor 35. Good Eating COUNTRY CLUB OAKS Choice Wooded Lots Choose Yours Today SALESMAN ON DUTY Walker Realty JOHNSON, INC. . Market, J LUTH ^R LE X. 582-7897. LEISURE COTTAGE — 600 Ft. on SI.995. 16:08 Hio/rtwcy 73. COM GL J.I072. 6417 3ayv.-ay Dr. ROBERT'S BROASTED CHICKEN HOUSE I pas food for any occcsioi. picnics, fisnjng | trips, bansuets. For fust service, col! 426-4015. Highlands. LOVELY GRAYWOOD — 703 Lindenwood. exauisile stvMnq in this 3-betfroom home. Tv*'a bct^s. built-in appliances, carpets and drcses fM. V-cny extras. Owner t -ransferred and must se!!. Fcr full de- j t=Ms, coll EDC!E COX. Realtor, 566-7221 5A6-S47S i 3r SSS-SCcC. 36. Insurance HAVING DIFFICULTY IN OBTAINING AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE?? Call GLENN WHITE INS. AGENCY SE2-U53 j LAKEWOOO — 1W Wildrose, modern i brick, 3-bedroorns. 2 barhs, 2-car paroae. t cen;rcl c:r ana heat, 80X125 ft. wooded ! lot. Will sccrifice equity, leaving town. | S>i"7366 after -c p.m. MAC ARTHUR, IS7 — For sale by owner. Bocutifu! little home, large livir.g room, 2?r. tncr can &e converter into 3rd bedroom. Reasonable. 566-7693. 2330 SQUARE FEET LIVING AREA — | 700 onve. price reduced for immediate saie. CHATEAU REALTY, 533-3252, or SS3-9757. nights 566-5604. Reading This Ad Won*t Improve Your Mind — JUST YOUR HOME Three bedrooms, I full baths, double garoqe. all brick central air and heat. Priced 'way below owner's cost. See it today. 160 LINWOOD DR. "Buy your casHe from o King" 544-5060 or 566-7384 it's Time To 4-2-3 See N. Burns! 3-BccYooms, 2 baths, large den, sep- arata living room, separate dining room, utility room, central air and heat, carpeted, drapes, intercom, beautifully landscaped, if you're !<>ok- ing far the unusual, make an oppioint- ment to see this lovely home today! "Buy your castle from c King" S66-5041 or 546-73S4 For Dependable Moving Service Local or Long Distance —• Call 5S Hasty Transfer and Storage North American Von Lines Agency 47-A. Houses To Be Moved red. rodio. heater, standard shift, origlna! j AII reO | o**ner. See to appreciate, SoOO. Afrer 5, m cry extras. Come by today and let us show you Jiow nice they are. Dan Hutchins Motors Hlwor T« at Texas SSZ-77SS J82-7093 1 OATS'JN 1944 **!oor sedan. ' Real nice. PULLERS, ?!3 S. Main DRAFTED, MUST SELL — 1«3 Corvoir /vonza, excellent condition, call for details. S33-J079. MUSTANG. 1965 — Hardtop, white, blue. Interior. 2S9 cu- in.. 4-soeed. good condition. 582-5411 after 5:30. Bayshore 2113 Market : JJ32-82S1 MERCURY STATIONWAGON, W2 — SIX- DOSSenger, V-S, oir conditioned, power steering, automatic, radio, new whjtewall I tires. SHIELDS MOTOR CO. INC, 2912! 5°"? ,'Jlarket. 582-ai«. .. Two '63 Montereys I-VJKLJ, I' 583-5570. t,o — Golaxie. excellent condi- conditioned. S4.000 miles. SJ95. FORD, 5100. Coll 566^352. 1955 — 4-Door tioning, power steering and brafcei^' town exteriors with all viny,fc?ttcige in- MANY OTHER; CARS TO CHOOSE PROM BUY WITH CONFERENCE • FORD GALAXIE 500, 1»S2 — Air conditioned, power steering, automatic trans- ! mission Good condition, 532-S3I7, after 5 p.m.. 566-7872. Classified Display FORD, 1954 — Z-Door, floor shift with motor. Call between S and 9 p.m. 566-7024 or 566-8214 FORD, 1943 — Four - door sednn, air conditioned, power brakes, rodio, heater, automatic. One owner, S9?5. 566-5114. FORD STATIONWAGON, 1940 — Six cvllnder. standard transmission, 4 ne* white sidewali tires, radio, heater. S32S cash or trade. 110 High St., S32-J259. FORD COUPE. 1940 — Modified and customed, S650. Call Channelview, GL 2-7C4?. FORD, 19M — Galnxie SOO 4-door, automatic, power, air, and other extras. Low rnilfraqe, excellent ayid;iion and the orice is right. 582-6393 before S p.rn.. 533-2139 after 5 p.m. Classified Display TO MOVE — 2-bedroom frame house, bath, plumbing. See 111 Pin Oak, Hioh- iands. Coll 426-Z779. 49. Automotive Service RADIATORS REPAIRED AND RE- CORED — Good selection of used Vadia- tors. CREEL'S AUTO PARTS, 504 S. Main Highlands, 424-2S11. 51. Cars Wanted CASH FOR YOUR CAR THAD FELTON FORD A-l USED CAR LOT NO. 2 M31 Hwy liS Ph. 532-3406 CASK FOR YOUR CAR SEE "HONEST JIM" Jim Carter Motor Co. 424 W. Texas i Classified Display Classified Display Creative Homes CA 7-W44, Bcytown 5«-7»lS Classified Display Classified Display Classified Display 39. Business Opportunity B£ YOUR OWN BOSS — OPPORTUNITY i OF A LIFETIME!! 160) Market St. The'. Ivy House business, land. buiWins and ! Ilxtur« (or solf. Moke o miilion ao'!ers i in tnis fine busines location. Priced o: i «e,500 for ooick ole. Terms. Coil EDDIE COX, Realtor, for other Information,! 566-7271 or 5J6-5060. _ j DUPLEX — On* bejjrwxn, living room,! dining area, kitchen, furniture, eacft side. ! Seoarote utility meters. HUGHES REAL- i TY. 5S3-3739 or SS3-5I50. _ I EAT A BITE CAFE — 311 Sooth Good going business. Lend, building, fix-! tures and all. $4.s>50 cash for quick sale. Drive bv, oo inside c.^d take o look, inert ; coll EDDIE COX, Realtor, 564-7221 or j SM-50SO. | SPARE TIME INCOME — Refilling end collecting money from NEW TYPE hlofi auolftv coin ooeroted dispensers in tnis oreo. No selling. To qualify y°" must fwve ccr. references. SAQO to Si ,900 casri. Seven to twelve hours weekly ccn net excellent monthly Income. More full tiTte. For personal Interview write Pentpx Distributing Company. 3131 Sfemmons Freeway. Swite 62. Dallas, Texas, 752*7. Include pnone number. 40. Real Estate Wanted JOHN M. SHEARER AND ASSOCIATES Real Estate, Soles, Rentals, Loans 1406 Morlcel. Bavtown, S82-6S17. SPARKY GET SUPER SERVICE SPARKY BOND, Reottor W7 S. Moln S82-3M8 Nights ana Sunflovs. S83-W78 or 564-7751 I FREi PLANS AND ESTIMATES Labor And All Building Materials Home Improvement Loans With NOTHING DOWN WE SPECIALIZE iN ALL CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING CONTACT DAVID ROGERS BAYOU LUMBER CO. Hwy. !46 at Cedar Bayou Road Ph. 583-8321 CONTACT: B. H. MAXEY FOR SALE High Grade ALUMINUM SHEETS 25 Each 25x36 inches, .009 inch thickness Ideal for insulation, roofing, siding. CAN BE SEEN AT Hagtmtm 1301 Memorial Dr. Most of us dislike to a great Extend all of the regulation and control which both the State and the Federal Government exert over our every day lives. I am no exception, for often have I on the spur of the moment, when I thought I was beinir unfairly imposed upon, voiced very rigorously my dissent. However, in a later, more calm atmosphere, when I have had a chance to think things out a little better, I realize that the very regulation to which I was objecting: was in effect put into the law to protect me as a citizen. Surely, this restriction did not help me as a real estate man, but had I chosen any other business in which to enter, the law would have served me in good stead. Probably this same Condition applies to men in any other field of endeavor. More particularly does this situation affect those people who are not engaged in any business which is subject to local. State and Federal regulations. The real estate business is tc some extent operating under a certain number of restrictions. There is no statute of which I am aware, however, that has not been enacted for the benefit of the average citizen. So the next time you ask your REALTOR to do something which he tells you he cannot, in good conscience, do remember that for him to do so might help you in this particular instance, but it might serve as an injustice to thousands of others if it were permitted. In general, the law protects us as a community. In particular, it may seem that the law imposes on us a hardship as an individual. But, since we made the law, let us live by it. CARTER H. MILLER And Associates, Realtors 205 Highway Blvd. 68S-7S43 * "Ordej Sun Phofos Place order-i tor reprinfs of pictures made by Saytown Sun photographers by calling 582-8302 or writing to The Sun at P. O. Bex 90, Baytown. The pictures are $2 for the first print, up to 8x10 inches in srze, and $! for each additional print from the same negative. Standard sizes are 8x10, 5x7 and 31/2*5 Indies.' The Baytown Sun 582-8302 Marvelous March Buys AT THE Lot '63 CHEVROLET Biscayne White with aqua trim, air conditioned, six cylinder,, standard shift. radio, heater, tinted oiais, vmitc- wall tires. '63 CHE\TROLET 4-DOor sedan. two-tone brown with saddle trim, V-a, automatic. power "sleering, power brakes, tinted glass, radio, heater, white Kidewali tires. ngrr. v-8, auto- raatic. aLSrs^^tonditioned, power steering. t i llffijli,- brakes, radio, heater. White with blue trim and white sid-waii tires.:. '/ A UT :<xaia.vie 500 4-rJoor; V-S/'S-aiita.malic, air condf- tioned, o^vftp^r ^«tterina. power .brakes, tiirtcat^ " Jia SB, windshield •••wa'shers. . Pleasing shade of vel- low -with fawn interior, white aide- wall tires, .v ; FORD : " Custom 500 •=-Door, V-S. automatic, air conditioned, radio; heater, tinted glass. Solid red with matching interior, wtiitewaM tires. CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-Door sedan. V-8, automatic, radio, heater, tinted glass, whits sidewsij tires, vwindshie'd washers, Coc! white finish with red interior, white sidewali tir*s and wheel discs. -64 '64 BUCK TURNER'S USED CAR HEADQUARTERS 10 E. Texas 582-820- Celebrate Cometh 2ND MILLION SALE with your easy dealing 7 MAN OGM0" l-fe BAYSHORE MOTORS, INC. 3113 MARKET

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