Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 11, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1888
Page 4
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THE • EVESTING GAZETTE: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11^1883. TTIE orKMATioN'nf trnc'ientomy just practiced upon the (termnn Crown Prince, is one that is only adopted a* an ultima limit by the surgeons, and it means that it is only done to prolong for a short time ^tho prince's life, and that he will not five to succeed his father who is now a nonagenarian. The sufferings of the Crown Frinca but afford father proof that entire happiness is denied to men on this planet. Born with a goWen spoon In his month, never knowing what it was to fear 11 creditor, surrounded by every luxury from his cradle, wedded to a charming woman, blessed with a family of noble children, regarded for twenty seven years as the soon-to-be emperor of one of the most enlighted nations of parth, he, tor the past two years has seen tl.e king of terrors close at hand, and with his slow but sure approach the vanishing of all his dreams, and hopes and plans. To be sure, it is said he meets MTUTOXATRES' HOMES. LOVE AND DEATH. EXTERIOR HILL, VIEW OF FAMOUS NOB IN SAN FRANCISCO. Not h.-n Is thrrt* All thf The Showy n — *to of TTons* — The Trocker th* Hlph Hoard Fenr«* — HOM iin I'ndVrtakT Oyerrrached HlmMpir — Tli^ flilnr«p Laundrymnn. Enteritis; Snn Frnncisco through (Joldon Gntc, tlir- MrnnL'er swq R Hiirci.'Snlon of hills, rliini; mil! behind the nilicr west- wnrcl from Ihi' water front. P.'issing Fort Point, the Ki-oon shorn* of Miirin county stretcli nut r-i Hie southward on tho left until they nr.- nierf:<-(l into the pllstrning church R|>ircs nnil house tops ut Berkeley nnrt Onklntul. To thp riyht lies San Francisco, "nil ,'is thn eye tlnnrtiH over the well kept wnlki, ir.-irileiiH mid bnrrork houses of the mililary iTsorvation they rest upon a group of Imnclsome, rtfMclt'ncos perched on the top uf thp highest hills. ' In the distance they look not unliko palaces Rpen on the banks of continental waters. The structures nre half a dozen or more .In the kinc of terrors bravely and with 11 • number, anil three of them arc the homes ._,,. * «v»^f tK.-.mrl.hiir. nil hravp of the California railrontl millionaires— smile speaks of the end; but all brave men do that; it would never do for a king or the son of a king to give token of fear; but one can readily understand how much the worthy Grown Prince surrenders when he yields him tu death. There is that that is sad ami peculiarly pitiful in the spectacle of all the medical skill of Germany, Aye, of Europe united wibh the Prince in light- i Interiorly it in nn unpretentious "build- In if the monster, and knowing at the ine, nt the same time having nn air of same time that it is but months, nttlie f°»<* rcflm-ment about It. In other words, same ume, mat "- '= " u * ,. I It look* tho home of a gentleman, most before? he shall have to cross the river of death and his son be his successor. ALDEN'S MANIFOLD Cyclopedia is n prize; printed in clean, large type, (Wo pages to the book, several thousand illustrations;, besides being a complete cyclopedia, it will contain all the words of the English language. It conveys information upon all subjects in all ddpartments of knowledge. Experienced editors of great ability are em ployed. It is proposed to publish it once a month. The price is phenomenally low,—only 50 cents a volume, in cloth binding; half morocco 05 cents; !!0 volumes in all. Any one sending 88.05 on or before March 1, will receive th9 30 volumes as fast as issued and the entire lot; or the entire lot in half morocco for 813.16 Postage extra, in all cases, 10 cents per volume. This is the most extraordinary offer ever made and enables one to buy a complete cyclopedia and dictionary _ Unely illustrated 'cheaper than ever before heard of. Address John B. Al- derj, P. O. Box 1227, New York City. —One signing himself "Patron" or" ders us, (don't request, but orders us) to leave Old Timer, alone and stick to the news only; and adds that it is very wrong in us to "burlesque" the good .old man. As Old Timer himself don't complain, it seem to us that Patron Is fretting needlessly; but Patron is not the first man we have known to borrow grievous trouble over matters that do not concern him. He evidently labors under the impression that each and every article in the GAZKTTKJS written for his especial benefit; but our vanity is not great enough to make us believe we ever shall be able to put in articles that will be enjoyed by every one of our readers; hence we try to please all tastes,—have something in each issun to please Patron and everybody else. Not an angel, even, could succeed in publishing only what everybody would delight to read. We would suggest to Patron to skip Old Timer articles, and otimra that do not suit his fancy. (Jiving aa we do so much reading matter every day for the small sum of two cents, it does seem to us that Patron ought to be so generous as to be will-, ing to accord space oncd in a while to our friend Old Timer, who enjoys the publication of the interviews had with him as much as Patrgn appears to take pleasure in finding fault with us. I'h. Tv-'.n'h! not her*'. , M h.-r l)n<vpr for th>« to take? >rM Is thine, nml for if« Rftl:«, oh. finno not hT"! iw I bmv mr<;''!f before thy mf^ht— Auk tbrm irlu. hnt l<»nre thl* h"nrt to mo, Then «ill I i l-.-k- tli-,- -.Tit tin K-nrtaml hrlrbt, An'l fff'Iv pi* ••• niv Mvtvt.^t drpnnlR to th*v*— U'liiitxr "iii-h Jnv.'linp** In thine <*nr Tbnt-ttir-u «hri!l wit-h wi/:h <\tly to |y> a Dffht; Rut cnm*» not h<*n>. Thou can-it not come—I will not V;l *.bfv» pnx*. Thnu Klmlt iu>! cnnqiifr rn«\ Alwl aim! Think nor of n lint I Hnirl—I tnonnt it rot. I kn'.w 1 c-iimint stay tui>«\ i! thr< lot lacnot. Still, l-'t this oru- h^nrt live, An.l I will ?ivi- thin nil 1 havt> tt) (rlvn. Ah, ni"! I nmy iff <li". With wnrrov- wild, Good Tw-nth, luivi' [ttty on a littlp chiM; Olt. (--'ill'- not. here! Death R'-ntly thrift thp wpoptnpf chllj askl*»: But a.< h* 1 plon-ly pa<w«M tow-arc! th«- nxnn— Lifcp dlnmon<1 Ilrt^lilnR rcwa rrd In th<» ploom— Gllst^nM a U»ar not rv.-n iH-ath could hi'le— H.ii-nti'n-dln • • • — K'hvftrd K. Stranpe In. MaKOzln* 1 of Art. Stnnfo'nl, Crocker nnd Hopkins. The most showy of the trio is the Hopkins house. It Is biiflt nfU-rtheBlylcof nn English castle, with turrets rising skyward from all corners, niul H center tower from which a magnificent view of the surrounding country Is obtained. As one rides up California street tho first house passed is that of .United States Senator I.elund Stanford, president of the fjreat Southern Paclllc railroad system. Ad j oininf; lt on the west nnd perched O n the top of the hill is the Hopkins structure, mention of which has been made. Unlike the Stanford residence, however, the Hopkins house is pretentious to ft fault, nnd in the gingerbread and filagree, work the term "shoddy" la plainly marked. An immense colored granite wull surrounds it. A block distant brings one to the Crocker mansion, on the corner of California ami Taylor F,treet3. The first tiling that attracts attention In looking at the Crocker house is a high board fence that rears itself to the air on the Sacramento street side. It is not altogether an unsightly object, OH the skillful hands of a gardncr have trained vines and climbing flowers about it; hut even these do not climb high enough to hide the painted boards. The main interest In an pxrorlor View of the Crocker mansion rests in that fence. It, is a famous fence and. In consequence, lias a history. Any bright Rnn- Blilny day you clinvh the hill you will find from three to a dozen persons standing around gazing at the fence, nnd listening to Its history. It is the biggenl part of a San Francisco guide's stock in trade and he never tiresof telling it. "That fence you see," narrates thu guide, "was put up there coz the man as owns the lot wouldn't Bell out son" Crocker could have Ihe hull Frenchmen >*ot on Their Moicte. The Frenchman cares little to contest In anything where mere muscular ability Is at an. advantage, says ft Parisian visitor. He pursues sport, as he does art—striving to develop its fine points, aiming to become expert and admiring only the skill that may be attained In the exercise. We have no such thing as a national game, nothing that approaches to your baseball, or polo, or the English cricket. Sport wltfi'^us means, as a rule, horse racing, and undoubtedly our Jockeys, of whom wo think highly, would compare favorably with the best that this country knows. The exercise that really occupies our attention as a national institution Is fencing, and that probably arises from the military character of the notional life. Much of the energy that the American youth puts Into play and physical contests is absorbed by the government'ln recruit- Ing the aniry. Here the boys of the village have'to provide their own amusements, their own exercises, and have to depend upon themselves for acquiring the discipline that Is M> essential to really successful sport. With us the government provides thu exercise and thn discipline, and if tho young man can get any amuse- out of It Vo much the better for them. If Is the next war that is always uppermost In every Frenchman's mind.—New York Cor. Philadelphia Times. you immediate .V> rts.-finrt .«l. , w 'hiloh'8 \VHT wrr,!, v C'un; will piv price in els.. Oliver A Co. The farmers' C'Hiferfnce at Dixi'U pnfls today. > src;U many peoplf nre prpaetit at today's Bcsslmi. "Thn best on earth" can truly be said of Grieg's Glycerine .Salve— a speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, sores, pilpa; tetter and all skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 2,", etn. Guaranteed. O. A. Oliver & Co, Uiddkibei'gpr is the Dennis Kearney ol the Semite. fiiiLon' CUBE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and lironchltis. O.A, Oliver & Co. 2 The l ? nlted .State's Senate has a lively time occasionally. See Wednesday'n proceedings. SIIILOH'S CATARIIB UEMEDY—a pos itive cure for Catarrh, Dlptheria and Canker Mouth. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Head about the DeKalb horse market. We can certainly have that here without expense to anybody. WILL YOU SUFFER with Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint ? ShiloUs Vital- \zer is guaranteed to cure you. 2 exist 1n thonvind of forms, but aro sorp*if"i»'d by t m nmrvel? "! !nvpT!t.t<m. Those who are in ne^i o! work that can boilouc while living M home should at one" srn.-i tliflr iwMreM to f!al- Ictt A CV>., Portland, Maine, am] iwlye free, fill' ItiformaUon how elthur «f i, of nli BRPS, can e»ni from ft> to f ?~5 p^r day Bnd upwards whf»revrr hpylke. You are Btjutwl freo. Capital nm re- 3 uirpd. Bom* have cifvio OTor S-'tO in H glnelf »y»t this work. All mioceerl. dwif 8. M. BEECH ER, PLUMBER, STEAM —AND— GAS FITTER. . j Iron, Lead, Culvert nnel Sewer Ir'ipe. Sterling must turn Its attention to buying all the products of the farm. "llACKMETACK,"a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 2C and an cents. O. A. Oliver & Co. !* .Buying by combination by merchants will enable them to sell far cheaper. • ARE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness. LosS'Of Appetite, Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vlt- alizer is a positive cure. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Farmers' day; and many farmers are in town. Merchants lire busy as well as their clerks waiting upon customers. ' A Fall Line of Brtutu Oooti*. Kngrlnr Trlmralnrn. *« Pumps and Pump Repairs, Gas uid oil Fixtures. *»HO> OPPOSITE POST OFFUIK ON FOURTH HTBEKT y UN "J a* iharras 1 ™! ris * ** __ "•'c.F>qiRR a ^^ii^y inesnah,.^ v . i' i; * Special Sale for 2 Weeks. A NASAL IKJEOTOU tree with each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. I'rice SO cents. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 —Professor Hichard Tunk and Miss Lizzie Decker were united in the holy bonds of matrimony in the church of the Sacred Heart this morning at 9 o'clock, the Rev. Father Fegers officiating. The wedding was attended by a number of the friends of the happy party. The presents were numerous and many wore the hearty. wishes for the happiness of the pair. • Here'* One for Her. Killtor Gazette. .. . . _ I am always ready and willing to aid one in distress. The young lady who wants a model husband must be, hence this information is freely given. Now, 1 know just euch a man as she wants, except, perhaps, one or two minor qualifications. The first is, that he is a little older than the required age. This she mighc.excuse, for the reason given by the gentleman aforesaid, viz: that he had been looking, lo, these many years . for a young lady that did not chew gum; that did not wear false frizzes or anything else false; and that could not whistle; one that would not go to church late and trudge .through the aisle to a front seat every time she . bought a new bonnet or a new dress; ahe mnat have sufficient.control of her ; curiosity not to glance over her shoulder on passing another lady to see whether or no she was. wearing a last year's dress; she must not be able, on arrival home to describe the dress of . every lady ahe has passed; she must be handsome and not tell of it; handsome by nature not by a/t; and, lastly, to know how to cook a meal for two without the assistance of a hired girl. The man we ref«r to U about twenty years older than U called for by the young lady, but he posaeases double the amount uf money she asks, which should be a sufficient Inducement for her to accept' the trifling addition of twenty years. it til* young lady fulfills the requirements of the *ngell« gentleman, and »o Inform* the GAZZTTX we will camw the •cqosiaiABoe to fe« formed tt once. '• R&A0KB. Relieved of its verbiage thp story of the fence IB that soincthhig like ten years ago, when Crocker Imilt Ills home on the hill, he owned all lint » lot S.'ixlOO feet in filze, With a frontage on Snvramcnto street. This little strip of ground wjiffthe property of one Yunn, an undertaker, who owned anil occupied a small dwelling which was located on It. Prior to bnild- Ing nn aKent of the millionaire neROtlatcd for the properly In a quiet manner and got R price of $.'),000 on it. He did not close the bargain, preferring first to see hla principal. Pending this, Yvnig' in some 'mnnncr became aware that the property was to be Ironpht for Crocker, ami when tho agent returned to close the bargain he advanced Its price to $0,000. Tills necessitated tho agent's making a second trip to his principal, and after gome discussion Crocker, who wanted the whole block, decided to pay the price rather than spoil the appearance of his property, nnd told his agent to purchase nt $6,000. \Vilh ti check for that amount tho agent suiiijlit, Yung, only to Hud that property on S.'icnunento street had again advanced, nnd tliBt Yung's 25x100 foot lot and a worthless building were quoted Bt $0,000, or Just about $7,000 more than they were worth. Again was Crocker consulted, and iiLTaiu did lie tcllhls agent to ticcede to t.hc undertaker's demands. The latter, however, had not reached tho top price yet, and when u check for $9,000 Was offered him for the property he coolly Informed the- millionaire's representative that he must have $12,000 for the property or he would not selL This was loo much trvcn for Crocker. It was not so much the money he cared for as it was the outrageous demands of the undertaker. The millionaire lost all desire to on n the lot and went on building his palace and devising means to tench Yung n lesson. 'At li\st he hit upon a plan, lie would fence his place In so high and light that no rity of sunshine could n*ch the IIOUM.-. The undertaker and his family watched'the building of the palace from their back windows and argued that the millionaire would have to come to time. They decided that the next time the agent came around the price would be $1">,000. The agent never came, and one fine morning' a group of carpenters put iu an appearance. Post holes of great depth nnd large caliber were sunk In tho ground. Soon great poles that would put to blush the tallest telephone sticks were planted, and then It dawned upon tho Yungs that they were to be fenced Iu. They protested and pleadedjn > vain. They offered the property at $9,000, then $0,000, and then :finally offered to' give It to Crocker for- the Old original $3,000. But the millionaire would have none of It. Ho wanted to fence Iu his yard, nnd as tho structure grew under tho hammer his attachment for It grew, and today the millionaire is said to admire it more than any portion of his handsome place. The disgruntled body embnlmer, afteor finding he had overreached himself, devised ull sorts of means to annoy Ills millionaire neighbor. Hej and his family stuck it out in the house as long as they possibly could, but tjiey became sick finally for tho want of sunshine and were compelled to move awn'y. They then hit upon, as they thought; a happy plan of getting even. They gave the house rent free to a Chinese laundryman, stipulating only that the pagan should rig n scaffold-, ing and stretch his lines so that the washing of many families would be visible from the windows oC the millionaire, Crocker rebelled at this, and after vainly endewvorlng to have t^ie wash house removed the inlllioiiiiire's carpenters spliced the long po^ts and the" fence Was built so high that save from tho front no light whatever entered the inclosed wash house. This move served the purpose, tho pagan gave up his establishment and, as no one would rent it, Ynng sojd it to a contractor «nd it was moved sway.—San Francisco Cor. San Diego Union. Tt»« Crown Prtu<s« of (tertoftny it iu pr«*rt<KM condition, CONDENSED NEWS. Mm. Zt-rwikh, of Limestone, I!!B.. drank ft of lye, inlsinklnK it (or nine, ami died In t ago:iy. 9 imports of dry goods at the port of York for the week ending Feb. 9 were .I,:a»; amount marketed, |.'!,t»)8,85t. iVillin'ri Barrou walked off a bridge at Li mil, Ohio, Thursday nljht, and fell a distance of seventy f po t. He wan Instantly killed. Dun & Co.'s weekly rewlew say» business Is unchanged. Trndo is dull and Inactive at most points, and nearly all the markets are lOWOI*". ' Fireman Potter, of Muskogon, was Instantly killed by the side rod of o locomotive, which broke when the train was approaching VrimJand, Mich. Mr. Daniel Vollntiae, one of the oldest, wealthiest, and most Influential citlzina of the Fox River vnlley, died at bin home in Aurora, II)., Thursday night. lire. Agnei Mnlone, a Roman Catholic, was rcceiv.ed Inlo the Jewish church at BI» Louis, Wednesday night, and afterward married to Coleman Ullman, a Jew. Tho opposing parties in tho Cherokee nation In Indian territory, have pooled their lasnos to fight the movement for the opening of Oklahoma to white auttleintmt Bu.sineu failures duiing the Huron days ended Fjb. 10 numbar for the Unitod States, lf,7; Canada, 5'i; total, 281), as compared with 207 for the corresponding week last Chairman Leo, of tho Reading railway strikers, has gone to Washington City to appear before the congressional committee, accompanied by Davis, tho minors', executive board. Rev. Theodore W. Haven, -the Battle Creok (Michigan) clergyman who mysteriously disappeared In Niw York City a month ago, has betm heard from in Berlin, Germany. Mr. Cardinal and bis daughter, of Noper- vllle county, near Montreal, are maniacs,the reason being that Charles Doraia refused to keep bis engagement to marry the young lady, anil married another girl. . At Becaucus, N. J., a heavy freight train on the Dele ware, Lackawanna & Western railroad jumped the track, and a moment later the boiler exploded. Neither engineer nor fireman was Injured. Two brakemen were fearfully hurt. Nelson Rowe, an old man, a resident of Hartford, Mich., was charged with setting fire to the residence of Constable Btratton, of that place. He was shadowed by detectives for two months anil finally arrested, when he proved conclusively that bo was in Grand Rapids the night of the fire, and was honorably discharged. Stophun J. Hentiy'n Remains. . . WA.TIRBURT, C'onn/i Feb. 11.—The mother ot Stephen J. Meany (whodied here Wednesday) whose remains are lying Iu state here, cabled from Ennls, Ireland, Friday, to have.the body sent there for burial. The Rev. J. H. Mulcahy, of the church of the Immaculate Conception, tendered the committee iu charge of the remains a lot iu St. Joseph ceme- lory Thursday, and t mass meeting has been called to take .'action /or a public ~ funeral Sunday. The BTKPBKH J. MKANT. remains will probably be shipped to New York on the afternoon of Saturday. Should Mare Hanged Himself Earlier. GREENFIELD, N. H., Feb. 11.—On the country road lo Wilton, * mile or more from here, lived Clarence B, D. Bowen, his wife Ida, and their (our children, the eldest 0 years ot «ga. Bowen Is said to have been • shiftless fellow, who spent most of his time In drinking-places, while his children bogged for broad. . On Monday night the children called in the neighbors, who found that Mrs. Bowen died of hunger and exposure. It Is surmised that she triad to kill herself on Sunday and again on Monday. The busbaiid was brought home, aud on learning of his wife's death went Into another room and banged himself. Not a thing to eat was found In the house. .Still decidedly cold. Fon DYSPEPSIA and LlverComplaint, you have aprinied guarantee on every bottle ol 1 Shiloh's vitalizer. It; never fails to cure; O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 Sleigh riding every where. 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Ulcers, Salt Hhcum, Fever Bores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postlvely cures Files, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded; Price 25 cents per box. For sale byS trickier & Boorse. The authorities are making many arrests in London, of Irish nationalists, Without health life has no sunshine. Who could be happy with dyspepsia, piles, low spirits, headache, ague or diseases of the stomach, liver or kidneys? Dr. Jones' Ked Clover Tonic quickly cures the above diseases. Price SO.cents. For sale by O. A. Oliver. ( .,,. Chicago still hopes to get the cratlc national convention. TUB HOMELIEST MAN in Sterling as well as the handsomest and others call at our store and get free, a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for toe Throat and Lungs. It cures accute and chronic coughs. Price 50 cents and $1. A. R Ilendricks. IK :••.)• Dr. Paxton, the new iPreaident of Princeton won his reputation fighting Professor Swing. Plle«-BU«d, Bleeding and Itvhinr. Positively cared by Darby^, Prophylactic Fluid. Bathe with a little of the Fluid added to the water. A single application will allay the itching, soothe aft Inflammation, deodorize all offensiveness and staunch the bleeding. Tetter and tioald Head are quickly cur- Prophyiactlc Fluid. ,tths ings. We can save you 25 cents per yard on every of Black and Colored Dress Silks. WE ARE THE CHEAPEST DRY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING. in the World { BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS } B-tln^World. ENTER oi CO. N to Prevent Railroad Collisions. A most wonderful Invention Is reported from Vienna. An Austrian engineer has, it Is said, designed a truck to run before every rnllway train, being maintained always at a fixed (but rulj as table) distance In front by th^force ot an electric current transmitted along tiio metuls from a dynamo on the engine. —Tho current is con. ducted thvqngu mercury, contained in glass tubes on the pilot truck. If, therefore, the truck comes Into collision the tubes are broken and the contact consequently destroyed. The interruption of the current Instantly and automatically, applies the breaks on the following train. It Is claimed by the Inventor that_ two expresses, fitted with 'this system, might with impunity be set to run full tilt at each other. The cpilHon .of their pilot trucks woulcl arrest t He progress of both trains before they i - 'iild miet. The element of .human f;.!iil>illiy. Is nccwdlrigly entirely eliminated, uud drivers may dash througu a whbloseries Of danger BlgHala Without risk, Ijein': nntomatlcnlly arrested the moment they reach the spot that Is really dangerous.—St. James 1 Ga7.ett«. ; ed by Darbys. iDn Telegraph ArtypUl method of soldering telegraph wires has recently been Introduced and is now to IK> generally adopted in Russia. IU principal advantage consists In the saving of time require^ for the work and In the avoidance ofj any "scraping," which would to gom» extant reduce th» strength of the wire- j The two ends of the wire, already embraced by binding wire, are dipped into!* veeMl holding *. considerable quantity 1 at nieltml aolder, upon the top of which there 1* sufficient powUtired ul «inmonlac to U»»9 a thitk Uyer of liquid salt. l $h« ends of tt>« wire pwsed Into th* VMMljftn qakJtly Jaln»dL din? Calendars for Sttle. , - The tobncoonlsts hnve dlscoverefl » new and easy way. to turn many honest pen- •nles. They ere selling the pretty, though often questionable, calendars gotten out by the wholesalers as advertisements. The wholesalers get them up to give ona to e$ch gtorekeepor, and even then tha cost of some is very great, though few we printed, for the work la na good as money wUl buy. But they dare not refuse tha retailers extra copies If they ask. for them, and the*e are uow offered to the public at Chroma prices.—New York Sun. Albert leads In the New York Walking race. Braee Up. | . ; , You are feeling .depressed, your appetite la poor, you are bothered with Headache, you are fldgetty, nervous, and generally out of aorta, and want to brace up. Brace up, but nut with stimulants, spring medicines, or, bitters, which have for their basis very cheap, bad whiskey, and which stimulate you' for an hour, and then leave you' in a worse condition than before. What you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vitality, and give renewed health - and strength. Such a medicine you will Ilud in Electric ' Bitters, and only 50 cents a bottle at Strickler & Boorae's Drug >tore • .. ... Last night was one of gayety and parties at Sterling. : In chronic cases of neuralgia, rheumatism, or gout, where the disturbing cause is a certain acid which poisons tlie-t)lo..d, Salvation Oil should be used' according to directions. This powerful-pain-destroyer will in time dissolve the poison circulating in the blood, and bring relief when all others fail Salvation Oil kills pain, and is only twenty ftve cents a bottle. . • W« must continue to decline to publish offensively personal articles. , Herbert Spencer , says, that man's qouv,ereation is a sure index tu his mental capacity; we therefore account for the numerous flattering commendations made by our most learned men of the merits of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. ., , , A Cold Place. ' ' Halleck is tl 1 .' 1 coldest place on the line of the Central 1 VciUc. It la a terror to ruilroad men. 1 At i point B current.of air come* down from tbo north through o series ot yal-, ley*—rx Kprt of trough that ezl enda up into arctio vi>j;io is.—Virginia (Nev.) Enterprise. THE INCURABLE CURED! < >oM Net K«»emb«r, "Wose, <\ttiM Tall me — »b — did yoa make « nirmowanduia of the — ah — w»» I niiulu u> you when I was h?r« b»- dwwwlifnl, tactic, don'ti j«r kno*', tcawat mvpU. wfj»U»w I CUw*."— WhtetukU Ike Weir Laid Him Oat. , . Minn., , Kab. U.—A fight took pUoit Friday nl^bt at lb« Ttxatr* C«p>- Iqua Utwwn Tommy, Burin,', efeampioa fo*tiiarweijht oC th* P»oino ooMt, wid Itoj Weir, Iho "Hpid.r," tor ut *ll«gt»l vun*ot 1.00 tnd th«»TiU receipt*, Bur.k* to oUJT •Igbt rwunJ* AUbouib acting totir«lj oo UM 4«{>a*», Uuravn was thijiapad all ov*r UM Ooaily koe<4a4 »ui to tk* '••• ; ' , HOTEIMTILUC. KT. Feb.M, 1887. ., Oefitlnrien—Seven yean a«o A »or« derei. frped on rar hose from a linger nail icratcn. I cried A fvw wlntplo rcui*llc», but the tor* would not yield. I fmw wore* every ye*J f or M*en >'CAnu. Uany thought I had *c*a< cer. Or**a* a ye»r OKO 1 commenced taking & B. 8.,a«d .wo doun bottltsu -nUreljr cur«4 ro«. "WheQ 1 began wittr 8wIfi'i SueclOa I WMja »wy,poor braltb, aud ouulu hardly . drmif about After 1 had finished the ooun« . «rf B. -8- R.'l- w»a atrt>ng ami buoyant, and tail a good appetite. I r«uard H an a moet TaluA.lemeok'iuAfor ludlea In weak, dell* ctit« ht-aliii. It IB a household medicine • wiUmc. - ; Youn rt*aiMic-tfully, MKO.R. W. WI1AOK. ^ ' -M gp^stTiKBOBxi, 8. OL, April 2,1S87. ./ Oenlloown—For twt-nty years I have baa , been grow ins vorso. Tli* miuiy pli/slclana • whom I had consulted were unable to do nw »oy «(x>d., Lb»i fall o year uo I began using H. B, 8. At nrtt It tnfiamea the Bore, fwd U became iuor« vimteot thatt evt-r i ao mucb RO, Uule*d, t.iat ray family Insisted Uiot I Kboultt lo&Te uft tbe niedlctne. 1 L^r- Usted In u&lug the 8. H, B. AC tbe end of two moatltt U?« e5re -was uutlrely hralod. Tlilufc- • l»g that the evil wu out ot my oon^tltutlun* ) |T«C» off the medicine; but In Novrnibor,- ten month* afur. a very alight breultinKout ' *ppuar<xt 1 at one* brarau again on U, a. 8.. aud now that la aJ*> dl«appci&rlnK' I har« «i^ery *BJUi In 8. B. S. H has duoo mo mnr« food than all the doctors aud btlur ninU* •iaoi 1 •TCT took* . Tours truly, , , A. R, SHAKDH - : -'» ' Wwstoir. W. C., April 13,1SS7. fl«otl*tn<rn—Two or ttoro* yean ago a cancer came ou my face. It wx>n grew to be E* large. It wore on me, and HIT s^nwaJ th Wa« very poor. .La*t tiwiiteujber I m a course of K & 8^ which I have continued It) ibe prrneut tlnie with the rteult. The cauoer has eatlrely disa.. there betug no «v)deoc« or symptom of a caactsrous M&racter J*ft, Hy general health ir, and my appetite bttu-r llj*n U b gixxi Kow, ha*? , *?*Mn fn years. I am tB ycant ol,t, and today I am workiog 1m the IU-M lUuutlog . aentlemen-I bad a acre on my iipv^r Up ^or eUjbt years. Beven-MUtereut diK.-lors av Uaiptfd to v alls to heal It. Oiui «ave me a small vial SOT Cve dollars, which was a - certain our*.*' It Is utvUleu to sny that It did BM no good, i About two years ara I tiecajua' fioltoB»aasy,a3 pt.-uplf tnoOBhtl had aca»- Mtr.and I took a "ounw ot *V«!it*eu bottlas ' ol A. ft. 8. Tb« nnult has been a couiuleu . Th* ulcer or can<~vr he«l«l beaumul- MVUjr HMMWJj a j*«reii»bt* *e«Lr l^rom t day fbAvv be«n la ejc^tUat hxalLh, UM IW |?utW»»i tuy blOKd thoruotb- »4 tny a$<t>ftlta aod perfaofc«4 l%y , te a <M,\rd, I feel IU* a a»« aa, aod, bxt oj all, UM ol»nt >*ar ai«*r fie«ina't«i lluvo Rnen is Grant! Sooundel, - PnrLADKLPHiA, Feb. 11.—Henry E. Reese, ;be embezzling coabior ot tba Continental lOtel, bos another crime to answer for. After be bad stolon fTO.OOU from Magargee & Co., of tli id city, he' went Into the paper mamiincludiiK business with Moasrs Cleggs & Clugston, at Valley Forge, and while a member of the firm he embezzled it* funds, fie drew checks and appropriated the money. Fie bad entire charge o( the book* of the firm, and could do as he pleased. MsFl CUBE CONSTIPATION. To««\)oyhe»lt«loii»«honld have regular evacuations every twen y four boon. The evlla, -both mental and physical, reanltliia; from " HABITUAL CONSTIPATION are many and aerlona. For the o nre of this) common trouble. Tntt's tfver E*llls bare trained a popularity nnpar* sOleled. Elegantly augar coated. SOLD EVEEY WHEEE. To Trade. A well Improved farm in Whitesid Co. of 140 acres to trade for Nel^£-o Kansas lands. Strike quick if you want it, it is desirable. tf F. B. HTJBBA.RD. Duplex Corset Integrity of material and rante. Gives supplenem, ease ana felocanoe to the form Can be dependedAinon for satisfactory service, Warruited. Sold everywhere for One Dollar, S&mpUi sent post-paid on receipt of price. BOBTREEK'PB, CO,, JACKSOU, MICH. 1 NEW METH"l) r OF TREATING CHRONIC DISEASES, DK PEW PLACE, Establ lulled and sucwssnilly conducted by Dr. H H.Del'cw & Son. who are prepared tolreat all tlie tnoftt ooinpllejited fontis of disease. boUi Acute and Chroiili-. TUIs Is not asiinliurluniurlio»pH»!.blitiilii)mp wliere patitnlH can b« oand fur ^hlle IwInK treated by tbe XKW- HH I'1IOI>. All diseases peculinr to WOMEN, dlsensea of thoUKINAHY and HIIXL'AI, OKOAN8, every form of NEUVOU-i ULSKA«K8: al-o of Uie STOMACH and MV'Ktt. PILES and FISTULA. KKW MKTHOI> ,. RADiCAiLY CUBED. The advuntages nf tho .\F.W MK over all others urc, ImniC'llate relli f nn J complete recorerv, as tbs c-asei reported proves. By .NEW METHOD u( dla^mw,^ they are enabled . . . . IIBV ar to treat niaiiy ciiaes siuvtsaiully by letti juts In any part o( tue cuiinlry abort uoifee, lor a reasonable fee. fy Their motboils nre, unlike all oihera and will cure when everything else (alls. 1 No Jett'-r answered unless acvump&itied l>y i cettU Iu ttUuii Address, Dr. U H. OK V KW A. HON. SQ1 Ktftti Avenue, corner Tliinl SL,UilDUin. la. tttu-w H AVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND THX &AZSTTS BINDER Y.Q Schumacher, on, hand a big stoofe of Live Cedar (Posts, the lust Jtfichigkn Soft (Pine Lumbar, all kinds of -(Building Jdaterii I, Sash, Qoors and (Blinds, Coal, Lime, Cement, Hair, eta., etc, *v in^^t Lowest Jtfar- ket (Prises. • • . ' A big advantage in dealing with us is, that you can get your loads with~ ' out going over tho railroads. kind of Square »nd VUt riot, fts.roT carden renreK. lout reeelvod E. B. FAOEY & WBERS, STEAM & GAS H AVE NOW. IN THB1B EMPLOY 1 MR. JOHN BUCKLEY, recently In IN employ of J. 8. Jolumtotie as Plumber, Wealsc have arrangements with WALTKB A. FACET an expert Plumber, now with E. Basgot Iu ttu beat plumbing establishment In Chicago, In CAM otany Hue or ultra work, to assist us. We are prepared (o make- contracts and furnish mate rial I»r ull work In the Plumbing, Steam and Gaa Kitting Hue. aud kern hi stock Iron, lead and sewer pl|w, brass goods, pumps, &c., &c. ; everything iu u« found In a nrat-class establlahinem at reasonable. )>rlcet>, and we are now prepared U do work In a natlstactory manner and: nuanc all work and material as represented. T. K. FACEY, who ba« been In buslnese here almost continuously for the last ihlrty-two years will superintend the work, tits qualJncailoui as a uecliaulc are too well known to need comment, aor AT oi<i> HTAHI> FACEYBLGGK.STERLiN8.iU. for 1st* li betur than crrr. and shoold be Iu UM luu>t< if .-vtrf wreon conirraplidtii; buvio* O B C R 6 PI AUTfi or DiltQQ If «",-B £ t U 8 fUHn 19 BUUtlBl Uln. t Colored c)aU> Aosaaada or I Vh^ So LuY, and wfcar* ineM>rhj!i IBWIN McMaNlUAL HA8 HTAKTXO A I tww dray, and Is tirepartxl So <So fcU klsdi at Mo'w\i i . La«<r« tUarr

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