The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 9, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1914
Page 3
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TfttmrJar Brrntng, Inly 9, 1914 "" T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Manufacturers' ·ample line em- ', broideries as wide j I a* S« Inches, 1C Our Second Great Manufacturer's Surplus and LOOM END SALE BO ac«n Mok toweta, cood «*··, eacfc Manufacturers' samples of Table Linens as wide asg-| 1 72 Inches 3 caa« genu Serpentine Crepe, | ISc value, yard lOc Hea therbloom and Halcyon M«B- | saline Underskirts I | $1.00 and (1.501 I value 48c 3.000 yards drap-1 ery Scrim, plain I ecru and fanc floral borders, yd 1 5c I SO Inch Conistoga feather ticking. I-| ^Oe value, yard 5nno yards stand- ' ard Prints, all 1 colors and pat- I -1 Included. I Mill ends, yard Full bleached v f l r d g for i 59c 2 cases TUpplette. 18c value a yard lOc I S cases 32^c I quality soft aep- Ihyr gingrham, a fyard Tie NEWSPAPER! F OR those who attended our last Loom End Sale in January the mere announcement of another of these sales will be sufficient to bring them to our store the first thing Friday morning. Our preparations for this Great Loom End Sale have covered weeks of search- Ing and keen merchandising. Through the generous co-operation of mills, wholesalers and manufacturers we have been able to gather an unparalleled showing of merchandise of every description and to quote prices that we know have never been equaled in Decatur. The manufacturers and jobbers of the great market centers have been drawn on, showing the tremendous resources of the merchandise world In this country and what can be brought together by our clear-eyed buying organization. We have socceeded In landing the greatest values ever brought to- gether in Decatur, and opening a gold mint of bargains that wiB «et the whole town talking for weeks to come. Opportunity is a thing we all look for--and it came to ns--Is on its way to YOU. Owing to the extreme backward season and the startling weather conditions, most of the leading manufacturers have been caught with overstocks, cancellations of orders, etc. The time has come when they must begin working on Winter goods--they cannot afford to carry over the thousands of dollars worth of merchandise on hand, consequently we have been able to purchase their surplus stock at cost and less than cost to manufacture. Its your good fortune now to be able to buy them in exactly the same way. It is an ever prevailing Osgood. store policy to pass our good fortune on to our patrons and this great manufacturers surplus and Loom End Sale creates your opportunity. 100 waistB. voile and lingerie lawn, handsomely embroidered and laee trimmed, $1.00 to Jl.BO value -- Manufacturers' Loom Ends pure linen table damask, full bleached, $1 yard up to $3 yard table linen, Loom Ends 2c, 5c, lOc and 15c WGOODS-S. 50 all-wool dress skirts, $3.50 to $5.00 values (IN BARGA1KLAND) $8.50 to $12.50 taffeta silk and Ghuddah skirts in new styles (NEW THIRD A A .UV all-wool GLOVES Ladies' Chamois Suede Gloves in chamois and white 2-olasp, 4 rows stitching, S9c value. Loom End Sale price 16-Button Length in chamois or white double tips, 65c value. Loom End Sale price 16-Button Length Pure Silk Gloves, double tip, all sizes, black or white. $1.00 value. Loom End Sale, price IG-Button Length, white only, full embroidered, all sizes, $1.25 value. Loom End Sale price Ladies' Gloves in satin or suede finish, or silk lisle, black or white, all sizes in stock, regular 35c value. Loom End Sale price LEATHER HAND BAGS Leather Hand Bugs, leather lined, heavy nicke! plated clasp, regular 75c value. Loom 39fi End Sale price WWW Ladies' Leather Hand Bags, silk lined, heavy nickel plated Frame nnd clasp 31.25 value. 9SC Loom End Sale price WWW Black Moire Hand Bag with mirror attached, heavy clasp and silk tassel. $l.(in value. Loom End Sale price - $2.50 to $4.00 Untrimmed Hats Choice of hundreds of high-class shapes in fine Milan hemp and plain £1 QA hemp straws at ...... «PA«W Every visitor to the Millinery Department will agree with us that this is the greatest value-giving event of the season. Never have you been offered the privilege of choosing from a vast collection of beautiful styles and high-grade qualities at anywhere near this low price. The purchase of a manufacturer's entire surplus of 50 dozen trimmed and untrimmed hats makes this sale possible. Hundreds to select from in this tremendous bargain-giving event. Be here early to select one or two ontrimmed hats from this lot of regular $2.50 to (5.00 values at 81.00. $5 to $10 Trimmed Hats $1.00 Plenty of the scarce WHITE HATS in the lot as well as black and every color in demand, sach as purple, new blue, navy, taupe, etc. A rousing sale of hair goods while the Loom End Sale lasts--$4.00 switches for $1.95. (24 to 36-inch.) Every fashionable shape is represented, including sailors and large dress hats, medium and small hats, in all the smartest and most exclusive models. Fine quality Milan hemp and plain hemp. Special Line of $5 Panamas $2.95 $1.00 to $1.50 Waists, 50c 50 dozen voile and lingerie lawn waists, lace trimmed--the voile waists embroidered--all in the lot are this season's best styles--each and every waist selected for some point of beauty--you may be sure of that. They've been used in display. Some have been given out on approval, some have been exchanged. All in one £ft/» great lot. Choice . ; MUL- LET IT BE PLAINLY UNDERSTOOD --that although we have reduced prices to the lowest notch we will protect every customer by guaranteeing every article we sell to be exactly as represented. S3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 Waists of shadow lace, plain and striped all-silk messaline, chiffon, china and taffeta silk--all in one great lot for clearance in this, our second, great Loom End Sale Undermuslins and Hosiery lght Gcm-as -- In many pretty styles of nainsook or crepe, princess slips, combinations, w h i t e petticoats, elaborately trimmed with embroidery or scallops, in all sizes. $1.50 and $2.00 v a l u e . . . Crrpe Petticoat* -- With flounce trimmed Jn embroidery; night growns in many d i f f e r e n t styles; w h i t e petticoats, straight line effects, or deep embroidery flounce, f i n i s h e d with wide beadkig and ribbon ; combinatlona and princess alip3 elaborately trimmed with serviceable embroideries and laces, $1 2S and $1.50 75ft values for · *»** fSowna--Two styles In gowne, slip- on and open front, in good quality long cloth, p r e t t f l v t r i m m e d . 75c value Corset Cnrcrp* -- Embroidery and lace trimmed, nicely made and good f i t t i n g , regular 39e value; OQfft Loom End Sale C«W CfimMnRtion Suits -- Also the, new envelope chemise trimmed in lace a n d embroidery. Petticoat*--Daintily trimmed in lac« and embroidery Values up to $2 00. None -were made to sell for less Loom 95c than $1.50. End Sale . Ladle.' Silk LlBle Role--Cant-tear top. wide hem, pink, gaa metal, grey blue, red, black and white; 85c values; Loom End Sale price l.ntlle*' 811k Boot Bou--In tango, purple and Neilrose, 26« raluc. Loom End Sale price, per Ladle*' Pure Silk Boot Hnfle--Black, white, tan and blue, 60c value. Loom End Sale price, C1 QH three pairs lor w I iUU HlmeB' Silk Ho»e--Black, w h i t e and tan; S5c values. Loom End Sale price 25 Docen MUeeH' Hose--Black onlv: all sizes from 6% to 9H Inclusive: treble knee; 16c value. Loom End Sale price, QA per pair 9v Men's Silk Fibre Ho»e--Blark, t a n , white, navy and grey; 35c values. Loom End Sale price 3K Dozen Men's Hose--Black or tan spliced heel and toe; 12%c value Sale Little Girls' Dresses 1,200 in the lot. --Comprising manufacturers' surplus stock of cool wash frocks--the kind that children delight in wearing these hot days--of pretty ginghams and chambrays, in plain colors, pretty plaids and stripes; charming new styles, sizes H to 14 years. Lot 1--Up to $1.00 dresses. . 48c Lot 2--Up to $1.50 dresses. ,79c Lot 3--Up to $1.75 dresses.$1.00 Lot 4.--Up to $2.75 dresses.$1.48 (New Second Floor ^ The Season's Newest Silks Sacrificed Brocaded Silk Poplin. 40 inches wide in tan. brown, navy, Copenhagen. wistaria, black, tango, mahogany, king's blue and green, SI 50 values. Loom End Cf 4 A Sale price W · · I w "Cheney Bros" Roman Stripe silk?, newest color combinations. {1 BO values. Loom £4 flfl End sale « I .WW Satin Foulard bearing the famous Cheney brand In every good shade. Including tan. brown, apricot, orange, blue, green, red, ceriss, lavender, wistaria, black and white. This season's newest patterns Now is the time to get a showerproof foulard silk dress, R5c values. C4C Loom End Sale price WWW 38 inch Crepe de Chine Moire effect, brown, mahogany, navy, Copenhagen, black, white, pink and green, regular $1 00 val- -'- ' u«, Loom End Sale p r i c e . . . 24 Inch figured silk poplin, oopwi- hagen, navy, brown, tan, blaek and lavender. this season's newest patterns, 76c value. Loom End Sale price Brocaded Crepe de Chine, brown, tan, na.vy. Copenhagen. Alice blu«. maiee, white, black, lavender and pink. Fast colors, 75c value. 4Q(J Loom End Sale price WWW Brocaded Tussah 811k In two tone effect. come» in pink, blus, green and black. One of the newest things on the market Sold regularly at 48c. Loom 33C End Sale price WWW On one large counter we have arranged an excellent line of extraor- d i n a r y values in wash silks, carefully selected from regular 60c and 76c line, including plain colors, stripe effects, and figured pattemt. Loom End 25C Sale price ·· w w A Little Talk About BIG SPECIALS V Mere mention of Loom End Sale is sufficient to attract the attention of shoppers acquainted with this store's policy of never doing things by halves. FOR BUSY PEOPLE. $2.00 genuine crepe kimonos, 95c and $1.50 values $5.00 Norfolk suits of pure linen; yours for d»1 A £ the never-before-heard-of-low price P ·»- ·**w And the $1.50 utility dresses so nice at that price are only 95c during the Loom End Sale. All the $1.00 line for 69c. Then the 53c corset calls for your attention. They're worth up to $1.50. $3.00 rain coats, 95c, and $15 silk dresses for $6.90. Plenty of them, too. Trunks, Bags, Suit Cases, perfect goods, discounted 20% to 50%. 25c two-toned suitings. lOc. A wonderful Loom End Bar- gainland special, and the TI/C counter in Bargainland has no yard goods on it worth less than 12% and up to 25c. All you want. 50c bungalow aprons 1,0(10 jard? Suiting, black n n d white and colored checks, 30 91c inches wide, 19c value w 2 W Soft, crepsy Toilet Paper, 1.000 sheets to roll, regular Be value. 9Sfi Loom End Sale price, 7 for fcWW Extra quality Tissue Toilet Paper, extra large rolls. 4 AM Special each B ww 60 dozen Petticoats, percale, gingham, satteen and Heatherbloom, black, brown, green, red. stripes and figures, 50 and 75c value, Loom 3fiC End Sale price WWW Extra quality German Feather Ticking, fancy stripes" and floral patterns. Regular 25c value. Loom 11?ft End Sale pi Ice .. . I ww About 100 ladles' and misses Night Gowns made from ?oft, sheer cambric lace or embroidery t n m m p d yokes, short sleeves, low neck. Values up to $1.00. In the lot some are slightly soiled and mussed. Loom - -End Sale price 50 dozen men's canvas gloves, short cuff, well sewed, snug fltatlng, lOc value. Loom End Cft Sale price, pair «"» Men's Gauntlet Gloves, canvas back, Mule Skin palm, extra value at 39c a pair. Loom End 23ft Sale price fcWW Short lengths of percales up to 1 yard. Fresh new material suitable for quilts or carpet rags. Tied in bundles from 1 to 6 yard? at pound 5e Quilt pieces, pound One mammoth lot of Petticoats and Aprons in a splendid assortment of beat quality materials. Garments in this lot worth up to 25C $1.00, choice «iww 1 case fine lawns, new designs, very neat, will wash and not fade. Og Loom End special **" Best quality Percale, 36 inches wide, in lots of 5 yards OQ each, yard ~ w 15c linen' color embroidery, 4 and S Inches wide, in 8 yard 2f(3C lengths, yfcrd * ' ** 150 ladles' wash skirts 48fi $1.55 value k tww Trade Boostar Hose for boys ^ QM and glrlB. Best 15c grade I WW 50 dozen men's chatnbray work ?5C shirts, 60c value, two for f ww 81x72 full bleach 39fi sheets, 65c value WWW 10c roller toweling, bleached Rjtf* with blue border W 4 W Finest black lawn, 15c fijlfi value, mill ends W 4 W 1,000 yards 64 inch mercerized Table Linen, 50c value, 3 to 3% 33fi yard lengths WWW 36 Inch fine Twill Flannel, pure -white, 18c value. · 19:LfS Mill ends I f c Z W 1 case best standard percales, all colors and designs. Complete assort- 74fi ment lOc and 12V4c value I I w 1 case double fold percale, best C« standard make, jrard "w 11000 yardi twilled I drapery, regular I lOc material, yard 5lc 15,000 yarde »0-ln. I ItlBBue and ba-1 ItiBte, sold all thai [time tor 15e, ev-| I erywhera, f«r Tie IsOc ao« Tfc «·- I man strip* ·!»·. j [yarfl 39c 1:8 tnoh fln« fea- Itist*. lOc value [mill ends 5c lUntleached §hwt- lins£ smooth wear* 4--free from black jspecks. 36 Inch -110 yards for 49c 81 in. best feather ticking, lOc values, yard lEWSPAPERf

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