Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 2
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3RINKLEY CLAIM, RESISTED UPON FRAUD GROUNDS lllmi Mutual Won in Court, and Made a Voluntary Settlement In Justice to the Illlnl Mutual Benefit Mentation ot Champaign, The Herald wl»hos to oorreel Home mlsintoimatlon appearing In Its story Furnace Repairing you! order with lift now lor » quality n- J»lr Job, If It Is »t all posilbl«, we can m*k« yonf furnace do good work lot you ttito vrfnt*r, Phone 2-0735 XXth CENTURY FURNACES W. F. Seyfer Son £M North Main of Oct, t, at related by Mr*. Lonnfe Brlnkley ot Clinton, dascrlbin*; htr expert»nc« with this luwoelatlon, Mrs. Brlnkley Informed The Her- aid that » isttlement of the death claim ot her brother Aaron Brinkley watt effected by her attorney after he bad declared that the ossoola Uon wa* not worth a suit The facts, aa related by a. W. Thomas, president, at the time of the Incident In 1928 secretary ot the as- aoclatlnn, were as follows: A fl,000 cortltlcatt wa* Issued to Aaron Brlnkloy Aug. 3, 1»26 His death following an attack 3f measles oocuned 91 day* later, lite association resisted payment on the around* of fraud, first that the application In defiance ot the titles of the aewK elation had not been signed by the 1 boneflclary, but by his sister; second, that Aaron Brlnkley at the time, wa* suffering ftom tuberculosis and Unaw it nnd was otherwise dlteased Suit to collect benefits was brought but the plaintiff did not challenge the statement of the association, nnd the cane was thiown out ot court, Ths plaintiff's lawyer later aiket) the association for some kind of a settlement to cover costs and In order that hs might get a foe The association compiled, giving two checks, one for f!2 for court costs and one for fSO In full settlement, although it was not under obligation to give anything. The Illlnl, with 2,«W members. Is one of the larger association*, haa gross assets ot 17,776.62, and has paid In death claims «0,481BT, making n point to pay claims promptly, but resisting fraud. PROPERTY OWNERS STUDY TAX QUESTION Newly Organized Group Takes No Stand on Amendment Tuesday Night MembeM of the newly organised Property Owner*' division, Deoatur Real Estate hoard, hkd their s«cond meeting Tuesday evsnmg In th* St Nichols* hotel The meeting was otlteH by J, J. Ualoney, chairman of the division, to dsvtos means of protecting taxpayers from alleged unfair distribution of taxes upon real estate. Speaker* 'in me msetlng suggested the Advisability of checking expenditures of present taxeis before tinder- Inking any revision of the taxing system. The members of the Property Owners' division decided to take no stand on* way or the other upon ths prpixwed amendment to th« stflts constitution whereby taxing methods will be changed, A M. Cobb explained that the division expects to be functioning long after the amendment Is disposed of He said the association has 30 or more members, Several Joined Tuesday evening Speakers of the evening were John B. Fitzgerald. James E. Henson, Adolph Mueller, James OWara, S. O Kennedy, C. N. Corham and Charles Baohman. Between 30 and 40 persons attended the meeting Another is to be called OPTOMETRISTS GLOSEMEETING HERE TUESDAY Next Convention to Be Conducted in Chicago in February FIVE GIVE ADDRESS^ Members of the Illinois State Society of Optometrists clousd their convention in Deoatur Tuesday afternoon with addresses by prominent members of the society and others B. A. Weeks, designer and manu- fuctuter of eyeglasses, dtocusued technicalities of the trade. Mi. Weeku said that apectacles no longer are uniform, but that styles for each contour of face have been developed Eyeglasses need no longer detract from one's appearance, but can hsr- monlie with It or even enhance it, Mr, Weeks said. Moirow) Talk* Plot J. A. Melroae of Mill!kin unl veralty talked on "The Psychological Approach to the Put lent". Pi of. Cole man GtKfith stressed the Importance of ccxrect fit In eye- glosses. Many pet sons are of a nervous temperament, he explained, If CHARLES J. HOLT, FORMER RESIDENT, DIES IN CHICAGO Charles J. Holt, 87, former resident of Decatur, and many year* widely known In the Central Woit a* a tsm- peranee lecturer, died »t 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon In the James King home, Chicago, where he had resided for the lost 38 years. Duo ing the year* that Decatur was his :iome, Charles Holt traveled, much time being devoted to the Incturo platform both as a chautauqua at- raotlon and an one of the Inceswant campaigners In the cause ot prohibition. Ke was born June 28,1B4I, In Hannibal, Mo, whore his family were neighbors and friends of the Clemen i (Maik Twain) family. His nearest living nlatlvee ar* his nieces, Mlsa Blla Olore, Mrs. O B, Jones and Mrs. Anna Pope, of Decatur. Mm Harriet MoCasklll, Ml West North street, is his *Ulcr In aw, The body will be bi ought to Deoa- tur Saturday morning and b* taken ;o the und01 taking rooms of It A Monac-n. Funeral services will be conducted In the Monson chapel at 1'30 o'clock datuiday afternoon by Rev. Mr. Funston of Chicago. Burial will be In Oieonwood cemetery. ii SCIENCE INTELLIGENTLY. APPLIED" f Says CLARK HOWELL Editor Atlanta Constitution Many years Member Democratic National Committee M«Bfctr United Stats* Coal Comromion Jormer Member and President Georgia Senata Former Member and Speaker at Georgia HOUM of Representative;! And long TruitM University of Georgia "Science it revoltttionittag nil form* of manufacture. The rnami* /actwrm o/ LUCKY STRIKE cigarette* have extended me the coMr- tety of an invitation to their /actorie*. I wa» not able to accept but have taken the -opportunity to read the report* of tciennfic men at to the achievements in their factoriei* "It ii clear that in no line ha* wi* ence been more intelligently applied than in the making of cigarette*." LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked/ made of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop-THEN-"ITS TOASTED/" Everyone knows that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat Irritation and coughing* No wonder 20/679 phy- sictans have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! Everyone knows that sunshine mellows-that's why TOASTING Includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray* "It's toasted" four Throat Protection ·» qgalntt Irritation -- against cough ^^^^^^^B ·^^^···^^^^MB ·^^^^^^^^^········^^* ^HI^^V^^^V^^H^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ft ·^^^^···^^MMBV^ ^^^^^BA^^^^B CwataUnt wfth lu mttpy of l»ying th* tMt§ bsfon the pubHe, The Anwicmn Totweee Oomptty h» invited Mr. Ctark How*H *» mltw tht rtporta «f ttw distinpiiih^ m*o who h»« vitaMMd LUCKY STRIKE'S f MMU» Touting FTOMM, W itatMMnt el Mr. Ho«11 ftppew oo tblt J*ft- » * A*Mri4SaT*bs«M C*. ttln. poorly fitted, they undergo suffering from eyeglasses Instead of benefit. Prof E AmeloLLI talked on "Light and Its Belated Theories." Prof. Amelottl said that th* light under ·which a worker accomplishes his duties can be an anael or hindrance. Dr W. B Needles, president of the Northern Illinois College ot Optometry, spoke late in the afternoon. To Mont In Chicago The next convention ot the optometrists will take place Feb. 8, » and 10 in Chicago Officers ot the society will be elected then During the morning women attending the conference with their husbands were taken for a t«ur of the city and surrounding country, ·while in ths afternoon a theater party was given lor their benefit. The dtnner-danco in the Sunny Did t Country olub was attended by about 160 perNomi Monday night and woe the principal social function of the conference. Eight of Every Ten Diseases Originate In the Colon As it is well recognized that 80% of all body atlmento may he tiaced :o poisona generated In the Intestine*, low foolish It la for chronic sufferer* to expect medicines to aflonl permanent relief while the colon remains filled wllh a aeethlng mass of germ-laden, deoiylng food The sensible thing la to restore a healthy state in tha Colon by the use of Colo- nald, the now wonder food which changes the floia content of the Intestines, stops gas, fermentation, decay and autointoxication, aid* na- tnre In establishing normal elimination and keeps the colon In a clean, healthy condition. If you lulter ftom stomach trouble, , bloating, headaches, dlx*lne«fl, colitis, kidney bladder and llvei trouble, or kindred ailment step Into the neatest drug store and ask for a package of Colonald It has sut- cewtfully relieved others and should do the same for you SIGNAL SYSTEM ON WABASH TO BE READY JAN, 1 Foundation* for Standard* 1 Between Danville and Ltfaytttt Now In CONTROL JNCERU, IW. With th« work of providing foundation* for the algnal (Undardn completed, Supt M. J, Foolo *f Uie vlgnal deportment of the Wabawh, expreuses the ballet that before July 1, 1831, th* comtructlon on the central control system between Dan villa and La- fay«tt* will bo finished If there In not unuiual weather Interference. The manufacture of the mechanical dtvlcei necewary probably will be completed by Kov 16 and nix w«kit should be sufficient for the IniUllft- tlon work. That will mean that Lraiji de Npatchar* In Peru, Intl., will touch M button and throw switches and change signal* to conttol the movement ot Wabaeh train* operating between Danville and Loiayclle, a dl*- tanco ot approximately !W mlleu And by the way the train dispatcher will b« 60 mlleu east «f the custom limit of the central control dUtrlct Yardmen or trainmen engaged In switching the llmlU ot tho central control district can not throw «. switch and enter upon the main track without permission from the despetcher Wh«n the dispatcher author lie t tho u*e of tnc main track for * witch In I? purposes, th* shifts of the switch are made by tb* yard or trainmen but each movement it recorded on the Indicator In front of the dG»puich«r. NOT AN nJVESTMftNT 'Die contention of the Pennsylvania jallioaU company that It* fund* were used to buy Wabash tail rood stock a« nn InvoBtmcnt, 1» wholly disproved by the figure* according to W. H. Bonnevllle director of lite bureau of Inquiry ot the Interstate. commerce commiunion who declared that the ownership of that stocit caused th* Pennsytvunm company to suffer *. finnncial loss ui «,000,tKW annually. That Blatatne, i wtw mado In the argument when the Pannnyl. van la company answet cd the cltnlion of the intemtate commiss'-" requiring the Pennsylvania to defend .h» charge ot violating the Clayton anil ttust taw. Also Mi BonneUlle xsij that the slocks held by the Petxn- Hylvanla company were mifflclent to (jivo ft absolute contml of the W«- baxh, the same wax true ha said o( Ihs Pennsylvania Inteicst in the Lehlgh Valley company. »OI«iON T S CHOICE After a JO days I) IB), Tom Dolson hai concluded to continue as stenographer for Supl A F. HeJm and his tormtt choice an a ticket Hellor In Decatur oHIce has bein butlfllned again Unlean some tenlor who novel before considered the place enters the list. Clyde Brtt», who has been NEW Arriva Is NEW Low Prices On Furniture, Rug» And Home Furnishings See our many new creations in Home Fur nishinga. The price* have reached n new low level. CONVENIENT TERMS Weilepp Stuckey N, Main it Prairie LATIN CLASSES TO GIVE PROGRAM IN MEMORY OF VIRGIL L«Un C)MMN of tttcatur Hlpjl) school will cel«hr»l« th* 3,000th in- ntvsrsary of Virgil'* blrlli Uil* w*ik with (inhibit* in Ihg corridor*, a special auditorium program Thur*d«y morning, and *. moving pklur* treat* Ing with Vlrj-ll'i work both Thur*day morning and evening, AH day Wednesday dauM* In Litin will Rtudy lh« exhibits placed In thf main hull* rf (he school and prepared by lh« High school art c1*js«s The c)*iinis will hear «- ptonttlontt *nd conduct dt«cuMfon« ot the displays (luring their regular Latin periods. Thursday mornfnfr th« uudUorlum *KHlon In th« Hlfh *cnoo1 wil) |» devoted to th* moving plctui*, which will IK shown fur tin hewfll nt Httfh school *iud«nu, In the r-vctilng pBT- «t*. leacbot*, pupil* from other Hchool* and even *onn- from out *)de o( th city will be *how» th* pic- lure In th* High Huhool auditorium, WORKMENTAINTING RESERVOIR TANK The big raiicrvolr tank for llw fin uprlnklor system of Dec«tur Milling Co., IN being retouched An a prcser- vattve thi Interior of the tank oe- coilonally in cleaned and pain led. Two year* have fclapited Nlnra the Inflt operation. Sine* l*j« Friday, workmen hav« be«n Kcraplng ih* Inside of lh tank, removing lh« old coat of paint and th* runt scale*. This inUroal diameter of th* tank IH 20 feet and it* depth I* 30 feet, There I* only a small manhole In th* conical top and the men working Inside of the tank declare that Ui« lack of ventilation and h« nun'* rays result In a continuous wwoat Imlh for them The lank 1* 180 foct Above th* ntrc«t level and it I* a ·low, laborious climb up ib« narrow ladder* to the manhole. Probably th« took will b* completed this week on that amtlgtimtftt while Dtitson considered, will K*t the place FLOBIUACOACH liATK Effective today, contlnuinR to Nov 3D, a one-way conch rate to florid* point* Is offered by all railroad* :n- twMUr) In lmvi) to thot at*. Tfl Jnchitonvilto thu fure l« S1908; to Tampa, $10 JS; to Miami, I3B97 The round tri| flmt clns* rate to Jach sonvtile f« W2M The ticw coach rule limits briKRagf to CO nonndn. SVlMsKl) TtlK BKAN8 Ptr»mim W D. Ammann, cx^rclH- ing his K i n t o r l t v i l f i l i t Ins quit 0» "tu* bou)l for u jioiltlon «s fh i*m«n In the local v i i d n tind dial"* * much hinn|)iiiK ihul all jw«(tlon* ari* depJnic'l open and svcry msn will (v»k for ju*t what )w wants *nd it If hi* i« old TIIK Twenty-four ficlftlil t-ntint orcwt weie «enl out of Dccntur Tne»d«y There wen "(Bh( cn« i»f!uJln« «r Altloii linn nnd a H C; there wei« five noith. inrludlnic a work ualn nnd s )iK)t, five *»uih; the rtx wont il a B C, C. 4. A. K H o l ' R N NOV. 1 Chicago Alton ithopx tn Bloom- Ington, idle flinw niid-nuniiiK). otf to h« i(i-nianncd Nov. 1, according to a formal »talimint bv the !iiiiti«if«- mom The schedule coK*ld«r«d provide* for n five ttny wo»li WHY TIIK itOAIUI 18 SHOUT It1lnol« Cent ml locamoiKc Mi3 went nouth att 8n "Xlra T»icislny uftemoon wllh 10D c«i«-- - «4 loads and 01 empties While weather conditions and othci- factor* ]onnlt Untns of sttch l«nit(h. (he nutniwr of tiatn* business, will not mnlii tally tnciiB«? moved nnd (he number of train and iinglnin)«n leijiitiert to handle th* JNSI'BCT ION'S VKC1AI, OncMny (Ills wfih ih* Wab*»h official inspection tialn will statl on the annual round of the «ynl l m All of the official* aic in St Lou I* this weolc ntt^ndtiiK the annual fall mi«- but there has been no formal an- i)ounciinint conriii nlng the m.'hdul! of the liiftitectlim utltt PINKHAM'S COMPOUND 89c OOD LIVER OIL 79c I'hK (too OVALTINE 7Sc SHAKER F R E E When You Buy Premier West Virginia Semi-An.1ira.iHe Goal Tho Kin* nl All C«*lN" We Carry n Pull Lino of Conh Oar rtpe«litl S-lneh Rcre^ncrt Itll- BO|« Ftirmtw I,imt(, M ITcll»yiyd Kirby Coal Co. 900 W, Sawyer Phone 2-1368 LOOSE LEAF S H E E T S * , B I N D E R S ! WILDEPWILDEP 129 H M A I N S T R E E T GARDNER DRJUG 147 SOUTH WATER ST, STROCHERBROS, Ttowtre Mi Plapht W* Ttlr«ni|)* ftfWtn A*nimlwre SUBWAY ACTION WAITS DEFINITE FINANCIAL PUNJ Council Mtmbm A^jptu Fr«n PLAN LITTLE CHANGED UndMieklnr of WMirweu,,, pioponed North Main mrwi n , di|Mtnd* upon wh»lh»r or not UM tk I* *bl« to «volv« a finanti*} au it! I provide for the prop's eo»t, n «u L (ntlmaidd privately by m*n tho «lly council Tu«»day Hopes that ih. city will obtain aid from th» tuu dupnnnn-nt, from th* Wabuk tninoU Jowsr and IJrVcT 1 additional money from tb« mi, .». I olln* tut h»vo encouraged UI*WM I oil to Uk« up th" »i)bw*y plan uatn. It wa* Intimated by M»yo r Dimaitd Itoftall* fkiM "I will not b* fnr th* preset wi-1 IPHR «, dcfititie financial plan lnwint.l ed out and It is msd* rletr ihM Uwl coiit of tho subway run be nwt» out (treatly (jncumWrins tbt e,« , declare* A. A. Kilt, rommlHi«h*r*tI is som" hop* that i be able to vt tome of Uit ._,,.. gMolln* tax mony, but It li M)V *' hop- A groai portion of tht fuoUu I lax comos out of th* clUn *M wcero* only fair that eltlei rteui, thcrpfor« receive (torn* (wnrtrtff«,| "Thol will be one qt the m«M t» I porUnt problems OteuiMd i« ^ ( meeting of the nilnoln Mmlttm league which m»mb)r* of UM D«». I lur council trv to ntunt In Spftif.) field on Tbui«dy and FMdiy, ftn: (lOMnlbl* 41l«t in the league'* ltHltk|l HWIDO pltin tnny be evolved th»twll|l nmko it puxfll;)* fur ciU«* to rettln, a portion of th« gun Ux money. ' J3ut union* thai ID achieved, worn* other p)«» in worked out i that (he proposed *ubw«y win n ftrovf a financial burden to tht unl HiJminintviiii'in, 1 simply will not bcj for it ' The now plrtn for the «ubw»y nw in the hattdt of the council I* gi.'Dtly diffiKnnt f i i m any that h»t b«in iu»i(«ipKrei before «»:*pt tint II make* pomdblo a len*»r propnt) rlnitiftK" Tho n«w plum off»ti u ttrfai u «lcHr»nc« n» any coiwH )«rinf»t«, allows the «»m» wlith of xitiv't und KldAwalk* «nd pt* «entti no obitturtiotiii to traffic A dmiiffu in tlio KWwatk line will I* Hen ptapitty dHltiign, "The j)!,!!)!.TM of wetrnit propmy H tho Kt»ol»Kt on* ««· tho Pity in «nd«mltla| of th« iubw*y," M»wt rl ou( "ConrtruetWt would b« mot largely by th» cutti]i»ny 1. 1'. L. Adi "The Illliioiit Pnwor 4 Uithl ee» puny will wl»h to route Wiw ihiwsh the nuhway, ther«for« *ll ba Vn*flti«d iltieotty by Iti «»· »t»uct|m, »nl Nhoulrt b* enp«eUd W li»lp n«et the proJcct'K MM ' Whether or not Ih* ulule lil|t- .-.·uy dejRitm*nt m«y )* expedtdto «(we tin anv iiolji IK proWonwitdJ Th« itnbway will be on a «t»l» i owt*, but If th.' ,ii']iniim»ni'» plu fot 11 nvstarn of hy-pw* K»'H« ff* thiouith, the Jip»iim*ttl nwy »« th»l it nhoilM »0l b» MtpMtM » ll) Ott 111* H l l b W K V " ANTIOCH"CHRISTIAN CHURCH WILL HAVE HOMECOMING SUNDAl Homb«i« of church, two milt* e»H ot pmh In Rouu »1. w« «« homwimlnu Stmdav, Th*r* nlt-dnv wrvice In tho thuroh lurtcli will Iw MtM A innnWr of pi'Mon* from t«r are e*]oc;i*d to «1t»R4 th» M** coinln* The *««k Id **"; )(B JS In Dwnwr It WM foundW IR 1» bv John W Ty)«r, f««ie» of. M»»' J A Mffrlwenlher of r«»tnr A four-day proRrum In llw IwmMomlBB Welton nl 730 o'elooU IB th« ** nlnit, Mu*tc by ih« Rainbow (liisrlot of TVcntur, Thumd*y-fi*rm*n 1y R* v I* 1 , ORlMbv, p»»tw of B« rt ** In the m»mhe« of th« church. Frldtvv--Siipper *t * Men from etMMi of vtflow yen chuivhow tn th* county lond T»))( hv Mev. 1, W, Lincoln Mudtc by Nolsn 8undBV~H«m«i«niInit llnd will ]w»BCb tn Th* IWK and W. B. Hopper of In lit*- «ri*i-nixm. HUtoHrtt and wilim. Mu«(e by tilt monv Four Male quartet Hhardt to AtTend ' National Dtiry Prol Ilhardt, dftlry in*p«etor of l» health departmottt, will be » » LouU today to attend ** dairy ohow. The national tta* brought tojf»U)«r « U W ((ring of dairy cattta. «»J o«p*ctaiiy ti tat«»it«4 In »* troltteltt cow, Pabtt CM»W* dyke H«ath*r, taid to b»»« wonderful wcort ot pound, ot milk In » Such output I* «ln»«* own wtiyht _ _ ENTMtPRlW CTW» TO P«nioM M lb tefprlM »*h»»4 T.IO a .h« ^otram, be *ervod ·Ml Police or Foun ree Hoi Sen**' EIGHT LOD Office" Coi Quantity anil Twelve mr by police and afternoon anrf Light of them retted- Th* " M * renewal of 'places rsMPd In* numbi-r of custody to « of ih» iants with ,, drink. Bi(thi rMt'd on tho »t» +4 m the count bond" Thr« · nnd . ot 13*4 E Attention flril In north«Lst Dr. popped at 13IH whore a SPaf y|»|d»d a quanli [urge amount n bottlw, a urn end deitroyd or mr WAS wren ft! a place ana rh« r i fih* proUdc.1 h ponding trial »" Allen. Bat.) K.HIII In S0«t or alcohol and ' John Smith an colored Anotti walking to and sutf po In 315K N - n t l Altx Toth .in') WCf 01 If It'll 0 liquor ly for pel The Toth pollro drilling I 12 (tittlon J«r of * five Ballon ] ·Rtne, a JO 8»1'« ffM of ferm'n POhOl Btld llHI'l l'e« The !tr 1 ihf mnih and on the t Toih Toth could n evening nnd v «»-.ed c t i f n l In Ju-t" «Vi 21 raids Tucvlny ft \vtlfon eolor«d, wt'ic 4(5 Soulh Fu 1tt- of beer wa (·barged with warrants E, t taken In a ro view avenue *t« thcni »nd Mnbel WB Jninei r Di Wednesday m Ran Centiell In jail, Atonro E I Wl South Six *tate wetront taken li rural route B wea ehutged «tat« wat t ant Klaud, nlvli Kartes paik, to Allen, In nil the f ·tq«W wai a. "nd the nnif "lay's y 'be wairantc toi night Th* ih* tpdp, ,i «»er w-nU inlnl'y (,,, j! r.Vftns i-n.i ( Mlv I, Won,, ot th "» M laid »nem u t e lotnl of j., AH state i esday £« Uie Info *V», slnca RKTU retui ftfom a h« h **««.

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