The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 12, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 12, 1859
Page 4
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BY TELEGRAPH. REPORTED FOR THE DAILY SEWS. LAST EVKNXN43*8 JftEPORT. Sentenced to be Hung. NEW TOBK, Jane 11. Felix Sanclies has been sentenced to be hung on tbe 23d of July, for the murder of big wift Railroad Pare -'Gone Up" again. Ngw YORK, May 11. The railroad difficulty has been settled. Un der the new arrangement, passenger fare to Chicago poHfl up to $23, and freight on cattle to 73 cents. Arrival of Uic Overland Mall. ST. Locrs, June 11 The Santa Fee mail of the 23d icuched Independence this morning. A mass meeting of the democracy of Santa Fee on tbe l£th en doreed the administration and also the delegate Mr. Otero, Great preparations is making to receive tba Hon. J. 8. Phelpg of Missouri invited by tbe Legislature! to visit New Mexico — Stockton'mail arrives at Santa Fee regularly since tbe establishment of Millitary post crossing the Colorado this year. No rain ID N<'w Mexico California Newa, NEW ORLEANS, Juue 11. The steamship Jasper from Menitotland,on tbe 8th, arrived below with Calforuia dates to the 20th nil. The steamship John L Stephens, which sailed from San Francisco on the 20th for Pan ama, bad §1,800,000 in specie and 400passen- gers. Tbe business at Ran Francisco was brisk The mining prospects were cood and there was plenty of water Coffee sells at 12c and other article." were unchanged sailors, on account of the latter wearing tricolor rosettes, bat no details hare been received. The English Parliament met on tbe 81st-of May. Speaker Denneson Was unanimously re-elected. ' Tbe terms offered by tbe government to tbe Atlantic Telegraph Co , will be considered at the approaching meeting. They are one-eighth per cent, guarantee for 26 years, provided the cable is in successful operation. They will pay £20,000 per annum for messages. The English funds were buoyant at tbe advance quoted. FRANCE.—It ia rumored that Napoleon returns in August, alter the first series of military operations. Heavy shipments of artillery and si«ge material were progressing. G-EaMASY.—The Military Commitlex of tba German Di*t ia reported to have approved of a motion to place an army on the Rhine, and will propose its udoptlou. The Emperor of Austria quitted Vienna on the 29th, and arrived at Verona on the 31m of Ma.v accompanied by his brother, the Arch Duke Charles, Gen Hess, aud others. ^ LIVERPOOL — Breadstuff* — Richardson, Ppence & Co. report that the weather has been favorable for the growing crops. Brcadstuffn were declining. Flour very dull, and 2s 3d lower. Wheat was quit* dull,and prices unchanged. Red Western 3s to 10s 6d.; While Western 10s 6d tolls. Corn dull and neglected. COMMERCIAL. OKO. GODFREY, EDITOR K K K 1. Y K K V I K W CORN— better feeling. - Btctlpta .894 but; •blpmenti 91 hni. Btlet COO tnu abetted »t TO; 100 do do at 71. E JIGS— more plenty. 8aleitt9®9K- BUTTBB-»@12. WOOL— receli ta light; market more cetUed. " Bald 60 Ib« at 2fi; TOO !b« In tmall lot* of ne* clip 18®8S; S2QS8 for common to Jg bloo<*; M>®8T for extra fine clip HTR8— no changr; market dull. B»ti 8®10j Mink l,OOQil,25; Coon 403BO; Martlk 1,8038,00; PUher 8,60 ®5,00; Otter 3,00@4,00; Beaver per Ib. 1.00; Bkunk CO Al. Bronkflcld |8 ; Briar BUI 16; Lehlgh t9-, 8crau. ton IS; Blosiburg SQS.SOi.New Outle (4; Pittsburgh 16; SaJIntvIlle (5; Cannel Coal (4. HOI.&SSES— delirered; common Sugar House, 36® 3T){; Mnacavailo New Orleans New T rV S.i raps 50@Ct; Ohicigo Oolden 65^60; Ohlcago Amber T6®S« . IIIPE5- better ; Green e^®!; P«lt*d TXaSJi; Dry Silted 12©14; Dry Flint J4(ftl6X. PELTS- Bbearllngi 1,26; Full Wool 1,25®1,SO. LKATHKB - Spnnlib Sole 2T@80; Blingliter Pole 25Q, ZR; H&roesi Leather 82084; Dpper ^ frot I8a20c; Hemloci OMf 80^1,00; do K p 50®JO; French Oalfl^o t(,120;<)o Kip 90^1,00. COFFEES— Oape llX®lii; Rio 12®13X; Maracabo nod Laqnlro 12X@.14; Bant s 12&14X: Old Java 16® 18; Mochs 20. SUGARS — lowrr; common 6X@°>£; good to prime r^6ned A 63i; do 00 f; do 0 9V; Crushed ; WLIsiey 83 Pi.irilried and Granulated li L1QDOK8— steidy; Hlghwloes "PFTOK OF THE DAII V NFWR, wl'WKuir-i-. 3 nt 11.1S59. Monty uatijri hare preserved a uniform a.pect < The apoonute fiom F raster River are disoour- • ' n ' tl " week ' Currency hap been uraret, but o«lt,g to | 8.00; No I do rathtr limited dvmand thr scarcity Kajt not hfen 1 PROVIMON8—buoyant; n: PKUITS — bnoyant; Lemons 4,00:^4,50 ; Orinees 6.25 ®6,75; Datei 8c. O'her artlclei unchanged. SALT— lo er; 1,80®1,8S. LUMBER. — Com tion boar e $10; joists anil scantling. under 20 feet HO; d , 20 lo 23 feet 112, do 24 feet J 15; common siding ( 1 0; id clear do t18; clear mmon flooring dressed »15; 2d fluoric? dressed J18; clear floorln drrrsed $23; undrersed t'20; clear boards f 0; 2d boards 2^; 8d tlo $18; clear 1 \ . I ^ , and 2 plank $85; M..IO do $25^)30; 8d il,. *20 pirk-ti »10; |»,h JSiaSX; parracteil shinffles 2,T5@ much Ml. Exchange hss been firm al S per cent, and very lllt'f prospect exists at present r,f anj abatement In the rates. The recent extensive shipment* of specie from our eastern port* have bren fe t to some extent In tbe we-t, as specie has beeo Rolnp east to answer the demand | There has been considerable exrt.ternpnt In Nr» York I find other places east 'n c nprquenep of the larpe drain nf the precious tnetals to fnreljm ports, and se'l- ous fearp were felt that we were on the eve of anot' 1 er I GnancUl crisis. The apprehension, however, In passing away. PR the statements of the banks chow that they have been able to meet the c aim wl hout serious frn- barasstnen There have beeo some failures durlnp the week, among which we note t' e house of John PrazerACo., Charleston, known in N. Y. ap Trfi holm, Bmp . A Co , and ap F , Trenh l,n A Co., In Liverpool, arrangements hav^ been made so thM the h'.nse will resume business ap i1n, probably without any lo.p tn the crrri tors Another failure hap been thai of Mr. Oalvln P rsnd, a cotton merchant and operater In New York The Union Bank on Wall street, also suffered a defalcation, whereby it ,loa**s atttut 1100.000 helrp soror le*p thvn seven per cent- on lu capital. Freights: there hap been considerable firmness lo freights during the week with an upward lendTcy It, th!- rarly part of tht week the P i M R B . carried flour u, n i through lo New York for 45c per bhl, bui at thr clo*r the price t« firrr at &C)c all ar> untl. Wheat tc Fuffalo 4(5,4 *. tn Oswetro 6* Oti Moaday the D. A M R. R., look 1,000 hb p floor f< r New York at 45c — On Tues-lar the rtuc.kpyp took l.OOOblila tn Opdensburp. an prrk 19,011; ] rime do Additional Foreign New*. LONPON, June 1 Tht Times announces that the address in reply to tbe Royal speech will b« made by the HOD Aldren Edgyrton, M. P. for South Lancaster, and will be seconded by Sir Jamer El- fenstine, M. P fnr Portsmonth In the matter of English Railway Rtocks there wa* yesterdar a further advance of 1 1 2 per cent. HeltiT tbe medical officer of Health for the city of London report? that t e changes of weather the last few days, and moderating in the early period of the veer exhibited unmistakable symptom? of offeneinesf aud more pnngently than last rear Alls* Florence Night- neale is in a pecarious state of health, but the Advertiser contradicts the report of her having entered a convent The Bankers Mapsz.inr in reflereuct- to the prospects of the money market say* that tbe expectation seem.- lobe that the value of ao- commobalion for the present will be comparatively pasv, bin thai subsequent crises which may even carry the ratr towards the clos*- of the year a* hmh af 4 1-2 or b per < em The Daily News c.ity amcle,« of Tii'-'Uy evening say? the fresh rife establish-*! i:; the funds to-day amounted tc 38 per cent..making 1 per cent, in two days, and a total rebound Ol nearly f> per cent, from the |n«-«si point ! reached during the panic Most oiher classes | of securities also participated Lo-day in the up I ward movement. • Among the consideration* which assisted [ 0lJ We ' 1nta " laj the Prii r*»» Ontonairon tool 6,110(1 I _ the rise lo-dai was the impression that the c hn * wheat u, Onlnni-woud On Saturday the Plymnnth Austrian* were pei.tiiip the worst of tbe struggle, and that an early and general advance of the allied forces if probable The improvement established in foreign exchanges, at a moment when pold is flowine in so freely from Prussia. Turkey and the United States independently of the remittances aeain l>eootnine due from Australia, likewise operated on the favorable tide There were no bullion op~ra- ' tionn at the bank lo-diiv The pold arrivals from St. PetersUiu-h tn ,Uy amounted lo 800 pounds, nearly the v '..•!• of which is to be taken to the I.RI.'K 10,01', sugar curr,1himsll<ai?l»c: shoulders 9c, mess beef 10; dried ilo 1I&12X, lar i in bbls 12^ ©13; cattle S,00@4,SO f* hundred, according to qnallty. niCE—8^6. SHORTS' ^ ton 12,00®!$ II i | i. I'lroart 1C "C0ll>l». i H'Oielprs Br MiLWADcn ,c [UoaiC'ix KAIIHOAU — I I 811 bus when, S22 ilo oats; T. do potatoes; 2,T»6 Ihs ! feed , 1,7°6 du h .;. >, 3,190 di i ,ndrk-i 1 /lifC-IITp BT I.* UHUdSB A tllLWOAEKI fe.ilt.ioAI.— I WT hu- ii heal, 21 ,1 i oiU; 86 u ry , ») ilo corr , 127 | l,bls flou'; 16 d-i pearl aah; 7s ti mr bbls; 6 cor^t wood; ' 4,0-26.1)! hl.les, 10581 dosun,l"es. I >Uriti PTC »t MiLwintas -i »lu»sii l,4t»i bup wheat, :i»0 do corn lildn L ans. ADVERTISEMENTS | AVER'S CHERRY PECTORAL, (New. R t ILBO iD — RisorlpTs Br Omcioo i \.IL»C(VI U 9lh and lOtli.— 16 h ,ls Hour, l.u-2 bus wheat olo e lc*J. ^ A M —Wind 8 I.) K. sky i l<*t.<lr, Baromt-te X6, 66 Thermom trtr U H M —Wind 8. K , «ky hai) . B>romete'29, (ii Tliermi iheier B'. 4 r u — Wind S. K. by K.. »k.< cloodv Barometer -'9 5a Thermfueier M. 5 T. u—Wind S l>v E., l!glr, sky hs«y. Barometer 29 4d Th-rmome' ;r &2 cleared wllhS,04Il l.hlp fiour fc.r Huflalo Tl» »hin- inentp during th* week i>f Sour and w^eat amour.t tc about 12.0OO bbl t of the former and 27.IKX' hus of tht latter. T,-ry little Oatp or Corn ha» Knnt lorward — RECORD. l»orl n 7| 1 1 IVR u Itee ____ A 1C K IV ED. Jnne |I . 8' hr J t A. Slronarh, Ott<,. Manniee, Sdi m i Th. receipts and transaction beir- K alto ver, ll*.-hl - ! (Mmr Cleveland. l>oup'»;, Ui'.ind Haven j.. ui The forniirn eiclmtipHj thi.- favorable for thip conDtrv. Tlif Timw' citv Article savi. i h- fuu^f oj^n- • ed tlilp morninc with uriiiimiijiplieil tirnin>-s? Tlinn- wa^ ii-tv- tn exciu bitcnuon and tf*-c- • ulation i- dortnatu Tli. • SHVITM Batik pnr ohasprf uppe-ar ic hav. rr-a.,.,1 ,,n the i20K."00, bv the Niagara £14,1100 liad arrived it, Lmiilon \ and hpeu taknc Jnr tlip contincetu AK'J'KliNOC;N Kl-.l'CJlM. l>nr>l al Ne'W Orlrana. NEW OHLKAXS, Juue 11 A duel wft? fought with ."words to-dar, bv Messrs Motnnf aori Bnrton. in couse^jnonoe of j a politioal diffictultv. Both wer, j wounded j The receipt, of dour and frraln hare een about as fol . lowp Fl >ur 2 iiOfi bbls, wheat 20,"0(l bu< oats S 000 bup. cMrt, 1 SOO Wool pncr arc & 'ittle more settled, and pomt little eonvnf; In Dealers, honerer, difler Hi their vuwt wldelr, .onr- hMdine riff'-nt rcir off, while o'hTp s-em disposed ti take hold Our exchange* dunnp the week rrpri»!.M the market a> rery un»e tlrd. and r'Te rerr lipht qjotationp, thtupl, a.p A irentral tMnp ttc rip^nlnp pncep l.r-ur than thope thai r;.,.i a: lh- cnmmence- ment '•'. II.BI peisnn We qunU prlcrp fron ' -i R^ bKler. The 8rhr Ejpe-imrrjt, Am--p,St. J.,*eph i Ibi h h g.,od! i Prop Tralrlr Mate, Williams, Ordensbur. I,, 60 loos mde, 1! tens earthen ware. I Sclir T'ie..i.". KeynoMa, M. J »«ph. S5 m lam ; c*tmr C.ty o' Cleveland, r'quier . Ifrand Haven. 1 Prop ! '. Srhr ya-di The Impf !Vrvr Hamptihlrf Stnte Officerfc. I'O-VCOEIi. K. H., June :1 The N.-w Hampshire Lfgislaturc ymlnrdaT elected the following State officer* : State Treasurer. Asa McFarland, Se«ti , t editor of the Statesman, i of Concord ; Warden of Stat* Prison, John FOHS, of Concord. There wa* mnch competition for these offices nrket^l? UTt-tup? U p »<-IBe»haV. ulirl iy fa •, l-nltj by carpn and f>Tn tl,- rl! durinp the w r . hxT.- h-. n If. .*i>6.i"O4t f e: o' hawfi ptufl, fr^n, lat , ."U.V-<tn pl.lnf'.e- Leslies Pome hewr. Imt r The L» '>r,.«, * Milwaukee R R hi. also brnntM in connidrrablr Tl.e following .ales by cart-" hsre h -^n made Pcl.r Htrnnach, Ti' ti. . nt ^..^l) rhom, nu,l,er Sol.ot.n-r Oii (. mer 00 m.. at S,0n; Scbr Norwsy—pirt nf car (TO— 4* m .al S.40, fichr Kitty Grant, ta m . a 1 7 .SO Schr Barter, 35 m . aat S,25 . Schr R,.»e ttoupman. 4H m., at 7,.Vi The markets .lu'ingt'e week hare he«n rather (juiet in evtryt! it;c except wheat u htch w ap moderately ac- t're The prices downward, for Qoar and p'am Flour »a» ver, inactive until Friday «hen OT.- r 8,000 hbls were sold al pr cea which had hitherto beer, hel'.w the new? of holders, vli C.oo<a6,2.". for c.,mm.-.n country branrls r.' Spring K.Ttr*. On Saturday t'.e market > as very inactive «.nd holders more firm, r.. sales trau- l-iritrg and the abore fipires refused Wheat wa§ more active and price* wltl, a downward tendency. The i lun.h Plymouth. l)i, k>or,, Bulfvlo, 2043 rlour. t '•-&slu ashes L'ndlce Thompson, Hand Bay r CUy ilereland, .-quur :jranl Hal eii, "<- l-,rip I.. Ii. '21,. hhlp flour, 93 b, es rsrs, 5S3 MM r,.t,. .1 ( A Strnitich. Oito, >ftn'6te».. pjii , '• !•!» crack'-rs. 1 wa« >r, p- ,.e,e -t-ite. \v , hams, Chicago I ' .- - li-v-r. ,l<, .ti Joseph. ni.n. 1.- i-l. I'u-i Bel.ey. 20 o.rj« ttn,.e, 4fi ,ak ; I.i p '• *ie!l«, Hu' •!,, Tw, R:ver«, ^ tons 44 .a.-kp d mr. S4 hus!, wheat, »2 bu-h corn, 10 b^sh buc«- wl,t-at,42 I.up barley, 19 !•(»!» Purulri«. Cl^i -i' u. Uou^a]. I, rand Haren ilarj B. Hale. K^nr t-dy, Cleveland 181] i SHEHlrr>S NAI.E STATE OF WISCONSIN, • I Circuit 0oart, Milwaukee Oountr. ' Heel U. C«mp, ) aialrut i ' Daolel if. Blcbards, I : Garret Vllet, f Jesper Vllet -nd i John JB. (Smith. J |>V Tlftneof aa execution Issued from said Court In MJ tlte'abore entitled action, to me directed and tie. livered sjgalnst the personal and real property of the abore named defendants, I bare seised and lerled on the follofrtne; real estate, to wit: Beginning at a point In the line between section 19, and 20,1287 feet north of the quarter •ectfon corner; running tbence west 69»Ji feet to tie east line of fourteenth street; thence with! said east line of Fourteenth street, north 764 feet to lleaublan street, or the extension of that street as represented In the plot of Vllel'a Acldjtlon to tbe city of Milwaaiee; thence with the [Soulh Itee of said street, east 606 feet; thenfce wilh trw southerly line of said street northeaster y about ilo feet to an ancle in said street; thence with the south line of said street eutabout 60 feet lo Ihe point where the south westerly line o[ the land convejeil to Al>ram Vhte by dee<l n-oordcU In Milwaukee County in rill 61 of deeds al page 31U, crosses said south line 4f s;ald street; thence with aaid southwesterly Ude of Abram Vllel's laad south 41 degrees, east! about 6il9 feet to s point on Eleventh street, where said line Is interjected by tbe west line ^f Abrjui Viiet'a 'and, according lo deed recordeu in vol CI, of deeds al pajeilS; tbence »outl) with said west liu.- uf Abram Vllet's land 12.&$ chains to n corner: thence weat with b&un- »ry aia.nil ^Ijraiu Viict's iaiid S chams; Uunce suuttj wilh (.aid. boundary 615 % leet tn uorth line ^f Sherman street; thence with said north line, jwe^t 5.W chains to -ection line; Ihence with Section liue north !*69 leel lu the place ol beginning, containing about 8U.70 acre5. and beluij situated iu the east half of the north t-uat quarjer of section 11^ ui>d in Ute we.t h&lf uf Uie tiorth we^il quarter of section 20, ir>*n 7, range 22- Also mu 9, lu, 11, 12, blocks. Lois 2, B, 4, i, 6 and i, block S. Ui{ C, I.loci 4. Lot 0, I.luck v l.o| 3, b'ock la All m Vliet's AddiUoli to 'the city ,.l Mil- waukfee, beinp in iheieidl half of the r.mth east ^uarti r ol bectlun 19 and the aest'half ol .N W £4 "f Section 20, town I, rang« -^ eapl - Alaojin*.- followlntr rejl estate b*- B at n poinb in section line betaren aecutfius \'i HH,| 20 aljnorth Mde of (Sherman street aljd 4-^-1 tr-i Lurtli uf the quarter section i'i>rnt3. ihetic^ »"h heclioi, line aortli !»S9 feel, llj-. uct> »fii 509V; 'eel J" east Hide of Fourlrflllh lire, I leet Xo norUi Ki.U- il au alkj, tljtnce with north side of aMd alley »outh eaater|7 &46 feet tu noHh side uf Hiiermao stieel; lltbnce with said horth line of Shenoan ntrt-et Sol Iret t» pl^celdf beK-nniu^, containing 11^ acres morr or \K&, bemi; situated in the ea*t likU of ti,e u rth i-asl quarter of n-( l.,,n 19, t,,w^ 7, ran^e -22 east Also : Ahofcit lollowuig real rma-te li.-ln^-i;i ih'.'norlli raxi ijuaner of pect •., ir,lo»n 7, i*.ati?e 2.', l«-Kin{iing at a point in [lie we-; lint ,_l ^»i.l qu vrt^r tc. tion lu oG cri^ius nurt/. ol ll.e ^•^ut^. Mtrst coruer ul *aul qiiarler prctiori at OK' north rft-sl tornci i.i lauds c.>Lveje.l u> ti^n.ei If K chl^ds lo one John 1'. Mhoei.iacl.^t*; Ih.'t.ce with pfcl,] west n 'it- ul p%,,l quar't-r ^ectt, n i or'.li c.irnef of ^aul quarter pt-v-tion, Uielu'-. east 14.U 1 chains to tni'ld e .>! Ureen Haj- roaj. ItlnC ;chu)n^ n rth I tlir pouth lun- uf *a:,i tjuartifr sr,-|n.u; thence »t">t 14 7u aliatiip l., place bf bevi nit'rijr. coi.t«n,,i ; ahoutJl 1 / acrra and lifr tig on H,^ we-M m,l ,.! t:.e ticern t! .y road. Win. I, sk d property, u aforesaid, I «h»)l cxp ,ac for naif »e}li at 1'ul*, ,- Aucl(«u at the iJourl:Hiiun- In U»« City o' Milwaukt-r, on Kaltirdnf, t b •• lUlli Uu y ol !Uar£ll, L*^ii*, at tlir lo ur oi 2 r. n., of that day l*, SJitisfy K* d eXrCut.,.1,, i.,, t-llier wtlh eipet.nrp ,,f sale. • Liated Sherifl's OfBce. M.lwauti-r, Peb. S I«i9 FisOHin, UTIU» & M.ttia. i A J HN(l»'lntTH V, Pl'(s AU'TS ( «n'(I. MlH Co , Wi.. Jay, the Hi* hour o/ 'J P Jay ul ilarch, lofttf, at tue l'j>sl •Uffl'-e, at April, at Pl|" -OV-I l • e >attlr [>la . Mar i- M . .i k auk rt- . ^pni , ^>y \. 1 i AMt»Ol{l II > . M.T.lT >!. «au . <- < rrt-l') furtllrr JWl*' ^>->fir. ,:n »ui.-r. M«» .'I. I 1 , 'J A J LAMiUi'Kl H • .-hf-r. • M il, Ct> . V i ur.lai , j.l l.lllr- I a, :a 11 tli aay &: IH.9LJ-. I* ,1 U c n( ila .. J hrr.ff '- .- J..' - U, \ M,* 0i .rr 1 M,i. ' ir. tti»t-'s cir, T r>«- .,urt.Milw e Ba<,k , LS, | uuly. J Baiu OLaivDS.-..— Tliii vessel Is on th- rod v 1.'. rnilep below Polo! am Harqae The locality Is known as one of the worst on the coaal, and lh? probability IP that ,e will (ro to piecep She Is an old v r », r l t wo--th i.d IP owned by Hitchcock and others, a b,.i;t *8 Kt-i. Buffalo — ftvtt Sailing of tbe Krw York. NEW YORK, Jnnc 11 Tbe sti-umer New York ealled ftt noon '•• day. for Bremen, ria Sontbampton, with 1 .. passengers and §400 000 in specie. The extensive cabinet warf factory of John FaJfcner, Livingston street, was durned last night. Loss $50.000. Ilpspatehec f'oni Washington sav that ovrin^ to complaints from th" English aatborities, of tb<- in»;flio>iiiUCT of our nurv in carrying out the treaty stipulat.ions for the- pupprHssion of thp slave trade, President Buchanan hjui d«-t«r- mined to send to the eoast of Africa and th* Gnlf of Mt-sico. all the ships DOW lining lulilf | Bulter hat been moderately »t the Sfwral uary yards. I 1 1 I2c olerably stead v o b.. and 1.1D In store nactive, but "what lif.l lowest price was reached on when No I was sold al V »V in store. On Hatordaj prlc.p k.nVpd ap a little, and No. '. wap w .rth !,12<, Rre Flour »K. hri) A p.MKl price Rje.Oau and Corn were ver, .nartlve-the Brst Hull, Clil.-ap. owlns to lu scarcity, and the nth-™ were dull of sale : at a decline. Pn-atoei ha e been p-owlng scarce and aee IB demand at prices 20c better than Vn Itst we^k, and at the clo.e were soujrht for, ap there '. pome shlpp nf de- Aitn'ii' »r Brrrato.yrv. — Prop Moh,«k, Pheatt. fr»m Milwauiet— i.«9 bbls floor, 11 ca«k» anhen, _'7 n l,i<lei. 39 bdls <kmp. 4 bb s egg», 6 hf bb's butter, 41 bl'phldis, 20 bbls and 1 bhd roota, 6S bales r«(S, 44 boxes ^rnods Ci PKK» soijdriel, icboooer W. J. Wnalmp, Vance. Milwaukee. 14.423 I,QS wbeat- |j »T OTBta.,*uD. — We learn that two men were lost overboa'd from the schooner Tele&;raph, belonfrlDg 'o Ferry A Son, ol this vllUjre, on Friday, Jane Sd, while altemptmc lo make the harbor al the mouth of fit Jo. aeph River. One waa a sailor belonging to th* vessel John Ard, the other a ptssenper from Wtlte Lake, n\m« unknown Another sailor belonging on boar.l was swept over by ihe cea at the same time, bat a ioi>e be- in? tnrown lo him ' e was towed astern antti the restei readied ttie dock — oVofu/ Uarcn A'ewt, ^tA Ll&ni'-l U &.i.-l,a (,.rr., VI c (, Jasper \ IUt and Join. B. .-mith. ,rtut oM BcF»AL-i, P:H.—Propellrr . Prnptllvr R >cmc, Eret BY TELEGRAPH. anil worth from LEAVENVOBTD, June 11. Tbe advices by the erpresp coach from DHD- ! ver Citj, to tht- let inst.. contain t-xlraordina- | rj reports, which are calculated to renew the gold fever with U-n fold more violence than ever Rich nuggets have been discovered on the North Fork of Varans! Creek principally in coarse gold and decomposed qnartz. Qr«at exciteraent prevailed all through tl,^ country Statements of the yield of gold in Gregory, and other mining counties, are almost fabulous. It wu reported that a company from Indiana was making from $150 to $500 per .diem Denver City is almost depopulated by the people leaving for the mountains. Provisions continue scarce. Twenty thousand dollars were offered for claims. Subsequent arrivals will determine the cer- talnty of this information, but the accounts now received do not differ in tenor. Rich specimens have been received by this arrival. Tbe community is intensely excited LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of Uie North Briton. QUEBEC, June lltb. Tbe screw steamship North Briton, from Liverpool on Wednesday, June 1st passed Farthest' Point at 6 o'clock this morning, and will reach the Tbe political newe is unimportant. Breadstnffs had a declining tendency. Flour Ecgs art m beu-r request al tbe clos« al 9c Tiit following are tht operall ns In flour and whcal for each ilaj- ID the week MtiVDiT, Jon* 6 FLO ^R-improved. «,crtpt. M hM>., shipments 1,408 bbls Sales l(Hi bbls Spring Exlra I. o. b. al 6,00, M do Arcad* Mills al S.8&X; 2S <lo Central Mills al « BO-. 50 do Blcara Mills (OUy) 7,00. Total MO l.bls W"HEAT—moderately actlre and a shade bettrr.— i Receipt* U97 bos, shipments, none. Pal« 1.S50 bos 1 No. at VJ»X; 200 do dn at 1,12; 1,2Ml .lo N',. 2 al 1.05; ! 200 do extra No- 1 a 1,27, MI dn extra al 1,82; 800 do d« at 1.8&; 1O(I do white jrtnter ; 26n do No 1 slightly lower 93 1 8a93 3-8. Provisions steady. Consols, The steamship Niagara, from Boston via Halifax, arrived at Liverpool on tiie 20tl) of May. The steamship Bavaria, from New York, arrived at Southampton on the 29th. Tbe news from the seat of war ic unimportant. An official Sardinian Bulletin Bays the Sardinians passed tbe Sesia hi tbe face of the A us- trians, who were fortified at Palestro.after a severe conflict and carried tbe place, making many-prisoners. The Sardinians were under the immediate command of King Emmanuel Qarabaldi was making some bold movements In.Lombardy. On the 27th, after a forions Mit of two hours, he entered Como. The Austrian* retreated to Camelsta, where the «» m ** t 7f 8 renewed, and the Austrian* again retreated towards Milan All the steamers on" the lake were in the hands ot the patriots. It wag reported via Berne that on the 28th f^aribaldi was drfeated by a superior force of Anstrians, and withdrew into thecaaton: bnt this htokfl confiniiation, and Turin despatches give the impression that he WAS making further s Emperor of the Erenoh was about to 1 •wve his head quarters from AlesBandrla, and It •was reported, he wonld go to Casale. J^'^«j a t»2 i i *«> considerable force, had oerapfod Bohbio. ' » «M reported in ParUT, that as Boon M the rreneh enter Milan, England and Prnatia will *~ ~ " ">endtliew»r , florenot between «-»ot<:r al I,o4, 210 do extra winter at 1,68. T«tal sales Tr«»i»AT, June 7. FLOOR—steady. Receipts 652 bbls; shipments 2 000 bbls. Bales 600 bbls Kingston Mills at 6.K. 'Ml do Ma- rnmanje Mils at 6.M WH VAT-advanced 2c. Receipts g,m hup, ,hl p - mentB none. Sales 850 bns ertra clnb for milling at 1,30; 3SO do do at 1,32; 20 do No 1 In store 1,06; 30 do do 1,10, 100 do do 1,12; KiO do do 1,1?*; 1,000 do r. o. b., 1,14; 1,7*7 do In store 1,14; winter wheat—360 do eitra white irlnteT at 1,65; 200 do do at 1,68; 250 do do 1,54; 100 do No 1 do 1,40, all for milliDR. Total talcs 4,644 bus. Wm»isnii, June B. FLODB—lower. Receipts 4«2 bbls; shipments 5,002 bbii gales 250 bbls Mat omanle at 6,50; no other offered. WHEAT—lower. Receipts 8,458 boa; shipment. 1«- MObna. Sales 100 bus No. S at 1,00; oOO do No. 1 at ; S'O do extra No. 1 at 1,20; BOO do do 1,18; 800 do do at 1,16; 200 do extra on private term*;; 82S do extra No. 1 at 1,2S; choice for milling— 200 bos extra at l,3a ; 100 do extra No. 1 at 1,30; winter wheat— 100 bos double extra white 1,65; »60 do white wlnui l,fO; 1T6 do white winter 1,45. Total sale. 2,850 bus. FLOOR— verj dull; drooping. , Joxie 9. Receipts 603" bbla; ililpminti none. Sales 70 bbli mixed brands at 6,00. WHEAT— moderately active at reduced figures. Ee- oelp'sS^ll bos; shipments 10,500 bus. Bales 616 bnj So. 1 in atore »t 1,11; WO boi mixed with No. 2 at 1,06; .6,480 do No. 1 f. o. b., 1.12X; 250 do extra No. 1 at 1.SO; «0 do choice white wlntar at 1,60. tfuvai, June 10. FLOUR —lower and more actlre . Receipt! 280 bbla- 14S«ack«; ahlpmenu 1,06» bMi; SB .acka. rales 600 bbfcclty mUH at 6&; 1,000 bbU Premlnm Mills at 6,00 «00 bbl. Magnolia at ».25j m do WWooniln MUli'at «,!&. Total 8,079 bbl». WBKAT-2 to Se lower, dull. Bectlpt* 8.T64 boi, •hlpaenU 34 b)u. 8» le« aoo tnj No. S in .tore at 1.06-, 80 do Ko. 1 at 1,^0; 1,000 do do 1,0»J< In itorej 100 do extra at 1 ,25; 162\lo No. 2 winter at 1,88; 60 do winter at 1,83; 256 do winter at 1,60; 168 do extra white winter M !£*; 100 do double extra dab at 1,24. Total 3,110 btu. 1 BATCSD..T ETKIMO, June U. : PRBIQnre— firmer In new eogaf ementa. ElrOtTB— held flrmer; 6,00 offered but no «»Iu. Ee- oelpul«bbli; •hlpmentt2^1»hb'i i 44uekf. *«BA»-better. BecelpU 8^43 bui; ihlpmenti M tlu. eciet 860 tai So,. 1 In itorftat 1,10; 3DO do Ko. 1 t o,b.i 1,12 x. no ao Ro _ jj .tj^jVeao do onln^ected Il25: »•»<"*» No.1, extra 1.1B; 88do«d »LterI,48: 400 do whit* Hater VSO. TitalLVUbM. ^\ ' >W '" BX1 fIiOB&-in fair at 6/oanoo. ^^ N< u- Vorli .narkei N(w Yoai, June 10 FLOUK--Tli market l« actlre and lOc better ; la 1 ?* 8,70,1 bbls at C> .'V&C.M for laper&ne state ; 6.708,7,00 for ertra do; 6/^^6.60 for superfine weaiera, 6,70(g 74 n 'for comm ci ; j-ood ert'a weatePD; fi35^7,lft for d(i rnuuJ hooj. I'Lto. The ln«lde prices for Infe lor, ar.d »cua]l alep ceoli e.a^ hig'i us 7,25. CANAI'lAN KI.OUU—firmer, quiet and nominal; soia I nates BVK rl.OL'K—al 4^5,26. WHEAT-al»n a shade firmer; sales S.OOfi hush, tn- cludlr.g n xed 111 at 1 .V.'S. "hlle mixed l,M;«hlte POutlirrn lj»; white Kuituckf l,TOai.87». aod red southern 1,75. KVE—quiet, orltli small salea al 93. BARLEV—<lull. CORN—a shade better; salei 8,900 bush, I-eluding rrd mlitrd western at S6XQT7, new western yellow at 9]<£r,i>», ronnd yellow »l W, cli->lce Jersey yallnw at 93 OATS—.lull !Kia.51 for State; 62<&&3 for western and OAodan STOCKS-Iil C bonds, 84it, Pao Mai| C7 ,S; R CO. ti 8 guaranteed 81 \; I hi 4 n, I 6»; 8 6fl; N Y C 94X; Erie £9, Reading 40l»a.T 26\ BUFFALO MARKET. Bern LO, June 11 n/OTTIi^n fair demand and market steady; sales 1,000 bbl. at7,00®7,25 for extra Mich , Ind. and Ohio, 7,50&6 for doable extras WHEAT—(ales confined to small milling lots. CORN"—closed dull; sties 80,000 bos at ,6 for sound CI.; 78 do to arrive. OAT8—quiet; no sales- WHIBKKT—eailen «alei 6,000 bbU al 28. CANAL PREIUHTB—steady. OSWEOO MARKET. Oswcoo, June 11. FLOOE—unchanged, with a limltrd enquiry. W'bEAT—lood milling 'em md; aalel 28,000 al 1,10 for Chicago spring. Including „ e curgo Milwaukee club on p. t OATA-50 BOSTOI, Jane 11. The new sloop-of-war returned to-day from a trip — The ship works admirably under steam and latl. NOT JOE. I S hereby given that all the cojnterslgned circulating notes Issued by the "People's Bank" at Milwaukee, must be presented at the otBon of the Itank Comptroller within three years from the date of this notice or that the funds deposited ior the redemption of said circulating notes will be given up t , the said Banking Association. Milwaukee, March 12,1869. apr16 H. HAKRTKL, B I virtut ,.f arj rxr<ul ,in s.ue<l fr,.ii, sulu { u r l the at>.*vr t-nlilletl actl',ii, to rap direct..{ ag.l d^ ert ,1 ai:aln>l Uic prreoual and real i>ru[.«rl| u' aDovc uauuiJ drlr flantp, 1 Ita^^ pe'.zrd and tt» ie-1 iht- Inllowiriff n-al epiaL*-, h mi{ ant] l.cli K 10 ,iht L tj .Mllw aukrtr.X'-.aijlj ^1 Mi.wa^k -e »D I ?-t*le r,f ^V,», P'O, I'' «U ".•mualein Uie north trapt ,^uarler ..I srcboa 17. u.w , T^raNj-r i^, l.rir.iji.,1,? at tli^ *n u |f, 'rn,\ oor&T t>( said miarlrr s-cti r >n, runti:uR *l''nif tli? rast lin*. of sai<l quarter perliou tinrtf. t,, « txjlnl QJ14 chain? S"Ulli • f thf north .-not corrrr nf said .quarter pt-c-.ion, brtn^ f r p.'iitij irast corner pf land n>utpyt^l tjr stld kKli^rlla to one l.'ru-ist.-)[ihcr 8 lorpf; then.-f «-]'h' HOuLh linr of Aald land convryed to Schloi-pf west tn a pulni Sou frrl ea^t of mi<ldlf of tjrttj, 3aj roaj, tftenctsnutti ! ( HI fr»-t, idi-nrr tr, t\ ti&i feet to Bilddlt- 'ti lirrtn Bty rua<l. tdcncr aj,inf Uie mldille of sai.1 r>,ad south l» U" pi.a: I, '.1 n>- ol said iq uarter section, tt.cnc*; -*^i a ,ii)r a t..l 0outh lij tf <if s*i>j <\ <art- r ^rt-tion t-i t.r-^):irliri^, conialn^ng ahout H4 a.TrS, l>^:ni' ..n u.oi'a.,- »idr i-f ^ti^ Ort-rn Hay road : A IHO Ihe following rra< fStatr p.tut^i.l l,r »aid Doflh rait quarter of secnun IT, b.^D 7. • aiU qnkrter ".ction, ilx-[i>-e w.-*t wah;: t.rtti NDr fit ta il ijnartcr ^,-< ui.ri &.'44 rtia I • I ir of OfrireD Bay rnaO, tlituo-i dip of paid mud 4 36 r.'.miif to n .rUi wrsi t ,fii t u' lai»l ( conrrjed li> l>aniel H Kirl ( aHp l,. I'hrutoph ^chlorj.f, llit-nc^ «.p- »;-• .^.n6rth Imp of laid lati.1 li> i-a.[ line »l pai.l (j(inr.rr pect on Ji.S.l!4 chain-, tf.dir.- north 4^6^r4i n( i to ririflrtnlnu li«-.nt,- about 1'J ar. .-, nr,.| in -h* nirht, title an<l iLtcre^t of tl.e paid ilrf^txtatil or rllhef of t),P3i in anil to the paid prVmW* and apburtrnancrp on Uir Irnth day of Octn- uer, l^&l,or smcr arijulrrd thrr-In " XVhlch salil property a<« aforesaid, I pliai) rifjoiM. sale an<l pel) at Public Auction, al tN. )'-><l-af}i^ e, In the City of MI'wauare, on Sia Urdn>-. Ibe-I4tl> dla> off iTtlaf* 1^>9, al tl.e liuur ol '1 r M , of that day, to satisfy ia>d rxrrutiot, UiKether »itn ds ( ,ensfs ol sale, '• : Oau-d SnerllTs Otli, e, Milwaukee, March D, lf.%9. fiscati, LT«ni t Miu.««, i A J. LA.NOVVuRTil i, PI'fTs Att'js ( S'.'ff Mil Ob.,IWu »il»i il Mill i I.P ti. on.I »...i-l Hi it BsT" Trie ! iaboTe sale la herehy (mstponeiil t4 Batnr- day, me 2St6 day of May, 1W9. al ihe same ytlsce and lime ' t day- Uated SncrlC"! Oflice, Milwaukee, May 14,1819. : A J LA.Nu AOftrUV. ui iy!5 Ktt'tt Mil On | » '< t3E7^ The ^bove i>le is hereby furthr r p.ift itfioed ti Hatorday, U^e 4 h day of Juoe, 1 Sf>&. at the larde ulace and time of lla late.l OfBcr, Milwaukee, May i'VJSOT i A. J LASliWoETBV. mar^y ; ^h«rlff Mil. ^o. f Wi». ^§y*'rh*- ftbove sale Is hereby further po|tp|nned ti BaturJay, tbe llth day of June, 1*59, at trie same place au-l tiftie of daj. Date l dherln"p Office, Vilwaukee, June 4, ISSt) : A. J I.-.NUWOBTHV, j»5 i Hhrriff Mil. Co., Wis t^0 TI t above ra •: Is he'ebv further pofttpbi eu to Salurdsy. tii 2d iay of July, 1859 «t tt-.r lame place and tlmr of 'd*r. Daled SiijIITs Office. Milwaukee June 11.:'1S59. JeU j ShrrlfTMil. Co., : «''ls. 589) STATsi OF WISCONSIN, Circuit C,iQr|, Milwaukee County. Robert Menfles and ) Robert W. JdcOlelian, | 8nrrl Ing Banners of) Jadgmeot the firm of ;Mens!es I.* ) chanjcs|Lie Due«0o., ! agafnst Clemens Kamsehoii,-. I N rlrtue at and pursuant to a judgment retade>ed In aaid Ooutt, In the above enllutd action, dat«^] February 6, 185?, t shall expote for ssls and sell it Public Auction ft Che Post-ufflce, on the corner df Wlacon- •In and Milwaukee streets, m the City of Milwaukee, President of tl.e P< o pie's Bank. NOTICE. T HE undersl K ded Street Commlsilnners of tbe Second Ward will receive sealed proposals for clean- Ing, repairing an I furnlshlne;, the necessary Umber for tbe sewer running through ithe rear of blocks 89 and 48, In the said Ward. The proposals w.ll be received at the office of the Comptroller, until Satnrday, tbe llth Insu, al 10 o'clock. 1. H. BOKN1NO, 1.0 13 AOEB, Street Comrutuloners. Jelo-dtt Milwaukee, Jane T, 1869. KMFl^OYMKNT. *6O a Month and all EspeBnea Paid. A N AGENT Is wanted In every town and county In the United States to <np»ge tn a respectable and «tsy business, by which the above proBti may be eer- toinly reaiteM. For farther pa« cnl%n, addreis Diu J 00 , rDer 12th 8lree « » n<1 "roadway * ndoimg °" Poi "»«e P ORK RUMPS, in store, for tale. ao»W LA — TTON « PI.ANKU»TO»» L.AKQK DOG , NQUIBE at Ticket Office, corner Wisconsin smd last 1 A A BBU) MEB8 BEEr, in store, J.VJW aiwlB U JTOS * for tale. PIAKINTOW. O. PFI8TEII & CO. Haatmuitoren *nd J>eatert ta ' Leatber, FiatUnr.., maes, 4 C .. A t , Nainrday, tbe 14tU da> of 1S59, at the 1 hour of 1 r. M. of that day, pursuant to unapu-r l|o RerUed Statutes, entitled of itieaien of "Mechanics andoihais," all the right, title adtl Ipteicsl of the >boTe named defendant in in'f to thtj fojlowlnr property on (he 6th day of Febraai v , 1S59, to «1) t " , A certalh buQdlng situate on lit No. twctil). eijjhl otth twctil). two r22Ji In block one hunjre-l a J thirty? eijjhl [188], la;L. W. Week's »abdl tn><.i< I" ih« w"e«tqos^ter of lection flfel.'.l M. hlii >V»Jr : ;of the Olty pf Milwaukee. AUo Ihe iM;ie>l:i>l th. .aldUefendant to and to I ,e <i 'I ', V 1SS, on the fith day of »ebnc« ry I ••"'•' ' , : Dated ShraAff't Office, Mil »»M« . ti»>i )->'>: fmCHts, LTKba i Miuja. I ' '** OnV>, Pi'ils Att'ys. I ' i • • At, aprl-l««6lr ; i t§» Th* abore ule la hereby postponed tofsalarday the llth dayjof June, 1859, at the tame placa add time of day. S ! ) Ma,eJ Efee^.rs Office, Milwaukee, May 14, ifei A. J. LANOWOETUf, marlS ( gh'ff. Wl. CC., S WI«. OT~ The ibore sale is h reby further poitpoied to Satnrday, tht 8d day of September, 1869, ar this sama place and Uric of day. ! I- Dated Sheflll's Office, Milwaukee, Jane 11, l88P, '. A.J.liiNQWO" 1 " 1 " JelS { Sheriff Mil. TOR THB RAPID CUBE OF Cold*. Coughs, and Hoarseness. BanonLD, MASS., 20th Deo, ISM. Dm, J. C. Am: I do not hesitate to say th* best remedy I have ever found for Oooghs, Hoarseness, Influenza, and the concomitant symptoms of a Gold, Is your Omar Pionui. Its constant use ID my practice and my family for the last ten years has shown it to possess superior virtues for the treatment of tbeea oomplainu. KBKN KNIGHT, II. D. A.B. MOHTLRY. Bsjo^of CTIOA, N. T.. writes: '• I h.M osjed your l\ctt/ful myself and in my fiuniiy sver sines you Invented it, and believe it the best medicine for lu purpose ever pat oat With a bad cold I should -OODUI pay twenty-five dollars for a bottle than do without It, ur take any other remedy." Croup, Whooping Couch, Influenza. Bnnraroui, Una, Feb. T, 18M. Baoma Am: I wOf sbeerfolly certify yoor Pectoral I* tbe best maedy we possess (or Ui« cure of whooping eeragh, croup, sad the ehest •" of children. Wo of your fraternity In the South appreciau yonr skill, and •omnend your medldne to our pnople. HIKAM CONKLIN, M. D AMO8 LBB, ttD- Monxuv, Lu, writes, 3d Jan, l«5fl: " I had a tedioae Inflnanxa, which confined m* to doer) six weeks; took many medicines without rallif; finally triad yoor Aetond by the adviea of out clergyman. Tbe ftrst doee raileved the soreoaes In my throat and Innga ; less than one half the bottl. mu. mx completely well Tour medicines an the cheapen u weS as tbe best wo em buy, and we esteem ra*. Doctor and yonr renwdlM, ee the poor man's friend." Asthma or Phthisic, and Bronchitis. WSSJT iLurcirana, Pa_, feb. «, IMrt SIB : Tour Cfftary ftctoni Ls performing marri»rions •one la this secticD. It baa relieved severs! from alarm lag symptoms of consumption, and Is now curing » man who hae labored under an affection of the tangs for in* last forty years. HKITRY L. PARKS, Merchant A. A. RAHSXT, M. D, ALSB!., UAmun Co., Ion > writes, Sept. «, ISM: " Durin» my prmctlc. of many ymri I have (bund nothing equal to yxmr Ourrj Ptttoroi for tjiving aase and retlsr/ to conmmptlv* patienta, or eurlng smoh ae are curable." vfe ml^fat add volumes of rvi4eD«e, bat the D2ost eon- vtndng proof of the rlrtees ef this remedy Is tosnd la Its sflbets upuu trial. Consumption. Probably no one remedy has mr keen know* whle* rand so many and neh langarons csaee as this SoaM oe human aid can reach; but rvesi to thoee the Chtrr) Aatoml aflbrds relief and wmftrt. Aaroa Bousm, Nrw Tosoc Cm. Itkn-h a, UM. Dooma A via, Lownl: I feel It a doty and a pleunn to InJbrm you what yeur C»«rry Pnetenl b» don. tor ray wife. She had been five moaths laboring; andor the dangerous symptoms of Censumption. from which no aid w« oonld p™cnr» rave her moeh relief. She wa> steadily Mi. mg, until Pr. Strong, of this dty, wh«re w« hav* ^am^ fb* advice, recommended a trial of roar medldno. Ws blm his kindness, as we do your skill; for she has rMorcr from that day. 8h« Is Dot yet as strong sj she tueJ be, bat Is free from her cough, and calls twrself well Yowi with nutltude and rwtrarit. ORLAiNDO 8HKLBY, OF PATENT MEDICINES. MEDIC -U,. I* —THE- LATJEST ! -°'^ QmnmpOsa, do not laspalr till rcro bars triad Arsa'i Oasaat PsoroiUJ. It Is mad* by on* af th. bot axxlloJ ebsmisla IB Ihs world, and Its enrw all anmnd as bwp«ak ths hl(h mertu of Its Tlrtu«« — nUaditplaa Ltdftr Ayer's Cathartic Pills. rpllB KlancsM of Ghamlitry uid MecUdn* H»TI bwo A t&zad their atnuwt to prodno* tkti bMt, mo«t p^rf^-i parf»U>» which U kncnm to aun. Iannm«rmbU pi™.* •X* shown th.U tb-Me PTLU h&T* rlrtOM which turfaum In •xoallflBM th* onUn»ry mAdldtMsV uid th*t they win an uid plmuai Co tAk», bnt powerful to cur* Their p«n» trmtlng propertlM itliDalAte tb« rltJU ...etlTttlMof th« body, rvmoT* th« obatmcdoiiB of tU erpuia, purify th« blool, »ad sipcl They purfe oat th«ftraJ hamon which breed uid grow dUtssmpcrr, itlmnUt* ilnfjljb or dbmr d«T»d 01-f.fcnj tntn Lhatr oAtarml *ctJ«-n, and Imp-vt hm-th; too* with itrength U th« whola fljBt«m. Not only tin th«7 car* th« iTery-dmy oompUhiti of «r«ry body, but sUso fomildAbXj and d*nf»roqa djMswea th*t har« b«ffl**d Lh« Usit of bamui lUll. While thay ?rodnc« pow**rfht *fle«ct«, thay *r« s\X the cun« time, ID diminished doanfl, cb* tafssit .vnd b«ct pbytric thAl c»n b« •mploy«d for cklMrvn Being (a|^r-«j«C«d. they IT* ple-Usuit Co take; uid b*An& porvly Ttjfiifkbl.m, »r» tr*» trmo any rick of harm Cnr«i have be«n masde wbjch mrpasW b*ll*f w«rt they net lab- •tADtlatMJ by men of tnch «z«Jts«d po«ltlon and cbAr*rt.-r a* \A tbrMd th* iiuplcfno of notrutX Many eminent clerKjmm and phyvtrt&n« h*»» Uot th«lr Dtm^ to n*rtlfy to th« public th* reliability #f my r»m#tilsi«, wbJl* other* baTsi twDt m* the atwaraa^* of thetr cnBTirdtiD that m y Pr»parmtkmi oontrfbnU Immensely lo lbs» relief of mj afflicted, niffitrtxig t*How-m*a. s> The A.(feat below aunod ta plt.rn.wd to furnUh (p-»tla my American /hr**"**. containing dlrwrti^n* tbr tfa«lr OB** arvJ c*rtlflcsit>* of their rnraa, of the foUowlnj cotapLaJnU — OosTtlT^ne.*, BQlcm* OompUlnU. RKsmmatlam. Drop*y Beartbarn, Uaadmrb* arUln.J from a fen! «tomarb, Nao Mm. IndiKwtioa, Morbid InartJoo of the Bow«ji *n-] F'tun artdof thervfrom. Y\MTQlnej, Lam of Appnclu, all L'lr*>r r>n« and CnLan«uoff bi*t**f* which rwqulr^ an f-T.v-na.n( unMirtn*, ScmfiUa or Kin.r'i BrlL They ^m\ hj pudfT Ing th*. blood and itlmaUdnf th* tyvt^m, cur* m*n > nomplaiDti which It would act b* •mppr»sx>d th«*y cnui.l reach, srorh ai IVafntwa, PartlaJ BUndn^cn, > •nraJ.rlJi »n.J Nftrrnai IrrltahUlty. Dvrui^m^DtJ uf tb*> Lt-rmr anj K I.) n*yft, Goqt, and other kJudrwd wrmpbUnU arUing *V >rn » low svtate of th* body or otnitrnrtton of tta fnnctjoti*. Do oot b* pat off by an principled dfwlsxrt with •nm>- ->th«- pill th^y mak* mof« profll on Aik for A-ra> Pnia, aod tsvk* nothing eb*e No other they can firo yoo mmpjw"* with tbli In It* Intrlndc r%Jn* or rnrsttirn po^wfin Tile clrk W%Q t th** b*«s«t svM th*r«? u frjr ths-cn, uid they thonJd bav* IL Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVKK, PrmetiesU and AjuUytical Ch<imlrt, Lovell, Mass Fsjd 9A On. na Box. FTTS BOXKS roa S 1. SOLD BT JOHN RICK, jfliwaante. J. H. REED 4 CO., Oirm .. .c. I A/--I- • eftrj DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. DE. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, AND DR. IIOOFI.AVO'S BALSAMIC COUOI4JL, The great standard msdicmA* •)/" '.ha pr***"! ape, have acquired their yrrat pnpular\t^f •;«/'/ through years of trial. Unbounded uitwf'ir tion w rendered by them tn all -*<w»'.f . ind : A« pfOplt have pronounced them worthy Llrer Complaint, Dyspepsia, JaniHlJr?, Debility of the Verrous Systenu Diseases of the Kidneys, and all duteous arising fr<>m i lw>nlrr--{ liver or weaknts* nf 'h* tfumtir/i ind in^xtn - oryfsru^ art speedily -ind p*Tm<in?nfh/ -'ftii '-y ^GERMAN BITTERM. The Balsamic Cordial A.M dnfuind i rrpvtation rurpas-nny that >r my timii ir i- " paralion rxtanf I( v>iU ^/r-. wttHui r KAIL. tht most Jtverf -2nd io-t\<j-3t<inii<n<f Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitu. Influenza. Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and >i,ji pfTf>>rmtti 'h* '/i.i*? j*-. -n^'iff./ ••* 'Vtr known uf Confirmed Consumption. A f^to do»M unll aLfft <lt on,-c ,-i\ f rk m./ r*/r/ the mo.if truer* DlarrhcDa v r <**•*• ••' •• / fr->m CuLD [V THK BOWEL* T h&s* mstlicint-i •!>••> pr**<i '••/ /'*• ' M J^CK^ON i (',)., A'o 41-^ A — \ .V--' /'•...; df If) tnu, /'j. , -ind <1T" t'.i'.i 'if if* j /' '• • ' •• i dflllsTI in "l*V/l/'l/IX.f 'I -xry if Txr - / ' per '»rr?ls, T \* tiij-'t.irur- .' ' i ' \] ', ( K - > •PIP 1 ? liiimii 1 DISCOVERY OF THE AGE in ih* K.VKHTH'H,T « \ .. ^ \ •• s i..n* f , « , ->^,- : , , . - 'I'l ' .", I ' • N V I <V'oi'.'A'To K P^.l' * R ." ' II- K - • V f"H • .'-.,..-• N. \ S.' - ' • v *. - . .' .t. -I. , . >v ,.-»« -»^ - • .. H, N i. \V i 1; 1. A l M 1 . \ ( onlidiMiliiil NtiiK, \ T Uie I utla, , I't T A •• •. • . .-ur- • .-, , • . -. .. , •» ., beg leave to call the attention ot the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to Df. Cbas. 31'Land's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them ai universal Cure-alls, but simply for what their name purports, vi7. : THE VERMIFUGE, For expelling \Vorms from tht human system. It has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animals subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS. all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled and never known to fail when administered in accordance with tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc their manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills shall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great remedies of the day, they will continue to spare neither time nor expense in procuring the Best uid Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough wanner. Address all orders to FLEMING BROS. PilUbnrgb, Pa. P. 8. Detim and Ph/sfclans ordering from othen Jon Fleming Brest, wOl do well to write thdr ocden UsUncUy, and tote now but Dr. JeZaiu?*, prepared 65 FkmingBnt. POttbmh, fa. To (bate wlshtag to gin -inn » trial, ire wffl forward per mail, .post paid, To anj part of the United States, one tax of Pins tbr twdri Jm»cait postage sUmps, or one rial of Venalftig* foi tnrteen three-cent stamps. All orders) fron Canada onul «• acconpaaiod by twsnty cent* extra. A M • J,- ! .-» 1 h N fl K i * • • I N i, M ^ .\ T \\\ r. 1 I'' A \1' 'S .* ^' ^ »«- !• SH»K < KK \'.\>" w i «> H j ^ D ?a i ii.> i Di \l > ii b;, hniu r ^ "i i •.ru Hfli. [> i nation f irr, »3 wfll ..a ihnse wln'jft* ,ir - in « > ,. . •• pi i r All on iu;,(iii b. pn ••luiM, v - •. ,.i UITJ litin.l* -,( pr-v-Mr n.iiv lu.v.n I , (j.c tftnl ..f t^ie r rfn,.'.li.-H . r .• l ^,. rn >i>* of hum^u Tn:.Hcry '» 'u- \i\--\ th tf3 .1 hlr, an . ii«rferefn'tf ID trit-ir r tit-rum, nt • • vJul NTKV IN V AL lu-. I'ers n» in »ny ) nrl if th*- «• -rM iifty •• n c«l«il l-y f -rwi rtjsnjj :i .•> rr- . t i--i.t w iti * rtmtititnrr for >Ietfi'"nf5, ti^ AU-Jre^ Ur AilOS A auA. corner .1* t *treet, Butfa o, N . V . , (ist.jj Mtl, ItlKI'N SA1.F. STATE OS WISCONSIN, ( Oircuit Court, Milwaukee County. | Christian Henry Meyer, M»r,rar-t. 'IH * f.- ./• S. Brown, l>avt.> O. puirrr, K«.w»r.t H .•»».*•*. W <ili P. Merrill, .Nelson \Veh^t^r. Clmr'.'t A K..- il Detmer Pisc^back, B. Uo.hi » an. I A -v iir's^? AJminiatniiora of the c^tai.? •>(' J»mi •' LrK^v cea-ieU, Ormand T Crane, Chtrtrf f B. •.!»•, irmtnr uf Uid >it»te o. Uhar en I*. Schrc n-r. i •?«•.ed. Jamei'W. A»*ieM snil Ueimanl* C Kemprr I N Tirtucof tnd pursuant W a jmlgmt-nt r^nuercii said Court In the«bove entitled action, Jated F^IT ry 3, .8S'>. I shall expose for «.ilv- and <Hl »t Puhhr \ Uoa, at the Pu»i-0i»ce, in tf'« City o( Milwauk^, Naiurday* li»« !)lh *'")' of Jnl», i ki th« hour of '2 r. M., of in .11 <lav, tht? iolioi?m,r scrioed mortgatfed [.ri-mist-H or so much 'hereof aa m be necessary 10 raise the amount ..f 1.1, .] u .I,{m»-iit, ttrrest i»n.i costs, togelher wwh the eipeti.-. t if 4:1;,wit: ^••Lot number fllxle*"n (Id) ind the eaut !.alf • ; int number flfleen^lSi, m >>i-iok fnnv i"iv<- ji-'n, ;n the Secomf Ward of the C ty of M-lvauk^e. 6^• ng on tamarack nrert, betw^i-n Kiiih . r».i Sixth urseU, al! m ihe County .it \l,l* nit-.and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff 1 ! OlBre M.lvaukee, Apnt -i, 1^,VJ. A. J. I-A.N WU1U U V. af>r&-£iu-lia£w SherilT Mil »iu.>r«* t'o , \\ u >.!• »..- !"! - -i i ' r - , M , , ...... -"I ' .IT I ,.,. >,',,. :.. V-ill i' 11'. \ ,.l. .'iu ..., l.-l v i, ,. i. , M., ,.«! 1,1, .... I- ^.' » V •< J WOIIU i .Jt< V^ ' I' I . J \\ , ,, . . . ^ ^ '' H I . . A . M , I, a ''t ' >s.' HV • , A . „.. JO" i u i •<•»•!••< r .•< r • "' ; . M v (KM 1 "T . <r i.ul !.•< i M > IK • r •ir . -r .•••;I >l ( (K ST *T , •IT I.i il M.^ > •» ' : M,(IM ,.iv > T ^ i 1 » ^ •' ' - niln \ . W V V -, , »>!• • - H'I.' \,HV >V. S , I N 'I II J M ,tM \ il \V \ Y S , £:><• :;• V •: 11. t ^ ; n I. , ,,, • . .• I (1 ,. , . ,. .11, ;ls I. I. 't 0<>I) .« U" , H' .I'ei.rn. 11 llr.,»,| lv , v M. „ n. i In the jr-ni v Y « r • ita.hiii! Kll^nli«hm,-ri i > i » V|;ir4-i Ht.^ -li. I..HI,, \1,. IJ by '• U vjUJNt.ruN »nd 411 <oo,l llraau •••• (\<-«« OO«] SHEItll-'t'x s tl |STATE 0» WISCONSIN, I Ulrcalt Coaru MUwaakee Couoty. ( James 8. Brown, Hathaway an. I Th,.ma< 1. Oif- -len, against , A* Patterson Smith and Alfreii K.lwanls. ?ori-closure. ; I N virtn« of anil pursuant la A /mlgnunt rendered u said Oonrt, In the above entiiie.l action, l ie.i March U, 1SB9, I (hail expose for ink- an.t sell at Public .luctlon, at the Po«i Orrce, In ihe <-lty of Mihotuk <•, on .Satnrdny, cbe 2«J day of July, isvj, u th» hoorof 2 r. it.' of that d.ay, the following dcjcrlbetl mortiragrd premises, or so much fiereof HA may he Q«- ceaiary to ralatthe amoant of said judgment. Interest »nd costi, together with the expenses of sale, to wit : "Block number twenty-eight (2S), of Clurk's addiiiorj, la the Eighth Ward, of the city, of Mil- wauiee and coanty of Milwaukee, and Stale of Wisconsin. Dated Sheriffs Office, Milwaukee, April 1st, 1«5». DJ.TJD B. Own, l A. J.LAKOWORTHY, flf* Au'y. f Oialff MIL C.., WU. SI O H T ,.\ N r* ruir- t , -f T l'. W , i,,« .1 **>,,.- it!(1 worn i*-L' MUr-t. !.--.• n rht* T'» v ol -•-."» . >r-n j i. ' > N r >v ; // r A \ D HRA.H. /.vtf . 'l 1 '-\ " H! NDKKH fi:ive r>r-eo received by !>•- C x 'iVn :)..• i.-*r -«r- ViT-in, 'n*ny nf arhom b»v») t»HL>n bhruJ '..r in. -nth-, in. I /r;iri 'lav.j ri>n| their «l,?hl rv3tor»«t ln-.uin'lv >»v lrU,*ttt* nut ti{flt~u2topeni£ion4t •hiU o"her^. * ?><> -uiv.- rit-t-n iiur- r«rt from Jlae***, h»ve h «?en mir<iciii.Mi<<iy ,mri-«1 Ny mtlit *nj fentls treat- mf nt. The Uf-u i>r«.»r .it L. ( i.uw Dr. (J.'s iervtcea ire Appre- j.alJMi ia, LhBt t\ti la 'inily reeeiv!nK '•*•» patient! from A.! parts a i tf>o -ouniry. in»l Jlsmissln,*, »n curwS, till eariy received cases. ,Vo F<*A is rctjutrptl for «u u^nminatinn nr opinion. — No CHABOIC rnr ^i_-rvi<;et thil »re not «*<VM.M/T*,., w »tll be staled wneo the p»U';nt ,* reoeiveU. Or. tJaJwell 1 * Trtattttfm b\A &ar <**d £]/« to ue bad /rortj on *5>- pilcaUon M OOT*.

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