The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1975 · Page 23
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 23

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1975
Page 23
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THE 8RA705PORT FACTS FREEPORT, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER M, 1W PatwIB The Television Picture Wednesday 2 p.m. ArWtrHr World — Drama Match Own* '75 Q«T>«iol Hospttol — Drama Cortoon Carnival (Tt) 3:30 p.m. Totrttrotti OrraUft rally* — Drama QD Cartoon Tim* 3 p.m. QDSom«t»«t — Dram ODMr. *ofl«n' Neighborhood QDDtnohl — Gw»ti on to be announced GD*ou Don't Say QD BtlRwfakl* (R) Cortoora QDPap«y« and Won* jR! 3:30 p.m. CDTrw M»rv Griffin Show — Gv*)l» or* to b* announced QD S«iom« Str»«l GDMovio — "The Mind of Mr. Soom«" (1970) (R) Terence Stamp. Robeft Vouohn. Nigel Davenport in impended Oftimotion line* mloncy, o man emerges into 6f« and triei lo odopl . . . e.«ceftenl QD Und»rdog (Rl 4 p.m. QDTh. Uttb RoJtoH,R) CSGilKgon'il.lond {Si ^^ 4:30 o.m. CD Th« Et#<trk Company QD Family AHait(R) ODTh* MkV»y Mov»e Show iR) QDltor* It to Beaver ;R) 5 p.m. CD Ron Slone'i S<ene at 5 CDS«»am« Slr»tl CJDNewt Q9 Tht Partridge Family (R) QDllovt lucyjR) 5:30 p.m. CD NBC Newt QT)C8SN«w» OS ABC Newt QDStorTreKR) QDTh« Dkk Von DyVe Show ;S1 6 p.m. CDN«w» CDV3to Aleg.e QDN«wi QDTh« Bvady Bumh ;R) 6:30 p.m. CD dawk Thtotw Preview QD To Tell the Truth fTT)Nom« That Twn« QDHogon't Keto«i (R) 7 p.m. CDNBC Movie - "p.ewieM oi th« Everfltodei" (R) 'S* »tory ol the voit. primitive Evergtodet of florkk) o» told thrauo^ the fcvei of itt on'mot inhob" tanti; preempt! Uttle Haul* on tht Ptoki. GDTh* Tribal Eyt - "Acrovt the Frontier! ': whot haopem when tribal ort and £t*eoeon JnlK.*?xe r*«et? who* ii ojrport art? QQTor.y Orlando and Dawn — Roy Clark mxi Ruth Sum QDWhen Thingt Were Rotten Robin ond hi) men fwy to Dover to protect King R^hord Irom l*»e venaeM Sbe'iH. one hot" ipevtat program* preempt! Thol't My Mama CD.Mink Pta« QfJThe FBI <ft) £r\Mr« tnteri 0 H*jK I'okei card jom* !o iroo 0 .MofKj tn™,. ncl J>33 p.m. CD NBC M'ovie — "Ih« Moonwm- nen" (19401 (R) Ha>*ey M •!»», f>«ttr McEnery, Ed WaflocS, Joan Greenwood. Irene Paoo*: a young won>on travel wttS her ovflt to Oete *ne<e *^* <*««(! on Engfjihrnon who i» 0" It* >ik»"d !o e«oow o |e»el thiel . . . l*it D>v*y ivip*rne.m»!iefy, 7:57 Newt Update; ! Doctor i Hoipital. Petr«elti ie — "!He 0*' Ww K*e« too Mvch" l»o»i •, R; Adai-i W»,t, Nwvy K»-on, !<eh«n>jjh ftiull B^^Wy C'rto. Robert Aldo. CoTn^onS pJ*v:« a** -.'^«^* ."i/de a c'>-'^ i .'x^ i>"Ji<o>* '." on oif* ^-pt to to.V# o*e* rK* cxgcrjia^on j-icd odvtntyre; S.55 Newi § p QDConnon * 01 a to'S*f -do,T!j* e» o hero in MI a Ttrfo'.vt o ci. lee F QDBa*e!to — Xoovrt Jfoi* ic^je .^!o<-x3tior> a !o b* cv*v)v C5).Movie — "i*« si tt- \l'o3'' sRi Ssdr-ey ?oit>e». i'Sa 5 Mar»tf, o yojig ^orNJ^^on ^ ^» ^W o cHcoei m 9 p.m. CD Soy Brother • National Idil St. Cro* ^ ','r-Jt V^jm U.brvJt .t CD CBS Inquay - !Ke *IM Port It, Don Ro'hei cw«h<y> o 'eoort on the onottHxitK*-, ol John F. Ken««\tyi the NtHK^oil tipk»«l the. IKecnei and the totli ol tn< e"enl ODStariky and Hutch try to noJ o d<xV»orker who killed on undercover top CED family Fun Theoier — "All !l«noi Brioht and Seouhtrf' with $«fl Ivei in a dromo otovt n l«ne>y a*rt who hat run owcry from home 9:30 f m. QDOnTw* Wlwh 10 p m. )Newt ) Irfxit. Yoga and You )l-ohr CWlhe Top )Uv«, Amtrkan StyU (t) QDTht Tenighl Shew - Mdeon Slerenicn « gweit holt to Jerry Von Dyke CjDCwwvnw SvMra) KH (I) COOS Mevle - "the Dob«Man Gong" (W7J) (R) | r ron Mobe, Mai Reed, Jv*e Parrhh) a group of dogt r> trained to function a> bonJt robb»ri QDTh* »% Vo»ey l») Q£) The Stan Jloten Sh*w; 10:35 Mo»lt — "the lody Wonli A***" (19}]) (R) Ere AnW.. Denm o nwA form and rvm into on l?JON«wi, 13 35 SxanOff CD 700 Ck/b - CV Vernon G«ote a«J H.9 are tn* CDOpen 11:30 S,gn O*l tl p m. 11 JO p m - • IS* Sfofcer" Oorrwi . Midn^hl CDT»m«»T»w — -4 Nr. York'l HwoW 5<»tflre. 1 ^on CXI CEiTtve te<k !7.JOom. CZ)N«wt, I F«r Tun** Ilk* TSe*e, 1 055-^-Ofl 1 a.m. QDSerHinia {*; 1 i^n CXI QDN*wi; 1:0) HewumJiw -»! 1 11 Farmyard Acnost 4? WIN AT BRIDGE Ten diamonds calls for open ; SOU HI '. A \ y .!<••: i ¥ t i-> i : e A \ W I «t.vr ». ut i A J * A K ! .- t ! V \ » .' » .1 <f y ! ', I : e i e .' t A ; * * •.. : A K 11.> 1 s Mil 111 ill' ti>jtmi(«tt nj'M It" '.fw •I'.Klh.ciJ <(i: •l-f'.,'; U«..4s >-..<-,- hu fij MI • iuh bi-.! i» »•* .»! r{!yr! (/',!• in fli,!;-. U mrfvU <!«.< '. • : A Cm •, e < A j • i K. ', e '!«-... «j( .'.. • \ » t) IHMjId A Jjmir-i . f'r>-4t !'..i!"l'. »rt Krnt.ii< i,'. r^-jdt-r MM --'^ivr.i)..!,--^* r '-f ^.r.•,:'•>: *»• ,xwrf» -| j '*-!'»•* '' 'M'*'^ i c-:^ fj-' j,^ .*"•« nv-1 ii' 4 * « ; . ^ V J l j til i n ' l .» ! •"•.••.-' ; -ffe ' n •' • '•; ;..'«!'•'.•: Sf £ 1C & F/ND' t) M K c' H r H r' <• 1 >: V tl I, t r o n o H \ K o I) K >< \ 1 M 1 1' A 1 A K M f 1 1 1. I. S t) K tl H i) M (. P, t K K 1) K H i) N s V r' 1 -V A f 1, O t' A H A 1 0 f T K A H K N A H H 0 K ( r M H A N M M K U H S K A 1. V K. f f V K »: r 1 V N O n i K V* '» I H t U K M * A J S H t) 1. 1 N T t O N T 1) A *; w K A P A A V K 1 A K H V K r", O A n o >: t) f ( H r K r M 1 t. H * I M A T K A A ° l. c t (• c> K A K A 1 N (» H 1. K S N K M 1 M H « 1) I r K r i. J O s t: A t «( i: N it o s l r. (, M A H H A K H H (. V ( () f. H 1 r' i N n i H *i 1 0 H * s * t; » n * A f K V t K -4 K 0 l) T A 1) J 1 V t H •< A A K 1, 1 »' «< r, t; M anl. »», *••-». e» MUM lid fcM H ta M •*•*• JAKARTA JAVA<ir.A HtOA.H TOMOttltnW «tKABUA TIMOd fi tttftt A r'in,d" Born Loser ith J f'^ Beetle Bailey RSAaV ]/ V.h'AT5 r CEDRIC HAS SOME. Fk3URlSG TO DO ON "~ CURRENT STOCK >»\ARKEr TRENDS/ WHAT5A IDEA O' TAKIN' N UP A TABLE T' .WOCH KOt' CRACKERS AN' CATSUP.- Captain Easy THE ELEPHAwr'5 ) XI&HT. Z05S-'. E5CAPEP? y\ JU&T FOUNP HEP PEW OPEN WHEW I WEWT FEED HER: POWT 6E 5iU'>: eer IW TROUBLE WITH THE t PAMA66 -SHE CAKJ TO FARM6 Awp OKCHAEP^ 1 . WE VE HER. THE Tfaer Pea in* I* HA 1 .? Hf . Lil' . Snuffy Smith " / JUGHftID T" / SMIF!! GIT IN i ' K THIS HOUSE '-'•^ THIS VERY ,, ,, ,_ SECOWT!! 'a. Bfandie "* " / ..A'.' UAST V(/ PICK A f-iGnr Frank and Ernest SUPERMARKET 1 ( Httt't A ftMk BABQfllM, 1400 i 350 TO )' 1460 0104

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