Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 8, 1897 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1897
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JP.A.RT B>±KBT. ¥OL, 30. NO. 14<. STERLING, ILLINOIS THUBBBAY, APBIL 8, 1897 L60.A'YEAK. m&li*WAY TIME TABLE. f ft; TOE GHICA8U AMD MOHTH-WESTERK RAILWAY. *t :47 ». m. *8:51p.Bl. . o. 17. Storting JPaiwenger (art.) ... o, 8, Belle FWne Fass Ko, iu Clinton passenger Ho. ISi; freight ......... •.«- ooiiramurr, tT:8B p. m. ... t4:23 P. m, t":iB p *7:f» .. ------ H:M a. m. o. Eobleftgo JUpreas.. ----- — ...» -*0:29 a. m. o. li. Storting FwwengM (leave)... tfl:B» s. « o. 4. Belle mice F*sa. — ...... no -.43 ft. m. O, 12, CUnton PaMeBger. CHICAGO Arrived from East, g FM8eng'r.-8:40p.m. 91 Freight.—6:00 a.m. 23 Freight-.12:30p.m. Arrive from Wert. 48Fasseng'; 47 Fasaeng'r..e:20p. m. i Biei&i».~-v»"»»" M Frelght..-4:16p. m. Ko 7 m»kei Olosa connection at Denrocte with -•"- for fcU ttatlona on Mendota ftnd Ollnton muwtejtlMBftTannaMiuuque. . . NO. BO makes close connect Ions with mam UD« train* at Oalestiurg, .both eaat and west; for i)enver, eto..eto.j also for with train «0. 4 at Book K ILLIMOI3 OEMTSAL RAILWAY AT DEQN, OOtKOBODTH. Puna Pass., Bally, except Sunday.. ..,.. .»:26 a, ra Throuehl'ass.. Dally. ....... .... » ..... ,.»:37 a. m omn|^nI»s8,JDal 1 .y,oxoepun(ayi ndqtaPr«|ght, Daily .except Sunday . n : OOINO HOUTH. . Dnbuquo Pass., Dally, except Sunday. .,6:43 a. ra Through Pass., Dally .................... 4:G6p.m SBrawTOuy, except Bimday. ,...ll'.55 P. n> '. Freight, Dally, except Sunday:. ........ 1 1 :io a. m Veterinary Surgeons. V H Q. HOOVER. D. V. 8. ' -OFFICE- ' AT MEYERS & BSfiLEMAN'S DRUG STORE, Hospital, Cor. Third ATO. »nd Firth eta; , HarrisonTel., Residence, 80j Office, 18. BeiMenoe, Blxtb Ave,, North ol Bterllax School DR. 0. E, WEIGHT, Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist. Offloo *nd Veterinartura at "vVrlght & Go's ,„ Lively and Boarding Stables Cor. W. Third St. and B Ave. .UJCONOIB. _Wblt«lde Harrlaon Telephone 18. Phyaioians. Physician and Surgeon ' Office—A<i*damr of Wualc, Boom 9.. JS4S«id«no«—308 ffourth Are. . Office Hourii »-ll». «a-i 3—* p. BLj 7—8 p. m. Women's W. B. CAROLUS, n. D. oi the Liver, Stomach, Bowels tad Kldacyi treated lucMulullr. Office HMn'i to 4'P' "•• M* 7 *• • P. T*l<vb«a< no.«. ' Office and Keildeno*. 406 First Arenne, STBRUNQ, ILLINOIS^ _j FRANK ANTHONY, fl. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE COfcUt AYE. tad FOURTH ST. ^ResWehee N, W«0or« Ate. B and Fourth 8t^* STERLING, ILLINOIS. ' J. P. KEEPER, JANE REID KEEPER, PHYSICIANS AND SUKQEONS, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE; 408 First Avenue. Both Telephones. , STERLING, .'-ILLINOIS* A. C. SMITM/W. P., PHYSICIAN AI<D SURGEON. Up Stair*, 8 Btet Third Street, ' Orer Parry's Drug Store, ] EUGENE V. of . . . • NOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL '•For Terms, enquire at Aldrich's Music Store, west Third Street, Musical Instruction oaViolIn, Comet, Plauo, Mando||ae or any Wind or Stringed Instrument " ' ' i?V d^ Musical Conductor Keystone Reg, Bunt) and Sterling Concert Orch. Hardin'8 Mueio Store. . Dentists* • . THOS. • BECKW1TM, |)ENTAL OFFICE, JOHN O. HAN AH AN, LAW AND TATEN 8ffle« li Actttmjoi Misk Block. STBRLINQ, ILLS. HENRY C. WARD, LAWYER. SUITE 8, ACADEMY (JP MUSIC BLOCK, STERLING, ILLd. A* Julge ot UM»CX>nnt»Oonrt will be In Mowlwn on Mond»ja Mid Frtdayi each week. : J.W. ALEXANDER, ___ Attorney at law, Notary Public, •nd Justice ot the Peace, •TBRUNQ, - ILLINOIS. loUMUont promptly attended to, Beteri to Flrtt Bftnk of BterllnR, IlUaoU. JARVIS DINSMOOR, LAWYER. Special Atteatloa to Chancery Matter* OWXO2B OrerBrowi's Drat Store, cor, 3d & Locait, XII. WALTER N. HASKBLL, LAW AND PATENT AnORNEY. (Money to Loan.) East Thi'd Street, ----—aTBRLINQ, ILL. Real Estate and Insurance. J. P. HB5SL1NQ, Real Estate, and FJre Insurance. Nona bat B«li»bla Comp»nle* Bepr«Hut«(I. IK ACADEMY UD8IO BLOCK.. Boom 0. . S. J. WICKENS, REAL ESTATE DEALER. LOANS A SPECIALTY. Office Over Roienthtl't Clothlnc Store, f». W. Corner First Are. and Third Bt. D, L. MAXWELL, DEALER IN WALL STREET. Jnsurarice and Renting E. M. Ebersole, Gait House Block. and. . . painting ..Paper Hanging. Leave orders at residence!' 205 "West St, or drop a card to FRANK RIQLE. Groceries, Confectionery, Cigars and Tobacco, PRICES THE LOWEST. R. H. DAVIS. Next to Baer & Carter'^, 33. Third St. Best of All is • The' : • • • NEW BRAND OF Manufactured by F. COCHRAN. THE JUNIOR KewGigaranilNewsStanQ In Qalt Houpe Block has in stock the finest line of Havana and Domestic Cigars in the city.' Also a full line of TOBACCO, and we solicit §om« of your NEWS AND PERIODICAL THE TOWN .ELECTION. N6W MliN CHOSEN FOR OFFJCE ON TUESDAY. Large Vote Polled—Everything P«*«ed Off Quietly—Contest Orer Collef tornhlp and Highway Commlsfllonernhlp Waa Inter- estlog—Col. Clark IB Defeated, , Supervisor.... J. l>. OrerhoUer Ao't Snpernlsor c. A. TVetherbce Town Clerli .F. R. Htoddnrd Awesior:7<"i ii'i.'.'j.... i"..i'i,".T."i;. J. A, Morgan Highway Coitlmloitlouer....Frank Bresfller Collector Teter O'Halr Jiutloeg of the Pence....J. W..Alexander \V. P. Palmer I. L. Weaver ' It. Champion J. W. NUes Constable* A. K. Haberer J. E. Woodyatt . U. M. ShnltK - . , / F, A, Gould William Jttaimlinn Cemetery Trusteen H. L.' Dlrdgall . II, T. St. John II. S. Street. The annual election of the township was held Tuesday. The voting was quiet and many turned out to express their choice. The total vote waa 1377. There was but little excitement; the main Interest In the contest centered on—the—(jollectorshlp-^and-Highway CommlsBionershlp.- The following ta ble gives the exact vote of the town: STERLING. CANDIDATE. SUPERVISOR J. P. Overholser ASST. SDP'R. C.A.Wetherbee. TOWN CLERK. F. B. Stoddard. ASSESSOR. J. A. Morgan.. F.F.Klosterman H'GH'y co M'R. M. W. Jone ... F. Bressler.i... 1>. B. Butt.-. ... - COLLECTOR. W. H. Howard. B. Bich. ....... B. Struokman.. H.H. Higby... D.Gould....... JUSTICES. D.L; Maxwell.. J.W.Alexander W. P. Palmer.. B. Champion. . . J. W.Niles.,... G.W.Clark.... CONSTABLES. A. K. Haberer.. J. E. Woodyatt. -H-M-ShultZv— F.A.Gould.... S. T. Mangan... F. G. SheaiTer.. H.W. Carter... W. Manahan... OEM. TRUSTEES, H. L. Birdaall.. B.T.St. John.. H,S. Street ..... 1st 290 271 257 154 171 69 108 152 130 19 36 33 72 -29 _20 •62 181 195 U55 130 145 183 201 134 -193 • 159 115 96 120 118 235 219 236 2d 313 295 287 204 131 127 121 110 CO ' 36 09 6 106 52 66 210 248 192 182 203 192 243 209 -203 193 92 123 114 164 240 248 205 3d 262 226 224 191 100 05 141 96 52 21 83 2 75 -59 .17 -53 108 202 -153 145 155 130 210 126 159 161 64 110 78 140 188 179 206 4th 244 220 203 221 106 59 199 55 32 239 -120 101 110 126 177 114 -137 118 55 81 111 190 157 162 200 To'J 1109 1012 971 770 514 320 569 413 -726 624 018 587 831 583 C92 631 326 416 423 eia 820 808 .907 THE OTHER TOWNS. flood Men Chosen ForO/flco By Our Neighbors. '. HUME, In Hume there waa but little excite inent, the only contest being between the Supervisor and Collector. For the first time in the history of the town, six tickets were thrown out. Following were the ofllcers chosen: Buperviaor-^Henry Wetzell,.78. -Clerk—A.D. Dickey, 108. _ Assessor—Charles ID. Emery, 108. Collector—William Doyle, 79. Highway Com.—Albert France, 99. Justices of the Peace—C. E. Lane, 109, McClellan Fluck, 105,' -Constables—Charles Doyle, lOo.Chas. Pettltt, 101. COLOMA. ' Supervisor—H. F. Batcheller, 247. Clerk—F. D, Bosebrook, 238. Assessor—W, B. Brown, 827. Collector—Adam Brown, 261. ; Highway Com.~N. L. MoKenzle,213. JuBticea of the Peace—.E. O.WinterH, 272, Johfl Kadel, 222. Conatabjies—T. S. Welch, 208, John Beales, 217. . ' Thla term of office will complete twenty-five years of eervice as Supervi^ Bor for Mr. Batcheller. The only record of the kind in the county. MONTMORENOY. Supervisor—0. Miller. Clerk-J. F. Colder. Assessor—W. H, Bcott. Collector—B. F. Pfulb, Highway Com.—Ed. Woods. Justices of the Peace—A. A. Church, H. Sturtz. Constable—William Ufkin. School Trustee—E. J. Currier. Proposition to change.the voting place from Oolder school house to the M. W, A. Hall—43 for, and 4 against. JOBpAN Assessor—w. H, Guinthw, 184. Clark—Charles Myere, j Justices of Eugene Blank. School Trustee—Tobias Kauffirian, LYNDON Supervisor—Albert Parmenter. Clerk—A. W. Greenlee. Assessor—Charles Hamilton. Collector—J. L. Bates. Highway Com.—George Scott. Justices of Peace—J. L. Bates, L. E. RicA. Constables—Walter Halsted, George Cade, < HOPKINS. Clerk—G. F, Hall, 166. Assessor—M. W. Pittman, 148. Collector—Charles Seidel, 181. Commissioner—F. C. Barrett, 108. Justices of the Peace—\Y H. H. Stewart, 131; Isaac Shultz, 73. Td Abolish Poll Tax—Yes,90. No, 75. To Borrow Money Yes — 50> Against, 100. rnOPHETSTQWN. Supervisor—Gilbert Rogers. Clerk—C. C. Plumley. Assessor—E. S. Bentley. Collector—Homer Warner. Highway Commissioner — Emmlt Underbill. • Ju'atice of the Peace—W. M. Mathls. Constables—John Lewis, Orlo Max field. FULTON. Clerk—John Downs, Jr. :—LTETMlit the ws. Justices of the Peace—J. W. Hulbert, Thomas Smith, , Constables—J. W. Farley,, Stewart Holton. '. ' ' ,-v Collector—J. C. SnydeK : , N School Trustee—James Wlre.-^^V 1 Highway Com.—T.'f ~ Clerk—Daniel Assessor—H. D. Hayes. \ - Copector—Charles Detra. .''•' Highway Com.—Frank Milnes. of the Peace—Shaw Sperry stables—Charles Detra, D. C, ol Trustee—A. B. Daniels. •' GARDENPLAIN. rvlsor—R. R. Murphy. —L. Spangler. Isor—M. D. Burghardt. " or—W. L. Miller. JuBticea of the Peace—R.R. Murphy, R.H. Fagan. V ConBtableB—D. C, George, H,._..Ji Simpson, • . • School Trustee—J. E. Jordan. ; ' ;• NEWTON. . Clerk—J. C. Blean. Assessor— W. L. Markee. -Collector BrF.Koland.~ • Highway Com.—B. M. Riordon. Justice of the Peace—Kdward Coffey. Constable—Thomas Hoobler. School Trustee—William A. Thompson. • USTICK. Supervisor—A. N. Abbott. Clerk—Frank Hooverr—*—: Ansessor—L. A, Lewis. ~r~~ . Collector—R. Burkena. Highway Com.—A. S. Durward. Justices of the Peace—Dan Hollings head, r Alexander Rennie. Constables—Gene McCullough, Jason Green. . School Trustee—John C. Barnum. v ' 3IT. PLEASANT. (Meik—E. J. Congar. Assessor-^J. N. Baird. Collector—A. Matthews. , Highway Com.—N. J. Thomas, Justices of the Peace—J. N. Baird, E. W. Payne, C. AV. Mitchel. Constables—W. J.Frye, John Hulett, E. M. Preston. School Trustee—C. W. Mitchel. ERIE. . Clerk—E. J. Howell. • • Assessor—George Neer. Collector—R. T.Adams. Highway Com.—H. Fargo. Justices of the Peace—J D. Fenton, D. Moulton. Constables—D. Schriver,,G, Byam. "" • GENESEE Clerk-J. t). Kingsbury, 143. Assessor—William Lawyer, 152. Colleotor-^M, Wolber, 141. : ' Highway Com.—M. Sheehan,8r.,140, Justices of the Peace—J. C. Overholser, 165; I. N. Thorpe, 42. Constables—J. T. Meakins, 116; J. C. Taylor, 116. School Trustee—George Deets, 180. IIAHNAMAN Supervisor—E. A. Devine. _ Clerk—M. Coleman. Collector—Henry Potta. Highway Com,—John Renner. Assessor—Jeyry Keeee. Justices of the Peace-r-M, Coleman, John Mpsler. . Constables-Henry Potta,Ale3c Thomson. School Trustee—L. Clerk—Qeor^e it. s. Highway Com.— W. C. Grahfcm, Collector— E. W. Clapper. Justices of the Peace— B. M. FulJer, Arthur Welding. Constables— Henry Libley, Mike Carney, J. Lamphear, ALBANY Supervisor — C. A. Olds. Clerk-C. C. Ewing. Assessor— E.' S. Effner, Highway Com.— J. D. Sulivan. Justice of the Peace— E. S. Effner. Constables— C. C. Snyder, L. D. Booth* : ....;'. ...;'.; ..... Collector— W. D. Hazlittr :: •-"- : •'— FENTON. Clerk-I. C. Finkley. Assessor— George Blalsdel, Collector— Samuel Given. Highway Com.^-Charles Mason. , Justices of the Peace— I, C. Finkley, George A. Potter. Constables— Plue Buhler, Edwaid Elliott.' ".•••• • •; • • ' . Clerk— John Daly. , . Assessor— J. E. Greenman. ?. Collector— F. H. Seymore. / Highway Com.— Marion L. Qrlflln/ t Justices of the Peace— Charles F.. GifTord, J. M. Remington. * : Constables— C. R. Aldrlch, William Greenman. .School Trustee— L. K. Bramard. Supervisor—* , Clerk— William Collectors fi 'of r^ ; Constable s-HO. A. Lum, W. M. E. Williams. " School Trustee— R. S. Lasher. , THE PALMYRA ELECTION. The (5 uod Road* Move-^VUis by -a JJancl- , Homo Majority. -—The main fight in the election at Palmyra Tuesday was on the tax for good roads, and it was won by a handso majority. The vole for a speclg for gravel, stone or roads stood 109 for, and The following Snnprttlonr A ?A.l&H«' : ,•.., OU^JCl JblDVl , £*.} A. JL}Cvi(v tpO. • ^^. Clerk, Cojiector, George Lenox, 140. Oomm'issioner of District No. George Demorest, 103. ^ StevensV 123. ~""°" - : ---~ : -—-Justices of the Peace— A. A. Beede, 101; JiimesSneed, 92. •' : . " Cult. " ' Mr. and • Mrs; Eve Cassens spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Au- guat Johnson. • • '•"• Mrs. Ed Myers is visiting her sister in Dixon. ' •', • Mrs. Renkiu and daughter, Grace, spent Sunday with relatives in Gait. Mrs. Ed Vandenburg and son, Eddie, IN JUDGE WARD'S COURT. Th«re PEOBATE COtJBT. IQ re. guardianship of Nora Pearl Hornifcg, minor child of H.Q, Homing,. ; Guardian's inventory filed and approved. In re. guardianship of Fred G. Bley, minor child of John G. Bley. Report of settlement by guardian of Fred G. ' Bley together with receipt and release showing flnal settlement of guardian, filed and approved.' Guardian "discharged. Estate of Samuel Johnson. Affidavit of posting notices, to creditors filed and approved, Estate of Leander Smith. On report of petition of Dolly A. Smith and Ed- v ward A, Smith, executors to last ii?ili' , and testament of Leander , Smith, ''are , aut horized to assign and transfer to- Harry W. Smith all the stock held by . , said estate in the Uafon National Bank, of Kansas City, Mo. Estate of Edwin Old. Petition to- sell real estate Died. Report of executrix filed and approved. ! In re, guardianship of Boy J. Digby and Lwvlpa' Digby. Inventory filed ' and approved. Eatftte.pfClarinda Fullmer. Vouch- n -flled-showing-dtstribu- — "ofdefed7~~ExecuTor is dla- — . . r tate of Henfy S. Barrett. Report ' >dministrator filed and approved. Notice of final settlement filed Dis- trlbution shown by vouchers;' admiois- tratdr is discharged. Estate of Amos A. Hulett. Report of executor filed and approved. In re. guardianship of Lewie, William, Hermati, Arthur, Hattie, John and Mary Itosenow. Guardian's report illed and approved. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS - ' Bradford M. S to well 'to James H» irner, land in Prophetatown, »2,150. Soilenberger to Mary Ore, lots ' ' field good ___ here. "Ed is expected next Saturday Mr. and Mrs, Jeff, Burch.of Morrison, spent a few days last week with George Burch and family. • • Mr. and Mrs, John Gronis are spending a few days in Prophetstown. Misa Margaret Willsey spent Sunday with her parents. . , The funeral, of the six-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Bauman was held today in the German Lutheran church, in Rock Falls. It is reported that wedding bells will soon ring in our town, The election passed of quietly yesterday. The poll tax was Voted down April 7. East Science Ridge. Moat of the farmers are in the sowing oats. The ground is - in condition for that work. now. Miss Emma Suavely, of Sterling, was the guest of Miss Anna Suavely for several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ebersole are the happy parents of a new daughter, Frank Glasler is building a summer house. M. Brenneman is doing the work. The pupils of the East Science Ridge school spent a very pleasant afternoon at the home of their teacher, Miss Mabel Treasher, in Sterllng.last Saturday. The event will be long remembered by all who w«r 9 present. Aaron Doner, who la. under the employ of Ezra LeFever, returned from a visit to his home in Pennsylvania. He was called there by the sudden death of his father. Roy Evens has discontinued his studies in the High School of Sterling. He will now assist with the work on bis father's farm. v Euos Karr hired out to Frank Glasier last week. Most of our roads are in a good con- diUoanow. We Botieed several wheel- wen taking »dvaatagaeftb^mSmid*y. Dr. Leiuaau was esi!«4 out to sttead to 4i borae b^Umgiuf to J, U, S«»f«ly t iiry C. Church toilette Casseiis, lot ; .j,eicssjo.'^^-.'..- >,., • A.Keefer to Wllkj^AchjeVsipfc & in Sterling, e8,000.'://.;'! : .' .^>^if.'' "^Alfred Smlth : """ Tampico, $500. William A. Sanborn to. John W, • Martin, land in Sterling, 85,600. ' Agnes Champion to.John W. Mar- tlnrlot in Sterling, $2,750. John A. Baker to Mary E. Bakex,lob in Sterling, $1. Henry M. Allen to Hattie E.Lincoln, lot in Rock-Falls r 8K — Bradford Stowell to Micaael McNamara, land in Prophetstown, 82,OdO. Nicholas Walsh to J. L. Maloney, land in Fenton, SI. James L.Maloney to Nicholas Walsh, land in Fenton, 81. Sarah II. Peck to Florence McDearman, lots in Lyndon, $675. ZlJames Robb to Nellie T.'Ilbbb, lot in." Rock Falls, 81. Trustees 10 3 to A. B, Chamberlain, lot in Newton, 812. Michael Rahally to John W.'Martin,, land in Sterling, 81KX). Charles E. Grove to U. P.Goeken.lot, in Sterling, 82,500. , Matilda Royer to Henry R, UdtzjT lot in Sterling, $475. - ' George E. Thompson to Sevat SfcVj erson, land in Fenton,- 83,600, Frank Walzer to Howurd B. Franklin, lot in Rock Falls, §400. MAItniAGE LIOENHES. Hi ^.'J£ou J, Htfy^r, Bea d t WI,\IQ- nie Husemau, Hahnaman. JjjiKloa Results of the election: Supervisoi—Edwin Gibbs, 37; A. K, Parmenter, 139; John Allen, 62. A.S3. aior—C. H. Hamilton, 234, Town Clerk-A. P. Holt. 102; A, \V. Greenlee, 125. Collector—Joa Sutton, 110; J5ates,118. Township ' Commissioner—George Scott, 22<i. , Jut-ticei of the Peace—JameaS.Batcgi 217; L. E Rice,'215. Constable—Walter Austin, 216; H. H. Pittman, 31; George Cady, 136r H. F.Waite,63. The roads in the vicinity of Lyndvn are good now for the firat time sines Christmas; Mr. White, a nephew of Mrs.Higle spent Sunday with her. He attends Beloit College. — Mrs. Neil Melvin, of Sterling, waa a Lyndon visitor last week. Dr. Albert Hazsiard, of Cliatoa.cama over last week to visit frieuda »ud see John Dudley's little boy, who Is yuita sick, Mrs. Gould, a vety old reaideot of Lypdoa, being -elgbty-sevea year»-olil, pisssed quietly awsy last Tuet^ai 1 , leavfit tliroe of fche haw

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