Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 26, 1955 · Page 2
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 2

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1955
Page 2
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The Democrats also oked a House rule to forbid former Congressman Roy M. Clippinger ( R-Hl), the bridge manager, taking the floor. The rule forbids floor privileges to form* bers having a personal l terest in legislation under co ■ation. Clippinger had entered the House during the early part of tne debate. Rep. Vursell (R-Illl, Rep. Allen D-Ill) and Rep. Brown (R-Ohio' 'rally opposed the resolution ir l short but lively debate. Rep 3 ray (D-Hi) also opposed th< measure and voted against it. Denton and Madden told the House that Congress made no pro- n for an audit and accounting of toll collections. They said the bridge cost S-500,000 and that S945.- in bonds were issued for its construction and operation. : is almost the unanimous For a Happy Holiday Lawn Chairs Hammocks Croquet Sets Tennis Racquets and Balis Fishing Tackle Balls - Bats - Gloves MASSEYS Ace Hardware 88 GaUno Ph.2-0511 Open Saturday Till 9 p. m. opinion of the people that some kind of investigation be made." Madden said. "We want to know hat has happened to the millions of dollars collected." oddly enough" th - ]]\<r.™.< The Dixon Evenhw *ri*fraph Thursday. May 26, 1955 Presbyterians Endorse UN, Desegregation bridge authority announced, just a j j os A^QKLES ■.*)— Presbyter-few days after Denton introduced \ - ' ,lave etldorsed the United Nais resolution, that the bridge'^ as ..an instrument by which ould be toll free in a few weeks. jsoveieign nations can meet to-Denton said the investigation jgether, plan together and act to-•as "no reflection on bridge of- peUier to save succeeding genera- ficials" but only "simple common |ti0ns trom the scoiu-ge of war. honesty." He estimated the audit's j Th u-th Generai Assembly of ost at not more than $5,000. . j lhg piesbvlerian Church in the Vursell. in whese congressional jvnited States of America ended pproaoh to th* ! iVf,,i„„c,io •• ?f»r n!sn taking s es. attributed the in- tion to "grumblers and bellyachers." He defended tlie bridge authority's administration and said its honesty was being repaid "in wormwood and gall." Vursell said the authority had advanced the date for retiring the bond issue by 10 years and it already had notified state authorities the bridge would be made toll free July 15. 7 Escape Injury As Concrete Falls LOUISVILLE. Ky. (.?) — Seven workers rode a 45-ton concrete slab to a "forced landing" Wednesday and escaped with minor The huge section of a stadium floor at the new Kentucky State Fairgrounds cracked and crashed 16 feet to the earth. Two workmen on the ground ran to safety when the cracking began. ' One of the seven atop the slab suffered a broken finger and bruises. The others were less painfully injured. Project engineers could offer no explanation. Catholicism Up NEW YORK 1*1— There were 575.702 Catholics in the United States, Alaska and Hawaii on Jan. 1, the official Catholic directory reports. This was an increase of 927.278 in one year. F. X. Newcomer & Co. INSURANCE BONDS REAL ESTATE LOANS Phone 4-1621 Dixon, ni. OM ALLEY Standard Service STATION Alias Tires and Batteries 118 N. Galena Avenue Dixon, Illinois Dial 2-8761 lor universal disarmament ana oc- gation. e warn our churches and church members against malicious attacks on the United Nations on the part of persons and group? hose avowed purpose is «> s« the United States out of the Lnitecl Nations and the United Nations at of the United States, ma ssembly said. The assembly declared. "We be-eve that lasting peace requires le elimination and prohibition of 11 weapons of mass destruction." It said that such complete dis-rmament, however, must be o: Id wide and a suggestion tlir.t le church seek immediate prohibi-on of any use of nuclear weapons by the United States was defeated. On the desegregation issue, the assembly declared, "The church in 1957 rill be C STANDARD GASOLINES bolish from us practices all forms of segrega- assembly called upon mem-of the church to work for desegregation in businesses, pro fessions, unions, bousing projecLs, public schools and public positions. Next year's general assemblv will be held m Philadeipnta l Omaha, Neb. 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