Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 1
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 1
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i Diamond, «i h(i Idlluj Intel Montuello [of thi) hntcl in aOTrtMcd and ·red · t «i IK A fcaitv in p t it olio in XrW nut f will), tukiri(t lls rnt(ll('l with in h i s ht(Jcfl«av jr I r y m Kurupe ngeles r n t « mark f^r T i t t k nnil nock ntoi ion nil t i i p to c n i t h nt LM itsi «xitt the roumlhouno Ot )£h brick wall and ^r, and it seen h«r« ai injured. tic Photos, Inc.) SPAPFRl A 24-HOUR NEWSPAPER Becatur Burning Hera 16 THE WEATHER: Decatur, Illinois. W E D N E S D A Y E V E N 1 N G October 15, 1930. * * THREE CENTS Pardon Board lead Exposes Legal Fixers flames of Prominent Judge, Chicago Mayor Linked U. S. Declines To Prosecute Short Stock Sales Leads Rebels (Xt whu of ictnvlctod Into Inuntliid bv at hwrlnn* bw uf a foiim-i (lit? it the direct rhtitRcn w t m Ifli* »«!*»«'* t'ftlsd "i Indent* I their numtw WBIB unftrt by al ifiri'fl«t« an 'own tin, and that t h u v wi ' /ut vlu- Jon** hi tw(i out (.f whom lnUi hew ho ti tt itnin '" r » w)ri '"tfvlwt a K« IMtMltO f»l lti*llll'i( the tiitliiidnv W C' i h tit mini «n wnt no till that i who ht«d i*«i«l 1 van at"! af i unvii t will be nub Jin. I {MrcuMidlnjtii whllt' 1 t\tw will fur-' P t l m l n n l P I ( J I B U - fcof notdfl yum* ptml them h(H i«rn niiieli tdlk M thi* vidnun ('«*- IW (Mini "Wti'l 1 We'll Stop It" "iVn r« KiilftK I" ' i y '" *l"P ^ Ativort 1 who Htivi* he i MI M 1 lft hi* boat I ct i ny ftieiiibw of )i (01 i pardon (n n pin old t»llc a dellb Mto UP 'Ihi'V Wiiuw i hlil If tli* ctpn m u ihi i t w u l wllh m«.h ti itopouil IHfti t h i v wnuUt lit? ftiMsl id foi f i l t t m p i - ' i Wloery Tilt lfii t v "WIU mnon t hlaKO iiJd th« himfd h»w lt*i etl vwitH old Mix lohn fl( htindfci CM- hit I apnrii hi r invliijfii of W · to cihUin fiendoni ((it hm don 'Elm*r tvhi) WIWK ctilBiiteil In l i f e I (rl, i\l tit l"lt ISAKKOa I pwllne tilt; f i i H i if trni" 1 t n b p l urntlix In Briivil « pieient Civil ^'ai (ol Jnun Mbcilo UatroH (above) 1* commnndlnx Ut* Inwi ittr»ti who have bem moving ftgnln»t the rlty ot Sat) Puillo tint i Of wan a member of Ihe crew 0[ tUu ciieadnaught HUD Paulo wlii(-li niutlntod nit Brazil Claim Victory After Battle NEGRO ESCAPES MOB VIOLENCE; RECALL MILITIA Mounted Machine Guns and Fixed Baronets Quiet Town THREATEN RIOT STE GaNEvifcVlV'Mo yet 15 - \ mob that broke Into the home of Louh Rtbuttu, negro mall t a i l l e i , late Tuesday night in an attempt to lynch him was lobbccl of Its qitatry when he bioke away and «nukpod National guaidsmen -were lecallt-d and mounted mm hine guni on the toof of Ihe (Otiitholise Other lo- lathmentn patiollKt the streets with bayoneli fixed duly itpoirn that rnartla) law hud been declared wete denied by Shoilfl Zelglor Arr*»t Nine Nltift iu»peLtpd membeii of the Dioli were uitMtril hy Shemf XeiS let who (.ftllfld tot -the ao(ril«ia whin he (eatod the »ltutittoi was netting out ot hands Ttio mob at( ojiJIng to Hlbi-ntts btolhei who fled f i o m the house battered Hi way Into I h e mall cai- ilii M home nboitt 11 op|o(k dias KPtl Rlotiati out and wai attempting lo put him Into tin nuloincMIe when h« wtettled lonip und fled ishenff ZeiRlii «nd bin dpputlM wete unabln 10 find Rlb«au miily BROTHER OF SCOTT WBRIDE HELD ON BAD CHECK CHARGE Vtttttd Ire WASHINGTON, Oci IB-- Emmet McBiirie or Sajfnevltte, O, bi other of Dt E Scott MeBiide geneial super- Inlandert of the Anti-Saloon league, wa« being held In jafl heie today, pending an investigation McBrlde was at rested yeiteidav by members u( the detective bui«a.u's bnd check squad Pollti* lehiscd to ictve Any detail* and the anti-saloon league head denied any knowledge of the case Ihe police lecoida listed Em molt McBiide a* a teachei laaA I/Lay, Krnmet McBildts Bent ft Ittei to Rep La Guardla (Republican), N Y , saying be hud otfeicd to appeal before tbe benato lobby Investigating Committee to testify le- gaidlng alleged land speculation and oiganizatlon of a fruit Julio company by Pr. .F 1 Scott McHrlde Chaltmfln Cariway of the lobby committee de clinetl to cell Emmet Htfiride however A( the same tltna, Ij»Guaili» made public a statement prepaivd by JDm mat which **)d "My personal relations with F Scott McBrld* me filendly We aie only esliantred in polities and bi|til ness He lu cot alnteiely a lempei a nee lefarmei Ho tian had no lively conscience against the nvlla of the llquoi traffic and little heatt Interest for those who suffer fiom diink Hh intereit IHH a!w»yi been the publicity and politics connected with the refoim piogiam and with the abundance of contributed money 1o bundle and speculate with " At that time Di F Scott MiBtide Issued a statement saying his broth- pi Smmci WUR "piaetlcaDv all to- valid" and often, was /Elm I w i Oi,t L' Revoldiittoiiftlv MM toitny olhlmfld ft victory In a · h a r p twltln w i t h Sou Pnulo fertcial foic«ti »n the wtmterrt ^uo Paulo had lun ninnlnJ: hlfh tn SU trontvli've -*line 'inn day when linen nr(t»of( (inL a worn- to Pnnchot » Hiurv man nnd f a t a l l y tf li Mr» W onrt (*iH I'itlil Hintion mlt 1 hei mulliti i lnwyei bv the OKHIH of CMCKKir. J800 whlrh wiw tiutiri liiietl Id InflilftK w Td»l ( U u c t o t if the W*i.o mrnl nt p u b l i c W i K t i t ' ahc pjodm t (I u let tut f t fit ^ U dUfeinnt n« ' lioLwn«li Ot v I p t i ^mjll ' i h e l i t d r *»·» In I'Ud wh«n Imlill win | mul Mtiyoi William "Hale df ''hicojto It wn« ioi fMt\b\ti fo titilnln H (miclun but irhtn full d l f f n i i t n n - 1 Imd P«((hfll Up i f f r H H WCUlll *» ujui)ii(iliju» mild tti« rcUnl (ilittLltut the PaulHtu tioo]- l(it[lLi[ft (iff Oat at Ihe The Stw Paulo (otrus WIIMI -mild t» Uftvrt Ml m u c h wat mah'Hiil im thi» (ivld ant) to have oil mAiiy otfiu-io i l u l i n i l (j/flcMt uf WOUNDED WESTERN BANK BANDIT DIES Vume of ((tdKB H f t M V (· tiliniffi wnn Inji'did Ititf) tin pio b*r«i« the WtlnMiriy rtf MM M t u v »ifl tdlKioic I i /I In th« Mointj itf rtil fiVfi to Rtloiniv Ktt,(ini McOuf (t«v a i d »«» A n n o · lilMKO 1C) WMii« 1ht filenic if Sninh fold **lft i v v l n j c · " t e n l e r w n In th( Chi rafto Hotifiii nf ( (mitt tloit (m «' I N*ln i 1i»m t ml f l 100 tvjm fit xo H W uml p u r l (f Hit 1 Kimiliiltt) Unil tr tnt ntli(M of thn t t u t d lilt lto*nl slinv ridiitom fni t i t i t t h Knx n i l fi t t i i i iittiiitu Ml 11 nnil i eil dent it titled thii u tlieli Win t h v -inlil bul il if f o i f i i i o m l t a ° ttl(1% ' v "' nt r n n l i n hiiKrd w l l h t l u l t t U M M t n N d t l i c IwHtd woul'l H u l H i i n m l |t J in " f i l I n « ' W M l ( i r i l l \ 11(1 I WIHllll I f ! ' v l l f in i* IK Tote it ite i fit lot tu ^ i \ ' w lit* n i 111 IIM wMH i UaHr*s Rrnllieir n Bad Check Charge i Led Band of Thieves Murderous LaMar i HoJdup it? ^iuii.{i ^ 111 df IUNCrFlfi.1 D Wo Oi I 1S- Utllr JitKw' FlLttglt of tlin notorious tiunllv of wettotn bunullH died Ir n SptloafliW ho-.fitnt Wednes ilnv of b t i l l i i wountlH t n f l l r t e d bj tiiithonlliit wlio oipluied hlni Tnoh- ildi iii h" w»*i hodldlnj, a t t n l f i al EttthHOO Mo 1 lin(tle died "tlei do(tOi« ftvlltd )i B i n . f l ftn Bbdtimlnal lipmotihftse 'I hr mini who lenoilii'd the WnuL with hlooiU bnn« tobbeiioi and ^1 nufttlimut holtlupv tiled (ulllng foi lib mother T e l f In r Id hum hi fail) ' T ««r\r to HU. h f i 1ittiie 1 (loie by rvi i* f l i t d f f i l r t pti v c n i f d t h t Stttli n t wounding Paul KlVit I" a Holdup Riot* weiu tliuatonid all duy Monday diid .*o v U a m v S f^ 111 " n»ld ordersri out two dptacbmentt of National irUttidsmen Al) nei,iooti in lowti extttit Klboau tttnl his bieUim." 1 find In terioi rtie three pilionerj woie reniovi d to bt T ouls Rlltor dl'tl In ft iiosintal here I"" 1 * JTiwsiliiv When the nnwH b«i.emi! known ihe mob loinied iKCtniLe nntl attacked HI home Inuaril^'neii Heturn ' T h e n i i f t t d r f m ' n l e t u i n i d 10 Ihomo 1 ' 'luwdaj' whun Ilie iown IKiMftt quiet ' end illions In Securities Gone From Bob's Safe NEW TORK Oct 3S The dl«an- pntitanee of (JhailcH V Bob, blotter, took on the as putt of a niajoi financial mynteiy W(ilntsday aftei the i«velallonthal $0,0(10000 of hit f i l m s securities have vanished Bob who la wanted by the State Buioau of Secuilllog Tot quasi Ion Inj, In vc^aid 10 hh ttctivttlcs In two Mto(ks on the Cuib exchange luHt was heard ironi In Chicago u wnek to Employe* of (JlmilUB V Bob Jni aid tht) nil in in ir iecurlUuM mlt'tit be FREEZING WEATHER IS FORECAST FOR MID-WEST TONIGHT rfv VrttMt Pit** i CHICAGO, Oct 10 Freezing tempeiatiuen and Hnowiall were on the -way o the Middle Went fiom ihe Canadian Rotkte* Wed- ncsJuy Temprialutu* In the luw twen* tluti in Moith DahoU nnowfatl In ttiit at ate South Dakota, Min- Ddola and Nubiasktt, and freeic* Ins m a i k 3 eveivwhcic were Ior«- lont by the weattiet bmeau for W«ineadfl\ and TliurwJay in ani on« of throe bunks in New Yoik ^4ew Jtiisnv ot Boston A#- bistunt A ttoi ney General Wataon Wash bum prvpatvd to auk Federal nid In an attempt to obtain po*teg ilon of the itecuiltleH When the film's uat* waa opened Tuusday onlv a tow accurltlav of ml- not value were found The-$6000000 w o r t h supposed lo kept there been and nil Ihe swore I beau i iet a f l u the litest of I'he nine men whose narnflH M e r e w i t h h e l d t h j i nn attempt inlsfhf bi, mndf lei fiee th«ra ttorn ttic umiuy Jail BAD BOOZE NEARLY RESULTS IN DEATH OF ATWOOD MAN the nanien and data b«ailn£ on the conduct: of the binl- nexi who had beet) lemoveri GOVERNMEOT^BUYS SITE FOR POSTOFFICE Old Van Buren Station chased By U. S For $5,500,000 REICHSTAG GROUP HEAVILY GUARDED Government Sees Victory In Re-Election of Socialists Unlit* ft rut \ STIMSON HOLDS BRAZIL MAY BUY WAR ARMS HERE Secretary of State Opposes Sales to Revolutionists REBELLION, NOT WAR , WASHINGTON, Oct IS *er t- lai y of State Stlmaon unnnunccd Wednesday the Ametle»n Covein- ment saw no itsnon why Btazllian Fedeiala Rhovild not buy munitions In thin tountiy and at the name Ume stated Ihe opposition ot the Slate Department to the Kale^I wat material? to Bt aril i an insiueenU Tolncldent with the Secietarv of State* ntatermrnt It wan wild on i* Mponnlble authotitv the Brazilian Rovetnmcnt in taking aienn to pin cttatfl laige stocks of ammunition and supplier fvom pilvalp aime man ulaUuien In thin l o u n l i y Rwbellion Not » H«r 5linuld the Insui (jtnts eviablluh themselves in ft position of mitffeiem riihtaiv Bticiiijtb to rnecll the nit Ion ot belli^ciancj' It wu ed the United .State a then would bt called upon to maintain n«utiallt, An yel it w«t added, thin (Jovtrn- mint vlewK ihn Insurgent movement met fly »i a domeatic ir belli on n id not an H. wat between Iwo potlt* IcaLy Ncveulgn divUlonir fMlw on Government TiiiM fur the United Stale* h*»i uepfiidedupon the Bfutlllktn Covein ment to protect lie natlonali, onttpt lor tilling tbe piecutionaiy »tcj of' aondloie a riulit«i th« penuacola, last Saturday Hi evacuate Americans If i hat piovm nec«MKry « ftcrttary'fl *ut*tnent Secretary of State ALICK Not onlv th« flint woman ntitte official In Loulwturm Ultm A lieu Cionjeat), (above) in probably the youngest Mrie'ary ol xttiie in the country Gov Hn(v P Long appointed her weciclarv of Htalu upon Ihe tliMih of th* Incumbent jHnrH ) B«ll y Charges Police Falsely Accuse Robber Suspect EXCHANGE WILL CONDUCT ITS OWN HOUSE CLEANING Vwit of Officiali To White Howe Followi RwHon of Probe OFFICIALS MAY ACT t»v t / H i l ' d frut WASHINGTON, On IS.-The administration contemplate! no action to curb tkori ·elling on the atoclc rrchanK^ but will welcome any effort bv the whang* to purge itself of ftny improper trading (hat miy be txjwneii, the United Preiw wi« IP- formed Wertnoiday hv an. nfjjp|a.| with aulhoiity to ttppah foi th« Qo\* ernmeni President Hoover )H exceed Jnfcly in- UrMl«4 In vajtut thftrtftc and "· loru coining out of Wall 8li«*l dm Ing* "i« recent Ml ling wave which diov* *onie wtochN below the level* reached In ihe mih lev year, rt» ha* bend all of tbe com DIOD report* pon c*rn Ing the Alleged effort I of nhorU to best down price* and p'" - l*tt thtir money «t Flrat Hand InfurmMton H now develop* thai fit at baiut tjw- Umony WM brought to him l*tt Bunday nlatit by Rlchart Whltiuy, pnn-( up tho doubt wWeb baa extetad b«ri the two wwki OV*T Aoierlcati Government** attitude to- the ial« ot arm* to Bratll, Whi e it had b**n Indlwttd pitvlou*^ xtmntpMo. wtl* ot. BERLIN Oct Ti The Mcond **§-'·],, no c bjtelfon WiUJd b» Interposed to the PiD/lltan Giv*tnment buying ali- had sion of the New P.elclmajf meeting: Wednesday tinder heavy police guard coincident with the Mart of a alilke of 120000 ntelal workeig, reelected the DodaliHt Paul Loftbe ai PI daily manufactured plnnei no rleai-ctit utatemeni i Special to Ihe Uwaldl TT'bCOLA Otl 11 A f t e r making thy l t i l i , t I r.i WASKING1ON, O(t I'V IIMI* (ai\ of T i e n R u r y Melton announced Wetlneiulav an ugieement hud been r?arhed with the Union Terminal company of Chirapo foi si ^500000 n act the Van Ku wTd'hlm alleged jKNon liquor Ji'reU [ stnflon as the ilte for «rp(tlon SchwarU ot Atwnoa wai te o v e i l n h ] ^ ,, ew postotftte bnlltllntr Wednesday fiom a niiet but mi\- fh(1 bu |],,[ nB t o b p eieUed o out lllnet* cmi^td tjy latl boo/e | ci)s| ()( tlGOOfl(wo wm hft thfl ,, Mi S t h w o L U was b i o u g i t to UK psf ln ( h e w((U(| j t Sarah A Jnittin" hospttnl K -"" Bovernment fui The election wni tonntdeied an 1m portant vtclorj (or Ihe proveinnient in its desperate struggle lo put thioKifh · financial rcfnim ptoetam whkln would solve the economic crts- 1*1 The Wammt paity second a l i u « K C4t In the Pitt liament had fought to weaken the tubtnal of Chancellui Humrkh Biuenlng further by election of Kin it Srholz Folk* party leadei, thus piobably dcpiivlne the goveriunenL of nneataiy noclallal support Tho election wa pieceded by c-ooftiBlon and bitter oulburat^ on · t o ' " e i t h * pnit of tival arniallm »nd Ftut- o( the tlar deputies GANGSTER"DYING, KEEPS HIS CODE, REFUSES TO TELL CHICAGO, Oct. Of Polfc* John H. Aloock wa* Judfe Jtfo* H, t» explain chutei that the police* department wu trying: to flteX- en the robbery ot Mr*. Winialm Halt «r tiin tut I «ory fsrt f Itt ' HI l ' o l r i 11 oUiMiilu f r d i n ttvltift turn (01 * rj|11 I mmilii'»» 1 i m n i »'ol bank of two ye«n H«O In which tnrn weit- k l U n l Mid '"r MiuHlt i hiotln i Rnlpli lonipnnlonq leci n t l v Ciinott f l l ) tdl piior raiit (our which tinri TFI Kt M Jl | '»Wi II I t l I tn U *H ^ ' i t i l i t ) f n i i l t) I" mi 1 1 I n t i nrl \ i i i l i u I uc v,n I din i(i int rti u;,i« J v t d i t l I 11 l u c k tin f i ', mli milk t ' i x i k -lt ii'l t iij i m I'm I t i l t i t l T ' t t i k 11 l»(»i i ' t l i (]M In i pinny pui * v fti tin 1 Off I H I In the t A H U A t My I ailf t f **·, 1 U l"l AW \ Oct 1 S i rco Moil mi itHsoiltiii t( '(ike ; Uiln ( n l o t i i d o outlaw was t \ n poii il tn j i i t l t n m * t t t ( » l o i W ' d n t ^ l M f»«) b t ( i U H i tn (lie Ot, t i i w d « u n t v Jfill h i m 1 'Iht t l i n t e iiKtttnit DeMM' wuv cut tllidoied ft WHO TM«l h» would tn t n l t i 11 l» i hUil([o when- tht. 01 ( i i Tin U M n t t p i t oillflnDlPri t Mail Order Lover Confesses Murder Monday nij.hi In a (.iltliol Hon «nd phv-lLluTi". worked him twu hotid betotf he HlKiit of icvlvinff When he WHS able l( tolk Slthwait^ told Sheriff O R ' I w l f n i d I h u f he hurt d t u n k !*»'' Ihfin (t hull pint "! 11( l llm t h t y t w "'* binuKlil to him tit the efeVdtot tit Ativond ana loon a f l n w t i r i H hii n u m o t v tilled niirl He did nol kimw how he ,tol !o hit liornf lie win fu ind In ' ' ^|'ld of hb home tibuvit " W o i l o i f c In the eve nine fc/ memhui" of tii" family A phyiloisn WM inmmnndcd find the A U n o d mnir WIIH bionghi lo tlie appjiietitlv In a dyln? Schwai I/ ^a^ discharged nftet suld Th* a t i u i t i n e will have """Mflooi spae of about ^200000 with Van ttom the rtooti T h e i h o u f t ^ n/dce doclm | 'il to dl s u l R p t h d ntnw of tli« ptMon whti wn-i laid to have p U e n thp llquoi [o f e i t It will be "six utotles high a fom itory addition on tbe Pmon sin ol riorl Dispensation To Wed Granted Royal Pair rtii; [fi till 1 i in ( II V Ot t ttff VtHifl I ftt YORK Oct 1 l a l k IJ-B than It Pope Plus has g r a n t t d a dispensation loi the manlaKo of Punt em Olovttnna at Tlity itnd Kinfi Boils of Biilpaiis who IK a iii«mtipi of Ihe f^nstein Or. Ihtxlox (huieh Diamond wasted hv tun'ottnlo'ila and weak fiom low* of blood wheie four bullets ueaued his bndy wai ing haid«i 1oi hti Itfc today he evot dnl In a -tKB\ coiner gang ft nd He iay eleui eveti but faint on a i bed in Pnhcllnlc hospital and whis- pBted an anawei to TJhtrlcl Attoinei Thomnt Cialn t question *s to ttle Umtify of thn Iwo men who anot him Sunday in the Montlcillo hntel teen uuidc befoie Wed need ay legnid- POSSE HUNTS FOR KIDNAPING BAND Daughtei of Rich Oil Man Freed After Death Threal Hy V iifrd J**»t* ijElEttMi'tKUi M o , Oct 19 Bloodhounds led posnea thiough n Oj-Jiiit hiflt We^needay, hunting the man -nho kidniped Mis Alma Wit- ion McKtnli^ H veais old expectant! inothei lotd'J hei to ilee towaid Ihn mountain-) with hint ntid telceaed her only wh«n hin automobile WAS wieiked and ctipture aecmed netii Ifnhaimed r step I foi the »hock ind fatigue Mm McKIMcv walked into Stockton Mo 28 mite* fiom titic Tncsdov night aftvr utie had been fieed and waincd thai death uwuiled hei wssttljy rtthei, llcucll anl lamllv if Ilie «oaiUi eonttmien The liowevei Innocent man with perjured (Mtl- mony Judifr l.ylt i*Hued tbe order foi A!- cock'a appearance when Juli'H R*tt nlk, counsel for Sam B*lt»g)l«, held ta * «u»pect'* In th* Tboittp*on lob* beiy, pruletied a|aln»t -police U«- tict "Diin i* s hot ease thiown In Alcock* lap.' *ald Ret nlk 'H« t* to «olve ii by Policeman H O M i t l c y i pei ju red tedlmooy. t lre«id«» Allan )-lti)t*y, Thay earn* U ojJnnei anil lenialncd (o dittut* ih« ultuattpn. Th« f»ci of ihilr vl«n di4 not tMoome itubllo until 48 h«ut» ·ft*r they had !«fl U WM Mtl wanted to H* the Pi«Mldentmnd th*y lnklat»d tit* a.1l Mr. hkd no comment to m»lt» It, Kitmor* «t Pr*fa« N*v«rtt»l**t tiltN W«t* Ijr w*H Mportt, (n Into chKrt^* ot Improper which hav* reached their tart, department I* empowered to tntai- fere with «hort tielllnt only U tueti I* a vlolatlOD «f law, euch M fmul involvinc the uw of the maHi or in- On of tb« yet im*ub*tanUal*'t charte* whlrti Jtutlcc *Jt*bU »i» MM to be J«qulrto| Into coneerna tht drop In price of * *Ufln corpot** can bcinc olx altbl wtlneiM* Into couit to piove O'Ualley 1» lying ' CHASES~BAMHTS7 , WATCHMAN SLAIN jRobbfrs Surprised While Attempting Slore Burglary r The whole alttiatlon i* NORTH B JMANCHBaTaR Ind »ow*vei, W be oitfl ot the fflml *uh. si rsa KS aa as Sii'SH $*** vS-"«=-?riS S3SS! tlon «tock. According to trader nent wir«* to atoekholdera ad- vldijit them not to believe the opil- mltlta i*poiU eoncfrnlnx the financial condition ot lh corporation, theieby leading them to aelL Jtxcbaafe May Ad Theie al*o hu* been a iiiftfeiittfln thar Whltnev and Wild Icy Indicate* to the Pretildent the exrhana,* Itafilt might a«t tbroufh it* »tblc* toe to curb «nv unfair h«rt r don f know who r ' t a i n ' Diamond said tell you ' did )t Mi If t did IM Lewis Charges Republicans Plan To "Steal Election" In November * ( f i l * lf ttlil I ( x l i dlliil tn Ohio H Mr In ii Cli t, i 1(1 wttvti 1 , I lllll K \^J'^A^ I I n ml H Knufnion ni nilplMialllif, Mil O t l THE WEATHER K W»rTllH 4 Kllli *"* PiirHun t. "nil nt ti)til/)il mid In tile north' after TKMI'MtATUtlK'' l win v SB 62 It 11 lontcnua honr he to kunsiii C lly Unouyti « n^w t)ui[K,i ad vii llwn" nl (onfessotl hi ooll(0 VVcdim'.dny Ihul bo killed Avtsi Woolcty, IT of Webb City, MO Aiii hH burn tnl^'lne s l n t e AuB 17 Thn (iccktcnttil flmlldR of hei lifities In a tioe pll In ^wope Pmk i li'd to th tontebSloii I Father Claims He Killed Son ID Law Hn UHifit Ptm 1 r.OCKl ORD O t 15--Mike Aben* confeuod euilv Wednwdav that he w»i thi luLual fllayei of Frank Domino, hU dauphtnt ! hllHhand Deapltf A be n a n confosslon Mrs Knlhotlnt Uomlnn, wife of the dead man who hud twlca betm* malntaln- fd that aha fiietl thn fatal »hct», je- fnard tt ndmlt tlmt nhe did not shoot Uiu bus bunt) Abona'v confession wan cotiohoi«i«d b) un ttlloired wit- PEOftlA, Dot 11 'the Haiders dancing pavilion a toad hou»« neat Peoils wtis dealioy'd by fire Wedneiidiv The loa^ waa ^utl- mnli»l nt MELANCHOLY DAYS ARE HERE FOR GANGSTERS, TOO Hi (in tot I i t , CHICAGO OPL l'i ^ ^lnlL^ a t e haid for gangster i uo Jiut^p John H Jjylu leained in felony rourt when Clandfl M a d d o t gangitet apeaied on a vagiuney cliaign Wcdneadav The thante w»^ tontmtied until Thursday hidjte f vie 01- deied Maddoxsi bond taiitd fiom no ooo to 114000 Have you the $4001) on yuu ' Lyla aaked Haddox / It^rcnt even t"t foi « qitaitei " the form rif ownci of the Ci PUS fa(e r« pllpd fly tfufi Dtu KAi 8 Oft 15--Chuiftcs that n ' dnllbeiate coiupitac)" wue afoot to ' steal' the election fiom him weie injected Wednesday by J Hamilton I*wlt Demociat, Into the ol inady bittei fifjht between hint and Ruth Hannn MtCormlfk loi Lhe Illl- nolt senatural)In On the eve of (tic opening in Chicago of final drives by both candidates Lowit yefteiday told a group of 30 oiganlration woiHeis thnt a plot to steal the ekitlon outilffht wai being man I vitiated from Republican national headquarters In explaining the method lie Htild was to be used In changing 1*00,000 from Republican thr Democratic to totals, Lewis riled Ihe the presidential elections ol 1S7« nnd 1SBO and charged that Mark Hanna, father of M i McCoimick tdvised Jut Ing the latter election a scheme wbeit-bj William BIcKlnley was ilc clared vie tot although he had not polled the larger vote 'Mr Hanna wan the hend of lur n e Intei'esl* Mvinff much lo do wi!h McKinle} as sovcincn, and il was he who rieiiacd the scheme of the smeaied ballot iimlei which mutked for (he Demociatic foi Ptenidnnt and foi Republican nominee* for county off tree were ion tiled an straight Hepitbllian ballots" the wai -time Senator declared fhaiglng that a similar method woo to be used In electing Matk Hannaa dauglilei nt thp NDV 4 election ijculi said 'ceitaln on (lie Republican ticket am ptV paied to futnlnh the money necea-* aan Lewis i,liftigei3 that plant) were complete foi the ' si es ling ' hy,*lc(- lion (Ipilti of enough voteii In IS counties lo assure victory lor Ml* MtOotmitk and make hei the flint woman evpi to be elected a United State* Sen ate i "In some counties the vote 1* held back until the returns fiom most of the ntate are reported," Lewi* said in said wan fuithei the to IM used acheme" h« ' Whatever maigln la needed to change th* result quickly it lepuaed w th« vote In those counties Person 1 ) r epi e$enlln^ them wive* a* Demociats but who in reallflaie Kt publicans have been hired ii do the vote manipulating by promise of appointments 1, · \v I t w o m a n » appearance fnnch^d off a wldei hunt white attempting to lob the Buidy ciolhtorr »loie Wilbur Uailin night walchmatt at the rlothlntf unte eneountetcd the lobbeio who opened llrt on him Heating the shooting Vkkeiy gave (·hone MA Ihe bandit* fled and In gun l*anle we* than the one (.onduiied (hionph Southeast and ".'(.nnnl Missouri Tuewlav T h t i a U of violence were heurd an the PDIWH took the l i s t ! Ofrk'crR heading the posseH «ei« eonvinced that (ho kidnaper he longed to the unme band that nb- duited Samuel l\«u wealthv Knnws, , , , , , . , , ., .... CHy chugBlsl reeenUv and fmced Ho*pilal Wedne«t»y a victim ot the hint io pnv »100000 loi hl iele*.(- waich foi bmglaM w n n killed « ' *^iehmin while ·.(leniniinfi to lob »r uboti wounded WOMAN WH)MKt i«r livlfff /* f n WARSAW Ind, Oct 16 the chairman «f ill* ctnimttt*e, Stnalor Carter dine Demooit Ve, e, former ·eereteiy ft the Tr»*4«ty, t* known to be or* posed to i-iedll poltclw which «t- comaitt over npuculaUwi along lh»tte 'n'oiiiillv' ltnK ^.. Chicago Duty Newt Auowte EfKtdr Dm) UlM An- -- . Hmpei. 41 of Mannfl'til, [II Attempts Suicide, He Forgot To Say Goodoy Up tJMdfrt fm'· CHICAGO, Oct 15--Atlei he had ifiot hlmitetf In the mouth in * »ui- clde attempt Thomas McMunui ie- called he nadn't told 1)14 wife gnod- by he told police. Ha diove bin atitomobrlc flv milM back to hln apaitment Jioni Ihe Edgebiook foiei,t teacivr bt;l collapMd ai he itiggeicd into Hi* toom wheie hi* wlf« had jiiwt ie- tinned fiom winning a «cl( medal H* to In a tilt lea I .onlltlm ai Ravens wood houptta) BRITISH WOMAN FLYER'S PLANE CRACKS, UNHURT i BIT Vaittit 1'fv } WICHITA, Kan, Oci, 15-Laura Ingalli, Melting ft trans-conti- nental west-tut Airplane record foi women, nosed over In her plane Wednesday when *h« ai rived from Awailllo. She wa* not tnjutcd and except for th* propeller, the plane wo* not damaged Her uhlp requite* a apeciai pro- pcllei and she may be- delaytd hcie, airpoit ftttendanls s*lrf A Htroni; wind caught hei' ship at she landed and tipped It up on I Li ih* Bnirty ClothtnR tomoany at NoiOt Maneheitct OrflPet* at Silvei Ijik* nolllled of the lobbtiv oideitii a panntng auw to utop "nil when tt failed to do wo, Rupett Hill filed on It MlM Hntpet, en iouf« tn Niktt Mich, wan tttiN'It In the hip Pbyilctani n»it in* plob- ably would niKeumb to hei inltiiv An Investlfatlon ha» been ·ttiii'd Shell Shock Veteraa KilU Father, Insane _ CHICAGO Oci Ift-'Frnd A, Cb»p- (II, f4, KKitnetaie editor tt fhft fo Dally N*w», dl*d Tit*«day afiei * long illnwit, Ue had been wllh «he »*lly conilnuoiwlv alnce 141^ U w»§ with the NewK that h* ener»A newipaner work 44 yt*r* aito He wai mtui»£- Inp; edit 01 of thn Ban Antonio In J911 CHIC* AGO. 15-- Sydney .S«vt« 3T Hhell ihnckcd war vetoian who killed hU fttlm, Rockwell S«vi*. M ! (o pi event an "elopemanl", judged Insane by a cilmlnal jury, and sent to Che*t#r utylum foi the criminal l»Mne Alienist* loi both «ld«K had 3gt«cd that S*yte watt nut ie*pciwl- bl* for his act becauae ot uncontrolled lmpu)i«i prtviont to the trfit Tueiday S»yr« ln»l*t*d on icpra- ·enUni; hlmitlf ·nd Ulkcd for mor* than an hour- tiklng for electrocution ralh«r than life Imprlxonment, CRASH A BLESSING FREBPORT, Oct 16 -Th* maiket crash wa* beneficial lo many pmon* in that it taught t.hem tho valuo of ufe Invealmcnti over tiUUcni, Pranlc J Pettu Chicago, act Ing president ot the llllnoln Bui Wing and Losn ci asocial Ion aitt WednoK dav In «n mldteit* befote thnt oigan 1/allon Today'· Eveniof Herald Feature Index FAIltCH IN ULANQ, by Arte, In whtoh thin biilllint willor «UH»* tb« Qtble ef tbe edieu ana tli* addict* PMW 13. THK BAftr AND TMB BOOK in IDe cipUon at (Wttya* Wllltem * mltb provoking ^mtoon f«d»v TODAV M IP alteeti you, A. horo- ·cope leadina; by Maty Blak* ·« NHKIOOOK MOLMBt, conttnuen 1)1* tnvMUfKtioH tn one nt hi* Wc«t intereitlng PMM P»»« 13 BOMIY THATCmB, .Hvendne- ·ODM, BlMnlnded youth to i« m e, thrillintr ·dventur*. Ptj* U, BVDV NMWi thr«e.t ta mo»» the depot I* forgotf*a (or thi moment whit* we «anild»r Amby'e rom*M*, Puce 11 UNCLE WKMJILY tetl* about the Jolly Beat In hti ei«ry wdiy oft P*Ke Tit ANOKtO fATRJftrnlliv»i»« hla »!· viet to rMi*nu tn deiltn*; with Oill- Oil, JAMKH W. BABTONW hulm ' lll Ho found «n pitfe 11. NFW ST'^PFRl

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