The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 10, 1916 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1916
Page 2
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VOLUME XXViII 8 Pages Ho. 304 GHILL.TCCTSS, MISSOURI. FEIQAY, NOV. 10, 1916. DAILY EDITION, 5*' WILSON NOW HAS A E O E OF 269 XE"\V AX1 KEW MICXtCO A K K JBXi'ECTKl) TO BE IX H!S KAVOK. F R E D t t G A R D N AI.L-ACC CROSSI:EY H ,\§y 1 UNITED STATES S V/OODROW WILSON PRESIDENT THOMAS R.MAHSHAIL VICE. PRESIDENT GORDON ' AUDfTOR A.M.WOODSON JUDGE SUPPEME COClBT DIV N91 FRED.L.WILLIAMS JUDGE 5UPPEME COURT DIV Hf2| GEORGE H. MIDDELKAMP STATC TREASURER FRANK IV MfALLISTER ATTORNEY GENERAI precincts yet lo C a l i f o i r ia u l l h o tfr.-v WiL-ian 4 1 E and H u e l i n g 132. in 131 precincts in 1713 missing, Hughes I l l y U n i t c i l r r i - N x . j York, Nov. 10.-of the R c n u b i i i ·ion. in the H u m b o l d t U i r n s will n o t change s'ults in C a l i f o r n i a . f-ued the following "The result'l New York, Nov. 10.--Aiusric; chosen W o o d r o w Wllsoa i'or 1-resiuenl and Thomas K. ^ i'or its Vice-president for i'our more on the face OL the ruui:-;i.s a v a i i a b t e here c-uriy today. O n l y t h e burts possibility t h a i a r e c o u n t cr I,.K- · sible court action, prcdiclod by ui .- u n y i e l d i n g republican*, can cL:an:;-_- tho situation. California's e n t i r e voto n:: been counted up to S O'L-IOL.; t ^ . s morning: but Wilson's lead ; j c o m m a n d i n g t h a t appari.-ni ! .;.- :io r.: / Ler w h a t the r e s u l t s weiv in t i i u t - v . - romp.ining precinct.--, ho wcu.'i' a. clear plurality over Huv;!i3s. ' remains, however, a b a r s T I C K S of a, divided vote of the s l a r - j ' s toral vote of 13. Counting -California's e n t i r e v o ' C - ( for Wilson, his total electoral column, disregarding the suites, wheru the result remained d o u b t f u l , Wilson's electoral vote a p p e a r e d , t o reached 260--three more tha,n u a i Hughes appeared to have ' 2 4 3 votes Three states are s doubt--Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New Mexico -- but their total electoral vote of nineteen ; will not be sufficient to elect Hughes j unless the Republican nominee gains more than f o u r of the California -votes on a split in t h a t s.tate. -Moreover, the vote from approximate)/ one half of the s t a t e ' o f New Mexico gives Wilson a. lead of more than ' 6,0,00. Republican headquarters ·still held out without conceding "Wilson's election. ' Wilccjx-'s announced determination to press for a recount in f o u r d o u b t f u l states--New Hampshire, Ts : ew Mexico, North Dakota and Min- Tiesota, may be added to later this at'. ternoon. Wilcox contends that the American people are entitled to Icnow -beyond a Question of a d o u b t their choice as National Executive. The same official returns which. show the National Democratic ticket. a'Jv.o indicated today that tho -president would' have a majority ia the Senate but that it ivould be exceedingly close in the House. There seems no doubt but that the Senate will be democratic by 12, but in the House the majority of the democratic control is so narrow that possibly the non-political members may hold the balance of po-wer. The returns so far -received, indicate the election of one representative each of the following parties: Prohibition. Progressive. Protectionist. Independent. Socialist. (By J. H. Fury, U. P- Cor.) San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 10 Cali f o r n i a has swung into the Woodrow Wilson column, according to c o m p l e t e returns f r o m all but 33 products o u t j "It m u s t be boru-- of t h e 5,S6Q precincts heard from i the result in of today. ' ' n o u n e e d thus l':ir, are u n ' s i l i c i ' i l and ' The size of the President's p l u r a l - : may be chanscd by an o l M c i a l c o u n t [LfCIEDBY MAJORITY^ 4,000 WITH ONLY 23O PRECINCTS OUT HI-; JJEADS LAMM jjy MORE THAX 3,OOO VOTKS. (l*.v Unitud I'rcMM.l St. Lonis, Mo., Nov. lO'.-^-Colonel G a r d n e r w ; i s ' l e a d i n g in the race for g o v e r n o r of Missouri today by 3,_ n - 9 , \yiih 2 2 0 precincts missing. j i i i b i i r a n s refused to concede JIHJ..TO I - a m m ' s defeat, snyisg that it vro'.ihi t a k e the o f l l c i a l c o u n t to tle- ]J,dG it. "\'i'i:- b c H e v G .Tu' r l.r;o T-amra has been ' !-: b L p ;'jt 1 ./' r e p u b i i c P n stat; head- i.;:-;ri.-:r.^ s(at,'d here today. LV MVC: ;ft;c-' l e a d e r s 'ocliove Gard: c-r w:i; ' ;i p l u r a l i i y ot from i.""0 Lu 6,000. un- M::j»i'ity oi' 1052 FIJI' Davis. U n o i l k j i a l returns gives Judge Davis, republican, a majority ,'1!'52 over his o p p o n e n t , John I Leopard. The vote by counties. o/Iicial, is as follows: Livingston oounty--Dayis 2 9 2 2 ; Leopard 2 0 S S ; Davis' majority 834. Caldwell p o u n l y --. Davis 2 2 0 S ; Leonard 1 4 7 5 ; Davis' majority S 2 3 - ard ' 2*204'-;- Davis's majority- 255., ard 2204; Davis majority 205. Livingston county, the home of j Judge Davis, gave him the largest .-majority of the three counties comprising the Thirty-Sixth judicial circuit. stands Wilson 32,155 and Hughes S'0,405, and it is apparently certain' that the remaining- precincts to be heard from will not reduce tbe pres-. ident's plurality below 1500 and that the electoral college of the state will not be split. t o u a r C a l i f o v n i a at gave Wilson ity w i l l not be determined "until the | r e q u i r e d by the laws of those states. . 4 -SU,.732 and Hughes 4 6 2 , S : j 9 , W i l f o n of 3,893. officinl count is completed and a n u m _ | "Twice d u r i n g the olliebl coni.. |- ber of expected revisions made, but j p l i c a t i o n in' C a l i f o r n i a yesterday,. 1 Tlie .reduction in tlie total vote for Concord" N. H. Nov. 10.--The !at- ·est available b u t i n c o m p l e t e ngur;-s show President Wilson carrying New Hanipchire by 2 3 0 . Eleven towns are ctill missing but from these r e t u r n s , the · vote stands 4 2 . . 2 S 4 /or Wilson and -12,045 for Huglies. Reports i n d i c a t e that tho correction] voto f r o m the missing sections will H u m . ' be approviniately 1,670 for Hughes ._.._ the figures p r e v i o u ^ v t r i v e n . - j toldt conn.ty, which showed thaffaiid 1 , 2 6 0 for Wilson. "It is c o m m o n experience that-tli"| \\'ilson had previously been credi.- Both sides admit that the eleven re-ult of the official count almost | ccl with 1,000 votes too many. ..towns out are very- llckly to change always varies from the returns first j in sending his report t 0 the Unit-the present standing. It is consider-d P'-e-s f r o m P6 precincts', Kay gaveed extremely unlikely that defflnite "these figures: Hughes 5670 andreturns will be received b e f o r e nlght arjd in fen. of tlxese only, three pro.j. reported from several states, it c a n J T V i l s o a 401-1. Two a d d i t i o n a l preTid a recount-will undoubteflly be cTncts ar° missing . i we!t be believed that material etsan-lc-irrcts in Humboldt county broughtdeinanded by the losing- side. The from that state, substantially ehnns-imada by County Clerk Kay ot f . i f . 3 precincts show him leading | mistakes .in addition were announced Wilson was .caused by a Hushes by 5 . 2 9 S votes. The complete fpures in these precincts, as t o b u ' a i e d by the United Press at an i j --,,r, ! y liour today, gave Wilson 467.497 and Hughes S 4 6 2 . 1 9 9 . . Returns have come in complete j given, from all b u t 13 of the 5S cou-nties! "Where tho vote is as dp'e as that " 'Tis Not So .lecp as 11 Well." I n d i a n a p o l i s , Nov. 10.--A quotation f r o m '.'.Romeo and J u I i e L " was i n c o r p o r a t e d in Vice-President Marshall's telegram of c o n g r a t u l a t i o n to President Wilson last night. The telegram follows: . -" " " T i s not so deep as a well nor so wide as a church d o o r ; but 'tis enough and 'twill serve." 'Mrs Marshall joins me in heart. (Hy Vull.-.l rn.-i.jO Bismark, N. D., Nov. 10_--At 1:03 p. m. today 1,952 precincts out -jf $1,976 in North Dakota gave Wilson 54,031 and Hughes 52,843-, or a Wilson lead of $1,188. Many republicans are talking of demanding a recount. (Uy United Prc»».) San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 10. -With only 23 precincts in California to be heard from, Wilson is leading 3 , 9 2 3 , according to tabulations mad« by the United Press at 10:40 o'clock today. In 5,843 precincts Wilson's total was 3 6 5 , 9 5 4 against 4 6 2 , 0 3 1 for Hughes. These figures include the official total on 1,209 precincts in Los An- .g'eles county and five unofficial tabulations in that county. (By United Prewi.) St. Paul, 'Minn., Nov. 10.--^Witli the importance of Minnesota as a pivical state in the election of a president greatly dcministed by developments in California, politics se r - '·jjtled down today to watt perhaps uu- 1 ^ ° ' " j t i l Tuesday to see just what Minn.5. ; sota will do in tho election. The b.oys on the border are responsibls tor the delay. Returns f r o m 2,939 precincts out of 3,050 show Hughes l e a d i n g by 1,034. \ iest congratulations and yourself to Mrs. Wilson MISSOURI YOUTH C(»nriTS SUJCI!13 VH'E.V HJJ LJEAHXS OF JTJJMiE KCGllKS-DEFEAT ( B y "Untti'il JTcss.) Wellsville, Mo.,. Nov. 10.--William Cluster, IS years old, killed himself with a revolver in a jewelry store here, today. Disappointment over tha defeat of Hughes was ascribed b- his friends as.,the cause of his s u i - A l b u q u e r q u e , N. M., Nov. 10.' -- j Use the Constitution Want column With 533 of 63S precincts in.'New i if you have somotliins .to dispose of Mexico reported, the vote t o d a y j I t gnts quick results. {NEWSPAPER! EWSFAPESl

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