The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 9, 1966 · Page 16
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 16

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1966
Page 16
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It W.dn.sday. March 9. 1966 Ikfe VMr LEGAL KO71CE ATLANTA. Gau CAP) — Ken Vickery. admissions director of _ CSemson University, says stu-l«u«o« dents entering U.S. colleges last' year represented an IS per cent increase over 1964 enrollment j Vickery said the increased! enrollment will make it difficult in the future f° r <J*>ots to em-oil in colleges other than their own. UE«AL JOMM M. KlUMMtK Motk» I* hw«ky giwi 1M » John M. *» ttv» SNA* Wotw Peliutian Control Act tArtid* MZM of vmMn-s OvU StetutM) far e Mnnit t» bury BloiUc and LEGAL NOTICE CITY OF BAYTOWN IW.RL. OF WILLOW AVENUE TO THE NOTICE TO BIDDERS W.P.L. OF OAKLAWN ADDITION; PAV- ""*"* IJMO STOWE STREET FROM THE W.P.L. Bia» » ovctoeoJe w.n be rcc«<vM OF YUPON AVENUE IO TH£ W.P.L- i b» tfte dty Q*e* of the City o* Bay town f>F OAKLAWN ADDITION; PAVING; • I;00 BJn. Tlwrwtoy. More* 2*. 196*. SOOKERTEE STREET FROM THE Sun Classified Ads Do The Job . . . a-4 oa aids will be eoenid and octiciy read In the City Count!l Chamber at 2:1$ pum. on that Cole for: PAVING WILLOW AVENUE FROM THE S.P.L. OF OAK.WOOO ANNEX NO. 3 TO W.P.L. OF YUPON AVENUE TO W.P.L. OF OAKLAWN ADDITION; PAVING TURNER STREET FROM THE W.P.L. OF YUPON AVENUE TO THE W.P.L. OF ------- IJ.M-.V- \jr vss>rv««wu-w r^*^r»fc^\ r*\s. j> t \j Of- OAK.V»OOO AJJOITIO cuttingt to a «v» acre aria tocatM I THE N.P.L. OF OAKWOOD ANNEX NO.: IMG CARVER STREET . .-_,_^. ,-«> _.£. PAV1NG yupON AVENUE FRO*a : WP! OF ,THE S.P.L. OF OAKWOOO ANNEX TO' W>"L_ OF _.- Btootfgoee S«r-JTHE N.P.L. OF OAKWOOD ANNEX; " in Harrtx County; ecrau tt» WalUs-| PAVING OAK. AVENUE FROM THE irj.'-iUe Ross from Jae KuEwr Carbon Bix*jS.P.L. OF CAK'-VCOO ADO:T;O.M TO j Piwit. The Una **» AM overflow into any THE N.P.L. OF OAKLAWN ADDITION- 'public waters. PAVING JOHNSON STRSST FROM THE THE DATSUN "FOUR-TEN" 4-DR. SEDAN IS YOUR BEST BUY! Look it OY-r carefolly, *nd yo« tee the *»»rt-!ookinf economy compact tfcfct'* outfit on so biy across tlse nation. Tlie DATSUN "Foar-Tea" 4-dr. Sedan ha* more built-in extras at no extra cost than you'd eTer imagine—-padded dash, nnder- 12-MONTH OR 12,000-MILE WARRANTY. coatinff, keater/defroster/Tentilator, fnfl Tiayl interior, WSW tires, windshield washer, alternator, package tray nnder disk, top-opening {love box, quadra-beam headlamps, synchrotnesh transmission and more. AH this for— PRICE: DATSUN 51656°° FULLERS 913 S. MAIN 582-8171 Plans. In^ornxstf fice of e ADDITION; AND PAV- FROM THE _ ^ I THE ADDITION, id oil Want Ad Rates PER LINE PER DAY & CcRS*cutiv« Days ...«. ... Day* 11. Female Help Wanted Minimum — 3 utnct YOUNGILCOD'S RESTAURANT is new taking applications for Qualified person, nel to become wiatressei, Waitress a- perier<e not necessity required. Apofy a! YOUNGBLOOO'S RESTAURANT after 11 a.m.. 100 N. Alexander Driv«. 16. Apartments For Rent NEW JERSEY, ed. oa seme. =Y. ZMO Aduits < — J-raoats, famish- anly. No pets. Apply NEW JERSEY. ZJWVi — Fia-nlsbed eoartment, air conditioried. utilities op- 1 O.TOI. Couple or slnjie. 582^673. or Coshier's in oa amount eaua! »o K) per «flJ of me _ _ . „ ' fetal base t>icf. must occornpcrry each pro-; SS2-8323 or ; »OSQt. I - 1 "-"" 1 - " — r The Oty reserves the right to relect any | and all b*3s or to ccceo* cny Dt<j deemed odvtntogeous to it. No pScfft deposit Is rwjoired of bo^o ^d» ocvino cortfrccrors. A ti«f>osif of SIO per set is required of oil attters. Dated: .Varcft ?. 1964 E«3na Oliver. City Clerk THIS IS A 4 LINE AD, cost S3. just 3 days; S3.M for jusl 4 days. Jusi say "CJnuge lu" LEGAL NOTICE 18 PL Same Rat* es 3 Hnes ef trp* 12 PT. Stim* Rote as 3 tines of orainary typ* CARD OF THANKS AND IN MEMORIAM 3D cears per lise MINIMUM CHARGE S2.06 WAITRESS WANTED — Experteoced j OHIO. JIUT',! — Large 5-room garage woman for Inskie work. Apply In person, coar»ment. oeatly furnist>ed. garase. Bills Tne Molt Shop. 1501 Alexander Drive, {paid, its. 5S3-3371. WAITRESSES WANTED — Appty in per-j OHIO. 3I2S — Clean iurnished apartmeat. son. 1322 S. Broaefwoy. 'bills paid. Quiet, saber adults- No pets, LA PORTE BOWLING LANES. ! week. ss2-s77i. WAITRESS WANTED - Evenino shirt, p ROETT . 3)0 S. - Poor - room furnish. 2 W ?»* > 8 J?-"V ^S D<y CEDAR INN. J01 ed cocrtment. kitcnen. ainette. bath com- Higfjlands. 12. Male Help Wanted NOTICE TO BIDDERS Seated bias In duplicate win oe received by me City Clerk of the Ci!y of Baytown uniil 4:co p.m., Wednesday. March 23. 196* for: FURNISHING AND DELIVERING ALL OF THE CITiES REQUIREMENTS FOR LIQUID CHLORINE FOR A PERIOD OF I ONE YEAR FROM DATS OF AWARDING OF THIS CONTRACT. Bid btenks. specifications and other necessary information .-nay oe obtairiea from , the office of Purchosino Agent. City Hall.) Saytewn. Texas. Bidder's Band. Certified} ar Cashier's Check is not reaulred on this 1 b'd. I The public Is invited to attend the bid | opening Oecinnina at 4:00 p.^n.. March 23. !966. Ail bids .vill be opened, publicly rrod cr»e ta&clo!ed tor presentation to the Citv Council Jor its ca-sideratlon at the next j reau'cr meellnQ followina the ocvenlng. The j City Council shell have tne risht to reject any or cli bids. Edna Oliver. City Clerk Or-/ of Baytown Bid No. 663-4 CONTRACT RATES ON REQUEST THE CLASSIFIED AD DEPARTMENT IS OPEN DAILY FROM 8 A.M. UNTIL S P.M. AND UNTIL NOON ON SATUR. All ctaiiined ads appear under Jfcelr p. oper tfassificctons and The Baytown Son reserves me ri«w to daii- ty and edit all ads. Classified Department 582-8323 582-8324 1. Lodge Notices LEGAL NOTICE STATED MEETING of Tri City Cnacter, Order of D^, Molcy, Wednesday, March 9, J966. 7:30 p.m., in the Goose Creek Masonic Hell. Mothers' meetina- Master Masons and visiting brethren coraially invited to attend. King Leach, M.C. Rortcia: McGraw AUTO MECHANIC — Must &e experienced, first class man. Good references, re* liable. Salary or commission. Apply Tony Messick at Kemp and Tony's Rambler, 2300 N. Mala. Bayfown. BOYS WANTED FOR HOUSTON CHRONICLE ROUTS. — Phone 583-1233 before 7:3G p.m. ptetefy new (new futures), paid. SB2-2117. EXPERIENCED AUTO PAINTER — Must be experienced, first class man. Good references required and reliable. Salary or commission. Appty Tony Messick ct Ke-no or»d Tarty's Rambler. 3300 N. Main, 3cy*own. EXPERIENCED MATURE WAITER — Knowledoe of French service required Phone tne Headwaiter, 566-5534, p.m. 10 NEW APARTMENTS Wickersheimer Manor 51» Willloms St. 1 and 2 Bedroom Units Furnished or Unfurnished Uttliiie* Optional Indiviaual Air/Heat Covered Paved Parking Near Churcsies, ScnooL Snoppins 17. Houses For Rent 26, Plants - Seeds 31. Articles For Sale RED TOP PHOTEKiA (Froser's), cents to S2; Susar Ras ;Ce)este>. 50 c*n±s j 527.45; others, !o S3; Oronae. Si53 to «; Treelooirs, Wisteria. SI to W; Holly Fern, Sei!oum WOSLD TV SS3-U3S. TV'S — 17-ta. Phileo, S2B; portables from and op. Shop re- only. «S cents. DAVIS NURSERY, 631) Decker. 28. Pets - Supplies itW N. MAIN. AKC BEAGLES — 1 Months old. Also. Leopard slock coos. Catl SS2-5S13. 8-3:30 weekdays. S-12 Scturaavs. AKC REGISTERED POODi-E PUPPIES- Five *ee*s olfl. (enole. block. S50 TELEVISION — 23 In. G-6. Console. Like new SvS.50, terms. 5Z2-W? etter A P m. joe Cotes. TYPEWRITER — Underwood standard typewriter, stand, cover, iSO. Good con- dticn. 532-A432. •V BELTS AND PULLEYS lor refriser. ators. a!r cond;tior*rs. pumps, co-nores- sors washers attic and window tans. 3000 beSslr. stock. MASSEY ELECTRIC. 1823 S. Pruett. AKC REGISTERED MALE CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES — Five weeks old S25 eocn. Phone 583-1534. BABY LAMBS. SID each. Parakeets, on colors. $1.98. GREENWOOD'S PET SHOP. ^ QFF „„ MUFFLERS Up !0 70% OFF on S.1BCK obsoroers Sfcin - on niters, ell cors, ' WATSON'S, TJ>? V.lnnesoto, - 5S3-157I BAYWAY DRIVE, furnished house with gtazed-in porch. For information. 56A-5395. CEDAR BAYOU RD.. Z217 — Jennlsche Addition, 2-toedroom furnished house. Sy the week, all bills poid. Call 533-5427. NEEDED — Outside men for television! E. JAMES. 301 — 3-Bedroom unfurnished antenna and intercom insinuations. Sal- i house couple on!y ory commensurate with experience. Phone! Can 532-6579. 582-8153 or CA 7-G5S5 (Houston line* for interview appointment. WANTED — SMne»-t In t«i area v«itn oooa credit to lake over payments on Sate model Sinoer. Does every thinj}- Sl.jB week or S69.W cash. Free home troit. Houston UN 9-3376. _ ___ Trucks For Rent Equipped with hydraulic litt gatos We Sell Custom Hitches POODLES. — J female Ml-aloy. AKC BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS. 5S2-5315 registered, alack. 7 weeks. S60. 583-7390. ' (Next to Kilgore Reaay-Mba GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES —AKC resisterea. worm«S. 3 weeks, moles. S75; 'j remolgs SSO. 5S2-6689. POODLES — Two males, one female.; o-weeks o^il, AKC registered. Baroaln, S35 eoch. 1)703 Srotlo Rd., Crosby offer 5- POODLE GROOMING — Scording, siud service. CLAiR LAC KENNELS. 1300 Clear Loke. Hlgnhsrsds. <24-33SS evenlnss ond weekerKSs. STATED MEETING of Ceaor j walmsley. 63 W. Texas. SALESMAN WANTED — To sell notion- i monrrt. SS2-2066. oily cdverttsed brands. Salary plus com| mission. Excellent company Denefils. Ap- jply in person. WESTERN AUTO. Mr. T. ELM. lill — 3 rooms aid bom. complete [ rececoroted. garage, wash house. S35 29. Livestock - Supplies Sayou. 19*6, 7:30 p.m. uraed to attend. Frances Parker, W.M. Mrs. Louise Himes. TELEVISION BENCH MEN AND OUT- SIDE MEN ~ Must know « lor - ^^ FURNISHED OR (HOUSES. Call T. W. WILi REALTY. 602 Park. 5B2-O13S- APPALOOSA AT STUD — Guaranteed to rotor colt. "Have trctler. Will Travel". | 5S3-XH6. BliS or CA 7-OS9S (Houston line) tor in:er: view cppo»"-rmen*. SOCIAL ORDER OF B«KJ- ceant will nave a stated meetinc at 8:00 p.m., Thursday, March 10, 1966. Secy.} WANTED — Twj new cor so'esmei and ] GRANTHAM, 403 —3-Bedroom. n% battts. cne used car salesman. Good opportunity i central heal, becut-ful fence. Ceil 533- CITY OF BAYTOWN NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sea:ed bids in duoiicate will be received by the City Clerk ot the City of Boytown until 2:QO p.m. Thursday. Marc* 24. 1966, ond all aids will be ooened and publicly read H The City Council Chamber at ''•is B.m. on that date for: PAVING ALABAMA STREET F.RO.M THE NORTH PROPERTY LINE OF MISSOURI STREET TO THE SOUTH PROP- Fs?TY i INC nt= riiiDAstj f=f=oov &n*r\ aay, Anarcn ia, 1966, in the,' II51n 3 campaign, iransponauon Turrusnea. E pL^ 5L ,^l™^ A ^ F Sf R ^°^ Goose Creek Masonic Hall. All members Apply ASA- Photo Shop. 412 E. Texas. UNFURNISHED COB TRACTQR MWV\C ANO EQU1P.MENT> 1 Phone 553-3S22. oge. utllitv room, fenced yard. 22D wir- ;nc. attic fan, SeS. Pnone 583-C1&. 1 tor right man. See Mr, Morgan at ITHAD FELTON FORD. SS3-54V4. - 3-yecr *= ' M5<! co!1 Ot1er fkOTf« i.m. HORSE — «-Year dd gentte gelding, SI 50. Call SB3-2C35 after S p.m. BARGAINS! i USED TELEVISIONS Majestic 2!-In. . .$35.00 General Electric, 23-In $49.9S JFhilco 21-In $59.50 | Curtis Mathes. ^23-ln. .........--**••-«« jHUNNICUTT. 109 E. — S-bedroomj, re- REGISTERED BRAHMAN BULLS—Reedy > finished inside, fan. utility porch, pecan ,„ oo. sentte. New sodd-e. bridle. Slonket Motorola, 2 I-In. Needs Work $99.50 $10.00 . i-formatlon may be obtained from the office of Busch Enaineering Company, 11C7 "teetwood Drive. Baytown. Texas. Bidder's Bond. Certified or Cashier's Check in an amount equal to 10 per cent of the total base bid. must accompany each pro- Dosal. The City reserves the rlaht to reiect anv and oil bids or TO accept any bid deemed acVanfaoeous to it. No pfan deposit is recuired of bona fide oavino contractors. A deposit of $10 per set is required of all others Dated: March 9. 19c^ Ecna Oliver, Citv CSerK Rain, Snow Up; Wafer NEW YORK (AP) — Rain and continued runoff from melting snow brought the city's water supply to 54.2 per cent of capacity this week. But the level was still below thg normal 77.S per cent. Mrs. W. R. Ashwood, W Pres Mrs. E. F. Lehde. Rec. ions -nvited. STATED ASSEMBLY Goose Creek Council No. 339 R. and S. M., In the Goose Creek Masonic Temple Thursday. March 10. 1«66. 7:30 p.m. Members yrped to attend. Sojourning compan James C. McCaieb, T.I.M. J. F. Aicom, Secy. STATED CONVOCATION Goose Creek Chapter No. 40S R.A.M.. Thursday. March 10. 1966, 7:30 p.m.. in the Goose Creek Masonic halL Members urged ta attend, solournins companions cordially invited. W. J. H. Englehardt, H. F. Alcom. Secy. REGULAR MEETING of Woodmen ol the World, Willow Co-no, 1S22. Thursday, March 10, 1966. W. I. (Tex) Haltorn, C.C. 1_ S. Sherman. Secy. GLENN'S SPECIALS GOOD THURS,, FRL, SAT. - MAR. 10,11, & 12 l-A Special Notices FLOUR BISCUITS FRUIT COCKTAIL GLADIOU 5 LITE FLUFF ROSEDALE IBS. CAN 303 39 5< 19 MRS. KARL W. OPRYSHEK, candidate for Position No. 1 in the School Trustee Election, invites Interested persons to call at her NEW NUMBER 582-8045. Sliced, .....303 Can 2 Libby's BEETS Del Monte TOMATO SAUCE *„, 10 American SARDINES Giadiola CORN MEAL McCormick BLACK PEPPER ..Flat Can Gladio. 5 for for for Lbs. .4-Oz. Roinbo 29c ROMAN MEAL BREAD Tissues S 1°° KLEENEX Kraft's Sliced Half Moon Lonwhorn 25c CHEESE _ Bold 39c DETERGENT White Deer 39c FLOUR Loaf .200*5 29c 10-Ozs. Giant 53c 25 Lbs. 1 DECKER QUALITY SLICED BACON .LB. RANCH STYLE THICK SLICED LB. PKG. 79c 7.57 Carifcn's Hickory Smoked Continuous LiNK SAUSAGE . 59c Fresh Grourtd IBs. 89c Baby Beef SWISS STEAK LB 69c Baby Beef Shoulder STEAK Decker's Ail Meat SANDERS CAKE SHOP — WEDDING SPECIALISTS. Catering service, mono- arc-nmed •napkins, wedding invitations, bride books. Open 9 a.m. to 6 p-m.. 1611 Jones Rd., Hiahlands, 426-2519. LIKE A LETTER FROM HOME. A subscription to The Baytown Sun is thoughtful. inexDensive and will be appreciated day after day. Start your subscription today to your favorite serviceman or student away ot school. Just call The Sun circulation department, 582-8302. ORDER SUN PHOTOS Place orders for reprints of pictures made by Baytown Sun photosraphers by calling 5S2-E3Q2 or writing ?o The Sun at P. O. Box 9O, Bavtown. The pictures are S2 for the first print, up to 8X10 inches from the same negative. Standard sizes in size, and .»( for each additional print are 8X10. 5X7, and 3'/iX5 inches. Telephone Linemen FOR CONSTRUCTION CREWS APPLY 19 STIMSON TO MR. M. A. TAYLOR General Telephone Co. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER L1NDBERG. 1407 — Unfurnished 2-bed-' room house wi!h garage. S60. PTione 532-942!. NEED MEN MAIN, 3402 N. — One 2-bedroom well- maintained furnished house. Accept couple with small child. 533-2440. NEWCASTLE, ISOI — 3-fcedrooms, 2 baths. den. fenced back yard. S10S month. Phone 533-3443. custom slaughtering and cutting BROWN SAUSAGE CO.. SIS E. Woliisviile Rd.. 124-3315. PRAIRIE HAY — Good black land. 50 cents at barn. LO Porie. GA 1-243S- USED HI FIS $65.00 4-bedroom. 1 oaths, one large room un- hj WHITEFACE HEIFERS — Some bred finished. Sultabie smci! business. 553-4902.1 some small. $58.30 each. 18. Bedrooms - Board Covin. 428-3236. Crosby. Who sincerely wont to become electri-IAT CREGER HOTEL ar.a apartments, cions, maintenance engineers or plumb- f you oet sood beds, Qas heat, tub or showers. Up to $X50 per hour while training.! <*" baths; quiet, homelike. No drunks. Up to SS per hour after licensed. Coll S22-2326. 30. Articles Wanted «<H Sliver-tone $65.00 With AM-FM Radio Gene's Hi Fi & Color TV Center 122 E. Texas 582-8158 ~ MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER JOHN R. MARTIN. 322 E. Jock, S82-6SU We Rent Televisions Mr. Williams, iW-3124 or CA 7-33S4 nfter 6 p.m. 14, Employment WANT TO BUY — Used sheet meta! (fin). and used lumber (2x4's and 2x6's). GOOD FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYLE j WANTED , , MPL EMENTS FOR FORD Keasonaoie Raies roA(~rr>{? with »ir»*t r*~>tr,- -j-vrjr-r- LjnTCI * K>*t_ I UK — V* llfl lilfCS POlHt ._ HOTEL Minnesota hitch. Call 5S3-2403 or 533-2913 after 5. SOUTH. JOZ — Nice furnished room with {Private bath and oarage, kitchen oirvl-i i leges, phoae 532-5807. NOTICE Desisnations as to sex in our Help Want ed and Employment columns are mati^ only (1) to indicate bora fide occupation: qualifications for employment whiai an employer resords as reasonably necessary to normal operction of his business or enterprise, or (2) as a conveni cnce to our readers to let them know *hich positions the advertiser believes •vould be of more Interest ta one sex than "he other because of the work involvec. Such designations shall not be taken to ndicqte that any advertiser tmenas or sroctices any unlawful preference, limitation, specification or discrimination IP employment practices. 15. Work Wanted 4. Monuments-Lots TWO CHOICE CEMETERY SPACES —In section B of Memory Gardens. Owner moved out of town, -nust sell, 582-712?. -RI-CITY MONUMENT CO. —Granite, Ticrble. bronie monuments, srave markers. Cemetery work. Ter-rs, rto carrying charges. Market at W. Main, next te Peoples State Bank, 582-4702. 5. Personals ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS i.iiormction on alcoholism, if you have a drinking problem, call 5S3-9700 or 5B3-2723. 6. Lost and Found LOST — Grandmother bracelet, sliver, 5 cho.-ms. Lost Saturday. Sentimental value. 5M-2J77 LOST — Ladies Sulova wrist watch between Paul's Food Market and South Go:llard St. Reword. 583-3302. LOST DOG — Small brown mate. Lakewood ores. Looks like Chihuahua, swers to "Sparky." Phone 566-5311. an- STRAYED CAT — Large. long heir, wmre female. Vicinity Wright Blvd. 583-2113. 8. Beauty Culture PERMANENT WAVES SPECIAL — THURSDAY AND FRIDAY Reg. S10 'Permanent, S4.50 LATE APPOINTMENTS IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP 4S22 Cedor Bcyou Lynchburs Rtf. 564-5051 BOLOGNA Lb. 59c 49c I RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT Each California Calavo AVOCADOS California POTATOES California Sunkist CHANGES FROZEN FOOD LTBBY'S ORANGE JUICE 6 Ot, Can 79c BANQUET MEAT PIES FOR 7.00 • DRUGS • FRENCH TOUCH HAIR SPRAY CAN. 49c 9. Travel News ALL KINDS — cabinet work. 583-IO-J7. Carpentry, sneetrock. n No job too small. Call A-l PAINTING AND DECORATING FREE ESTIMATES — Plenty References r. T. SHIRLEY, 552-5042. BABY SITTfNG — In my home, day or r.Icht. 3 months to 4 years of age. 5H2-5D26. CHILD CARE — In my home, days, one year of aoe or above. Phone 5S2-6102. ADDITIONS. FOUNDATIONS LEVELED. CABINET AND CARPENTRY WORK — Expertly done. Free esti.-ivntes. Cull 5S3-S08S. Remodeling. Lifetime Tedlar For estimates. SB2-92S7. J. R. BELL. CALL US NOW FOR YOUR HOME M»- CANDY CANE NURSERY Infants to 10 years. New Nursery. K'n-i. intelligent loving care. Hoi Meali. Preschool instruction. 6 a.m to 6 p m. 583- CHILD CARE — In my home, any hours. Old Baytowxi area. Reasonable weekly or hourly rates; references. 533-5296. lialist in complete wheel ana brake work CLARK'S WHEEL 4 BRAKE SERVICE 1400 Market. 582-543. FURNITURE — Sell cheap. N«v< room suile. other furniture. 532-4368. DOMESTIC WORK — Cooking, nursing, beayty shop experience. Work to 2 p.m. Call 523-4570. 7:30 a.m. living Wont responsible parry to assume pay_________^ . ment* of &&.10 month or pay off balance FOLDING WHEELCHAIRS — For sols I "• Si7 -"°. This overcnsts. ospli- FAVORITS FURNITURE MADE LIKE or rem. HIGHLANDS TRADING POST. ~" •- • — - -.._.--.NEW AGAIN BY KiRKINDALL UPHOL- 111 N. Main, HisniandS. DOMESTIC WORK — Lady wa.lh Mon.- Wed.-Fri. or five-day week work. Own transportation. 582-8469. huae selection of "m«erlolf*Cai? SM^jS; PREEZER — li Ft. Coldspot, uprigni.j 1 Real good condition. S125. 206 Chcndler. ROOFING SPECIALIST — Composition ond wood. References furnished. Phone 5B3-1047. IRONING DONE. PICK UP AND DELIVER. CALL SB3-J096. INTERIOR - EXTERIOR PAINTING — Part - time work. Free estimates. Call Boo Francis, 724 e. Aron, 582-6939. GENERAL CARPENTRY — . nanging, finishing and pointing. Ccbinets built, formica tops, ornamental Iron. EDWIN ARABIE. ill Bolster, 587-4959. ROACHES? — fr-Rooms and garoge, S15.0S. Also. Commercial. Bonded and Licensed. All types exterminating, guaranteed HARVEY'S PEST CONTROL. Ph. 532988(5 HAPPY HOUSE DAY NURSERY — Stole license, working mothers enroll your chnu now in oay care nursery. Call 583-2S37 for anointment. MAINTA1NER — For lease, with operator. S9.00 per hour. 532-2434 days. 583-1229 niphts. PAINTING, PAPERHANGING — Price reasonable. Work ouaranteed. "The Best For Less." 5B3-5S37. 16. Apartments For Rent AIR CONDITIONED — Clean, furnished apartment. Bills paid. Call SS3-2760 or apply 2517 west Main. ARBOR, 115 — i-bedroom orick duplex. RIDE TO UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, ariyti-ne to and/or from, Mon,, W«J , FrI Please coll 5S3-3975. RIDE WANTED OR JOIN CAR POOL — To downtown Houston, Foley orea, wortc- 10. Help Wanted BARBER WANTED — Port time and Saturdays, male or female. Ph. 566-5634. COUPLE WANTED — To he»p ron fishing camp on Lake Houston. Cabin furnished plus salary. Peterson's Fishino Comp, Hwy. 2100 north of Crosby. 11. Female Help Wanted BABYSITTER — For 3 school ooe children for shift working mother, have own Transportation, 532-4328. BEAUTICIAN WANTED MARY ELLEN HAIR DESIGNS, .a Porte, GA 1-0634. WORRELL'S DRIVE IN :103 N. Main CLERK TYPIST — Some shorthand and construction office experience helpful. For interview appointment, call Brown and Root. inc.. 566-5538. DOMESTIC HELP WANTED — Six days. must be able to cook for children. Apply 1226 Harbor between 1 and 3 p.m. only. HOUSEKEEPER — Far rooming house. Port time, mornlno or ofternoon. Apply IZ26 Horbor between 1 ond 3 p.m. only. LVN'S Old RN'S — All shifts, good salary. Apply In person *MO Red Bluff Rd. REPORT TYPIST MUST BE ACCURATE. Experience required. Write, a 1 v e resume, etc. to Box 21S2, In care of The Baytown Sun, SALES LADY WANTED — Combination day ond nlaht work. Apply In person, 508 West Main. No phone colls pieasa. TOP COMMISSION 45 PER CENT Lurler Cosmetics. Hours <rt your convenience, oarf or full fl-ne. Collect CA «733. BARKELY SQUARE TOWNHOUSE «-ow Cost Luxury and Convenience Swimming pool; central air. patio, carport, dishwasher, refrigerator, disposal. ties paid. 1215 Park ot Decker Or 582-7635. BLUEBONNET APARTMENTS conditioned, utilities poid, weekly' or monthly rates, Hwy. 146, 582-6917. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 3500 Decker Drive. Section 1 FREE RENT SONUS 1 and 2-bedroom furnished and unfurnished apartments; electric kitchens; air conditioning; draperies and swimming pool. Phone 546-8613 FURNISHED 1-Bedroora apartment, water paid. S45 month. BAYTOWN REALTY, 582-2139. GAILLARD. SOT N. — Very nice «-room furnished, air conditioned apartment. Call S82J237. 582-9355. S82-8O46. GRAYWOOO ARMS One and Two-bedroom Apartments Furnished and Unfurnished Utilities Paid FREE USE OF LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT 1305 Memorial Drive 582-9436 or 532-5235 HINES, »Vi — Small furnished oaraoe apartment with garage, no bills paid. $35 ILLINOIS, 3411 W— Furnished 1-bedroom, bath, Hvinq room, and kitchen. Walk-in Closets, no pets. Nils paid, S60 month. INDIANA, 3117 — Furnished duplex, ex- tro large, clean, ample closets, garage. ILLINOIS. 3307',* - Furnished remodeled garage apartment, air conditioned, water paid, adults. 5B3-S552 after 5 ond weekends. JONES, JM N. — Nice large famished 4- room duplex, utilities paid, garage, adults. JACK, HJVi W. - Large clean furnlsned 58?7693* C000le ' O*'" 5 ' "o PetS- KENNEDY APARTMENTS — »«0 MleW- gon. 5824314. Four-room nicety furnished oportT)«nt, olr conditioned, central heof. NAZRO, J15 W. — 2-btdroam unfurnished apartment, close-in. Newly decorated. 155 SK-6A3S. 19, Business Rentals OFFICS SPACE ON DEFEE AVAILABLE FOR RENT Apply Abe Rosenzweifl, 593-1/OS, oiler 7 p.m.., 566-5E18. OFFICE SPACE 3RAYSTONE BUILDING — 110° Decker Drive. Ultra - modern In convenience and service. Apply Roo-n 205; 5M-523S. 31. Articles For Sale SINGER WILL TUNE UP YOUR SEWING MACHINE FOR ONLY ADDING MACHINES - CASH REGISTERS - TYPEWRITERS. Sales, Rentals, Service. All makes, electric and manual. BLOOM SALES. 3305 Market. 553-2315. ARIENS GARDEN TILLERS AND RIDING MOWERS. Reo and Sentry /.lowers LYNCHBURG FEED AND HOW. WAREHOUSE FACILITIES AVAILABLE — 6,000 so. ft. at 213 E. Texas Ave. Keysone Realty Co.. 533-3111. 20. Wanted To Rent BEDROOM WANTED — Quiet downstairs room with bath, near cafe, in "olc" Gocse Creek area. Single man. Pay monthly. Write Jesse Cole. Gen. Del., Baytown, Texas, 77520. 23. Services Offered siding. Jerr.ilafion needs. No down payments. Easy T>onfhly terms. IDEAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. 104 N. Alexander Dr., AS ALWAYS— Your Supplier of Needle Work and Crafts. Me DONALD NEEDLE ARTS Bob Smitn Road. 533-1272. ACCORDIONS — New 57* up. Used, S3i up. New Guitars, 516.50 up. Accorcson instruction. Beginner instruments furnished. SAYTOWN ACCORD'ON CEN., SE3.U17. BIRO HOUSES — FOR SALE. SEE AT ICO W. CLEVELAND. COMET RIDING LAWNMOWERS — New and used. SMALL ENGINE SERVICE, Crosby - Huffman Road. Crosby. DROP LEAF TABLE — Tweed formica too ond -4 choirs, wroutfit iron leas, 520. S3.75 ANY MAKE OR MODEL WE DO NOT SELL OUR MERCHANDISE THROUGH DEALERS IN THE HOUSTON OR BAYTOWN AREA. The Singer Co. 318 W. Texas 583-2400 DRESSES, COATS — Sile 7-10 Girls preteen slim dresses, ? cools, Sile 8. 563- DRYER — Used Norge s°s with 4 heot i selectors. Guaranteed, terms. 559.95. wiLiae'S, Ten-Ter, Decker Dr., SS2 5447. . CLJLPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom New (c.-oehier Sisepor Lounge ...... $169.95 NewS-Pi&ce Dinette Set __________ S 44.95 New White Oo'jbJe Dresser ....... .S -49 .05 New Plastic Covered Settee and Chair ............................ X S9.?5 j New 3-Piece Bedroom Suite ...... S 99.95 «£ ^^D^rSr!^ if £Sf New Table Lamps .................. s 5.9S 2410 Market CAN YOU STOP IN TIME? Big or small ;ar. don't risk on accident. Consult a spe- fiLSCTROLUX VACUUM CLEANERS.! , Sales and Service. =ioor po:isfiers. rug.; ».|c\ji/ tlCCP* CMDMITIIDC 582-2127Sshamoooer, free demonstrations. John IN t W-U b tU TURN I I U Kh Refresh. 517 Ha-'vev. '65 Singer Automatic . - 1 For Credit Dept. REMODEL OR BUILD — Commercial, Residential. Complete service. Te r m s FURNITURE - APPLIANCES WANTED (On My Way with CaUi) GRAVES DISCOUNT KURNSTUR 219 N. Mam 553-2321 TOWN HOUSE THRIFT SHOP wap;e Baofcccse 9ed Complete Wtth Wattress o^d Box Springs wal.nut Bookcase &ed Co^tpiete S79.9S SHEPHERDS TV For Fast Expert Service Your Zenith Dealer - Car. Radio, 5S2-S45S 500 Park hold (joods, 9 o.m. to 426-3350. 4 p.m., 708 Oak, Highlands, GAS RANGE — Tappaa. white, timer clock, 4 burners and oven, looks end operates like new. 147 MacArthur. 5«-7693. GRAVES FURNITURE WAREHOUSE Se: Bunk Beds and Bunkies S 45.00 .Nice Srorkline Baby Bed s 25.00 TYPEWRITERS — Office machines, cash i O'Keefe and Merritt Range 5100.0O registers. Sates i Service. Factory trained I Coil Bed Springs S 5.00 mechanics. ANOY ANDERSON BUSINESS Lea Bath Tub S 12.50 EQUIPMENT CO., 314 S. Texas, 583-2722. TREE TRIMMING SERVICE — Free estimates. Phone 582-5047. TRACTOR WORK Dirt - work. Post Holes, Mawing-Plowino- Discins - Free Estimates. Earl C. Weaver. Highlands. 435-2383. VALENTINE SPECIAL! Clean, all, adjust all makes and models iewino machines. sl.7y. Phone 537-8935 INCOME TAX SERVICE BOOKKEEPING — NOTARY SERVICE Itemized: as low as S10 Non itemized: 01 low as M JAMES DUVALL 1403 OKvt SSI-W34 DON'T MOVE-IMPROVE Free planning ond decorating service. 1st iinc motericii. Expert work. Discount prices. Rooms, kitchens, dens, baths, roofing, si dins. MORTON BUILDERS Highlands Electric Motor Repairs jtewindlng. any kind. Hie. Modern egvic- ment. Qualified mechanics. MASSEY ELECTRIC, 123 S. Prueft, Stl-7»l. 24. Soil - Fertilizer TOP SOIL — FILL DIRT — SHELL — Backhoe. Bulluozer, Trockloader for rent. Loyd Burris, 583-1595- TOP SOIL, FILL SAND, SHELL Dump Truck for Rent 201 Avenue K 26. Plants - Seeds AZALEAS, CAMELLIAS, SHADE TREES, DAY LILIES — Complete landscaping service. Plant now for spring beauty. Free estimating and delivery. Phone 5{T2-4583, Smith's Nursery, 713 Barrymore. HYDRANGEA PLANTS far yord. In bud arto Woom. Special price, eoch. Dou- . . ble red flowering PeocJi, S2.29. SMITH BARROW GARDENS, 8802 Thompson Rood, 426-3215. SHADE, FRUIT TREES — TTIOOSOIVS In :ontalners. Fias, Gropes. J. Persimmons. Strawberry, Berry vines. Roses, Cacti, -iedge. Bamboo. Large Citrus and Dwarfs. Azaleas. Pink La. Phlox- vines, Evergreen Camellias, ond FI. Shrubs. Thousands. Let us quote you by tie Doz., 25, 50 ond 100 lets. Largest se- ectlon In Texas. Lawn Ornaments, Rort PSonts, Tropicals. Orchids, Weeping Cherry and Mulberry. Tree Wisterias. Ground covers. Yuccas, all kinds. Aloe vero p!.-mtt, Vlouts ond pecan trees. Channelvlew Nurseries — Florl»t 1«S01 Market St. Rood, Channel view Lea Good TV S 29.50 Two Cushion Couch S 22.50 6 Ft. Chest Freezer - S 47.50 4-Picce Chrome Dinette 5 12.50 Good 3-Piece Walnut Bedroom Suite s 35.00 LlkeNew G.E. Refrigerator Si35.00 214 W. Main OLD PELLY 583-4713 539.95 KEEP your carpets Beautiful despite constant footsteps of a busy family. Get Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampoo-r SI. Baytown Hardware. 3425 Market St , 5S3-4052. LUGGASE TRAILER — One wheel, soon condition, complete with lights and hitches, 540 or will trade for electric outboard motor in Good condition, 308 Bowie. 701 N. Highway 144 Formerly Holicway's Grocery 582-529$ MORRISON'S GIANT WAREHOUSE SALE Don't Miss One of These Values. Mostly below factory cost. Bedrooms i-Piec» Block Early American Trend Bedroom Suite, Bed ana Dresser Originally S37».SO Now JW.OO 3-Each-Floor Sample, 1 piece Bedroom suites (New) Originally S12».9S Now 17500 4-P<ece — Used Oak Bedroom Suite, Book* case Bed NEW FURNITURE FOR OLD is what a Day's Upholstery iob s>ves you; fabric ir plastic. Auto arrf boat upholstering a specialty. DAY'S UPHOLSTERY. S04 N. Main. 583-3030. NELL'S FRAME SHOP CUSTOM FRAMING - ART GALLERY Paintings by Artists 12 ?09 N. Commerce 582-4053 Now W5.00 Vanity Bedroom Suite, MOTORS — One 40-hp, 3-phase, 2M-volt. silo ring motor; one 5-hp, 3-phose, 220- volf, slip r'rta motor.- one 1-hP, 3-phase, 120 volt induction motor. Phone Bill Hartman at 583^302 or write Bon 90. Baytown 3- p 'ec« — Used Good Shape Now y?y OQ Single or Double Beds Vi OFF Some Used Some New M Single Sile PSoslic Covered Head- Boards while They Last .. Eocti sl.OO Living Room New — Modern Sofa, Slightly Soiled' Reg. '......Now SA5 00 Used 3-Prece Sectlonol, Real Good Coi. d*tion Now S3S.OO NEW LEFT HANDED GOLF CLUBS — . ,„ „ 4 Irons. 2 woods, bag, S3C.OC. Also, used New Co!if-Asia Rattan. S-Piece Sectional set. 4 Irons. 3 woods, boo. S20.00. £66-8815.! wi ' h Matching Choir, Corner table, and I cocKtcil table. OXWELD CUTTING TORCH — W i t h I Reg. SJ».?S Now 5150 os Is ????. 0 . n < l ..Bao.'! e ?.'. »f?:t s i slti A saw._ 571^95.1 Used - 4-piece Livins room aroup. Sofo, MALLIN'S PAWN SHOP. 4413. PARTIN'S USED FURNITURE Duncan Phyfe Drop Leaf Mahogany Table End Drawers s 25 00 3-Piece Wain Unfinished White and Double Bed S 6.50 Oak Baby Play Pen s 5.00 Dressing Table and Stool ..... J 7.50 Routd Plastic Horn Tchie S 450 Sturdy Coffee, Entf. Step Tables Eoch ... j 3.95 12 Cu. Ft. Coldsoot Refrljeraler With Bottom Freezer S 87.95 Clean Florence Apartment Ranoe S 48.00 N. Main. 583- 2 chairs, ottoman ,. 520 00 Some Group New &so'oo J-Plece — Studio Sofa with Bolsters, 2 each ot »10, a* is. «*»«•», — 3-Piece Plastic covered green sofa 424 W. Main OLD PELLY 582-5049 PRINTING DONE QUICKLY, when promised, and done rloht! Coll MATHERNE'S. S83-1718. all your needs. large or j-nall, for quality work. REFRIGERATOR — Will jell for $J». See at 302 Stewart. RADIO AND TV EQUIPMENT —Signal Tracer, wo; resistance and capacity checker, ttS; precision scope ES-150 and probes, $75; picture tube checker, J4S; tube coddle and tubes. 583-48*5 after 4-30 SHOULD SELL OUR PRICE J12.9S All Channel TV A»rlol S 7.94 MOJO Porch Swlno S 9.9S 50 Feet Vi-.Rooe $ .49 Blue Cold Pock Conner .... S 2.«5 ! Lot 4.0 or 7.0 Fist) Hooks, Per 100 1 .50 N«w Batn Room Heattrs ... I 4.9J JACK HEARD FURNITURE CO. U W. Defee. 582-4962. Baytown -------- _ . --- Maple Living Room Group, slightly used hoi Chair, Sofa, Maple arms, and rnst tweed covering, 1 itep table. 1 cocktail toule. Originally $2» .................. M2S.OO 3-OHomoni .................. Both New Rea. SMJO ............... Each S1S.OO I-Loro* Club Choir, Plastic Covered, Gojd Shape, Each ............ jj oo 2-Piece Sofa Bed Suit* (Repossessed) Originally S1Z5 . .......... Now 150 DC 1-New Modern Chofr Originally S77.50 ..... Half Off tSo.OO 5-Plece New Wood Arm Ploslfe Sofa Group Originally *m ............. NOW tn.OO J — 3-Piece New Modem Living Room Groups, Each ............. NOW s«8 na New - DESK— DESK and More DesS Walnut, Mahogany, Maple A Steal 110— J15— $20— MS Large Group of Early American Vanity, Living Room Lamps Yoor Choice ................ tt.w Also Large group Eorly American Accessories Plaques. Etc ............... O.M Bedroom ana Kitchen cnoir Morrison's Furniture 408 W. Texas Ave. 583-1747

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