Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 11, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY U, 1888. NEW CORSETS, New Ruchings, AND MANY OTHER NIW GOODS -AT— Lowest Cash Price, REMNANTS: Evening Gazette, Tnpt KvKNiNf> OAZBTTR en-n be hurt »t Ml the newsstands. Price TWO CUNTS. SATURDAY. FEB. 11. 1RS8. REMITS OF DRESS GOODS, SILKS, EMBROIDERIES, BUCK, HOSIERY, MX OTHER GOODS TO BE CLOSED OUT AT ABOUT HALF PRICE, -*; —3ee outside pa^ns for local news —Born to Mr. and Mrs. Herbrrt Roarfe, last night, a boy, —Public singing class In Union block, Tuesday evening, Feb. 2V. —More people are in Sterling today than at any time since Christmas. —Chronological: To-day Is the anniversary of the evacuation of Charleston, in 1865. —Thermometers showed from 12 to 15 below according to location this morning at six o'clock. —Haskell & Hush have dissolved copartnership, aud the business will be continued by Mr. W. N. Hasltell. —The Bohemian oats case,—Austin vs. Westphal. will be argued before the circuit court to-day; the evidence was finished last night. —Services in Grace Episcopal church through Lent, on "Wednesday and Friday; at 10 o'clock a. m. on Wednesday, and at 1 :30 p. m. on Friday. —A telephone message at 3:20 this afternoon says that Miss Clara Keefer is sinking and that all hope for her recovery is given up. —Merchant-watchman Woodyatt put out a fire in the crossing house on 1st avenue, about 10 o'clock last night, caused by the fall and breaking of a lantern —Bobt. Fraser was arrested on complaint of Mike McDonald, charging him with assault and battery. He was taken before Justice Goltman. He was fined, and the !ine and costs amounted to 814.20. —Three or four big slelghloads of Sterling people went out to Mr. Anson Thummell's, in Palmyra last night, where there was :a party. Mr. and Mrs. Thummell sustained their well earned reputation as hospitable enter- taingrs. —The Turners had a sociable in Mtennorchor hall Thursday uight and as is usual with that body When it gets together for enjoyment they had it. This organization is one for physical culture, and some of its members show rare good skill in gymnastic exercises. —Miss.Mary Mitchell, of the Second ward school, had her teachers and many of the members of hnr class taken out to her home In Hopkins last night, her father providing sleigh transportation, and the hours spent on the road and at Mr. Mitchell's were greatly enjoyed by the party, who •peak in terms of praise of the hospitable reception they met with at Miss Mary's —Win Murry has handed us an Aber- deenshire paper and glancing over its columns, we find under death notices that the ages of twelve persons foot up 1013 years, ,or an average of upwards of 84 years, the oldest being 04 years and the youngest 80. The ent|re number of deaths is less than 40 and yet nearly one-third of these are of _such old persons. This certainly equals, if it does not beat the Sterling record' of old people. —The GAZETTE has no idea of opening up a matrimonial department in its columns. However, whea it received a communication from a young lady asking to be made acquainted with an Impossible young man we did make the fact public; to-day that gentleman presents himself and is willing to marry the lndy provided she be equally perfect. Two such saintly beings as these ought to celebrate their wedding in some monster hall, where hundreds of thousands might see them; so rare a combination would attract crowds from all parts of the universe. —We have learned that the citizens of Wisetown, Bond county, this State, are rigidly enforcing the game laws. A few days ago a couple of meu -killed some prairie chickens and they were arrested and promptly fined, it costing them 8300. _ Another man was ignorant of the law and who killed a prairie chicken on his own land, was lined 310 —with the understsuding that If he offended again, he would pay the fullest penalty of the law. Tbis'noble bird Is more plentiful in this county than it has been for years past, and another season or two will make it so plentiful as to insure it against extermination. The prompt prosecution of two or three (in the early part of the season by the States attorney) who had killed chickens has had most beneficial effect. It any one, however, knows of any one having killed one of these birds he should promptly report it to the authorities. —Grand Army hall last night was a scene of great good humor, enjoyment, fun and pleasure. The young ladles of the Sub Rosa society, the conductors and managers of these parties have won most enviable reputations as getters Up of enjoyable entertainments. Last night's being the concluding one before the opening-of the lenton season, attracted quite a large number indeed The earlier hour was given to the bean bag game, which must be seen or understood to be appreciated. The victors In this contest, which was "just too jolly for anything," as one enthusiastic young lady said, were for highest numbers, Miss Mabel McPherran and Mr. Ellsworth Sheets; for smallest numbers wure Mrs. Frank Smith and Mr. Frank Smith. Refreshments vere served the guests and Professor Buck's excellent music called daucfrt to the floor and that exhilarating exercise so enjoyable to those who like it, was indulged m until tha hour ot mldnixht had struck. The memory of ihfl series ot parties given by the Bub Bo*a this winter U to fee** wb«i —A friend of ours called this morning and in course of conversation invited our attention to the manner of horse Belling st DeKalb. If e says thore they have what is called "horse day," which occurs once a month, on Friday. It Is known, of course, to horae buyers, east and west, and on that clRj may be seen lively times in barb-wire city, there being not only crowds of farmers, but also men who wish to [purchase the noble animals. The manner of selling is either by public or private sale. This plan gives the farmer the advantage of having many customers for his horse or horses, instead of, as in other places, having but one or two. It, also, Is a certain and sure market, people going there to buy, ana farmers conscious that they can thus be certain to Bell, at any month In the year they please, have taken heart,, and the horse industry has taken on a fresh Impetus in DeKalb county. While we still incline to the idea that there should be a regular, permanent, continuous horse market here; that is to say, men engaged in the business of buying and preparing for the general market of the United States, still, the DeKalb plan is an excellent one, and would not Interfere in the slightest with the permanent plan; indeed, it might lead up to it. There would be no clashing one with the other,—they would work in one with another. We thank our frlsnd for the infu'rmatlim and take great pleasure in laying It before our readers, in the hope that growers of horses will act upon it. 'The regular selling day would keep up the prices on horses, as it would bring outside men into competition with the regular local buyers. —A Norwegian, named Hendricks, was found on Locust street, near the Ilouser residence, about noon to-day, leaning against a fence, with a deep gash over his eye, from which.the.blood flowed generously.'lle informed oflicer Shullz who came up with him that some one had knocked him down and kicked him; but his breath, according to the officer, indicated that the ground had sprung up and attacked him. Friends took him to his home. «; • II • I * M * K * H. Chimes of Normandy. O • II • 1 • M • K • ». Valentines Day. 35 cents. 300 Hterlinff Boomlnfr. Call on P. T. Vanllorne for plans and specifications for all kinds of buildings and cut of same. tf See the new nd of N. Carpenter & Co. tf • . . LotM for Male. I will offer for a few days my remaining 4 lots in Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call on GEO. W. CHAMBEULIN and learn terms and prices. C. GOSHKKT. tf H.O.T. n. ' Installation of the officers of the Knights of the Maccabbees and initiation and candidates in the Hall of Union Lodge, No. 3, A. O. U. W. over Melvin's store, Monday evening, Feb. 13, at 7:30 o'clock sharp. All persons desiring to become charter members or wanting information about the order are requested to be present. —One of the fnosKtouching stories in all literature is thatiiof Alexander Selkirk'or so many yeais a solitary occupant of the Island of Juau Fernandez, as told by that charming raconteur, Daniel De Foe, in his immortal book Robinson Crusoe. While the author, in full knowledge of the importance of maintaining interest for the reader avoids too -frequent reference to the Bufferings and agony of • solitude, still, tbe imagination of the reader can supply that. Even the goats and parrot and dogs were godsends to the lonely occupant of the isle and the finding of Friday, ignorant and benighted as the poor savage was, made the island a heaven compared with what it had been before his coming. So Dumas, prince among uovf lists, depicts in all its horrlbleness the agony of solitude in that gloomy cell in the Chateau D'lf occupied by his hero, Edmund Dantes, afterward Count of Monte Criato; aud also in Beau Tancrede, incarcerated in three separate prisons by the wickedness of his wife and the tyranny of Louis XIV. 'Man is a social being," is a truism all of us have heard since we first heard anything intelligently; and it is true as that man loves life and dreads death. The sensational author of that French novel, File N'o. 114, a detective story paints in strongest cbjoring the absolute terrors of solitary confinement among the criminals among whom (he lot of his herp was temporarily cast. The most pathetic lines ever written by Dickens the most perfect master of pathos who has ever lived were those In his American Notes in which he depicts the horrors of solitary confinement in tbe Pennsylvania penitentiary' at Philadelphia. One of the officers of the penitentiary at Joliet, this State, told the editor of the GAZETTE, who was on a visit there, after showing him the solitary confinement room, that that apartment was punishment to the couvicts worse that thumbscrew or rack could possibly be, and that they durst not keep them there longer than twenty-four hours at a time. But let the horrors of solitude end with these few references. If It be 'so terrible to be alone, by how much does carefully selected companionship benefit men and women. Each communing with tbe other learns what the other knows, aud one proves inspiration to the other to action. The sociable man is always papular because his sociability makes him companionablejagreeable,pleas mt and what he says la worthy of being heard and instructive, if in no other way, iu that it enables those with him to forget sorrow and trouble for the time, at least, and gives one a rest from cares that oppress. Cynics have railed against confidences, advising that one keep his troubles to himself; but what man or woman is there who has not at times in his or her life, felt that he must unburden himself,—must tell his distress to a friend or die. And who is there who cannot recall the relief and comfort afforded by the resolution ? The overcharged heart, ready to burst has been strengthened, consoled, en. couraged, assisted, and made ready to do and dare, where just before it was ready to give over trying in utter despair. There is sach thing in the world as friendship, pure and simple,—and companionship begets it. Point out the man who says- there is no friendship and who says he has no friends, and there you will see one who has failed to improve his opportunity for making 'friends. Youth that seeks solitude is In danger; for solitude is abnormal, the beginning or! mental disorder. When one shrinks from company, and keeps apart and will not have to do with bis fellows, bis friends shake their heads, and predict a soon- to-be disorded mind and lodgment in the Insane asylum. No, let us all bless God for friends, and let us all cultivate their acquaintance and appreciate their worth; and let us ever Bear In mind these words of truth,' "Man lives not unto himself alone." Companionship IBB cure for selfishness aud kindred unworthy sentiments and passions; coinpanioualiip incites to benevoSebco, philanthropy, publio tjilrlt aud tiighor manhood gauaraily. »o »njta Its Sat- night's t&ik. tstandnrd. The best sewing machine made. No stop and start to shuttle while sewing, but one continuous circular motion. It will make three stitches as often as other machines make tw«. 2500 stitches per minute. Runs still and easy. Call and see it at L. L. Johnson's 309 New addition opened in east Rock Falls, lots at great reduction. 800 Haskell & Bush. A largo stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddlngs & Co's. Also they do fine watoh repairing, tf Try St. Patrick's Pills and compare their effect with any other Kina made. They contain the good properties of the older preparatlou in the market combined with tbe most valuable medicines discovered in modern times. As a cathartic and liver pilt, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strickler & Boorse. ' tf '"*" Social Pnrlty. Pastor Oilman Parker of the Baptist church will preach tomorrow night on social impurity. He expects to talk very plain. All Invited. . PEOPLE'S COLUMN, Insert three linos In' this col-~S5| umn one time for 10 cents, or for 40 cents a week. Each additional line will De 8 ceuts a single Insertion, or lit cents a week. FOB BALK. li>w Addition to Kant Rock Fa|l«. 1AH LOTS for sale nt a great reduction and Juw on easy terms. These lots nre 63 by 178 feet. Now Is the time to buy. Apply to Haskell Si Busli, Exclusive AKOUIS. tf C O.RD wood. Imckbcrry and ash, for sale. $4 00 a cord, delivered. Leavo orders at Frank Co lini"'s. or Keuben Ranudelrs 1 Belen & Detweller's, or S« • OOU light bob-sled -nd a democrat wagon. Enquire at this olllco tf A LE Brewery and fixtures for sale. George E. Uogers, Sterling, Ills. Address, U FOJtt HK\T. R KHIDKNCE of E. W. Edson and the store room under Karwcll Hall. McCmic. Apply to J. A. D ONT sleep oui of doors when you can get a comfortable house for irom six dollars per month, of F. B. Hubbard. to seven tf O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. B. Hell & Hon. tf WANTKO. The Drummer Boy of Shiloh.Fab. 21. __ tf More substantial benefit can be obtained from a 50 cent bottle of Dr. .Biglow's Positive Cure than a dollar bottle of any other cough remedy. It is a prompt, safe;andi pleasant cure for all throat and lung troubles. For sale by O. A. Oliver. UOOn competent girl for housework aC 1009 West 3d Btresl. Mrs O. 8. Tracy. 7' G IHI/ to do housework; must be a good cook Apply cos 5th avenue. tf FINANCIAL. T H L ty. HAVE $2000 to loan on city or farm proper- Edward C. Underwood. U ..Haw-Will. ' _: In'good running order. l!ring on your logs. WM. CRAMEK. 308* -. • Several leap-year and theatre parties will attend the performance of the Chimes Tuesday evening. The boxes are all soli and the bouse will be lively and resplendent with beautiful dresses. Seats ate selling rapidly for the Chimes, and assures the Wednesday Club a f ull hoilse. This is right. By all means encourage the practice of the art of .music. Our townspeople are in the main lovers of music, and will show their appreciation on next Tuesday evening by packing the Academy to the doors. THE CHILD RECOVERED;—My little girl, aged seven yeais, was afflicted with a severe cough and cold. She could not sleep but coughed almost incessantly. I was induced by a friend to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was astonished at the immediate relief it gave her and the cure it produced. I would not be without it in the house for any price. I have tried many remedies for coughs and colds, but this ia superior to anything I. have ever tried. Prof. J. M. MEHAN, CapltolCity Commercial College, Des Mobaes, Iowa. Sold by Strickler &. Boorse. tf The Boston Store is located on Third street, opposite the First National Bank. If it were not cold weather and unpleasant to stand for a moment out on tue street, you could tell where it was by pausing a moment to see where the crowd of buyers goesj It is there that you get bargains every day in the week,—always something attractive that is sold at a way down bottom figures, besides selling everything in the dry goods line at the lowest prices, the best of goods and the latest styles always In stock. 808 Hummtt Plnee. ' Only 10 lots yet to sell. Every one who has subscribed for one or more of these lots and not paid their first payments must do so at once, or we shall feel warranted in selling to some one else. Best bargains ever offered in Sterling. Lots 8100 each; $10 cash and the balance at 95 per month, for 18 months, without interest. GEO. W. GHAMBEBLIN, Agent. tf Academy of Music. FIRST GUN WE OPEN, TUESDAY, FEBRH1BY 7 A SPECIAL SALE —OF— WHITE GOODS PADDED, LACE S IN FACT BIG ASSORTMENT —AT— Fuller's Book Store, Offle* In Beck Kail*, aver the Pout Ofilee. The hackman, take parties to urul from Sterling to Dr. Pollack's offlos jree of charge. v $59.099 »«* * v — fsrt; rilliFn ] 100 Lots in Sterling sold 'In! A Few Bargains ei Hind- GEO. w. CHAKBEKLIlf/ ACADEMY OF «US!C, STEELING. ILL. BARGAINS IX ACHES, ''Bargains in Lot*. in Houses and Lots. Biildiiji tn Stb at /The Present Prices will not be eontlno«d\ long fora Boom Is approaching. Eton Rail —ANP- 1 POINTER FOR SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! GUTTER. Y, GUTUERY, CUTLERY, HARDWARK & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Elsie's Merchant Tuikirlig establishment. Lewis D. Wynn, COCHRAN SELLS THE BEST CIGARS -FOR THE—, LEAST MONEY An Immense and' Care- fully Selected Stock of the Oar fcltock In too large and mu»t be reduced at once. Warranty with each Instrument. —AND— All Grate of Toto AT LOWEST RATES. ;o . INDEPENDENT: GROCER THE The Cream $5.00 to 910 00 per Month. CUT RA.TE0 COXTIKVED. CO., Gait Hooae Block. Pay Vonr Tnxe». Tax books for Sterling township ara now open at Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay their personal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. I will be in the Sterling National Bank, evenings, beginning text week, from 6:80 to 8:80 o'clock. WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf - Collector. .. Auction. A carload of fine, large trim Missouri mules, coming 8 and 4 years old, (well broke) will be sold at public auction, on Second Avennti, In front of the livery stable lately occupied by Lev! Rutt, at Sterling, Saturday, Feb. 18, commencing at 1 o'clock p. m. This will be a grand opportunity to procure a good young team of A No. 1 mules at your own price. Terms of sale.— Eight months time without interest if paid when due; If not paid at matuiity, 8 per cent from date, or 0 per cent, discount for cash , BUKKHOLDEB A FULTON. W. 8. Stocking, auctioneer. by »Y*' vet" »»4 •"»»." choice brands of cigar*. 0. HL 8oW CLEARING SALE of the Markei: GROCERY Is the most Independent Grocery Bouse tn Sterling. We make our prices and Mil GOODS SO LOW That prices astonish every one. All Rood* sold at the lowest Uvlug prices; no overcharging. A child can BUY GOO'fiS AttheBKE HIVE as low as a grown person . Thelargtst and finest stock to select from; every thing first-class. A large stock oIFiavOut, Flog and Umoklng TOBACCO'S Bought before the recent advance*. The BKS Bl VK customers get the benefit OS the law prices before the atl ranee. A large stock of UUtBdga —OF— WOOLEN GOODS, FOB THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS. Cloaks, ^Blankets, • Shawls, Underwear, GLOVES & MITTENS, Hosiery, Leggins, Ladies never had a mora {' elegant J assortmtrit to select from. GALL EARLY. (Beginning February' 7. At 45 an* SO Cents per Gallon. Bock Candy Drips, pune white, at 7S C«Mt» PAT aallon. EOCENE OIL NOD explosive; the best oil sold In this markrt, at as low price as Inferior oils are sola elsewhere. Dont b- deceived and buy low lest oils and run the risk ot being burned up.. Remember yea buy the 1TJL.OTJR, -AND- DRESS OOOD3, At a saerUlci*, to rnskt room tor bit Spring Stock LENDMAJSf'S At the BBS HIVK. Snow Flake, 1 and Kansas Wlntr Wheat: all Holler J-»t--uis and all Winter Wheat; makes better and whiter breed; keeps moUt longer ih&a BpriUK Wheat Flour. A genuine article In. Pennsylvania Buckwheat Flour!! Ten thousand pounds sold last seasoa; Six thousand pounds sold so tar this season. This flour baa no equal In this markrt: Isuade bythelKtestproceu; pateut hulled; no black specka, A fine stock ot Canned and @ried Fruits. California Fruits of all kind£ The Qenuln* Dowto East MAPLE SUGAR! too <an save tea to fifteen eettts on rr«7 Un worth yuutmjatttoij BBS liiVB, . U 3a*W

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