The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 12, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 12, 1859
Page 3
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THE NEWS. BOOKS A*nySTATIONERY; BUSINESS DIRECTORY The following List of BmWness Uonses and Mannfac Hof JCetatlisriments are among the bat and OHM n-l^entm thalr rtpective lines of business. an*. . • J, M, GROSSMAN, AUOIIITECT A.- SUPERINTENDENT O. 10 YODKG'B MJvT BLOCK. Plant and Speciflcations for all kinds of Bttlldtngi oraished at short notice and en the most liberal terms ISAAC KlNCiSLEY, CAS & STEAM PIP£ FITTER, NO. »1 ?ABT WATER STREET, WSOLEGALI ADD BITAlL CIAL1K1I if?* AND STEAM PIPES, f GAS, STCAAI AND WATER COOES, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES, GDAGE OOUKB, Ac., Altrays on hand, a large assortment of ti AH FIXTURES Work done in a workmanlike manner, at abort notice and lowest prices. je9-tlly N. L.. OK1SWOLL) A CO., BCTAIL DKlLiae IS LAOIEE 1 , GENTLEMEN'S AN ' CHILDREN'S HOOTS, SHOES A.NO GAITEBS, MASON STEKET, O|i)ioMto tbe Walker Honse. uiyili I' . WE1NBKKNNEK, aUHnraoTDKn AKD DULra ra UOUTM, SHOliS AW^D GAITERS, SO. 24 SPEING STEEET, (tnponlte American Houce ayll Boot A. Mhoc Slorc, >O. 48 EAST WATKK SJ'KEET. •JOH.N FHEJLAN, EfctPS alwayi on hand good custom made Boots and Phoes. All kindi of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boott and Shoe, made to ord ;-r in the latest style and warranted to give satisfaction. apr2S JOHN UIOK, WHOLESALE DltCGiilsT, NO. 88 EAST WATER STREKT, Has just received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured at Cleveland, New York. Transported entirely by vessel, It comet in perfect order, and enables me to sell at low rates 1 have permanent arrangement* to sell this brand of Glass hereafter. mySS JOHN RIPE 61 a r p e r Brothers, (Eetal'lisiiert in 1S4S,) BOUSf S1GK.SHIP, OAR1UAOT AND ORNAMKNTA1 P«lnU.-rw. (.luxlcra A Fnpcr.lluntrera, IMITATORS OF WOOD AND MARBLK, SO. 39 O1SKJDA STREET, A FEW DOORS KAKT or TBE UABKKI HOCKS. JONKH & WHl'l KtlKA.lJ General Land and Insurance Agents KOAlAltlES Pl'BI.IC, AC., OPP10E, corner of Reed and Oregon streets, Meyrose's Block, PifU, Ward. Will attend to the buying » n d nrlhnR of Real Estate, Injuring Goodt ami Bulld/nge in responsible Compa Dies, Attend to the Collection of Accounu, Making mt of-J>eeds, Mortgages, Contract*, Leases, Ac. All Collections made on accounts placed In our hand wi'l! toe promptly paid over. A. O. JOKE? iySi. 1U1BUT WHlTKHKAjt. M HIXCECKKL. A- BRUNUT I O, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Real Estate and Money Brokers, NOTARIES PDBLIO, M1LH ACKEF., WISCONSIN. Orncs— No. 4 Market Office . f. s *r ^L a?-a: o BLAKE BOOK ITASUFJ KUX.ERS A BOOKBINDEKS. ^—— ^ i 1 ISr" 1 Blnden»8teok v *AiUii|r lnlr«nd Kat Papers, al»aya on hanfl In Isrge quantities. Asmqui BtnuM) In the neatest style, ' No. Sl» EJaST viTEK Br AND"-' K A -TTJ TIT ~X!° ; ,^3T"*I»'. 1 II A U" 'E* "O . <£J IF "^U Jh. JL ^J i. XiM "t^F m^ (^^c^^ The Wester of tbe Rocky Moontains, Prom facts narrlted bj lilmeelf. maylO ••-• Just rrccl red by : OU. S Rcb{»ack?s BI Peitcits, PLEAVJEK, BOOKSEL.LEKS AMI) MTATIQNERS, 1ST JSJitt Wafer «i«et, W Ehsre Juit received a mil supply oflhese Oele- brited .I'enclLs from tb,e macmfacKry of J. }. Rebbach, In Regensburg, Bavaria. They*/ e carefully assorted, and each grade la mstlDguisheo, I y;A .popalar brand. Particular utteiujon Is called to -be "Opposition Pencil, "<roan<i blaojc-gilt;) »bd to th« "People's Pencil,'.', (round red gilt) also to the "Engineer's Pencil," (i.eiagon gilt.) All of vhicb will be found Bnperl- or to any omej.jwac 1 in the market Alwa>s on hand a complete aanortment of b.ack and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades A discount allowed to the Zrade proportioned to extent of order*. '-"• ' - ' apr29 ALLfBONE'S OF A U-T HOBS., 1 Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors, living ant de ceased;/i-em tkt Earliest A crvntt lathe Middle oftketiineteetn Century. Containing TMrty Thousand Biographies and Literary Sattees; «.-«* Forty Indetnes (fSu'-jexts. Pntt- (t. L NDE8PENSABLV n cessary to all »ho Read, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers, Iclenttfic and iuiterary Men, Merchants and Fanners, ianufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. FURNISH ED BY INSURANCE COMPANIES. s .. k V DR fllf JELLINO, Store or Merchandtee Inrtrel :t not, call Immtdlajdy 'ana get them Insured lit the following "flr»t Clns.«," old established mad 'prompt pajlcg Comp»nleit "' - -|Of , Hartford, OonhecUentV '* J N 0 0»T 0 K A-T KB IB 1.8, l.» . . IIAltTFORib ITiSV II ANCE COM PAN V, '-• Of. Hartford, Connecticut, \ • . 1 N 0 0 *> ORA T E D IN 1 8 1 7> i Cash Capital and Surplus,. ......... .... $788,688 00 liu»il>r INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York City, ... - . , Cash Capital andforpln ............. . |1,077,SM 40, IIOtVAKI> INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York. HiOORPORATKD IN 1SZ5. Cajh Capital anil' Burplni. ...'.. , -.'. ;.••..• $888^50 3> PHCENIX INSUBANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Caah Capital and Surplus,.. ............ |4UM>81 66 CO., LAMAK FIRE INSURANCE Of New York, C n Capital and Burping,. ..... .. KKSOLITE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York City, r Ouh Capital and Surplus, ............. »246,8&9 68 ^g> _____ CITY FIRE 1N8TRA1VCE COMPANY, Of Harffui d, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus, ....... . ., ...... $SO!l,gSl 49 I solicit business for the above named Companies, eo- II rely upon their own merits and responsibility, and refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, ai a guarantee for the future. Policies Issued withont delay. W. HENRY HOLLAND, Agent. JOH» HOLUBD, Ass't. Northwest cor. Male and L> p. MAKSBAU., Surveyor. Wisconsin MS,, Milwaukee. leptfi Square, opposite the OiJ Post- roartT A T T O HAS removed ti corner ot Kasi marSO-dSm L>. CJOKSON, R K E V AT LAW. to Office, S- &. State Bank Building, 'ater and Michigan street, Milwaukee. BIMOH LKTT . Attorney and Counsellors t Law, (tfflee — Bmpin Stoct, 221 Eael Waier a.., MILW^CKjie. ........ [mar28] ...... WI8CONSIK € A PIT A LISTS W ILL flod at my office •• Repister, open to their lo- Bpection of Boodf and Mort^af^-s and other se- cui-rtle? offereil for salr Fe^8OD^ W'Ehinc to ubtajii Loan* or hariQ^r Duodf. Mortpajree or other securitieJ for sale, may find it to their Intereci Ui flit witl me thnir appttcfctions or stittement.-. C. 80HLEY, ylf. OppoHltf Walker HrmRe J E. BITTLKB . . .............. D. T. POST. 8>-very &. Boarding Stable, t of Manoti ntxeet^ (on tftf BOOK A STATIOIVEBT JOBBERS, 186 Bast Water ttrett, MILWAUKEE, WlSCOX&iX. From Theophlus Parsras, L L. D^ Profcs-or o( Lav In Harvard University.] CiMBKlDGi, Jan. ;., 1869. Dsis BIB :—1 have had tl.e flnt volume of y^ur l>ic. lonary for some days and have sat sfled m>eelf that our p an IB excellent, and that you have carried it out with very great industry and with good judgment.— 'he fullDeai and accuracy of its Information concerning odern author! and their works, are indeed remarka- It. To any one wno desire th- knowledge your b>ok urp:>rte to give—and what educated man does not!— must be of ffrrat Interest a -A value. Respectfully, ic , THKOPH1LUP PABKER. P. Austin AIM. mt-. Ksq. [From 8. Irenieiu Prime, D. D , Editor R. V. Observer.] K«w To«i, Pel.. 3, 1S59. GsxTLCatn :—The first volume of your grrat Dlrtlon- art of Authors, I hire penned with astonishment a d delight. It is Just whatl have lonp desired to have, and havr Bought for In vain. Thousands of clergymen, ctude'ta, and all Ulerary »nd Intel!!, enl men, mn»t wjsn to hare just f ti work, and the) will havelt, "-hen they learn I at It ti In thi world II deserves tbe most cordial reception, and 1 trust (hat (he tutbor and the publishers w.ll have the largest reward for their enterprise and labor Voorj truly, 8. IKEKJEDg PRIUr. Chllds i Pet.rsoa. rwiBK snbscrtbert have removed their stock from the JL stable formerly occupied by them, corner of Mitn ant] Huron streeta, to tbe old establishment foot of Mason street, thus consolidating the two establishments, makinr the larfest and best appointed Livery establishment in the West. W- shall be glad to see our old friend? and customers, and feel confident that we can furnish them with &e good and stylish a turnout aa any similar establishment In the city. Thankful for past patronage, we hope to meet a continuance of the aame. ty Particular attention given to furnishing carriages and hearses for funerals. myl» BUTLEB * POST. HOUSRS TO RKNT. \ JM & have several Brick and Frame Houses to rent v T on very reasonable terms. We have also for sale a vast quantity of real estate, o slating of Houses, i ot-, Improved and unimproved Farms, School Lands, *r. We have GO acres near the City, with Boose, Bsrn, *c., for the email rent of f JO and taxes. GREGORY *CO., mayl 224 East Water street. GOOD CHAN OK. HOUSE AJVD L.OT FUR SAI.t CHEAP. c HE undersigned will sell biz House and Lot, no* t occupied ae a Tav n by him, situated on Main at.,. Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng ant! the R. 4 M. H_ R. Depot. The boose Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the sltna tlon of the Lot, wonld answer for any branch of bust nesa, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at tbe undersigned. JOHN BART11. Racine, January 25, 1869. |Kn27-d6m Lumber Vessels for Sale. Schooner Fashion, S%4 tans. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Rugby, 168 tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory s*-curity. Good title. TATLOR t JBWETT, Buffalo, New York. Enquire of B. B. Jonas, MM *ukee, Wisconsin. febSB \. II. LOUD & CO'S., MARBLE WORKS, Oonur Spring aiul Third strettt, UILWATJEEk ......................... WISCONSIN. T HE sjnoicrl .<•" •« -.t. all klndsof Marble Work for BollillnKS, rnm^ '• •> Floors and every descrlp tlon of oRNAjiuenrTAX IRAKBLE WORK. We have In our wareroomi MAJ.tliL.ii MANTL.KH Of every deacrlptlon constantly on hand, at prices r»n(rine from $1C and upwards. MONUMENTS AND STATOABY of all kinds executed at the shorten notice. CO. febfr-dly A. H. LORD k WOOD A,\D UAl'j O. ti. L.AMBKKTON H AB just opened, for the benefit of all who may become hi* Customers, a Market for WOOD and HAY, at the N. E. Comer of West Water and Clvbonro Street.-, (Offlce with Messrs. Mabbett A Breed.) His Btoek'of Wood Is large. Dry and Hard, (Cat and Split or uncut.) fill -tock of Hay It of the BEST QUALITY and BALED » •} JODOiDER. ' Each will be delivered to any part of tbe City on the SHORTEST NOTICE and the LOWEST TERMS. K. B.— Wood Pedlars, and those who sh'p large quantities jf Ha? will always find It to their advantage to bay of nj. We will sell so that dealers may make 'a handsome profit by selling on the street. mayl9 O. B. LAMBERTON. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISH'G. NEKT BOOR T« A. B. TAN t:OTT'.S. et on as fia. BUS SELL. , jidvertiBlng Agents, IDL wnn, Jan. ! ',)Sjg. Mr DAU.B SIE -Wltli b-tter knowledge of your book from repeated f, asts upon it, I am ashamed lo have written you so commonplace a£ acknowledgment of Its first rrc ipt of all the str>rehuni>e of interesting and readable mulT the •'I>!cuonary of Auth r : " sre t t rc« the most captivating. Tliegoou taste, industry, and still of arrangt-meiil Uiert-ii, manlltautd , 01 Id n ol b« so -passed, : Bd it wll make .or you a repi-tation Very enviable. I shall try tn make amend* In print for uiy apt>a> entiy inappreciatn e first acknowledgment uf the acquiatt.on. « ith many sincere tbank> for ihe prize I have In tl.e book, 1 remain, my dear sir, Tt.nrs. fa tMully, N P. WILLIS. S. Austin Allibone, Esq may IB i NEW Jl VF.1VILS PUBLISH KD Hi CAKTKKS. A LICK A!»D *IK>LPBU& Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Mftesin tiie Sun lleajn. Fanny, tbe Flower Girl Cncle Jack the Fault Killer. Por sule by TERRY A CLEAVKR, may It 167 East WaLemt NEW BOOKS —AT— TKRR1 A CLEATKKS, 167 EAST WATBLB HTBKET. E ARTH'S Travels in Central A'rlca, 1 vol., abrid|»d. Llvingjton'l Trav<l» In Southern Africa, 1 vol Sp«ergeous Bermons, &tb aeries Higher Christian Life nayli SHJPPKKS OF PKODUCK C AN supply thenselves with Bills of Ladmt at TEKKT 40LEATEU'?, •"ay 20 167 East Water street. BOOK sT" O UB stock Is tbe largest in the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We oan furnish to order any book which exists, either In the English or other languages. We receive new books as issued from the Press. JanSO BTRICKALND 4 CO. School Books. W E have every Bcbool Book :n demand, and s them at whol esMe or retail. J" 1 * 0 STRICKLAND 4 00. United States iti. «* F. in».Co. CAPITAL $100,00000 SURPLUS 29.6M 00 Office, under Mitchell's B&nk, corner of Baft Water and Michigan street*, . .. X1LWACK&X WISCONSIN. DIRECTORS: J. A. Uelfecsteln, K. Sanderson, MOMS Kneelcjnl, B. B. Daggett, fiiaiuel iiale., G. U. Douama&, n L. Palmer, Edwin Townsend, Salomon Adler. J. A. UELTEN8TEIN,President. Q. 1). DOCSMAN. VicnPrwiaent. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. B. 0. Wm, Secretary. S. B. Dioorrr, Treasurer. H. L. Pxijua, Attorney. marlO M1LWAUKKK CITY INSURANCE CO., OFPlGE: In itlllchell Building, mirhltTaii. »l. MlLWAFUtE, WlBOOHBIV. ;. & Baraboo Valley | RAILROAD- H O N and after Monday, April 4th, and until further .notice a Passenger Train will leave Milwaukee from the depot,foot of Bfccond street, for, Hartlinj. Pine Lake, Oconooowoc, Watertown, Lowell, and Col- umbusat4.a)p. mi.arrlTlnginMUwaukeeat 11^5 a 1 , ui. Passengers arriving at Milwaukee by tbe Milwaukee A Chicago B. R., Ls/Crojic 4 Uil-tt. U., and Mil. 4 MlU. B. E., or by Boat ^ can proceed to the above place*. •' Connections aresmade at Watertown with ttagestfor Lake Mills, Jeffers6n, Waterloo,Hancnetville,8un itfttf tie. Cottage Grovje and Madison. Also at Columbui for Lodl, Merlmacj AUego, Pall Rive-, Lerd's Corners', Bamden, Lowvillej Dekora, York, Arlington, liristol and for all points to the West and North West, I j Passengers arriving a> the Junction from the »bp»e places make connections h the Milwaukee t Missis}- slppl R. R., for Janeivllle, Madison and Pralria du Uiiien ,-vud at Milwaukee, with roadi to tbe South, Wed and North. j ; . ttjirt ; S. 8. MERRILL, Superintendent. :• ~"~ SUMMKK RAIIjROAjDS&THANSPOR'N It n fine «fc Mississippi U.R. OP,EN TO DAVIS, ,OO (U Mitt frym tfreeporl ) OS AND ArtEK MONJDAY, DKC. O, 186H, Trains will run as follows, vis : , tiOINO »VK,ST. Leave Racine for Davis—Kreigt.t d Act-., n A. • Leave Kacine for lleloit— Passenger, -j r ». GOING KAST. Leave Uclolt lor Racine—Pnssengcr, ! A. M. Leave llsvls for Kacine—freight t Ace., 5:8U A u. Passengers hy taking thr TAW train un the Lake Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect st Racine will, train to Davis ; arriving at Uavls at 3:Sl> r «. »t»K>-' leaves UsvlM lor Kreeport on arrival of train. S:3u jt u. tnSln from Davis connec 3 at Uaclno «lUi afternoon tralus on die Lake Shore Railroad North and £outh. IS?*" Freight r.-,riranied wttli -ii-pntcl.. deed UOUKKT H.4KRIB, ^uprrli.Kn.lent Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne <SL Chicago AKKANCiKMKNUl ril A -TIA- ; -- MKOHKirAN OENTRAll —AND- G. Wester|i (Canada) Railway)| T RAINS leave the Great Central Depot, footofLaktj street Chicago, as follows : i 4:00 T.OO A. 8:O«I A. £:oo p. 8:00 p. in. r/:AR7KKKD CAPITAL, - • Paid in, $1OO,OOO. U 1 R K 0 r 0 K 8 • O. D. DA via, B. H. Ooiovu, J. Hmraair, J. H. OotDia, C. OotuiToaz, K. TOWN8END, President. A. L. WALBATH, Secretary H. L. PALMEa, Attorney. fST" >*irp and Marine Risks taken al current rales. il. 1.. PixjiKk, K. Towvsaxb, J. u. KELLOUO J. S HAEBIB CKAS. GainiRe, W. A. PUHTIDS, U. Kaunas CHT, Josara P. HILL, J AS. MOTULA i , Gio. DTan ACCOMMODATION, dalys eTcepted), arrive at Ije' '£•, ITJ .—UlNCINK ATI RXPHtSS ^unJAyi exbepted ) Arrive at Indianapulii 4:00 p. j«.; Cincinnati 8:80 r. *. • •' ,»I.-L|UHTNIN<3 EXPKEcfl, .Sundays e« cepted,) arrives at Detroit 7^X1 r.'M Sufcpenslon Brld^ or Buffalo 4:0 i A., AI | Albany 3.UO r. M., New York S:OU r |i.; Boston 11 r. M. -NJl.K- AOCOMMODATION, exoept ?utiday. • ! -NtW fORK AND BOSTON EXPIlri ^eicept Saturday.) Arrive at Dctjoii i: >D A. v.; Suspension bridge or Buffjb!a : 4^J) r. M.; Albany 4.1)0 i. «.; Ne» Torfc lO.-tX) A. M., Boston 2KIT r. K. I 8;»«l P. ffl,—CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLK gX PitlCSS. ( Kicept Saturday.) ArrivA»i Oidclnnatl 9:u> A. *.; Louisville <-0<r P. « \ Oue tram on Sunqay at b:00 r. u. i The A, «. an,< 8:00 r. « trains connect at Par.> itli th> Buffalo k Lake Huron Railway, for Bnfik,.> ar.J ill points e-Jt; : at Toronto wiUi Grand Trunk Rill- way, to Klngsua, OK'lensburp, Montreal, Qtiebrc atid all pomla in Canada Kaxt, Northern Vermont, Ntw Hampshire and Ualce. j tSs Baggage chef»«J Uiroujh. • Through tickets ff>i sale at ths principal ilailr.^!.] offices In the Westj anJ at the general olflce, rornrr Lake 4 Dearborn streets, oupoiiic the Tremont lloaie, tThicapo, and at theiDepot, nf Lake street. R. S. RTOK.Sup't; H.J HrALDlpu.Gen Pau A/'L aprlj Detroit JL ITlil. Kailnay. THE Steamer Cleveland will uir her ptace In line of the Detroit 4 Milwaukee l.aiiu.y, on Mooiiaj, the 14th March. Paj«- ng«n wishing Utroutih tickets can be supplied on and afber Monday next, at iUJO East Water street, or at the office on the dock of the Detroit 4 Milvaune Railway Co.-Due no-lcr of the tlae of departure will be given. TttU will make the shortest, cheapest an<! .juiciest r>.ule4,o all poiotf Kn.l. roarS. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. new And direct Route now open to .New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, PhJladeJphla, Baltimore and »n city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara Falls,and alleutvrn cities. Cincinnati, Colonbus, Dayton, Hprlc^tiei.d, LJrbaua, Zaceaviiit;, htcuheuvillc, Newark and Wheeli'i/, *nd all .nterior towns of otuo, I'enn Alnkin:: unc (irnnd I'lilunl.t n H. K. l.uu BETWIItS CBICA:H JJII. TU» LA^T rAKi' A.^ LI> \r.A& A\ r »;UZH A •(. n. fST~ ll.oae desiring I,' *•' :,_, .'...i 11.-ul- w,i! ije j.^i tjcular ai:-l enquire for I'u krt^ v ^ Fort tta *r., , i' f rrl^ ~.0ti r, 6:00 A. DAI 1. 1, AS t'iLt.1' lt> ». NIR'H fe.lpr.-ss, ilany, .latur i * —Muruikij: Mall an,l K*preh3, rtaily, With hat one change t.( ^ATH to 1'itmburnh OUKCKJSt. flAOOjK.t THRUI'Un To PitlaturKii, Fliil&clelt.hiii, UaJt.m..r<: MI.I New Vora coooeclJOg dlrecil> with trainii .-iL tn L ^reai I'-nnaylvri nta Central K&ilru&d, to all eattttrn c'tim Also, mi. Otovelacd 4 Columbus R**lj-«-;vtJ to LJitreiat.a, Uunlnrh itutt&lo, Niagara >Al)s v.a New York Central *r.d N\-* Vor« & Krie ttailroads to Nt.-w Y-irk an.1 Bnst.,t;. Personn going east will find this rout* i»y tar th«- mcs. "Je»irable > lioih trum UK a*ivanL«\^y iu jiuiiu »f d.atauce variety and beaut} ol Uie coontry through whict, Lh' ru*dj pass, iu vrll a** U.c le&a freqaent ch an ices ol car and the aoDuyanre of rr-rhccking ba^jfagt- ri^ntreil t>> OtbcT ffTOtCB. Facilluea for tht ;ransportaiioD if V*rc.».h( mJ L;v, flock by this route arr uusurin»*Sf;<J K.-itr-s i.s ]*,» u any othrr mule, and «ii. v . «-. 1 uaJ uispauii. Tickets for HA!* at alii h. , rii.--.pal t.- ktri Alices in t. 1 ,/ \Vesi-, Wi'l i' L-'offii-finji'i utli. r, No J) i>t-;trb. rn <irrr-- f';|X)Sll<; frernoot M'.UIr, Cti.. K^I., if;il 81 it '.flic" the Lak e Hhore ttallr- nil, *lilw»i>k«e- t U_> A U L*-ij»n,t JNO J HolW.N. O-DfTd' frciphi A^rtiL, P, !*.>!. u'^-f,, i- 4 R N MT L R_E S A L E 8 OTJT NOTES, FLERZHEIM & CO., FURNITURE! 07VCBED IV THUS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, SIXTY FOR TH" TUB vio< k is us: 218 and 220 NEXT SIXTY i>AY :»vv, \\n .wi'vr 153 East Water Street '1 I I . U 1 I MISCEIXANEOUS. II. \V. K V! II IH si M«. i ov PORMKULT respi-ctfully ZPIIS ,,f 'M. tl l Olncago, Mar^lt ti, 1 Gecera. \\ A t ^ii i;. K. 1859. SI MM KK Tins Nt- k •-«• dial DRY GOODS, &C SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! t « ;«Irr 1 7 KHI, The Latest Ncveltiet W J !»., White i r~ OrBrr lo-Uvv r*iu, K nl.l-. Mm A K 1C A NO KM h; N 1 . DETROII & MILWAUKEE I'niteii ,Slu/..< J/JM' rrnj Ej-fir, fllliK only reilable an<i AIJ. KOGTITO niK I 11 niirctor.9. Ba[cxag? i-hr^kr,l th.ri'u^'i I. p'jinls. Un mil aftrr t!C»M>.H, Ai'llll ..ilh, Vran.» lea»e sl.U.Ur'.K IX. Jx • „ I / \ S u, I .:t.- , V ' 'h. -- J'. TIAltl\E AMD PIKE IN8UHANCI . TliUB undertlfmrd is prepared to take Marine Rlski JL and Fire Risks on t roduce in store. In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego.'New York, at as low rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputation or this well-known, lonp established Company entitles I tto public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Ajteal, novS ' at office of U. t J. t. Hill. Quaker City Insurance Co., or run AI>II IMJIA. ADTHORIZkO OAP1T*!. »4u(l,iWJ PAID UP CAPITAL AN'D ASSETTS,. 7T7 r 9M fjjl<vi, Fr-nnklii, BM'Jiny, A'o, 408 Ualntil ttre*t, Philadelphia. HAIL H()AL>. Till, A .N ,01 run * 1101 T(J l.;i <'i'o*tH«- , • , t ,,,r l > a.j. i I. ,: ,/,-,. Kir-a*3o I'* i >*»•», HH *rr ,m. »i i,t u .. . M J lu ... u . AI H.,-,. P.-H«%. iK l( If; , ... i. L ... nurciion-) w .in K»«-niiii Tr^.its fc.H.-t . >I.MH« |.pl Hi Ir. „ ,• • »,-.n r,rti..fl. It r Hrt-. '. i :nt >«f. - r .•!•.•'.< that < - '« .1 Ka'-'.l • ».,.' ,-.- -jfl-.r-! i Y tr-. , : .-.u.i * , • v.v. :"''„-. M. , - . ^u i . • » r -» i ^ i i in i I Winona_ Read's Landing fRljtCuTT, l-T, PAl'L *NJ IT Red Wiug, .1 NTIIllNV CLOTh' T HE subscriber liai Company for Milw on as favorable l^rm* i bti-n ftpjnirjie«i fcpcnt for Lhli auk'-e ard vicinity. RiKlc t»k--n ' 11 o(h-?r refjvonalble Companies ' JAMES S. .VIIITE, Agent. j Office, cnrn**r of Eut Water and Huron ftreetf, up | stair*, overth? Marl DP H»r.h. maj'JSl ; • BY STATE AUTHORITY, i WISCONSIN OKNKKAJ. [ INSURANCE AGENCY «'HAKTFH OA»v HKE IIN.S. « t;., Hanford, Conn. C ABB ASSETS f 841,650 98 NORTH AITJEHU V> FIKE INK. I O., flartfor.l, Con: . CAFE Asarrs rw4,«8o oe WESTER!* »l Time, Homlx), A pi il I. !•*.'>!>. IS'I n<AI> IvtAllS »|| I. 11:00 A M , Arr-rmi'ftl Janoril r ^ 3u P M . Ma.lUOo J 31 P il., Prairie Ju HtHea -.DO P II. Connecting «-ah lii -!u Chirr, and .^t. Paul 'Park'U, *h rli ,e» vr Pra.'rle du Chlen OD Uie arrirdl nf thr VXi P. .M. Train. Raltis of Freight Rcdnc.d A^aiu by \<-H 1'orl* A: Sine- iCailro.-ul -AM. - >or(hfru lran>por(alioi: <..».'•. i-: x j j H K s >L" S M , PA. \« '».>*. i I I;? < in TKAI> . f. A V K * lu:oo P M. < • all> . oth«-r Konir Till.WAI KEE M. ;«OD O. M-r- WILLIAM JlcKX If l».-t,'l Suprrlnt- i..l, LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE HAljL KOAD. si,.,. i <. A. fill. ii:ti.ri>.i<j. !Uii.M>iua>T!iKK JOBBING DEPARTMEHT St' .it : U I N (i i *ss. riHF Of Pitt.Oeld, Mass. ro.. l.\/J OAJIH ASSBTTS . . .. 1201,0*) 41 C'O.XWAV FIRE l>Sl KANCF «'O., Of Ooniraj, Mass. CASHAsarra tses,4M 47 HATIPDEJ> Springfield, Mass OA8HA8SET8 BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES W E are prepared In oar Bindjry to Bind Magailnes, Periodicals or anything else In the form of a Boot, in neat and durable styles, at low rates. langQ STRICKLAND * 00. Stereoscopic Views. TTP"S hare rrclved a One lot of Btereseoplc Vlewi TT embracing riews of Interesting localities In RCSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KGYPT, NUBIA, ORXEOE, [TOSKST. IRXLAJfD, AO., <tC Also a large variety of new American Views New and very desirable atvles of Stereoscopic Inltrn- menu. STRICKLAND t CO., Booksellers and Stationers, •P" 134 Bait Water street. SIXTH VOLUME WISCONSIN For sale at feblt REPORTS STRICKLAND A 00, 134 East Water street. PIKE'S 1'EAK. A NEW HAP, showing the Route to the Gold Regions In Kansas, just received by STUCK LAND t OO., ''W 134 East Water street NOTICE THE IKSPECTOIt OF FISH, » ttOlNTED by the Common Council of the Olty of J\. Milwaukee, In purcoance of An Act of the Leirlsla- tare, approred March 17,18», hereby gives notice that he Is DOW furnished with the pioper weights and brands for >he due performance of the dntles of his office Bj the aaid "Act" It Is made the duty of all persons dealing In >lsh to give notice to the Inspector to hare tbe same duly Inspected and branded before packing M'. Smith still be found at the New Warehouse of Mesfra. John Furlong * Son, South Water at., Walker's Point, where all notice* are-requesied to be left Milwa-kee, May T, 18». maylO JOHN SMITH, lospector. •.o. aTA> .......................... jis. o. jnrnss. Byan ft Jenkiiu, COUNSKLLORS AT L.AW, MITCHELL'S BANK Corner Rat Water and' Michigan et*.. JfOwavtee. mayo Jaiue« A Swain, OV THE IiATE nsH OF MAG IE & SWAIN, WILL matin at the old aland where he will be pleased to welcome the|patrons of UK: establishment apr33-dtf CHARLES QUENTIN & CO. QDKHTIH * CO., corner of Bast Water \J an4 -won Mreeta, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have for sale Real Estate, In the Olty of Milwaukee, In large or •mall parcels. Building loU In erery Ward ofi b Oltr, of all«l«eaandprtce», for beatoeu orteildenc and on CMJT termB. Alio, small Farms of from 6 to M acre*, near the Olty, for gudealag purposes. Al«o, sereral thonnadt of txrcs of the beat farmlnir lands In Wlscoosln in qnanUUe« to »nit any demand. • fab88 3HAV.E8 ODKNTIB * CO. WEbTERN UNION ,. ; , , ,, : -r-ASD— ; Wisconsin State Teleg^rapb. , , Conttectioa. With all Xines Cast. pHE WiMoBita Bt*M Uee«. ran '(ron> Mllwaokee to X Ls>OrosM,fondil<i Leo and Wupon, on Ballroad Eoatei, Atoo from Kllwankee to JanenlUe, Cbi«n. GUIABD FIRE IJViS. Of Phlladapiiia. CASH »284,'8» T8 J. W, Crnin, A?eut, OIT10E, NO. », MARTIN BLOCK, UP STAIRS, mar29 Milwaukee. Wl.eonsln. MLLLliNERY GOODS. IN LIQUID 1TION in Dr; THA . IMMENSE STOCK Of ;\o. 1 §7 E.'«,! Water Street, MOST BE CLOSED OUT -A.T O3NT OE3! BV 'J'HK ASbIOiNi,K. I KN'l . i ,:Til-U KKTKHK I >IT>.I> S I ATKN II All. A I XI'IJI^S (AAV.}' .47.7. HAIL hol'TR. On ibc I PPEH TI ISSl.SMI'FI II | \ E K, On and Rfter Mroday, April 'J;.l l i Two Through Express Trains Daily, l.KAVK MIl.W AUKKK, ^ROM DKPOT FOOT OF riU-'TNI'T HTRKKT. **:43 A. JI. .ind t5J:4il F. W; Trains ardre at Milwaukee al 9:8O A. M. AND '_>:3O 1'. M- Close conncctkins ar« tnailr at L^Croasc. Twice daily rnqh wny unh Hie -Mm. nf"^!!! l*;tcKil I'oni pan j '* vVrw mid Splendid I nili d Mutr. Mini l.ini of Si.'amI'M l« A; dual St. I'nul and lutermediuii- |n>inli. f3P~ Paasen«rrs, by ;taklnj this route, will nave 1 ill' miles In distance and ^b houn time, from Chicago rtf ; Milwaukee to La Ooeae or 81. Paul, orer any nthej- route. ; •Mondays excepled.' tSundayi eJcepted Milwaukee, April 24,l86» KUWim H. <JOf»DRICH, _apt24 Manager. CHANGE OF TIME O N and after Monday, April «th, traln» on the Mil- <r»nkee, Watertown i\L April, « J, kt -r,ti n i:iitli:i. «l [' >- <jrtn- «. AI I .\< HAHDWAKK i; I AI .\ I l ,\ i I I I i • FAiti-: \< i,! )i ( i- i > NEW YORK&ERi£ RAiLROAU ! f II HE Far- i • < «~-n '."u . •. , ^- - \ .. • , i. Nfw T' i. .» t: - tu.i. • , i. » . i - !. •- ,. • . ,, .'« » 11 I II ^ X \l i . ; H Kprlu OOO OFFli is r HOI' i » M M'. A,r O N ana after April yih, l*.",il, tu.l nr t li r, no pfrKtn - authi r z>-t! i, u nr i- nlract fnr matrr ».. for u,r M..w ,ui (CD Hal rnad wltliout « »-.tten M-r r-,'in ed. bills will l.r p»,.l m.u t',,_, a tl ,i »,-,-,,,. Vonl nuetl w : tli ar j -, r, l -rrr. inm n-jf" monthly inl s C 11. HALL. Oeo'l Ait Slirt.1 aprl« J T UiiODY.'Ua.itrr -f Tr»n- «. I I .11, I V v I , /. "'.I TA XK. t. ii .V I- K I K I I Li _LJI=L •III arrive In Milwaukee n n 4rt(l r. ». an>3-dtf : llaraboo Valley Railroad, , Bargains ma; be aprVJ-atf JOSEPH CAHV, Assignee. O.II'lihTD .N-I : ATfif* ItiAHNHAI.'S SALlT. Lycurgus Edgerton, 1 In the Dnlted States Dis- vl. (trlct Court .District . f Wlnthrop O. Lord and f Wisconsin. George lord. J In Equity. I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made bj tbe Dlstrfct Court D'the United. States for the Dlstrltt of Wisconsin, on the ninth day of May, 1859, In the (above entitled cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, ai the office of the United elates Bar hal In the City of Milwaukee, Jn this lllstricl, on Friday, tbe fifteenth day of July, 18S9,»t three o'clock in Ibe afternoon, the following described property, to wit: **Out lot 'li,' njunber twtntj.-one (21), In tbe village of Wanpacca, In thetJountj of Waupacca and 8t»t« of Wucons-n; also a Efficient qnantlty of Water Power to be taken ont of tbe Wanpacca River, at tbe dam erected across •aid Elver, In tits Tillage of Wanpacoa, to propel three ran of (tones lor flouring purpojet it nil seasons of the Marjhal's Office, Milwaakee, May IT, ISM. . majlS-lairow M. J. THOMAS, U. B. Marsha*. HEW EAST depart ai ___ • B. R. MKRRILU. l>n»X 1859. AND FAVOEITE ROUTE BtTWKKll TH1 HIE \OKTII I;K> TRANSPORTATJON COMPANY WlU, during Ui,- prrienl 8^.1900. run their well known and popular Line of I > AND TH* I lnjf ft 8>-mi- W'etrklj d Ctilrag-n, & PPF.K l. lo" h.-tw^r-r, o Milw»ol(.— an )SWK(T(), i; f, >• i UNITED STATES TO A US IIAIV S SALE Tbe Parmen Loan t Trust Com 1 In the U. 8. Dls- Vtriot Coart fori the District of WlKOnjin. fnKanlty. . The Milwaukee * Superior R .11- road Company, _ Olty of Mawauk^s, John Stewart. Johsnn C. A. ADerdlng, Uhriitian Hahm and I QottfriedTVootKli, J ' ' • I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by the District Oourt of tt» Dnlted States, Tot the District of Wisconsin, "n tbe nineteenth day of March, 1S69, In the'aboTe enti led cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd d«y of August, 1869, at 8 'o'clock la the afternoon, from the slept of the 'Custom -Boole, M tbe 01(7 of Milwaukee, all and singular, the mortgaged- premisCT mentioned In the Hill of complaint In gall ' cause, and described ait "All .the following, present- and In future to be acquired, Teal and personal proper* ty and resl estate ol tbe aaid defendant, (he Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, V at lsto-»»y,' ill 'of tbe flm dtrulon of the Railroad at said Rallrp»d,Conf panjr defendant, from the City of ililwh like*, to -the O|ty of Green Bay in laid State of Wisconsin, a dii- tance of oneWndred -and twenty mllei, Iheludlng' (be rifehtjf way. »n1 land occupied by asid fin* asM road] (snbjeet to the right, title or elalm, whlctrlbe said: .' defendanta . Stewart, Ailerdlng, Daim, ; anu Woptach, J or%ltherofthe4, nUy hire h«tfi»l -ihi *«m* of making said decree, to land upon which sail, Kail. road Company »a* located Mr way t aflS -for- VhleFno compensation has been made to ttamj togethe Ibeanperstraetnrearid traclfthereoB,- and-ail ra from, sitfd all • 'corporate itod eUaes, right* •ad prltilegei »f the tald JUHroad Oomptayinbrte orconcwmlactheeame." ;<<-„ 3.- ;i v™* ,-.-. ...^ Mar»nal > » Ofioe, Milwaukee, Wltj-ATirll fl, 16B» •' •' H --,Jf. f THOMAS. - Dnlted?t4t«» Itenlwl. DUtrlct of WUcWln. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R <Now openeM lo Lake MichlfraD.; Siwi/t Ltnf-f restart Fir*t-i'Lau steamer*, 'City of Cleveland," & "Cleveland," (Thoroughly (edited for this route.) O N AND APTEB MDtiDAT, June Cth, 18S9, Pas* •enger Trains illl run as follows : * <*OIN;« WKST: Line < ork. tiujj. Bridge, depart. •Detroit, depart •Oswego' arr.rer St. Johns, arrive Grand Rapids, arr.. . 'tirand Haven, arr.. Milwaukee, arrive .. Mall, r. M. no A. M 7:0(1 10:611 r. H. 12:10 8:10 5:01) 1. •. 2:51 Milwaukee, depart... •Grand Haven, dep Brand Rapids, arr.. St. Johns, arrive Owosso, arrive •Detroit, arrive Bus. Bridge, arrive... Mall i xpr'i r. M. 8.-00 * at. 8:00 . 4.-SO 6:40 . 7:55 il:40 r. at. Mlird. 4:20 r. • 2:80 Noon. 12:00 allied. a. m. dep't 5:80 11.-24 4:00 Nljtht Kxpress. . . «. 8:00 | 11 80 i Noon. 12:0.1 Night Kipr'i. Noon 10:30! A. • 1:1BT 2:SO- 6:in; A. slJ •Refreshments— Hotel In Depot at Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 r. «.— for Saturday Nlcbt's K»)>re8l passengers west, but 3 A. ». train wilt n JT leave o a Sundays. Trami leaTe termini qally, Son days excepted. THE TELEGRAPH LINK Is now open for Poauo lio- , AT DETROIT4&RBAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all points East-j-MlCUlGAN OKNTdAL and- KUOBIOAN BOOTBESN RAILROADS, and CLKVK-; LAND Line of Steamen, _ AT eRAlVD HAVE!*—With "HURON Steamer for OHICAOOrSa, *c. _ 1 AT niLWACJICEK—With the MISSISSIPPI,; LA CEoesK, OHiOAoa, WATKRTOWN ana BOKI-I CON RAILEOADS, for ill Important points West and! florthwejt, and on Mlaiiislppl River, and with Steamers' for Port* on Lake Ulchljiu. : ' Paaengen for Great Western Railway go on tbe Rail- w»y »K«T STatHM, »t D. «t M. R. Dock, leaving' Dock at 8rtO A X, IS.-floaioon and T:SO r .». *! NIGHT TRAINS hafe SLEEPING CABS attached. Tbe Company's Time-ITables can be had^iit any of tbe: TT. _jt. HtlilH. flen'IBap't. ,•' WBiraui t Foasra, Ticket Agenti, ISO Zut Waatr iff Wai. QiABaH, Freight Agent at Ootnoany's Dock. H. 0. Wrteoi D. A V. R. Offices, Ji General Wettern Agent, ne, 1659 Je9 , . , ... Oowb, YanJset Ifotiont and Clothing, A T Hood's Auction Soom*, No. 4 Spring street, o n Thonday morning,' June 9th, at 10 o'clock, I will : t of Staple md t ao ' ' 1 Oswef i i nrta, coODt^'lD(( at O^dt-Diburif^i •rrtJ'i ill* 1 I OODENStlURGU t. VERMONT CENTRAL j ROUTE, Between O(rdensburgh. Burllnjvin. Co> ehe»tej, Na»hua, Lawrrnce, Lowell. "A" t Boston, and at Oiwefro wnn the New Os< Ililrty First Class Oanal Boaunn the hlnli I between • 1 Uatveg-o.BTrny, (Albany \ >«• ; , Ooonecuog also at Duniilrk vith XEW YORK AXD KhlK R.ilLRnAlt, : And forming a Tri-Weekly Railroad Une between Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago. l^sV Property forwarded riv this Line will be aobjeot to but One Transhipment. SlerrhandU marked ">. T. « O. KX. win be forwarded from Nrw York hy an i f^rriyhJ Train over the Aeir Y»rt .f AVi> And promptly forwarded from PunkirkJ APHI>^ TO ; J. MTUP, A(tent S. T C..., Ill Broadway, New York. i J. L. Wiuu, Agent N T Co., 8 C<cntles slip New Tr.rk. j CHAS. S. TAPFAS. corner 6th and OhesTiut it., Phlta. • Uovar t CuAWrimo, On»i-»ro N V. i 8. U. CALDWELL, Agent, Danliirk, N. V. ' CBAHBUUH, Ca-Awroan M Co , iVveland, o. j lost Bocanio, Agent N. T. Co., S4 State st.| Boston. : A. OoaHaua, Agent V. C. Line, 108 State «., Boston. i J. P. CBtTRCH, Agent, Rouse's Point, N T. . Os». PAEIU, Agent,Oplensburgh, N. V I L. J. UIBUT, Milwaukee, WIs., office LaOrosae k M R. R. Depot. J. H. OltAWFOHD, i ., , , ,„ << if. J. IIALK, } Milwaukee, WUconsln, ; Office near M. A M. R. R. Depot, j N. B.—Shippers are requested to lee one of the above Agents before making contracts, aj the; are prepared to oBer very iow rates, and their connections with the Pgdenaburgb and Oswego roaUs, and especially with the New York * Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed fjaclllttes for cheap and speed*y transportation. i mar!8-<]4m—tastwlaw K E M () V A L .J nil \ \. R A 1 I, I Ha Ml.] I •>!! KAST ./. A. Bi 1 1 \f <U'' ri il L,- Tls ,.|,l ,1^ « A T 1-. II «,«,»«••. rry i \>\ I M'-r,i r<< JVTo. }• INK I' O K 1 li .\ 1 1 .-, K I-. I ihat h, 1 H now j,r^par-l itrable Itjle of Kirture knu tt auch A5tuun«lknK Low Kr lor example, u> -he public w. furnish tjiem ild ev-^y !.• ATLA.NTK ( AHLK • PIBA.LEi\'S BOOT*. i'JHfc: OKNUINE AKTIOJ.K. i MANUFACTURED ny I J O B N PHALBN, fJTHE only one aathoriied to manufacture the ahro~ M. named: Boots, at : 78 CAST WATE« STHF.irr. • Tbe Pbalen Boot li one of the most unique and e e- ffant roverrogs for the feet tbit has ever been invented. They are mfcde of tbe best of stock and'most Qnishe i Workmanship, and are warranted to cure Corns, Bun- Ipns, Swelled Feet, Swelled liead, Rhuoiatlam, Gout, I Rernember that the Safe Agent for these last Invented Boots In. this City, Is to be found at Ti Eut Water st., where, a'so ( "may be found a general assortment of ' BOOTS & SHOES, «A1TER>, &«., ir Gentleman and Ladles that there hi In this market' msnnfaeinrM under the supervision of thesnnscrl- ner, ; [may2S] JOHN PilALKN. f.c Bliti ^ Pleasure Excursions. 1 BROUKUAI '** M,\E j —OF— . - • ' • HACKS. —OF- OMNIJ&tfSSES AND P ARTIESlwlshlnr to engage Hacks or Omnibuses for tbe patpoM of vUitlng the O .rdens or for Pie Nlo Partle», can be supplied wiU>,Bnt claij vehlelei on ih.. shortest notice cad mo,t reaioeable *t«rmj. A line of OAnlbussa will commence running on the lit of Jane for Pores* Bom«, tearing Van'i corner at 9 A.». and tit. si. Tin Omnlboi for Wauwatoaa le»ve» Van Cott's T.B80CKWAT, . Tootoftfanaitrict. S5af5a» Dagnerrotypc* lor I'-ik t u. tii.i. MZI-: I'tiurtx.KAi'iis ..nly 41.IHI tfte Orst .in^. *n<l ,'«lc fnr Ui.- l>upr.- ,1 In fact every other k slyle of Pl.-turr. »t cnrr- ponding low prices MIPKUIAL FI1UT»<;H A PUS, rifil In either Oil or Water Color*, «n I tiniah.- the litRhest ftyle of the Aru3 •r ii F. NT i; i-: i ot \ 1*1 . I Al. I'NfL. \^ ll.l! 1. 11 1 I Kl A I ( t I 1ST U \\. ii. . i « .- r O O •* i J- ,• r I A 4 A ut-w Mid popular style ol" I'lcture, Lutortjd at ij'', which far excels in Accuracy, Bultlnt"^ nn-1 H^jtuty .< !inlsh,»ny othrr Plctare erer offered to thr Puhru- These Pictures have only to be seen to be aiJnure-t. All who we Je^lrotu of saving money are respectfully !tollritei1 to call and examine Specimen* u iht- 01<( Hlar.d, A'o. 186 S'Ut Water *trt*t, JfU>r<tu*<-s, irUom^n W. K. BAVLKY Au.iii.fc. to lh*» Pr ucipal I «\vn* ... M I •N M 1 i; u < I'l , I ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOR $30 The powerful Iron Steamships 01T? OP BALTIMORE, CITY OP WA.JIIINOTO* 1 . KANGAROO, Will tall from New fork for Cork direct tnJ then.-s to Liverpool, f^- 1 rjfi Y A L TSBSA TE SA TUBJ) J r _j»3 Tbe om'OPMANCllESTKR anj V1QO will .all from BKLPAST and COHK to New York once a Month Bate of Passage from New York To Cork, Liverpool and the principal townn in IRELAND, BNQLAKD »ID SCOTLAND Cabin, *75 T&lrd Olasa »SO. JJJT Passengers forwarded to Havre, Antwerp, Bremen anil Hamburg for $:B In Cabin, |31 Third Glass. TO PARIS On 21 hours from LI>et pool,) Cabin |8S; Thlr i Claai, $38. Penoni wishing to send for their friends can obtain CirUncatca of -paoage from CORK or B&LfAST to NEW YOaK for |30, froo UTBRPOOL »40. For paaaga apply toB. J. Cortis * Co., 17T Broadway, (<. Y., John e. Dale,IB Broadway, N. Y., or to SIUOTUT • ARNBY, Milwiuiee, Wisconsin. .1. B.—Panengirs »y tula Una avoid Uu risk and delay of calling a* Halifax and 8tjohoa. " T IIIK puOlir n »nd m.,9t Hi | lil iptt..)) I" '-'hurchfj, urny^ its ,uprrionly use. !• l« unlike ill hrlllta.u, eeon-imirjii. wtmt i^ more, rnnr.-l> ilon ApulY 11 ; l i \ .N *• rn t t- f V I JDIIN if. .8 o ! Il ;» |NJ>KJ r-.N 1 i» I.;nii]>. If^T. , nl i nu [[, A tr-al II' liir, k '^r -f illuD.M »N'S. r <> . i- i. SKKPS OUN3TANTLT on h"»u.. . inr^r naortmen •it Mahogany, Ulacit Walnut .in.l jtrirr \V,M,.I UodSQs,to^ {ether with flsk'a iletallo llorial Casm. The offlcu of the ffor-st Uume Ceinrtery ilompany Is »t my plain, where i hA7e the plats of the grounds. 1 m always ready to -iccompany patrons to the Cemfr- |r«J> to select lota or places for burial, and can he found placo of business Jay or alght. Ooffln TMm- ania or all «in Ij for lalts ie'^6 fljllllo place -n bay Srocerl m^ i is at UONN good aruole, in storei for sale. LAITON -* Pi

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