The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 18, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 7

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1939
Page 7
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1939. \ Dress Or Suit Make It For Fall f Style No. 2727 is designed for sizes 12, 14, 16, 36, 38 and 40. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15 cents), for this PATTERN. FALL FASHION MAGAZINE 10 cents extra. All orders for th* Daily Mail Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion Dept, Hagerstown Daily .Mail, 121 West Nineteenth Street, New York City. WE WOMEN By BETTY BRAINERD Console Your Partner "Dear Betty Brainerd: "I am a girl of 17 the youngest oC seven children. I am In. love with J, also 17 and who has been married but only lived with his wife a short time. He has no job and no prospects for one but he wants me to marry him next month. Mother made me promise her I would wait another year. J was with me all the time, staying at our house, until father told him to go home and come to see me only once or twice a week. My mother didn't like that and said she would leave my father and go with J and me, thus rushing our marriage date. "My mother would leave a good husband aud a good daddy who is a good provider, has given us a good home and cared for us all of these years! My daddy is ill over this and also worried about his father who is at the point of death. He can't sleep and my mother even refuses to go to see his father who only lives a short distance away from us! I need your advice about what to do. * * * "Worried Daughter." Dear "Worried Daughter": You go to see your grandfather as often as possible and do everything within your power to lessen the worry oC your father. Your mother is heartless but you must not tell her this or criticize her for that would only start unpleasant arguments. Show her up by summer day ! Copr; 10.V> hy Company FRESH A newly-perfected inner container now brings Kellogg's Corn Flakes to you fresher ... crisper... more tender than ever before! Just taste 'em now! TOMATO FETE PLANS READY Special Division To Mark Pageant At Berkeley Springs. Plans are being made for the miniature division of the Tomato Festival parade to be held on Mon day afternoon, September 4, a Berkeley Springs, W. Va. Business places are being canvassed bj members of the Morgan County Ki wants Club to secure entries. The cbminittee in charge of thi section of the parade is composed of: R. Leslie Hunter, Henry Gor rell, Dr. E. H. Willard, Joe L Young, P. C. Yost, Price Clark and S. L. Edler. The same committee •will also have charge of the busi ness pertaining to securing the major float which will be entered by the organization. The miniature section was one of the high-lights of the parade last Labor Day, and all indications point to the division being much larger and more elaborate this year. Bobby Hawvermale, son of J. J. Hawvermale, has been named marshal of the division. There will be a miniature queen's float and a princess float. Already a number of business firms have signified that they will enter floats. Approximately thirty are expected, • with each of the following club- members being held responsible for securing one float: Fred Newbraugh; Henry Miller, Jr., S. S. Buzzerd, C. L. Hunter, "W. Jack Hunter, Irvin Michael, Ray Rice, William Shipley, James R. S. linger, Dr. E. H. Willard, P. C. Yost, Joe L. Young, Rodwell Sollison, Carl Johnson, C. S. Trump, Millard Dunham, J. J. Hawvermale, C. B. Osmond, Jack Proctor and Henry Gorrell. J. A. Dulny has been named chairman of a committee in charge of flags and banners for the miniature division. Fred Newbraugh, president of the club, stated that parents with any children under six who they desired having participate In this part of the parade should contact the general committee. Cash awards will be given for the best floats. your loving devotion to yoxtr good father and grandfather. Sooner or later your mother will regret her cruel unconcern and learn that we cannot do wrong in this world without paying for it. Heed your father and not your irresponsble mother. Under no circumstances marry J—he is unftt in every way for you. He is too young, he has made a failure of one marriage at the age of 17 and now has the nerve to wreck another young girl's life, by suggesting marriage to her! Such impudence! What would you two live on? You can't live in a tree and eat grass! You can't use leaves for dresses or pay doctors and dentists with pebbles! And you can't add to the financial burden of your father by expecting him to support a worthless son-in- law—or expect happiness should J take you to his parents to live. So I beg of you to cast J out of your life and seek responsible, decent boy friends. BETTY BRAINERD. * * * Grin And Endure Mother-In-Law Dear "Worried Sue": You are pursuing the right tactics with>our mother-in-law but I urge you not to let her hurt your feelings by ignoring whatever she says or does to do so. Of course she is wrong and you are right and realizing this should give- you the necessary courage to ignore her interfering ways. We all have burdens in this world and how we face them and conquer them is what counts. I suggest you discuss your plans of what you intend to do the next day in the presence of L and his mother. Tell him you expect to see So-and-So and then turn to her and ask her if she would like to so. If she refuses and later when L Is not about changes her mind tell her you are delighted to have her. Try rushing her with invitations to do this and that before L. Let him know in a subtle way that sh© wants to do whatever you do. Make plans for your children to go on outings and ask her if there Isn't anyone she would like to ask. If you continue to quote what she wants to do and what she says about this and that in her presence and in L's he will see things as they are. But it will take time. Let such remarks as this slip out before your husband and his mother: "I was going to see Mrs. X but mother (or whatever you call her) didn't want to go. I would like to see Mrs. X but you don't seem to like her, do you mother? I think it would be nice to walk to Blanks for a picnic with the children but that would be too long a walk for you, wouldn't it mother?" . . . There are so many ways of calling L's attention to- the fact that you can move without the consent of his mother or without her if you will be subtle about it You can't come out and call her a pest, a nuisance and a would- be trouble-maker—all of which she is but you can drag her name so much into the conversation before him that L will want to get away from his mother's domination Try it, BETTY BRAIXERD. SEVEN MILLION TIN HATS, ORDERED BY MAR S—Intended for the use of British »ir raid wardens and other* who must be outside durinf a bombing attack, 1,000,000 tin hats are beta* produced at plant in Dajrenham, Essex, U. S—British Pulchritude Of The Courts Two of the players participating In the national doubles championships at Brookline, Mass., take time out fom their tennis to enjoy a cool dip In a pool. Famed for their beauty as well as their ability, they are Kay Stammers (left) of England and Sarah Palfrey Fabyan (right) of the U. S. of west-end traffic, even though it is greater than on week days. The officials said "thoughtless, careless, Joy-riding and sometimes inexperienced" drivers apparently were greatly to blame. The Horoscope Friday, August 18, 1939 Uncertainties and lack of foresight may affect business men under this configuration, according to astrology. Adverse aspects rule until late in the afternoon. Good new* for the United States may be expected this evening. The radio may announce a great honor for the nation which will continue as foremost of world powers. Unwelcome immigrants may be received through governmental policies that will cause criticism, but the talents of refugees will bring great benefits to our nation. This is not a favorable rule under which to make new friends. Secret agents may be numerous in factories and places of business. Saturn will be in the seventh house of the nation's horoscope, an omen of acute troubles in foreign lands and a portent of war in Europe. Perils from within, are forecast for the United States. Many organizations, secret as well as public, will evolve 'independent policies that will clash with the principles of democracy. This year and next are believed to be • affected by sinister aspects. Action to make the Panama Canal invulnerable is advocated by tho seers. Our certain war with Germany is a trade war for South American commerce, and warning is- given that secret pacts may cause the United States heavy losses. Persons whose birthdate it is have the augury of a year of average good fortune. It ig wise for both men and women to be reticent regarding personal matters. Children born on this day probably will be gentle, ambitious and intelligent. These subjects of Leo like to dress well and may be extravagant. They are generally fortunate all through life. STATE FIREMEN START COURSE COLLEGE, PARK, Aug. 18.—Half a hundred volunteer firemen from all over th-e State, selected to talie the> Deputy Fire Marshal's Training Course, met Thursday for a two- day school session. The Training School Is sponsored jointly by the Maryland State Insurance Commissioner's Office and the Fire Service Extensioa Division of the College of Engineering. J. W. Just, Extension Service Director, is in charge of the program. f KEEP COOL ] with these NEW FRANKS t : j;u ^{Xi-ft-^y^fwv^ CORKHILL Tenderized FRANKFURTS HAS HOPE —Financier Jules Bache (above), back in U. S. after a three-month survey of Europe, declared "I can't believe there'll be a war. Hitler has 80,000,000 Germans in his vest pocket: he doesn't want to lose them to gain 300,000." DEATH TAKES NO WEEK-END HOLIDAY AUSTIN, Tex., (#>). — Careful study of traffic statistics indicates the "Sunday driver" is responsible for a good share of Texas traffic deaths. Texas state police officials said that of nfiT traffic deaths the first five months of 1.039, 279 occurred on wpek-ends. They said this was out of a]l proportion to the volume EYE OPENER for breakfast Start the day right with rich, refreshing tomato juice. Made from famous vine- ripened Jersey tomatoes. Equally tasty at lunch or dinner. Hurtf Send pen name and real name in every letter. All communications ar« confidential. Betty Brainerd. j 680 Madison Ave., New York City, j Los Angeles has started giving ; police tags to motorists moving too j slowly on Wilshire boulevard, aj main traffic artery, I HURFF TOMATO JUICE UNIT NO. 30 OF THIS BEAUTIFUL SOFT IVORY 110 PIECE DINNER SET -IN- 22 CARAT GOLD Enough Units On Hand For Everyone UNIT NO. 30 CONTAINS THREE SOUP PLATES. This is the last time Soup Plates will be on tale. Be sure to get yours now. YOU CAN START TODAY TO BUILD UP A BEAUTIFUL SERVICE AND ... 5 Coupons Entitle You to An Ensemble Unit Here'* the Plan ! S IMPLY clip a coupon each day until you have Five . . present them together with 49 cents at any one of OUT redeeming stations . . . and receive the current unit of this beautiful Hollywood Dinner Set offered for that week. Each ensemble unit includes three <S) pieces . . . except for a few weeks when units will include two (2) largt pieces or four (4) smaller pieces. This continue* «ac* week until yon have completed the entire set of 110 pieces!

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