The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 16
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PACK SIXTEEN. THfc. HUTCHINSON NEWS. SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1923. AUTOMOBILE IUNG AGAIN that's our business. Sooner or later every car needs the cylinders reground. We extend to all car owners a cordial invitation to visit our shop—see our equipment and inspect the quality of our work. Welborn & Rose Auto-Machine Co. 7 ond <•> S. Walnut. Phono 468 Hutchinson, Kansas — TIME TALES1 MORE TALES OF CUFFY BEAR BYiARTHUR SCOTT BAILEY^ a es a a a n a • a B S S H IB ta a s a H a a a'Un m n • • a a • R • • a sa • a g t Is a Good Plan I to have the plumbing Uiroiifrhout your home, inspected at least H once ft yeac. * Your heating plant should be cleaned out and filled with p f;c?h water. Warm weather is the best time to have this done. • A few repairs made now, will piescnt damage and greater J| expense later on. jj "TAKE A TIP FROM TORCHY" u Call us now and avoid the rush next fall. Jj n m n B * Phone 281 417 No. Main. B • RBHEraBBBeeEHHHEKiaHnHEiaHHBBBlKEKBHHHaBlBBSi Kitzmiller Plumbing Co. CHAPTER XVIIt. ' | Mr. Bear Runs From Danger. If Outfy Bear's father hadu't been so angry ovor the loss of a fow choice grubs, ho would never have dared 'to strike down his hugo friend, Big Foot nor cry to his three other friends, "Who's next?" Almost instantly a queer look came ovor Mr. Hoar's faco; for <thoy all three roared at Lho same -time, "I ami" Now, this was more than Mr. Bear had eiqiectud. It startled—and even troubled—htm. But ho put on a 'bold front. "I'll take the biggest fruit," lie salt} iu his grands at manner. "I'm the big-Rest!" cried each of the throe, rushing at Mr. Bear. Hal/ hidden among the young spruces at the edge of .the clearing, Oufry Hoar had boon watching this affair. He saw his father dodge and jump over a fallen tree. Thoro was no doubt that Mr. Bear didn't intend to fislit his three friends all at tho same time. Then began a chase all about the little cleared place, on the side bl iiluo Mountain. Smm fearsome. ;;rowbi Cuffy had never beard before. And when Big Feot picked himself up from tlie sjK )t wh<-ro Mr. Bear 'had knocked him all but senseless, there came tho loudest, deepest, fiercest iirowl of all. When Cliffy Bear's father heard it he turned his head and took oue hasty look behind him. He saw Big Foot lumbering towards hii .i. But clumsy as that giant bear was. ho moved swiftly. Mr. Bear saw that his four friends had suddenly become four enemies. And he decided that ho wouldn't stay in that nek-.hborhood any lender. He had come there, (so ho had told, his family) on important business. All at once other—and more Important business seemed to call -him homo. • Mr. Bear made three great, loaps straight toward the sprues thicket where his son Cuffy was lurking. •'My gracious!" Ouffy thought. "I don't want Father to find mo hero." »o Cuffy did the first thing that popped Into his head. He grave the gruffest, grouchlest growl ho kuow how to give. His father heard It and swerved aside. "Tho -woods are full of 'em," Cutty heard him mutter. And then ildn't wash your clothes in dirty water— nor clean them in The "LEWIS-WAV deans Clothes by "The Running Stream System in clean, fresh, high-test gasoline— 4IKRII isn't any question but that some day you will call the I.KWIS-WAY io have your clothes cleaned; then you'll wonder why you haven't done it sooner. You'll marvel at the hotter R'rade of workmanship; the quicker, more dependable and more careful service. 1.KW1S DRY CLEANING is n remarkable achievement, and will add much to your enjoyment of wearing well-kept doilies. The old system of churning clothes for thirty minutes in llie same old gasoline—gasoline that keeps getting dirtier anil dirtier with each turn of the tub—can't clean cl'iihes thoroughly, even if you should rinse them. ] .h.\Y 1S-WAY (.'leaning provides for clean, fresh, high- test gasoline flowing into the tub from the top, passing through the clothes and flowing - out of the tub at the bottom. You can't imagine what a difference the LEWLS- WAY will make in your clothes. Send in a trial garment — see how wonderful it will look—note how sweet and clean it smells. And remember, there is a difference in mir cleaning, and of those who try to clean them in dirty gasoline. Other''Lewis-Way'' Advantages That You'll Enjoy ll'hind the I.BWiS WAY syt-tem of Dry (Meaning there is tliat honor of true cra.fUmuushlp that mako .-i for the ideal tn achievement and secures better standards. Wo guarantee every piece uf work w-n do. if wo can't do it right wo won't tako the. job. if you aro invited out at "the last minute," call us by phono; toll us o!" ycur need for haste, and wo will have your dress or suit hack to you at tho given hour. You can use the LMW1S-WAY, from any part of tho stitto and receive the sumo prompt serried as tlioii'-'.h you lame to our etoro. (live us a "ring" today— got out your old cluthos— or, If you are 'thinking of hnusoeloanlni; time, ro- mc ::ii >".r, v.'e are propn:o;l and equipped 10 liundlle yenr curtains, draperies tn a true l.FWISWAY entailer. Out of Town Customers Served by Parcel Post Lewis Bldff. 22 Flrat East HUTCHINSON, KANSAS Phone 1333 Tlie woods MO full ef 'em." Cuflli hca:rd him muttc*.. Mr. Hear went crashing Into the forest, out of sight, with his fou-r late frieuds galloping after him. It was plain to Cuffy that his father had staitod for homo. But instead of going back the way be came, Mr. Bear hail keyt on around tho mountain. Cliffy did not care to follow him any •farther. Ho bud no wish to meet auy one of the four angry .gentlemen that wero cluisiug bis father. So he set forth along hlH buck-t.rar.ka, which he knew would lead him to the family den. "I've had a very pleasant trip, BO far," be thought happily. Copyright, 1928, by the - Metropolitan Newspaper Service, New York. (Tomorrow: A few things that Cuffy Bear's Father does not understand.) RAYMOND MAN'S COW HAS SECOND TWINS Four Fine Heifers in 2 Years Her Record—Had Safe and Sane Fourth. ' Raymond: P. T. Coats has a fine cow of which he may be justly proud! Last year she Rough him twin heifers, both living now, and a few days ago the same Bossy (Genera:-:! again gave birth to a pair of fine iwin heifers which bid fair to follow In the same lueeraUro footsteps as their very splendid mother. Bert Millers will finish cutting wheat next weok. Hert Gibson is cutting wheat for 1 Cm Hi and Froelich this year. Mrs. Ellen Budroe and daughter, Miss Gertrude, from Kalamazoo, Micb., cousins of MTB . Froclieh, also MiBS Veluia Vincent and Mrs. Eva Vincent from Allien visited visited at Froo- lleh's on Saturday. Out on Route Two wo certainly celebrated the "Fourth" in a "safe and snno" way: there woro no fire-works, fire crackers or even torpedoes, for all, old and young wero {idling in the wheat fields, and Incidentally, fighting 1 flies and mosquitoes which seem a greater menace this year than ovor i before, an<l as for the women folk, \ they too wero so busy concocting pies i anil cukes and sausage links for the i hungry men that cognizance of the \ calendar seemed impossible. Here's hoping that we can at least catch a glimpse, of Old Giory next year, for we as n nation should never lose sight of Independence Day or fail to celebrate aright. Mrs. Owen Gilchrist in helping her daughter, Mrs. Wilbur Groves, through harvest. Wilbur Groves, one of Raymond's successful wheat crowers will finish his 350 acre harvest next week, ho cut with a binder for a few days, then the header begun cutting wide swatho s through the filils, and following closely in its wake tlie big tractor, plowing I the-soil for the next years' crop. Roy Malicoat, a cousin of K. T. Coats, from Springfield. Mo., is helping thorn through harvest. Mrs. Mary Bennett and Mrs. Bert Gibson visited at the V. A. listabrook '• home on Sunday ufteruoon. Mr. and Mrs. H. Hasten attended the Fourth of July celebrations at Sterl- j on Wednesday v Mr. and Mrs. Tha'ddeus Miller, their daughter Miss Mabel, and little Miss Chine Cay wood visited at Bert Millers on Sunday. WILL SOOTKNOW IF TONKAWA WELL IS DRY Store Hours—8 to 5. Saturdays—8 to 9 July Clearance Sale Men's Three-Piece Suits $30 to $35 Suits Now 'mf% $23 $40 to $45 Suits Now $50 to $55 Suits Now Copyright 1923 Halt Schaffuer & Marx This sale includes our best clothing by Hart Schaffner & Marx and other fine makes— wonderful values— NUSSBAUM'S Established 1887 See Our vVindows The drilling of the oil v,:ell In the T..nikawa field in winch a number of Hutchinson men aro Interested wlU soon bo completed, according to Frank Hopper, who is in charge of the drilling. Mr. Hoppor was hero today on business. He stated that a large showing of tjas was found In tho woll but they are trying to go on down below tlie present depth which Is 2,800 .foot. At tho present time some under reaming Is belns dono and lho we-11 will be drilled on down at least 30 mor<» fo«t. "Within only a short time we will know whether "there is any oil In the •wull or not," stated Mr. Hopper. Saturday evantn* dauc* Stevens pouda 6-tf. ^HURCHEL First United Brehtren Church. Corner Fifth and Walnut streets, It. C. Itussell, minister. 9:15 a.m. Bible school with classes fnr all ages; 11:00 a. m. morning worship with sermon by the pastor; ',.00 p. m. Senior Christian Fudeavor; S:C0 p. tu. usual evening inspiration service. Monday: 8:00 p. m. Official Board meeiiiig, Wednesday: b:ttO p. in. Mid-week Bible study and prayer service. Thursday afternoon: Women's Aid. Friday: 7:30 p. in. choir practice. Irwin Memorial Presbyter!*** Church. Corner Fifth and Severance, W. S. Steele, minister. I'ublic u-nrsliip 11 a. in. and S p. m. Morning llieine "Tho Appte : —It's Touching." Kvening Theme "f/ife's Supremo Opportunity." Sunday school (1:45 a. m.; Junior C F. 4 p. m.; Konlor 0. F. 7 p. m.; Prayer mooting Wednesday S p. in.; Ladles Circle Thursday 2 p. m. First Church of Christ, Scientist. Services are held in church edifice, corner..of Main and Fourteenth streets, .Sunday morning at 11:00 o'clock. Subject: "Sacrament." Sunday school is held at 9:30 A. M. The Wednesday eevning testimonial aervlce at 8 o'clock. The public is cordially. Invited. Tho public reading room maintained by the church is In room C20 llora- baugh-AVUey building. This room is open every week day from 11 A, M. to 5 F. M. United Presbyterian Church. N. C. Davidson, pastor. Morning U. C. Uavidsou, pastor. Morning Helpbrlnger." Hlblu acliool at 0:45. ih the evening at S o'clock tho choir will give a special program ot vocal aud instrumental music. Full Gospel Mlslon (Pentecostal) D02 Ave F east. Children's meeting every Sunday at D:-t5 a. in.; Preaching every Sunday at 1,0:30 a. in. and 7:30 p. m., also every Tuesday aud Thursday at •& p. m. B. II. Alber, pastor. Theme, "The Gift of The Holy Spirit." Prayer mooting Wednesday night at 8 p. m. The Church of Cod. "The little church with tho big welcome." CJiapel Fourth and Poplar. Bible school 9:15 a. m.; preaching by tho pastor at 11 a. in. and 8 p. m.; young people's assembly, 0:30 p. m.; Mid-week prayer service S p. m. Wednesday; cottage meeting 8 p. tn. Friday with llro. Mattlson, 121 Bigger St. West. Elldor, C. S. McAllister. The Calvary United Brethren Church 500 Ave. A west, O. 1'. Oarlock, minister. Bible school 8:45 a. tn., classes for ail ages; sermon 11 a. m.; Junior 2:30 P. M.; Intermediate C. B. 7 p. in.; Senior C. B. 7 p.. m.; Alumni C. K. 7 p. m.;choir practice Tuesday 8 p. in.; prayer meeting 8 p. m., Wednesday; Ladles Aid Thursday 2 p. in. First M. E. Church. Corner of First and Walnut, pastor, Rev. H. L. George. Bunilay school at 9:30; morning services at 11:00, sermon by tho pastor, subject "Glorying in tho Cross;" Anthem, "Abide With Mo." Solo part by Mrs. Frank Itussell. Epworth and high school, leagues at 7:00. The Epworth league will bavo a "Fellowship Hour" each Sunday evening, beginning at 6:15, which will continue for tour weeks, during tho contest. Hvonlng eervlce at 8:00. -Sor- mon by the pastor, subject, "Twice- Born Gentlemen." Anthem, "Savior, Thy Dying Love." WE HOPE FOR YOUR NEW HOME YOU'VE PLANNED-] THE FINEST PLUMBiNS IN THE LANDl Ebersole Plumbing Co. Phone 545 121 W. 14th Flmt Evangelical Churoh. Tenth and Jefferson, M. J. Stein- meU, pastor, 211 Eleventh 'West. Sunday school at 9:45. Classes for all grades;sermon at 11 o'clock, subjeot, "The Holy Spirit and Hl« Work," The LettrueB will inoet at thetr reapectiive time and places. 'Worship at 8 p. u>., St. Paul Methodist Church. Sunday school, 9:45; church 11:00, Rev. ,17 F. Irwin will preach; Kpworth League 7:00; Preaching 8:00, Rev. D. M. Yotter will preach. Special music by the two choirs and the orchestra. Samuel W. Keller, pastor. South Hutohlnson Churoh of Christ. 3. B. MeCJuiro, minister, A. P. Nelson, Bible School Supt. Bible School 9:45 a .31,; Oorniaunloit and services 11:00 a. m. Service by Gddeon Gospel Team. Junior 0. IS. 8:30 p. m.; Alumni and young people C. B. 700 p. in. PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28* N. Main Phone 2659 Gas for Extraction Hutchinson Liberal PARTS AND BKRVtCB RUSSKU. H. MILL KM. Mar. Chen. 8S10 IOC N. Bl* Christian Endeavor, throo societies meeting. 8:00 sermon, "Can A Christian Belong to Tlie Klau?" An Impar« tlal judge says "We must either tolerate: fellowship or abolish every such movement." Lets think together. First Christian Churoh. Harvey Baltor Smith, minister. SsM Bible classes lor all ages, religious education In action. 11100 term on, "Treasures In Sata Keaplnc." 7(00 Pllnrlrn Churoh. Corner Fifth and, Baker. Sunday school 10:45; preaching 11; lOvnngO" llstlo service 7; 45 p. m.; o.ottaga prayer mootiing Tuesday evening ai home of Mr. and Mrs, Downing, 801 Bast Klgbth; mid-week prayer meet lug at church Thursday evening | o'dook. H. L. Bolter, pastor. It's Quite a difficult taak to find « «na» *f» la too modest— AtcuUoH

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