The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 9, 1966 · Page 15
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 15

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1966
Page 15
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u Wednesday. March 9, 1966 Tonight On Television MIGHT Sports Wortd Lost In Space Viewpoint On Mental Health Patty Duk* Arts USA Beverly Hillbillies Blu. Light I Bob Rope Theater GRETA Report Green Acres BJ« Valley 8:30 Q China. — The Awakened Giant Dick Van £>yk* (12:00 0 Merv Griffin 12:55 (B Cor-avvay Comment* XHiaunAY MOJWWG Marcfc » 6:10 O Sign On 6:15 Q Accounting; 6:25 ID Sign On 638 IB Sign On 6:30 (D Sunrise Semester Q9 Cadet Don 7:00 O Today Q) Weather. Surfing, I Spy Danny Kay* Lone Hot Summer New* 9:00 10:00 ffi Newm 00:30 €} Johnny Carson CD Movie ffi Far Away Places 11:00 CD Theatre 13 Milk Prices Are Good CHICAGO (AP) — Dairy farmers will receive some of the best prices they have ever had in 1966, says the general manager of the Pure Milk Association, A. L. McWiliiams. He told the association's 41st 1 annual meeting better prices m : 2S jj| News would come "if we just use a | n ; 3Q £) Let's Play Post Office ,12:55 1:00 IB Morning N*w« 7:25 O Weather 7:30 8 Today Ql Morning Show {£} Cadet Don 8:25 & News 8:30 Q Tortay JO Captain Kangaroo IB Kitty's Corner 3:00 €2 Eye Guess QJ I Love Lucy © Jack La Lanne 9:25 O News 9:30 O Concentration CD McCoys C9 Girl Talk 10:00 O Morning Star (D Andy of Mayberry ffl Super Market Sweepstakes 10:30 & Paradise Bay <Q Dick Van Dyke © Dating Game 11:00 ® Jeopardy QJ Love of Life © Donna Reed little restraint and don't overboard with production." School Taxes G. L. BENNETT. school district tax assessor-collector will speak on taxes and collection in a "Know . Your Schools" program at 9:30 ajn. Wednesday at Stephen F. Austin Elementary SchooL Search For Tomorrow f9 Father Knows Best 11:45 ID GuiJding Light 11:55 & NBC News THURSDAY AFTEKNOO2* 13:00 O Midday with Ginny Pace fil News © Ben Casey 12:30 & Let's Make a Deal Q) As The World Turns News The -Days of Our Lives IB Password <Q Nurses 1:30 8 Doctors ID House Party <D A Time For Us 1:55 Q) News Wife the Woman's Touch 2:00 8 Another World ID To Tell The Truth 4E) General Hospital 2:25 <D 2:30 O ID CD 3:00 e (D CD 3:25 G 3:30 O 0| U3 4:90 t} CD 5:00 G 5:30 CB O CD You Don't Say Edge of Night Young Marrieds Match Game Secret Storm Never Too Yoims News Marijane's MagiCastle Early Show Where The Action Is Cheyenne Kitirik Chris Chandler Wells Fargo Huckleberry Hound Huntley-Brinkley CBS News Rev. H. A. Erdmann of Jerome, Idaho Bible Scholar and Teacher •••-••• Will be bringing the messages nightly and Sundays from MARCH 9 THRU 20 ot the BIBLE MISSIONARY CHURCH 80S Bowie . (Just Off Lee Drive) Rev. Howard D&ucet, Pastor - Ph. 582-7450 KWBA KWBA ISCO MONDAY THRU FRIDAY .MORNING 6:00 Johnnie Ford Show (Country Music) 5:15 Lifeline 6:30 Mutual News 6:35 Wink Lewis Show (Country Music) 7:00 Headline — Tom Evans Weather 7:30 Mutual News 7:35 Texas Local News 7:45 Heaven and Hom e Hour 8:00 The Morning Chapel Hour 8:30 Amazing Grace 9:00 Johnnie Ford Show (Country Music) Features: Headlines-Tom Evans Weather on the hour Mutual ( News — on the half hour Oppor- i tunity Knocks-10:-J5 Report from Wall Street 11:33 Back to the Bible 12:00-12:30 NIGHT 1:00 Joe Ladd Show (Country Music) Features: Headlines-Tom Ev- vans Weather on the hour Mutual News on the half hou-- Opportunity Knocks 3:45-3:47 Bill Stern Sports 5:05-:14 6:00 Fulton Lewis Jr. 6:15 Lifeline 6:30 Mutual News 6:35 Don Ard Show (Country Music) Features: Headlines & Weather-on the hour Mutual News-on ,She half hour Opportunity iKnocks-7:45-:47 ON SECOND TIRE! 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Alexander 'Hot Pursuit' Into North Viet Allowed WASHINGTON (AP) — V. S. fighter-bomber pilots in South Viet Nam are permitted to chase attacking Communist M1G jet fighters into the Hanoi- i Haiphong areas of North Viet [Nam which still are excluded [from U.S. bombing, defense i sources said today. But such hot pursuit into the | Hanoi-Haiphong areas has not iyet been exercised, the sources said. In one incident last Saturday. Soviet-built MIGlTs escaped into haze and scattered clouds and Misguided Zeal Blamed In Abuse Of Dogs, Cats WASHINGTON (AP)—Humane ; societies through misguided zeal I have helped create a traffic in U.S. laboratory animals that results in abuse of dogs and cats, a un; iversity veterinarian testified (Tuesday. Dr. Sigmund T. Rich of the University of California at Los Angeles especially criticized animal welfare groups that oppose arrangements for laboratories to obtain from animai pounds reached safety before pursuing U.S. pilots could open fire on them. They fled in the direction of Hanoi. In the second incident that day, U.S. F105 Thunderchiefs turned to confront two MIGs they had spotted above and behind them. But the MIGs made off toward Hanoi, and the U.S. pilots did not follow because, officials said, they were Jo*' on fuel. The rules of hot pursuit never have been spelled out publicly, nor are they likely to be. The same goes for the question of any "privileged sanctuary" for either the North Vietnamese or the Red Chinese against U.S. attack. Hanoi and Haiphong are now off limits to U.S. bombing, but this country has given no public commitment that would bind it to spare these areas indefinitely. There also has beea no official statement which would allow the Red Chinese to feel confident that they could enjoy immunity as they did in the Korean War. Last June Secretary of State Dean Rusk made a statement which is often cited in this regard, saying at George Washington ment University exercises: commence"Nothing in \nA shelters unclaimed dogs and j international law or morality •^ats that otherwise would be de- confers on an aggressor itnmun- itroyed. "Thus they create the dealers !nnd the conditions they deplore," he said. Rich told a House Agriculture -.ubcommittee considering anti- •iognapping laws that "I am on the firing line." He is responsible "or the care of 40,000 animals at UCLA. ity against reprisal. There can be no privileged sanctuary if we are to organize a decent world order." U.S. reconnaissance planes have fiown over the Hanoi-Hai- phong areas frequently, although U.S. officials have not and will not acknowedge such operations. War Critics Fail To Sway Opinion From LBJ Stand WASHINGTO N(AP) — President-Johnson's critics are doing the most talking but his supporters are rolling up the most votes' against challenges to his conduct of the Viet Nam war. [ However. Sen. J-W. Fulbright.j D-Ark., indicated he is not going to be swayed from the critical course he has been pursuing by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's 13-6 rejection Monday of a restrictive amendment he proposed to a $415-million Asia aid bill. Fulbright, who heads the committee, opens hearings today in what he calls a searching effort "to increase our understanding" of Red China. The committee was to hear Prof. A, Doak Barnett of Columbia University on his views regarding the possibilities of Chinese intervention in the Viet Nam war. Barnett told a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee Jan. 26 that while the Chinese leaders have shown "a fairly high degree of realism" thus far about the Viet Nam war they cannot be expected to avoid conflict at all costs. He said he doesn't believe the Chinese want to provoke a major conflict but their preparations for war are "ominous and disturbing." Fulbright absorbed a significant defeat in the Foreign Relations Committee when he was able to rally the support of only five colleagues for an aid bill • amendment which would have provided that military and eco- nom'c assistance to any nation was Tot to be construed as a commitment to fight for it. He said the Viet Nam conflict began by furnishing aid. A proposal "iy Sen. George Mc- Govem. D-SJD.. to attach a rider saying that passage of the aid bill was not to be construed as an endorsement of Johnson's jviet Nam policies went dcv.-n under a 14-5 vote. The committee then app:-oved the measure,. 18 to 1, with -.nly Sen. Wayne RateFaBsTo Nine-Year Low WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation's unemployment rate fcQ last month to 3.7 per cent, the first time in nearly nine yean it has been under four per cent, the Labor Department sair Tuesday, ; The sharp drop from 4 per cent In January to 3,7 per cent hourly earnings remained at an less rate down to the lowest point since November 1953, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. The total number of unemployed dropped more than 100,000 to 3,150.000. At the same time, total employment rose 300,000 to 71.6 mfl- iiont. Washington — add jobs 165: million. Compared with a year ago, total employment was up 2.1 million and total unemployment was down more than one mil- lion. The factory work week edged up slightly on a seasonally adjusted basis, to 4JL3 hours, the highest level since the industrial boom days of World War H and average weekly earnings went up 27 cents to $110.27. Average is a violation of the Condbn-Wad- all-time high of 52.67, the same as in January. Of the total unemployed, 3-5 million were adult men, 95.000 adult women and 700,000 teenagers. Morse, D-Ore., voting no. In a report to the committee, Secretary of State Dean Rusk summed up the administration's viewpoint by saying that the two proposals would create confusion at home and make U. S. enemies more obdurate. "The other side is counting not so much on military victory — which they must know they cannot obtain — as on a faltering of American steadfastness," he said. "That I am, sure, will not occur." When Fulbright arose in the Senate chamber Monday to read a speech on China he had made public 18 hours previously, only three colleagues were on hand to listen. None questioned.him. Morse later praised Fulbright's China inquiry, saying that the Communist country had been "a closed book in the State Department and the administration for the last 1" years.'' Teachers Strike For More Money PLAINVIEW, N.Y. (AP) — Teachers in this Long Island community struck Tuesday in defiance of the state education commissioner^ order, forcing seven of the 32 schools to close early. ••:'-". '-:-> About half .the district's faculty stayed away ifrom the classrooms. Dr. Robert "iSavitt', superintendent of the Plainview-Old Bethpage School District, said about 8,000 of the 12,000 pupils would be dismissed. ! The Plainview-Old Bethpage federation of Teachers, striking over wages and a number of other issues,. posted picket lines at 7 a Jn.:- A/ union spokesman said up to 200 teachers were on the lines. Hear DR. ROBL GOODRICH S*. MARK'S METHODIST CHURCH IVIllIICh, munch, munch... lot of nibbling bills? Find LOANS fast in the YELLOW PAGES. Where your fingers do the walking. CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCJATION Save By The 10th Earn From The First ^ (INSURED cam ifnom run smn

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