Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 20
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 20

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 20
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; · ( * . : · ·''···'' ; '. L ^ * r -'*·*'' -I";' '^H r; *^ V^'TMW ? " v*~ : - J .V L ;^ J fJr . · - . ' - ( .^ r^'yTr" v?T £?. * D E C A T U R HERALD Disaster Victims Laid to Rest; Public Mourns Canadian Fliers Reach London Goal in Columbia Diamond Caught Napping in NY. " \ · -- -.- · - - - . .^ ^. ,,_ .- ^^»a i· ^^»^^^^^^^^^^^jj^^--^^^^^^j^^^ MtapBI^MIkMriMffHIB^^HHH^HlmVQ^BQMVlmV^HW^^H^^HW^B^^^^^^^^mfl^^^^^^^^ «ift 1(1(10 by I'm.'Utfl nnil Atlnndo Mutton. Inc., lirtrllntu 'J'rtnurulmlini Ovi-r Wrmuni I'liion rnlilm.l '·.Vi the shadow of tho grcab shuil from which thu dirigibles departed on ill-fated voyage to India und re- 'lUrn, victims of the R-lOl disaster wero laid to rest in n cnnimon lirnvc at (Jardineton, KtiKluiul, white yhpi*ands iitood \y with hnrt-d head* in silent t r i b u t e . This exclusive photo, rushed to this cuinilry via !B»rtl«Lo tirocesis »vnr Wenteni UnHm cubles, show,-) th« uisket, draped w i t h the Union Jack, being into position in huge grave. i.O IlKHl liy I'.H'illi! unit AUiitilii; I'tiulu Aftof hopping 300 nilm from (he Jsk- of Trewo, off thn coast of England, where they originally landed after flight from Harbor Gruce, N. V., Capt. Kvrol lloyil und Lieut, lliirvy I'. Connor sct'thcir vutei'an plane, Coiuinbla, down at Croydon air|urt, l^njfliind, nmltin(( t.liu second time that the plane had spanned thu great pond. Charles Iiovine, who (lew with Clarence Gliiimberluin on plunu's former cross- injf, is seen here in cabled j)l)ito welcoming Boyd ( r i g h t ) «ni Connor ail throngs cheer. A King and a Queen Meet Red Congressional Committee Meets in Los Angeles Apparently betrayed Ity hi* «\vii body guard, Juclt ([.vice) Diamond, New York'a bust Icnrnvn guiiKiiU'r, wnx «hi)t four lime* n* pajanin-c)a! in his I'lithlh floor hi il caw ay nl thp ItoM MititiHio in N«w Yurk Civy, Scvtiw aWv« ithowt runr rngm of OIH luitvl in which shoot (ttK occum'J Hnd the room to v-hich ho KtKif^ml and whcru he was found liy |Hi1ici. Where Shooting Occurred of the nlr mci-ts kiiiK of xliyjiirmppL'i;. Out fot a jaunt, tne Li!i AiiRi'lcn. llnnkt'd hy tin- XMd-Ii. ti nictnl illviKiblu, antl the mm- itRid ,1-4. li'ii'ls nn ftci'inl imradu over the Empiro Ktfttc buildins;, worlds tnllwt miin-mnde stiucturo, r u p i d i y nciitinc completion in New York City, Russian Ace Dies in Crash Conducting a nation-wiite jnvei- tigatioti into Tied nctivities in the United iSttitctt, a congreasion*! committee hctided by Hamilton V'v.ih of New York ^;ty is s«en nbovt! as it convvntil in Los An- Bck's the other liny. They are, Hlanditi^, I. to r., W. litiytiDldji, Representative W. K. Graham, Phil Crjiolt; Ktrnted, K. S. Hnll ot Mississippi, K. K, Eslick of Tennessee, iiupt'enentative Hamilton Fish, .1, K, Nelson of Maine, C. G. Bachman of West Virglni* nnd J, R, Kogers, icrgeatit at arinn, Sues Rurleigh 2d Fisherman Race Called Off r,i'il|. ft Allaullr Thnt which is drfiutlvd \y every that ftudilcn rultlu uf anil pistol ftn.', which as a rule in the lust purlhly xound huai'd by K«n(f"t!i'.s who leave this wuvld via "tlw epot," cnme into the life of .luck UKS) Diamond ubuvij), New York ifunit- stcr and racketeer kinir, who recently was deported from lier- many lo this country after uno D( the most hnri'ied tours vf Euri|»i on reronl, when rival Ifunmon riddled him with hullvU ita he 1 reclint'il in his room in the Hotel Montici-llo in New Vurk. '11J 1 I'-tf-IMO * A c i n l i Wliil* hid boiiyk'Uards wcr« rartrti«tnit Ht ilrinVitte P«'(j' S.i pnini in another part uf thu eighth flinw of the Hole] MimUrllo in N York Jack (LeRs) Dinmond, New York gn»Knt(r chif, whu. little part in (Jie K«y pally, retired (o l)in win, wns riliilii| ivith bullets by rival suiimcn as he lonnici'il, pajiimH-olmi, in his liii|(awnj' suite, where; hu hint noctuJed hiwsi)f siiH-c relurnlii); from Kurop«. Window til his rimin. bullet hole in pans, M n'l-n above. When Laura Ingalls Landed at Los Angeles Vtci lirat 1-lui^inn air invasion of Germany in K'M, \vn« hilled in ptanu t-rnali tit llcvere, ^faas,, in women and ginrifying in which John T'. OToolc, pilot, also died. Thn plane on crasliing ivas letters from them, Mrs, wvolopod in Humes t h n t prevcnUxl nny pyssiliillty ot rescue. wreclcft(cc i Jietn hero. eK, pitoh- Jng ac« of the Si. Louis Car- lUnitls, ;t assofintine with other HJHOVOHS , Klnrence (irimes (seen above) filed suit for divorce the other day, The second race between the fishermen boats, the Ciertrude L. Thcbaud, Ameviean ccntender, nnd the fikicnosc, Canadian ship, for the champinnNhip of the North Atlantic, was cfltlcd off after the ships went a little mure than half way over the it" 1 ;* course off Cape of Mother Ann, Mass., due to lack M! sufficient wind. Here the Blncnose is ed(?in)r up on the Gertrude Thebnud, the wcond time ·round the buoy, just before they decided to light it out later. Records Fall in Eastern Outboard Championships Fighting Irish Eleven Smears Navy at South Bend S*ekint n new woinon's w.'St-onut wcnrd after neUinit new mark («r the east-went plane erossinn, MJ» tatira Injrtilln wiw nwk and nWK with Robert Buck, boy filer who IB aeekinir new junior round tni» lauvct*. Laura is wen here brlngine her itlnno to earth «t LW concluliti(f Chooses Its Own Exit T*n noxy world mnrkx won- t'tr; ted «t tlic Kiislern Divisional outboard chnmpionship Tac«s on the Connecticut river at Middtetoivn, Conn. One hundred anri forty pilots competed tn the tarious events, and throng* lining thd shove were thrilled hy ninny miraculous turns. Hero we see the start of the heat in CUu D divlsiicn in the third rnco. Before 60,000 enthusiar^ie football fans (jalthei'cd at South Betid, Ind,, to witnew the Notre Dame and Navy nMiron claan, the flBhting Irish fmeared their opponents from Annapolis to the tun* ot 20--2, Knute Eockne, tho master mind behind the Irish eleven, put in his aeeond »wJ then third string «ltven* as victory loomed. Here Gannon, Navy half bick, takes the ball around the end for ahort gtin in flwt. liathcr than be bothered with the formality of choonlne lu thin locomotive, after deciding sudJenly to null the roumlhouw « the St. Paul railroad In Chlaf o, plunged through brlek wall ana wade ffood'it* e*c*p«. It did not get far, however, ftnd is Men her* M it cam* to toit ItlUred wllh debrli. No one WM injured. (Copyright 1930; by ftcMtc ft Atlantic l«- .. .;,.·,.,!.·* A 24-h NEWSP P »nd pom r«utlv«« a: into by « Bklc*«o t fr no direct ch« tvfdenc* ten Uietr name* "flxeri" " "' InvolvM. , one of wl mother h*d npent In (twdom fo e i«nt*nc* for i folio wtng th* t , |iwy*r* who bli friend* ot convic' ! K dUt ·nwm" tkn. "For mueh talk 01 JoneK wt'J- will Wt'r* going to Anyone who »' |hli! board or any wrdon or » p» nt* 11*. Thfy 1 ime near Th* b i-0pfl««l thai the' d (ot Ml«mpt** lire. Hurry W (old the board ho ·solher, Mr«. Joh obtain trs who was) murder ch» MM. Wilkinson had paW * 1*wy K. Qi'ove, Chleag n have been UN* i*y Brandon, dti )ep*rtment of f Sht «t»o prod 11 ·wyer which *u ltlcal dltferen smor I^en Sm»l written, tn of Cl to obtali Vhen th*lr ditf patched up, fit' Nl of Juds Chicago, wai In be(ori tattinuvny m * and I" K.SOO to attorn trey and Dan procure the rele *tetn, nerving a tugo Houae ot *h»rfe if Inrce They said th th*m that tl.M ,Vr «nd part ot 'land to menibei Tell 1 When rrecdo «i*ln we* not lltrncr And L* (urn ot vlwlr S3 «« not tortlic t) the pardon *tory. ,Tone« sti ·t»rt .linbarmf Ifatrirt. McCatl (ta tvlrtence bi \. Rwnn »l«w in erilnln Held On B? STEUBENVl H MrBrlde. *1t of Ihfl A r ·Aikd In \V ·' pt^lnjj a t tS O f f i C l M t Of 'ml trust noun w « Informed '"'lor .!·,*(?· K MeKrtilrr will '* fatr. J.NEWSPAPER.

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