The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 15
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 15

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 15
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SATURDAY, JULY-7, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON" NEW*/ PAGE FIFTH, For Rent—FURNISHED ROOMS (Cont.) MODKKN liiidrnoin with sleeping lioroh, lavatory In room. 14 Kant SUlll. Phone 1466. il coil 2S-10t TWO tilei'lv furnl.nlieiil, morlm-ii, aloepln'ff roomn, lis ltiaat First, l'llono 3S3ffW. 0 0-Ot FOR 11KNT—Nldd lturffii south Blooplne rooms, 924; North Wuln. 4'tiono 3000. LAUttK coot Hloci'lntr room, two south windows, l'hono 3S9SW. 9 7-4t MODEHN. Sherman. sleeping rooms, l 'hon« 2H38. lib Bast 9 2-251 FOll HUNT—Furnished rooms. JCaet Klxth. Call 4111 11 (1-10 FOR RENT—UNFURNISHED ROOMS 10 THllI 'lK or four unfurnished roomy, back and front enlrnnco. iluK I'limt C 10 ti -7 FOR REN T—APAHTMENTI es, Inrrfo lawn, flowerH. a fliiHliki Prl.:tola Aparlmuutfl. One vacant do-vviwituiis south exposure, l 'houe 211110. 11 3I-2Gt APAETMEHir . Throe-room, furnished apartment, model :i throughout; pHvato, Phones 218H. Kuat Fh:;t. It ^tl-Ut-t Seventh and Mstln. NVciy furnished tincnt-4 min steeping rooniH. Phono 11 ~?n 340_ :bx > R TtKN T"~ ,~ Hit nt, [ihii,' month, .I'luifi' U-28-26L urn, ruinbdved ainirt- it, ml k:ih furnished; $3b 2H-1R. 11 7-4t BEAUTIFUL, now kltrhcnettft apart- men I: I ml It - in fciilm-?.".; ground floor, privbit'.* rtitraiU'c, S04 Knat Hhorm:in. •Phono 2-I.VZ3. 11 KOU iiCNT--Vory de-iii'iihle two rnoiua ami kiwdwiicf to apm Imcnl; private bath itinl fttttancc; 710 Fust First. Phone 11)1:2.1. _ 11 li-U FOR KF.N bum ^ilov, CVun 2Ki 6tk»\Y. '- McleCy modern, apartment in FLOR Pirut. Phon. funilHhofl PauiKiilovv 21)2 T,l or 11 8-l2t UKACTtl; Ul. new kitchen* 1 ' t n apartment, ground floor, private cntranco, swd cliain.'. 2J, 80! Ka.«t s-ihertnan. 11 5-101 NICF1.V bat 11. L'L'i 'iff W! 7ft K. rt A j.' I, two-mom. IO'OUIKI- ptlvaiu entrance and I'liC 11 7-fit nta for rent. 11 1 -Ut c *Ft R.VJSDF.U Cull msR. thr 1.KNT--TUO -loom apart nifMil. 1 i 1-Ht mil : ooms *-io h nliictly niiiiit 'in apiirtr/p-tils of f!v« Was!'iini;ton Tori nob; (.."hat*. i'uU'i aon, phone >.;!rk'Uy H»H RF-NT hi !-•( -K ni '.NT mtii". 1 it Nor{h l "iiTiln throe • n.w.n IHtriH* 3J(?'t. V. >H I'.K.NT iifnt in;!': K< 'K ItrNI nlsh-l up, Hi'Mit ; 1L (1 1.1'.' N. nio'lvrn downsialrs 11 i-it rt MItnt; Uiiht, cit'.'in imd !n.'iu«, nhi^ly fumlah'ut. & P in. 11 3 itf -i'ouni. m-vU'ru. unfitr- tit, MMjmJy l.rrTuraaoe il • lii'lient'tif' apartment, i; i'i P.'uti: baili; lUl'J on>i ;i« IO. n Jft-iu u."'i is^-'l l , i.'tiisr-;i'..'u>ptt(fc: M i• • • *• t;i 1 Jiv- [i-'"i>lo oniv. 1'ho.i... r-:rr>. n a-i 'St ioi : / mu'lern. rurulahntl. !4i!. TO TWAOJ 17 A eood farm well imprpvpfl, olefto to Ilutchlnfon, for (food incoino property, valued around ?20,000. Klnlclo Afe'oncy. 17 B-Zt *WJ\NTK1> *>to nxchaiigo— llrand now \92'<i 47 J'hih.'k Ht'tlan and Hamilton county land (or fuiiilHliod home in good rowtdtmco district in Hutchinson. Write P. O. box ai8, Jlutrhlnwm, Kan, 17 7-lt FAKM, 1.160 acres, north«»st Texas, $107,000. ln-lsated Pocoo valley lands, $1SG per ncro.' Hotel, 118,000. Any part for northern property. LeMj Moni*oe t To- poka, Kan. 17 7 WiLti trade rood retail bUismoss on flvo rooma modern or- will t R K* building site, Rtock, fixtures about |4 ,0O0. Bon V. I.ji_inburn._ rraltor. 17 3-lt THAU ill your vat-ant "lot or Ford car on a dandy north nldo cottage. Heo ua nt oiw.'e. Ben "V. J,amborn, realtor, phone USB, ii North Main. 17 3-4t UK NO county land to trade for Hutchinson properly. Phone 8888. 17 31-25t "Wlieti yr»u aro Bcrlously 111, whom do you employi* When you nocd losal aflv'ci* you a(;cjt tlto beat. When - you wish to niak.> a aalo of ]>o*slbly all you have named ami aeeiinrjlatod of novc-ral ynaru' hard work, whom will you employ to HOII It?**" (A saltaman who known valuo and 1M In the bualnoBti). l'hono 2081 Hutchinson ot Davy'u cxpyntte. 18 6 -3&t PUJEBOG Afti.'T-barvfat »al^8 are now being dated, Ku rliest aah*a aro boHt. I work with imy l -cputrtblo auctioneer und am as elwtju to you an your i>hurm whero you can talk to me without cost. IU'f«rciico, any past customer. Oflico pliono E>5 Btcrlltie toy txpeiusu. 12. B. Potter. 18 27-2r.t GOIUD>EK WEST BOTTTfESR. WfflLK. AK© SWEET CIKEAM OoUUni W^st Creamery, 14 KajBt Fourth. IS HI'-2St. FOR SALE—MI8CELUAflF.OoS W^^Q _jm<B Km HAl.K-^OfiaMlN.NEAl'lH.lS 22-H.l'. STEAM ENGINE, UtlKAl'. HUM THOMPSON, UOX 222, STAFFOHU, KAN. 13 8-H FOR MALE— My homo In Nlck'irson. two lots. Blx-room hous 1 ;, wmor, Hcliln, ffartitfo foff two cam, larKo lotH, rotirH 'fl chlcltcn tight. Frank lt .ltuha. box Hi. Mlckerson, Kan. IS 2i >-7 :5 HOTEIJ In Hulller, Kan., for sals. The only t'.atlnK ltlaco In town; Kootl hufli-^ rioss loaHtin for Helling. Mrs. U H. Jonos. Buhler, Kan., or inqulro 1011 South Main, Hutchinson. 18 l'S-10t FOH ' «ALE--5-H.P. gasollno mirlne. •DlcMidld ri -palr; sultnhlo tor lrrlifnlion; time to ruMponslblo Jtartlt -H If Oc-sirort. Major W. 1 1. Brawn. 18 14-2t FOR .SALE to iRdli'l! wllh email lost— Good Oxfords $1.1.0 and U.95 pair. ConitT Commerce Co,, 17-19 North Walnut. IS 6 -U FOR HALE — Seven-foot Mi Cormick binder. Also plow. i:d Annadown, Elmer Station, phono 2U liarlow. 18 27-lli FOH 8A LE-- Ladles' black lclrt 1-strap Comfort Slil'pcVs for J2.S0. I2.W ana 13.60. Comer Commerce Co., 17-J9 North Walnut. IS 6-4t ise m lu-insMBiaoasiiEa" Oomplctc outfit of ilrumu at half prlco. Call Rob Cvamm at 2-23. 18 7 -lt FOR SALIC Good feed oats, whent uereeiiinKH for chli Uen.i, bUiek amber caln Beed. Mooro tlraln Co., j'hune 1111. IS 3-Dt FTlR HALE—Good act wojk liavnefis, practically new; John Deere wauon; ne.v bay rack. Cxll 14-10 North Luiaine. , IS 6-0t FOR SALE-FURNITURE One poMdiu.Unut bedroom suite: larffe vanlly dr. icier, ehiffonette, bow-ead bed and L.-ni 1>; one Ivory bedroom uuite, Htuno pleee.i iia ividiiut; two nor. -'.of ted Sealy math-. ;s.^es. beil^oom rugs, laiKo mirror.'!, hidrooiii rcckerH, four-piece llvlnji room sulle, i wo wicker rockers tapestry uj- liolat.eiuK, cue oak library table, six dining eli .iiio. one v.htto and nlekle coa; ran);- 1 , on- i ^itcnon ca!jj>et, two electric lam; ^, nim ice .ream freezer, two eiectric fane, ece rcll-lop desk, other arlielts, at a hurt;:', l 'aitl. n I streei. All used leas than iiae 'ear. •iiiB.clty. 723 West Fourleeuih U «6 -l»t air! S40. 11 6-25! , five 1112. '.I - Hit fn.. - ^m al'art- 11 1-211 Two One One <;! ?i:r.. No oil, We buy lll'J .\oetl FOIt H .r.n Men's Men's Uonit,r isaDip^aiiiniis i'P^t'ial imt trains for tiilH week: i.lru'.st lii'W jjiudoii oak. X12r>. titirt liijili nradi?, riitra (ino tune, r ;-f--tro lilto oura In KausuB. 'til- I --3H, V/(.' 11 fc-r IOHU. If. Ci. IMULU-'d Wuiimi. 18 f.- PC)lt SAX-E—Furniture, Ptovea ami russ sold on earsv paymenta. Mitchell Kunil- ture Co., UZ Bo-ith Main street. 18 27-30t \Vi:ii\ UlffllOUH" peiluet einuli- 1S 5-'.! VOW SA IA : -.— Large B!/.P ttijtoimttlc tleftrlo ruTiRi: tion. G1U (rhm-nian. FOJl SAI^K- 'Star Urand* Sho-y for men, woin .Mi and <.:hJWren. part payment down, brt lanec 60c wet-U. 'Star Ltranu' ShoeB ait; boiler. Cuiner Commerce. Co., 1V-I'J N'oilh Walnut. IS G-4t \V1J sell Storm ICiiig faruoua plaatio roof ccni'-E,'. for leaky roof»;. l-<. J. White Lutubvr t:o, ( phono Go. IS S-2I>t KOJt BA Ijl-j—Ono 414 -ton Fla-.-lifir Machine SVurlis Ice pluni. Inquire of A. A. Appel, 'Buahtou, Kan.-, IS 11-7:11 MILK ftd whlt-i VffandoUvs; brcil ^lR and frlet:, ulivu ov dressed. Phone l'J^IiW, inft '-emh and Plum. 13 3-ut mcoiSTKKl'U) Jousey^cattle; entire herd Tor sale, l^yt btoud Imes. Ulan Kriderj 1 .Nowton, Kan. iftl3-7:lDl NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS iGont'd', for pioltkn. Phono Hardens, .South HutchlnHon. Falrvlew IS D-^tt STOPI Think! Why throw away your old furniture when we can rnfcko It good R« now? Repairing and upholstering a -pe- clulty. Tnp->iftiy ardijred. L «t van Furniture Co.. COS North Mala «t;eet, phono 179. , 1> 27-301 UEMINO'ro;; Sales and service—Rem- lni;tcn Typewriter Co., 24 Went Flr»'., Phono 402. ii. A. Klntzol, salesman. 13 4-KB^ NOTICE—-LrlterheaaB, envelopea. wedding announcements, cards- "Wells Printing Co.. .14 West First.. 19 a -4t EVKSIOHT; consorva It. 0«t the facta about your eyes. Dr. iJarl-nd, 24 ft North Main. 16-26E 1>AWN mowers sharpened; called for and d«iivored. .14 West A. phone 17»7. 13 6:1G-S0t J. H. SHOWK113, chiropodiBt, IS! Ear. A. Phono 202f.. 1U 2-2lt WANTfr, 1 >— Furniture to repair, refinlsh or upholster. Call 1410. 19 18-30t FOH r«'nl garbage service, phone Hanltary Garlmca Company, 3910. . 1» Z5-26t KltOltT lime In. 33-Sy f'Vi "jiiPK«. tiis on vacant lota. Phone 10 mwf 2-m HIGHEST piiue: Phontj 777. paid lor wwii'd clothing. 19 Z-2H WANTED—rvH8t3SU.UANff.OU a 20 tjEWliNO machine repair work; guar- Hntei-d; country or city; examination free; repair all niakce. Family raaiiu- faeturins hemstUchers a specialty.. Ph *no 8641. J. C. Jjynch. -80 4.*6L BBl'WINt.i machine cleanuitf, overHaulIng; work guarautQC'l. J. F. liunnian, phone 2470. X-Btt tHlNKI-OWKH PROimCG We, call for poultry anywhera; pay market price. Phona >2522, 713 South Main. f 20 2-26t AVA.NTKP i' { .\ -T!ilii\ v. Ph..1 of forty * 3*;o. - plffu; ten 20 2-7 WANTED TO BUY 21 broken, tnglon. •:i> UM i';iWfl teeth. Wo pay hii?h i fur fnli seta. Doe.m'l tnauer U' AVe.-jt-.Tii AlouiJ Ounipaiiv, liloom- iii. t\ WANTED to buy— Second-liana rurnUuro ttutl russ; biffhe^t prices. John*on Furniture Co., 113 Mouth Main. 21 £-*nt WANTKD--A and baler. „ K1111. chain broom corn' H^edt.-v S. A. Threlkeld, Nlckui -Hoii, ^.1 s 3i>~T::i HIGHEST plceq jiald for mnn'a c .-iHt -off ciothbisr and *>h{i--a. 1'iiona 116SJ. 21 2-2ut FOIi SAI.K — Children's play Oxfords for |1.10 and $1,'7& Comer Comritttree Co.. 17-10 Nc.ith Walnut. ' lh 6-4t FOH S.\ Cii;--Six dining ru >m ebairjs. baJ»y buirty. hlKh chair, l'hono SUtJUW, 40« ICaat S--vi.-nth. ^ ^- 4! - FO\: SAL.!'--N'k-hols-and h-h<?pard ^'J-H-P. bli^'Ui ut'-ain engine. LI. L'. liuhlei, Kwn. ' IS 7-13 bX*\i SACIO—Patho phonoymph In perfect eondirlon, itud i'i recorda. ~t2>> J^aat Sherman. IS 7-4t FIN 10 larj-.e fjladioUi> huuev, Fiflwenth 19MW. ilrtj. \v/tJ. Htetn- am.1 i'Uini, phone • A ! ,1 £ 1 -'.' -Men trend Shoes for H. J, $«.75 to |7.7i>. fi .tr tS .fkO, $5.75, JG.iiU. Z?M. $2.ys and YA .bU. Co., 17-1& North Walls €-4t Blnl'e A l-c'taft rocfint;. rnad" to apply over "M e,,,o.l shhwlc. Ueaul.ful, dur.ilile BIMI fir iic.or. IH' A P.ANTKI^D Kohl by IL JJ a WM4© LsisaiifeiBr C®. I'luu..; ii:.. 101 Weal .Sherman is ;;o ^:,t M..ii. -2et I •1, Pi, vj -lanil, i AU'lo SI'I'i 'eruian at. LI' CO. I 1 .tone 1G33 IS 7-2ut I FOR Ion fciA I.i-J. -Tomato plants, liluina. 319 North Wo rid and yel- idard. IS 14 -rr.t FOR HA 1 ,K—Team of dapple Brey mares five veers old, v.eib'ht 3,0U('. l'hono IK:.. y IS cud 3-j FOR SALE plice -Grain bed l'lione RililJ. Ford 2 IS West WANTIR)- ProVL Mll'l Two acres with flood itn 18. ''"2 Nol-lli Monroe. 21 6-4 -Mciberrio Mmh. W. It. WANT:-: Hire. : iHGHi.: I'lKUie Yerkcs, J}L s :tl .1 used houselioUl ftn-nl- '.149. 21 2-Ot ciii paid for men's clothing T prices paid for men's clothina. 7/7. • 21 l -2St AUTOMOBILES .rs AUF.NCY Let me order you genuine ifaxwoll and Chalmers pints. Call at 22 East A for Ueu .ou jli atlon. Hi LEY MOTOR CO. I'hone 2Sin;. 22 28-2&t FOR .SALIv I oven a. il tin CALL 4i0*\V f"i all kinds of > iuie 1...-! ami refii'Himi 1 nts HI 3-It en, liiCUli; is is-7 ;lli FOR SALE fur t;..i> Co., 17-19 N FOR hAl.l-: - Llllll' .1 til *Vi fills' ! -sir WaiiEa A Caur for your summer vai -itionV Kind Just th" ear you me looking for .tbroUKb the ware: sda In Tile Nr,,v.t. If you can't find it there, a little ad will find It for you. Call number il, News classified derailment. ^. lie 21 ..'ii POULTRY (Cont'd) RINGLET Hatred Rocks. Cockcrel*-,hlad- lni; pens Hired by Riand rhamplori at Chicago Coliseum. Eggs. $5 for IS; farm flock. 16.50 per 100. All Hoj,-ai: tcBtcd. C. A. Boyle, Iturrton, Kan. 23 • 23-10t FOH BALK—Thoroughbred Ba-rca Hoc'* eggs. U actUtig, Fhune )0c«, 411 East «.. S3 7-2ot A1UC your chlcka dj'lng? aave thoni with Ulnrho," Wcesner'. "Dru«. 23 7-25t FOR SAiJ>-Daby chlckeni, 16 centE each. I'hone-2505. ' 22 5:U-9Ut 1000 East 23 l-4t FOR SALE—Baby .sixth. FOR SAI .JB— Eggs lor hatching. I'hone 2i>06. - !3 2-Bot FOR SALE-CITY PROPERTY Notiee the ruuiPi^r erty own"] ; ,i wh'i art; IIIK their i'-at cstau- vvjiliii'lit »t.aruipotnt, io iiiose wii.i make •T Hutrliiiisou prop* -l this linn: evlvnd- o.uinirri ti'om au in.-The i*i.iii...u ia iliat seic.'livrm IUAV the •uii .'d tM.-eaufiti ofii.i um ti'Mir tljHy are boy mj; '.'ii t lit: fui.owjjiK ;lh\ t boli'-.v-;, a mo mi the boJt pre-''eut i/n.'ome pi untiemt a m l t u uire ui - I'M-ushK; Value pjiMH-rlto-t now tdlired. I iijvite you to ijivt- Hit-in eiuso eoiisiderii- tioii'*— tten V. J .anil>otu. IiS"K«ilEii Mam Ono uf Liiu bt .-KL tut -Jiett hii-i., on .Main und now .wiiiiin une-iiall t-iofit of i»ti:ri- UfcS'j deVt.-lopinent. .-ji/.e --i lot I'.f.vH'O fsei. Tli«-' iiMjiinVLlUilits (.'.nitji:.; a u;i iu>-m v, --li built .-Ui'ictiy nu"l-.rii h>>u-e, hi\ rouin.s, bath and pi^iti n -)v .n- lMir re mi poi '!l HpiUailf:. ,S ,oirai 11 .iM.oiid fioor. J j, i lauiidry, fiiuiaor tr looms;. ThL, i-i, nunuto iviiii ii;- iUHl rietty i •no ilo tnrt.LUiiiout, i:ui,-iiie ( K«K. i):pt.d ilui'.ii. Tutu \n:n:<' w,A pt'iuuoe a I i-oi'v. laeom -i- ail the tiniv vureju.s.'r tut'-* to h'tid for IIIITI v.:i-.: m ML ai.ik- l-H-iiit; t '.'.oi .l to .^-iii" li.ui 'i...- aiul u j'uiM tan l-e urian >;<<i to re'ciujin pi-rues. rSlio'.Mi only by y-iT'oin tmcnL ' till S'jfiicc. Seven I'wim:!, .-an-'O'j, iMiui';' it' vain hoi wuur JM:".L A \ v. ..' .KIIUI h:/Uio un a bvatllifin eh':;'! lit ;-',te .-<u wr.ii'.'j will iiu.i ea.-io In KIOIJ;.'J vaiuo e 1 year. A o<»:niueXo de^eMplie-n CIUUK" Kiven in Ihi-i piae..' bui il mu;u o,.- ini'ide and uUltaiU- m r--nih:c ueh biiity fi.iiii i '\**ry [nlnoim and to it ut ih.; many iiiiitrnvi'iin i.ia I hat UiOUi.ajidji ^.r doiiaisi to m.. U-.-. i',:-.e * ti .oUJ :n". <i n.-i ! 11u l a tn aid i in tut l> any i:t<-:v. i turn Hit V ..M • o( ei! n.-r lot or ibti ImprovemeiKli. 't'erni:) eat arraiit;e'.i. ii 'ibi'j the inii'f. et*t oil ili why tln- A !•:«!. l ; fur an hot. 1 or : M'/e inv iui-a'u'.m ui'iap in ' e^'-iit. in- not 1'J -o should UM and in the ins < Ktineiit. i ell lite tuner at 4UU eirtmi-nt. b; > cit liiiiiija! priced anl pr< Th. ; it thu mo One:i tie- of the inj.<i r:iiK3 soon inj.; of oil and t;a m 3 *}£h®m®®w&g) F rt li 1 ' thf in---- ;.,s Tiv our' i ilAilUV liAFCIt AL'TO SKKV1C!'. 115 re-.-oi.ii. iihouo 7-1 i. \i2 CSKIi !-.\i'.TS FUJI i'MCi: I'Ail W .. ,-eii M.i.u .a U!l. I'-'l J-:.i s i Thi.d. l'U«">XI-l •:"\u. br. ; Tin kfast ro P'-r.y rn. furm.'ih' d apart- I:t Ii. 11 .U»-1'.H FOFI (HENT— MISCELLANEOUS \z F< m KK.NT- offir-.. r"om at 24 . Fast J'iiHt, Nelson building, Al. Welch. l3S-2oi P,C:-I:<T: ^Uitabi Of b.vliet ln'mire .' T*T"U";"'K(-:NT f .-i 't, -12 South torn f -u rent, CD West Fimt. i• au to;n o !>iI c 1 > utii nea«. tiro any kind of reiaii bustneaa. for Motors. 1^ ihfw 7 -1^1 I'usUi• buiidini* ^.J.X100 •d M'" ?i store mmire OtLo Welwa la -l-4t VI 'M '.Y desir.iblo uttum ro^mtt. Curdy Insui a nee * jf-uu-y. ni^A"'M r n^~.i~rrr~fv' _;\'< ijion 1 laiNh\ R'-M bmidiiu;. Heu Mci "-'i6t rent, r oiTi^a Inijuire at Pi fi-jj| n iTeCiTniy KACC for i-ent- IkHltli Klin. .'alt WANTMD TO RENT 13 \VANTi\l> to r'.-'?it---Kour or five-room, furn'isitr-d IIOUMI*. mtnlei'n, with Harare; he reaaonaldo. .Fhone KCC. 13 5-41 WA.\"n:i) to tent - b..ri.ood iurcrei A\' !... i aro ;-.ewn. exehariyi al nnt/rli- •d. \WIti! iS'IC nisi) BOOM AND BOARD" 'liwV'i and 14 plug roam with lif .iitH, r, furnijilied or unlur- L ti. for man mid wife or eon phi oT ing girla or centlemen. £07 North evehuu!, 14 5-4t t'lul. 14 U-2U iiOAUJ* and room. Wt-at Se f-OH BALE OH TRADE 15 SiSffil © IT Tirsn^dl© Beautiful Ilytlo Paidc home, modem to the minute, Karajro, *t7,600, terms; con- eider small place. Good farm near Currton; trade for city property. New, modern, five-room bungalow; consider bulkltiif^ Rite. See mo for rentals or Insurance.. 11. C. OETTKK, ltealtor, Phone 263; Ilea. 1779. Z$9 £ North Main. 1G 6 -U KOU BAI.i'i or trade—Farm seven miles from Hutchinson; crop gnea with farm loU of fruit; will take pteee of "city property and Ktve lon^ time mi balance. Call North Town ulreet, Gmiulvlew.iri 2-tit KOU BA1-K or trade- lt>0 unres 3% mllea from Ooodwell, Texas county, OUla would e-onblder good ear on deal; prlco $2,400. Ivan .'J. Pmkins, Cuymon, Okla. 1G 7-9 FOH 9Af,K or trarto— Quarter of lund In Major county, Oklahoma. Prefer lluteb- lnaou properly or small tru'cL Ed, Ho wo, 200 i^aat Third. 15 2-4i iron HAT.C-' Letterheailn, envp^-y, wed- dintr ii !i'-.')!)!if'i,'iii. , 'ii !B l ' cai Jj;. Wella Prhiihus Cu., :4 Went First. IS :!-4t ISsiirdii&y <C ©iPa©ftn©«ir _llrs. Ina KlU-s, 'phono SIL'S, 3i7 Iloat Fourth. ia tor cock »tovo,~ heating stove, fireplace aud furnace. Ynggy Piantutlon. 18 13-2i *t For yuur eofft'e. -1 lle«t erodes, fine flavor, frtwh ground. Jil.ved teu for Ice tea frf.m alt hit^h-grade t«.a.i. Parties wlfshtiiii up io call on theiu eaeli week, OR 11 or phone 1S1*,' 302 North Main aheet. Free delivery. m %~Zi >l Q F O IB.. Swnmay ' WIRING CONTHACTOK AND i;i ; :i'Aiu WORK, 627 Far.t Seventh. Phone ?.3at.. 18 14-7:14 •it HA l.K-J-' 4 iniic < ast r I'KAM ot mare FOR fli.'.bh. like eiit rep- all otl.e.- p poinnu nt t, UF..V Goo, Slialt-r, I-'iJlt tw-honl WHEAT MEETING HAS BIG TASK Grov^crs Themselves Will Try to Work out Salvation. MEET IN WICHITA JULY 16 Oklahoma State Grain Inspector Gets Indorsement of Kansas Agriculture Board. .TO. IT. Un-o-o, Rtato ft ruin rn .«»poclor of 0!t!;iho!r,.i v.-;i<j In thn rlty to(l:ty. return in).;; to Oklalmmn i.'.ity rr.-sin ti'f jn^; witli t!m IKniitfu? Stalo ;'i>ai\! of AmrlciiRviro Ji»-!tl at tinrtl'M) City y <>n- tent ay wltvro b*i ri'prA.-iiHitoil J:u>. A. VVliil'.'lturHt. j.roKklrnt of iht? St:ii' 1 Iio:u'«l of Apr/fuj:tiro uf Okialioum. At thi.-i mo i;ttint n'i.m i wiTi* i''iUnio.l i'ov the, nieetinr: to bo li--I.l In WJobJin. July Kith, i" ho attmnloa hy d\-bna­ tion s of n-Vti-psoiUat ivc wheat t^invor-: to bf aiipdinfodMly tbo (\ok--"-uov <<V rrcsMont of th*> 'Sfa?«« Po.inl of Acrl- cuKuru of llti! siato of Kiiiisa;*, Ibrri.-ktt, C'tloriKlo, u;tft ; l.oina. I Tltis iiu•/•!.in p wan r -.-»JV 'l by Mr. ! Whl'i-hurM for th*> piir,'e:''' ru' K^.rtiti:.! - tht* uoCijl M'Iio,it rat".i:er^ [i»rrpt ':»ir and j try to (iovls" (Vo .ys ruid ni^an.^ by iv.ltit.h thoy can iH"0'lue« v-h«-at tit tti'» j pi'f ~*':u prk'O, i.i r .-'-ciir" a nrlr.-.i at v. h '.t -h ibny ran r;i:>-o it. i.' t-irh a th'.hg wyi-.- pnr-^'ulo. Must Correct Conditions. "Tho oonvlitlnn of i he wh. ••*. fannt'f lias ht.'edUiM V J M\V st'tioiiA t'r nn a firi- iinei;'! am ml point and uul: ,^ t;n:m» moans* is found to r* np.nty th,- prnfo;it si! uiition, ihc Kreato^t iinlafdry of CM mii.di.j w-^t iii in pori)," !^a!il Mr. iwi;* r.e w "If tho fault IIOH with Um farom- hitufi^ir, anil caa !;.; roTn'-tilocl hy .bn'lor r.j.-baii^ nu-ihuiiit. or by dii'iei-ouf. in..d,hiiii:t ol' nTarkntirifir ^rain, tli-t rii'.'LH Hlituihi \\-\ know n ii :;d fvi.-ry oi- for' in a b.» -tci hn:\> him u ;il-:o t.iio >•. , :..-Ml-V ifti.iltmi. "Thora I •d't;]^ f ir 1 •naiifi.- that v,o rjno-(ion ! "< emits, P«.!r Iii d r- nly tiio Mt. wheat , mil:-! bo t It .in - laml, by bf'tt, r in: m.r.^ :n*.'iliotbi i ImihHn-' up ?!n- soil. v^\- to pro •o all it will Toil mm ! .i a'-f'-nlion iii-; boiMi p;iiil to lo^i.-'hicnn \,\ cMr-* t): > arni 'T-; ti on hlr.-t ,i.ii ij ii."' e isoiif.H 1 () otubmti .-'-ii.-Jo iarmit 'ij m.'.••> "is. Meeting of Real Fan-iers "The .li.rf.'rmieo .|wt1 irt <-n th.- Wmh* l^i nieeuiu; and tho iw^-nwz Umd in 'il<e;ij;o iv-.'PllUy to <ib-'«" ilb,:- ihfi wh.-at Tar SAL E—CIT V PRorEHTY fCfinfrlt FOR «AI.F- Fivi Twelfth. S mod. : fondition, ly t w;i i 1m at ro mi MuMusolros w j, ,'tnid thHI Ciiioa FOR KAI.K FOR SAl.K-Fi viva rant 1":. Phrm 1 1 •" bur;i;a!o',v urid 1 n,,.. i.r.|i-i~ Mr ii.'t'.-hlll ' ItL'l irllit 1 , i tin TI.-. FOR SALE—HEAL ESTATE '©I niMifSircs^tgiai, Io iitlfjnil i'r .' ih-' •;.ili- otln« v.'H ii.. '.s:i!. In ' .i t?JUl i tii ;', ih.t r".i- ••:t.4 Statu l;,i 111.) : in l'ur n .if \v k H.\ v i•: voir IN- \vi- Vllii MAY |t|, fmm ' IP "I'.lU All I:'. I'N \VKr,TI;il.\' I.AM CAi'.i; Nl'WS AMI WHAT W'l: liAVii ©slicBirsi A.VYTIIIMI iSTi.l'.N' K*N :; i Kr.vs i i M A 1 IA-/V l' a mm<£ ] 1 1.0'. i.M.l- i-'l .11 farm In Hi. '.'. ;i vil iiiil.H in U.'.wi, i.ri.'i' J...'. il.f'" Tin! i '.ill. \v r •• i'i :•• Til,nun. I'iiiiiw. Km. I'dlt .-1 \\,F. • ii- 'iii!i|ii:."iiii'. Iii-i'-uv. ii In iil.-.i..«,i vi .! uf t.jvvii. W ...I -.I I'un.'n.i. iriii-k at i.-i'ii .'1.111.!. \N' llu.-li.n. r.i.l.i.M, i •„!.,. TW .itwrt. l'.'".!i'.n:' B .. r:ii" I';.V 1"!' vviit,. I'lya-.s. K»'.i.-'. MONKY to iin rcn McNi'.Klili'n! 'II «E HOPEFUL CROP NEWS NOW D. Flora, Federal Moteorotog* ist, Says Corn is rVUikmjt Cood Crov/t!). i'' I v.. Pnlia, Kan vn riii!!l',!;i lmil .'.. a; Ii I'.'!!!; Jill; ni>i ". Ilii'h 'lui'.-.i ;r. "i 1 11 n •li.sii.-t fur K:.i;-:n, i iiuii';!;- irAiii ijHM'n ; it t i o: L MimV hi WALL PAPErt. i-Alilll "Wsiiili & " "' V'.'l. I lj <'li iiiiti iii-' il|i rrifin nil'; i'liii rma •HI. l..,ll. '..1 I.J i hi U'..rk K tli.i- U"> II liSvo'l' •Jl 1W :t i t!l,' I 'Olt flint-."in reas.iii.iiil.i r.hono unii'.'J. IT i 'i lil'i'.s ii 1 pii i'., pi'r trantrms ni! i?. 'Ml! .]. X K«« lii 'Vl'll! : <.r il,.- . i niiia! i ami lti>: ivi'i'k .i'i • 'r ilnil : In ilia l,v- i.'il'i v ' •i"l'\ 111. • •ill ism .U-in I• . •ioiiu^!...r> for snilc. FOR slj:e SACK-' CadV 38. $h. I'liom; ; tan 1471U i iu:o. trio ! j <-:ib,' L lvir^]»hh ; i m!!*U '^oui P'I ; : SlMll. p:ioti'> i nil I ioiutl titii'H for waU.' oniiitlon, ijuo'l rti!);.-.r. h:< <!, hiin.l bt.-U-t ilunip botiv t/sytiiiuii. roariy to KO. Wll ipuck sale. '.1. SING ICR Bcwiuff maohiite able. 545 Fast First. on- | ,-4l j . Foi ! curs. KOK Ri'jNT—l£lei:tric. day. Pbona 2049. (1, Uulol., i?;ifvr.-»l^t ami other light *fil- carh. yhfur -Motor Kxohaugfl. All! o MJSIGAZINE Bubacriptions. Mru. Ina A ilea, | „ £17 FJaut Fourth. lri 'z-Tzl \ WANT Ti' „ , Thon list R ' FOR Efj-vl home made piew call J011J. , s i 0i:iiSi >, Slifoi MI-H. Salmon. ' lb l-'J r K \ 8ite Convcnlic.n ; FOR SAI.K- Ihih-k Auto, will luk.- rm.rt- 75 n t-ontract or .-MuRy In mnall o.Py m \ [.rop^i'v. Brown Uros. iu-u!i'- C"., liV-a 'North Main. Fh.-.o.; -jll. 22 7-R SKI .L YOCR CAR? • ith ui. Wo SI .-11 iro .'iu; no i Motur Kxthanao. oppo- Ifa .ll. 22 :^-2it FOH 6AU-7.— Soda rountam; white niai b:o RS-t'iiot bar with mar bio c-n'lu, 12 pumps, liquid carbonic Pt^ric-s^ niako. two ycaiii o:<l, in Ai condition, ««w oar- hontitor, chairs, tables. Complete outfit at a ]>\k biii^ain. Ray 1.. iiunis'aaU, Jnnutiori City, Kuii. ISvou «j-4t ©iffi 3 »irll«18 ^(S Slay IFweir A KIULI aiit^-;d Uay i \.-Vi .-r and catarrh ouro for aaIf by tho A. anil A. Drug Cu. Guarat:tcud to euro or price ret'umlcrt.' TTii!ir (5s ).b Y®wr Owun 1 Buy this niiw Racine- 24 --l'» ijoparator, In Boo-1 running order; alsn U-H.P. titcanicr, H-31) Alumni, all In ifuod ruiinliiij ordi-r, at burtyaln prlo«M. N, A. Ca««idy, Part- rldKP. Kan. IS wfm 4-M FOR SALE—Ladles' eatln Blippora, patent Slippers, black kid Sllpp&rs, brown Klippere, Tor ?4.60 pair, $Z cash, balance DOc week. Comur (^bmiiua'uo Co.. 17-ltt North Wilnut. 18 6-41 FOR BALE— 22 -lnch llnber B «pamtor with feeditr, blower and elevator, In runnlnff order. A. F. Bontra ^ur, Havr-n, Kan. . 18 3-6t FOR SALH-'-boya' lone jmrt payment down, baianco 60c week, long Punts I3 .t >0 up, w • • ' . .. :: _ YnTlths' Ions panttf Suits Ji week. Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 North Walnut. IB 0-4t FOR SALC ch^-'ap or trado for hows, -inult ^H or cows—fielder tractor in ccx -Ht runnini; order. II. Ii. Kdiyer, Buhler, Kan. 1G 7-0t FOR SALE or trarto-— Stx -room houso oloHQ in. Como and l&ok Jt ovsr., 42^ North Monroe. Phono 319SW. . IB 6-10 FOR BALE or trado tor For<J—One Kdl- •on phonoffrapll with 20 roqorda, and 'MM vlulln. ' Call 16I8X 15 5~3t . HORSK Wagon for plan* or ahoati. Call attest<A¥<»nlnft«, fO^.Weat <-UJ MroM canal 16 7-11 FOS SALF. -Nearly new cash register* . Hlifer Motor ICxchangc. -18 3U-7 FOR SA Me -Ludiea' black kid Oxfords. with military rubbar-tap r>oo3B, for $4, 54.50, $n.50 to |8.50, part payment down, baliinen Cue w«t:k. Oomor Cuniniert-e Co., 17-10 North Walnut. IS «-4t FOR SACK- Ono 10-30 Twin City tractor In uootl condition. Ono new VJethbshon triudt; ono Bocond-hand R^thlohwn truck, nearly new. At but gain prices. Chaa. It. lianaaa. lSei;t-3t F(Rt SALlC—Cai-pentcr tool.«, L'-J FO R SA CK - Co 1 u in b I a t' rtt p h f CaHt Hixlh. d si FOR SALF—Ford touring car, clianical order, fyur new the*, s»le, ?S5. Phono If.ViiW or ea! Se\-ent.- ( ' ntli. PKRT piano tuning. Comrany. jKliKnis i.'ui'.k: ic 2-as: FOR Sv\ Lfc:--Hcv*''ft-pusson.i-ri'r will take Ford in on same. Fourth. ul m« :oi F^st O-R lludsnn, 417 1 *1 *t ^:atns; also f>0-t( v.-1CI hotnse, Ah,. ( ins at i;;iO J-Jast Tet a:. tnoniii. J.;..i will soli t-ach at.'p: town. Cali at'- L'-is pi OJJ-TI ltrly o or I.-'HV or, i it WALL p.ip-r. U: p..| ( Hiu up; por bolt I • I WALL puj «M . 5c . : | a:o\ up; ;';,c p.-r hoit ! ' j U...M. ' j PAPFR hn:-.i;lns an.' . i - N ah'"nv you new tiai .U 'i. ' '' t'AFCi'. haiiMSUK. P;<- • j cnn». phf'vi^ 3« r :t;w Rt Nearly Finl^hurl. :i i". ••I. 'It; I i •:l Owner ha.ii .sti lolly i©IM© il 'in. cl.v-r, iiuili - in W 'lirr lia.ji .sti cott .iEH. tlirca. i-taiiiiliitf ni'ii In i:\',.-! v rv^.tn. l.lri. less funi;i.hau ninn glui.-l,. 11ml fi nil. tri-vy. rlus..^ to ti. lii'iil Hint ,i'ni : ;ti in <nr linn. Ov.'n'nr hi liavim; ilm i;ity. T!)l; ; : iri an lil'.'trl Uuinii ur iv'.'itit! irupei : y. AilUrn-sa 'l'-liS, cure Ncvva for full p*' th'tiinr-s. ill 4-16 MESSENC&Pt lERVlCE ll« alii, ll IU.j lni!.' •ill ill ii i. i'l l.l. . h.ti- !' liliil i 1 h;i.'. FOIt 8AI,!:-•' ruonr, Ktrli'tly inrjii In: IllMU :fnl STEVEN. pli':.3,-. IrtutllO - I*''ut SAi.r:- .ijiiiidoi; • i'ltotosraplis thh-.J IS J-fiStl 1 'AItTS I tenr them ii;v ami bell tho Kirtfr, al riiivki it. A. K. Johliaon, IB South \Vii»h Iriirtor.. '211 IH FOll SA .I .1C -Suiky tiiiby enrt. fcii v til. POlt SAI.]J --r ..'fri !.','!atL Hkltlill'lK fur BJL1,» at. 40K.". NOTICE—MISCEUL AN aouu Vuli'iuil/itiif. Uf-lri'a.lir'i;. l.ei us tiiii,! carv of your tin.- tr. 1.. r:. . M5d!«Silsi(te Tcire C ®3tT.^5ui !ny l>niteii Htatt'M ami I'AI.I FT Hell Tirea. Phony 397. 304 South Main. Hulclihu.on, Kan. . 111 2--al FUR SAI.K or trade! v.-Rii fitoi I; and grain • cli^moal eondiiion. ISC Ono N;i«h truck body, fr.'.'.tl nic- L.i^t CiiihLli. 2i i: ,--10L WAN" prh- -A la sn'.l. L> model Call 101 Ford •rca Kfasi 1'iont, < orniH. t'hon •u:, linolr. room, la.i- i It bunfj;'.! firt place, bt l:i:-hen ca FINANCIAL :<-> on city hoin ^; .outs tf-mn on monthly paynn-Jit phii;. 1'atin lo;-n;'. Till-: K1NKKL AGENCY I'hone but-: i^j.citaoii.j Hank Rirt';. NKV fri'ty: -- .SIX Ru porch, furiutec, Tcrnis. $^«uil. a limp. Nortii MJ FOR I'-ACI'.'- t'ot'iil !lt>ii: FARM loftt. a'.on. Nei Notb Main. loan on farm and clunk McNafrhlen! ; loan; hinuli amouut ii. V, • tr,!.-. North M.iJr.. w in. i>% lntcniMt, low col Ur.-MaoniiiK LoRiT Qf., Z'J ,d b:i:,")n..nt, room ni.-. Jo').' i_ . ( .u,Ry I'un.a .*•! ins. pro;> -.inle- ' 11-A ! ih-n t port' i till: Jo orb.oLci'ii In l.h.v tio", ;i-iK'iit :al oi-tlo^i.-it'-rn <:f;ii ;'ib."> on ;i.ccoiiitt ••it b -ln^ liii'I',/ hnl.-o.l and i\\ ida V jn'-iddy :'po:^ hi •iin tior^iiunu:. ,;}••• »r'iv. ii.:; -.veil :•• v. iV .iot hWcli in Cie flu-.-- i-oa;h- • of c-,.,!:;: '.;. In C;o nonii-i-r; :.-ri lb - y ui'o ji.i.'ii iro;; in.*: :d.;i rt'-d. v i-K '.'f .;id CIIC i III,,' of ;ili";ilfii J ( an lu llio (•outii'-ni pa;; of tho :u:.l ia rcmSy to ^:wv In tlio ( -a;»i • oL" ulnio^L to i.iii: i'.'-o.-ra ; ..i !lno, h.'ct.:t -nru iloin;; v.vil in tho 'lur- y (list rk't. Rriion! .,'oi'n yu- i to bt' uiak' i:ti. 1 i;to HP*! iv, o''tr |, n;i io.:, it IIIJ^ I no Old couor pin. FOR BAtK-C! niiidha- roadrik tcrni-j. lnqtoi FOR SALC--Ford touring bin HftioJd, cushions, top. 31:4 22 5-4t Shl'M-i. FOR bargains In u «ed care, tfo t Motor Kxchan^e, oppuaHu Conv Hall. . 22 1 J.2. r .t Gas burners raised and adjusted, save b0% on your E&S bill. Now r ls tho time to (ret your furnace repairt-d. Alt work euarunteed. Phona 40IW. ilorrla & Mot'Siin, stove and furnaco experts. R' 17-25t Direct from tiJ#tshi:tg pi-ant to c-mctery. Save 20' to 30%, UK'-'niK* and vouit'ers' profits. Vo-haudlft all standard unite and marble. J. H. Lynn, "The Monument Jlan," Niekerson, Kan. IH uu t J 4-7 ;2S Oatnuor, Sterling:, Kansas. SECONU-HAND RKFniOKRAT,OR5' of ail klnili at bargains. Also used furniture, repairing and upliolstai Ins a •liedaUy. Hilyard FurnJturo Co., 61U North Maiu, phone 169. 18 2-2Bt FOR BALE— itectstered Ilolstelns juat fresh: Two-year-old taulfer A.U.O. dauij four-year-oM cow A.R.O, seven-day r«cwd 3& pounds butter, A. M. Davis. FOR SAl^E— Two Email -oinbvllrtlusit, need lumber, tloore,, Bomo bath {IxtiirM. UnUsd. Bt*ttir *B k ubiu'Ch» thorns * 1*7-11 J22I.J. WK FIT OLASSEB T31AT FIT L L» ^tona® 8 Oipft ©i5a ®(lirii£ft lCt% Kuct Hlierni.i!u over CatRAt. 11 iivi-il&t CMC1S Optu'.r.etrliit. t.ycs teo^ii'-vjiiiflSQB fltleil. North Malu, over Jtrnej Shoe Stp.M, 1» S-26t EAllN 1CXTRA ISI'liNDrNO MONEY BT BKI.L1NO THE- NEWS AJ'TBil 4 1*. St, EACH BVliNINQ. 10o STARTb YOU. Al'i'IjT TO Hit.- OlfASO, Nl5 >.Vli Oi'FlCU ... • \ lli l«-<t «c pK. UVlJj. "a fuot Bpnolaiiut m wllri Dr. . * NiwttviJs at MS Tlupl .Siiioliil. BrolK .li arctut*..,ires tea. .«ucc««ituUy. Phone J»lS fur luvpuinmem. IS l-ljl. Ffitt SAI..K or hinx-iui lni; our. I-'i'til I.t'nlz, rt. 1"J FOll SAIyK—Oarase. 1011 South Main; also-trtuik I'jed. h. H. Jones. 22 2S-10X FOR .SAI.E- Chevrolet coupe In Al liiliou. tint: Bviiitv Coal Co. 22 FOll KALE or tradv Hpi 'i'ial, KVH>il Eliaiio. -1313 3412. Sln..l..l J aki'r, <,Z 21 -10t •'Oil SALE—Autn tralk-rs. 115 aoutli WaUitit. FOR SA1 .U- /• Hlo traut-ra. 115 South Watr.uL War.!, !2 2-2tt off i'hont Ulk fed, nicety dressed. your or.'L-r. 16 IStst Third.' tfowt, 779. RIO .5 ;-ouHry. at lice like manic. P(ini'» Cio'.IV/^ider (flven in drinking v.atcr or food few dayti docs l.t. >Vlii not itrrrn 4 i fowls* Jh'sb or e-sgs; hoi pa eavo baby chtotfe: l.WJ'J treated easily Aa one; O0u \> Hull! . :'•.•(' car. W. R. will trade Plume f.HlZ $]no DOWN to i;r, lir.-ii puymcni . lions.-, invri heu.-.t moiiiliiy paync.'iu. Hen V. i.,unborn, -Nortii M.iiu. loft tor SKIdM-JN 'd p:oty -.v n a tiaioo f-Ml. La , pivaHMil, roull II nu K • fnui- i'l tun: s; llOlllll, AVolli.l , land. T .MilciHii. i.ij by t iijlit i miiiilir rnl.'i i'a 7V'J o•.viler X. .v- ;i •>»«. -ll'i'l'lnt; ity proi'ii I y L nan be- arranj;,'.'. Wosl l-'oiirt-c 21 ! faill Ii. (.' -i'J ami i :i ,i/nnib.ilol i !(-tallB, .1. ; CITi' loans. UVJ No.-tli t .-al'.i i,n:l 11 f,.r fu,' :lty '.nuns, low, . llaiitV fi. Son. N".vli,!-ilantiins I^OIIII Mali. 2.1 Inn la i'U- 1 .03T. ' VAI.llAill.i; ri'.iniiiiy i-.'tin foui.'O i.ii'.iinii for r-iinri of loft and fount! FIAVtti 11' Of. STOLE.:; 30 iv-o aalor.a '.a-ailly uln! ,! to lo^or^. lalilt nut l.lOUt effklit'lll lO.niilli! ir jiroporly. Uuo Xnvr^ •lunin. •"- -v •:. •: •! • -! s • + ERADSTilECT-B REPORT. • '., V-rii, l!i!y ,'. i.'l'y roll' 1,' IHT •l.ii;. it TWO strictly mod 'Tti K '.x-ro-nH bniifja- l 'AVH, V.'"li 'lOv 'ill' .1 illl'l on nooil ti 'llllii; pri'-iil r i ii': r L; for liio'h"ib'-.-:n i'-.^iili-noo-'i. St o ll'ii V. Lanlb'orn, r '.-aitor, iilionr, IT.ii,, ti N'oi til Main. S4 J-tt FOH SAI.I'l or tradv IIuti.lnii.-ion resilience, elovi n rootnp, on Wtst Tin iftli. Ktricily modern, ii |i -!o -diitc, will Ira,!,; for tiinaiUii' rt -Bidtiioi'. AUdi'.-.wa !•'. J. I'.o.oi, 013 Eai'l Eillllth Btruet, I.arln'il, K:ui. 21 I1-'2it • Cassias & ISaiiHK r .oal ontato, r,-n!aia, I Ovur Central .Slato ban!.. ni.iiir;inca. .no' -oil 4:14-50t DO YOU WISH TO SE1.LV Lint your luoi.oi ty V. ith UH. CARJ.'Y RE At, KSTATIO INA'. C 413 N. iialn. I'i'.on,. 972. Hut. LOST .(-ran I'ill.l,'!' i'l Kr.i-arl.-.,. STTtAVlil i- ai.oril ii.l 'J M,av. Xo. 2. lAi.-i'f- llron Call SIS Hi ok hi.'11'.-i i. Call and vvhlto « F, al'lernooil, -.v^lght Dillon 20 »-8t BUSINESS OPPOKTUfilTV -ti iiU- to; have the oi-portiia rt unity Vol! 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PUOJKI ui», (Kin ^Bioy Mot4 >r CV). r- Today 1 Get Your Emerson Fans The Fan with th:; 16 Sis c rmiLi; Phono 2;

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