Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1966 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1966
Page 11
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'"This Deal Proposes Many Benefits By Abigail V.n Bureri . (Copyright 1966 by Chicago Tribuna-N. Y. Nawt Snyd., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: There are so many people in their sixties alone and lonely for companionship, and I know why. I am a man, nearly 65. I am retired and on Social Security. I own an old car and work a few hours to keep it running For the past three years I've been trying to find a lady to go steady with, but I've given up. I can't afford it. ; I have met a let of women near my age, and-they are wonderful company. But the trouble is, they all expect, a man to take them out a couple of nights a week, wine them and dine them, go to drive-in movjes, and for drives and lunches. ' One of them said, "My company should be worth that much." Well, how about MY company? I:wouldn't expect a woman to'sihqrc car expanses, but if we both have about the same incomes and stretched a dollar, we could have a wonderful time if we shared expenses. Neither one of us is a prize package anymore. Why act like it? J. IN SAN DIEGO • '•••• i ' DEAR J.: You'd be surprised how many, women in their sixties would buy the den I you propose. VVhy don'Kyou lay all your cards on the table? You could draw a queen. Thursday, My 2$, at 1:36 p<m. With tyttftUlt Ittld gtfls from fifth grade as special guests. Vicki, Jane and Barbara McGuire, Le< hora Hilbert afid Sandy Wagner, and their mothers, are hostesses, N Blane Alan Becker, son of the Jerome Beckers, born July 3 was Baptized Sunday by tffy. Leo C. Schumacher with Mr) and Mrs. Donald Becker as sponsors. A McGuire family reunion was held Sunday at M. T, Me- Guire's with over 80 present. Sister M, Adeline, OSF, Mary of the Angels, DUbuque, Brother Donald, ,St Benedicts, Atchinson, Kan., Mrs, Jay Nemo family, Guttenberg, atending from a distance. The McGulres are the parents of folk I'/iighter and ten sons,-and have 50 grandchildren. Detailing by three crews in ; Ottosen fields AL06NA (Iowa) ADVANCl-4 THURSDAY, JULY II, Student from ,,,,„„ ^ Africa speaks at Hurt church Bort -^ Nephat overseas student Marubu, an in Okoboji freshman camp last-Week) was speaker July. 17 at Hurt Methodist church. His home is in Kenya, East Africa. He has been a student in this country for fotir year's, attending high school in Banning, Calif., junior college in Upland, Calif., and plans to Ottosen — ward Kemna Mr. and Mrs! Ed- announce the en? gte (Stove, visited at. hef motH? ef's Wednesday and the Ray- ttiotid LavTenzeS, Stratford, were, th^fe Thursday, Wallace Hawcotts and Kenneth, Mrs, Gladys Hawcott,, and Wa Wallace, Chicago, visited Saturday at Glenn Wallace's, Ma* son City, Ha returned home July 19, <after a week here. The A. B. Bprtihpldts, Amotd- Park, and Ann Oeincrna t Mirinft- apolis, were guests Friday of | Gladys Hawcott. All are former re-id'ents Of Melvin in the, 1920s. I The George Becker* were guests Saturday for the birthday of George at Martin Becker's, Algona, Evening guests were the Roscoe Mawdsleys Jr. and Elaine gchnakenberg arid Darretl Trau- . J«Mt from Slou* Loi Angeles,. took him to Sioux « Fktelis class will ._. , o'clock picnic a* the Burt park July 27, In case of rain it will be held it Lulu Hawcott's. The program is games by all. < ^, Guests Sunday of Lorena Ro- attend the university of Califor- ger, LuVerne. nia at Davis, Calif. He is a Meth-1 Bumadine Opheim, Dawn and odist and has been visiting youth John, and the J, P. Stevens spent oamps in Iowa and Wisconsin. July 17 at the Jim Steven's, Ion- DEAR ABBY: How much do you think parents should know about theiir married children's financial affairs? I would appreciate a published, reply. The interested parties, might recognize themselves and take the hint. Thank you.; « "YOUNG MARJUiBpS" DEAR YOUNG MARRIED?:" Thj* depend* entirely on whether or not the parents of th,e young marrjeds contribyfe in any WAV to their support. If they do, they have a right to know where their money goes. If not, the financially independent young people should have the privilege of privacy. - •'•''• •* -'•'' DEAR ABBY: I was married last Sunday in the^chapel of our church. It was a small but beautiful wedding. Everything was perfect. We opened our gifts and then left for a short honeymoon trip. When we returned all was in a state of turmoil. My father had proof that my husband had been married before anc had not been divorced. When confronted with' this accusation my husband denied it, and said he was going to get a lawyer. Then he took off and never came back. My problem is what to do about the wed" ding gifts. I sitarted asking people if they wanted them back, and they all said no. How about the initialed tea towels and so on? My mother said she doesn't want to see one wedding gift around the house. What should I do? BRIDE WITHOUT A GROOM DEAR BRIDE: Under the circumstances, the gifts should have been returned to he senders with a brief note of thanks and explanation. It is not customary to ask if the donors want their gifts back, initialed or monogrammed gifts can be given to the needy. •. '.>'• :"• •. . . _ • | CONFIDENTIAL TO "TAURUS" IN SAN FRANCISCO: There is no substitute for brains. But the next best thjng.is silence. aturcjay to Wednesday in Ark- nsas. They spent the first ight at Branson, and then to ientoiwille and Rogers where tiey spent the rest of the time t Bella Vista Resort at Benton- rille. Mrs. Osborn's sister, Mrs. Arnold Kuecker, Minneapolis, tayed with David. The Kenneth Andres attended he Lammers reunion July 10, at Ottosen — Detamel-tig of the seed corn fields started this week. Three local women are charge of one walking crew and two machine crews. On Mrs. Ralph Jacobson's waiting crew are Ramona and Re- jecca Aure, Ruth Bakken, Alice Eastman, Marsha Hacker, Nancy Halsrud, Johnson, Kipne. Laveroa gagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Carol Kemna to James Roupe, son of Mr. and Mrs. The Davieses took him to Indianola, his next assignment. HOOSIER PICNIC There were 51 guests ait the Hoosier picnic July 17 at the Legion hall in Burt. Members present were from Albert Lea, I pnests at Walter Steward's "and ia. The Larry Hinckleys and daughter. Atlantic, soent the weekend at the parental A. C.'Hinckley's! . The Eugene Stewards and four sons, Minneapolis, were weekend West Bend. They will be mar- hill, 6 months, son of Dick and day for a orip o'clock luncheon, ried September 24. She' ; will. Lama Trunkhill. To plan next Hoitesses wwp Ethel Dremrhel graduate from' St. Vincents year's reunion are the Harold nnHRmvifci Mitchell. ' '•' Chris Hoyt, Sharon Joiner, Jackie' Klein, Mary Larson, graduate from St. school' of 'nursing in Sioux Aug. 7. • • '•' -\-> -;-;;•;: WILL SELL RUGS The;-Legion Auxiliary met on Monday night with; Mrs! Allen Wehrspanh. Yearly reports were given. Mrs. Olvin Haiig instal- Cynthia Lempke, Jo Ellen Meyer, Kathy Mitsven, Valorie Mon- buy 12- rugs son, Diane Olson, Paula Holland, wa Soldiers Elaine Sorlein, Ardith and Paula town. Thilges, Francis and Janice Thiil, JuMe Ver Steeg, Amy hrspann, Lori Wendt, Liz Wick- rg an4 ( .M§rY Wilson. Mrs. Conrad Johnson has the following machine crew, Kathy Jacobson, Becky Hankins, Mar- Ivs T^rr^'ris. Mpriorie T' son. Debbie Frohling. Jeanne Evenson, and Jahel Frohling. Mrs. Louis Jacobson's machine crew, is Mrs. Darrel Jones, Ann Miller, Arlys Wehrspann>, Mary Lou Olson, Roberta Rolland, Trudy Rossing and Kay SeMg. The Douglas darks and Larry, Baldwin Park, Calif.,.visited at Mrs. Clara Solberg's and Oliver Christianson's from Tuesday until Wednesday night. They were enroute to Illinois to visit relatives,, ; in:.. Illinois.. Tuesday night all called at Gus Henningsen's, Rotfe. Wednesday they visited the Ralph Richards and Lenhard Holdehs. I The Lester Wehrspanns went Minn., and most nearby towns attended the Steward reunion at. and area near Bunt The oldest cUw Lake. , iwas Floyd Duncan, 77, Fenton,! TNT club met July 19 with- Melvin. Roupe, an< i the youngest David Trunk- Loretta Liohter for her birth- | year's reunion are the Harold Beckers, Bill Trenarys and the Merrill Hagcdorns, Ledyard. INDIANA VISITORS The Ray E. Cages, Rhonda and Rosella, Oakford, Ind., visited Tuesday to Friday at George STOCK "The Midwest's P**te«t, High Every Sunday Rain Postponement — Races •THE 'ACTION' TRACK MARTIN COUNTY Fairmont and Benitia Mitchell. The Carl Reynolds and Odey Chwlands were puests Sunday at Emil Eimer's. Fairmont. Jolly Ten club met at the ( Cunningham Cafe Friday with Lydia Marius as hostess. The Herbert Weiskes and two Becker's. Thursday the group children, Cedar Rapids, visited led Mrsf Allan Wehrspann as ( had a picnic at Call state park, Sundav at Helen Weiske's., They treasurer. It was decided to to sell v from the Io- Home at Marshall- Algona, and visited the Grotto spent the weekend at Frank: Meat West Bend. The Cages'start- _Ws .anirl aittemded the class ed their time 1 at . June 28 and spent union in Fenton. ~" •" ' The Milford Hoppes, Madelia, kfinn., called at David Looft's on Saturday. The Tom Manleys were Sunday guests of the David Loofts. The Henry Loofts were Friday guests of the Fred Loofts, 5wea City, and visited guests the Wm. Loofts, Major, Sask., Caria- Other guests were Mrs, Bertha Pommer, Algona, and the Gerrit DeWaards, Titonka. The Wm. Loofts left Sunday. St. Joe Mrs, Sylvester Wagner Shower given at Seneca for a July bride Seneca — Jane Streucker, the bride-elect of Vernon Wilberg, was given a miscellaneous shower July 13 at the Seneca Lutheran church with the church women hostesses. Guests were registered by Diane Vaudt. Corsages were presented to the honoree, her mother, Mrs Victor Streucker, his mother. Mrs, Henry Wilberg, her grand mother, Mrs. Herman Hintz, oj Lotts Creek, her sister, Jenni fer, and Diane Vaudt. Mrs. Ted Jensen presided, Mrs Curtis Olsen gave devotions am Audrey Berpum sang a solo with Mrs. John Johanneseji accompanist. Mrs. Henry Looft gave a reading and Mrs. Ted Jensen played the saw with Mrs. Johr Johannesen accompanist. She was assisted in opening gifts by her sister, Jennifer, Di ane Vaudt, and Carol Lee Bon- niqksen. Mrs. Edna Johannesen poured coffee. She will marry Vernon Wilberg Ji$y 23 at the Lutheran church at Lotts Creek. STARS TO OKOBOJI Seneca Stars 4-H club met with Bathy Merril July 9. An ov ernigh^ trip to Lake Qkoboji was dated Aug. 5-6. The club reportr er, J^U Jensen, is attending sun> mer sohooj, &n'4 Barbara Andre was appointed club reporjt- er. Illustrated talks were given by Ljnda Sue JCracht an4 Anna Men?. Kathy Merrill led singing and Becky Jensen had recreji- tion. A good grooming oontesi was held with Mrs. ® niseh m gudge. Junjor winner was Span Fortney; interme«|i ate, Parbara Andre; *nd Ann Fortney, Linda Sue Kracht and Anna Menz tied for senior. Clarence Mienz w§s guesit moth er and other guests were the C O. Baileys. They are working an their fair projects and will hafc local Achievement: show July $ «t 7:30 p,m. at the lUone hall. Bartera Andre is (^are*ice Osborns spent ter te*s and A< to .St. Peter, Minn., Sunday to attend "Capital Days." The governors of all the states except one were in attendance. There was a parade with many floats. The Wehrspanns also visited the Tom Damons there. Mrs. Roy Telford was a Thursday caller at Donald Usher's. Jo Ann Bressler,, Cedar Rapids, visited Linda Le Mont, a week, returning home Tuesday. & The Mike Frohlings and their five children had a trip from! July 5 to 14. They visited his brother, the Jim Frohlings, Bristol, Va., and toured Washington, D. C. In Chicago they visited his uncle and aunt, the Frank Blacks. Mrs. Le Roy Selvig and Mrs. Robert Croker, Bode, and Mrs. Mike Frohling began a Drake extension course in United States History to 1865, Monday at Algona. The Kermit Fowlers had a va- oation trip from Wednesday to Saturday to South Dakota. At Mitchell and Madison they visited relatives. They also went to Wessington Springs and Pierre. Edwin Speich and Arland Speich, r Cedari.Rapids, .spent last week in Colorado Springs and Denver driving through Wyoming and the Blade Hills in South Dakota. The Bratland family had a reunion at the Bode park Sunday Twin Falls, Ida., the Black Hills and Yellowstone national park.: Cage and Becker were in the service together in World War II but had not seen each other for 21 years. CHURCH VACATION There will be no church or Sunday school July 31 and Aug. 7 at the Burt Methodist church. The annual North Iowa Bible Conference , will be in session from July 31 ,to Aug. 7. Bishop James Thomas, of Des Moines, will speak at 10:30 a.m. service n the tabernacle at Lake Okobo- |i Methodist camp. with 48 attending. The Leo Tof- tebergs, Mrs. Jennie Bratland, Mrs. Mina Wehrspann and Merle Halsruds attended from here. : The Rev. Robert J. LeMonts, Linda and Mark, returned Monday from two weeks at Madison and Milwaukee, Wis,, Detroit, Mich., and Maumee, O. At Cedar Rapids tives. they visited rela- STEWARD REUNION There were 60 at the,Steward reunion July 17 at the shelter house at Clear Lake. All mem bers were present except Lloyd in California, and Walter, a pati ent in Mercy hospital at Mason City. Walter had surgery last Tu esday and is improving and may be home in a week. CLASS REUNION The Burt high school class o 1941 will have a reunion July 23 at Charlie's Supper club in Al gona. The Richard Weiskes, Crest line, O., visited Monday to Fri day last week with his mother Mrs. Helen Weiske. The Juliu The y. C. Wallaces, Mason Ci- tv. were euests Thursday of Mrs, Gladys, Hawcott. Positmaster Wallace Hawcott ittended a postal school at Ames uly 18 and 19. Nine Boy Scouts and Scoutr master Harley Trputman lare oending this week camping in ,he Prairie Gold Area, Okoboji. Guests Sunday at Jay D. Graham's were the Earl Bikini, Denver, Colo., Christy Olsons, Blooming Prairie, Minn.. John Em- merts and Kenneth Grahams, of Mason City, and Glenn Grahams of Algona. James Lacy, Los Angeles Calif., spent a week at liis brother John's, Manchester, Conn The John Lacys and children and James Lacy visited the H J. Lacys in Burt July 12 to 18 when the John Lacys wemt to WIRING Connected or Corrected UTT "JIM UTT" ELECTRIC Phone 295-2223 $1,000°° IN PRIZE ONEY! The Andrew Kramers and Ann, Paul Thilges Jr. family and P?ul ThUgeses Sr,, with Adfelle her, West Bend, spent Sunday with Si&ter M. Redemota OSF at Jriar Cliff college, Sioux City. Sister Jf. Redempta is the d*M" (hter of the Kramers and fol- owing summer school at Briay iff she will spend a week at Mt. St. Francis Convent in Du- ique before returning to S|. Christophers, Midlothian!, IE, a suburb of Chicago, where she is an eighth grade teacher. ' Mrs. Ed Andrelinas, Annette and Edward, Medicine Lake, Mont, and Mrs. Gilbert G. Koch, Michelle, Jeffrey and Gilbert, of Helena, Mont., visited relative^ and friends from Monday to Friday. Mrs. Andrelinas is tihe for? mer Susie Zeimet Frideres, daughter of IfetJ}, Zeijnet frora here, and Mrs. Koch, the former May lene Frideres, daughter of Mrs. Andrelinas and the i*te Prosper Frideres. The Tony Wevderts returned Monday from a week in western states and a visit with Jtfr& Weydert's si«^r ? t^ J «n Putstiucks, Cfnoft dty, Coi». They a|«> called on the J. J. Modified Sportsman Race FRIDAY, JULY 22 WARM FAIRMONT SPfEDW FAIHOROUHBS SALE! PRICES REDUCED FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY! S-T-R-E-T-C-H SLEEP and PLAY SETS REDUCED LIMITED TIME ONLY One and two : pc. terry cloth and nylon sets for sleep or playtime. Full cut for comfort. Machine washable. . Nursery prints, solids. Ojie size fits 3 to ^8 months. ! REG. 1.98 STOCK UP HOW AND SAVE!- DtlmtrStockey REG, 25e TRAINING PANTS — Double-thick cotton-knit. Triple thick crotch. Sizes 1 to 4 ! 5 fpr 87c COMBED COTTON BABY SHIRTS — Long or short sleeves. Diaper tabs. White. Sizes 1 to 4. Reduced to - ^ --.-,--, ———-.— 2 for I7e WATERPROOF PANTS — Sanitary. Cushion leg. S . XL. Reduced to ___— „• 3 for 77« REG, $1 FITTED CRIB SHEETS,— White cotton muslin. Standard size —_,._„ —, 77« 30 x 40 RECEIVING BLANKETS — Cotton, Solid*, stripes, prints. Reduced to 3 for 1.91 NYLON/RAYON CRIB BLANKETS — 36 x 50. Soft and light, Aasorted, Reduced to 1,77 QUILTED CRIB BLANKETS — 36 x 50. Dacronl> polyester-Ceiactoud® fiUed. White and colors. Be* — T —, — 3.*' COTTON FLANNEtCTTf PlAPfRS — Extra s^ 27 x 27-to. Reduced to __. Qn. 2.47 — 2-pJece. Gripper closing. 'a wear fabrics. Sizes 1, 2, REG. 1.19 PAJAMAS Print plisse and wash 3 ,_ COMBED COTTQN POLO SHIRTS - ..,. Patterns, sojids. Si^es 1, 2, 3. Reduced to ORIQ. |1 SUN SUITS 1-4 1 and 2-pc. Wash ORIG. 1.91 SUN wear. 1 »nd 2-4 e7fi SUITS — 100% cotton, w»sji n* Beautifully trimmed. Infants |«4 REG. 1,91 INFANT'S DR wear coJ^on, 9 denims. SSES -^ Pert n' Pretty, 18 mos. Redttoed tp — IJf

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