Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on March 5, 1898 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1898
Page 3
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SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 5, 1898. Iterrjs of rtc-ws f rorij All Parts of County Solicited Utjler tbis ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE. OF MAILS. 11AIL5CLOSK. 6 S3 A M.--Via D. C. R. K., for Points North. 7.2O A. M.--Via Q. A. R. K., for Points West. t.3ii A. M.--Via i A. K. R , for Points Uast. 11.45 A. M.--Via Steamer, for River Points. LOW P. M.--Via StnRf, for Proton. 1.28 P. 11.--Via D. ic C. R. R.. for Points North. * oa P M --Via Q. A. R. R., for Point-, West. 0.22 P. M.--Via g. A. K. K., (or Points 1-ast. MAILS ARRIV1C. ~ 43 A. M.--Via Q. A. 14. K., from Points liast. 1O OO A M.--Via 12- A. R R.. from Points West. ll.OO A. M.--Via Stage, from I'restou. 11.3O A II.--Via Steamer, from River Points. 12.OO -- M.--Via L. C.R.R , from Points North. 4.2S P. M.--Via Q A. II. K., fiom Points East. 7.45 P. M.--Via Q. A. It. R.; from Points West. 8.OO P. 51.--Via D. C.R.R. from Points North. PUBLIC BUSINESS CALENDAR. CIRCUIT COURT AVILL MEET APRIL 4. ORPHANS' COURT WILL MEET MAR. 8. LEVY COURT WILL MEET MARCH 8. SCHOOL BOARD WILL MEET MAR. 15. THE LOCAL DEPARTMENT, DASHES HERE AND THERE. Full moon. Tbe town of Milton is to be incorporated. There were many visitors in town Tuesday. Mr. A. T. Porter, of Burrsville, advertises for a milliner. Quite a n u m b e r o£ Denton ladies spent Tuesday in Baltimore. Huldah B. Todd has been appointed postmaster at Greenwood. Mr. M. Bates Stephens has recently completed a map of Denton. Several new canning houses will be in operation in Caroline this season. Work has been resumed on the new breakwater Jit Lewes, Delaware. .The town commissioners have decided to open Seventh street, north side. Federalsburg people are anxious for the Dentou-Federalsburff railroad. Mr~T. Fred Garey has made tests of the broad tire wagon, and endorses it. Mr. R. M. Collins' store has lately been improved by a handsome glass front. House Uhler's large lumber shed and office, near the depot, are about completed. The school commissioners on Tuesday last passed reports and the secretary sent checks to the teachers. The Federalsburg Bureau, of En- tsinment has asm-plus, and they will continue their course of lectures. Two business houses and one dwelling 1 in Chestertown, were destroyed by fire early Sunday m o r n - ing. Mr. George Ford has been commissioned postmaster o£ Hillsboro, Mr. Ira B. Williams term having expired- Mr. J. A. Baker', East New Market, has purchased Linkwood Chief, a well-known stallion. The price paid was $725. The "Old Homestead" wa*s rendered at the Harrington Opera House by local players last night. It will be repeated tonight. Fruit-growers are already congratulating themselves that t h e i r prospective crops will soon be out of danger of a freeze. Mr. Geo. S. Jones, a workman from J. W. Bond Go's., establishment, was at work rebindiug clerk's office records this week. Dr. L. D. Kelley, the dentist, spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week in Denton. He will spend three daj's here every alternate week hereafter. Ex-Judge George M. Russum has this week had a law office fitted up in the rear of his residence, on Main street. He will soon begin the work of remodelling and repairing his home. - It is pretty safe to say that the severity ot the winter has passed, and the Queen Anne's · railroad has demonstrated its ability to give its patrons first-class passenger and freight service despite the ice. Miss Ida J. Mcllvaine has spent ^ the week in New York and Philadelphia, visiting the spring openings of millinery establishments and purchasing goods for her new store, ·which will be opened in Denton in a short time. The oystermen of Queenstown · gathered up several thousand feet , b f j lumber ill the harbor, on Thursday of last week which, it is supposed, .had been washed off some vessel in -the Chesapeake Bay dur- · ing the storm of Wednesday. Messrs. T. D. Day, John M. Swing and David M. Swing, of Ridgely, have formed a co-partnership, under the firm name of T. L. Day, Swing Co., for the conduct of extensive fruit-packing and c r a t e - m a n u f a c t u r - ing business. They have factories at Ridgely and Queen Anne. Read their notice of co-partnership in this paper.' General Agent I. N. M i l l s , ' o f . t h e Delaware Railroad, says the col snap of a few days ago was a God send; that had it been three days later, peaches and other fruits woulc have been killed. As it was, the growth of the buds was retarded an also, he says, driven back. Mr Mills further said that the outlook for good yields of all kinds of frui never looked brighter. William P. Sewell, a justice o the peace for Trappe district, re cently reappointed by Governo Lowndes, died the same day the news of his appointment was re ceived. Mr. Sewell was well known in Talbot, CarolineandQueen Anne' counties. He was a miller by oc . cuption, and some years ago wa . proprietor of the Navy Point saw ·ad grin* mill* »t St. Migh»«l's. MATRIMONIAL AND PERSONAL ITEMS. o----- ,ord-Weavcr nnd Cnrter-ScaUcrgood Nuptials--Visitors In town. At half-past seven o'clock last Wednesday evening,c: Mr. E m m e t t ord, of Concord, :iud Miss Rosie A., d a u g h t e r of Benedict Weaver, Esq., were married at the Ridgely Reformed C h u r c h , by tho pastor, Rev. A. 0. Reitev. The decorations consist- el of evergreen nnd potted plants, n tasteful a r r a n g e m e n t about the p u l p i t and altar place. The bride wore a gown of golden brown cloth, w i t h w h i t e s a t i n , lace and braid riminings, and hat and gloves to natch. She carried n beautiful bouquet of Mavechal Neil roses. The tnaid-of-honor, Miss Carrie Imler, was attired in dark brown cloth, rimmed in lace and braid, aud car- ·ied pink carnations. Mr. Thomas TICK was tho groom's best m a n , and ho ushers were Messrs. Thomas Temple, Howard T. Smith, John Mandrill, and David Grabill, all of whom wore boutonnieres of white carnations. Miss Sarah Hoffman )layed the wedding marches. After he ceremony a reception was held at the bride's home. The groom is i sou of Mr. William H. Lord, of Concord, and is a promising young a r m e r of t h a t section. On February 21st, at the home of h'e bride, i n ' P h i l a d e l p h i a , Miss Salie May Scattorgood and Mr. Edward B. Carter were united iu marriage. After a wedding breakfast aud re- eption Mr. and Mrs. Carter took the rain South. The bride is of tho old well-known family o f ' t h a t name in ho Quaker City, and Mr. Carter is a on of Edward J. Carter, Esq., of )over. He and his bride will reside it "Touton Field," a fine estate near leuderson. Miss Nellie Weston, daughter of ames H. Weston, of Easton, was married Monday evening to Wm. R. Parks, of Baltimore, at the resid- nco of S. E. W h i t m a n , her uncle, n Easton, by the Rev. Wm. Pbisal. he wedding was private, only a ew friends being present. Mr. arks started for the Klondike on uesday. His bride did not ac- ompany h i m . A musical and recital was given y Miss Cora Bello Russell, at her orne, near Lewistown, to her m a n y riends on Friday evening of last veek. All those who took part ac- uittcd themselves very creditably- tmong those present were Misses 'leming and Thawley, of Hillsbor- ugh. . Captain Sigsbee, of the Maine war- hip, and Mrs. Sigsbee have visited 'albot county as guests of Mrs. lary H. P. Cos and daughters, at 'erry Hall, Talbot. Mrs- Cox is ow the guest of Mrs. Sigsbee, in Vashingtou. Mrs. Sigsbee is a rela- ive of JudgeRussum, of this place. Rev. C. I. Stengle, chaplain of the louse of Representatives of Delaware, and Miss Marion Stewart iland, were married in Norfolk, Va., jn Wednesday last. Nearly all the members of the General Assembly were present. Governor Tunnell was Mr. Stengle's best man. Miss Frances C. Rasin and M. G. linton Roberts, of Baltimore, were married in Washington on Monday veiling last. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts- )oth formerly lived in Centreville. 'Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Owens, of Harrington, spent the latter part of last week with Mr. and Mrs. Deweese. Mr. Fred Clifton, brukeinan on he Queen Anne's railroad, is suffer- ng with a gathering on his face. Philip Matthews, Esq., of Delaware, was the guest of Mr. James J, Redden this week. Miss Ella Longfellow, of White- eysburg, is visiting her sister, Mrs. ETenry W. Hughes. Miss Bessie Frumptom, of this county, has been the guest of Talbot 'riends this week. Mr. Ira L. Butler, of Denton, this week visited Rev. George Emmett Wood, Seaford. Mr. C. H. Bullock, Bridgeville, a silversmith, has removed his fam- ly to Denton. Miss Kittle McShauo is visiting in Hidgely, where she has been quite ill this week. Miss Ellis Cronse, a teacher at Royal Oak, was at home, iu Denton, Sunday. Mrs. Dr. Hardcastle has been visiting friends in Philadelphia this week. Mrs. Margaret Melvin, of Baltimore, is visiting Denton friends. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Beauchatup, of Easton, were in town this week. Mrs. J. Dukes Downes is visiting her'parents, iu Queen Anne's. Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard has been visiting Philadelphia friends. Mr. Fjank P. MeShane, of Baltimore, was in town this week. Miss Mamie Evitts spent sovera days in Baltimore this week. Misses Emma and Lizzie Clark spent Tuesday in Denton. Mr. C. W. Byrn, of Baltimore, was in t o w t f o n Thursday last. Miss Georgia Stevens is visiting friends in Camden, N. J. Mrs. T. F. Johnson is spending a few weeks in Baltimore. Mrs. Vertie Cahall is a visitor al the Choptank Hotel. Miss Nellie Johnson is at Centre ville for a few days. Mrs. Julia Day was in Baltimore this week. Mrs. James G. Redden has been quite sick. ·. ·.*. Many School Children are Sickly. Mother Gray's Sweet Powders fo Children, used by Mother Gray, a nurse in Children's Home, New York Break up Colds in 24 hours, cure Feverishness, Headache, Stomacl Troubles, Teething Disorders, anc Destroy Worms. At all druggists 25c. Sample FREE. Address, Al len 8. Olmftted, Le Boy, N. Y, Preston Your correspondent had the pleasure a few days ago of examining tbe b e a u t i f u l design for a badge recent- y ordered for tbo Literary and So- sial C l u b . In a back-ground of pure v h i t e , artistically arranged w i t h a shower bouquet of lilies, roses and sweet Williams, and inscribed w i t h he motto, "Amote," was set the nouogram "L. S. C.," iu letters of gold, embossed, and enamelled w i t h )Iack, while e n c i r c l i n g all, as a border, were t w e l v e cooing doves perch- id on a d a i n t y wreath of forget-me- nots, T r u l y , it is a most pleasing ind ingenious l i t t l e device, aud one hat reflects |mucb credit upon the lesigner. Rev. Mr. Nelson, principal of Federalsburg Academy, a vevy bright r o u n g man, delivered a most excel- ent sermon in tbe M. E. Church Sunday evening. Mr. William Mook fell from a ladler one day last week and dislocated his arm. Drs. Phillips and Noble endered surgical aid and he is doing nicely. A horse belonging to Mr. John Jobee, a liveryman of Preston, ran away on Friday evening of last week and demolished the carriage. Mr. Dezosier Wai worth, business manager of the New Farm, and Mr. . S. Kelley, have been visiting riends on the Western Shore. The oyster saloon of John Stewart, of Preston, was broken open on Saturday night last. Five bushels of -ystors in the shell were stolen. Mr. Lee Davis, who has been in he drug business here for some ime, has returned to Federalsburg. Mrs. Walter A. Todd and Mrs. harles H. Todd are visiting in Jaltimore and Annapolis. Miss Mary Saxton, of East New Market, visited the family of Dr. J. I. Phillips last week. Miss Mattie Douglass, of Preston, isited Easton friends this week. Mr. William Hamilton, of Oxford, s visiting friends. 1ViUlst.ui. Oa Sunday evening last there was [uite an enjoyable entertainment given by the Junior League of tbe Williston M. E. Church. The league s composed of many of the smaller cholnrs of the Sunday School, and heir ready answers on Bible history, heir blackboard exercises, recitn- ibns, readings and singing would lave done credit to many of the old- r ones. Since tbe pastor, Rev. F. . Cochran, has been with us he has aken a deep interest in the Epwotth ieaguo, of which the Junior League s the outcome. We must make special mention of the siuging, which was really excellent for such small children. Mrs. Cochran trained the children, and presided at the ·rpan on this occasion. Thursday night of last week a number of the members of Concord jhureh, of this circuit, visited tbe larsonage here, and after spending L pleasant evening with the pastor md his family, departed for their lomes, leaving behind them a boun- i f u l supply of the good things of ife and many kind wishes for the nture welfare of the preacher and lis f a m i l y . Our market is being well supplied with fresh fish, such as herring and w h i t e perch. It is very healthy with us at present, no one being on the sick list. Temple vllle. Quite a number of our young men attendod Guy Bros', minstrel enter- ainment, at Dover, Thursday night. Messrs. Charles, William and Louis Evans, of Washington, D. C., visit- d their father last week. Miss Sophia Truitt, of Philadelphia, has been visiting Mrs. Jas. Golly. Miss Hattie Hummer, o£ Magnolia, Del., visited her mother last week. Walking on Sunday seems to agree with some of our young men. Dr. L. W. Evans, who has been very sick, is convalescent. Mr. Jas. Knotts and wife spent Sunday with Mr. Knotts' mother. Mr. George Moore was in Magnolia, Del., lait Friday. Our charge has asked for Rev. Mr. Nutter's return. Mr. Nathaniel Bowen and wife visited Kenton Sunday. Miss Viva Lane has returned home after quite an extended visit. Miss Etta Rash visited her mother Sunday. Mr. Herbert Davis spent Sunday with Mr. B. A. Davis. Mr. C. W. Jacobs has returned home. Several passengers took the train for the M o n u m e n t a l City this week, Mr. William Mitchell, of Greens- borough, has moved in with Mr. West, to assist him in house carpentering. Mr. T. F. Chaffinch is getting l u m - ber in place for his new dwelling. Mr, H. C. Hobbs has his new shop near completion. There was quite an irregularity in trains Tuesday afternoon, due to trouble down the line. The Ladies' Aid Society will hold an oyster and ice cream supper on Friday and Saturday evenings, March llth and 12th in Mr. H. C. Hobbs' new building, {opposite the station. All are cordially invited to attend. The Homeliest Man In Denton, As well as the handsomest, ant others are invited to call on any druggist and get free a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the Tbroa and Lungs, a remedy that is guar anteed to cure and relieve all ohronit and Acute Coughs, Asthma, Bron chilis and Consumption, Price 25c and 50e. NTERESTING CHURCH NEWS ITEMS. lISHioimry Service") lit Goldsboro--Church Societies in Uenton, The church at Goldsborough last lunday was taxed to its utmost ca- acity by the presence oE a large uidienco to a t t o u d tbo anniversary if the Missionary Society of the Sunday School. Miss Mattie Bennett presided at the organ, and Mr. Clarence Jacksou assisted w i t h the The music was of a liigli irder. Miss Jessie Jones sang very jffectively, "Will the Roses Bloom n Heaven 7" The recitations by ho children were excellent. "The j i t l l e Crusaders," by fifteen little jirls, -was well rendered and vevy instructive. Rev. A. Green, of the Greensborough M. E. C h u r c h , delivered a fine address on tlie subject of missions. The a m o u n t raised was .31.17. The society has only been n existence nine months. The offices for the next conference year arc: Mr. B. F. Truitt, president; Miss Fannie Jiirrell, secretary ; Mrs. C. A. Jones, treasurer. The q u a r t e r l y meeting of the official members of the Methodist Pro- estant Church was held at their hall, in Deuton, on Monday lust. Messrs. William E. Saulsbury and T. Pliny Fisher were chosen to rep- ·esent tbe c i r c u i t in the next a n n u a l onference, which will be convened i Lafayette C h u r c h , Baltimore, on April G t h . Messrs. I. J. Moore aud Arlington T. Porter were named as alternates. The delegates were ustructed to ask for the return of Rev. H. W. D. Johnson and Rev. C. S. Dryden, who have been quite sue- essful d u r i n g the past year. It was decided to ask that the preseut circuit arrangements bo allowed to be jontinued. Greater things are to be ixpected in tho year to come. All he churches of the circuit are to be ncorporated Rev. J. E. Smith delivered a series f lectures at the town hall this week n scriptural subjects, and many leurd him. His eloquence and pleas- ^nt manner on the platform arc always highly complimented. Many ears have elapsed since lie was pas- or of the Methodist C h u r c h of this lace, but t i m e has dealt leniently with h i m , and he is almost as youth- ul in appearance as be was t w e n t y 'ears ago- Mr. Smith a n d his estimable family havo a great m a n y ricnds in this c o u n t y . T b e i r home s in Philadelphia. The 114th session of tbe Baltimore M. E. Conference was convened in Washington on Wednesday ast, Bishop Merrill presiding. Rev. S. T. Mowbray, formerly of this county, was elected statistical secre- ary. Rev. W. R. Mowbray, a brother, 1ms filled the same position iu tbo Wilmington Conference for a u u m - er of years. The E p w o r t h League, of the Meth)dist Episcopal Church, the Chris- iau Endeavor Society, o£ tho Methodist Protestant C h u r c h , and tbe irotherhood of St. Andrew, of the 3 rotestant Episcopal Church, of this lace, each shows evidence of! zealous work among the members. All are doing well. On Tuesday last articles of incorporation of the Union M. E. C h u r c h colored), near Greonsborougli, wero iled in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. On tho same day sim- lar papers for Dennis Methodist Episcopal C h u r c h , Greensborough, also colored, were filed. Members and friends of tho M. E. hurch gave their pastor a d o n a t i o n on Thursday evening last. Many of he congregation participated, and many useful household articles were eft as tokens of the esteem iu which Ur. Webster and his family are held. The Rev. D. H. Corkran, of Lewes, las homes provided for the 250 m i n - sters, laymen and applicants of the Wilmiugton Conference. He will, with the assistance of the c o m m i t t e e , which aided h i m in securing homes, make the assignments next week. It is not yet k u o w u w h e t h e r Rev. Z. H. Webster will be returned to Denton circuit or sent to a new field. He will have completed bis f o u r t h year here when Conference assembles, and his pastorate has been successful. From preseut i n d i c a t i o n s Rev. W. L. White, who has been pastor of the M. E. Church hero for three years, will leave us t h i s spring for another field of m i n i s t e r i a l labor-Courier. Rev. W. R. Mowbray, of N a n t i coke M: E. Church, has been iuvited become pastor of Zion charge, in Cecil county, after the next session of Conference. Rt. Rev. William Forbes Adams, Bisuro of Easton, will administer the rite of confirmation at Christ Church tomorrow evening, at 7.30. Rev. A. Vondevstnith's subject at Laurel Grove tomorrow m o r n i n g will be : "Pearl of Great Price." The Milwaukee Harvesting Company a n n o u n c e t h a t they bavo in stock, iu Baltimore, Md., a full line of repairs for their celebrated' light- running Binders and Mowers. Also that they have in the bauds of their agents, Smith Bros., at Ridgely,Md., a Isirger line of repairs for these machines t h a n is carried for any similar machines sold in tho county, n o t withstanding the statements of the agents of other machines, who have knowingly misrepresented them iu this particular. MILWAUKEE HARVESTING, Cq. Chumbprinin'H Cough Itemed}-. is a medicine of great w o r t h ;vuc merit. Try it when you have a cough or cold and you are certain to be pleased with the quick relief which it affords. It is pleasant to take and can a l w a y s be depended upon. For sale by Hu-?h Duffipy, Hillsboro; R. J. Colbtou, Ridgely; W. E, Brown, Denton. Tho SlystieTle. A beneficial ordoi 1 of Daughters of A m e r i c a , an a u x i l i a r y to tbe Jur Order U n i t e d American Mechanics, w i l l be instituted in Hepta- sopli Hall next Wednesday e v e n i n g . p r e l i m i n a r y meeting 1 was held on Saturday e v e n i n g and tho following o Ulcers wero chosen: Junior Past o u n c i l o r , C h a r l e s E. M i l l e r ; Assist- a n t J u n i o r Past Councilor, Mrs. D a n n i e Shields: Councilor, James Mallalieu; Assistant Councilor, Miss A n n i e C l i f t o n ; Viee Councilor, Mrs. Nora W i i g h t ; Assistant Vice jouncilot', W i n . M. W r i g b t ; Record- ng Secretary, Miss Lola Longfel- o\v; Assistant Recording Secretary, ilerboi t N. Clai Is; F i n a n c i a l Secretary, Mrs. W t n . II. Mowbray; Treas- u r e r , Win. A. B u t l e r ; C o n d u c t o r . Mrs'. F a n n i e C l a r k ; W a r d e n , Miss Mny Roc; Inside S e n t i n e l , ?,Iiss Maggie M u i r s i y ; Outside Sentinel, Thos. P. Hoe; Trustees, Herbert N. Clark, Miss Clava C l i f t o n aud Miss Maggie Scott; Cli.-ipl.iin, Miss ll.-ig'gie Todil. Ou Wednesday evening hist rt o u n o i l of the Junior- Order U n i t e d A m e r i c a n Mechanics was orgaimtid it Greensborougb. Tlie c o u n c i l , w h i c h beais the n a m e of tbe t o w n , uid is n u m b e r e d 101, s t a r t s out w i t h f o r t y - o n e m e m b e r s . T b e i n s t i t u t i o n exercises were c o n d u c t e d Mr. J. H. Siuitb, of C e e i l t o n , 'und Mr. E. L. M e l v i n , of D e n t o n , assisted by inem- Ders of Caroline aud T r u e Blue uncils. Officers were installed as f o l l o w s : J u n i o r Past Councilor, Warren V a n s a n t ; councilor, Rev. A. Green; v i c e - c o u n c i l o r , LawrenceSat- terfiold ; recording secretary, J. II. V a n s a n t ; assitant, Or. F. D i l l ; finsiu- cial secretary, W. B". Massey ; treasurer, Winder Goldsborough ; conductor, George Wooters ; warden, jeorge H o l m e s ; i n s i d e sentinel, James Rich ; outside sentinel, J. W. G r n w e l l ; c h a p l a i n , J. C. R u s s e l l ; trustees, B. F. Jackson, Warren V a n s a n t and C. H. Kelley. Orphans' Court Proceedings. A special session of tbe Orphans' oiu-t was held on Saturday to hear a r g u m e n t in the s u i t of James L. Payne against Robert J. Fmzier, [losauna Cooper and others. Chief Judge Moore delivered the opinion of tbo court. An order was passed refusing tlie p l a i n t i f f ' s prayer anil dismissing tbo bill of c o m p l a i n t -the p l a i n t i f f to pay costs. Deweese Owens a n d Lewis West attorneys for p l a i n t i f f . Messrs. Harvey L. Cooper, T. Pliny Fisher and Major W. E. Stewart for defendants. On Tuesday, all the judges pres- e n t , Ernest Downes, guardian to the m i n o r c h i l d r e n of Col. R. J. W. Gurey, presented bis second guardian accounts, which were passed. Robert P. Taylor, executor of Porry D. Taylor, was a u t h o r i z e d by order of c o u r t to deposit tbe distributive share due to E l m e r J. Nichols, a m i n o r , in D e n t o n National Bank to tho credit of said minor. A bill of c o m p l a i n t was filed by Lewis West, attorneys for W. H. Hollis, against James P. Covey, administrator, aud others, praying for tho sale of real estate of Peter Covey, deceased. Warrant to appraise the said real estate was issued to J. B. Fletcher and J. H. Douglass. «·· ·· Organising the New Bunk. Denton's second n a t i o n a l bank subscription books wore opened .on Tuesday last, and a little over twenty-five thousand dollars' worth of the stock of the proposed i n s t i t u t i o n was t a k e n . Those interested stated that several additional thousands would soon be placed, and that there would be-very l i t t l e trouble in securing all the money needed. Nearly all parts of the county tire represented among tbe investors, the subscribers on Tuesday n u m b e r i n g t w e n t y - f i v e . Mr. Joseph H. Bernard is c h a i r m a n of tlio p r e l i m i n a r y org a n i z a t i o n , and Mr. William H. Deweese, secretary. The organization committee, whoso d u t y it is to look a f t e r subscriptions, is composed of Messrs. J. H. Bernard, H. T. N u t t l e , T. L. Day, F. P. Covoy, Paul Hoi- singer, and Fred. R. Owens. This c o m m i t t e e will meet next Tuesday, w h e n , it is thought, other steps looking- to tlie establishment of tho buck w i l l be taken. IL is said t h a t the proposed i n s t i t u t i o n is likely to be called tlio "Farmers' and Fruit- Growers' National Bank." THEIR DEATH SADDENS MANY HEARTS tiiisi' of .A] rs. iUcKi-mm, 111'. I.tMi'ib, Mrs. Crew nn] ^Vtrs. NluliiTiuii. Mrs. Ellen McKenna, f o r m e r l y 01 W u y u c c o u n t y , Pa., w h o Cor m a n y years has resided w i t h her son-in- law, Mr. P. H. McShauc, died of general debility on Tuesday morning l u s t , about two o'clock, a god 78 years. She had been helpless for about four weeks. The funeral was held on Wednesday morning last at tbe C a t h o l i c C h u r c h , Rev. Father Ferdinand officiating. The deceased lady leaves a d n u g h - tei--Mrs. P. II. R y a n , of Monticello, N. Y., and t w o sisters--Mrs. Catharine Frick, of Reuo, Nev., and Mrs. Gillon, of Troy, N. Y. Four children of her deceased daughter, Mrs. MoShauo, also survive. Of h e r it is t v u l y said: "Her death brought sorrow to tbe hearts of many w h o , having k n o w n her life, recalled to mind tho many admirable traits that adorned her character. Her loyalty to every d u t y , trust and obligation bad gained for tho respect and f r i e n d s h i p oE all who bad come within the i n f l u e n c e of her j u s t aud generous nature. She was a consistent believer in the C a t h o l i c faith. Conscious that death was near, w i t h C h r i s t i a n fortitude she fearlessly awaited its coining, 'aud tbe lips once eloquent in s u p p o r t of t r u t h and the r i g h t -- w h i c h had often spoken words of cheer and comfort to tho downfallen .and unfortunate--became silent evermore." Flailing In tho -Lower Ctiopt:ink. An Easton correspondent of tbe Sun says: Tbo Cuoptauk -spring fisheries havo opened this year two weeks earlier t h a n usual. It opened suddenly, aud tho fish are eornmpr i n t o market in profusion, especially white porch aud herring, both of w h i c h are of u n u s u a l l y Quo size and condition. Shad were caught ou the 24th as far up tho Choptank as Jamaica Point, on tbe Talbot^bore, and the m o u t h of Secretary, on the Dorchester sido. The fishermen are b u s t l i n g w i t h their tackle, and aio s o m e w h a t h u r r i e d by the forwardness of the fishing season. Dr. T. J. Smithers and Edward Hardcastle, d e p u t y fish and game wardens for Talbot c o u n t y , are asking the Legislature to repeal an act which compels tbo pound-and-purse net fishermen,' who operate iu the C h o p t a n k above the m o u t h of Liuchester r i v e r or H u n t i n g Creek, to t a k e up their nets from Saturday noon until Monday noon, as it seems to be a disc r i m i n a t i o n against these fishermen. Mr. Evan Lewis, a prominent Delaware farmer, who resided near Vernon, and a brother of Heuiy L. Lewis, Esq., of this place, died very suddenly on Monday uigbt last, of heart disease. He bad been afflicted for more than five m o n t h s , but was thought'to be iu much better health, aud iu appearance was a, model of physical strength. He was iu Harrington on business Monday, and ate a hearty supper a f t e r his return. He soon retired, but in n few m i n u t e s complained that he could not breathe lying down. He got up, a c J , dressing himself, went down stairs. Mrs. Lewis was engaged in making him comfortable, when she heard him gasping, and, t u r n i n g , she discovered thai h'o was d y i n g . Dr. Lo\vis, a brother of tbe deceased, believes t h a t tbe heart trouble was brought on by heavy work, Mr. Lewis h a v i n g been a man of superior strength and great energy. He was twice married. His first wife was a Miss Anderson, and bis widow was a Miss Simpson. Sis children survive him. Rev. J. L. Straughu, of Harrington, conducted tbe f u n e r a l services on Wednesday, at the house, and in- t e r m e n t took place at Hollywood cemetery, Harrington. Tho deceased was 55 years of age. Tho telegraph on Monday brought the announcement of the d e a t h of Mrs. Elizabeth J. Crew, in Baltimore, which occurred shortly after midnight on the m o r n i n g of t h a t day. Mrs. Crew was a daughter of the late Jo si all J u m p , at oue time clerk of tbe Caroline court, and spent her girlhood days bore, where sko had a great many devoted friends. Everyone admired her am hible disposition and the attributes of her lovable character. Several years Ago she married Mr. Alonzo P. Crew, n commission merchant of Baltimore, and since that timo she has resided in t h a t city. Her husband and oue son, Preston ; her mother, Mrs. Margaret Melviu ; a brother, Mr. Charles P. Jump, of this c o u n i y , and a sister, Mrs. Sallie E. Downes, survive her. A l l o t these have the deep sympathy of their friends generally. Accompanied by relatives aud friends, tbe remains were brought to Denton on the train Wednesday morning, tbe funeral services h a v i n g been held in Baltimore on the oveuing previous. Int e r m e n t took at the cemetery, Rev. George S. F i t z h u g h reading tbe burial rites at the grave. Tho deceased lady was about 42 years of age. Mrs. Mciry Nickerson, w i f e of-Dr. George F. Nickersou, died at her residence, in Easton, Sunday morning of tuberculosis, aged t w e n t y e i g h t years. She was tlie daughtei of the late Joseph Brown, of Hillsborough. She leaves ono child, a daughter fire years old. Do Your Feet Aclie. Shake i n t o your shoes Allen's Foot Ease, a powder. It euros Corns, Bunions, C h i l b l a i n s , Sweating, Swol- 1 leu feet. At all druggists aud Shoe , Stores, 25c. Sample FREE. Ad' dress,Allen S. Olmstcd, Le Roy, N.Y. I »·· 1 Subscribe for the JOURNAL. A r«sscii(fcr Tr.tlu Derailed. Train No. 4, on the Queen Anne's railroad, which is due at Deuton at 4. IS p. m., left the track about two miles west of Milton on Tuesday afternoon hist. The train consisted of the engine, two passenger coaches and a f r e i g h t car. The accident was caused by tbe spreading of rails. There were several passengers on t b e t r a i n , but no one was h u r t . A special, sent out from Quenus- t o w n , r e t u r n e d w i t h the passengers less than an h o u r late. The cars were gotten back on the track with dilliculty, and rails had to be laid around to afford a temporary track over which the trains could puss. Engineer Uhler aud a gang of mem worked nearly all of Tuesday night Tebruury M Marriage licenses were issued in February to tho following couples William J. W i l k i n s o u and Helen; Vollers ; Roland H. H a m m o n d niu Martha L. W i l l i a m s ; Elinor F. Thawley and Maggie A. S a u u d e r s ; W i l - liam H. Groon and Sarah Gruwell ; E m m e t t Lord and Rosa A. W e a v e r ; Thomtib W. Harmon aud E m m a F. W i l l o u g h b y j Robert E. Russell and A n n i e E. Rich ; J o h n Pool and Elizabeth F. Myers ; David H. S m i t h and Carrie B u t t o n ; W i l l i a m W. Washington and A n n a Dickersou ; James Thomas and L i n d a Gibbs; Elijah Friend and Eliza Webb; Ales. Truxon and Bertie L. Williamson. Gililvl-oro. fr, llnrvey L. Morris aud sisters gave it-very pleasant social at their .ionic on Tuesday evening. Quite au enjoyable evening was spent, in w h i c h m a n y i n n o c e n t , games were )l.iyed. Between tea and eleven o'clock r e f r e s h m e n t s were served, ind shortly aitonvards t h e company etired to their homes well pleased with their visit. Mr. Horace Deimisouhas returned ionic a f t e r an extended visit with New York, Philadelphia and Wilmington f r i e n d s . Miss Sallio Vane, who has been v i s i t i n g her sister, Mrs. W. T. Jarm a n , has retuioed to her homo iu Dentroville. Mr. Willard S. Booth, w u o has jeen spending 1 several days w i t h Delaware frieuds,has returned home. Mr. T. K. Bartlett aud wife visited their daughter, Mrs. Thomas Butler, near CLilton's camp, on Sunday. Mrs. John Walls has returned lioine after a few days' visit with her d a u g h t e r , near Teinpleville. Jliss Susie Gooden. of Henderson, s p e n t Saturday and Sunday w i t h Miss Mary T. Jarre!!. Mr. aud Mrs. James Stubbs. of Saudtown, spent Sunday w i t h Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bennett. Miss Zella Heather spent Friday and Saturday with her parents at Marydel. Miss Bertha Graham spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. G r a h a m . Mrs. Gertie Wilson and daughter, Leta, was tbe guest of Mrs. C. F. Jones on Suuday. Mrs. H. C. Booker was entertained on S u n d a y by Miss Belle Clara Cheft'ens. MissFaunye J. West is visiting friends near Burrsville. Mirs Mamie Embert, who has been very ill, is improving. Bnrrsrillc. · Mrs. Mary T. Hopkins' dwelling, in Burrsviile, caught fire early Saturday evening last while all the family were away. Neighbors saw the names and gave fin alarm. A number of men fought the fire so heroically that in a short time it was subdued. Not more than a hundred dollars damage was done. There was no insurance. The outbreak caused a good deal of excitement among some who visited the scene. Mrs. Hopkins wishes to t h a n k all those who assisted iu saving her property. Mr. Charlie Sparks, of Roesville, spent a part of this week at Mr. W. P. Stafford's. Misses Leila Stafford and Mollie Cahall who have been visiting Harrington f r i e n d s returned home Tuesday. Miss Iva Russell spent Sunday with Miss Ida Wooters, at Hobbs. Mr. Harry Layton, of Philadelphia, is visiting his parents near this place. Mrs. F. B. Russell, Matthews, has r e t u r n e d home a week's tay among relatives here. Miss Fannie J. West, Goldsboro, spent Suuday 1 with Miss Eva Thawley. Miss W i l m i n a Wilson, Greensboro, is spending a few weeks with friends here. Mr. Harry Porter, started on Monday, for Philadelphia where he expects to got work. Revival meetings are still in progress at the M. P. Church." Mrs. F. A. Porter, who has been q u i t e i l l , is recovering. «. · »--^--^----^~ Thu Hoggs Ca»e. " E. T. Cooper, of Milford; Charles H. Butler and Thomas S. Clark, of Dover, and Anios Cole, of Wilmington, were arraigned in the United States Court in t h a t city Saturday, on the charge of aiding and abetting William N. Boggs in looting the First N a t i o n a l Bank, at Dover. All were arrested February 19th and the hearing was set for Saturday, the accused in the meantime being ad- m i t t e d lo bail. The four men appeared in court Saturday, and waived a bearing Until April 12. They wero admitted to bail. Boggs, who is charged w i t h robbing tbe bank, is locked up at New Castle jail. Levy Court Proceedings. l j.ue c o u n t y commissioners were in session on Tuesday. Joshua E. Faulkuer, constable of the First dist i i c t , presented his bond, with H. C. Goodeu and W. M. Price as sureties. William T. T u f f , constable for the F o u r t h district, also presented his bond, with Walter Todd, W. H. Hollis, James H. Stevenson, and A. W, Sisk as his sureties. The examiners ou tbe George H. Smith road filed a report favorable to tbo construction oC the road. P. C. Ramsdell, Charles F. Smith and Zebdiel Horsey were appointed e x a m i n e r s ou tbe George Sheppard road, in tho Sixth district. .--. · -~ 4 · t- · He Wiin IVultlng. A y o u n g theological student, who is about to depart for the missionary fields, told an amusing story on himself tbe other evening that gives an insight to tho cause that led to bis d e t e r m i n i n g to preach tbe Gospel to the heathen. Ha had called ou a y o u n g lady, and her little brother posted himself in an armchair facing a handsome gilt clock. He had been there half an hour, when tbe youug lady said: "Robbie, why dou't you go the nursery?" am waiting," replied Robbie. "Wnal aie you waiting tor, my dear! "Why, for his face to stop the clock. You know what you said."-- Mr. William M. Conn, whose ad vcrtiaemtiiit appears in the JOUR NAL, has purchased and delivered through the elevator at Queenstown, finoe tho first of tho year, very close to 80,000 bushels of corn. MR. GRAHAM 15 TAX COMMISSIONER. o Judge Hnssuiu Should ISe District Attorney --Other Items. Ex-Comptroller Robert P. Graham, of Wicomico county, was on Tuesday elected State Tax Commissioner, to succeed tbe Hon. Thomas J. Keating, who resigned on account of loor h e a l t h . Tbe election was by tbe Board of Public Works, which is composed of Governor Lowndes, Comptroller Goldsborough aud Treasurer Sbryock. It was t h o u g h t by some that Judge Russum would succeed Mr. Keating in t h i s position, and be did receive tbe Governor's vote. Messrs. James Waddell, of ambridge, and Henry N. Bankard, of Baltimore, were l i k e w i s e compti- n e n t o d by tho Comptroller ;iud Treasurer, respectively, the election not occurring u n t i l the third ballot. Tbe election of Mr. Graham was a surprise to almost everybody, and, doubtless, as great a one to t h a t entleman himself as to any one. Se was tbe most prominently mentioned candidate for tho District Att o r n e y s b i p , and Senator Dryden was t h o u g h t to have the best chances for the Tax Commissioner's office. Mr. Keating's resignation, however, was inespected and, doubtless, precipitated matters among the Republicans, uis term not expiring u n t i l May. Judge Russuiu's chances to succeed District Attorney Marbury, f he desires the position, now ought to be good. * * * Quito a contest for the Preston, postmastersbip, between Mr. Walter Todd and Mr. Orlaud Kelley, has recently developed. Mr. Todd has for several years been a" leader of his party, and Mr. Kelley, although quite a young man, has taken considerable interest in politics. He is a son of Ex-County Commissioner Tilghruau E. Kelley, a prominent Republican. Mr. Todd is at present postmaster of the State Senate. Which one of these gentlemen wills succeed Postmaster Lednuro is au open question. Shipping News. After having undergone extensive improvements the' steamer Avalon made her regular t r i p up the Choptank yesterday. The kitchen oh the steamer bas been moved aft, aud between it nnd the diuing-saloon is tbe pantry. Two first-class -ladies' cabins have been fitted up, with toilet and dressing-rooms aud sleeping accommodations. The second-class cabin for ladies has been moved aft, and bas toilet and dressing room adjacent. In addition to this, in the main saloon, starboard side, n ladies' parlor lias been fitted up, adjoining the ladies'toilet. On the Jport side is the gentlemen's smoking-room, which can be entered from the main saloon. These improvements will add greatly the pleasure and comfort of the traveling public. Some time ago it was published t h a t Captain E d m u n d T. Leonard, for many years captain of Choptank steamers, was about to run a freight steamer from Baltimore to Cuoptauk river points. He and others interested in the project, says the Easton Ledger, have just purchased a steamer for the purpose. Rumors are afloat to the effect ehat a company is being formed to run another steamer to Greensborough, and ono Denton g e n t l e m a n , at least, is said to have stock in the enterprise. Whether this is the line that Captain Leonard is interested iu or not has not been disclosed. Captain Z. T. Huteiiiusou is expecting the arrival of a cargo of 250,000 shingles any day. All About n Dollar. A country editor bas been inspired, after looking over his list of delinquent subscribers, to compose the following: "How dear to our heart is tbo old silver dollar, when some k i n d subscriber presents it ,to view; the Liberty head without necktie or collar, and all the strange things which to us seem so new; the wide-spreading eagle, the arrows below it, tbe stars aud the words with the strange things they tell; the coin of our fathers-, we're glad that we knew it, fovsome time or other 'twill come in right well; the spread-eagle dollar, the star-spang-^ led dollar, the old silver dollar we all love so well. Good for Croup. Mr. Geo. W. Boltou, of Centreville, Md., says: "I have recently used iu my family, for adults and children, both Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. They are certainly most valuable remedies and no household is complete without them. I b.ive f o u n d the Cough syrup specially useful in croup and the Diarrhoea Remedy acts like a charm iu all disorders of the bowels." For salo by H u g h Duffey, Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. Brown, Deuton. Royal m«k» tb« food pure, ·wholeMme and dellcloat. POWDER Absolutely Pure BOVAL «*KINO KHtDtll CO., MIW VOKX. ·IWSPAPERI

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