The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 13, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1973
Page 2
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FACTS EDITORIAL II Fresh look at sessions, pay Hey, Buddy—Wanna Earn Some Extra Money?" TMK HHAZOWONT PACT* Hehveen sessions of the Texas legislature, voters will be asketi to take aivoltxT l<«oK at the matter of full- time pay for legislators and full time duties to j;o with the pay Tiio a! this November is for annual is ami Jlft.iW annual salaries, e up for still another vole, in another form. In-fore the next rv>:nlar session Karly next year the ttfni Legislature i> to convene again to approve a projxtsed new Texas constitution, aiui it's quite possible that lhi:» (HujHxxt! would inelude auiiua! sesMons and a different method «f Orcidny, pay raises than eon>titutio!i;»l amendment. Hoth propositions annual M xsi,)ii.-, ,»nd hiiihrr pay luive heen itixily t!<>nit<\l In- voters in tin" as .-.eparatt' tjue,stii>.:ii. But is-,:; i-hjiijie. .stxi voter altitudes can i.-h,,r,iu- -.vtth them We need to review, Uu> question periodically, lest we decide UxS.n .< S-.SIH-S or vester- dil) 's i.iflf. Must v.S>\iousl\. Use *4,Bi« .1 year jxsy s: rant ill by voters in l l »>! has ):riMl.!> shrunk thruui'.h inflation At tbe Mme time, !!:•-,• volume o: state morv tirae Further, an iivcreastnt; jiimilvr of utst't-uait eri*o< hvtj, fou-fd wit- i»r more special se»M«is in eaeh i>!i VIC'H- iiavjn^ annual -•«.•>Ni'uns. m efftvt. anyhow ltu-r>- are i:>%reasip.j» o«nplvxitie> nf >tate-!e«s'eral relationshsps on propr;itit> State matter* alow are morx- i!!\ojvi\{, ^, that tht-rf art- a s;rtM!,. r numU-r iti !awm;iii,ers ae- tnc!> t;ivoUc\t in the work oi interim i'j'.'iMiiittft-.s, tiKikini; studies in j-fep.(ratii>n 'or s-iinjiieant gi-ih rai L-.-4S its ihi- next lei;islature .!> a further tk-vel<!pt!iviit in i r ;'i:u!ar sesi-.ion. In .jny '"••sw:i. <!ir sui/Je muf.1 insfwrl.ii'.t isk - tJve Mwav Apprupna'.iojvs i:: tht- just ,» iv'.v men made .iH the C^ldwell kvnt it fully open to nil House memlH' A vJh assurance In the joint rules tl. ,A»ir decisions wouldn't be m-^Htetl by conference commit tee rvwriting This meant for the first tune in memory, every legislator had a chance- for input That placet! a txmien of representation on him, and kno\unjj yottr constituents' attitiHk>s isn't something >wi find from a tew phono calls It means a hugr numtwr of contacts. All this takes time Many are rmancia!l> unable to divert frvm their own businesses or profe^,sio«ts the time, mvessary to do the job properly and honesth This is particularly true of tbxwe who hold major ch:»r mansliips or the Speaker's post, and ntvive the -•same pay as any other lawmaker. Financial help is avatbhle If a lawmaker is willing to accept advice from cvrtain Rrvnijjs t«i how to influence ke\ h'.IK, he can be ,-visurxx! uf rvtaiiiers, campaign CDfltritjutioiM. Rifts But this is increasinj;£> rt.'-jjank'd for what it t*. puhiica! The alternative for some is !t:c sstuatii-.n of Hep l>ave Allrvti. son of .1 former i;ovenior, viho ^.ts gefst.'y chideii («r sleepuu: in hi* own office to save enough on c<*>ts to ^et him through the session Another •J»W®\ i\TOU»Sj A\—T-r':r^*^' Comment and Opinion \Vr<lnr*div. JUIM- I), I»7J ANDERSON Colson: Kissinger triggered plumbers tt» i M'K U rin>JnVnrt( (or:o ' !!.K (jfa.tR.lwri' Ifw fwf a Oinirt Kl!il>*f('» p-t)icKi*!(Ut (•fi^Jjt*>J t/i tAtttt f itfit l«g*l *t' TtiiJ it tbt l<i>fj t-atnMt tltli'.t ttiotHt I!. Ki In >tx 4! Out !Jl* ! vip a»r( S<>>1» ii>.»( ft* 'T hilf UTIJ *Jjie fciyrft-Neffl i*> 5fi«0 '.w JUS tbe jdb .1* i< iic 8US/NESS /MIRROR tine }'• •Sal the This Hep .Veil ciMikln't make it There an- arguments txi the <xhvr su!e dt tt»- i.s.sue They've to<K'he?l on in the past and will , Ivforv next November Hut in suiniiun. thi-s point s! Jv ctMisideird in lh« nu-anttnie For :t!.in> fin* lesislators. the tune Iril over from lav>:r.akin^ duties d«x-sn'l f.ji.-u ' •».' rnougti t-arninjis for a ;.«.».ir arot!.»<l hum*, and le>;i>Ijti', e pay nor* '.kt->n'i make up tin- difference N.I in tfie comifii! \oti -*e nia% tx- {Mid bj ?;*.• |x-*jplv or by HHT lobi>> ists US consumer increase low in 73 price MJltN tt NKV. Y'-'ftK U- !s> 4>:virf(. tn JIM BISHOP: REPORTED tnftkui! A» ii ji!.;K in t hvl S (M-rcnUj^tf tixr*jjc fr-xa A 4,t i i per i*ri. .:t«i:pafvi4 w us t!4f y . •» < m jajuo, •» J a» t ju'vi K:rij;4>jri, ^ i m liVrniar.j. «.i j <.< us f.'u *.'JI^. ;-*-T;^;I^- ji's; Vi.'u-y; :' .'.'!;•* >.t ^t:L^...-:.-Ai as vv-l n < dtj IS* l-'ttwii..^^ 4* OjH CJT*{»]|> -J/ tftB fjiia^.iKt'l fS* r,';«J UK-; cc<.-,»U »{a til.! :•»:;*{ KMttiiaft !. " ban *>. an, TV •»,, ten. •Vj !?!;;•! Big John at home behind the wheel ointn?>u!ir4 :.-> sftr vtni us«.» (tiiiti W U)ItN(.TI>S *<» *<* Kcuntarn* »i««-R tiif h» M> (j!!ti-r -s Uxft bunrd in j Uu.i No man ^ji> ii UiShc-p In ir,(.-!Tib«T of the 'c a car y fami.'y. dummy "ov'ti j«j Ukc to 4 t*K»! m ToitimvUie-''" "Of. Ueutenanl. yuu «ouMn't d«3 thai, ya'" "Hw b* My*," my •.Tjpiiincti. ••£)'-»! jou (-JOTX* go (rum to waoge so r«l t( a v vrucw « w itbjn i> f tcl >rf an mtcnccticn " "Right. Mr " "| •*« within 5*> f«s ' -Jt will rjevtrr happfn ajprn. iir." Bi*t Jofcn bunt mio Uu^hier "I'm rat. m ywu- tiiT»rtiJicn»." h« said 'fm 4 !oraf> (roro Jers*y " TTx- poticrnun! He wid M3IT5C bad word* ck«!rg a.uh " ^jai grt she hcl! CA;! o/ h*rv tJrtore t tenc my " !'>:.- t *i'.h i« ».ruritTt<d H w. <rt:«i-j>tn:«." u/frr. »•. ac p«ii but.'! oi 1 */ t or forsn.i! to •fcr of So '»«sr* a» t> by ia: odxhrr hsiCWtghs.*, lh«Tr Ait rruny !i>;»-i » 1 per crrt «r«rr;fiiij-/Ta«>J, rv« !)>. !ru<i- He IHKCiKKKN toini- up tu l)w.' wuidjw arm! "ror ^'jv's iijtc.- 1 He aad 'A.- Mlv.J on tfw b*« irsd »t-n! back : !?«•• jtrrt*! to rteatc tht- utjxr lidf ...;•. j. t'.m>l fsifgiviisi; ir.jn vhbvn tw; >t-i!i-J "Tu the wall"' My kid t/rotht-r Johfi.'iv was IB )!».• Cuj'i! ii'.urd jt Ifit' lirue iji^j }'ij» JuJm i>.it-J- "1 il drive >ou bark to Ni-ii U»jd«wi Ji/himy suiui- 'II 4 Sw «3iiiiT.; dui't j'wu ilkifsi; >ou wj^h! io U-^rn i ii-,i« " "I cjti (irive." my father ururitti. Mi- •i | *'.5 <J i~'"h Strtii-t jiid Ix'f.-ni Avenue in ,\I-A i'grfc JIM! fLsd tto tiwJiwti what Ibe (.•:.f v,^- Jai/«g tht-r*. A fat Irivh top in a nent Uinsujiii it like Ha!l«j m a Uiii A whittle tlt-n' Trw car pulk-d to I}R* curb M> fitiii-r ttaUttd U»ik to the booth, and fi4Vf lli« fujj a quick iLish at fiti gcdd "How kmg you bttti doia' traffic duty, ttfliit-r'" Tte poiicwnan *atd ".Stvtuiwn They g'X io .*iVa Iwoodcn. (,'cnnrvtKut The Hup •»« (!o»ni{ up Mam Str«*t "Vit ^is!"d ifc* UM*." Jofcnny jj(d "Where'*" my father wid "Udck thrrte." Ji.ihnn> s;»Hj A freeman *a.» ex.! tn the ( the main str«t. ciir«xtirjj{ i-i; in the L'nitrd SUJrt*. ur r<xhrr fUl ,-vJle. jnd that u 4 irnurn th* profcicrr..! shr. rri.»s« ; ( > the jNl prKe are American.* of c (fu« (irrn«-r f.> a! h:<Cf; if. cU i of iMJ of or <-r*-4ui-iV!r U i>^» t !!.:««• iri Vx He was (won-tlrd watching my father move that Hupmctnlc acrou the strtrt and tuck, 3CTc&i Ihi- strt-cl and back itevrr able to trukr the lurn The t«jp »a!iifd up ts> the car Dad .itopfn-d it lit- wd.» Thit. m'jrts **i ir..-Si.-*Uitl hy (he Ulnt •~^>trsJi*- pricur rcpjfl. whirri Ow*wt a 2 (»-r cent rtw» fc-* i(j> - :4 p<r rrw <« «i -•• !-«! by ;» «7 prr c«it firm producu. -*h:ch jJes to mor* th^n JO prr cmt J year the I'CTSi'Srr-e » BRUCE B/OSSAT Democrats outlook is bleak for 1976 bf «wJer.Afc*«J. T)>e cop leaned wi tht windo*nil. "What j'**i wed," !h* poticetnan said, flij/jjus^ his arms, "is a great big fwfld." All o( hw cars had to have four ingredient*, m t/rtkr of imp<jrunce GasoJiT*. air in the tires, a botlk- of bw*e in the giuve and ray roothcr Mother was important for walking on whi-tt he made a mistake if, while hf wa.s driviiij;, a car rrni»rged (rum a tide street, tfn- t>rak«s would go w». Dad »«uid jam hi» farad agauut thr roof, and about • "Kor Oxj's sake Jt-ncy, can't you s*« that car" 1 Why didn't you tell roe* W« couM have Ut-n killi-d " A toll mil* later: "J«tfin. there'* a car coming out four Mucts ahead <A ui " SarcaiilicjUy: "Of c our Mr itn-re i« txi you Ihuik I'm l«>lfij to tt» Phftwr J economic i t» control l^* ur.'l#rtrtir r f J t»j HAt BOYLE'S PEOPIE Common cold still absenteeism tops "Look, Huddf, ttop buyg'iu' me. II you're inuxute about Hank Auruo getting cloys la 6obe Rulh't record, (hgt't you/ hang-up!" NKW YOHK (Aft -- Thin** a coiumnitt w,tt krwr* if be didn't open bit iruiil Uetpltc Ibeir use In tpreading terror in horror filriu, the tarantula U not a particularly dangerous imect Hi bite U not 14 fearsome a* iU vUage Unless you have a particular allergy, the bites of uime anu, bee* Jtid watps can be more lurmful The common cold U ttill the chief enemy ol the factory foreman and the office »traw bo**. Krom 40 to 50 pet cent of ail ab»ml«eiia> U blamed on cold*, and tlte average worker k«e» (our or (ivr days a week t*csu»* of them Sixty percent of the people have from two tc three cold* » year, and wily six per cent gc through a year without one. Here i* a fact that doesn't add to our uattouJ pride: Tb« United State* iuu oo* of (he highest ratca of akohollwn in the world, and alcohol it retognj«d at U» No t drug abuj* in thu country QuuUibk notabtet: "We live but one*; w« owe ncthlflg lo poctcriiy; «n4 a man't ovo hap|iiD««» COHOU Mart thai U *«." — Normiin Dougiu. Dutch protfem <(nc o< ih* *(** <s< traffic CI.HJM in Am.iicrdam u Irul about JO driven 4 year manage to drive th^ir vehicles mto cauU The *pwi4l potkc who have the Uik U fuhlng the cart out art called gmr>feA»ua«r* or caiwl ft-iherrix-n full Puff Man probably «moked i*(yfc he learned to f«4d or write loduiw were wnoktrtg In South America S.6CD or MM** yean ago, and in Wyoming pipes v*er« toed-t.UX) year* ago Hr performing the e»fHt>cu4 for » c*n«tld«cy Bui h« h«» fninmiimant. aad in»cr*l» off f(W A k«jj timr t» « wfw*lv«r l« run Trwry r« m * hard ciadk and they admit Ad if Ihu **f» twx fr**i<>j. cur»ced» tb*l. beyond Uw THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Ofc—U«u> t t 4**,«( kr •«•«! nurnburt arc eiUsrr opcrtly «r pftvMcly that him |prat*r> on mailer, that h* f*n'l f tilt (he IMUC i>«t —«ra| gruundi S»j»ne go U->»i»l thu ana wy thai. cv«i wrthoui a»mmptic»»irn( (Actor. the Democrat! o< out Ttury u» ibl« lump 4 thwg thai «H»I»"| go d » tjuuitd io haul* him to » I91i jovcrnmtut and ohcr tntrtnutwm Bui tbr/ «k»'i hai« a wm i4«« to * Th«y *re km n thick KiTUinly, «j|«inM Iht* iitid gtfitt ptrftana) probkmi. ti;j|l> »ji)i» to rnafce ila- race Kv«n (tut il'» early, ihu governor n t Hunk Kennedy U Listening ITn- |Mrty (trcMure* on Kennedy to run may prove immcun; but If b« r«*iM* thon, tlwn »t«it 7 This Mine midw«M«rncr wy» he can t tlunk ol « Mugk *Jt«t>aUv* crowd « a |*my tuo4-raiwr. •r UWllfNCt MAllOV I «m |r*l«lul Uut UM Lord ropondj i& lov« to evwy rxcrcuc ol faith by city in divtduAl "JESUS SAID. 'WHO WAS IT THAT TOUCHED MK" WHEN AU, DENIED IT, HtTKH SAID. 'MAJfTEH, TUB MULTimiiES SURKOUND YCMJ AND I'RKSS UPON YOU!' BUT JKStJS SAID. 'SOUKOWK TOUCUED MK, »OH 1 r-KKCKlVe THAT POWKK GONE rOHTH

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