Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on December 24, 1938 · Page 6
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 6

Denton, Maryland
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Saturday, December 24, 1938
Page 6
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Page 6 KELVIN JOHNSON, Inc., Publisher* Saturday Morning, December 24, 193S IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL S UNDAY I CHOOL Lesson . By HAROLD L. LUNDQUIST. D. D. 1 Dean of The Moody Bible InsUluta ol Chicago- Q Western Newspaper Union. Lesson for December 25 l*sson lubjecis and Scripture texts ie- leetrd and copyrighted by International Council ol Rclltfious Education; used by permission. GOD'S GREAT LOVE LESSON TEXT--Matthew 2:1-12. GOLDEN TEXT--God so loved the world. that he gave his only begotten Son. that whosoever bolleveth In him should not perish but have everlasting Lie.--John 3:16. BIG TOP Thing] look bad for "Silk" Fowler, ringmaster, wno causcu tne cicpnants anger by having pepper put into her water. ay tL WHEELAN IBJEFUSING TO GO Ol WITH HER ACT, /ALTA HURLED THE CHIMPANZEE AT'FLlP" AND BROKE Ft?OM TWE RIMG- - O Frank Jay Maikry Eindlcat*. Inc. U ^LOOK, fWRA, SHE'S SPOTTED "SILK" 1 MUT PO SOMETHING- AT ONCE TO STOP HER."- "TRUMPETING- WITH RAE ,TWE GREAT ELEPHANT MADE FOR THE TERRIFIED RINGMASTER - // Annapolis - Matapcake Romancoke - Claiborne Ferries FALL WINTER SCHEDULE- 1938 Effective September 20, 1938 Presidents of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina i HaU Uncle Sam's "Good Neighbor" Fleet Christmas Day on Sunday--what an appropriate combination! Today we commemorate the birth of our Lord, the coming of our Redeemer to dwell among men on the day of the week which is a perpetual remembrance .of His resurrection Irom the dead--the Lord's Day. He came as the babe of Bethlehem's manger in order that He might in His death and resurrection from the grave prove Hia victory over sin and death. For those who know and love the true spirit of Christmas, this should'be a- great day of rejoicing in Christ. We have an unusual opportunity to study the birth of Jesus from a text not commonly used for Christmas, namely, the coming of tho Wise Men from the East to find and to worship Him. It is suggested that their experiences may be considered as showing the way to Jesus, who is the perfect revelation of God's great love. We should I. Look for His Sign (vv. 1-3). While most of their fellow men saw nothing but an unusually bright star (if they even noted that much, m their hurried devotion to the interests of everyday life), the men of the East showed that they 'were wise by recognizing that here was the promised sign of Numbers 24:17. Be sure to read that great prophecy. When they told Herod, he, fearing lest his own power and prominence should be challenged, became troubled in his heart. The parallel to our day is striking. Everywhere in our lives, personal and national, are the unmistakable signs of the presence and power of Jesus. Most people heed them not in their mad pursuit of gold and pleasure. Others hate His name, and would destroy His influence on earth. Let us be among the wise men who come today to seek and worship Him. n. Listen to God's Word (vv. 4-6). The Wise Men knew'that He was to come, but they needed further light. They knew where to find it-in God's own Word. How different would be the history that is in the making in our day if instead of turning to the philosophies of men, or trusting in the might"of armaments, we would turn to God's Word and let it lead us all to Christ, the Saviour of the world, the Prince of Peace. II!. Sesk the Saviour (w. 7-9). Different motives moved hi the hearts of those who consulted the Scriptures -on that far-off day in Jerusalem. Herod, while hypocritically professing to want to worship, really was looking into it so that he might kill Jesus. There are hypocrites who study God's Word in our day for the same purpose while ostensibly worshiping. The people of Jerusalem had the curious bystander's interest in an unusual event. They have their counterpart in our churches and communities on this Christmas Day of 1938. Then there were the chief priests and scribes, who had a purely professional interest in finding what the Scriptures taught concerning this promised .One. There are plenty of that kind of religious leaders and workers today. None of these actually sought the Saviour except the Wise Men. Thank God for the thousands of men, women, and children who will today seek the Christ who is the very reason for the observance of Christmas but who has been all but lost in the nonsense and commercialism that have practically ruined Christmas as a sacred "holy day." IV. Worship Him (w. 10-12). These faithful seekers found Him, and in Him they found joy (v. 10), worship (v. 11), opportunity for sacrifice of self and gifts (v. 11), and fellowship with God hi the great work of redemption (v. 12). God spoke to them, gave them a personal and secret commission which thwarted the wicked plans of Herod. Christmas may mean all of that to each one of us if we let the Lord Jesus come into our lives ji all the beauty of His redeeming love and holiness. To you who read these lines just now, the writer makes this pUa in the name of Christ--let Him have your life and transform it by His grace and for His glory. Only thus can you have a joyful and blessed Christmas. urjr liners of the Getulio. Vargu, ·! Brazil (left) and Admiral Land. President Rob. erto M. Ortiz, of A r g e n t i n a , (riglil),nnil Am- baatador Lone. 2,6 31 Vf 30 M. 52. 33 34- li 2-3 25 35 40 54 n 36 3I 56 5 ° 15 37 41 42- DAILY AND SUNDAY (Eastern Standard Time) BETWEEN ANNAPOLIS MATAPEAKE Leave Annapolis 7:25 a.m ·8:00 a. m. 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p. m. c2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. *5:00 p.m. G:00 p. m. AND Leave Matapcake 7:25 a.m. 8:00 a. m. 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a. m. ·11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p. m. 2:00 p.m. c3:00 p.m. 4:00 p. m 6:00 p.m. 0:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. ·8:00 p.m. kVemern . C ^^^^^_^«M«--·^^_^_^^^^_KB2k^S*4K. vn JK_JBjtA^3SflMM^L The entwinol flags ot Uruguay and the United Stalet.| T»EB peace and food will existing ·* between the peoples ot the democracies of North America and Sontb America were remarkably symbolized In the enthusiastic receptions recently accorded the SS Brazil en its voyage to Inaugurate Uncle Sam's naw luxury liner service between New York and Rio da Janeiro, Santos, Montevideo and Buonoa Aires. In each of these ports flags and bunting decked the streets, bands played, friendly hordes tit Brazilians, Uruguayans and Argentinians streamed to the piers to -welcome the ship and visit it i The presidents ot each ot the republics, attended by high-ranking ministers at state, went on board the Brazil to greet officially the Good Will Mission which the United States Government sent on the inaugural vdyage to carry the greetings ot its 130,000,000 citizens to the 61,500,000 neighbors residing in the three East Coast d e m o c r a c i e s . (Brazil, pop. 46,000,000; Uruguay, 2,500,000; Argentina, 13,000,000.) The mission was headed by Breck- Inrldge Long, former Ambassador to Italy, named Ambassador Extraordinary on Special Mission for the voyage; Rear Admiral Emory S. Land, chairman of tha United States Maritime Commission, which sponsored the "Good Neighbor Fleet" as a major step In the rehabilitation ot the American Merchant Marine. Rear Admiral Henry A. Wiley, member ot the commission; Rep. Schuyler Otis Bland of Virginia, chairman of the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. and William C. Burdctt, U. S.' Consul General at Rio. The enthusiasm with which the Brazil was received In South America exceeded anything that had been expected, Admiral Land reported upon -his return. "Both In official circles aud In the press the Inauguration of this new service has been hailed as something long desired and finally realized," the Admiral said. "With conflict to the East and West, wo ran look to the Suutli and flnd neighbors at iieace with wltom wa share llir desire to promote the Interests of dmiorracy. tliat tliese two great continents may mn!;o ever more secure their friendship and their future." Travel between the Americas Is "Just beginning." Admiral Land predicted, with the Brazil's sister ships, SS Uruguay and SS Argentina, following It In regular fortnightly sailings for the 38-day round-trip cruise with constantly Increasing passenger lists. "The mutual benefits which 1 am sure wlil accrue to both North and South America are Invaluable," Admiral Lund concluded. "There Is much tor the people of each continent to discover. And the greater the travel and commerce between us, the better our understanding of each other, "Thus the better neighbors we become, and the firmer the foundations ot our friendship." From his personal experience on tho voyage, Admiral Land praised the Brazil as having "every facility possible to Insure the comfort and safety of passengers." Tho Brazil, like its sister ships, la 600 feet long, displacing 32,000 tons. All rooms are outside, dining rooms are nlr-conditloncd; passengers disport In an open-air tiled swimming pool and on the broad decks. "I have never enjoyed a voyage more than I did our trip to Bttrnos Aires and return on the SS Iir.i7.ll which Inaugurated the 'Good Neighbor Fleet" service," Admiral Land reported. 90,000 MILES OF TELEPHONE CIRCUITS FORM U. S. RADIO IGHWAY · Program Transmission Service Is "Life-Stream" Of Networks, Says Radio Nstvs Magazine A nation-wide "express service, using 90,000 milea of telephone wire as sound highways, makes it possible for your favorite radio network pro gram to come to you with clock-like regularity, wherever you happen to be in the United States. This program transmission-service, furnished by the Bell Sysjem has its great junction and switching point in the long distance telephone building in New York. Forwarded over routes radiating from this center, the program from any studio in any of the dozen basic broadcasting networks cnn be faithfully reproduced by distant stations in the chains covering the country. A radio program, rehearsed and ready to go on the air, may be lil.en- ed to a package which the broadcasting company wishes delivered to one or a number of affiliated stations. Tor deliverers thes3 packages in psrfect condition to cna or scores of stations, the Bell Syst=m has built this twenty- million dollar express system, with specially constructed circuits and amplifying apparatus, control points and switching facilities. These little - known, behind - the- The Parent Mind The souls of the sons of God are greater than their business; and they are thrQwn out into life, not to do a certain work, but to be a certain thing; to have some sacred lineaments, to show some divine tint of the Parent Mind from which they come.--Martineau. The Nation's Progress National proijress is the sum of Individual industry, energy, and uprightness, as national decay is of Individual idleness, selfishness and vice. 'Answer' To Last Week's Cross Word Puzzle scenes transmission facilities arc the life stream of the broadcasting networks, in the opinion of Alfred W. Davis, writing in a recent issue of Radio News magazine. "Without these facilities," said Mr. Davis, "broadcasting chains or systems could not exist. Our selection of programs would be very definitely limited to the nearest stations." A symphony orciieslra pteys or an actor spsahs in a New York st'idio The sound is pic];cd up by microphones and earned through wires to j . . _ ,, a nea-by rconi vihcro tho b/oadcantinR L their ° wn - tne P°wers of parliament The British Parliament Like the congicss of the United Slates, the British parliament legis lates for the whole British nation. Cut in addition to tnis, it takes the place of the separate legislative bodies that used to exist in Scotland and Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, such as in this country can only be made by state legislatures. With regard to the Dominion of Canada, the Aus tralian provinces, and other colo- possessions with legislatures of company's engineer puts the final wrappings on the package !y ad ust- inK tho vclamo of the ulectvlcal i. uncl v/nvcs before lie delivers the sU:Jio'.i production to the tclcphons company. Ur.:ler the streets of the city the electrical scund'wa'.^a pass through telephone cables to tho IonTM diet inco Imiiiiiiis whoia the general control of Ice TMrvi!3 ail the major nctv.orlrs This ofT.20, which receives complete daily schedules from the Li'op.ilc-nstins; companies and relays them to a dozen control centers throughout the coun-. try, proceeds to deliver the program | according to the orders it has received. Witn split-second accuracy the pro- grann are switched according to schedule and travel along the wires are somewhat analogous to those of congress over the states. Squirts Blood Prom Eyesockets The horned toad when alarmed or excited will shoot blood from its eyesockets to a distance of four or five feet. Horizontal. 1--An upright piece of timber C--Upright of a sailing vessel 9--Silky envelope in which butter- fliers pass the pupa ataga U--Certain large ape (3--Not at home 14--Part of "to be" 16--Prefix meaning "three" 17--At home IS--To turn aside 20--Preposition 21--Southern state (abbr.) 22--Period of time 23 -- 2.000 p o u n d s 25--Point ot compass 26--Artist's atandaid 28--To lift 30--Part of "to be" 31--Note of scale 32--To collide,'with n loud noise 36--Mt) I Hi device for holding things together 38--Negative S9--Yu-i (ancient form) 4 0 -- L u b r i c a t e 41--Part of "to be" J3--Hoy's name H--To w u l k upon 1C--Preposition 47--Kind *'.--Printing measures 50--A v e g e t a b l e Jl--Lords 54--Skill 57---To bt deNervIni; of IS--H.ivtn 1 : :i " i i o t,mti ivapauei U n t u n . j Vertical. 1--To J u m p Upon 2--Pall month (abbr.) 3--Thus 4--Preposition o--Mother 6--Month of Hebrew calendar 7--Drunkard S--HulplnK. as with muscles 9--Piece of money 10--fertalnlnif 10 the navy 11--A. b u n k 12--Number under t«u IB--Note of musical scale 18--Part of "to be" I'J--I'tilal dltflt 22--Short written composition ' '--1'iTl.ilnlliK tn one's blrlh 27--To affect with pain 29--VlKor 32--Kind of dog T--Sis L-ames In a tennis match 34--Rabbits 25--Seashore 36--Cover for a vessel 37--Evident 38--A spilt* 42--Waterway around a castla 45--A p r i n t i n g measure 48--New Zealand parrot BO--Prefix meaning "through" 62--Great (abbr.) B3--Half an em BB--Preposition 5--Note of musical scale Solution will appear In next Issue. 7:00 p. in. 8:00 p. m. *Dcnot«3 bus connections via Matn- pcake, Romancoke and Claiborne. (c) Denotes bus connections via Matapenke only. BETWEEN ROMANCOKE AND CLAIBORNE Leave Romnncoke Leave Claiborne "0:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. **10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. **G:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. **7:00p.m. NOTE: **Denotea pedestrians will be transported by motor coach between Matapeukc nnd Romancoke and Romancoke and Matitpcakc on theti trips only. THE CLAIBOIINE-ANNAPOLIS KERRY COMPANY, ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Must Use Soft Pedal Jud Tunkins says a man who tells all he knows is seldom put in a position to know much. State Had Two Capitals , ,, **:'*, ""^ Connect "ut from 1701 to 1874. Farmers Saved r.Iillions Oy Insect-Eating Birds The fantastic theory that insects might some day dominate the world .·.onit!t:mcs advanced by imaginative scientists, would become a reality :f it were not for birds, according to tlie American Wildlife institute. "Birds constitute the main check igainst the reproduction of insects," opinls out C. RI. Palmer Jr., assistant secretary of the institute. 'If that chock were removed, in sects would multiply so rapidly that :hey would clean ihe world of all vegetation, leaving man to starve n a barren, deserted waste." Birds usually concentrate in ireas threatened by unusual outbreaks of pests, Palmer points out. An example occurred during out- oreaks of the Rocky mountain lo- nusta between 1865 and 1877. These voracious pests denuded many places they visited of every green thing. According to Dr. W. L. McAtee. technical advisor to the chief of the bureau of biological survey, s thorough investigation of the rela tion of birds to the outbreak showed that the feathered tribe was, in many instances, the means of saving crops from destruction. "Conspicuous and important as are the activities of birds in gathering at the scene and taking part in the suppression of insect outbreaks, probably their every-day services in consuming insects of all kinds, thus holding down the whole tide of insect life, are of greater significance," the survey expert says. The American Wildlife institute points out-that the value of insect- eating birds to the nation's farmers is more than $350,000,000 a year. James Monroe as Minister President James Monroe was minister to England in 1803 and to Spain in 1694, secretary of state under Madison, and in 1814-15 also secretary of war. In 1794 he had been United States envoy to France, but was recalled by President Washington. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE PERSONALTY Having decided to discontinue farming- I will sell at my home nea: Denton, about M mile from the Nut- tic Milling Company, on the road to Hobbs, on Thursday, Dec. 29, 1938 beginning at 10 a. m. the following farm equipment: Manure spreader, Litsfield; 1 riding cultivator, McCormick-Deering; 1 riding plow, Case; 2 walking cultivators, 1 No. 19 Oliver plow, nearlj new; 1 wagon, 1 springtooth harrow 1 cow with calf by her side, 1 cow, milking, both rcgisteied and T. B. tested; I more, 7 years old, in foal by jack; 1 mare, 5 years old, gooc brood mare; 1 Percheron colt, 4 years old; 1 2-year-old colt, Belgian; harness, (.hains, 1 horse trough, pitcl fork, shovels, 1 stalk sled, halter,? ant bridles, milk cans, milk bucket strainer, lot of articles not mentioned TERMS--Cash THOMAS D. HALL, Owner. W. E. Andrew, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE OP VALUABLE PERSONALJWERTY Being' obliged to break up my home und quit housekeeping I will sell at Public Sale on the place where I now re me, known as the G. W. Thawley Farm, % mile east from Concord, Aid., on road to Smithviile, on Wednesday, Dec. 28, 1938 beginning nt 10 a. m., rain or shine, the following personal property: FARMING IMPLEMENTS One leather top carriage, only used very little; 1 set carriage harness, 1 old dearborn, 1 dearborn pole, 1 No. 19 Oliver walking plow, good one; 1 1-horse plow, South Bend No. 1-B; 1 walking cultivator, 1 seed cultivator. hoes, forks, ehovcls, spades, rakes. HOUSEHOLD GOODS One Quick Meal range, good one; I drop leuf table, 1 cook table, 1 table, I Coles set stove, large one; 1 BX- iiinstur rug 9x12, 1 couch, 1 8-foot octension table, 6 stool chairs, piece linoleum, 4-piece over-stuffed living ·oom cuit, new; 1 sewing machine, 1 ibrary table, 1 book case, 1 axminster ·ug Il'4xl2, 3 rockers, 2 rockers, I. 6-piuce upholstered parlor suit, 1 ·rgan and stool, 1 stand, I Alladin amp, 1 nickje lamp, 1 axminster rug 1x12, 1 % iron bedstead with mat- ress and springs, 1 bureau, 1 stand, I wash stand, 12 yards matting, oil .tove, 3-burner with oven; 1 large irm chair, 10 yards matting, 1 bed- tead and mattress, 1 bureau, 1 wa'h tand, 1 toilet set, 12 yards matting, I set stove, side board, 10 yards mating, 1 cupboard, 1 small table, 2 iiilk cans, 2 butter churnn, 1 cot, 1 -·roquet set. TERMS--Cash GEO. W. THAWLEY, Owner. I. L. Stevens, Auctioneer Order Nisi WILLIAM D. GOULD 3rd, Assignee :. VICTORIA DEE'N BUTLER and WALTER 0. BUTLER, her husband fn the Circuit Court for- Caroline County. In Equity. No. 3507 Chy. Ordered thk 26th day of November 1938, that the sale of the property nentioned in these proceedings made ·nd reported by WILLIAM D. GOULD, 3rd, Assignee e ratified and confirmed, unless -·auee to the contrary thereof e shown on or before the 26th lay of January next, provided a copy of this order be printed n some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in each f four successive weeks before the !Gth day of December next. The report states the amount oi tales to be $500.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk, true Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. Fly In the Ointment Phrase The fly in the ointment phrase is from Ecclesiastes, 10:1: "Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour; so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and hon- our." Classified Ads Our Business Has Been Built On Prompt And Courteous SERVICE Established Over 27 Years Funeral Directors Phone 126 Denton, Md Help Wanted Year round position. A sure money maker. Good proposition. No investment. We furnish all. Must give good reference. Write JOHN W. S. JUSTICE, 12-23-lt) ' Crisfield, Md. The La Sernalne Ring A la semaine ring is a ring set with seven stones, the name of each commencing with the same letter as the day of the week. These rings were in vogue in France in the Nineteenth century. miles per boards in fie switching centers New York 4b'.d elsewhere control in cnginesrs, watch caroiAily the quality of trans-', mission as the words or music flow along the wires. Meanwhile other technical men are on the alert for any possible impairment of service and are ready to switch to alternate routes always held available for emergencies. The job of these men and the apparatus they control is to deliver tht radio program package without delay or interruption, nnd without loss in" i idclity and tone. j gniTCHH EHI3I1EE E TDEEE CI3EEI3 . B S3 JDEEQEIICE mn li-Cii aSEHHEH QBE DSES 23CE3 EffiEB 3DTE!a EEB SEOUIUS ii . "SJE ana amaaia riu fflraEEDEEClH " ED Q ,TGBGi[3 QEEnm S Joe Juggernaut-or How NOT to Drive GET A FEW DRINKS ,..,, VOUft BELT...IT STEADIES MDUR NERVES...BESIDES- , YOU CAN "DRIVE DRUNK OR SOBER." ' M BESH Ll L' DRIVER Ir^NA ^9^EVED vVOCLD i in ·. . » - « i u t j Adrunk i n l l i e d r i u r'»real i . m - , , 1 . . , , t , t ,| c l c ty hmi.hi il jmik-iiU lasl yew. Small wale anal)«.· uidicaJc ilul iln« |ir«'N|jRe cliuiilil Ire ninllijilicd llirrc l'.°A" tl ' mc *' Drive i-jfely anil c.irii Hit- safe rruanl of 15% of your liability premium for a year vritlimii acciilcnls. Acrlilcnls don'l happen-- Ihey are Cauieil. Slodilio, rmirfri) Antionnf Hurrau Cuma/lj TMrf SurMy VmJr,a.rilrri. CHICKENS FOR SALE Some nice roasting chickens from 6 to 10 months old. Also some guineas, weight 3 to 4 Ibs. SEESE HOLSINGER, Campground Road, Denton, 'Md. Equitable Life Insurance Company Home Office, Washington, D. C. Raymond R. Fisher Agent NOTICE TO CREDITORS Thia is to give notice that the subscriber, of Caroline county, has obtained from the Orphans' Court for Caroline county, in Maryland, letters of administration on the personal estate of HARRY S. FISHER late of Caroline county, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are warned to exhibit the same to the subscriber, with the vouchers thereof legally authenti- :ated, on or before tne loth day of .'une, 1939, o r they may pthersvjse, -y law, be excluded from all benefit t eaid estate. All persons owing this 3state are required to make prompt settlement. Given under my hand this 6th day jf December, 1938. RUTH FISHER, Administratrix. For Sale. Guaranteed singing Canaries- white, yellow and cinnamon. Price S3 to ?4. ANNE HENZEN, ~" Denton ' Md UQUIO-TABLKTS SALVE-NOSE DROPS relieves COLDS Fever and Headaches due to Colds Stockholders' Meeting The Denton National Bank, Denton, Md., Dec. 6, 1938 The annual meeting of the stockholders of The Denton National Bank will be held in their banking house in Denton, on Tuesday, January 10, . 1939, between the hours of one and three o'clock p. m. of that day, for ..he purpose of electing- directors for che ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other proper and law- mi business as may be brought before che meeting. K ROBERT FLEETWOOD, Cashier. Try "Rub-My-Tism"-a Wonderful Liniment For Sale Antique glassware. May be eeen at my home in Marydel. MRS. FRANCES ENNIS. (12-10-31) For Sale A purehred Guernsey male calf, A. P. MARTIN, (12-17-tf) Denton, Md. ERNEST 6. COOMB? .General Insurance The Oldest Established Agency On The Shore. Give THE DENTON JOURNAL this year. The home-town paper is always accented as a wonderful gift. Use Coupon Below Gcnllemen: Please send the DENTON JOURNAL to NAME Street or R. F. D. Town For which I enclose $ . SI.00 per year in Caroline S1.50 per year outside Cash in advance Signed For Rent House, three acres of land, six dollars per month. RICHARD J. S. BULLOCK, (12-10-31) Denton, Md. WANTED Corn, wheat, soy beans. Highest cash price paid at farm. Also general hauling. W. T. LOCKERMAN, Phone 61 Denton, Md. (12-10-31) WANTED Good yellow corn. Higher cash prices paid. O. A. NEWTON SON CO.. (7-9-tf) Phone 2551 BrldgerUle, DeL Stockholders' Meeting The Peoples Bank^ Denton, Md., Dec. fT19»V The annual meeting of the stockholders of The Peoples Bank of Denton will b* held in their banking house in Denton, on Tuesday, January T!, 1939, between the hours of one and three o'clock p. m. of that day, i'or the purpose of electing directors for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other proper and lawful business as may be brought before the meeting. E. THEODORE ORME, Cashier. IN * CABIN EOT of Bank Notice. The DENTON NATIONAL BANK, Denton, Md., December 22, 1938. This bank will be closed Monday, December 26, 1938 -- Christmas Day--it being a legal holiday. All paper payable here and maturing an that day may be paid on the following banking day. I. R. FLEETWOOD, Cashier. Bank Notice. The PEOPLES BANK, Denton, Md., December 22, 1938. This bank will be closed Monday, December 26, 1938 -- Christmas Day--it being a legal holiday. All paper payable here and maturing on that day may be paid on the following banking day. E. THEODORE ORME, Cashier. DR. P. J. WRIGHT OPTOMETRIST Denton, Maryland JuTVfl CXB^DlOAtL ^slMAA^M HOURS: 9:00 *. m. to 5:80 p. n. 61 DR. E. F. WITHERS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 92 201 Franklin St., Denton, Md

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