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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Sunday, June 12, 1859
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F HE tlKEE W tfoLUMK XI. THE DAILY .. 1KO, OK J«jlPO» BTSICT, Ml* Wl&EB 80DSC. 'Daily Piper, pnblisfieo'-emT morning, except 'HoaOay. ' P«ptr, Mondaj", Wednesday and Friday. Weekly P»pcr, trcry Tuesday morning. 11,00 TEBM8 OF DAILY PAPER. :0»ilj- Paper for one year, payable ID advance. TEEMS OF TBI-WKEKLT PAPER. tri- Weekly Paper for one yesr, payablcln advance. TERMS OF THE WKEKLT PAPER. Weekly Paper for one vear^ payable In advance..-»l,OO It AT«S OF ADVEHTISI1VO J« DAI1.T Ten lines, or less, ofHonpareil make a squire. .*i.W '. 2,00 An ELROiNT BUVSJUOB.—Messrs. Reaii & Bice, of the Kewhall, htv* some choice swee oider. the clear juice of the apple, mannfao tared in the State of- New York, from where they have just received it. It is "an elegant drink, and reminds ns of the happy hours o childhood, when we uaed to suck the same aj this through a straw from a b»rr»l. : -, Pure cider is seldom-seen in Wisconsin, bat they have the genuine, unadulttrated article, good enoogK for any one. aquare, 1 day. , do. Sdays do. ,8daj-B <lo. 4 day* do. Kdavt do. 1 Werk do. !«r<~is. do. 8w In. 8,00 8,50 4,0o 5,00 i aqaare, 1 month. . .| 6,00 1 do. SmoDtlil.. 10,00 1 do. Smontha.. 13,00 1 do. 4moDthi.. 16,00 do. do. do. . , Smbntbt.. 16,00 9 monthi...' 20,00 1 yew.... 80,00 Rounds & La ADVFUTISIKC AGENTS. i»6 Rniidolpli street, art avOiorittd to rt- oeiw AiletrUttmentt for tlkit and an Ou Leading Paper* it/the Xorlhvea, and art fht OHIT and rx- /umn-£i.T avtlMrtud Agent* in O>t Xor&wett Jar a majority of (hem. IN TOWN ANIT OUT OF IT. MARK TH. POMEROT, Editor. WHOLR SOULSD.—Hersha & Stewart, of the eating bouse at Hartford, wish ns to announce that all editors pasting their place, either going to or returning from the convention, with- ont stopping and partaking of their eatables and drinkables, free gratis for nothing, Kill be dealt with according to law. Such liberality and attention to the wants of "ditors, allows them to be worthy of praise. AH an editor has to do is to show his pass,and he can eat till his belly aches, and then fill his pockets. An UNHEALTHY PRACTICE.— Haifa Journal of Health, which claimj to be high authority in medical eo : ence, has taken a stand against married persons sleeping together, bnt thinks they had better sleep in adjoining rooms. Things are coming to a pretty pass Indeed I The Jaw won't allow married men or women to sleep with other married men or women j custom won't allow unmarried people to <>leep together; and now, Dr. Hall says married per( ons must not rest their weary heads on the same pillow 1 Dr. Hall is either in *\eo-hol, or else interested iu a onn-liorse licdsiead shop Which is it i • JU;NE . 12, 18*59. A GMTT-T Win —Poett have sung," and philosophers hare prosed over the will of roman, till we had thought nothing-'new- OOINO tif SHOOT.— Yeaterd^y, Q«orgg W. Fwrtberstonbpugh was" flued <en dollars Uod Costa, by Jndjge Foote» for Rawing a »ould be faid, illoslraling their strength of and4hreateiHi}.gioBhoot Or iCharlra Llb]late ihvaoter bat the following plain statement of Special Mall igent, In ft saloon on Ease l^ater (•.•_.. _.„«.!... „.„ _:.v --- «. --- .. ,. , I acts, them with another ooat. In .•U«-lc->rolog-lcnl Record, for Jane 10, '6» C n OtttrilXRR A 00., Druggltt., 1» Spring 5 • • • 48- a & P. M ' 1 "' Telegraph and Commercial matteri sec Fourth Pagt. • Miss Irving Is playing In St. Panl.- She draws well. Letter from onr Louisville correspondent will appear Tuesday morning. Mr. Echo opene a swimming school this week, abort? the dam. 0. R Burdick, whilom of the U now engaged on a daily paper in Elmira, New York. Rev Mr. Helmer, from Hartford, Conn., will preach In the Plymouth Church this tnornfng and evening. SST The Columbus Journal is unable to learn of any serions damage being done by the obinti bug to wheat in this county. THE RA.ILHOAD WAR.—The great redaotio n that have been mad<? In Raildroad fares, oa account of lb« Railroad war, will be uoticed more particularly by placinc the old and new prices in parallel columns. It will be stvn that the fares arc from the places named to New Vork: * Old. New. Cleveland, Sis 00 $8 00 Chicago, 23 00 12 00 Columbus, J7 00 10 00 Crestline, 16 55 9 00 Cincinnati, 20 00 13 00 St. Louis, 30 00 23 00 Milwaukee, 23 00 12 00 The old r&Lft hav just bwn iv^atablished and it will likely be some tirne before they come down to the low figures again. Rhode Island is growing penurious — An illuminated dock in Newport hae been darkened because the Stute would not pay for the necessary gas to light it. ' No matter if it should be a <j/ortt« mundi. the ronte across lake Michigan from Milwaukee to Grand Haven, always proves a sic transit .0 the Chicago people. M&F Bamford & Baldwin, have placed us onderobligations for late New York papers.— They supply the M. C. B. E., and the M. & M. E. E.. with all the news etc. HOID UP THBEK —Meserrev. the L't Guard correspondent of the Witconsin, speaking of the English regiment at Hamilton, in Canada, receiving them there, says: "The Milwaukee Light Guard, the first military company that ever passed through Canada, and the Milwaukee Light Guard, the first American company ever received by an English regiment, or even company." If we mistake not, some years since, several American military companies were very warmly received by an English regiment, not many miles from the place of the Light Guard recep tion. Nothing like accuracy in these matters, Charley he year 1948, a young mechanic, then a journeyman -carpenter in Dtica, married a very handsome and wealthy girl, with wjiorn he fell In love—report said, for her money They lived together nearly a year, very happily apparently, till a child blessed their union.. Soon after this event, the' fond hearted young Wife, learned that hei was gotsrp on the K»y style, that he did not love tier, and that his only object in winning her was to rjsi her of her fortune. She watched, and soon had proofs of bis infidelity. She told him of It, and be angry, sold off all the loose personal property be oould lay his hands on, and eloped With a yonng lady of the city, taking with htm about two thousand dollars in cash. At first, on healing of his conduct, the wife aiinted, and wept like a child over him, and he sudden dashing to the ground of her cup of hopes. For days ahe wept and mourned, ill on learning by accident that he was in 'tltsbnrg, she detpr-rvrn^ tn follow and eon- ront him. She vowe.l tbat she would btt to n'm a plague—an evil genii—that she would ever follow him, and by her presence make his life a miserable our. She visitrd Pittsburg, put np at the " Pennsylvanian," and found him in the arms of bii mistress. Sbe confronted him,'and told the story of her wrongs. It borame too warm lor him and on the night of her arrival, he left for Si. Louis, with bis paramour. She followed, and found the two at the Planter's Hotel. Here she again met them at the dinner table, and while seated opposite, told her wrongs. He went from tbera to New Orleans, and » week elapsed before she knew of his whereabouts Soon as she did learn, sh« visited him there. Prom New Orleans, he r with his the breast, hat he pointed; the deadly *e4poa so low, the call oonid hafe^ been ettractf he shot, wit£ no other • tnitnimtnt than of tongt! ' ' pai . -Jr«alerd»yv an Irishman! <$une {ntotmrcounting room, just«ft«r Mr. fcaver- Was bnrL and saye he, " be-jabe^s 'hut ADVERTISEMENT^ I>ttrr fo i v be Bishop and Clergy of th T there is anot|h|r bloody accident to a carriage. A man was iji^t run over* in his boggy! bv a dray, taken J4o Strickland's, where be Is kilt intlrely, and, i| is a great doubt, if he efn* recovers I He went ont uv the vehicle and itrnck the ground <|n|tbe poll of his head, a b-l-li of i D.'ocew of Wltroiialn. St. Jiev. Father, and Brethren: A Convention, long to be rwmeml«red, has Insti'closed its stormy session, at Fond da Lac.' After tin's tempest, and tlie clearing of tbeatmosphere, hy the willjof GoJ, using as instrumentality, thd thunder anil lightnine of "'« '» cn '<"• n the I "III derlre by b«l ray tnngae, a great calm, and » pcaccful pros- ' nuisance perity will ensue ; if you have Ml, caurag* and ' ability, to mamtftin yoar rights just conquered and won. ' A Revolution has been accomplished by the j "^ w jealous, raalioioua and envious attempt to de j 8 X, ° stroy me. This wicked effort I here solemnly | E «, and emphatically declare to ha»e been Instiga- Cirr , Contract Department, Ju D «, lo, ISJ.9 M'MMKI? 2I-. ^M AMUSEMENT- f > «o« » .e * B " e<l nf3a ' 01 "> wrh .w, u «hai» »-, ,,i.| JOHN '.loflttATH, a whack. "Rntjb pall," the fair Chicago joins pondent of theJQreen Bay Advocate, thu^ rakes ns over the coats for remarks made aboot her In the tftws, Bojme days since: I j "Pid not out friend of the MilwaufceJjV?«» know that Mrs! Malaprop had given it aa her experience that; "comparisons, were odorous?' 1 —and yet, ipi tlie face of all thaf, he promotes 08r eternal enmity by comparing qu with Sag and {.iFing bar fh&paln»! end though I&ully acknowledge^ superiority myself J 60 'ittle deserve. We write this aitlcli on _ on Warren Chase, formerly of Wis- oonsin, will lecture at Tonnes Hall this morning at 10 1-2, atternoon at 3, evening at 7 1-2 upon the "Reform, of the Day." Admission free KEW PAPEB..—We have received the Borne Intelligencer, jnst started at Mineral Point, by Lemmon & Herron, editors and proprietors. It is well edited, too well, we fear, for the place. EDITOBB.—We are indeed pleased to ie*rn that onr l.beral business men are willing and anxious to contribute all in their power to entertain the editors visiting ns this week, in a hospitable style. A few nights ago Mr Withers, who was Bleeping io a three bedded room of a hotel in St. Louis, was awakened from hisslum- b-T8 by the entrance of a stranger bearing a lighted candle One of the three beds was vacant, and the stranger remarked that some on was about to arrive to put it in readiness lo re ceive him, and tbat he would sit by the window and cool himself, while be waited. Dp- on this, Mr. Withers resumed his sleeping.— The morning came, but the stranger, wbo seemed cool enough by nature, had disappeared, taking with him the watches and val nables belonging to the two occupants of the tenanted beds. A complainant on an assault and battery case in the Police Court yesterday morning said he was kicked two or three times by the defendant before he noticed it. Heavy kicking, tbat. fSf- New News Depot, corner of Main and Wisconsin streets Late papers kept constantly on hand. New York dailies in advance of the mails: A choice selection of stationary BCHOVAI.. — On and after Monday, the 18th, inst., the retail stock of Bradford Brothers will be opened in the store No. 199. East Water street, formerly occupied by Messrs. Chandler & Jennings next door to tbe> jewelry store store of Matson & Loomis, where we shall continue to run off onr stock till the whole is disposed of. We have still a very large and desirable stock of goods, which will be sold at prices that w'll insure their sale. Our wholesale dry goods business and carpet trade will be continued at the old stand, 165, mistress fled to Galveston, Texas, dreading the appearance of her he had so badly used. Learning that he had started for Nebraska, Tennessee, sbe went there, and for three months waited bis arrival, till from a trader, sbe learned where he was, and at once started. On the way, the steamer on which she took passage, the "Alice Gray," exploded, her child was lost and herself injnred, bnt abu traveled on, and at last met him in Galyeston, at a danpp house at midnight. Prom here he left alone and next turned np at the Louisville Hot*!, Louisville, Kentucky. In course of time ghe followed, and met him at the table, when be supposed she wag either dead or on the wrong track. By this time his money had given out, aod he went to Baltimore, changed bis name, and engaged at his trade, it took her a year to nod him. but at last she did, and drove him from there He then went to California, sbe returned to Dtica, raised more money and followed him, bnt finding a man in California was a greater job than the poor wife bad bargained for One day sbe wonld bear of him in 8au Franoi«ci-, l>u't on «rrlvingtb»re, he was not to I* fouud. For fifteen months she wandered from place to place, and at last, met him on the steamer "Caroline." bound for Marysville. He tried to buy her off, bat woman's honor and woman's revenge was not thus to be satisfied, and elie stuck to him till he reached Maryavill- wu-n he left her in a crowd, and jumping ia a canoe, paddled aci.iss the river, and in a week was en route for New York. She followed him there. He left lor Detroit. She traced him to that city, and met him at the Eussell House. He then left for Chicago and in ten days sbe wa»'1iy his side at the TMe de hot, of the Tramont. From Chicago, he went to Dayton, Ohio, "here for three months he waa unmolested Report reaching him that she was dead he engaged himself to Miss C. E. B., of Dayton, and hoped hit penance was complete Bnt the day before he was to be again married, •he met him at the depot. Not a word did sh« utter, bat he knew she wonld remain by him till death, and at night, left for La Crosse. She followed him there, and on Monday last hopes to keep Jit a profound secret. $hifrt sighted mortal I—but I know he never nlenns to trust himself within reach of our fatter n*Ua, and tpieU 79* the troth, I had ratter be did not. Th<j mistaken man has got an i i<Jea that we are handsome, (so he says,) and: I wonld not for the world disabuse him oY it; BO pray don't Invite blm lo the convention, or be will discorej how he has been '-takdn in and done for, 1 ' ^o bis own discomflrlnre and my mortiacatloo at the same time. I owe'htn a most profound courtesy for the very han6- some complin^ T -- ""' ' " We beg pardob. onr knees, and allow tears of repentanira to fall on the paper. flulh is as expert in "tajdon off heads" as was h«r nampsake who gleaned the wheat Holds] of Mr. Boaz, and as slit) has forbidden qs a seat at brother Charley'* ujntfe, will not Hut tar jier favor "Comparisons are odorous" are they? So are flowers—cobsfe qnently If "Rntji" U as fair as we think Jier sbe will like comparisons, as she surely /fctiif love flowers. We saw her tlie other d»y ia Chicago, beard the remark sh« made alioiit onr "country" appearance, and have concluded not to be mitt taken. We had a mind Id ID> trbduce onrself, but concluded qot to, aa her eye said plainly there wonld be a war of "wft and-words" In wjiich we should have coma off second best, "iath" does not w.-ite all she thinks, neither do we and It ghe will accepi our apology for tfie "comparison." we will be very good friends, although half strangers'.— What say yoa? i ted by the devil alone : II waa blasted, accord- Ing toils merits, by my iron and >teel retain- I ton not tofliitchfor any thing, nor to yield to the devil, in any thapti a holy purpose to de teot and unmask him io EVERY SHAPE : whether he appear In that rnial/rxt form, viz: that of anEnglish tatlor.nnbappily turned Into a Wisconsin presbyter , or, in th« snapping j envy of a little, black, bright-«ye<l,biting '-<. ( r- | kit" aa the boys call a terrapin or land lor- ' toise: or, in the larger and hitherto grander' shape of * "crazy" doctor of Diviuity, from, the school of the Prophets. The lwart of all t the rest of the school of ib« Prophets was, 1 pertapi alniott right, but alas I som« of the ! f» votes went wrong The Revolution la this : I. Though 1 moved the following resolution, which Wai jieconded, talked about, and therefore mtat appear on the minutps, unless the record be falsified , and 1 shall watch, and see, and inform you, if it he not a true record ) yet I am sorry lo say even ,»„ Influence oonid no carry it it was movpd, hy tL« hVv J of Milwaukee, seconded Ly a from fta<;loe, that, accordiotj „ Contr or<1 « rej - Thmt M NOTICK ClTT CimpraoL , et Comml.jslAnera. Block Banefltj. 28 5U.23 't u>.ao ;» Him r 'J .'i^o '9 tt.M n, OR, KAME'S ARCTIC" VOYAGES „ ,.,„. Pr.nkl „ , _ ,„ > t cause the « .i.i« [„ h n »<-.-ord ng o'^ ' '"""' •"">' "eh,r.h y0 o, ia ,,| ; emenu wlin n ':•) .1,,, from lhu mmlM,nn,r, of ,* H *l'n,T**r t I " i lav I. tiARDINKR. t-ontr let Di NOT I (i CITT 0 •r aem, V)il»auker, Jan* 11, . . '!» »ill t« receive It Hi Tbinclay, June Id, >i lo , . Ing ns ued , i-tlcles for to, us,i 1 , T t : Ca*tlogi per Ib; Bolti l per Ib; B.bbet or C,,mpo«i.i Jhl or POT,..! t™ n per \h; St»,l ai Hi . ,rHc-, '>r furnuhlnff 4n.l r-p a ,rin ai>< Nuu ,>,r n Metnl p-r o i i- t F East Water strete, pleted. june!2 — d8t. till onr new store is com- BRADFORD BEOTHBRS and new books. Please give ns a call. W¥. E.TUNIS & CO. SEVEBC ACCIDEJJT.—Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Eaverstlck, late of the firm of Haverstick & Bennett, narrowly escaped being 'killed by the overturning of his carriage,opposite Strick. land's bookstore He ran against a dray, and hence the accident. JOSIAH A. Noos AN was fined fire dol- law yesterday, for poshing a yonng man out of his store, gome one said he tried to kick him ont, but kicked to wide he missed the boy three times. This I" a mistake, as he did not think of kicking at all and p-nple should not believe any Bttoh statement. POOE DODOE —The Sentinel of yesterday morning says it has received a note from Gen. King, stating tbat he wonld be unable to attend the editorial convention, and asking Mr. Dennis to speak for him. Mr. King wrote to •Col. Robinson before be left here, stating that "he had left a lawyer to speak for him, 80 this «xcnse, will not go down, even with editorial Mnggins . COTOT— His HOWOB FOOT* pRiaipiso— JCHI IOTH.— W. Smith ; assault iand battery; fined $8 and costs. Committed In default. Josiajh A.- £oonan ; assault and battery — Fined $5 anil costs. George W. Featherstonhangh ; disorderly conduct and drunkenness. Fined ten dollars and costs. One of our exchanges speaks of a hen that lay» two ejjge a day That's nothing, as - onr uncle has a hen, tbat he bought in the morning.and by noon she had laid eggs enough ,to pay for herself, and by the next night had hatched out from the eggs a large brood of chickens. We have often seen her '-lay herself all awaf,» till nothing bnt her bill, comb, and two or three fail feathers were left. «&? A candid bigamist was Mr. Wm. Col. line. Be formerly resided with a wife m jPenn. sylvania. -Two months arohe went westward and stopped at Pomeroy, Ohio. .From this pUoe he wrote to his wife desiring her to fol- lowrhim lo his new home, else he should marry somejonefjse. 1 AB might be expected, she. STTLES or DRIITKIHO.—It is not a little amusing to sit in a bar room, or drinking saloon, and see the difierent styles men adopt in drinking their " todg." A party of bloods enter—one walks np to the bar and says—" well, boys, let's charge— what's yonr weapon ?" The " weapons" are set ont, a clinking of glasses, and a—" well, here's fan"—to which all respond, and down goes the «' weapon." Then a man walks in, looks around to see who's present, calls for a brandy straight, pours ont half a tumbler full of fourth proof, shuts his eyes, throws back his head, and down goes the liquor at a gulp. Closing his mouth with an air of satisfaction, he tosses down the dime, turns on bis heel and disappears as qnick as did the liqnor 'Two chaps come in—'' odd and ovem," call for their drink, tonnh glasses—say, "well, here she goes," and in less than no tune " she's gone" so far down their internal arrangement, that a glass of ice water U sent after it post haste. Once m a while, a man sips and dps at his "tod," as if'twere good, and sighs audibly as be sees the bottom of the tumbler, and witfc head tamed sideways, sends one eye in the glass to see If there is not another drop lurking about somewhere, afraid to come ont. A party order mint juleps, and blissfully suck ii through a straw, as if it were linked sweetness, long drawn out The Irishman drink* easy, and as if he felt the draught were doing him good. The Frenchman tips his glass so polite, and gets his little finger in so fine a position, we know it is happiness to him, every time. ^jA Tankee drinks, aa he does everything else, on the ran. He is fond of variety, and •tows away.'neath his Vesket, gin slings, gin «oolt.tafls, mint Juleps, port tangmrees, brandy straights, ale, whiskey, old rye, lager beer, champagne, lemonade, pony brandy, rattle- l*lly.pop, or anything else, Just as be takes customers. He U a versatile genius, as fair drinks show. The Irishman goes in heavy «, whiskey. That is his private .pirftnal berer- he left that city and come to Milwaukee, and on Friday she found him at the Ne-whal! The Panoj-ma bad a good Louse liaf night. That our! estimate of it is correct, w« might adduce the; testimony ofthe press in kit the principal citiijs east and south, to showl— This is what the Cleveland Herald said of it 5 Mr. Hedge has! produced a picture portraying these scenes. Weird, fearful aod icy as they are, with a power thai amounts to r-alHy *-. There is an air of trnthfuln^ss running throuffh : the »bol« work tllat startles us kr more tlian ifthe imagination werf aurvly graliB-d or tbf' sense of (right pleised W^f Pe l. » 9 th- r-loiuf^ eradoally unfolds itself and presents n-w -,rtd' tbrilling scenes. : tbnt although romar.c- it' plnasine, natnrc and Irulh aru still more so -r- Thf flow wbioh rests on southern scenery forms a pleasing calmness u. a sc-ne upon which th-y eye dw-lle with a sort of dr-amy pleasure, while tfie nickly moonligl.i wlticL comes down through the obilUd atmo^phert ofthe frfffld IOM, mis on Olympic pllrt ail ice, ..if,., i ».(h snow, starting and awaking us, as It were, froin an unconscious stat^ of existence. We art transported from the an->-t> fields, wooded hills and valleyi to a r-gioa once deemed imaginary, until the spirit of the age roused man to^seek, like Colulnlm« of pMj other lands and make new dlaeovrri-s They are made, and in this mimic view, of jigantlc existing wonders, the spectalor is conveyed on the wings of art, to realite in an ovpnin* ibelr fearful reality. I There will be another rihlnltlon Monday night, aod all lovers of the beautiful should not fail to attend. i C. Richmond, to imui-tuoru! usage (see Journals of the past y-ars.j IHH Rev, David Kecne he appointed to -very office in (his Dioc*s»-, (ser last Journal, p 73, ..r Ib,. ' rage of Honor ) and that, as usual, St Paul a OLurch, and ifS Rector, Iv rr-ery w/itrt omitted, except ob page 62. viz : THE PAOB TO PAT But it wa» all in vain. Tli^ opposition to me was too strong and .-v»n my ' fearful -n- ergy," (as Dr. Wjatt. President r,t ih^ G-n ' era! ConventioD, called it,) an d 017 "oouj- raanding eloqnenctf," (M everybody hut me calls it, and it is impertinent l;i m- 1.1 speak against universal opinion,) failed to carry IhU wise resolntlon Thns, th« R^v David Keene wot not elected, as I d^ire-l, to .ill th» houora I don't know how many offices h- ^ot this year. Last y«sar b« haj only r'r/ur ch,,r „»,». Theseoond point that was ugtablished, and also a Very Important one, i s this Tht nire a/ i\'iuhotuh n n:,t iti, ^ t rt -./" a Cathotif Krumenie'il f'onncil D»ar Bishop and Brethren Keep now what you hava won, by tb« hslp of did and the deadly and wicked war against RlCHVIii.VL), Heotor and I'onou-ior . i the Nu r.erxsflr •h w • ,j , f , f|l "1 hy tfnv . IQ L'H >ma itr City JOHN I. \ril H Rl' Sir lay, fli \n\f up •-. '.. C.-iN[.cr - 0. i : I . r i 1 1 i 1 1 T Lot 15 CITY ADVEKTI^LMENTS T 1 ,:. MO -16 Jlli J16 iU 11 » .' U - 1 4 IU A p'ece Ninlh • tAKUINKIl. t i.J f« ,r II: j j n- ' : UK ("it.. PADL'S (,'HCBCB —Ji. NI 1C, . Jl -. KR. i House, under an assumed name. A glance was enough, and he left for the east or south. She has also left, and swears by the power of woman's hate, to follow him to the grave, and give him no rest this side. She Is a rather handsome lady, with a keen black eye, black hah-, fair complexion, well formed features, and of a beautiful figure. If her love wonld be as strong as her hate, she wonld make the noblest of wives, and the most af. feotionate of mothers, but alas, her heart Is steeled to all the finer feelings of nature, and will be. till her revenge Is complete. We learn these facts from the woman herself, and have no reason to donbt them. RMOMJTION 01 THAHKB TO DBTROIT — A meeting of the citizens of Milwaukee, who accompanied the Milwaukee Light Guard to Detroit, on their excursion eastward, was held, on their return, at the office of the Mayor, and organised by the appointment of Hon. H. L. Page, Mayor, Chairman, and H. L. Pal. mer, Secretary. The Object of the meeting was stated by the Mayor to be, to give expression to an appreciation ofthe friendly oonrtesr and princely hospitality extended to the visitors from MB • wankee on the occasion of their recent visit to Detroit, by the Mayor and Common Council and citizens of onr sister city, and by that superior corps of sitlren soldiers and good fel. lows, the Detroit Light Guard. On motion of Major-Qeneral John L. Hathaway, s Committee was appointed, consisting of Genj J. L. Hathaway, A. J. Laagworthy andThos. H.Sohuyler, to prepare and report resolutions, erpressive of the sease of this meeting.' General Hathaway, from the Committee appointed for. that purpose, reported the following resolutions, which were nnlmonsly adopted): GBEEH BAT ITSKS—Th* Advocat, «iya that a large amount of money will be. spent in building in Green Bay this Summer. Several fine stores and dwellings are already undeil way John Sbadaker of Susmico, an intemperate man, stepped Into a batcher shop, eat a pound of raw beef, went ant, and fell dead on the sidfiwa Ik '• The store of L. f^aa was entered l.y burglars ; the other night, and several sack* of flour sto len. ; A heavy gale »as felt on the Bay last! Monday. ; The Advocate has received a letter from a! Green Baby, dated ^iverpool, in which letter the writer states that he went from Green Bay to Liverpool in H days and 10 hours running time. Eatber quick. The schooner Wajrne loaded with shingles at Dyoksville, on the east shore of the Bay.about twenty miles from the city, one day last week. She carried out 300^000 for Milwaukee. This is the Brst vessel (hat has loaded at this new Belgian town. During the high Water at Oconto last week, the dam at the saw mill, known as "Jones' water mill," was swept away. We do not hear of any other loss, of any importance, by the freshet. H. 8. Baird,Esq.sent us on Tuesday a quantity of pie plant, raiied in his garden, some of OAT —Praj-rs . Sermon on tli day, Arts II. 1-4 , tlie Ur*.--r Ghost Holy l'.iii.inuiiiun Iu G»rtnau 8-rvico ami S.rm TI Oerman Pa'ior-. whr dav.. r,,, * hour, ) arn r^ia^sloj to . .,n,.- • .j-vt r,! th- N ' > ,,f -.1.- || I j a n, «t 4 1 . .' j rvi,'. ,( 'f 1 1C t-.. . 1 .UPTK-.l > V r-.. _» ' I-,' J J,, r-u Evening Prar-r at 7 1-2. .,: I Phil II, 9-1! U,- Ex.llv-. :1 " The layintt >1n "f ha. 'is,' II. M l'f a »ucc«!»or or Hi- ^jtl.. K-mper. Apo 3 t,,|j. dlji ) , .thoIJr- [; Diocr-.- OftVrtory. aft-r *-rmor>. Io the inorf-at-^ .if th< Ri^h JAMESCi i H •; AKIUVKK ;«.>T K i,. tl : . •'IVi '• NO 1 UK. ,.i>. ptrt b«n-flt^.l CoHri^l i>?p»rtffl^i.t. M.I 'IAHE follotrlng II » l-r.-dul- i I pmrre'i of Unrl th»[ tril! . W.rd. of tit City of Mll...,k.f. ty rin. fewer In Ulntnl 'trf«t, frnm l>i io 4n.l me K. O H*T.>»'S, FSED V ,r,EL. -s M f-.ll w, JOHN LAI BKNH > H KC'CK-RIT, IMI. K Lot 1 Bi-H v 10 n 12 )«12-d3l S4 84 M 84 !4 t-l 84 S4 44 84 B«r. rS u a., u tj.'ii 8.15 e '26 ti.-'i II. 25 \tJK> Bl^rk 'in f2 •-'i " ^« %!. i i' n iih i^t ay K 91,is 56 25 moo 11 ii «,» *.;.> 3.>, u la n H 16 Ml. 1.1 1 3 U 14 14 jell-Mi Iu l I i: 87 JX) M^J E- L'H. OARDINKR, Cumpt NOTICK. i.iW B CTTT DoamtLLu't Ornci, I Contract Department, Mil»»akM, j aoe u_ ijjj f T HE following !« a Khedalt of lou. pvi piro-Uof land, »lta»t«d on f"rth and i ll.UU 14 J I Wj ;* 14 t.. L'H NOTIC* OlTT COSIPT*ct Department. M.;. V r#«olatlon o1 the Comrn 6, Irfl9. the'. of the Hth W»rd, iu. h« C...1T-I. JMl.t.- jMhr ^tr-^t t' Wa.hnii..n ml A Hit f loU and Rl«hlh War.l that will b^'binefl'ted' w' c ,ralru" tln^a (ewer on illd «tre« from Scott itreet to Wuhmcton a»enu« to the wert lin« Tf W»ikrr'« i» »\J ortlered That WMhingtnn alreet an.I il.leflralfca i . r>e to the e«taL-Mshe.l jr».le »n.. il.l»»»l., ^Unx- 4tn ay^nuc to the wa t Una of Walker's Pnmt *.i tn acC'iM»nc.i 11 the plaoa an.I *p?c'flc-vti >n* i.-i. .'IT.. ..<-th..F. ••> UATPEV FSKD VOORL. Street Cimmiaii rirra 4T»«ca , which measured juit;Mr« and • half feel. If any one In the Stak has raised larger or better plants than these, we hope they will send them to ns immediately. .Lot 1 4 6 e T 0 11 1 Block 1. l: u IT 17 n n 17 17 18 18 18 18 18 18 Benefit! IMS 16,44 17,07 1707 1T.OS 18.15 18,75 31,23 43,78 48.75 81, ii 18,75 81.JS 17,nT 17.07 17.0T 17,08 1708 lu 11 11 i ID r; i 4 6 Block Is is 17 17 17 Us IS 14 Beoenu. I 7, OS 17 OH 17,08 17. OS n.ns 17 JO 11.73 81.23 4S 73 48.73 *I.M 1»,75 uwners of prui er./ nn ahov^ r ; ara^d tt t'y notifled to mAk4 )«ul imprn »em.?nu = . >ne ilaya from th«j mblicatlo-i .if tMs r ntr-el C'>m-Ti f.i nera >f th - Sth W. tr .|. . ' ~ T < h»m^i io the r-5p. I c '" - '-- • ^ • jell-lUt K L'H O \RINRi, i : NOl'ICK. CTTT ConpmoiLia'5 i)»n.-s , Contract Di-p«rtm^at. June 11 M.1J ,' | rTIHE fnlloTlng \, ,!!- of lou frnntim , n fher M. ry rtreet In Planklnton'i addition :n the N nth W.rd of the City of Mllw.ultee, from Si,trentli -,o 1 weotletb. it .et—8ho.»<ua the »m u unt whirh •, -h ...t w.ll be b-neJSl.d hy «radl;.» «aM «r,,.i »„.! th. „,)walks, planking «nd curbln» the walm »n.l irr I ' I- irnlteri, and rrarelioz 'he 17,07 31 M 25.00 41 K SI 2J 81,23 t aa p-r p u n . JOHN LACBKN-HFIM' B RfSCKKRTT. , Tfcai thfl cordial good feeling manl- heo'Wwn'of Detroit, towarlla the otty of Mirwaakee, and all hailing from here, en oar ifeoent rtsit to our sister c«y., is most highly gratifying tons as dtlrens of Jtn v . a . * 81 * onr Detr end apnr as losp jUo {time packing op her "thing*" and g»Ing4olPomeroy Arriving there she learned thatjber^iusband had married a young girt abbot two weeki before, and taA gone to (Jin- atonatti. He Was arrested in tli« latter city on »oT»«age of bigamy. . age. An Englishman is sever so ' when making lore to . glass of hal£ or , sweet portion of gin.. The Frenchman waxes polite p*er» .-fettle of wine. The German is oontenfctd withjager beer, wbiletbe American like the Ameridak population, goes In for a variety, and the more.the better. The German walks into a saloon, *& down drinks Wa lager eats the while sotoe bread and mustard, rests himself, talks with a Wend and rises refreshed. If Qten is a correct way to drink, the German has. ft. It Is really amn. sing to hear the "remarks *nd ofa speeches made by a party of drinkers. They Uiejr ^ nip," tbry " to** in,>' 4hey +«\mW#,» ttey "wet ap» and etch <«mU thermal or nan* .v, thtefrieMlyfeellJig is drily ap most cordially redprocaled by ewni, aaiwe iannot forbw wcpteasiBgthe hope that the goo4 understanding now eristing between the people of these two cities may remain for- oarAf ntvtkVAVan • ' • ' T • .' . That oar most hearty thanks are due, and are hereby tendered, to the officers "-'' ibwrscf tU* Detroit XfBht Gnard, the (Jomnjon Council and; citizens • of De- ivWaally «nd colleotirely, for' the nn- 'tality and gentlemanly atten- t^ u oa onr recent visit to their •rjWi and for their unwearied end Terr BMful endeavors to promote the comfort loyment of oar Wends while there. atid boun *»^;^;2«Ki;;c ^;« «. ^l.^fflS?^»!-^*^ *n| Ctty[ 0 f 'Ohmd.aa, S^™*?™ 01 »"»«««< «nthe Ballw.' EEOTOR'B 8i A TBH*»T —I promised yester day not to touch, mortally, Dr. Adams on Saturday, if the clergy surrendered at discretion to the conqueror. t k»pt my word. Col Slaughter repeatedly;pledged St. Paul's Con^ gregatlon last Pridajr evening, that "there thould be no meeting of clergy on Monday eve- "iny." He said thit expreiily, three, and four, and eiz limit, to m* a;«:d the people H« said It ah» after I said he Was the Mediator between the people for their Bector and the Bishop, sneaking for the clergy, and save Dr. Adams. The Bl«hoj> has Just told me, "there is a meeting ofithe clergy Monday evening I I I" : | I cannot see through this; bnt feel sore there 1» a mlstako. It cannot he any thing else, on •coonnt of (he (me, holy and lofty character of the parties. £ut the 'tffect of their mittake, on me it the tame. Having too little time to night, I shall wait till Monday to prove Dr. Adamt' unehrittian, violent ofuf maliciout tmth to rf». E. LT1. OARDINEU, Comptrolle NOTICK. , Crrr CoMM-nou.n'9 Oyrrea, i Contract Department, Mllwaakee, Jane 12, ISS9. ( T resolution of the Common Council of Jane 8'h i—T- 18 *'i a 'opting f e recommendation of the Street jtqmmluioneri of the Eighth Warn, to bare Walker Jltwel and lldevalf, from Sli'h Arrnue to the wen jllue of Walker'i addition graded aod to repair the ewart between Wnt and BUlh ATenue«, and J)lanll the north lidewajkj of laid itreet, from Flr-t jATenae to the weit line of Walker'i Point addition It ft brdere.l; ' itr> ' e1 tnd • lll " r »lk« l>e graded to the e, north .IdewaJk, betireen Pint «,d enuea lepalred, and the north sidewalk, from hV f °2 1° "" "" llne of w « lk "'« Point addl- b be planked In accordance nth the eatlm ate »f the City engineer on file In the Comptroller', office i>.*, * i ' - ' ° f P r °P" t J f Interested tn the above , name* Improvement are hereby notmed to make the ! •«n, e In accordance wtih the ertimate of the Cnj Kngl- ' Be^r on file fn this offloe, wlthiu twenty-one days from Jie; publication of th.» no Ice, or the Street Commiuion- i '"of theBlghlh Ward will caose the lame to he dooe ' aW charged to the reipeetlri lou according to law. , JelS d«t K. L'H GABDINB8, Comp:rolle NEW BOOKS. Block 16 16 16 16 16 stroy EICHMOND. Rector, now! p » P, M,) to write Mi*.' The other was waiting to appear, or nof, acpoSrding to pledges kept or broken. 4 ».*t?_ tm&aateig&ei&'JtiX&rKaif * u -* CoB1r i««0»-~Theunttsnargath erlng of the fraternity,will take place at Mil- wankeaon Wednesday, the 16th of June. We should like to be th^r>, bnt if the democracy of U»U aoanghai oonbtjr be represented in tbat convention, fa portion of them moat come nj> to the ocraich »nd pay their Wilt of ^$S&»!J!W i *S . We»U be.d.rned mHK NBW AND THE OLD : Or California and India i Jell-dSt M.i tn rotaaqtlo aipeoti, by Q. W. Palmr, M. D ! Molalci, by the author of Salad for the Solitary | AI Bachelors Story, by Odver Eunce- LJfe of General Havelock, by J T. Headier (the Convalescent, by N. P. Wlliu. l.oc. 1 21 23 23 27 Beneflu 87.21 42,1; 44.MI eo'iA 4i'.ir 44 34 5748 ts.w 97,98 5«S,00 76 21 64.S8 SS,J1 49.31 All M 94.58 83 11 111 21 >M1 JII'M 4921 Jo,:* 5.1,21 MM A03ITIOM block. Lot. I* J '.6 4 16 « ll> 9 9 t U U U 11 n n n n n n n n u is 13 il 13 U 12 5S.2I *S>r&4 K. L'H QARPINRR, 1-2 12 24 Jii Si 9 •>M il 3 I 20 87 20 Benertta U ^4 37 W >4 il 41. <4 4:1 :: 4U.19 64 n il il 49 34 4S.i-i 3D 54 .19.21 59.M 5",.V4 49 M 31.34 51.34 5il. SS 4934 *',.S8 51 >a 4S^3 30.4U 'IT' I . S.I itl : tj»8parrowgraM Papers; or, Living In U>e Country. j/ f. T. Ooktra>. I Jut Becelrol. For a U by I J, TBRBTAOUEATeK, iW 3 167 Eait » ater St. Cm CoxmoLLia'B Ornci, i j Contract Departmtnt, June IS, 18J»7 ( prq ; poiml» will be reculred at th\» te Jn V '?"• " 10 *• » • »' lrhetf grad. the ttnnnlib antil V J ;.J'>^,IV?,i.-. carting and re- ere4 concurred . Oontraet Departmtnt, Jane 14,1869. f !*<>P<>*»1» *IU bare-elTed at thl« ofice un- onofi»ew«rrn the 8e«nd Ward b«tirt«a Fifth and NOTICE. ClT» COKPUOLUB'9 Onim I Contract DepartmeU, Milwaukee, Jane U, 1S6». ' { B ^.W. 1 ""? 11 ! 0 ' 'V.. 00 "" 1100 Oonnell, adopted tho oth day of Jane, 18S9, the recommendation of th- imth' {j 0 ™™ 1 " 10 "" "' «•• 81 Ward, io grade the loiath alley throogh block 163, It I» ordered • That laid alley be grmdad to U>e eatabilahed «ra.le, according to the ertlmate of ibe City Engineer, on Sl« In ihlj ofice Owner* of property on laid alley ai abore nentl.mtH are hereby notlfled to make laid wnhln JO days from thu .'ate, or the Street Commitsloners of the Snd Wan* will caoae the aarae to be doo» and charged to the mpectlre lot* according to law. J"'-*^ B- '-'H. QARP »«K,i'om p troll*r. lu«..1ii i- 1J4.H-- -'J K. L'H II VUU" NO II C' h ' 'ITT C . w p- r |^Hfi foilowlntf A irreet, fr..m Ward of the City benefit for rac-i iMd street In the Ameer's «3timate. Block. Lul f UlUv- if tho^ munn^ .. nbv.l .n u,,. H IIL'NIM,. NOTICE. CTTT CoMrr*oua'g Onici, Contra.ct Department, Mil., June. 12, ISM. (J BALED propoiali will be received at this offlce ami! K3 Tneidty, Jane 14,1SB9, at S. r. «., or cleaning, , s . pairing and furelihlng Decenary ma'erlala for the lew- er running thrnogh blocks S3 and 43, in the Second Ward of tin City at Milwaukee. je'2-dtt B. L'H ~ n» ll» ' 19 r.' u 14 iw II- i ,-t HI DS rj9 ..i: Ueo.-rtfi !l »'.ll.(IB '• <ll,O Ju I J i " ..'•*,'•* I 11.1 ^4 ' <•''!,4» CnQlptr.illur. TH-ANM-SPArtNT PABCHJUSTLITMtt COPTWfl iM. Boota, a loodrapply at loWBrtees. ronaloay ^ T * * CLBATIB, UT lut Water •tnet. GREAT E\<' The beat assortment >f Lhe rlneit Wafcne», .Silver, Jewelry nr.,1 FANCY OOODS Irer'brought to Milwaukee-. Jtut th. thin* for u,,l, day proaents. Just received »ery oheap for : .ah. declS 301 Eut Water rtreet, Mllwauk^wi..

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