The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN: CL_. . _ ..... —— THE HUTCHINSON NEWS SATURDAY, JULY 7, 19-i3 II ll!n@dl Adli I tiirU'i -tlon i tniti tluna 4 to 10 inar>rllo!i8 ....... 10 ln »'i 'rtlons 10 to lif. lJiht»r£lnr.» ;r. iri!*'-rtinn;« Minimum rhaix* ]c per word vie pt-r wrd . . . %C JM r Wnffl |tr I:;iu9 Tr per v.-nrd ,7-10c |Kr word ptr la c .uo . . iftt; pi-r WUIil pur 20O M'ITIAIJ K'.Tt", fo.' nAvfvWt" v# ufUi^ ! or nnu» Inchon P«r day for s month, run.'i'iiu' J.T R/une pvftiy day or t «iLl'Jfi ;t lu i/i.-'iPse, can ho ..fotnineil bv oollinjf The NLV. a <';*.- li'M in j.Hj"t in-', in. Ailn un-'f-r i 'ln .*-«if I'.-ntli'it mint Ue. ttuervfl "r withdrawn beforo 12 o'clock n«»on '* F) ' U '»ti ui 1 . ;;.IH) p, m . ;,.i* «o i.rii!-r "Too i.aii> in Cia-fllfy." rtioi?« oi'hm in i opt,"! foi \< U! ' ui>\«: nit-ii'-c. in I".* psihi up* 1 " pi ••aei.tatluii of bill. POSITION WANTED—FEMALE (Cont.) I *Ki;SSM AlvItU- Any klnrt of B^wlnB. M «•*. A H. Oajj.-y, 3U0% North Main- I *!-;••,"« > .-.isonabh 1 . *» li^- ln«. Mr». J-a. BorrUlo, &ao l £a *l Third, phone «I -Mt tu.iNi> Ana W AMI: D—F f WALK HFl.F (Ccr.t'tl) • if UTII A:- ! ' ,n o.> ' i Ki »i -;.iii' ' •! i: '. i i: v. ,: !i ! h" 1. \ u s .•- nt i !n; alpha • ; . -.i - rsi i: .-V in u.-> • ! n ina:i> lliHi li , . i 'ypV'.s. .S:i.>rll;ii h-1 • u '• fo: <:•>! \\ ANTKI' - P"M!iir»n r'ook in ro-tk t'ar Hcrpit; thi 'f.nltis,'. Y-tiS, n\rv \ -.vs. ii ! .V A \TKI> I >ti-w;]iiiiiiii:h' and l:i Muring. Mrs. KtM'ft t, :>i J J.;;i»t Fourth, phono .:«'...o. 6 Z'J-^)t >VANTKI) •AV:^iiij.K. ir..11 liifej nn<l cl.-.m- ii!K l'> iin> tioiir 'J.'M )i. (i VV'AHHINtJ and ironing. Call 320 KAHI KiBlilii or phuiir- fl 2-J&t \Y .\NTi:i » -Work J>y dy v or huur. ".lii'/i No: in (<-':u:fl rt l'» <i-lU A piaca your own aa raAT B S HOME ipg 720 Nforlh l'lum l'Mve rooinn and aleepins porch—Btrlntly iimdc.Tn with- «ik fluors In two rnouis. Prpnnh doors, beautiful lighting fivturcR, (Imiil)li. gtiraKe, from drive. TIIIB property Is double con- Btrticted tliraiiKltout and In first, class condition, rrlceu. very low. Can bo handled with $1,000.1)0 wish. Itcaltor, Slopes for Boys and Girls, Shoes (or Men and Women. PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE 50c A WEEK. Clothing for Men, Women, Boys and Girls. PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE $1 A WEEK. Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 North Walnut St. A N'i'i ;i »- t':;ti I \ lUllalliK. I'll i.' :"J1H. llll-^it 1>U o'JHIJ I, 2-U SNTIII >---VS ui k I'S' thn lmiir. l'h'ino >i,l. s »-sst i>.v;\v. Phono i; :.-«t \s'ANTliHJ— Wafclilnaa. l'lione »Jb7W. 1 WANTEL.—Wanh!r.K». Thone 2^15. *»Nir.i)-M*i.s '-' i.) MONK* ! •ri-.u : 1!Y «I;I,M.\<; Till- KW> *'•„'„ I' M CA'Ml lvVI-:.SINI> !>i • VT' A1TI.V '"'I' MIL UllAi.l I.>1 1 i 'li CUHTAIN (prcltllM. rh«no J5MW. « .J-25t ^'AyTI'T. - Howlnfc' riiono into. 6 FOB RENT—RESIDENCES TUB WORLD MOVF.S AND SO DO WU FAWM L©AMJ Reasonable. Commission J. Estahllahed 18»8 REALTOK9 No. 4 Eaat Shermka TTiracfl:© H hloclt of iirminil Jnst northwest of Catholic Hn'ipitat, 2 hloclta ol paved streot, very best ot soli, prlootl to spll. 15 lota for $11)50. a acres on North Main Street, oast front, several -building slln. $3,000. S lots almost an acre, on east Digger, $430. These lots should sell for $75 or $S0 each. coram & mem KMllm WE 11'AV.R SOME LOTS rRICBD TO SO-l Klrst NRU . runs. riumo S37S. P@pnoBsiir M @iM (g Mwji 1. E10 l-.'ast Sivcnth Street—Six rooms, modern i>ut ftirnnro. biisc mon!, agp, dcMirs and windows v. i?Hther-«ti*lpped, shudo, at $:i.(Hk); liliorul U-rms, 2. HHK ]<:i|.'iith I : :;i^t' <.\>mltlnt-d flvo nwnis, fmu-v brenkfast ncok, two.-lifd- i rooms, i;u(hl l>;u --i merit.' furn ;wt\ mi ntnu. Ultertil terms*, at ??.,r. r ,f't. r *add<;d viinn pnrt nuto iruokii. Pooled S. 729 Tlitrd K;ist -Six looms., and lmsviiK-nl. butti. shade, tit ctr." of ho-ii.vti'Md RondB iind HUtoruobl!ea Jl !,7 :»f>; wrv iibii-;»l tcim • no-I i.; -111:11 sitii:p( d tn Cit !ifiK-ti !u und other potnt». W'y bt^'il anything anywljere, A .ND liTuliACK vX 'Ml'ANT I'hone No. » 13 West I'irat, Jiutfliiuaon, KanB&B. LT-TO-THE-MINITTK RBHVifP IS® POSITION WANTt D-WALt M.Ltt W.iik and ! 7 4-27t Wl'I niovo you anywhere; Jong os abort iiiiii '.H tr.nko no d:f fiirenco; nl) work ;it :t(!. d. Cody Trnn8r «r Cmipuny, I'.Uuati or 838. VSi-Via Kast ShtM inuti. Kuit KKNT-- Nin.'-room hona*. 1 , iWi Ma.««t A. < '.ili \V. .>t I'l'in tii. 7 :!'.>-ll!t K"i; !li-:.\"r or ;. as- l>> 1 o;.o.<nh:tde l>ar- 11 »• ^;V. ( MM .:n ami sioi-pinrf I'.M-!-,, ! 1 ; 1 ' * il l.ilii'il, dsjpiv.v houso, ..Ml, mod>M*Il, ill- dot n, :>lX • ( k d r«T>l. It') \a !- < >i'. ia -:N'i'- t.H.od Jivo - room, st ucro l.f!:j ;,i ..ow, .s'i u-iiy miKU-rn, U) iiauitH. l-h.-n,- 1 _i;. 7 l -2 '.t • J'' '1 '. r .i.NT - ' 11 -• -if th>- l >o ;st. loomiiij; and •i :ii»-j 3-;ii;fi':} l KHSI — Five rooms rffk'teney. o^i; lioor.-s in pFtrt, bath* and pur- ,<;.IM down. ;it ! s i:avt Si Plx rooms, wtrlctly m'xl'.-ni. solid oak floors, breakfast, nook, thiol- b'jiirr.inm.s, new; a i'cauty for "idy JC'.--"'0. i\. -I! Sovoiitf-nth I'lis t—A real buv. breaUfiuit nu..d;, firephiL-o, full basement; ask about it. 7, Vuu wiil llku lt>^ Slxtociith l*ist, it's strictly modern; only J. r i.l >00; Hheritl terma. V S. -tOf, Wrst Tliirtfenth—(.lose to schools and oar line; it has ail modern roii- venioneos; prs .-e is 1 ifjlit to s«:!t quick. 9. -in Thirt.-fiith liiust—Six rooms, five ciosi-tfl. fireNnoe, front drive tTiit-;u;e; you'l! lik. it. lii- : al teniui. 10. 700 Kast ,-:!ioriua:i-"T\vo-storv, strfet^- mo-lorn, ftirrmcf, liln'ral torms;-a I'lK barnain; look at the shad*. 11. It'!*;, Toiirtii i-;asi-- Oak floors, furnaee. Karate; ,-T. intnidlnrTer at J .3.7r .O, VJ. -Uii \\'i ;,t i 'rl-an 1 )rlve--A new up-to-d.Ut' su but ban ln»mo with I \i_ acres, •all l\ r.o. .1 for ohiolo-ns. ducks, pir^s ntui guineas; ltjihts, fcuratfe-, ehii-ken lieuso. a!l'''.lt'a. (. hoap iaxos. oa .K .v terms, t-lurant. ncitfhbor!.n..,i; front; easy terms. IZ. A! prt-tty I'ive room niodoni cottsige on \\V:*i Pirst; a real attractive buv. 14. i .i 'ien wo'wi Ai -ros, on ih«; J lard ?'.oad. will int**rr st voti. 15. lfi a ores hnpnuod, close to l^rabeo Mlll«; liberal" terms. 16. A very prelfy i-3ast "A' bui^alow on *'a:-.v tt-rms. • il B (0)@© a '©@ Easy M@m®y There Is over $1,000 profit to the buyer of tho house we are offering for sale at 112 west Thirteenth, Here is a fair valuation of the nlaco: House value $5,-100.00 Land vslue, $20 a front foot 900.00 Fruit and shade trees DOO.OO 9 East Sherman HEALTH CO. Realtors Phone 42 WfluaG lav© Y®w to Esdka®£® ftes®? Two i,,w pri. rd Jiiodert) homes, well hHat .-i. n.---o-ab!e. -.viU eon .-ider <• xciati: ii" y- u havo to otter f.ti eiIto-r nno. of;. t;.-» : m;ili t -s-h ;-aym-.-i balauo.; .-.nsy \un- t.-nt. or real r;.;ati* no:*-?, m-•; 1 o.-s, .m-,!::; \t-, ^ood' i I.ii I*-' uwrlt: ->f <•>• MHl noti .vs, va.'hiU lots, autoj., ,»r ,,;io-.- house.: I'ij -iu-, will.:, i-ai! ai. .,1.1- ..rn--, ;,!-:] we will talk doiaM;* wifii >•->:). !h-.c th.-v n re: U r..-oin ooi!: Sl :e. LaMu pirate, hhuUe, nloe ^•:.rd. 1 bl^'.i of i-.-hooi, ;3 \,\<K of Main, fit H oi.-.::- .-.m.lition. i'totlern I'.ome. Iwth, bas.-m-rn, furnaee, I.nil; in kit-en o-f JO THIKIUKII- Wiley rm :o.r. Total $7,200.00 V\*e can sell von this placo tor $5,000 with only $1,000 cash. You cannot heal It. LET US SHOW YOU. Forty-nine Year, in Hutchinson. No. 1J Shorraan East, Ground Flrnir Office Telephone 3101 rilANK PILE. Mutineer Real Estate. Phono 1*3 After 6 P. M. The man who sings Home, Sweet Home in a rented flat is kidding himself and serenading his landlord. We have money to lend you to buy your own home with. ISraG<eMiBs©ffii IBonidlniBi <Ss L®&us Ass©daftn©ia Room No. SI'. 1 KttrabauKli-Wlloy BMg. .•-L^rv '1 i -'i'i eto. R biooh. ,l fIbi@nisis®iB HniQipircsswE'Eaciiiifl; C©„ I b'li)-; Itui'it.-!'?>-- ilif-iip'ie Hi altnra 4 Salesmen: I >. !•. C>-:\ Albert T]:omson, K. O. Ashe, Krrull Mel.>ornied. ; r* -it i; M... '"'' j i nyii '.lii -d for -TII, •-•l^rht -r'.-oin hous 1 ' roomers. VYMJ.S , <-ai ami yard work, i l.AWN » t „| R .,r.l.,.| i.J.-[ Sh-i l -i .in. WANTKIl Any Kll-a of I'h .".i:-u \v. :-251J. 7'J2 o n -2it t'A li't'l I-S -A 1 M .i I:K [ JUl-- I lOK '-'I' K '-'IP'^' n \\<;<i, l-'-"!"' i-^Tii. 1. ili-:..t aatil^^BEiaiia r !'.\rii ;lv hu;i«lP -K. lialJiliiiB. '.'liru-. i-h'.-ru- i .S2t ,vv'. WANTKIl -I-urnit mo t» •:: mi. I Lii'ii-j -..-st i r . Call 7^0. IV.\.-:TI-:I . |.,«. i I M..I.B lii'M. 1- }.-a iil-ilv V.-K-:-. A. A. Ij-jl;. \v . M «.,„,. i ikm. and iiany I'. 5 21-;it pair, r-finlrtl:-. fi 27-3'Jl l-riiM .-IIKP h.ins- t „r rent lu ilti> tlr»i .^ti-i .-n .tn'i-. I '.irly i .-i .-i.-iK away. 1 'iiuii. T l'iv.--nn.iii r. *!ili-l>.-.-. • in-), lnijulii- -".1 I 'urk .iii-.- LOOM TEEM ®¥1 Tlu\ c e rropei'lic.- are priced to soil: 012 Kin nth East. HIS Si\ih East 727 East 10 Si:c:eenih East 113 Eighth West V a ii Kltermau East 62!) (.' Bast * SI00 I-Ufih East '-•11 KKNT--i;ill Nnilh Jloln-i.c and Ml lla.-l U. .St-i nwii'-r, 01^ K 7 ;i-7 run IO-:.\Tai-n. of K r< .x -n.iitn i -iiiu^.' Willi one id. il-i.l-'ii li-iu.s.' and gv- lil... 1'huno r.^stt. 7 .'.-« 'It I.KXT - Niwly dt-i oraU -d. i---vi-n; aim iv .sid -.'iK-'-. iiui -lh hidt; n-ar .Main, l-i.i .n.. :;cs:iw. a s -tt | We are as close to you as your telephone. Carey M<&&& EsftiM® & Hunvestaemft €®. Inturoi- . Eloyd S. Brown Renltoi (13 North Muln Phone- 973 l-AINTIM I 'huin- i-; inttiiior Qccoratins. 6 t.-Mi I'liR UKNT or'.'—l-'.-iir-ri'iiii-.. mod.-in } I l)iiiu;,il-'« . wtentlld t. rma; SIX Kin* u. - j i'liuiH- i;iH0. 7 Jo-ilt I '.eii-. nindi-rii L-hlvllon yiod. 7 3-7 I1K.VT- Si: in liii-iiacii -A'AN'l'i:!! All kiu-Ju of tiaah -iRilllliK- I'lu-iu- 17s: W. ( k 1.1-25t HAWK nli.d -At «)i'jp, WeDt l'-lrut. -t. ;• '•••J I I lll.M IN POSITION WAN tED— FEMALE 9 i.i' ii .1 r»ln!l,l.'" A1='IJ l.r. !'• r ii l,.,. !, In.11.-. A.I a-. h , al d- hi.-:;, K.ii a.i=. ).-•.'.• nit; I-fdl HI -XT- l-'iv.' and Hlx -r .-om, niiKit:in lii.u.-. K , iKiv n.ak flours. t» K. »W. I 'liui!.- 2S17. 7 >r«l l-'ult 10 .'.ST- S .-vi ii-i -.niii huiiiii-. t-.T-i and IlKh-..-. 117 Kan; Fifth; adlills. I'liime I'i.llN LSI 1 Kl ' !:-,i:sn for r.-nl, all in. uli -i-n ll-ai; 1IU chiidr!;!!. PlMin- :.1.7SW. NICK.l.Y fnriilsiii-il linni.. f..r r.-nl. ..-).; A laiHt. Can Kivi- l'-Li -si -SiiHill inini .i.lia . . Fll@0Ti^ ©I? 3M@nn(Bj H® L@SHBI On t -hoi '-c City Property— 6 ',.'o and Commission. On Farm Properi y—-' 5% and Commission. • L Jh$ WwMimm JL®ana & Tiross' FARM MOI'.TCiAOB HAtfKEKS LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS fCon.) Sl'lTK of two frnnt looms imw'.y linii-i.-d juroishv* tor Mailt linnseS'ii-l'.",'.. «>» on sumo flow; H per week. ' - ___ " _ j-'iin HI-:NT—l.ais<' roema fui!.ii--i. d for i.ons-'k. i-pins. 1-or UPl.omlm ni ..all inorliins.5 for Mrs. llulilap, lihon,: .11U. Deposited hero r .iniiT- lliKK.-r I'll IT fed Ciia.-ii IS^aaaSE'iK&fe* ir-u HK.VT n.-i-m in ... i l-ai-t A- fall 1--I- ii.ii . Pi- I'll ii;.-i lor .Ma Ii. .'-• W. 6- I I'' ''-I Hl'.NT -P. i !•!:-.1... L'fai.AV m Luna" ami barn 1!!' Wi-nt 7 -111-10! -i-OMin li-iitK... 7ai -,--!u"iii, firiiialio.l li.tiiai- 7 07 -101 tiai;.- at H20 Kas' 'I'l.ird. :'.l. \v A.-.•!'!-; 1> i f.'.l.M 111. .- 11 .-1.. li-.-l'i-i .11. .ll ." - \\ li l.l.ii.^a. l'li.,n.:- l.l.oW. i-iiakltift. l'li..:-,.i ":!' 0 1; LI8MT HOU56K li ItPlNO ROOMS 0 IfJi &ffiHSiiiteiDfflg Work fc-uarant 'o.-.l. Mull 01 der« aii.ivvcri -.l priuiH'tly l '-rio dfliv.ry ..MtB. M.iiul.-ll. 1C1 l-:.-.:it Truth. 1033\V. 6 27-D6t l-'nlt !li:\"l' I'.-a l:|,-lit :...,|, rr> iiiiiinii fur I-:.IHI II. !> 0-41 I'-i'ltXISIlI-Ili llBlu lioiisr-lK-'i'liiL' rooms, -SUM., (l.-wnslalrs also 0110 ii;nituira. -Ill) l-ao.t Sl :i .:-.n:in. liiony s fi-t,t i'i-.jt Ttl-;:»T - -Till i-c rooii'U dow-nsla irs, l.alli, t'rivati- '-utnin..-'. alau livo r..oiii.< U !.-tairs. 1.1 ? W-st I.'lrat. < :>--lt TWtl throe-room hoi.'at-s lOL-at.-d on laast 17. for lii;lil liouarkntidtiK. Inquire H-'l West First. B 4 4t Fl ill l'.l'NT—Two fuiniKlu -il rooms fur lighl lious-ikeeiiini,'; also ga-ragc. 410 I:asl l-'ourlli. « S-4t l-ol". r .KNT—Twio imfui-nlslii-d rooms for .i.iliil huu -iollOL -pilib', south front. 21H Fl'iU ILI'lN-T-Tw-o nicely fnrnislieij light hona.-keepinf; rooms; no elilMlcn. l'lione os:w.' _ ' ,; •'• 'jmitl-:!-: furnished r./.)iti3 for lioii.-a-L'-cp- l,, K , $u per month. 328 East Suvunth V-tillNtSIlEI) houwikceprtiir rooms ami I'tirairi:. 122 Carpenter sliuot. 8 fi-lt Kt'ltNISHED houscke Ea»t H. " _ lT'llNISUEDT three liciit liousekc.ipius looms, l 'lione 404W, :16 Kaat Third. ^0 Enateiressi SOLTllWF.STF.KN KA.N'SAS PRESIiNTS SPblCN- 1)11) Dl'l'ORTLFNlTllvS FOR THE FARMER — JNVI-:STOR AND I5US1NKSS MAN \\", ; i-p-eiaiir.o in :;ni ;t ,li '-voKt .-rn Kai^wtH !;ind«-()'.ir bargnJn ILsi. la <.'o m pp.'tEi. \\ '.• i.avo fine ranfitt'-i and fiirm innd.i to tnulo for int-oin"* Wo liiea- *'ity prun-'riSJ to tradn Utr luncl. W>- h'l.v i t.-y.l I.nrfT»ln» in land. [:i;Mi:.Mi:i:r: WK MAKK <>I.'K 'ntiv TO WKSTMRN KANSAS <"> V J .»A 5"h 'i" WITH U8 AM» 1-KT U« SHOW VOTJ SOM1C KI^Al. I.AM) AT 'I'H K UKJFiT l'IU<M-: IN' Koltl). GUAV, HASKEhli, GRANT STAN TON" A.Si; MOKTo.V <*(H \T1KS. Wo nuke farm and ranrh loans In iverr County in Kansas. L. L. TAYLOR & COMPANY Dodjje City, Kansas. Jlutohinscn, Kansas your cash Is eafo and "available A Six-room frame eottago on Eleventh ltast, striotly modern, all up in good shape, and ready to he sold, garage, frunt drive, largo shads trees and B ood lawn. Price J4750.H0. Reasonable terras. A livo room buiiRabuw, sti-Intly modern with o;ik floors and furnace, In uortliea-st part, .-itiraK'.. eorner lot. many huilt-lu features, and only built two rears. Price'$4100. Reasonable terms. Sec- Deposit your bonus with The Salt!^City Building. Loan ami Savings Ass'n 1 Upyd Drown, Scc'y, 413 North Main Phone D72. MOTEL AiEHCT 210 State Kxch. JJHlg. 1'Jarl W. Bresaler RI0AI.TOUB • Pltono 2055 •ping rooniH; 313 8 2-25t LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS (Con.) TWO or four-room furninhed apartment, cheap. 306 WcM Second. 8 2-J5t FOR RKNT—Jlnu.-ekeepinrf rotinw 11» Ilast Fifth. S u-it FOR^RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS 9 FOK HP; NT, iei.3onabl«r —-l>HrKo, cool, Bleeping nvmia olosa in; car line. Dr Darlaud, Uast A, phono 20C6VV or SliKEI'ING rooma, 12 per Tveek; 313 Kwnt B. <} 2-2Et ! For Rent—FURNISHED -ROOMS (ConU I'UU ]w-'.N.'T- -SooLh Hl ^fpinr.* rnoms, one with Klvepiiitf port it; in modtrru mmt*', ;0 -J JO;,.'it A. i'iioiu- ij'J'j*. H 2-U VOti HKN'T- -I-ai jif, t-ooi aiet .-ptiis royin, n -iiMOiuihle, Close In; car line, Pho:i«. -tltit;\\', J>r. r )i,rJahO. B XK'Kl^V furniahoJ «N'fi.'iriK ro<»rn Hfljoin­ ing tuttH; privalfl family, ulau y:;iritff'». Vhuu f^^CStU. li 2-U Mfil'KltN hiMlrr.<itii wltn Hli>i'i»inK 1'oicli, lnvcitory in room. 14 Kaat Kixtli. ] J uotn> )ir,ti. if unw 29-101 :7 Wi 'st ft 2-lut Moi'lJUN, cool sice Wms ruoiiw. A. FIIIINISHED rooms. 318 East 13. l^tine If It's a Loan You Need IFanrnna @ir C" See ©ay ncavcBSfisHKSEDtl C®, 1.3t. Nnfl. IlldK. Hutchinson, Ka. Farm Mortgage llunliura. ilf -.ii Illi-.ll I'' Moni-y SAI.F.-'.Mli: 1 .in.- It.ia in..n.-y. A Ijl limit to -avitli.a:,, !;t..-ial .- eiiiui.... ,.) In l-i.-i.ti al III" H.-W I! -de SA1.I1S IH-olde. ti lo J10 |.ei Hi. v. ttib'L-h.d 111 yoain: l.'-rinaiu-nl i sllloii. The Alitliolliio t:uinii.ii;y 1 : illliOIl WANTEO—FL'MALE HEl.l' SffliBiicMisirs *V<- waul |i..:i- lady- .-.olicn a.-. I., c: tho city for a millon-wide !• pli.-al.t iiiitMt IK: alii.. L .i n public, must In' neat ami v. | The Doo Dads—Turn About is Fair Play. By Arch Dale Alt Hi i:n eatitu;. j !,'nd "i ,'hie"To 'iiiik." V.m can 111.111- BU-'-J 1 fvoti are a iiia-ler and n-c af u.-d Is. Aildr-ss !!-«». . a- • • « »»<• e .ir name, ml-li -i -an and If.-'P! "•• • and w c wilt moil to M KIV" 1- takeu A uswur and WAMTlOli -SaJi-iiady e»i.ei l.-ii-iiil In l.-.-m-iv tu take elilHK" ol '!-!KH'rllie 1 ,'t, •nAl 'iii* ilomhiy Hiwiito* »l atct' », 12. lj ..oitll Main !itru«l * 7-J-t , ....

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