Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 24, 1987 · Page 10
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 10

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1987
Page 10
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10-THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24,1987 THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- T.V. Log THURSDAY EVENING rap o KICU ffl KTXL MCTV WON WTBS ESPN . DtSN DISC NICK HBO SHOW MAX 6:00 3's Company 6:30 Jeffersons News News News MacNell / Lehrer Newshour Simon & Simon Star Trek Facts 01 Ufe Germany Good Times 7:00 M'A'S'H Wheel CBS News ABC News Business Rpt. 7:30 M'A'S'H EM. Tonight Evening Mao. Truth 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 Rocky And BuHwtnkte Reunion Cosby Show Dffl. World Tour Of Duty SI. HsnwTHjr Only One Earth Hawaii Flve-0 WKRP HWDYDaw Barney Milter Newtyweos International "An Eye For An Eye" Cont'd News IUU U^M* inn news Movte: "Zorro" Cont'd College Football: Akron at Temple Cont'd Movie: "Thunder In The Valley" Kingdoms My 3 Sons This England Ann Sotnem "Remo Williams" Cont'd NfQhilnQSn Movte Cont'd Valley Forge Animal World Car 54 AlOemlng Monkees Charmlnqs Cheers Ntflht Court tmtt... „... WBOQuy . 10:00 10:30 rNWHI Uraorved Mysteries Knots UNWnKI MOVte*. QnOStbUStWS Mystery) BomAdiln Movte: "After The Fall Of New York" Movte: "Prom Mont" Movte: "Trancers" A Gambler Tates Frshtrn FMwS INN rwwft UMM IWwS Afce Movtet "TM AIM Man Trapper John, M.D. My Mifflfl 11:00 Late Show AtekM nvws UAH* iww* . PMWB BftdthflwOft RocMord La* dhow Ditto Gams "The Madame Qambtoe" UAute* "QhtiA" MwVro. Snwn Movte: "The Prince And The Pauper" Momwts Gate Scwitists SportsCenter SportsLoon Schol. Sports UM^B< "AiMHltH" Pmnrn. UVnTOn Auto RacfnQt Qrand National Movte: Hoi MMons Pacific iSpy Movte: "Maxte" The Temptations & Four Tops Sea People Donna Reed Nature Mtoter Ed NW AfmMfS My 3 Sons 6>h^«*Mf^^s» speeoweeK Movte; Maryland Wond AHv% AnnSothem Movte: 'Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life n CaMrtQ Movte: "Joy Of Sex" Movte: "Hurry Sundown" •»!_____ Buarre The Shadow CtrS4 NwMeNR. Movte; Beverly Hills Cop Movte: "To Live And Dte!n LA." wovw By GARY LARSON "Listen. IV* M9d to communicate with him, but h«'s Ilk* a brok«n record: 'None of your DM'S wax, none of your bee's wax." HAGAR THE HORRIBLE By Dik Browne PEANUTS By Charles M. Schulz IF INTO Thl5 JU&T 05fiT IT OFTtiB ANDY CAPP By Reggie Smythe HELLO THERE/ LUCY, VOU'ra= LOOKING WELL I'M ON THIS OREAT NEWOIET, FLO- IT IftiAS HARD AT FIRST, MINO, BUT I'M STICKING TO IT r RHLIGIOUSD/ANOTHE y FOUNbS JUST ROLLOFFy C S 3 - ©1987 Daily Mirrot Newspapers. Lid " Disl by North America Syndicate. Inc THE BORN LOSER * I4 POP. A By Art Sansom , AMP ACTEfc Nfc>U ADD , HOW FRANK AND ERNEST By Bob Thaves , MOT A "BIG MAC"-. X'M .{iAVIM? A ASTROLOGY By Sidney Omar Watch that diet, Aries For Friday, S*pL 25,1987 ARIES (March 21-April 19): Scenario accents balance, contemplation, decision on whether to run or fight Message will become increasingly clear. You'll be sorely tempted to break diet resolutions. Rich dessert featured. TAURUS (April 20-Mav 20): See places, people in realistic light. Protect privacy, meditate, steer dear of one who is materialistic. You now require spiritual comprehension, contact with one who is dynamic and sympathetic. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Saturn attempts to play havoc with partnership, legal affairs, marital status. But you are strong, will emerge on top of game. Deadline will be met, you'll get backing of prestigious organization. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Project is finished, know when to get off stage. Sale is made, you'll get assignment, publishing and travel could be included. Answer to question: Yes, teeljng of love is real! Aries plays role. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Make new start, highlight independence, display courage of convictions. Special report is issued, relates to you and assignment requiring originality, creativity, ability to deal with public. VIRGO (Aug. 23-S»pt 22): Issue is settled, key now is to rise above petty politics, resentments. You'll receive credit and money, but you'll be expected to be discreet Follow through on first impressions. Aquarian in picture. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): What you seek is practically handed you on proverbial silver platter. Emphasis on holiday spirit, communication, language, pleasure trip. Study Aries message, fry to keep diet resolutions. SCORPIO (Oct 2344ov. 21): Many of your "best qualities" surge to forefront You knock down barriers, fight censorship, declare loyalty and love. Member of opposite sex is attracted and will make no secret of it. Respond accordingly. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Define terms, study written report, realize you are In process of being "tested." You also can win friends and influence important people. Gift comes from unusual source, helps build confidence. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Significant change occurs at home, harmony is restored, surroundings will be beautified. Purchase of art object or luxury item likely to be featured. Check budget, trim unnecessary expenses. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Ftfb. 18): Spiritual values dominate — you'll receive "answers" to perplexing metaphysical queries. You'll also be in contact with vital individuals who are ambitious but also idealistic. Stress cooperation. PISCES (Ftb. 19-March 20): Challenge will be successfully m»t, deadline is featured, you'll have more responsibility and chance to hit financial jackpot. You'll be part of organization concerned with healing arts. Observe Capricorn. THi THINS ABOUT A HOME THAT THB I THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME by Htnrl Arnold and Bob LM YODIL u 1 IMPER ^X) INGELT JJ GRAHNE XJ Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, «s suggested by the above cartoon. »•• THE i;Tj;j|rJvlTlJl (Answers tomorrow) Yrt.rdaV< JumWee: OHOOP MOUTH OUTCBY HYMNAL LUCY! OUR L AST 6AME OF THE SEASON! U)E COULP HAVE WON !ANP NOW SUMMER'S OVER! HOW COULP you MISS IT?' BLONDIE By Dean Young and Jim Raymond HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HONBY VDU'ae MAKING MY UOVE- DIROS PEEL INADEQUATE AND WE CAN SPBNP TH6 WHOLE DAV TOSBTHER BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Walker I HEAR THEY \HOWCOULC? MAPE THE THEY? ITvVAS TOUGH OBSTACLE COURSE TOUGHER OHI POW'T LIKE THE LOOKS OF THIS FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE By Lynn Walker P08SIOM HflS OOME OOTOFOUR Crommword By Eugmt Sbeffcr ACBO88 1 Soph's home B Detroit product 8 Pollution problem 12 Verdi piece 13 Deceit 14 O'Hara home 15 Rhett's last word 1« TV. alien 17 Exploits 18 "Dynasty" nasty 20 NFL team 22 1984 Jack Lemmon film 26 Jordanian capital 29 Four-in- hand 30 Numero 31 College VIP 32 One Cartwright 38 Nick's dog 34 Beast of burden 85 Pub quaff 36 Cornered 37 Aimed at the general public 40 The gamut 41 Briefs 45 Sonora snack 47 Lodge member 49 Do copy work 50 '60s hairstyle 51 Kind of pronoun: abbr. 52 Mrs. Dithers, of "Biondie" 53 Ran, as color 54 Mariner's milieu 55 Designer Cassini DOWN 1 Ernst's art 2 Spoken 3 Frost 4 Irish Sea islander 5 Category 6 Be feverish 7 Song section 8 Baffle 9 She kneads you 10 Mine output 11 Mine hazard 19 Author Fleming 21 Be Uttle? Solution time: 26 UUMfZ MHO*! I -MM Yesterday'* tawer 9-34 28 Take the helm 24 Pot starter 25 Put a program into memory 26 Eden evictee 27 Tableland 28 Total rout 32 Some jackets 33 Erie's forte «o , amas, amat 3§ Decimal base Si Arose 99 Friend of Fran 48 Worshiped one 43 The Emerald Isle 44 For men only 4ft Host's responsibility 4f-- CIQ 41 Actor Marvin CHYPTOQUIP N^XNJA-XSIISIT YSJU YSTOQUJL UIQUJUA UBWU gBXI'L ONPP BY YPNWU Ywtcrtoy'i Cryft^nkf: SAJD NOAh.ON A HECTIC DAY.'WE'RE FAIRLY FUlODEDWiTH CALLS' Today's Cryptoquip clue: I equals N

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