The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 9, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1916
Page 4
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f i-i r, I T j THE CONSTITUTION Iritludtarf tin rtilllliotlio Cimfftlmitnn The Mull uml .star a ,,,j ciilllluolhi: Itoniucrut (1 m1 pithllxliid l,y J A * i: S 1C . w \ T K I V t. K i i U r t d at thn F'ot»fl)iA lit 1-iitlllLoil ,M|«HUUI|, as ut (om1-cl.;«a muter TI:IIIS 01- 11 iisriiirTiii.v 1XAJ1,Y I.- ( nrrl. r In t l i u C H j c,r Clilllluill.i' in r y i u r *ri I'* r Wi i K I D A I I - V bv Mil II ivm.ini. paid In U v l n K « t o / i i ' M i i n l \ IK r y u r M D A I L Y h r Mull l-uutuitu l.alil »UIM|I|' of h l v l n K n u . l i C' cludo it. Competent opinion unl.j forinly asserts that this deU-loa will come in 1317. "It our enemies hope that wo shall allow them to raako preparations during the winter they are mistaken. The war will go on In older to hurry I Khali not prophey as B which wl/1 irlsJ A decision to the coii from the menace t o Bessarabia and tho Ukraine, but I repeat that It is only In Lonneuueneo of a hopelessly bad military situation Kunsla w i l l bo forced to conclude jxiucfc and not by tho (act that Russia is now f u r t h e r from her goal, which la Constantinople, than at any time be- foru. (M r v i u r WKJ3KI.V. »-,( i I K u r *l M nu ri.vriov A d o t f i l l w l H W n r n H l u t i i m m t of Iff u- J a t l m i H i l l IM- f i i r n U t i t il a t u t i v t l i t i * whorl r» (JIK * t ' e l tit u t i u i l v c i U i i i r Tim i ti. or I o\ ro r v r i O K f H I A I , M S W X I M r t t l t O r TIII; ,m oi'* riui. TIIK prpBH of the country may now Kot back to normal TUB people look to tho pn SB to enlighten them on p u b l i c i|tieitloiiB, whether of polltkii 01 p i o b l b l t l o n , both (ittPBtloiiH beliiK rontliHiallc w i t h Ui' In the g l a n d old state of Missouri. Whether wo take on prohibition today or not, tho day IB very BOOH when M l M B O u i l w i l l 1/e dry and tho question taken oft of the list i'olltlcn l« the secret of America's uuccemt It compreheiidu the IDHUOH of a republican form of g o v e r n m e n t Fnrtlou arc ueceHHary t 0 tho correct diiturnilJiiillon of pollllcH, for It IH through partli'd that tho people am onllKhloiiPU on the q u » i l l o n n of pol- UlCM In a irront ropubllii l i k e OIITH I'artl«( doi'liuo curtain prlnclplOH and In Wlleon, lean , Nov 8 -- A myiiturloim trunk, h a u l f;il to the Union I'aUltc depot lioro IttBt Wednesday afternoon a n d hlilppod to Denver ftirnlBhed n w clow to iho niurdei juyHtoiy at Wllnon and tho o|[lcoi« at JUpnver havo boon rcri nested to atai t a potireh for the t r u n k and Uic man ami w o m a n who bought tickets at Wllnon for Denver when the t r u n k wan cliot k ed to HID Uolotado capital ft became K n o w n lato yesterday afternoon that a Farmer, houlii Ilom- dmlclicl, HvliiK near whtjro 11 M Bu.'ihontr's abandoned team and wiu (.'on and ttomo HliUnod c l o t h i n g and n hatchot ftpro f o u n d , wan oiiiploji'd by u ninii and u w o m a n to brlntf tlui t r u i i K to tho depot liuio I I IH bo. j J l e i o l Iho man and the woman \voro of the inouTH' parly, l u j b o u g h t t l o k u t t i to Denver and chocked the d u n k 1 0 t h a t c l l j . Kui- morH and tho puoplo f i o m tint coun- Iryuldo w c n l all ovor tho l i ' i i l t o i j where tho d i m e In mippoficd to h a v o boon coinniltlGod looting for addl. llonal cluWH o H l o r d n y a f l o i n o o n , but none was f o u n d LIVE STOCK MAKutl. l*rucrue« FurnlHhod by Henderson . Sou I'roduce Co , 801 Jbocusi street, CbU- llcotha, Mo.: Hona 13c; Bprlnga lEc, cocks, 80, olucka lOc, gosso 10c tuikoya 20, 28c', butter fat 34, H In IIIilON, Tallow, Wool, I'ui», UcxiNwitx and Suit Cured Hides, flat No 23, and No, 22 , 21 Vj Partly C u i e d Illdos 2.U-J Uirenn Hides , ....".. UMNO. examination, we must ever beat In]' mind that the most vulnerable period BUT IS mm UL UIM\.M I FHOAt JIAN\ I'ltlE.NOS, A lire TliriMiKim-d His Homo Uo Itenily St. Joueph, Mo., Nov 0, -- Ouoar MoJjanlel, jit'toiney ol Buchanan county, under Indictment UlullB and Glue« 17oion the charge ot murderinc his wife. Dwucona 0 0 1 who \ina defoatod for ro.aleotion BkunkB 25o to COc i Tuesday by an overwhelming major. llorso Illdos Nos, 1 and 2, full ity, was apparently cheerful when ho rnano und tall 9 C . f i O j resumed tho duties of hl» olllce lo- Vony Hldfig S O U j d a y . M a n y friends of tho accused No. 1 Tallow _ 9i,|prosoeutOr called lit I ho couithousp No, 2 Tallow 8a t fl exprettfi sympathy for him in hlB defeat and many rfloassured him ol their belief In his Innocence of t h p crlmo. MeDanlol was bun-tun by almost three thousand, the largest majority given agnlnst any candidate on tho county ticket MeDanlol remained at homo with his two children Tuesday night. ,t having boon oleaily shown early In day he would not bo elected AB purBiiod by fatp, a lire broko out j In Iho basement of his homo at 10 SO i o'clock last night. Tho bhuo was extinguished w i t h o u t m u c h damage and was causud by the laundress leaving an ploptrlc Iron attached, ' I do not euro to nxpioismygolf upon the Mtbjoct of my defeat," Me. T i l l ! 1'ioMOKit i'iMnuoi8 nuvisrts OP eiiiij.ioonii:. KWIIfT * OOMI'ANV ALWAYS PAY IIIOIUSST rrilCB VOO. PKODUCE AND CREAM. Today's Market. llliNS Sl'HINCS COX 8 lURIClOYS 18 DUX F p. V g OEKSI3 F. F F, 6 V S HUTTER 2(iMi EGGS 28 CHKAM , a-1 ( t h e d l i t p u Tho olllcerB at Wllnon and S h o i l f t Tll ° st . .oulM llo|iubllu MiilceM A (llfor lii AniMliiHiN Wonioii. rpiiHBlnK in llboialUy any oltei of HH kind ever given in.lhla noeliou, OAK GROVE. *n l i f e to attack tuberculosis Is In childhood and adolescouso in tho home and la the school. ' ROUTE TBftEE. George Merrill and wife and Miss IDdna MeClellon were visiting relatives near Ml. Plp,asant Sunday, Mr and Mrs 1 Frank Brown, left Tuesday for Kansas City to their f u t u r e homo. , Mrs Bert Ilalncs was a caller at Fred Ilargravo's home Wednesday evening, Grandma MqNnUy visited Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Jack Ho\vo and family. Blanche Williams spent Thursday night with Grace Hargravo. Grnco Hurgrave, L. Rold nnd Frank Ciumpackor wore the guests of Miss Gladys Hargrove in Cbilllcotho Sunday at the Lemons homo. May Hold was shopping :a Chilli, cotho Monday. * Frank Brown spent Saturday and Sunday with his mother at Lock Springs, Lloyd IHttman loft roi- Iowa Sunday for an extensive stay, A largo crowd attended the Henry Mast galo last week. Cows sold from $8G to $1R5. Mr. Mast and family w i l l leave soon for Arizona for the benefit of 'Mrs Mnsl's health. Mrs B, Williams «pent Saturday night w i t h her parents near Saihp- Mr_ and Mrs. Scott and family, The A. H. T. A. met Friday Hljht and among other buainea* decided ' to have their annual oyster Thursday, November 16, at the homo ot the president. S. B. Wllhlle. ,' Paul Slattery, who has been vialt. mg relatives 1n-Denver, th« pa* S weeks, 'arrived home Wednesday A. M. Elicit, who took the place of n«v. Priest Sunday, gave a Ba« | talk, in favor of tho 3rd amendment nnd wa» heard by * large crowd. Miss Ruth Dougherty or Chllll- cothe spent Sunday with her titter, Mrs, 3, V.-Stownrt Mn Arthur Shaw and children ot Alice, Tex., arc hero on a 'visit tcr her father, Wm. Vorbock, and other relatives. Mr and Mrs. Sam Jones, Mr*. Fault, Miss Veto PauH, of near Dawn and Miw. Ella Suenry, a tralaed nurse ot Hot Spring*, Ark., »pent tho day Wednesday with Mrs. L. M. Jones. Mrs. Blanche Klnzy of Chllllcoth* was the guest of Mrs. Cha». Herriford Sunday. , Mlsa Clara Mullen, teacher at the Smith-Campbell school, »{wnt , the week with home folk*. James Stewart hauled bis crop ot ·wheat to town last week, getting SI.70 per bu, P. J. Mallon and S. Gale are each building large up-to.dato barns. Pat Slattery and song had * good roods day of thedr own Friday, and worked the hill near tho Wabaih track. Mr. and Mrs, John Williams spent j Mrs P. E. Head and Mm, L, M. -Daniel said today. "No man ovori t l l o day Sunday near Zlon. nuido a race for olllce under such a I jVlrglo WillHams spent Saturday handicap a» I and pursued »o porsla-iand Sunday with his parents near tniilly by his enemies who would'Graham mill, Frank Williams, who IIUH been c'ti of K ' l v u i n m n n l llmiij;h w h i c h the c.unpiilKn nf I n f o r i n a l l o n u n d edu- ( a t l o n aril dri u n l i m i t e d and by whli'li ilurr Slory of Wllsworth c o u n t y ex-, 1 " 31 "" 1 women a remarkttblo oppoitun (ireifl Iho belief that BushonK, who" 11 ' ° r wl"«l"B «ixtoon luxurious mo- WIIH a large man, was beaten to dual'/ t0r c " la w i t h o u t n cent of coat. OlhV with tho hatchet and an attempt handsome prUeo, including Bparklln,; miidn to b u r n tho body In tho fiio' 111 ' 1 " 10 " 11 rings, Vlctrolas, etc., are al w h i c h wiui dlticovensd u n d e r th,, »o to^be distributed free among those Jrld«a and w h i c h was xtlll s m o u l i l p r - i wll o losponU to tho oltar. I n g n nap w h o m Iho team wan t a k e n ' Tho glittering arniy of aiitomoblleH In Umruo, Falling In t h e i r a t t e m p t '" »»-iiictlng the eager a t l f t n t l o n OL Btoop to anything, lie sent a letter ot congratulation Republic Ig offering to t 0 his successful "" opponent early Wednesday. MeDanlol wild ho undoubtedly would bo ready to go to trial on the charge of wife murder next Monday, and had no doubt of his prompt acquittal "I will continue lo live In this I coinniunHty." ho unld, 'and 'will ul. tlmiiLoly convince the people who I Jones called on Mm. C. W Stewart Friday. Mr. and Mrs. C. R, Krlner -«p«nt Sunday with the Gcorgo Krlner family near Slurgen. working near Wheeling spent Sat-[ Mr. and Mm. Albert Fast vlalted to dBfltmy Iho bpdy It v,aa dlHiuom-| U " l l f l u n i l a "I 1011 HOUHUIH|B ol poonln, j h a v o boon against mo of tho groal ' and put In Ihe mystoilous' 1 1 " 1 1 ""' B" 0 ' 1 » ewH ° r Tllu Republic 1 ' t i n n k , H Is believed S n m o l b l n g OP- a u t o m o b l l o nnd p i i / o uimimlgn Ih the oli'doiiite betomcii I n f o r u i P i l rci- i e m r o d , the olllcota any, to h u r r y the iwoiilitg in eveiy direction. Ittlvo to Ihe I'imios und p i l u c l i i l t * | i m m l i i u i ' B plan 1 ), HH lln-y brlko ( a m p \ Automobiles nro BOmolhlng Hint the pardon flliiiid for w h i c h con- no I » the p o l l t l i - H of tin- (.'on polltlc4 n n d liurlk'B are v « i y useful and nocoaanty IIB die I n s t r u mentalities for onltgloiiliig Iho people on die IISIIPB. T h e pnmlduntlnl e l i u l l o n o c c u r ftvoiy f o u r year? and loduy wo- hav 1 diilolily and w i t h o u t f i n i s h i n g thn "voryono can buy To obliiln one w o r k of d e a l i n g up Ihe evidence or w i t h o u t paying money for It Is sotm ( b n prime. t h i n g Hint seldom occurs. Its poll- w i o n g they have done mo and mv mndheilosB children. The vote I received Tuesday under Ruch advnrau clrouinKtiincPii proven I have many f r i e n d s In this counly I will pro- coed with t h e work'of mv office un- I I I tlui expiration of my lerm, Jan- It Is believed dint n part of Iho "OBBlott moans pleasure unalloyed' miy ^ ftn(] uxi , oot to oiigngo in tho liody n im placed In a b u c k e t a n d Plmisuro t h a t on I/ big money efti "pnlctlco ot my piofesitlon right here J j u r l i - d In die Bitud a h u n d r e d fe-tit buy--except In this campaign, Tharl),, g f ,f OM , )u _ J"rom w l i p i H Iho teiim wan f o u n d I o p p o r t u n i t y IH open to women, wheth Nolhlni; In k n o w n aa to (ho movo-,"" 1 r o H l d l n g in city or c o u n l r y . Those a r r i v e d nt a n o t h e r m i l e utono i i f l m o n l i i of Turner, or F u l l e i , an hl« l O M l d l n g In the outside dloLilcti do A m f i l i - n n p o l l l l c i l hlntorv, the r e - | n n m u WHB (.'Ivi'n at llrwl, or of M u n l i . ""I llll vo to compoln w i t h clindidalet null of w h i c h m u s t di t u r m l n n the |iol- and mtatiure*i of the c o u n t i y for thn next four y e a r n |( n l i n u i i l In, Iho most I m p o i l a n t IUK| I m i n e i m l v o of all H u n k On d M V B (e people of Ihe mUlon HO II It. I m l n v H i l l B O l l l e a l l of lh, KIWI! q u n t t l n n i U n i t u r n ( o n f i o n t l a g t h o people ill Ihe jtri'^t nl l i m e The I I I I P H don of limn e rii w i n limy b« I n v o l v e d a n d t h e m i l h i u l o f l i i M i t l i i f r the den of I n t i n i a l i d n i l l i o m p l l i i i l l o i u i U e i s ant f o l l o w i n g Ihe out; or dm w o m a n or h o r two c h i l d - , ' » Oreo tor St. Louis, nn tttoy have H WIIH supposed Ihe woman had "» e q u a l prlw Hat of t h e i r own to (i lo Argentine and otbeiii nal.l shnro In. h u d (joiio to M i i n l i n t l i i n , u n t i l t h e K v o i y woman, m u i i l e d or aln|j10i l i - i y di'vnlnifVHl, then It f i u m idxtoon yours up, luiu an e(itia) o p i n i o n of Ihe o/flPiirH ( b a n c o to becemo tbe owner o"f d i n t dm w r i m n n and two i h l U l r i n , i i u t o m o b l l o Tliu a m b i t PAVOKS liAWH TO HATTMO AUtUMHT I" whn boiudrd Ihii KiiHlliiniriil I l i i l n i i IH Iho p i l t i c l | l o i m i u l i I'm Ilk t n i l i i WoiltiPiidiiy I nut were n i n n y as|ilninls ure bog j n o t of Ihe movers p i n l v 'J'ho 0111" (Iclpate III t h » camptU w which list of -iplendld prUnx p thai linvo nrliinn on m e m i n t of Mi'X li o and the K i i K ^ p e u n n 'u llnli:iii sct'M I't'iiid In 1(117. I ' e i l l n , Nov K I t i i m i i i i l a In her p i e H o n t p o H l l k i n I n l U i f f i t i h i K lieutUm* (if thu i u l H t i i l t M she iniidi! In l o n l r i i i t I n g ait n l l l u n p e n t vi.iliiePo u l t h h f n t r i n l l l l o n i i and her g o o g i n n h k poil- tloii, dpclarml I'roinliM 1 H a d o N l i i v o f f n f l l u l r n t l a In on l n l e r v l « w p i i l i l l n h nd In The A/ Kst of l l u d n p e i i , ob l a l m d In HH Hcilll col icnpoiidi lit "It u tun nlii Is In ft HfMliH*t pen t l i m ' to Buitoaod to Aliciiuly i n l n K Id par- bul tho lonit iHi'nts an eti ny more Thn St, Loultt R e p u b l i c oxm'clBe'J i n n : li tboiiii'bt mill en 10 In H e l e o l l n g for Us prl/.o a u t o m o b i l e s I'tich pni'H n" A wojmiii w o n t lo Ihe ( l i l i i i l , uml the u l l l m a t o w l n n o i ' i will be pioiid lo t i i l i i l i i K l i m i t , WIIB u u i K h l l i y l n g l u ' o w u Uu«l of all In tho } l , 7 2 t i West, Iniiilii lo thn body lieliiK i h l n n i d l o ^ l i - I n g o p p u i l u n l t y to Ueuvor. BmtiKi;lo In a lot of choke hilled had le pay d u t y and a lino Hlnj pott Blx, a cUtiiny V-pnsHengor model Than arlolhnr tree prlao. A 1,135 Htudo- n Id the p i n m k - i "She bwiime f n l n n j ll " r """· UllU J r(1 " cofitemplulo r r l m In her l i l H t n i l c u l i t l n i H mill now mini n l e n o fin It, Thn KoiiKraphlutil pd u l l l n i t of t h e ( n t i u l } iihow * tiltturly ii rnud u h l i h iihonli! hitvtt I f i l to nit ul liiiniM \ \ l t h ( i n r m i i n v inui A u a l i l i i J l i i n u i i r v K i t i u i i i i i i i had been di 1 ' hided nnd m l i l i d by her imipni.1 of l U K ! n n d ninv I h i i i n n n l i y b u n fallen there WMH t n l k of n ' l m l i i u l n c l l e u lo linki-r, n $1.110 Voile Six, a Hoc Six follow Her iion-ln.luw ("illed on tho The UliiUKllnr Six, ooiillng $1,380, t« ciiHluni'i oillqlnlii, w o i t b Jl.lTH, unrt n Chalmors, selll "In u ponhibla," he aiilied lii a HO at $1_120 are nmong the b o u n t i f u l v e i n tone, "after my mttli«r-liij iw awards, boskloH ten other, lilvury IHIH paid Ihe d u l / on HID Bluff a i i ' l ' c u r |« a 1«17 model, iherafore con tulivJng tho Improvements) and equipment that next year's automobiles will have, ' I h e automobile.* "nd oilier prUes ifUn bo won by tho ulmplet uxuadlont I mil IK l l p u f " "W|i ale P u m i l d e i l i i K U," Iho rus toiiiH olllpliil implied gin-vdy "Ami If my iiiolhur.lti-lnw w e i o lo bn t o n v l i i t c d , Hi uhn p n l b i i b l y w u i l l d of galherhig voles. Free veins lire bo, atlo w o u l d havu to j;o (o J a i l ' " ' I Ihlnli no " "Do KJII iiioiin to lull mn you In- I n t o f.iMiuiin liiiniln Hueh ft colloi'.i t " 1 " 1 l " l '« H'' 8 ltl n Wdiiiail* -u worn liubllshed every day In The HI L o u l H Hepiiblli!, w l i l l u IboiisiindB of addl. demit volon can be HUC.IIrod by 1111 n MtmidliiK tho c i r c u l a t i o n tlon of ml»l«k«s ciiuld not r e m a i n on wllo li«* already cxptalwl her ( j Tliu flt Louin Riipnbllc iimonu linpiuiitiheri "Hineiinlii nlrt'iidy him lout hur In , m « n t ? " dopendehcn, IIH Iho ilAHHlan ciniior " f a u l t and tttutintttoAtifld iho govern frlendu Nol only nro tho awards worth fivory effort to secure, hot thu Mill, look li«r«, Old chap, S,athFtrlng of voto» will prove n fait lied thu UuHfllnn pel Iceman r u i n In don't liiko this too bard. 1'vo (tot lo elmitinis i)uraiilt t tho land. 8ho IB tintlrely 5n nonirol dn "U" duly, you know. Don't foul so Full details of Tho Republic'* aam- i, w i t h Illustriitort deacrlpdons of did sixteen Butouwbllos, and every of tho Konmiilii and g u n u i n l HliiffH of u l(1I y about iv." tho ontouin_" Askod MB to bin o p i n i o n regarding llui rtimom a» to n BBpuralu pnftctt, fromlor llndrmluvpiT « » U I ; "J do not credit such rumom, which undoublodly orlKlnuto In tli« fact that tho (Hili'uio pmtw hlttmon luiaula for did K u m i i n l a n dufoat wlilln tliu KusKinu press rehuk^B the unlHtittt fer · Ilka ron«an, iloplarlng "I dm sumi; j lim« dial l l u n m n U look up arm* nut In ilui common Intnrontit of tb« en tcnte but for di« t u i t i » f a r l l i h of )n*r "Badly!" Bhoutpil tho ( "Why, my dnnr iilr, this In the firm j tiling unvuimrY to sttirt in the cam Kleum of fiiuiahlna that him iMiiorm! palgn will bo inallftd fro» by my honin In twenty ymiru," If troiibln wore a needlo In a buy. stack BOIIUI tinopln would find It anally tmoiiKh own Thxno muluiil Imputa- ri«»i«na f«r Ing tho Campaign MitnoSfr, 8t. Louis Itopubllo, 8t. Loujs, MiBHOiiri. llc'il Know HIT. Tht) genial irnndomtui pbotittd bin Wlfft, 1 We'll l{o lo the cono'tr! dearie," f u t t o r rinwyr-r piTfurmfid u CBplialjui nold, ''IHil on join' now drops 1 llti'd 11(00 Illn "1'iiptt, this paiir s»] Hint Ur. 1 In the i n o g i a m m o pel lalnlng- 10 'logiBliitlon Dr W. McN. ftllllni, s»c. l u l u i y of tho MlBSotnl ABHOclullon loi tho Itulluf and Coutiol of Tuberuil- IciBlf, In (IliiciiHaliiK dlo pfipoiB Bill)- niltled on louil|an,d SUito JoRiilatlon, Bald thai PederiU loglnlnlion flhouUi have boon I n c l i i d o d , H i n t liiborcii- loBl» IB a pandemic dlapiwe mid Unit H s h o u l d be fn y ii«lil by n.iUoti-wlil. " l l l a B m u t b (Ifl lotilHlii'lloi) UBIIIlllj p m l a l i u i lo o x p o i x l I l u i Q of monav, dim n ' K u d ahiiuld bo paid lo dn pnicllcal oi Bconumk iinpocl of the dlaoaoo, from which p o i n t of view li j t i o i u o n d o u B l y Imiporlant fncl» pdi talnlna to luboiculoHla that BOOiiii vvorkui'B niitiit lUwnya itoop In u i i i i i J nro urday and Sunday with bis parents, Oreon Williams and. family Jack Gordon will move his family to the SI I for farm tills week. Paul Dowell nnotorod to ciillll- colhe. Friday evening and was accompanied homo by Miss Margaret Hooker, Stewart Mahnffey and Bob Wll- frionds lu Moorcuvllle the latter part of the week. '' Miss Mlna Wllhite spent the Utter part of tho week with relative* north of town. Mesdomea C. A, Stoddard and J.' P. Miller visited their mother, Mm. S. B, Wllhllo Wednesday. Friday being tbe fifteenth annlv«r_ Hams woio among the ChlillpotheUary of tbo marriage of Mr. and Mr». In not b i l m r l l a d , UK it j oj . t|i n \lsltors Saturday evening. Raymond Williams and Johnny Nothnngol have been confined to t h e i r homos with Illness, Mrn B Williams was suffering with In Krlppo iasl week. George Clark and wlfo were nmonK the shoppois In tho county seat Sal- urda; Ornndpa Hnrgrnvo and wife apent Friday evening with tbair daughtp-r. Mrs lOtl Kolbnngol and,'family. .Tim Stein, Robert Von able and Bliincho Williams woro the guostB of Ina and R u t h Brookshlor and at. tended tho oyster supper at Lock Springs Tuesday ovpnlng, Remember thn literary at Glbbs every Friday uiRht. All hinds of entertainment and fun Music by hn Williams Band. Evorybad' welcome . Twelve (iivut SnriHli) In tttll." Somo of thcBci ar» Htory-sronpt lllco thoHO InlTiiltablo. morion If the olid homo down in Malno In which U. A Stephen* shows hlmaelf a ma^ tor Thoro will ba soilals for gll'1«, BerliUs f u r ' b o y n , serials t h a t hold die rapt attention of allj loaders of either sex anl all ages. And iho fiction is only a corner of Thu Compau Ion. U IB brimful and r u n n i n g over with all manner of goad things There'll n y l a belter *2.00 worth of periodical roiitllug anywlmrc, Bond j William Price, their friends dropped in pn them as a surprise and took along a couple of handsome leather rockera an a token of their regard. The day being warm and crowd largw dinner was spread on a long table on Iho lawn und oaten cafeteria stylo and such a dinner -- no hint of hard limes there. Tho day wag »pent In. visiting, Button, button who's got tho button? was played with Mrs. Hlgglna Hugheti button. Tho«o present and who helped worn: Memrg and Mosdames Win. Higgles, Jame* Hill, John Bloss, Frank Oliver, B. Y. Priqe, H, S_ 1'rice, Ocorpe MAO. nlng, Win. Cr'othe. J. V, Wlnann, Frank Hill, Oca Colton, William Manning, Pat Slattery. John Manning, Frank ISnglert, Tom HIIIIH, John Slattcry, George EHIott. J_ E. Hoff- " ling. Archle'price, )8. B, Muropowor, O, V. Loir, H. Engle, Ed. Boa!, Frank Smiley, C. W Lowo, Mrs. Jas. HorrltordAscott McMlllon, Mr* tf«» Shearer, Miss Anna Orothe, * Mr«. Lucy Starko, Mrs. Spnrry. 'Mm. Kln- Mls» 'Mlplot KInzey, Misn Uanna Reed, HOyi, ft Co., Mr». Joo FlUprt- ilck, Mw B. JoriOH, Grunt Bo won. Ashby, Mrs. JMSO Hop- for 1»17, wlvleh tHs- O D D i m o i i l y Bllpposed. ' I I In oHHtintlully a disunio m c h i l d h o o d , for nine cut of Id" i l i l . i , ren at Iho ago of 12 yotti'a have i ready bean Infectai! "Tho dlfioaan la moat c o m m o n l cloBos Homo of Iho rtollgbtful secrcta of the new volume. Now subscribers for 1917 who C3 00 now will recolvo all the for tho remaining w«eltn of 1916 f i o o ; nlBu Tint Companion Jforno Cal. Mrs per, Mrs. Bndle Brown, F, A. Melo- OTAhagcn, I Mrs. llonor Israel, MUw llachol Bdat, Mr and Mrs, John IK- racl, 'MlgL 01ady« Hlgglns, Miwon Daisy nftd| Myrtle Haa», Jainoii Felt, Mr. and Mre, Forest Klncald, Hev. and Mrs. Wo«, Mr. and Mrs. Tom. Murphy, Mtes Gertie Stuckcr, MUw Dllbert »nd pupils rind Dick Bat*. HAUL Miss Ruth Wells In vl»ltln« Chlllicothe this wnek, In Lena Pliimmor of Hale J* t r a n s m i t t e d to the c h i l d through piu, j c n d a r for 11)17. onlal m l n l h t r a t l o n In tbn homo ( By special arrangement, new B u b - j |, om o vlnltlng her mother, MrB, Black- "TbtiaiiBOopllbllliy of l|i« luiUvId , wrtttfrn Hwr Tho Compunlun Cllll !lieftrii. uul IB highest In infant 1 *, lower ,n ), avo ,,100 McQall'a Magn/lno for (^ \VH\] K vl»ltod with Bin brother* 1017, both p u b l l c n t l o n n for 'only! n(mr chulu this week and attended * y o u t h and IOWWBI In a d u l t Hit 1 . "Tlio r o i l n l u n w of tfie bum i» ' $2 10 ir-tacUon aittl to Ihe pro BOSS and m · · 'T],I, on-n of tliw dluease, when OUPP «.t '· eludes llHlK'd increiiBBB w l l h ii|8n, "Tho p M i l o d of life In wlifcli from liibci'euloBlB oct,urn inrthf f la in the piilort of U r n lio tho ago of 18 i'lid 4 6 , ' which one out of every I h r te w ' i o 'I i)l« of thlti dl»ijiWft, "I'oitt- mortem w c a m j n u l l o n t'ov" tho thfit n i n e uni ' i t ' 'n "·" - t,lva ivldAn«e of havlnjj li'id i i i l t - i p i , but that "only omt of n\n h uttoiunibnd to the dlscftsu fl i" "' jsalo north of ChiHIcothB. two-at-one-pric« offBr !n,j Mr _ Bn) j jjr«, Todd of Hal* vldltflil their daughter the first of tho week. -B2 There will bo meotlng at Grace M. B, Church tb« third Sunday at night. oat "Our pfforlB xhoiilti bij rtli upt-rntlon on Willlutv r 1 fiotiithbo) Wluit U a cupUol opiiraHon*" hltifiy crwising ihii re*ilHtnri(ift (if d) f * ' 1% T vlrjiml In thlldhood nl)rt ·irtf. 1 i"ffri J. Tlio Youth's Companion" IKHJIW In 1B17 ' All rein l i n i n g Novimiber a" 1 ' ·Novombcr l!)th. Oopombor IBSIIDB of Tho fiompanlon --tree, Mr. and Mr*. John Abbott Clark 3. Tlio Compnlon Home nwl^nrtai 1 nft4 i u Sunday Kue»U, her father, for 1917_ Tbeo, Orotbe, her itater, HIM 4 MMDitll'H M»KHitlno---12 f»»h- Orotho, and hw brother, Theo, Ion numbers in 1817, the. Jr., «nd hU wife, Th«r n One 1 fluent 'MoCall Dr«as Pat, OVflr f r0m Chllllcothit, at Wtleh pta«» (urn--your choic* from your ! POPV of McCf ) "'" jt '~ff you 8 rt nd H cent iff amp with your »el«w»lnn THK YOffTH'S COMPANION, fjt Paul, St., Bo«ion, Mnw. m , )t) |, yot , | n f r o n t of i h w Ilm ) to prf .vr-nt Uu- Vrnntm* Then, growing |))af»l, bo l n B front pnrwit to ( b l l d w ·' "Well, non, If I Itnd $500, thdt « n i d "Hut how am I going lu Isntivv ln t!l(9 j,«m«, fiuhi be 111} cnpltnl, and If t R,;t Itin you. dearie, In nil fbat crowd w i U i ' "j,, c o a(3 |u»lor) we in »v nv f' 1 «, It wnuld itioisn i» inpital ( j i ( l f m w dn-»» o n ? " iwl.elhwj- v?n liKhl Ui!"» n'ti I" I»« "" ! ami liiup "By my old hut, d«rilitK.'' ntiu re j j| c yjy i (ntucnllon, (»j)«i)-air nrhool «m)in0rla, bonplt,t!«, or the Utter Mr, Orotbn I* In the ; - bu»lnei(*.-*-C»in*ron Newn. Mra, t«Oni C»rnm M* »m who hsve bson gUBBt* at the L R, Jforrlck home returned to tlMHr bo»« * in Tj-enWB M«n4«y. Mr. and Mm, T, J, Ireland of Kansas City will arrive tnta e»«nl»* t'» Moro SniNfvtni', upend tb» winter with tfceir duugh- ftlptir P«Jml*i--I f b f n V voti MK t«r, Mrs, 3nnum E. Walklnn. in ho marrM twlfln Mr, »»! Mr*. M*Klll ot Joplln »r. flV/l'llii' Ymt t b l n i r l I'd rulh- f | vf ,d iMt nlfrht to vlfrtl with, tfcelr (} w'*r" BiTr^ t w?j fl coiner to b** dftui^htor ftfld fftmily, Mrw, and Mr. »A onw Hurry Mlnleer, ~t 1 iv-*-«**s ? i:U*4'-i».^S^MSA4 .,, ,.* j. ,,..,, .-i !, ^-* i? Vk-f nJSL. ~ "'*'''3 1 ,~1 J *' 5 ** EWSPAPER .FWSFAPFR!

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